Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 3 - Episode #9.3 - full transcript

Jack's romance with Anna blossoms while he and the rest of the team investigate the mysterious death of a cyclist during a race.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
MAN: I've been trying to push
the team more these last few months.

Extra training sessions,
get our timings down.

The truth is, we'll never win
if we don't work harder.

Anyone else?

I hear rumours there might be
changes to the team after this

We're very happy with the way things
are working at the moment.


Though...I said from the start,

the make-up of our team
will always be a fluid process.

If there's any deadwood,
it's going to have to go.

I ain't carrying no-one, not if Team
Storm are to start winning.

Which one of us two do you think
he's talking about?

Or is it both of us?

The ego has landed, right?

Josh, you're meant
to be on the physio couch.

Sorry, Inez. On my way.

You want to come over tonight?
Not before a race.

You know that.
I know, but...

Part of my job is to help
our cyclists prepare.

Identify any tensions and
work them out.

Go...before you talk me into it.

The main thing for Team
Storm is to do our best over
the next two days

and get a top-three ranking.

That's our goal.

Let's go.

How are you feeling?

Ready for it.

Tomorrow... need to do better, Josh.

I can't...keep...

You need to be better.

I'm going to win this for you.

TANNOY: Representing
the British Virgin Islands,

riding in Team Storm.


Riding for them today is
Xavier Prince,

Anton Maduro and Josh Hunter.

Riders at the start line, please.

On your marks...

..get set...


How are they doing?

Not bad. They're making
good time.

Just hitting Tournier's Pass.

Xavier's stopped.

Something's happened.

A blowout?
Come on.

Where is he?
He should be here.



Oh, God, no!

Phone an ambulance.




Is that it?

Oh, there'll be more along in a

It's not like it is on the telly.

Just the occasional blur
whizzing past.

But this is real! You can feel
the energy! You can smell it!

Yeah, nothing like the smell
of sweaty men in Lycra.

Come on.
You've got to try one of these.

Oh, OK.

One, please.

Apparently, it's just coconut
and ice.


Taste it. It's like heaven on

ANNA: Merci, madame.

Right, here goes.

What just happened? Wow.

You see? Told you.

LAUGHS: Right, your turn.

The best.

I tell you, I am going to miss
this place.

I know I'm going to travel and see
some amazing things, but...

But this...this is special.

Yeah. It really is.


Hi, Anna.

Sorry, sir, to interrupt.
There's been a fatality.

One of the cyclists up in the

I am so sorry, Anna.
Oh... Oh... Hey.


Xavier Prince was the captain
of Team Storm,

representing the British Virgin

At the moment, everything
points to an accidental death.

So what are we thinking?

Come off the road at the

Yeah. Tournier's Pass is one
of the most dangerous sections on
the course.

The cyclists take it pretty fast.

And do we know when it

Apparently, the front riders
hit the bend at...

...11.15. The Team Storm riders were
a little way back from them.

According to the coach, GPS shows
Xavier and his team

hitting the bend at 11.18.

They were being tracked?

Each bike was attached with one of
these clip-on units,

so all of their locations
were being monitored.

How old was he, do we know?

Only 19.

Too young.

Any witnesses?

No, sir, not as far as we know.

Hm. Now, what are you doing

It's the same colour and same
material as the victim's shirt.

It has a part of the logo on it.

But there doesn't seem to be any
tear where it might have come from.

Not on the back, anyway.

JP, Ruby, would you mind
rolling over the body?

Yes, sir.



Not on the front either.


...if it's not from his shirt...

Then whose shirt is it from?

Ruby, would you pass me
the magnifying glass, please?

Blue fibres under the fingernails.
Same colour as the shirt.

It's like as if he reached out
to whoever was there

and ripped the material
from their shirt as he fell.

If someone was there when it
happened, why haven't they
come forward?

And why didn't they just call for
help... if it was just an accident?

Unless it wasn't.

Sorry. Just speaking with our team's

I'm the coach. Brian Hunter.

Detective Inspector Jack Mooney.

I'm DS Madeleine Dumas.

Xavier was such a talent.

It's just tragic, what's happened.

You have our condolences.

Tell me, Brian, this is from
one of your team shirts, right?


Must be Xavier's.

Well, that's what we thought,
but, well, it isn't.

The other cyclists...
They all wear the same sort of
kit, same shirts?


Are they still racing?
Not after this.

Inez alerted the organisers.
They're pulling them out of
the race as we speak.

I just... I just can't believe it.

Dad, what the hell happened?

We don't know.

It looks like he must have just
hit the bend too fast.

This is DI Mooney and DS Dumas.

Josh, Anton, Inez.

I'll go get you the GPS.

Thank you.

So, Josh, Anton,
were either of you are aware

Mr Prince had got into trouble
at all?

Xavier was our number-one rider,

which means during the early stages
of the race...

..he was behind us,
conserving his energy,

so that he can take the win later.

And what about when you hit
Tournier's Pass, where it happened?

The pair of you were both riding

Us and a few of the other
riders. And Xavier?

Well, I just assumed he was
with us.

Which he was. See?

Xavier must have been within ten
metres of Josh and Anton.

That's when we realised
there'd been a problem.

We need to take a copy of the
GPS file.

We should have noticed he wasn't
with us, stopped and gone back.

You weren't to know what happened.

May I ask, where were you
and Brian at the time?

Oh, back at the start line.


And how was he? How was Xavier
this morning?

I had a quick practice ride
with him.

He seemed...

..himself, I guess. A bit nervous,

but fine.

A bit of aN odd request here,
but the three of you, would you mind
giving us a quick twirl there?

I'm sorry?

We just need to check the back of
your shirts, if you don't mind.

These are the shirts you had
on throughout the race?

Why are you so interested in
our shirts?

Well, it's just we found this
near Xavier's body.

See? It's from one of your
team shirts.

And as it's not from Xavier's,

it must have been torn from
someone else's when he fell.

You think someone was with
Xavier when it happened?

We do.

And it's a concern to us why that
person has remained
silent about it all.

So, until whoever it was comes
forward and can prove otherwise,

we're treating his death as

OK, sir, yes.

Will do. OK. Bye-bye.

Ruby, the inspector
wants one of us to head over

to the finish line
to speak with the other riders,

see if the Team Storm alibi
checks out.

Oh, I can do that. I'll do that.
You should let me do that.

OK... I don't know why
you're so keen to question...

...30-odd athletic men.

Oh, JP, how dare you
insinuate such a thing!

I'm a professional police

30 of them, did you say?


Every second of every day, and
every calorie accounted for.

That is no way to lead your life.


Significant other, perhaps.

Ha! I am not sure there's enough
talcum powder in the world

to get me into a pair of Lycra

Or out again, for that matter!

Oh, there's a safe.

Oh. Let's speak to the front
desk, get it opened.

Or I could open it now.

Hotel safes like that have a
lock that's kept in place

by a magnet and a metal spring.

All you have to do is get the
spring to bounce back,

then you can open it.

If you get the timing right.

Madeleine! You are full of
surprises. What have we got?

So, Xavier's passport.

Ooh, a lot of money.

And a bottle of pills.


Now, why were these in the safe
instead of out there with
the rest of his medicine?

Maybe he didn't want anyone
to know he had them.

Illegal steroids, perhaps.

Oh, and...

There's something else.

Now, why would someone
keep a pair of socks in a

OK. Thank you so much, Mr Hunter.

We'll see what else we can find.


So, as far as his coach is aware,

Xavier didn't have a girlfriend.

But there's a sister.

A few years older than him.

Well, this could be her, then.

Her name is Sharmayne Prince.

She used to cycle as well, until
she got an injury and had to stop.

OK, well, better check Xavier's
mobile for her number,

give her a call, break the news.

A-ha! The mystery of the
orange socks is solved!


Xavier said in an interview
he always wears the same

pair of socks for every race he
enters, and has done

since he won his first race
at the age of 14.

They're his lucky socks.

Yeah. But it begs the question,

if he wears the same socks for every
race, then why wasn't he wearing
them today?

Well, maybe he should have.

Oh... Madeleine...



Let's go over what we know
so far about Team Storm.

They're a privately owned team
from the British Virgin Islands.

And the coach - Brian Hunter
- what do we know?

Here. He started his career

in the UK and came out to the
Caribbean about 20 years ago.

And his son is a cyclist - Josh

Now, is that nepotism?

Giving Mr Hunter junior a
place in the team, or is he
genuinely up to scratch?


Anton Maduro. He's the eldest of the
three cyclists.

He had a very successful career,

winning most of the major
Caribbean cycling prizes.

And then we have sports
scientist Inez Farah.

Used to be an athlete herself.
Yeah. Competed in triathlons.

Just in case one sport wasn't

Lectured in America. Some advisory
roles there. Then worked with

the BVI women's cycling team.

Yeah, and based on what we
saw earlier,

I assume herself and Anton
are something of an item?

Oh, yes. I checked their social
media. They're engaged.

JP, how did you get on?

So, witnesses confirm
Brian Hunter and Inez Farah

were at the team enclosure at the
time Xavier fell to his death,

between 11.15 and 11.22.

Which means neither of them
were anywhere near Xavier
when he fell to his death.

No. But that's not all.

So, several people have been saying
that there were obvious tensions

between the victim and Josh Hunter.

What about?

Apparently, Josh's times
aren't good enough.

So Xavier has been pressing for him,
you know, to be
sacked from the team.

In fact, as good as said it at
a press conference yesterday

If there's any deadwood,
it's going to have to go.

I ain't carrying no-one, not if
Team Storm are to start winning.

And after that, there was
a bust-up at the team base.

But I'm trying really hard!

Not hard enough!
You're dragging the team

What, so you're going to get
rid of me?

I don't care if your dad is the
coach. Your career's over!

Well, let's go and speak to him.

"If there's deadwood,
it's going to have to go."

It was you he was talking
about at the press conference
yesterday, wasn't it?

Why did he want you out of
the team?

I'm good at what I do.

You don't train as hard and
for as long as I've done
without getting any good.

But cycling...

It's about the tiniest margins.

1% faster.

Half a kilo lighter.

And to be honest with you...

..I don't have it.

I've never had it.

But having your dad as coach, that's
got to count, right?

You must be joking me.

My father never cut me any slack.

My childhood was non-existent.

Up at five, six days a week,
in all weather, training.

Must get to you. The pressure
put on you.

From your dad. From Xavier.

From yourself.

Must reach the point where you
just want to lash out.

I'm sorry, are you saying...?

Are you saying that I killed

That I, what,

pushed him into the ravine?

Ask Anton. Ask the other riders.

I wasn't anywhere near Xavier
at Tournier's Pass!

Whatever happened to him
had nothing to do with me!

Ruby, how did you get on?

So, I spoke with both the Jamaican
and Guadalupe teams

that were riding in a group
alongside Anton and Josh.

And they say
the pair never left their sight.

The whole time?

All the way through to
Tournier's Pass and right up

until the officials pulled them
from the race.

So they weren't with Xavier
either when it happened.

Well, then, why was this piece of

...ripped from a team shirt,
found near the body?

Whoever's in possession
of a Team Storm shirt

with a hole in it about this size

knows the truth about what
happened at Tournier's Pass
this morning.


OK. Let's see what the postmortem
brings in the morning.

JP, Ruby, do you think you
can get someone to have a
look at Xavier's bike?

We should do some due
diligence, check it hasn't
been tampered with.

I'll speak to AJ at the cycle
shop. He knows his stuff.


And, Madeleine, how did you
get on with Xavier's sister? it?

Well, I tried calling,
but the line was dead.

So I checked with the network

and her contract was
cancelled about one year ago.

And they couldn't give you
another number for her?

I'll keep on searching. I'll find


OK, well, let's park it there for
today. I don't know about you,

but some of us have plans
this evening.



Hi. Hey.

How are you?
I'm good, thanks.

You guys must be so excited
about the news, huh?

It's a real turn-up for the books.

What news?
Team Saint Marie came in second.

So if they do well in the time
trials, they could win.

No way!
That's amazing!

Saint Marie have never won
the Tour des Antilles, have they?

Sir, we haven't even been
in the top three places.

I have to tell Uncle Selly. I mean,
he's going to be over the moon.

All right, see you all tomorrow.

Bye, see you in the morning.

Well, Team Saint Marie in the
top three!

I think that definitely calls for
a small rum or two.
I had a feeling it might.

Well, we'd better do that, then.

LAUGHS: Slow down!


Morning, AJ.

How are you, my friend?
I'm good, man.

You good? Yeah. There's a little
something I want you to take a look
at for me.

This bike right here.

Would you check if it's been
messed about with?

Hey, you in the cycle top!

Hey, wait! Hey, wait! Come back!

Come back! I said stop!

Come here!


You haven't seen a young
boy run past here?

I've been inside.

Is that Samson's bag?


He comes by here sometimes, and
I give him food.

Always looks hungry, poor boy.

What's he done?

Oh, no, he hasn't done
anything wrong.

But he might be a witness, and we
could do with talking to him.

You don't know where he
lives, do you? Desolee.

But if he comes back, I'll let
you know.

Sir, the postmortem is through.

Cause of death as expected,
but read this.

"Faint finger markings on arms
and lower-right ribcage."


Suggesting someone could
have pushed him or tussled
with Xavier as he fell.

But why kill their team captain?
And how?

Yeah, how exactly could one of them
have pushed him into the ravine

when all four of them have alibis?

Josh and Anton were cycling
the whole time.

Nowhere near Xavier
when he hit Tournier's Pass.

And Brian and Inez were
back at the start line.

Oh, and we were right.

FG-4592 is a
performance-enhancing drug.

And is it a permitted one?
No, it's banned.

Still in trial stage.

Er, it was developed by Karston
Pharmaceuticals in the States.

Sir. AJ's working on the bike now.

He'll get it back to us to

Also, sir, while I was there,
I saw a kid wearing a Team Storm
cycling top,

and it had a rip on it, right here.

The missing shirt?
I think so.

I tried to chase him down but
he got away.

Catherine says his name is Samson.

He dropped this.

It looks like it's mainly
knock-off sunglasses, but I'll
sift through it

and see if I can find
any contact information.

Great. And then you'd better
log it in the evidence store.

Oh, Inspector.

Xavier had an appointment in
his diary

at 11am with a Barrington
Jones at Cafe de Zero.

Only there's no-one with that name
in the victim's contacts list, so

should I go and check out who it is?

Yeah, why not?

Oh, sir, toxicology report
was just sent over.


No evidence of anything illicit
in the blood.

No drugs, no poisons.

So he wasn't taking these?

No. He wasn't.

Maybe somebody else was.

JP, would you dig out the old
fingerprinting kit there?



Mr Barrington Jones.

Which one are you?

Hi, JP, I just wanted to let you
know that I'm at the cafe.

That's great, Ruby.

But look, I'm in the middle
of doing something right now.

Just a quick question. If I were
to ask you what you think

someone called Barrington Jones
looks like, what would you say?

I'd say, "I don't know,"
because I've never met him.

Well, I think he sounds like
quite a large, imposing man,

so he could be the one...

...with the suit. But at the very
same time, he could be the younger


Yes, JP.


...go inside...

...and ask every man in turn if
their name is Barrington Jones.

And the man that says yes,

that'll be him!

I mean, that could also work.


I've been struggling to get contact
details of Xavier's sister,

so I e-mailed the record office
of the BVI

and look what I've received.

Sharmayne Prince has been
in the intensive care unit at
the local hospital

for the past 11 months?

It's the same time
she had her cycling accident.

So it was pretty serious, then?

Is it me, Madeleine, or is this
all starting to smell a bit whiffy?


Both brother and sister having
accidents in the same year.

Either that's a tragic coincidence
or there something more sinister
going on.


See if you can get to the
bottom of what happened to



OK, Barrington Jones, sir -
or Barry, to his friends -

he works at the Cycling
Standards Agency,

and it's his job to test cyclists
for illegal drugs.

Well, there's a surprise!
Isn't it just, sir?
But listen to this.

He got a call from Xavier saying he
wanted to give some information

about one of the cyclists, so he
flew in first thing this morning,

and he hadn't even heard
that Xavier had died.

OK, thanks for that, Ruby.

Good stuff.
Thank you, sir.


Turns out Xavier's meeting
was with an anti-doping officer.


My guess is he was going to tell him
who the drugs belonged to.


We've got a match.

Mr Maduro, could we
have a quick word, please?

Have you ever heard of
something called...?


Yeah, I've heard of it.

Yeah. Apparently, it increases the
oxygen to a person's bloodstream.

Whoever takes it has more
stamina. If you say so.

And, Mr Maduro, do you
know what the punishment is

if it's found in a cyclist's

A lifetime ban, I assume.

Yeah, but that's not all,
though, is it? All those
records and medals

you've earned over your career
are stripped from you, aren't they?

Inspector, are you accusing me of
taking performance-enhancing drugs?

I'm not, Anton, but Xavier was
about to, wasn't he?

Not just accusing you,
he had the evidence.

A bottle of FG-4592.

We found it.

In his bedroom safe. And it has your
fingerprints on it.

I can understand the temptation.

As you get older,
your body fails you.

And at the same time,
you are only in your 30s.

I mean, it feels too young
to retire, right?

I was struggling to keep up.

It was all on the slide.
I didn't know what to do.

Cycling's my life.

So, you decided you needed
some pharmaceutical help.

Just to get me back to where I was.

I've been clean my whole career,
I swear to you.

And Xavier found out.

You're a cheat! What else can
I do?

I-I don't... I don't take them
any more!

I said I'd retire.
It didn't have to affect him.

Just... Please, just don't
report me!

I'm sorry. I've got no choice!

And the day before he was due to
report you, someone
pushed Xavier to his death.

No, I didn't... I didn't kill him.

Ask Josh. I was with him when it

We were together the whole stretch
of road where Xavier fell.

How could I do it?

Hm. Thank you.

We'll have to notify the Cycling
Standards Agency.


It's his call if he tells them
who gave him the stuff.

Someone must have got it for him.


It was developed by Karston
Pharmaceuticals in the States.

Inez Farah. Lectured in America.

I assume herself and Anton
are something of an item?


Can't be easy getting access
to an as yet unapproved drug,
can it?

You need someone with
connections, right?

JP, I need you to do
a bit of digging for me.

Ms Farah, could we have a word?

Of course. How can I help?

How long have you and Anton
been together?

Um, about a year now.

You're engaged, right?

Yes, we are.

What is it you want, Inspector?

Oh, we're just wondering how much
Anton means to you.

How far would you go to help him
achieve his goals in life,

to stop him having to give up
his career?

Do you recognise these?

I know what they are, yes.

That wasn't the question.

Then, no, I do not recognise that
bottle of pills.

So, you are unaware
your fiance's taking them?

I didn't know that.

That's...very disappointing.

And do you know that these are
produced by one of your

That would be
Karston Pharmaceuticals.

Like I said, I recognise the drug.

Right. So, it's just a coincidence

that the man you're about to marry
has somehow been
able to get a hold

of an unapproved drug from a
firm that you used to work for?

Must be, cos I don't know how
he got them.

That's not the impression
we got from Anton.

Nice try.

But Anton loves me,

like I love him.

He would never make up
things like that.

Are we done here?

She's lying.
Big time.

But even if Inez Farah

did kill Xavier to protect
herself and Anton...

She was with Brian Hunter
back at the start line

when the cyclists
were at Tournier's Pass.

Which means neither of them
could have pushed our victim
to his death.

Mon Dieu! Quel imbecile!

Everything all right?

The hospital on the BVI
is being very unhelpful.

About Xavier's sister?
Nobody will tell me why she is

Or even let me talk to her. All they
say is, "Talk to her brother."

Well, we would if we could!

How about I get a plane over
in the morning?

Being there in person might help.

That's an excellent suggestion,
Madeleine. Go for it.


What on Earth
is going on out there?

Oh, my, I think we've won.

I think we've won!

I think Saint Marie won!

It's fantastic.


RADIO: ...since the Tour des
Antilles started in 1952,

Saint Marie have won the



Man, I told you!


They actually won?

You know what this means?
Tonight the island parties!



Ah, honestly, Jack, I wish you'd
been there today.
It was so exciting.

Oh, don't, please!

The most historic event on the
island since I've been here,
and I miss it!

Well, I've got some of the
action on my phone.
I can show you later.

Oh, merci!


Everybody, excuse me.

Could I have your attention,


For me, to be the mayor of
this island

on such a special day...

...I feel so honoured.


To win this competition, it is...

IN FRENCH: ...formidable!

But it's not me that you want
to see.

It's our winning team.

So, please, will you shout and cheer

for the 2020 Tour des Antilles
winners -

Team Saint Marie!



CROWD: Saint Marie! Saint Marie!

Saint Marie! Saint Marie!
Saint Marie! Saint Marie!
Saint Marie! Saint Marie!

Dad, we're going to show our
faces with the other teams.

You want to come?

I'll stay here.

Dad, you're drunk.

You all right?

I did it for you, you know.

All for you.

Did what?

Dad...what did you do?

Josh, you coming?

Just go.


Oh, JP, I meant to tell you.

I asked round, about Samson, to see
if anyone knows where he lives.


No-one's quite sure.

Somewhere up in the hills
with his grandfather.

It's just the two of them,

That's why Samson is always
around selling stuff.

They need the money.

Poor boy. He's so young.

There you go, sir.

Good man, JP. Thank you.

You're going to miss her.

You know what? I think maybe I am.

Ooh, girl.

It's funny. I-I really didn't see
this coming at all.

I guess...'s just the way
these things happen in life.

I guess maybe it is.

It's just...

It's a shame you won't get to
spend more time with her.

I never get over how warm the
water is.

Even at night.

I wanted to say something
this morning.

It's not just the island.

It's you I'm going to miss as well.

It's the same for me.

Oh, yeah.

I'm really glad I met you, Jack.

I want you to know that.

It's mutual, Anna. Believe me.


Why, oh, why do I have to go
to Cuba next week?


Well, then, maybe don't.

Just stay for a little bit longer.

Another few days, a week.
Maybe more.

Are you serious?

I mean, everything's booked. I've
made all the arrangements.

Just un-make them.

All I'm saying is, just delay
going for a while and...

...we could spend a bit more
time together, if you want.

Only if you wanted.

I don't know what to say.

Sorry, no... I... I put you on the
spot. I'm sorry.

It's a big thing, Jack.

Just...changing all my plans
like that.

This trip means so much for me.

I know. I... I should never have...

It's just... Thinking out loud...

Silly thing to do, just...

Ignore me.
It's fine.



So, you...fancy a last rum or...
a cup of tea?

Oh, do you know what?
Um, I'm just going to go back
to my place.

It's been such a long day.

I am so tired.

Oh, of course.
I'll walk you home.

No, honestly. It's fine.

Really. Goodnight, Jack.

Oh, now...



Hi, Anna, it's Jack. Um...

Saying what I said last night...

It was a stupid thing to
suggest, so...

Yeah, please just forget I said it.

OK, bye.

Such an idiot, Harry!
Did I ever tell you that?

Big idiot.

Inspector Mooney!
Ah, Ruby,

it's yourself. Come on in.

Thank you, sir.

So, I spoke with AJ at the bike

And there's been some
surprising news.

Don't tell me -
there was a fault with the bike

and that's why Xavier fell to
his death.

Well, yes and no, sir. There
was a fault.

It wasn't accidental. The brake pads
had been filed down.

It wouldn't have worked properly,
and definitely not on a hairpin

bend at the speed that Xavier
was going at.

So someone tampered
with the bike before the race?

OK, thank you, sir.
You're welcome.

So, he was working
the night shift before the race,

and he says he remembers
seeing someone from Team
Storm go into their van.

It was about one in the morning.

JP, what is it?

Sir, one of the suspects
has turned up at the station.

Says he wants to admit to
Xavier Prince's murder.

It was when you said you were
taking the bike as evidence.

I knew straight away you'd work
out what happened.

But you must have envisaged
that, Mr Hunter.

You must have known
there'd be an investigation,

an inquest, at the very least,
to the cause of death.

Except, I didn't mean for him to

I just wanted him to be injured.

No more than that.


I guess the question is - why?

Because he wanted
to drop my son from the team.

Oh, come on, now, you're the
team coach.

Surely you have some say
as to who's in and who's out.

I used to.

But Xavier was our bright
young hope.

He had a lot of sway with the

So after this race

Josh would be gone.

I know he resents the way I
treat him,

pushing him harder all the time.
He hates me for it.

And I knew as soon as he was gone
from the team, that would be it.

He wouldn't want to see me again.

Our relationship would be over.

It'd be the chance he'd always

To finally...

..break away from
his...bullying dad.


..I didn't want to lose him.

Here he is.

Oh. Would you like me
to make the arrest, sir?

No. Thanks, Ruby.
Let Mr Hunter go for now.

I mean, obviously, he'll face
charges for tampering with
the bike, but...

But you don't think that's
what caused Xavier's death?

You're right, I don't.
Well, surely it has to be, sir.


But if Xavier went off the road
and fell to his death

all because of faulty brakes...

...well, then, why was
this piece of material,

ripped by Xavier from
someone else's Team Storm shirt,

present at the crime scene?

We can't explain it,

and until we can,
we haven't solved the case.


Morning, Jack, Ruby.

JP, Samson wanted to thank you
for returning his bag.

I thought it was full of dodgy

Er, it was, sir.

But I-I...
Basically, I just thought that...

I've told him that you wanted
to speak to him about something.

Thank you, Catherine.

OK, come, Samson.


You're not in any trouble at all,

I just need to ask you

about the cycling top you were
wearing the other day.

All right.

Ah... If I could just take
a quick look at that shirt.



OK, Samson. I need to know exactly
where you got this shirt from.

I think I might be in trouble
with the inspector.


Why, what did you do?

I was supposed to put Samson's bag
in the evidence locker.


..I gave it to Catherine
to give it to him.

He's got no money.

He is only trying to take care
of his grandfather.

The only income he gets is
from selling those sunglasses.

Oh, you're just a big softie
at heart, aren't you, JP?

Yeah, but it's not procedure,
is it? No, not really.

So... Samson says he found the shirt
in that bin there

on the afternoon of the race.

What's it doing there? I mean,

that's nowhere near the race
route. I know.

I've no idea.


How are you getting on?

So, Xavier's sister, Sharmayne,
has been in a coma

for the last year.
Since her cycling accident?

She collapsed
due to a pulmonary embolism.

And she was put
in an induced coma.

The thing is,

once it had happened,

her blood tests showed traces
of a performance-enhancing drug.



That's what caused the embolism.

Xavier asked the hospital
to keep quiet about it.

He didn't want her reputation
to be destroyed.

That's why they were so reluctant to
tell you what had gone on -

of course.
OK, Madeleine, good work.

Get yourself back to Saint Marie.

Yes, sir.

First we thought Xavier was the one

doing the performance-enhancing

when actually he was just
by his sister's accident.

And all he wanted to do was
find out

who it was who nearly killed
Sharmayne and put her in a coma.

Behind the veneer
of the ambitious sportsman

is a grief-stricken, vulnerable
young man.

I guess we all have our masks
to hide behind.

If it's not from HIS shirt...
Then, whose shirt is it from?

Xavier said in an interview
he always wears the same

pair of socks for every race he

I had a quick practice ride
with him.

He seemed himself, I guess.

Ask Anton. Ask the other riders.

I wasn't anywhere Xavier
at Tournier's Pass!

Inez Farah.
Competed in triathlons.

INEZ: But Anton loves me,
like I love him.

He would never make up tales
like that.


Her blood tests showed traces
of a performance-enhancing drug.

Would you believe it?

You've got it, sir?
In one, JP.

Or, rather, two.
But I'll explain all that later.

For now, we need to gather
up the suspects.

This murder lies squarely at
the door of Xavier's team-mates.

A pair of lucky orange socks

and a small bottle of pills.

Both found in Xavier Prince's
hotel safe.

And both items explain

why he was killed on the morning
of the Tour des Antilles.

See, when Xavier
found this bottle of FG-4592

in Anton Maduro's possession,

it set in motion a chain of events

that ultimately and unwittingly
resulted in his own death.

Because it wasn't the first time

he came across the
performance-enhancing drug.

It was hushed up at the time,
but traces of the FG-4592

were found in his sister's blood

when she was rushed to hospital
having collapsed during a race.

And it was these little beauties
that caused her embolism.

And the poor woman has been
in a coma ever since.

So imagine his feelings when

he came across the very same drug
only a year later.

We can only imagine his shock
when he discovered

that one of his own team-mates was
in possession of the stuff.

I assume the obvious question
running through his head -

was Anton somehow involved
in what happened to his sister?

I didn't sell drugs to his sister.

It wasn't me that did that to her.

I know it wasn't you, Anton.

But there's somebody else
here today who's directly linked

to Xavier's sister.

And that's your wife-to-be,

It's your joint connection

to this illegal drug that led to
Xavier's murder,

because your futures,
your happiness together,

were threatened by Xavier.

He was already intending to
report you, Anton,

to the cycling authorities.

And if they made the link, like
we did,

between Sharmayne Prince and Inez,

you'd both be banned from the sport
for the rest of your lives.

You'd receive a prison sentence
for not only selling the drug,

but for also causing Sharmayne
to end up in a coma.

And that's what we in the trade
call a motive.

This is... I don't know what you're
talking about.

OK, well, here's what I think
happened on the morning of the race.

Anton, you told us that yourself and
Xavier went for a practice ride

that morning.

And that brought you out
by Tournier's Pass.

I imagine you wanted to stop

and have a look at it one last time
before the race.

And I think it was there and then
he confronted you...

..and demanded that you tell him
who it was you got the drugs from.

And I think, in the heat of the
moment, your frustration

that Xavier had it in his power
to strip you and your future wife

of everything that was important
to you...

You know the CSA will find out!

Well, I think it got the better
of you.

I know you're protecting someone!

And you pushed Xavier to his death.

Just drop it!

He said they'd work it out

who it was that sold me the drugs.

The CSA and the police
would get to the bottom of it.

Anton, shut up.

And what were you going to do now?

You'd just committed murder.

What you did next was the most
natural thing in the world.

You called Inez
and you told her everything.

And the pair of you went to work
to cover it all up.

With a plan forming in your mind,
the first thing you did was

you chucked Xavier's bike
down into the ravine.

Next, you had to get rid
of the team shirt,

having, I assume,
seen that it was ripped.

So you changed and put a new one on.

But what you didn't fully realise

is that the patch of
fabric torn from it

was still at the crime scene.

Them's the breaks.

Anyway, with that done,

the next thing you had to do
was make it look like

Xavier was still alive.

Tall order.

But we know, Inez,
that you used to be a triathlete,

so you're a very good cyclist.

And with you and Xavier
in similarly good shape,

both with athletic builds,

you put all the gear on - the
helmet, the gloves, the sunglasses -

using one of the spare
backup bikes,

you could start the race, pretending

in front of the whole world
to be Xavier...

..with Anton there next to you
to add to the subterfuge.

You arrived at the
last possible second, Inez.

Only the very beady-eyed would
notice the minor details.

Like the fact Xavier wasn't
wearing his lucky orange socks.

Surely in the heat of the moment,
nobody would.

Except, we did.

After the event, admittedly.

But those socks helped us to realise
that there was something amiss

that morning.
So, with the race up and running,

Josh out in front,

Anton next in line

and Inez, as Xavier, in third,

all she had to do was drop
back down through the field...

..and as soon as she could,
when it was convenient...

..just slip off down a side road.

While Anton raced on, it allowed
you to dump the bike...

..get back to the start,

well before the cyclists
hit Tournier's Pass.

And so you had an alibi

for the precise moment
when apparently

Xavier came off his bike
and fell to his death.

But the GPS tracking...

It shows Xavier's bike stopping
when he hit Tournier's Pass.

One final little flourish
to fully sell the story.

You see, the GPS unit, it was never
attached to Inez's bike.

It was in Anton's pocket.

So as long as Anton was riding,
it looked like Xavier was too.

And when he came to the
bend in the road

where he knew Xavier's body lay...

..all he had to do was hang back for
a couple of feet and, unseen,

hurl the GPS unit into the ravine...

..where it landed near the body
and the bike.

And so the illusion was sold.

You all saw with your own eyes

three Team Storm riders
start the race.

You were able to follow them
on the GPS tracking system.

Xavier must have crashed out during
the race - simple as that -

when actually, the fact is,
Xavier was already dead,

having been murdered before
the starting pistol was fired.

I'm afraid...

..this was your undoing.

If Xavier hadn't torn this
from your shirt, Anton,

it would never have occurred
to us

that this was anything other
than a tragic accident.

Is this true?

I didn't mean to do it.

I just...

We were going to lose everything!

And we still have.



I guess I'm going to have to face
some sort of disciplinary action.

You are? For what?

Well, for giving Samson his
bag back

and not locking it in
the evidence store, like you said.

Which I know goes against protocol

You know, when you start out
in this job,

you mostly use this, the old noggin.

But if you're going to be
an exceptional police officer,

sometimes you have to follow this.

Truth is, JP, I couldn't respect you
more for what you did.

You showed emotional maturity,

a rare gift to have for
a police officer.

It got me thinking.

Isn't it high time that you put
yourself forward

for the sergeant's exam?

Pff... I... Well...

Um, I mean...

I was already thinking about that.

Well, what are you waiting for,

Thank you, sir.
Good man.

Sorry, am I interrupting?

No, no, of course not. You OK?

Er, yeah. Do you have a second?

What you said last night,
about me staying on...

I know.
It was the sweetest thing.

Really, it was.

Cos I would love
to spend more time with you.


It's taken me a long time
to be myself again.

And that's why your trip
is so important.

No, it's not about the trip
so much, not really.

It's more about...

..a desire not to compromise
any more.

I made a promise to myself, Jack,
one that I need to keep.

And so you should.

And, sure, you could always swing by
again on your way back.

Yeah. Yeah, I might just do that.


What's this?

Just my flight detail.

Oh. Yeah.

You see, I might not be changing
my plans, but...

..nothing to stop you joining me.

WHISPERS: Think about it.


What do you say, Harry?

Think it's time for me to have
another little adventure?

MAN: My son was happy.
He loved his life.

The thing that left me
the day Kathleen passed away...

That sense of knowing
where you want to be.

You need to listen to your heart.


Anna told me that you might
join her on her trip.

He won't enjoy it as much, if he
doesn't worry about it first.

SELWYN: True happiness has very
little to do with geography.

I'd regret missing even a day
of the life I've had.