Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 4 - Episode #9.4 - full transcript

The team have to investigate the case of a man found dead in a boat. Inspector Mooney's daughter returns to the island to visit her father and he has to make an important decision regarding his future.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You know, sometimes we can all
lose our way in life.

You start to wonder
if the person you are

is the person you're supposed
to be.

Because how can we be true to others

if we can't be true to ourselves?

And to be true to ourselves... need to listen... your heart.

And if you look deep enough... will know what to do.

But as long as we've got faith...

..there is nothing
we can't go through.

ALL: Amen!

# There is power, power

# Wonder-working power

# In the blood

# Of the Lamb

# There is power, power

# Wonder-working power

# In the precious blood

# Of the Lamb

# There is power, power... #

Dad? You OK to hold the fort
for a minute?

I need some more fish.
Yeah, yeah. All right.

You go ahead.

Everything all right?
Yeah, good. Mm-hm.

Where's the snapper?
Over there, in the cool box.

You doing OK?

Of course.

Catch you later. Mm.

Now, why ain't my fella over here
giving me some loving like that?

Look at him - stuffing his face.

Always stuffing his face.


Listen, I got that client meeting
first thing.

You all right if I go
get some prep done?

Sure. We'll finish off here.

OK. I'll see you back home.

Thanks, Dad.

That boy works too hard.

But still, at least he's got you
to look after him, right?


Demont? What is it?

Where's Christopher?

He... He's not here. Why?

I got this message from him
a few minutes ago.

"Help. I need help."

I tried calling him,
but it just goes to answerphone.

I'm worried that
something has happened.


Thank you. I'll let you know
if we hear anything, OK? All right.

Morning! Morning, sir.

Everything OK?
No. We have a missing person.

Christopher Williams. 33 years old.

Was last seen at 6.30pm
yesterday evening

at a church barbecue
up in Port Royal.

He sent his father a text at
midnight, saying he needed help,

but there's been no word since.

We might know where he is.

We got a call from
the harbour master,

and his body's down there.

It's him, sir - our missing person,
Christopher Williams.

Where was he discovered?

The boat was two miles north
of the island.

The fishermen who found him
were heading out

for their morning catch at 5am.

How did he end up out there, then?

Anything from the paramedics?

Well, the body was found in situ,
so they've only verified the death.


This was found beside the victim.

Been in the wars a bit.
Mm, tell me about it.

The battery's down, so I'll go
and charge it at the station.


Do we know this boat?
Does it belong to the victim?

We don't know yet, sir.
No name, no identifying number, no?

No. I'll get Ruby to dust
for prints.

It might give us something.

Right. Let me get this straight
in my head. So...

One minute, Christopher Williams
is at the local church barbecue,

and the next, he's lying
face down in a rowing boat.

Two miles out to sea.

Dead as a doornail.

What happened?

I-I-I don't understand.

What was he doing in a boat?

Well, we're trying to
work that out ourselves.

So he doesn't own one, then? A boat?

No. Or know anyone who does?

Not that I know of.

Well, I hate to ask, but...

Is there any chance that Christopher
could have done this himself?

No, no. Absolutely not.

My son was happy. He loved his life.

Of course, yes. I'm sorry.

And if you could bear it,
could we just go over the events

leading up to
Christopher's disappearance?

We were clearing up at the church.

Christopher wanted to leave
to do some work.

Listen, I got that client meeting
first thing.

You all right if I go
get some prep done?

And this was at half past six?

He was a notary.
He had a meeting this morning.

And did he come back to the house
for his work,

or does he have an office somewhere?

His office is in Port Royal.

I assumed he had gone there,

because his car wasn't in the drive
when I got back.

And the next thing, Pastor,
if I'm right,

you got a text message around
midnight saying he needed help.

No-one else saw him
or heard from Mr Williams

after he left you all at the church?


Oh. Sorry, I need to take this.

"Help. I need help."

Anyone else find this text message
a little, you know, strange?

I mean, there's no mention
of where he was

or what sort of help he needed,
what was going on.

Maybe he ran out of time
when he was writing it.

Maybe. Yeah.

But then, why text for help
in the first place?

Why not just phone
and speak to someone?

Perhaps he couldn't,
for some reason.

Sorry, I-I didn't catch your name.

Clarence. Clarence Delport.

I'm Shonelle's husband.
Clarence and I have been friends

with Alesha and Christopher
since we were kids.

We just wanted to come
and show our support.

Of course, yes. Very...
Very considerate.


Sorry, please excuse me.
And thank you.

It was Ruby.
There's been a development.


Curiouser and curiouser.

So, Christopher's body is found
in a boat two miles out to sea...

..but his car is left abandoned

here in the middle of
the rainforest.

It's almost like a carjacking -
open door, radio still playing.

I don't know what went on
last night.

Something tells me that
Christopher Williams

didn't wind up dead in that boat
by accident.


Anna. Hiya.

I was about to call!
Just a bit tied up at the moment.

Sure. What about Catherine's?

Siobhan's flying in later
and we could all dine together.

Grand. See you there. Bye.


Sorry, Madeleine. Yes...


Do we have a location
for where the boat was found?

Er, somewhere.

Ah! JP, Ruby, what have
you got for us?

Well, I'm afraid I couldn't lift
any prints from the boat, sir.

The wood was too old and wet.

SIGHS: JP, you fare any better?


No-one saw the victim return to
his house after the barbecue,

so we can't be sure where he went.


Got it, sir.

So, it's four miles
south-west of Port Royal.

Thanks, Madeleine. Pleasure.


So...our victim's car

is found five miles inland -

here - radio still playing.


But he's all the way down here,

adrift in a boat in the middle
of the Caribbean Sea...

..which leaves us asking
the very simple question -

"Just what the hell happened
last night?"

First thing tomorrow,

could you head over to the
victim's office in Port Royal?

Give it the once-over,

see if there's any indication that's
where he went after the barbecue.

Yes, sir. And the rowing boat -

any chance we could trace
where that came from?

Well, without an ID number
or any fingerprints...

Plus, the harbour master didn't
recognise the boat either, so...

Well, I could give it a go, sir.

I mean, as my Great-Grandmother
Patterson always used to say,

"One, one coco - full basket!"

Wise words indeed from
Granny Patterson.

Yeah, go for it, Ruby.
It's all yours. Thank you, sir.

SIGHS: So, hopefully,
come the morning,

we'll have ourselves a postmortem

and we'll be closer to understanding

if Christopher Williams
was murdered -

and if so, how.

Oh, dear. Found each other, then?

I introduced them.

Hope you don't mind.

No, not at all, no.

Tell me. How are they getting on?

Like houses on fire.

You look like you might need this.

You're a mind-reader, Catherine.
Thank you.

So sorry I'm late.
We've a murder come in.

Hey, Dad! Hiya, love.
It's so good to see you.

And you.
And how was your flight? Long.

Well, you're here now.
That's the important thing.


So...what have you two
been talking about, then?

You, mostly.

Yeah, we skirted round your dress
sense and your dad jokes. Lovely.

And we were just about to start
on your annoying habits.

Well, that won't take long.

Then Anna told me
that you might join her on her trip.

I think that's a brilliant idea.

You do? Yeah!

Well, I don't expect you
to drop everything here,

but I thought maybe you could, erm,

join me in San Francisco
at the end of the month.

Then we could drive
through the Midwest together

before heading south
for the carnivals.

You could do the cowboy thing, Dad.

He has always wanted to be
Gerry Cooper.

Gary. Gary Cooper.

I'll leave you with that thought
while I go to the bathroom.


She's lovely.


Isn't the Rio Carnival the one

where women get bead necklaces
for flashing people?

Hopefully that is not compulsory!

You'll have to keep an eye on Dad!

He'd be chasing after them
with his jacket.

"Oh, for heaven's sake,
will you cover yourself up?

"You'll catch your death of cold."

That is the soundtrack of my youth.

You know, we've been talking
for ages, but your father here

still has not told me if he will be
coming with me yet.

Well, there's a few things
to sort out.

Some of us have a job, you know.

He'll be fine. He always does this.

He won't enjoy it as much
if he doesn't worry about it first.

And what about you, Siobhan? So,
you're here for a week, and then...?

Well, I've just finished uni.
And as of yesterday,

I've got a job to go back to.
Oh, congratulations! That's great!

Hard to believe. My little baby
going out into the world,

all grown up.

And where is it? It's a publishing
company back in London.

So after three years away,
it'll be nice living back there -

see all my old friends, family.

And have you got somewhere to live?

I'm going to be moving back home.

Well, good luck to you.
I wish you nothing but the best.


Yes, very best of luck, love.

ALL: Cheers!


Well, I was not expecting that!


OK, the postmortem's through.
And get this -

our victim died from
injuries sustained

after a fall from
a significant height.

Even though his body was found
on a boat in the middle of the sea?

It's bizarre. Mm.

Look at this. Heavy bruising
to the skin. Internal bleeding.

Fractured and broken bones.

And most important of all,
markings on the upper arms

suggesting someone grabbed him hard
and, with force, pushed him.

So it WAS murder!

Yeah. And as to where it happened,
I've no idea.

I mean, did he just fall
into the boat and die?

If so, how? And where?

And why did his car end up
so far inland?


Let's have a closer look
at these people.

Our victim, Christopher Williams.
What do we know about him? Here.

So, he was born here
in Saint Marie in 1987.

His father is Demont Williams.

He's the pastor of
the Port Royal Pentecostal Church.

His mother?
She passed away when he was 11.

Cancer. Must have been tough. Yes.

What about the others?


I see they all became friends
at the church Sunday school.

That's right.

Christopher and Alesha started
dating when they were teenagers.

Love's young dream, eh?

Seems she also had
a very hard childhood.

She was left orphaned as a baby.

We don't seem to have much
on Clarence and Shonelle.

Well, er, Clarence is
the church's music director.

Aside from that,
I'm still working on it.

Clarence Delport...

Something about him yesterday.

I'll do some more digging.

Morning, sir. Sarge.

Ah, Ruby! How did you get on
with the boat hunt?

I might have made
a major breakthrough.

Great. What have you got?

A splodge. A what?

Come and see.


A big splodge of red paint,
like someone spilt it.

Oh, yeah! Which means now
we can identify the boat, right?

I guess so.

I still reckon you have your work
cut out there, Ruby.

Oh, but if someone
recognises the boat...

..and tells us where it came from...

You're nothing if not tenacious.
Thank you, sir.

JP, what have you got?

I searched the victim's office,

and there's nothing there
that hints at a motive.

However... Oh!

I do love a "however", JP.

There's a camera at the front, sir,

which confirms that Christopher
came here straight after

the church barbecue, arriving at
three minutes past 7.00.

But there's something else
you should see, sir.

I've sent it over to you.

OK. Good stuff, JP. Thank you.

So...what have we got here?

Shonelle Delport!

Who says she didn't see Mr Williams
again that evening

after he left church.

Please, I don't want to talk
about this with you. Excuse me?

Shonelle? Who is it?

Mrs Delport, this is
a murder investigation.

It's serious. I know! But...

Oh! It's you!

Is there a problem? Erm, they just
had a couple of things

they needed to clarify with us.

I can deal with it. OK.

Why don't you want your husband
to know, Shonelle?

Was there something going on
between you and Mr Williams?

No, no, no, nothing like that.
I would never betray Clarence.

Well, you say that,
but you've already lied to us.

You WERE with the victim
when you said you weren't.

Yeah, but there was nothing illicit
about me being there.

I just had to...speak with him
about something.

About what?

I can't tell you.

Shonelle, I don't know
how to put this,

but you kind of have to.

Unless you'd like us to arrest you
for obstructing the investigation.

Christopher had always been
a bit of a...player.

You know? Saw other women.

I thought it had stopped, but
I saw him with one a week or so ago.

I don't know who she was, but...

I knew he'd got back
into his bad habits.

So I went to see him last night.

I told him that he should stop.

He's a married man!
It's not right to sin like that.

So, what did he say?

Tried to talk his way out of it,

asked if I would tell Alesha.

I said I wouldn't if
he stopped right now.

That was that.
We went our separate ways.

Tell me. Did Alesha know about
his past indiscretions?

But I never told you that.

I know what he got up to.

I'm no fool.

His phone buzzing with texts
at all hours,

disappearing off to the office
to work late.

Did you ever confront him about it?

About a year back.

He denied it.

I said, "If it's not true, show me
your phone, show me the texts."


He didn't.

But after that,
he promised to stop, right?

He said he'd never stray again,
as God was his witness.

But he did, didn't he?

I guessed as much.

It must have hurt...

..made you angry.

Let's get this clear now.

I didn't kill him.

I'd already made my decision.

You were leaving him?

I got myself a little place
on Montserrat.

I was planning on moving there
in the next couple of weeks.

Did your husband know?

I hadn't told him yet.

I wanted to get everything
in place first. But I was going to.

I didn't need to kill him...

..because I was going to leave him.

And in my heart, I already had.

We need to go through
the victim's phone records,

because if he was seeing another
woman, I want to know who she is

and what she was doing the night
of the murder.

I'll get on it now, sir.

Not working you too hard, are we?

Sorry, sir. I promise
it was only like five minutes.

I've walked that far today.
My feet are killing me.

No joy with your splodge
of paint, then?


And I've been all around
Honore harbour, Port Royal harbour,

the marina next to Paradise Cove,

and I checked out four separate
boat yards on the island.

No-one recognised the boat?


Ah, well, you did your best.

I guess we'll just have to
admit defeat on this one.


Oh, no.

LAUGHS: That is not a word
us Pattersons like to use.

I'm not giving up yet. I called
the big guns out on this one.

Good evening, team. Commissioner.

I asked Commissioner Patterson

to call in a favour
at Saint Marie Times.

I figured if we could put a photo of
the boat into the newspaper,

someone might come forward.

As you know yourself, Inspector,

I am always happy to do my bit
to aid an investigation.

Yes, you are. Of course. Thank you.

Er, Commissioner? Mm?

I was just wondering
if we could have a quick chat.

At your convenience. Of course.

My secretary will find a time.

If you're ready, they're waiting
for us down at the quayside.

Yes, Uncle Selly. Officer Hooper?

Oh, Commissioner!

I hear you're applying to take
your sergeant's examination.

Oh. Er, yes, that's right.

I just thought that
I'd challenge myself, you know?

Then you'll be pleased to hear

that this year's test paper
is a particularly challenging one.

I set it myself, you know.

Great. Team Patterson are off
doing their thing.

Excellent! So...

How did you get on, sir?

Well, it seems the victim isn't
the saintly figure we first thought.

Nope. He's had a number of lovers
outside of his marriage.

Well, that gives Alesha motive.

It does, yeah.
Except she was leaving him,

moving to another island.
She's got the documents to prove it.

And as for Shonelle Delport,

well, there's something going on
with her and Clarence.

He was very fishy
when we first met him.

And she clearly didn't want
her husband to know

she'd seen Christopher the night
he was murdered.

I've a feeling there's a lot more
to it all than she's letting on.

Dear Father God...

..please forgive me for
being deceitful in my words

and in my actions.

Oh, hey! Hiya, love!

Did we have plans?

No, I'm going with Madeleine
and Ruby to this beach bar

Ruby's cousin owns. Oh, right!

And why wasn't I invited?

Because it's a girls' night out
and you're not a girl.

Siobhan, girl!

You are going to look like
a man magnet in that dress tonight!

Inspector Mooney!

I didn't see you there.

I was just complimenting
your daughter

on her very tasteful choice
of attire this evening.

I heard what you said, Ruby.
I'm pretending I didn't.

Go on. Enjoy yourselves.

Madeleine, for the love of God,
would you please look after them?

Well, I'll do my best!

Let's go!


MUSIC: My Heart Is Gone
by John Holt

# My heart is gone

# I need
I need someone to lean on... #



I wasn't expecting you.

I had a gap in my schedule.

Let me get you a drink.

As a young man, I thought about
travelling the world.

But you didn't?

Do you regret it?

Why would I?

I've had a wonderful life here.

I'd regret missing even a day
of the life I've had.

You see...

That's what I'm missing,

the thing that left me
the day Kathleen passed away,

that sense of...knowing
where you want to be...

..and being there.

Some might say that travelling
is a way of finding that.

And you?

I think I'd say that

true happiness has very little
to do with geography.

So if I...

If I do go travelling...

..could you cope without me?

Well, first thing
you have to learn, Jack,

is that, in order to find happiness,

worrying about what everyone else
wants is a luxury you can't afford.


Oh, morning, sir!

So, did you see
the Saint Marie Times? Look!

I made page four!

Brilliant. Any calls on it yet?


Not yet, but it's still early days.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Well, Madeleine, any developments?

I spoke with a woman Christopher
was having an affair with.

And...? And she'd been visiting
family in Dominica since Saturday.

I'm going to go through his texts
again and see what else I can find.

JP, anything?

Well, I've been going through
the victim's office computer,

and the only thing that seems odd -

he accessed his wife's e-mails
and social media from it.

Snooping on his wife.

Well, maybe he got wind that she was
thinking of leaving him.

Except...he's been doing it
for a good while, sir.

I mean, as far as I can tell,
over a year.

Hm. So he was insecure
about his marriage, maybe.

But not so insecure he was worried
about sleeping with other women.

Ah, yeah.

I'll carry on looking through the
hard drive, see what else pops up.

Yeah. In the meantime, Madeleine,
do you fancy a trip to church?

I'm still convinced that
Shonelle and Clarence

are holding something back from us.

And I figure the one person
who's known them

since they were kids
is their pastor, Demont.

I don't know what you expect me
to say, Inspector.

But these are good people,
honest Christian men and women.

We're not here for gossip, Pastor.

We're simply trying to understand
what was going on

in Christopher's life.

Your son's life.

What do you want me to tell you?

Whatever you want to tell us.

I married them here,
Christopher and Alesha.

Such a beautiful day.

I felt so blessed.

I always expected to baptise
their children here, too.

I married Clarence and Shonelle
here as well,

just a few months later.

But, er, that was very different.

In what way?

The night before, around midnight,
I was going to lock up

and I found Clarence on his knees,
praying. Just there.

He was having doubts.

By the morning, he'd talked himself
into going through with it.

You're not suggesting had
anything to do with Christopher?

Clarence could not love Shonelle...

..because he loved Alesha.

Always did -

since they were teenagers
at Sunday school.

He was besotted with her.

She thought they were best friends,
but he hung on her every word.

The trouble for him was
she chose someone else.

But I know he never stopped caring.


You know, Ruby,
they say a watched pot never boils.

What, not even if you really,
really want it to?

Not even if you really,
really, really want it to.

Well, it may not be
a formal investigative tactic,

but if I keep staring, then sooner
or later, this telephone has to...


Well, you'd better answer it!

Honore Police.

Oh, yes, this is
Officer Patterson speaking.

How can I help?

You saw the article
in the newspaper this morning.

And you recognise the boat!

Glenroy Jacobs, Sarge. He used to be
the lighthouse keeper

until it became automated
ten years ago.

And he recognised the boat from
the photographs in the newspaper?

Yes. He used to keep it in there
in case of emergencies.

And then, when he moved on, he sold
the motor and left the rest behind.

He used to keep it under a tarpaulin
behind the lighthouse.

How can he be sure
it was the same boat?

CHUCKLES: Well, that would be
the red splodge, sir.

Glenroy swore he'd recognise it
anywhere. And the story goes,

he got a tin of paint when he was
giving the building a touch-up.

That is really excellent work, Ruby.
Mm! I have to hand it to you.

OK. So this is potentially
where our killer acquired the boat.

Might well be where
the murder happened, too.

Sir, Sarge, can you
come this way, please?

Yeah, so...

It looks like someone busted through
the door to break in.

Also, sir, we noticed
a recent tyre track up there.

OK, good stuff.

JP, could you dust the door
for prints and the tarpaulin?

Ruby, you get a cast
of the tyre tracks, please.

Madeleine, how are you with heights?

You sure you're OK?

Look! Scuff marks.

Maybe a sign of a struggle.

Now, what's that doing there?

What is it?

A small plastic ballerina
is what it is.

It's the kind of figurine
you'd get in a music box

or jewellery box.

Siobhan used to have one
when she was little.

Ah! Me too, sir.

I used to use it to hide things
that I didn't want my mother to see.

Maybe pictures of
my high-school crush.

Ah, Curtis MacKenzie!

GIGGLES: He was the best cricket
player on the whole school team.

Sir? We've got a match on the prints
from the tarpaulin.

Go on. Clarence Delport.

I think that's Clarence's
pick-up truck.

Ruby, compare the tyres
to the cast you made. Yes, sir.


# Don't be ashamed

# To say that you know Him

# Count the cost

# Take up your cross

# And follow Him. #

OK, Clarence, we're going to
tell you what we know.

The boat that Christopher Williams'
body was found in

has been linked back to
the lighthouse at Hope Point.

And, as the postmortem results

Mr Williams died due to a fall
from a significant height.

We're currently working on the basis
that he was pushed off

the top of the same lighthouse.

We now have evidence that places
both you and your pick-up truck

at the same location.

And we also understand that,
for some time now,

you've been dealing with unrequited
feelings for the victim's wife.

That's a motive right there,
Clarence. You understand that?

Get rid of the husband,
Alesha's all yours.

No. No! No, no, no.
That's not... I wouldn't!

I didn't do it.

OK... I was there
at that lighthouse, but...

I didn't kill Christopher.

So you're admitting you were at
Hope Point the night of the murder.

But it wasn't you that killed
Mr Williams?

But you know who did.

Clarence! If someone else did this
and you know who it is,

then you really need to tell us.

I'm not saying anything more.


by Beethoven

Here you go, sir.

Sorry, Ruby. Miles away. Thank you.

OK. Hope Point lighthouse.

Let's find out if there's
any meaning to the location,

any events that might have
happened there.

Ah! We can do that, sir.

Right. You go. Thank you!

Our killer chose this location
to commit murder for a reason.

If only we could figure out
what it is.

Sir? Can I have a word?

Of course. I've gone back further
through the victim's texts,

and I think Christopher Williams
was very controlling of his wife.

Go on.

Telling her to cancel a night out
he didn't want her going on,

deciding who she can or cannot see.

No wonder she wanted
to leave home, start again.

She had to! Her heart
was telling her what to do.

That cannot be ignored.

No, Madeleine.

It can't.

So, I was wondering,
if Christopher was controlling,

even jealous, then it's possible
that he and Clarence did fight.

And maybe we were right -
maybe he's the one that did it

and he's just trying to
put us off the scent.

Yes. Good work, Madeleine.
Thank you.

Erm... I just need to go
and do something.

I'll be back as quick as I can.

Oh! Jack!

Come on up.


So, I thought I'd get a start
on the packing -

and, of course, I had to open
a bottle of rum

in order to liven the experience up
a bit.

CHUCKLES: Join me?

Er, I won't, actually.


What's up, Jack?


...I won't be coming with you
on the trip.

Of course you won't.


I never really thought
you would, Jack.

I don't blame you.

You lost your wife, your life came
crashing down around your ears,

and so you ran away.
There's no shame in that.

That's what you're doing, isn't it?

Actually, I'm doing
the exact opposite.

You see, I was in
an unhappy marriage,

so all the time, I was running away
from who I truly am.

So, travelling the world is me
finally being myself, being honest.

But that's what I'm doing, too.

By staying in Saint Marie? No!

By going home.


You see, I finally worked it out.

Losing Kathleen, well, that was only
part of the whole grieving process.

When she died,
I lost the rest of my life, too.

My life is back there in London.

My house is sitting there, empty.
That's my home.

My friends still go to the local
for a beer and a big moan.

And now Siobhan is going back -
back to our home.

So, gallivanting around
the world with you,

as amazing as that would be -
and I know it would be amazing -

I know that.

But that would be me
just running away again.

And I've done enough running.

I'm going home.

So there it is.

How cross are you,
on a scale of one to ten?


Well, that's fair.

You can curse me if you want. I...

I'll be away until next January,
so, erm,

I will make London my last stop.

And I'll put the kettle on.

Sir, you need to see this.

What is it? Well, I did the digging
on the lighthouse,

and there wasn't much, but I found
this article in a newspaper from,

like, 30 years ago.

Three-month-old baby found abandoned
at Hope Point lighthouse.

Mm-hm. The police
attended that night.

Here is the case file.

The mother of the baby was called
Elise Johnson.

But look at the name of the baby.

I mean, that's got to mean
something, hasn't it,

Inspector Mooney?
Yes, Ruby, it really does.

The music box - where is it?

SIGHS: Clarence, I'm a cat's whisker
away from solving this.

Now, I already think I know
what you did that night,

so please do yourself a favour
and tell me where it is!

Shonelle has it.


There could have been
another death that night... that wasn't deserved.

And that's why I did what I did.

And I don't regret it.

I found it underneath
the front seat of his truck.

The night of the murder,
Clarence came home late.

I knew he'd been up to something.

He was sweating,
his clothes were dirty.

And then you said that
Christopher had been murdered.

And I just knew it.

I confronted him about it yesterday.

He denied it.

What did you do? It wasn't me!

But I know he was lying.

You don't live with someone
that many years

and not know when they're
lying to you.


Beethoven. Of course!

Three-month-old baby found abandoned
at Hope Point lighthouse.

She was left orphaned as a baby.

Our killer chose this location
to commit murder for a reason.

He was checking on her social media
and e-mails pretty frequently.

Snooping on his wife.

I didn't need to kill him

because I was going to leave him.

There could have been
another death that night.

You know what happened.

You know.

I'm sorry.


This belonged to your mother.

According to an old police report,
it was found beside you...

..when she left you on the step
of that lighthouse.

I guess she wanted to leave me
something to remember her by.

And you kept it ever since.

I never knew her, but...

I always felt love for her,
no matter what she'd done.

That's...real unconditional love.

You know, when we realised

Christopher's killing took place
at the lighthouse,

we couldn't work out why
it happened there.

But we'd been looking at this
all wrong,

because that wasn't the plan.

He was never meant to be there
at all, was he?

So you didn't intend for him
to die that night.

It was your own life
you wanted to take, wasn't it?


Beethoven - Fur Elise.

That was your mother's name,
wasn't it?


If I had a daughter,
that's what I was going to call her.

And that lighthouse,
like this music box,

had a meaning for you.

It was a connection to your mother.

And I think that's why
you went there,

and you took this box with you.

That place always felt special
to me, like I was safe there.

It was the closest I could get
to being with her.

When we went to talk to you about
Christopher's affairs

the other day...

..I couldn't help noticing that

you were in some discomfort
when you bent down.

I didn't pay much attention to it,

but now that I know more about
Christopher as a person...

..I suspect there's more
to that injury you have.

Men who hurt their wives, they...

..share certain characteristics.

They're controlling.

And they become jealous very easily.

They're almost always unfaithful.

And yet, they present themselves
to their families and their friends

as...loving, caring,
decent human beings.

He was violent towards you,
wasn't he?

This... This was the last time
he did it.

There was a social at the church
for the women in the choir.

I was leaving to go to it.

But he didn't want me to go.
So...we argued, and...

Do you mind me asking,
how long did this go on?

From the start,
he could get angry with me...

..if he didn't want me
to go somewhere, or

if he saw me talking to another man.

The first time he hit me,
it was after we got married.

He was so apologetic.

Every time, he'd promise me,

"It won't happen again."

And it didn't.

We'd be fine. He'd be fine. Until...

Till it hit.

And that's why you decided
to leave him

and move to another island.

And I assume, because of the course
of events that night...

..that he found out.

He'd go through my things.

He was always looking for something
to prove that I was unfaithful,

or that I was lying to him.

When I got back from church,
he wasn't there, but...

..he'd laid out all the paperwork
I had.

He wanted me to know that
he knew what I was planning.

I knew exactly what he'd do to me
when he got back.

You knew after that
that he'd never let you leave.

Your dreams of freedom just dashed.

And that's why, when you were
at your lowest point, you...

I...couldn't face him hitting me
one more time.

And I had no-one to turn to -

everybody thinking he was perfect
Christopher, the pastor's boy.

I just wanted it to end.

So I wrote him a note
and I left the house.

I knew what I had to do.

And when he found that note, when he
realised what you were going to do,

he went looking for you. Except
he didn't know where you'd be.

So he went to find Clarence...

I'm going out of my mind.
I don't know what to do. ask him for his help.

You must know where she is!

Yes? OK.

Clarence always took an interest
in what I told him.

Because he cares about you a lot,
doesn't he?

Clarence knew the significance
of the lighthouse.

That's where you'd go.



OK. Wait here, wait here, wait here.
I'll go, I'll go.

Alesha, I can't pretend to know
exactly what happened that night.

But, given how it all ended
and how Christopher was as a person,

I believe that
he lost his temper with you.

He pleaded with me.

But I didn't want to talk to him.
I couldn't even look him in the eye.

Alesha, what is this foolishness?

We're going home. Come on.
Stop this nonsense!

And so he started getting angry.

Give me this!

He tried to pull me down the stairs.

He came at me...

We're going.

Don't! Stop!

..and he wanted to hit me again...

Don't make me do this!

..and I...
You fought back.


And Clarence,
having seen all this and...

..having loved you for
a very long time, he took charge.

I imagine he told you to go home,
gather yourself, clear your head,

while he dealt with everything.

He looked after me that night
like no-one ever has.

But he didn't have time
to fully dispose of the body,

so he decided that the best thing
he could do was to misdirect us

as far away from you
and the lighthouse as possible.

And then, when he knew that you were
safely at home,

he sent the text message from
Christopher's phone to Demont -

to give you an alibi.

He put Christopher's body
in the boat

and he pushed the boat out to sea... that whenever or wherever
it was found, there'd be nothing,

in theory, to connect it back
to the lighthouse.

He then towed Christopher's car
up into the rainforest.

Clarence was smart.

For a while, he had us
very confused. But...

Due to the sheer doggedness
of one of our police officers,

..we found our way to
the lighthouse.

And when we were there...


SIGHS: ..well, this little lady

helped us eventually
to piece it all together.


So, are you going to arrest me now?


I'm afraid so.

But I promise you, Alesha,
that we will do everything we can

to make sure the judge fully
understands the circumstances

in which you did what you had to do.

It will be taken into account.
I'll make sure of it.

With Christopher, I felt so trapped.

Prison will be no different.

If this is what God
wants from me, then...

No, no, no, no, no, Alesha, please.

You can't think like that.

Every single person on this earth

deserves to live their life
free from fear... live it as they see fit.

And your life, well...

It's time for it to change.

Time for you to begin again.

Begin again?

Evening, Commissioner.


You made a decision?

Yes. I have, sir.


Well, I won't be going travelling.

But I will be leaving Saint Marie.

You see, a good friend of mine
told me...

..that he'd never felt the need
to go in search for anything.

The only thing he'd regret

is if he missed out on
the wonderful life he'd had.

You're going home.

I am.

You came to us a virtual stranger,
but please know... leave having gained
the respect and affection

of the whole island.

You will be greatly missed.

Thank you, sir.

Are you ready, love?
Madeleine's here.

I just wanted a last look
at that view.

I'm going to miss it.
Ah! We'll be back to visit. Lots.


There you are, Harry, my old friend.

Look after the next one for me,
won't you?

MUSIC: No Place Like Home
by John Holt

# There is no place... #

I'm going to miss you.

Take care.

# Home, sweet home

# There is no place like home

# No matter where I go... #

JP. It's been a pleasure.

# No matter who I'm with

# Your eyes, your eyes
I see

# No-one... #

I'm really going to miss you!


Good evening, team.

Evening, Commissioner.

I just thought I'd drop by
to make sure you were all coping

in light of DI Mooney's departure.

Well, we're managing OK.

We miss him.
But we're also very happy for him.

It's just a bit strange that
he's not here, sir. Commissioner.

Have you found a new detective
to take the Inspector's place, Unc?


I haven't had an opportunity,

but hopefully, a potential candidate
will present themselves soon.

And until the post is filled,
I will of course

make myself available to you,
should a serious case occur.

But hopefully...that
won't be necessary.

Thank you.

Erm, Commissioner?

We have a body at
the White Sands Hotel.

One of the guests was found
locked inside her room.

Appears to have taken her own life.

We'd better get over there, then.
ALL: Yes.

All right...

# My heart is gone

# I need
I need someone to lean on... #

Join me in raising a glass
to our new Saint Marie resort.

Tamsin? Tamsin, are you in there?

A young woman who came here
from your home city is dead.


You have a duty.

This guy is coming all the way
from England just for a few hours,

and then he's flying straight back?

The man is mad!

Oh! I think it's him.