Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 5 - Episode #9.5 - full transcript

After the departure of DI Jack Mooney, a new inspector arrives on the island and it falls to him to investigate an apparent suicide. Neurotic and plagued by allergies and other ailments, DI Neville Parker sets to work.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


You're miles away.
Sorry. It must be the jet lag.

Maybe this'll perk you up.

Ladies and gents, if I could have
your attention a minute.

Thank you.

To say I'm excited about this launch

well, it doesn't come close
to what I'm feeling.

Opening not only
our eighth time-share development,

but our very first in the Caribbean,

and doing it all with my family
by my side.

My wife Joanne,
my amazing daughter Tamsin,

and Charlie, our head of sales
and my son-in-law.

I've no plans on retiring just yet,

but when I do, I know
it'll all be safe in your hands.

So, thank you all for coming

and please join me in raising a
glass to our new Saint Marie resort.

ALL: Saint Marie!
Thank you.

Well done, Dad. That was brilliant.

You were brilliant, darling.

Thank you.
Right, well, I need a drink!


So this is my card. When you've had
a little bit of time to think,

give me a call and I'll set you up
with our local sales team.

Thank you. Wonderful.
OK. Thank you.

Hey! I'm going to head up.

I think I'm still on UK time.

Want me to come with you?

No. You've got sales to do.

See you.


Table's ready for us.
You and Tamsin coming?

She went up to the room,
so I'll go and check.


Tamsin, are you in there?



Everything all right, sir?

I can smell burning.
Can you help me?

Come on!

Power's gone.




Get some help.

Now! Go on!

I don't get it.

This guy's coming all the way
from England just for a few hours

and then he's flying straight back?


RUBY: I mean, that's just crazy.

Maybe the man has a reason.

I'll tell you the reason.
The man is mad.

I mean, you cannot come
to the Caribbean

without at least lying on the beach
with a rum or two.



But maybe he's got something
important to get back to.

Oh! I think it's him.


Yes, it's him. DI Parker!

Oh... That's me.


Just a sec. OK.


Well, he seems thorough.



DI Neville Parker. Sorry about that.

We don't get sun like this
in Manchester.

Oh, you get used to it.
I'm DS Madeleine Dumas.

Oh... Uh...


Hi. This is Officer JP Hooper.

Pleased to meet you.

And Officer Ruby Patterson.
Hello, sir.

Welcome to Saint Marie.

Oh, it's really lovely
to meet you all.


It's really, um,

good to be here.

This is case number GMP41318.

The victim is one Tamsin Lewis,

aged 29.

UK citizen, previously residing
in Didsbury, Manchester,

though her place of death was here
at the White Sands Hotel,
Saint Marie.

The SIO is a Commissioner...
Selwyn Patterson?

He concluded suicide,

but confirmation of this is required
from a representative

of Greater Manchester CID,

and subsequent authorisation
for the body to be released.





Uh-huh. Did you know electricity
travels through copper wire

at 280 million metres per second?, sir.

Amazing, innit? Yeah. I guess so.

So...can you confirm it's a suicide?

Both doors clearly bolted
from the inside.

Your witnesses who found the body
said there was no-one else
in the room,

so, based on the information
we have,

Tamsin Lewis
must have killed herself.


..this is empty.

It appears so, sir.

This is a case for a mouth guard.

And that matters why? Could someone
phone the morgue and ask

if a mouth guard was found
in the victim's mouth?
Oh, yes, I can do that, sir.

Thank you.

The last time the victim
was seen alive,

she said she was jet-lagged, right,
that she was going to bed?

That's right.

Which would explain why she might
pop a couple of sleeping pills
and put her mouth guard in.

Sir! The morgue confirms
that Mrs Lewis

WAS wearing a mouth guard
when her body was brought in.

Good. So that explains
the empty case.

Yes, does.

So we just need you to sign here,

if you decided to end your life,

would you be worrying about
the long-term wear and tear
of your teeth?

If Mrs Lewis put a mouth guard in,
she wasn't thinking
of killing herself.

She was thinking of going to sleep.

So you're saying... I'm saying...

..I can't confirm this is a suicide.

In fact, I think there's a very real
chance Tamsin Lewis was murdered.

Though how the killer got out
with both doors being bolted
from the inside

is beyond me.

Still, the upshot is, this is now
a case for your murder squad.

Good luck.


The Commissioner is on his way.

He really wants to talk with you.
I don't want to miss my plane.

I hate it when it's all a rush
and you can't get your bag
in the overhead locker,

and my taxi's on the way.
I understand...

Oh, this is me. Oh!
There's nothing more I can do here
anyway. Well, it's...

The best of luck with your case,
Sergeant Dumas.

The airport, please!

I think maybe the mouth guard
caught my attention

because I'm something of a habitual
tooth-grinder myself...sir.

Doctors think it might be related
to stress or anxiety.

Tooth enamel is the hardest
substance in the human body,
in fact.

Actually... Your flight home
has been cancelled.

I spoke with your Superintendent

and she's agreed, as you believe
this to be a murder case,

that you should stay on and head up
the investigation yourself.

She said you were quite brilliant...

..if a little annoying.

I look forward to seeing
the brilliant side.

But I've only brought a change of
shirt and socks for the flight back.

Anything you require
will be on the island.

I would love to stay
and solve this case,

I really would, but I just...

I'm not very good away from home.

Inspector Parker...

..a young woman who came here
from your home city is dead.

You have a duty.


I'll stay.

But only till I find Tamsin Lewis's
killer for you.

We're a very small island.

How hard can it be?

Welcome to paradise.

NEIL: It doesn't make any sense.
Neil's right.

How could she have been murdered
if I had to break down two doors

just to get to her?
They were both locked, Inspector.

And you're...?
Jacob Roach. Jacob Roach, yes?

I was clearing room-service trays
at the time.


JACOB: Both doors were locked
from the inside and there was
no-one else there.

That is the truth.

I'm not disputing that.
Then how can she have been murdered?

If I knew that, Mr Roach,

I wouldn't need to ask
so many questions.

The last time Tamsin was seen alive

was at the time-share launch party,

She was tired, so she said
she was going to bed.

I'm going to head up.
I think I'm still on UK time.

What time? About half-eight.

And you found her 30 minutes later?

We had a table booked in the hotel
restaurant at nine o'clock.

Charlie went up to get her.

And you were all still up here
at the launch during that half-hour?

Do we have to go over this again,

It's really very upsetting.

We're nearly done. I promise.

Who else did Tamsin know here?

Any of the other Henderson Resorts

Not really, no. It was a local crew
we put together for the event.

The only people she knew
on this island were us three.

So what's next?

Information. Mm-hm.

The more we have,
the clearer things become.

I might ask one of my colleagues
back in Manchester

to search Charlie and Tamsin's
house, see if that tells us

I have a slightly unusual
hypersensitivity to the sun.

Oh, that's unfortunate.

No, no, it's fine.

But we might just have to try
and investigate indoors
as much as we can.


If we can.


I told you not to call me.

I don't sound worried,
because I'm not worried.

Neil and I have done
absolutely nothing wrong.


It's you they'll be charging
with murder.

Not us.

Is this it? Just this one room?

We got some cells at the back, sir.

And an equipment room. Ah!


And my office would be...? Here.

Right here?



Can we get the air con on?
It's broken, sir.

We've got windows.
The fans help...a little.

You'll get used to it.

Right, well,
I know it's getting on a bit,

but maybe a quick case debrief
before we all disband for the night.

So we're dealing with the suspected
murder of Tamsin Lewis.

She was found in a hotel bath.

Cause of death - electrocution.

Things to note - an empty mouth
guard case and sleeping pills
on the bedside table.

We had assumed she'd taken those
to help her go through
with the suicide.

Yes, but...

RECORDING: The hotel has 240 rooms,
not including...

Oh, here we go.

RECORDING: The rash has even
spread down as far...

No. Um...

RECORDING: Triazolam...

Ah, here we go.

RECORDING: ..sleeping pills.
The date of prescription
was three days ago,

suggested dose
of one pill per night,

so there should be 21 pills left
in the packet.

There are only 14.

I think the autopsy will tell us
that there was more than

the recommended dose of triazolam
in her system, which could explain

how the killer got her
into the bath, seeing as there were
no signs of a struggle.

But we've still got no idea
how the killer managed to leave
the crime scene.

And walk through two locked doors
in the process.

It's a tough one, sir.

Right, so, tomorrow, interview all
the staff and guests that were
at the launch.

Let's see if any of Tamsin's family
snuck off

from the party during the half-hour
she was killed.

We can do that, sir.

And while you're talking
to the staff,

see if any of them noticed
any bickering or arguments
between the family.

You mean get all the gossip, sir?
That's exactly what I mean.

Get all the gossip. The more
we know, the less we have to guess.

And, DS Dumas, let's you and I
start digging into the background
of our three suspects.

Anything that might hint
at a possible motive. Of course.

Until then, let's call it a day.

Oh! And, um, does anybody know
where I'm sleeping tonight?

Here it is.


It's a shed!

With a tree in it!

But just wait till you see the view,


But it's right near the beach.
Sand gets...everywhere.

Um, you got some clean bed linen
over there, sir, got some spare towels
in the cupboard.

You have any problems,
give me a call.

Yes, thank you.

My pleasure.








Sorry about this,
waking you up at this hour.

It's fine, sir. Really.

There's 3,500 species of mosquito
in the world,

and I think I've been bitten
by 3,499...

No, that's the full set.
And something in there's made me
come up in this really weird rash!

No, no, no, no. No, that's fine,
really, sir. You don't need
to explain.

I can hear, like, scratching noises
in one of the cupboards,
like little feet.

Oh, yes, that's probably...

Probably what?

Old wood. Old wood?

Old wood, you know, it creaks.

I think I'm going to be better off
somewhere less rustic.

Like a hotel!

We have an en-suite double
with a sea view.
It'll be 200 for the night.

It's 2:30 in the morning!

Only the manager can reduce
the rate, sir.'ll have to take it up
with the Police Commissioner.

The local force
is paying my expenses.

I'll leave a note with my colleague
in the morning and they can
sort out payment.

Thank you, um...
Emma. I'm the assistant manager.

If there's anything you need
during your stay, let me know.

I'll just sort your key. Thanks.

I'm sorry for dragging you
out of bed.

Don't worry about it, sir. Honestly.

I'll be fine from here. I'll just
get to my room and cream up.


Goodnight, sir.



Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

No, your room - 235.

Oh. Got you.

That way. Yep.

Officer Hooper!

Morning, sir. Morning.

How are you getting on?
Ah, well...

According to the guests,
the victim's family seemed to get on
very well,

though Ruby has something
of interest.

So the receptionist Tish and I
go way back.

We once dated the same guy for three
months until we all decided to go

on a boat ride together
as a foursome,
and only three of us turned up.

Well, four, including the captain.


So, Tish said that Tamsin Lewis
booked a taxi

to take her to the town hall
at 10:30 the morning she died.

What was she going there for?

Would you like us to check it out,

Yes, please.

Find out who she saw, why,
and how long was she there for.

Victim took a taxi to the town hall
at 10:30 on the morning she died...

So, was he staying here, then?

Apparently, staying in a shack
brought him out in a rash.

Aw. Poor Inspector Parker.

Poor him?

He called me at two in the morning.

Rosey was not impressed.

I'm telling you, Ruby,

the man's got some serious issues.

Numbing cream.
Works like a charm on mozzie bites,

even though it's actually for piles.


So, I've been looking
at Henderson Resorts.

Neil Henderson started his business
in 1998.

Charlie Lewis joined five years ago.

And promptly married the boss's
daughter. Always a good career move.

Joanne Henderson - she came on board
three years ago,

one year after she married Neil.
I read her file.

She used to run a consultancy firm
for small businesses.


However, the most interesting thing
about this family

is what came through from Manchester
ten minutes ago.

A report of the search
of Tamsin and Charlie's house.

And? Well, they had a house-sitter.

An old school friend of Tamsin's
called Kelly Briggs.

She says that Tamsin only flew out
here a couple of days ago,
all very last minute.

So the family didn't travel
together? No.

In fact, Kelly reckons Tamsin
was worried that her dad had landed
himself in some hot water.

Even used the word "corruption".

Did she say about what?

She wasn't sure, but something to do
with the time-share development.

Interesting, though, innit?

One minute she's flying out here
to confront her father

about shady goings-on
in his business...

And two days later, she's dead.


NEIL: I, um... I had to let Tamsin
go from the business
a couple of months back.

You sacked your own daughter?!

You don't need to say it like that.

It was very much a question
of needs must.

And why was that?

For three years, we've been
repositioning the company,

trying to make it more robust
in the current climate.

And Tamsin didn't approve?

She felt that we were losing
the personal touch

that the business
was always founded on,

but things were tough enough
in our head office

without her dissenting voice
piping up every five minutes.

So you rid?

I suggested that maybe it was time
she looked elsewhere for employment.

Look, I loved my daughter,

But she could be...difficult.

Her coming out here, saying all
this stuff about corruption -

that was just Tamsin lashing out,

trying to make people think the
business was failing when it isn't.

Far from it.

He started to reposition
the business three years ago.

Isn't that when Joanne
joined the firm? Yes, it was.

Do you think that Joanne is behind
the change in direction?

She was a business consultant,
wasn't she? I bet she couldn't
help herself.

Well, Tamsin disagreed with her.
That's why she got sacked. Yeah.

Sir. Sarge.

So, Tamsin Lewis went to
the town hall to discuss
the purchase of eight houses.

Before they could demolish
or start to rebuild,

Henderson Resorts had to buy them.

But the thing is, sir,
she seemed interested in one house
in particular.

She made two copies of the title
deeds to a house belonging to a man

called Devon Ambrose. I know him.

He's the old man that used to live
just so behind North Beach.
A real grumpy goat.

About 150 years old by now.

I mean, he used to shout at us
so much we didn't even want to play
on the beach,

but to get back at him,
we'd get frogs and throw them
in the outside toilet.

Well, if Tamsin was interested
in this Mr Ambrose,

then maybe we should be too. Mm-hm.

Lead the way, Officer Patterson.

WHISPERS: Officer Patterson?

Any relation to the Commissioner?
Oh, he's her uncle.

Does that cause any problems?

Only for her.

Are you all right?

Oh, yeah. It's just...eczema.
I manage to keep it under control
when I'm back home,

but something's brought it out here.
Could be the heat or the humidity.

Hmm. Or the pollen or the dust,
or the sea water or the sand...

It takes time to, uh, adjust.




Ruby, you're not still scared
of this guy, are you?


I mean, yes. A bit.

He was a scary man.

He chased me and my friend Deandrae
all the way down to Pebble Beach.

That's because you put frogs
in his toilet.

I was a child, JP.

And now you're a police officer.


That's right. I am.

So any of his foolishness
and I can just arrest him.

Sir, demolition notice has gone up,
and there's no sign of anyone
at home.


I'd say it looks like our Mr Ambrose
is still living here.

Well, according to this notice,
demolition starts tomorrow.

Why hasn't he moved out?

Hello, Madeleine.

Hi. What's going on?

A ceremony to begin works, though
considering the circumstances...

..le moment n'est pas ideal.


Oh, sorry!
This is DI Neville Parker.

Here is Catherine Bordey, our mayor.

Lovely to meet you, Neville.

Welcome to Saint Marie. Thank you.

It's good to meet you, Miss, um,
Bordey? Bordey? Bordey.

Catherine, please.

I'd heard we had a new detective.

Not new.
Not new, just, um, here temporarily.

So you've had some dealings
with Henderson Resorts?

Oh, a little.

So do you know whose decision it was
to proceed with the ceremony today?

I think you'll find Mrs Henderson
makes all the important decisions.

MAN: Madame le maire!

Excuse me. I have to work now.

But come to my bar tonight
and I'll get the chef to cook you
something special.

Welcome you to the Caribbean

I can't wait. Thank you.

The Mayor also runs a bar?!
Welcome to Saint Marie.

Inspector. Can I be of help?
Yeah. I wanted to ask you

about one of the properties that was
due to be demolished tomorrow.

Not my area, I'm afraid.

You'll have to speak to Neil
about that.

Speak to me about what?

Mr Henderson, does the name
Devon Ambrose mean anything to you?

You bought his house
to knock it down.

And on the day she was killed,
Tamsin was looking into that
particular house.

Do you know why?

I'm afraid I've no clue.

Tamsin would have no reason
to be involved.

Your facts must be wrong, Inspector.

Andrew Burgess has been looking
into the legal side of things.

Perhaps you can speak to him.
I'll give you his details.
Do you have a pen?


Thank you.

NEIL: Right.



MADELEINE: Thank you, Mr Burgess,
for your help.


So, all the tenants
signed their properties over to...

..Henderson Resorts.

Including Devon Ambrose?

Mm-hm. They've just sent a copy
of his sign agreement.

Ribblesthwaite Medical Practice!
That'll be my prescription.

OK. Pardon!

It's signed.

Dated three days ago.

What was Tamsin doing?

Ah, officers! Any joy tracking down
our elusive Devon Ambrose?

So, we've been asking around
and no-one's seen him
for the last few days,

but, apparently, he was not happy
about giving his property up
for development.

In fact, he refused to sign.

Huh. And yet it seems he did.

How quickly can we get
a search warrant for that house?

Well, it's gone five, sir,
so the courthouse will be closed,

but we could go first thing.
If you would, please.

Something doesn't seem right
about all of this.

But the real question is -

what does it all have to do
with Tamsin Lewis's death?

Inspector Parker. Commissioner!

A word...if I may?

He looked angry.
Is that just me, or...?

No! Your instincts are spot-on.

That's pretty much his angry face.

Is there a problem, sir?

I'm led to believe you shunned
the accommodation we provided...

..and chosen to book yourself

into a suite at the second most
expensive hotel on the island.

It's not actually a suite,
It's more like an extended double.

I'm very happy to move. Good. I can
ask if they have a standard double.

You can pack your things
and move back into the designated
police accommodation.

You mean the shed on the beach?

It's a bungalow.
It's got a tree in it!

It has served
the past four detectives very well.

And it's right on the sand!

Inspector Parker, you are
on a...Caribbean island.

Trees and sand
are somewhat par for the course.


I'm not trying to be difficult.
I'm really not.

It's just... It's not conducive
to my own personal circumstances.

Which are?

I, um...

I suffer from certain,
uh...allergies and other things

which were being exacerbated
by that shack.

Our budget can run
to you staying one more night.

I suggest you get on and solve
the case before it's time for you
to check out.


JP: Yes. No, but I need it.

CATHERINE: Ah, Neville, you're here!

You managed to pick up
some new clothes, sir.

It's just some shirts and socks.

Take a seat and let me get you
a beer.

Oh, thank you, Ruby. Much needed.

There you go.

ALL: Cheers.

To your brief stay
on our little island.

JP: Cheers, sir.

Oh! Here we are!

All right!
Let me help you with that.

Now, Neville, I asked my chef

to make as many different
local dishes as he could,

so you can try them all.

Well, look,
the curried goat is amazing,

and don't even get me started
on the octopus.

Goat and octopus?

Yes, we've got some calalu
over here, sir.

Calalu? Yeah. It's like a spinach.


But very spicy. Spicy?

Is there anything else
you'd like to taste?

I don't suppose
you've got any chips?

MADELEINE: That's funny!

Inspector Parker! Pleasant evening?

Ah... I've had better.

The local food doesn't,
um...agree with me.

Oh, dear. It can be quite spicy.


Is there something you wanted?

Um... I couldn't rinse my clothes

in one of your washing machines,
could I?

You want some laundry done?

Oh, no. No, no. No, no.

It's the... It's the residual
detergents, you see, in new clothes.

I react to them.

I just need to rinse through
my new stuff, that's all.

I'm not really supposed to let
anyone in the laundry room. it's you...

Henderson Resorts' year-on-year
profit has increased significantly
since 2017,

but no sign, as far as I can tell,

of any fraudulent activity
within the business.

I thought you'd like this. Oh!

I made it myself.
Don't tell the chef.

Oh, thank you. That's so kind.

Well, we can't have you going hungry
when you're trying to solve
a murder case, now, can we?



Hang on a minute...




Blakestone Arms
mean anything to you? What?

For someone who works in sales,
Mr Lewis, you are a terrible liar.

It was the pen
that you gave Neil yesterday
that first got me thinking.

I'll give you his details.
Do you have a pen?

See, I noticed it had something
written on it -

the Blakestone Arms Hotel.

The Blakestone Arms - I know it!

It's on my patch,
just outside Farnworth.

Not the most salubrious
of establishments, though.

A bit of a step down for you.

So I started wondering...

..what would a young professional
married man

be doing at the Blakestone Arms?

I had a little shufty
through your financials

and I found a recurring payment
on your credit card.

You stayed there for three months
last summer.

Bit strange, seeing as it's only
five minutes down the road
from your house.

We had a row. Tamsin threw me out.

I did check into somewhere decent,

but it didn't look like she was
going to take me back any time soon.

It was costing a fortune.

I spoke to the bar manager
at the Blakestone Arms.

He remembers you.

He said your missus threw you out
because she caught you playing away
from home.

Last year, I was abroad a lot.

I was setting up a deal in Marbella.
And that's where you met her?

She was a holiday rep for a local
hotel. Her name was Samantha.

Things weren't so great back home.

So you had an affair.

Tamsin took you back, though, right?

She forgave you. On the promise that
it would never happen again.

And has it? No. No, of course not.

Never. I realised, eventually,

that it was Tamsin
that I wanted to spend my life with.

So you wouldn't mind if we got
in contact with this...Samantha?

I'll dig her number out for you now.

CLEARS THROAT: I'd prefer if Neil
and Joanne didn't know about this.

Tamsin never told them, you see.

Didn't want to upset her dad.
He thinks the world of me.

I think she would have wanted it
to stay that way.

As would you, I imagine.

I'll bear it in mind.

Now, if you could grab that number.

So you spoke with Samantha?

Yeah. She confirmed that
she and Charlie

had a brief fling,
but that he ended it last autumn,

which tallies
with his travel records.

His last trip to Marbella
was September 14th.

Ooh! What's wrong with your ankle?
I don't know.

It's all red and puffy.

And it's hot to the touch.

Your eczema, maybe?

Yeah, except it doesn't itch.



Oh, JP and Ruby are here.





Morning, sir.

The lab confirmed that the victim
had an abnormal amount of triazolam
in her blood.

Very good. And the warrant?

Approved. Crowbar at the ready.

Let's go see what's inside.

Was that there yesterday?

I'm pretty sure it wasn't, sir.

Maybe it belongs
to one of the demolition team.


The doors are open.


WHISPERS: Officers,
you go round the back.

NEVILLE: Mr Ambrose? Are you there?


Anybody there?

This is the police.

Sir, there's... Argh!

There was nothing round the back,

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make you jump.

No, I...

The back door was open too, sir.



That's all frozen food
that's defrosted. Who would do that?

Somebody who needs the freezer
for something else.



Devon Ambrose, I presume.

Yes, that's him.

So that's why Tamsin Lewis
had to die -

she discovered Devon
had been killed?


Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, stop!

Jacob Roach, turn off the engine
and get out of the vehicle.

Get out of the way!

Don't you think about it.
Now, please, get out of the vehicle.


Mr Roach? Hi!



It was an accident.

I was just supposed to put
some pressure on him, you know?

Get him to sign the agreement.

You have to sign this contract,

Sit down. Sit down. No!

Sign the contract! No!

And why were you,
the porter at the White Sands Hotel,
doing this?


That's what I'd get if he signed.
From who?

Someone from Henderson Resorts?

If you were just supposed
to threaten him,
how come he ended up dead?

He was refusing to sign.

Where are you going?

I just pushed him around a bit,
just to scare him.

Sign it! Sign it! Sign it!

And it worked.
He signed the contract.

Then he started struggling
to breathe.

Clutching his arm.



I assume it was a heart attack.

He was dead by the time
he hit the floor.

Well, from what you've told me,
it's certainly manslaughter

and maybe even murder.

So, if I was in your shoes,
I would do myself a favour

and tell us who sent you there.

JOANNE: Good evening, Inspector.
This is our solicitor,
Shaun Creswell.

Together, we've prepared a short
statement, which I'd like to read.

"Word has reached us
from our construction team

"that a body has been found in one
of the houses due to be demolished,

"and that you have arrested
Jacob Roach on suspicion of murder.

"A month ago, we employed Jacob
Roach to act as an agent
for Henderson Resorts.

"His role was limited
to legitimately collecting
the signatures of the people

"who owned properties on the land
we wished to purchase.

"If Mr Roach's actions went beyond
what was expected

"and resulted in the death
of an innocent man,

"we deny all knowledge of this

"and liability for the event."

That's all I'm prepared to say
on the subject.

Tamsin was onto you, wasn't she?
She started sniffing around.

Wait a minute!
My step-daughter's death

has nothing to do with either myself
or my husband.

You've heard our statement.

Now, you can either charge us...
or not.

As I thought.

Mr Henderson...

..I'm investigating the murder
of your daughter.

You don't have anything to say?

No comment.

Their defence
will be plausible deniability.

By refuting any knowledge
of what happened,

senior officials
can insulate themselves legally

and then shift the blame onto
whoever carried out the actions.

His word against theirs. Exactly.

OK. But even if Mr Ambrose's death

is directly linked to the murder
of Tamsin Lewis,

we're still no closer to working out
how they managed to kill her

and then disappear
from two locked rooms.

Yeah. As if they were never there
at all.

NEIL: I had to let Tamsin go

from the business
a couple of months back.

CHARLIE: It was Tamsin

I wanted to spend my life with.

JOANNE: My step-daughter's death

has nothing to do with either myself
or my husband.



RECORDING: Tamsin Lewis, aged 29...


RECORDING: ..autopsy confirms
high levels of triazolam.


The victim was wearing
a mouth guard...


NEIL ON RECORDING: We had a table
booked in the hotel restaurant
at nine o'clock.

Charlie went up to get her.


Oof. Oh!



Ugh! Blblblb!


were locked from the inside
and there was no-one else there.

That is the truth.


..and there was no-one else there.
That is the truth.

I don't believe it.

Officer Hooper?

Good morning.

I hadn't realised it had
only just gone four. Sorry. Um...

But I just wondered...

Have you ever heard of
Locard's exchange principle?

Edmond Locard
was a 19th-century criminologist

who came up with the principle
that it was impossible
for a criminal

to leave a crime scene
without leaving some trace behind,

be it a hair, blood,

dirt on a shoe, whatever.

He also said it was impossible
to leave the crime scene

without taking something with them.

That's why it's called
the exchange principle.




Does anybody have a lighter?
I've got it.

Would you strike one for me, please,


Of course!

We had a table booked at the hotel
restaurant at nine o'clock.

I'd prefer if Neil and Joanne
didn't know about this.

It has nothing to do with either
myself or my husband.

Both doors were locked
from the inside
and there was no-one else there.

No, your room - 235. Oh!

And doing it all
with my family by my side.

I've only gone
and bloody cracked it.

Really? You know who did it, sir?

Yeah. I think I do, yeah.

I just need to check
one little detail with our friend
Jacob Roach, the hotel porter,

and while I do that, would somebody
please phone the Commissioner

and tell him I've solved his case?

And, no offence,

you're all amazing, but I'd like a
seat on the next flight out of here.

Sir, with respect,
I don't understand
why I can't just leave now.

Believe me, no-one is looking
forward to you leaving this island
more than me.

You've cost me hundreds of dollars
and mistook me for a taxi driver.

But...until you've made the arrests
and completed the paperwork,

I cannot sanction your departure.

And why is everyone here?!

Because you need to tell them
what happened and who did it.

And then I can go? Yeah.

Would someone please tell us
what this is about?

I know it may seem a touch
unorthodox, Mrs Henderson,

but I'm sure you'd like to find out
who killed your step-daughter.



When I landed on this island
three rather long days ago,

I'd just read a case file
that appeared to be an open-and-shut
case of suicide.

I was due to sign it off and be
on the evening flight to Manchester.

If only life was so simple, huh?

But nothing about these
last few days has been simple,

because whoever killed Tamsin
and staged the scene
to look like a suicide

also, somehow,
magically removed themselves

from a bathroom and a bedroom,
both of which were locked
from the inside,

which is impossible, and yet
that is exactly what the killer did.

Didn't you?


What?! Why would he do that?

How the bloody hell did he do it,
more to the point?

NEVILLE: Well, like all great feats
of conjuring,

he needed a glamorous assistant
to help him achieve his illusion,

and I think it's time to reveal
the identity of her right now.

I hope you're not suggesting
it was me.

As a matter of fact, Mrs Henderson,
I'm not.


Hello, Emma.

Or is it Samantha?

NEIL: Who the hell's Samantha?
Samantha is the name of the woman

that Charlie admitted to me
he'd been having an affair with,

but that wasn't her name, and
neither did you meet her in Spain.

They were lies. The real person
you were having an affair with

you met right here in Saint Marie
last year.

Our friendly hotel manager
Emma Taylor.

I should have known
something was wrong
when you were being so nice to me.

Hotel staff
usually just find me irritating.

You even convinced ME
you were Samantha
when I called you yesterday.

So, Charlie,
you may have told Tamsin

that your affair with the fictional
Samantha was over,

but the truth is, your affair
with the very real Emma
was still continuing, wasn't it?

I have no idea
what he's talking about.

You must have been in
quite a dilemma -

the golden boy
of Henderson Resorts...

..I know it'll all be safe
in your hands.

..yet cheating on his wife,
who also happened to be the daughter
of the owner.

If the family found out,
you'd have been out on your ear.

No house, no job, no money,
gold-plated future.

And yet there was only one woman
you wanted to be with.

So Tamsin had to go.

I don't have to listen to this.
Yes, you do.

I want to hear the rest.

Now, on to the how.



Are you all right, Inspector?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm fine. It's... It's just so hot.




Here's what I believe happened.

The first thing Mr Lewis had to do

was make sure Tamsin was too tired
to make it through the launch party.

You had access
to her sleeping pills.

I assume you took a few
and slipped them into her drink.

Sorry, it must be the jet lag.
Maybe this'll perk you up.

And knowing your father-in-law
had a table booked for 9pm

meant that you'd have an excuse
to go and check on Tamsin later.

But in that half-hour between
Tamsin leaving the party
and being found dead,

it was actually Emma
who had all the work to do.

You went into the bedroom
next door to the one
that Tamsin was sleeping in,

and once you were in there,
you turned off the electricity
to that room.

You then filled the bath and placed
the hairdryer in the bath water.

You then left that room.
Ready. Staged.

Put a "do not disturb" sign
on the handle.

You then let yourself
into Tamsin's room next door,

and with all the alcohol
and sleeping pills in her system,

she would have been spark out,

deaf to the sound of the running
water as you filled the bath
in her bathroom.

You also plugged the hairdryer
into its socket.

Everything ready
for Charlie's arrival.

Now downstairs,
Charlie left his father-in-law,

saying he was going to go
and check on Tamsin.

Table's ready for us.
Are you and Tamsin coming?

She went up to the room,
so I'll go and check.

And he headed up to join Emma.

Together, they carried Tamsin
into the bathroom...

..lowered her into the bath...

..and then threw the hairdryer in
with her.

Emma, you then returned to the room
next door.

You quickly put on a hotel robe
and a brown wig,

evidence of which I found
just some moments ago.

Real hair burns. Plastic hair melts.

You then proceeded
to lock the bedroom door

and the bathroom door
with yourself on the inside.

Over in Tamsin's bedroom,
the real murder scene,

it was a simple matter for Charlie
to set the locks
and then tear them open,

making it look like they'd been
broken through from the outside.

This done, all you had to do
was sneak out unnoticed,

carefully close the door

and then wait a few minutes
for your unwitting witness to arrive

in the corridor - Jacob.

Sergeant Dumas checked something
with you earlier.

The name, please, of the person
who called you and sent you up
to the fourth floor?

Emma. She told me to go straight up.

Emma Taylor. Which meant
that Charlie knew the precise moment

to reappear back in the corridor,

just in time for Jacob to witness
everything that took place...

CHARLIE: Tamsin? that when you broke
into the fake murder scene,

the one right next door to the real
room, all the lights
were already out

and the illusion was complete.

Get some help. Now! Go on!

See, I realised something
about this hotel.

Like every other hotel, really.

Most of the rooms,
they look exactly the same.

It was risky as hell,
but also kind of brilliant.

After you were sure
Jacob had witnessed the "body",

you sent him off to call the police,
giving you time to close the door

to the fake murder scene,

open the door to the real one,

betting that on his return,
Jacob wouldn't notice
the room switch.

The police are on their way.
And in fairness to him,

in the heat of the moment,
with all that adrenaline, who would?

The only conclusion that would be
drawn, that could be drawn,

was that Tamsin had taken
her own life...

..if - if - she hadn't
put her mouth guard in

before she went to bed that night.

And honestly,
if you'd had thought of that...

..I reckon you would have
got away with it.

Officers, arrest them, please.

How could you?!
She was my little girl.

I'd really like to get
that flight now, please, sir.

I don't think you're well.

I'm fine.

I'm feeling... I'm feeling fine.

No sugar, please, Doris. What?


SELWYN: Sergeant Dumas,
call an ambulance.


Inspector Parker?

Insp... Inspector Parker?

Can you hear me?!

SELWYN: Thank you.

You going to be all right, sir?

The Inspector needs
complete rest and recuperation.

What happened? I mean, you went down
like a sack of sugar cane.

I've got deep vein thrombosis.
MADELEINE: That's pretty serious.

The Inspector is expected
to make a full recovery,

but he's not allowed to fly.

For a few weeks.

Luckily, you have this
wonderful bungalow to stay in.

Aw, come on. It could be worse.

You could be stuck in Iceland
or Outer Mongolia, wherever that is.

But, you know, instead, you're stuck
here...with paradise.

So, how about we leave you
to settle in properly?

Call if you need anything.

I believe you have
Officer Hooper's number.

Yeah. OK. Thank you.

You've all been very kind. Sir.




Looks like he met Harry.

I'm leaving you
to fend for yourselves.

You'll need a strong, smart,
committed leader.

MADELEINE: We need a senior
detective to lead a case.

SELWYN: I just wish it didn't
have to be THAT senior detective.

WOMAN: Proper back-to-nature,
you know?

No phones, no booze, no fun!

JP: I don't want to talk about it.

JP, a problem shared
is a problem halved.

I can't stay here! I have a routine,
medications that I need!