Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 2 - Episode #9.2 - full transcript

DI Jack Mooney and the Honoré police department are tested when they investigate the poisoning of a celebrated artist in her studio in puzzling circumstances.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Keep the change, Jimmy.


Yeah. I'm just at Jimmy's.

Get the studio ready.

I'm on it. When will you be...?


WOMAN: I'm afraid
it's invited guests only.

Yes, sir,

I appreciate that...

Yes, I know...

And I'm sure they are very important

but I'm afraid
it's invited guests only.

I'm sorry but...

That was another potential
buyer demanding a ticket.

Relax, babe.

Sorry. I'm just freaking out
about tomorrow.

Everything's ready, but Donna's
still tinkering with that last

I don't know why you're so stressed
out, Sandrine.

I've never missed a show in
my life. So stop flapping.

Breast or thigh? Dirty boy!

I haven't got time to eat. I've got
to get back to the office.

Did you get it set up?

It's all ready for you. Do you
need me for anything else?

I think I can manage fine without
your considerable talents, Anthony.

Play nice, kiddlywinks.


Right, Rothko, let's get this done.



Call them back later.
You need a break.

I just don't want to let Donna down.
This show means so much to me.

I remember the first time
I saw her work.

And you could feel the energy.

And the anger.

Each painting felt so personal.

It felt as if she'd torn the
paintings right out of her soul.

So, I just thought we'd sit down
and share a glass of vino about it all.

You know, just the two of us.

I want to be honest with you.

Well, we always were, weren't we?

The truth is, I...

I kissed someone.

Or rather, someone kissed me.

A woman, to be precise.

And, well...


And the thing is, I...

She Anna...

We've arranged to see each other
again. And I'd like to, but...

I guess, I'm just wondering...

..well, maybe we shouldn't.

MADELEINE: Hello, sir! You here?

Madeleine! It's yourself.

Oh, sorry.

You have company.

No, no, just, erm...

..rehearsing, for my date with Anna.
It's been a while.

I just thought I'd give the old
Mooney magic a bit of a dust off.

OK. Whatever you say.

Would I be right in thinking
duty calls?

Yeah, I'm afraid so, sir.

We'd best be on our way, then.

Sir. Sarge.

The victim is Donna Harman.

She's an artist. Moved to the island
five years ago from London.

She was preparing for a live show
at the local arts centre

and her paintings
were being sold to charity.

Donna Harman, you say?
Name rings a distant bell.

Of course! She was kind of a
big deal back in the '90s.

I saw a retrospective of hers
in Paris a few years ago.

Didn't know you were an art buff,

Well, my grandfather used to take me
to the Louvre when I was a kid.

The Louvre? My grandad
used to take me to the pub.

Now, that was high culture.

Miss Harman was painting in here
alone at two o'clock.

Everyone else was outside,
having lunch in the garden.

Then they discovered the body
at about 3.30pm.

Her skin's all red.


I'm definitely getting a
bitter almond tang. Cyanide?

Well, it's that or she's just had
a very dodgy Bakewell tart.

Have a look for anything
she might have consumed.

Any food or beverages.

Yes, sir.

Do we know what was in this jar?
Wasn't a drink, was it?

No. Apparently,
it was paint-thinner, sir.

JP, could you open a window there?
The paint fumes are making me

Yup. Me too.

Sir...we've got another body.

Poor fella.

Do you want me to bag it, sir?

I'm not sure this counts
as a double homicide, Ruby.


This energy drink...

I can smell bitter almond.

Definitely. Nothing else she
could've eaten or drunk here?

Just a couple of mugs, sir. But
they've been here a few days.

Right. Well, I would like
this can of...Boom Ting

gotten over to the lab.

Yes, sir.

Madeleine, we should speak
to the witnesses.

I want to know exactly how
that can of drink ended up in
our victim's possession.


What the hell is going on?

Sorry, who are you?

I'm Patti Grenson,
Donna Harman's art dealer.

Where is she?


I'm afraid so.

We've evidence to suggest that Donna
ingested a fatal dose of cyanide.

Oh, God, that's awful.


Haven't you got anything

It's a booze-free house, Patti.
You know that.

So...can you talk us through
what she was doing today?

Well, I turned up here
just before ten, as usual,

but...Donna had gone.

You're Donna's assistant, right?
I'm an artist as well.

Donna recognised my talent,
gave me a job.

And do you know where it was
she'd gone? Donna didn't exactly
keep a diary.

She told me she was meeting
a friend.

Hey? I thought we were
having a lie-in?

Sorry, love, no can do.
I'm off to see a friend.

Any idea who it was? Didn't say.

Donna hardly knew anyone
on the island. She came here
to be unsociable.

And do you know what time it was
when she got back to the house?

She called me from Jimmy's
about quarter to two.

Told me to get the studio ready.

Who's Jimmy? Some guy who runs
a snack van down by the beach.

Keep the change, Jimmy.

It's where
she gets her working lunch.


Cigarettes and a can of Boom Ting.


And tell me... Was she drinking from
the can of Boom Ting?

No. I saw her put the can
down on the table.

She definitely hadn't opened it.

Did anyone else touch the can?


Just Donna.

So, she went inside to...
to start painting again,

and the rest of you stayed out here?

Not one of you went into the studio
to see her?

We were all out here having lunch.

Could anybody have snuck in?
I mean, without you noticing?

We were all out here the whole time.
We'd have seen anyone.

Although...not all of us were.

I was stuck in a taxi on the way
back from the bloody airport!

So, when did you find the body?

When it got to 3.30,
me and Anthony thought we'd see if
she needed anything.


Leave her to it. She'll show her
face if she wants to.

ANTHONY: We knocked on the door.
No answer.

So I opened it.


And she was just lying there.

Oh, my God! Donna!

Call an ambulance. Now!

I thought maybe she'd fallen over,
knocked herself out.

But then I realised
she was...dead.

We'll leave it there for now.

Thank you all for your time.

So, if Donna bought
this energy drink herself...

And no-one else touched it

or went into the studio
after she opened it...

Then how did someone manage to put
the poison into it?

Thank you.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, Ruby!
What are you doing?

Well, what does it look like? I'm
dumping this dead mouse in the bin.

Yeah, well, don't you think
it's a tiny bit disrespectful?

Oh, sorry, JP. Would you like
to say a few last words?

I can't just leave him down there,
JP. He might get squished.

The last thing I need is
squished mouse all over my trainers.

JP, Ruby, I need you
to do some due diligence.

Could you get to a snack van on the
beach run by a guy called Jimmy?

Yes, I think I know the one, sir.

Grab all his cans of Boom Ting,
get them over to the lab,

check for traces of cyanide.

That's a nasty scar.

He didn't get that from shaving.

What do you think of this painting?

I'm a bit of a philistine when it
comes to modern art, Madeleine,

but... Not exactly cheery.

No, not really.

Come on. Let's search the house.

Arty-Farty: A Memoir.

Catchy title.

"Enfant terrible, punk, party animal
and ground-breaking artist,

"Donna Harman was at the heart of
the '90s London art scene,

"and this is her story."

Here. Listen to this.

"I woke up in my studio naked,

"covered head to toe in red paint,
smoke alarm blaring,

"my canvas on fire.

"That night was the turning point."

That's just the first paragraph.

Maybe we should get back to the
search, see what else we can find.

Oh, yeah. Well, we should
bag a copy for research.

Yeah. Yeah.

OK, I'll check out
Donna and Max's bedroom.

Look what I found.

Seems our model
was ready for a quick exit.

It was hidden away.
And, look, there's blood.

Someone hit it?

My money's on the boyfriend
with the injured hand.

Thought this was a
booze-free house, Max?

Now seems as good a time as any,
don't you think?

So, what's the story with the

Donna and me,

we had an argument, a big one.

She'd written about me.
Something I'd begged her not to.

Which was?


How I sold her drugs.


It was the first time we met.

And they say romance is dead!

She made me sound like
a cheap criminal.

She told me she'd cut it.
But she lied.

It's all in there.

And, yeah, I got angry.

You lied! Get over yourself!

Oh, that's right! Walk away!

But that's all it was. A silly row.

Well, yeah, but we also noticed

you booked a flight to New York,
one way.

Packed your bag and everything.

I admit it, I wanted to leave her.

She crossed the line.

Why didn't you?

Because I always came back.

I love her.

Amour fou.

Isn't that what they call it?

Sorry, my French is
a tad rusty. Mad love.

Mad enough to kill, Max?

Ooh, sorry, Inspector.

Nice try.

But it wasn't me that did it.

Bit too soon to be sending
condolences, don't you think?


"Good luck for the show. I can't
wait for our new adventure to begin.

"Love Charlie."

Oh, there's more. "Your gift from
Charlie at BLANK."

From where?

No, that's what's written here.

I can take those for you.

Thank you.

So, sir, Ruby checked with
the hospital...

No-one's been admitted with cyanide
poisoning. That's a relief.

And we collected the rest of the
Boom Ting cans from Jimmy.

Luckily, no-one else had
bought one...

I mean, poor Jimmy almost started
crying when we told him.

And we've sent those
remaining cans

over to the lab to be checked
for cyanide traces as well.

Good work, the pair of you.

I guess we'll have to wait
until we hear back from the lab.

And in the morning, we'll need full
background checks on everyone.

I'll make a start on those.

Plus, I'm curious about
this mystery meeting

Donna had this morning between ten
and two. Where was she going?

Who was she meeting? See if you can
find anything that might help us.

Were there any phone records,
receipts, whatever.


In the meantime, I'll get to know
our local bohemian.

You having any women problems
yourself, Harry?

Lucky you.

Ah, morning, sir. You good? Morning.

Bonjour. Any developments?

Ah, yes, sir, So, postmortem
reports have come back, sir.

And it confirms that Donna Harman
was killed by ingesting

hydrogen cyanide, and, as suspected,

trace elements were found in
her can of Boom Ting -

enough to kill her off
in a few minutes.

It also confirms the only
food and drink she consumed

an hour before her death was
the Boom Ting.

Any word from the lab on the
can itself?

Yes, sir.

First off, only Donna's prints
were on it,

which means it hadn't been wiped.

And, as far as they could tell,

it hadn't been tampered with
in any way.

Nothing at all? No puncture marks...
from a syringe or something?

No, perfectly intact, sir.

The only hole was the one on
top that Donna drank from.

And, as we know, Donna pulled the
tab and broke the seal herself,

when she was alone in the studio.

And she was alone the whole time.

So we're still left asking,

how and when did the killer
get the poison into the can?

Well, since there's no answer
presenting itself to that question,

let's go over the suspects.

Now, where do we start? How about
her nearest and dearest?

Max Newman, her model and muse?

Whatever he told us last night,
Max still remains a suspect.

He met Donna ten years ago, but he's
got a bit of patchy job history.

Maybe he's only good at
taking off his clothes.

He's from a rich family.
Dropped out of university.

Done a couple of modelling gigs,
but there's not much else.

He was a small time
drug-dealer, too.

Right. Next up, Anthony Marcus.

Donna's assistant, and a promising
young artist himself.

Er, he has a few minor
arrests for vandalism

and he used to be very handy
with a spray can.

Yes, sir, he went by the name of
Dice Boy.

Now, that is a cool nickname. Hm!

You know, I always wanted
to be called Moondog.

Sandrine Lamore,
Anthony's girlfriend.

Fiancee. I noticed
her engagement ring.

She runs the Saint Marie
arts centre.

It's a small gallery and an
arts space.

She also put on
Anthony's first solo show.

She lives and breathes local arts.

Blagging Donna for the charity show,

Must have been a huge coup
for Sandrine. Massive.

The money raised would have been
a huge boost for the local artists.

Finally, Patti Grenson,
Donna's art dealer.

And from what I read in the
memoir, they go way back.

"Patti was my rock.

"She never backed down.

"She was the only woman I knew
who was tougher than me."

But you should know this, sir.

Patti was going bankrupt.

So she's no longer
the high roller she used to be.

And I'm assuming,
it being a charity show,

there wasn't a penny of
commission. Uh-uh.

Must have rankled a bit.


Well, sir,
I've managed to get in touch

with Charlie at BLANK, remember?

Oh, yeah, the flowers that Patti was
keen to off-load from us? Exactly.

Her real name is...

Charlotte Ormsby-Dawlish.

Whatever. BLANK is an art dealer's
in London

and Charlotte was supposed
to be Donna's new dealer.

They'd even drawn up a contract.
Here's a copy.

So, Donna wanted to dump Patti?

Yes. She's doing what?

Pretty ruthless. Do you think maybe
we should go and see her?

Oh, sir, there's big trouble
at the arts centre.

Don't you dare
touch those paintings!

I told you to step back!

Give it up, Sandrine! You're
making a bloody fool of yourself!

About time! You need to arrest
that woman. Do I?

She has no right
to take these paintings. None!

Donna gave them to this gallery.

Gallery? This is nothing
but a jumped-up shack.

And you're just a stuck-up snob

making money out of other people's

Stop! Step back!

I said, step back.

Give me that!

And come with me!

We all need to calm down.

Well, you seem to be in a mad rush

to get your hands
on these paintings.

Well, I'm still Donna's art dealer.

And there's not a scrap of paper

that says she gave
these paintings to this gallery.

It's my job to secure Donna's


And just out of interest,
what's your cut,

for selling one of the paintings?
10%? 20?


50? Wow.

And if Donna dies, you still
get to sell the paintings, right?

Right. And I expect the price of
the paintings will sky-rocket

now that she has passed away.

I do not like where this is heading,

I was Donna's best friend.

Then why did she want to fire you?
What are you talking about?

Oh, come on now Patti. Stop the act.

You know very well she was about to
sign with BLANK.

She'd lost faith in you, Patti.
She knew you were going bankrupt.

Well, I never lost faith with her.

Not through the boozing, nor
the drugs. I always stuck by her.

And look how she repaid you.

But if you hadn't noticed,

Donna hadn't actually signed that

so it doesn't mean anything.

These are still mine.

You seem to have come out of Donna's
death rather well, haven't you?

Listen, Inspector, tell me how
I could have poisoned Donna,

when I was stuck in a taxi
miles from her studio.

Te mal.

I don't think Donna ever cleaned out
her wallet.

Ah, poor little guy.



Apparently, he was Donna's pet.

What is it with you and mice, JP?

You've been acting very strange
over this dead rodent.

No, I haven't. Yes, you have.
You practically wanted me to give it

a state funeral yesterday.

So, come on.
What's the big deal?


Well, I had a pet mouse
when I was younger.

And Rothko just reminds me
of him a little bit.

Ah, that's so sweet, JP.

What was the little guy called?

I'm still here, JP.


His name was Cecil.

Cecil the mouse?

Oh, my goodness,
I want to know more.

Tell me everything.
Wait a minute...

This receipt's from yesterday.

It might explain where she went.

Donna bought it at 1.40
yesterday afternoon

at a gas station on Rue Valency.

Good work, JP.

Apparently, Donna asked for

at a petrol station yesterday.

Where to?

A place called Casa Del Minto.


We're from the Saint Marie Police.

Do you mind if we ask you
a few questions, Mr...?


Terry Minto. Suppose
you'd better come in, then.

Mi casa, su casa,
and all that malarkey.

Yeah, so there it is.
Got it last week.

My... My financial adviser told me
that art's a good investment.

So, yeah, there it is.

Not bad, eh? Yeah, it's an
eye-catcher, all right.

So what did Donna want, exactly?

Well, I gave her a bell
the other day

to, you know, thank her
for knocking that up for me.

And then, yesterday she just
turned up, unannounced,

saying she wanted to see her
masterpiece in situ, as it were.

Me and Debs was just about
to head off to the yacht club,

but she just stood here for
about five minutes

looking up at her own painting.

And then she said to me...

Do you like it?

And, yeah, what was I mean to say?
I'd just bought the thing.

So I said,
"Yeah, it's a masterpiece."

And she left.

So, were you and Donna friends?

No, no. God, no. I mean,
I only met her yesterday.

Oh. So how did you persuade her
to knock this up for you, then?

Oh, well, that was the easy bit.

I just wangled her e-mail off a mate

and asked her. I mean,
initially she wasn't that keen

but, of course, the old Minto
charm worked eventually.

I'm sure it did.

How much did it cost?

That? 60K. Cash.


Only way to pay, Jose.
Mind you, to be honest,

now she's kicked the bucket,
I think I might get rid of it.

Tell me, Terry,
did you pay her personally?

No. No, I paid...

I paid cash to her assistant.

Nice kid.

Terry, would you mind
if I take a quick snap of this?

No. No, not at all.

Be my guest.

There we are. Lovely.

Thank you for your time. Welcome.

We do appreciate the help.

Pleasure. Here's my card,

just in case.

All right, well, thank you both
for popping by.

OK, JP. That's great.

Thank you.

Definitely no sign of that
60,000 in her account.

And why would she come out
all this way

just to look at
one of her own paintings

and then lie about it?
That makes no sense.

Do you think Terry
could have killed her?

No, I struggle to see a motive.
He didn't even know her.

No, it's the money that intrigues me
the most, Madeleine.

We searched that villa yesterday,
didn't find a trace of it anywhere.

And it's not in her bank either.

So where did it go?

The infamous Dice Boy returns!

You know, it's a tragedy
what happened.

Donna was a great artist.
How was it, working for her?

Man, she was unpredictable.

But, you know, she wanted me to be
a success.

She knew I had something.

After the show, Donna was going to
take me to London, get me seen,

take me to the next level.

I guess that dream's over.

That's a shame.

So tell us, did you do any
private commissions for Donna?

She did one
for this mad guy called Terry.

We worked dog hours on that.

We spoke to Terry. He said he gave
you the payment for the painting.

Serious cash too.

It was crazy carrying
that much money around.

And where is it?

I spent it.

That's what you think, right?

Come on. I'll show you.

Donna was really paranoid
about Patti finding out.

She told me to stash it somewhere
no-one would find it -

until she'd dealt
with the Patti situation.

All that cash for one painting.

I'm not sure
Terry Minto even likes it.

Why? Because he was already
thinking about flogging it.

Maybe Donna should have
given him a receipt.

Well, if he can't appreciate
genius, he should sell it.

Evening. Evening, sir.

So, how's it all been back at
the ranch?

Yes, so, I spoke with
the airline and taxi firm.

And Patti's alibi checks out.

So, she was nowhere near Donna's
studio at the time of the poisoning?

That rules her out, then.
What else?

Financial checks on Donna didn't
show up anything unexpected.

But I did notice that she was
spending some big money

on a Dr VP Hughes.

Any idea who the good doctor is?

Yes. She's a therapist.

Treats some of the island's
richer folk.

Might know something about Donna
Harman no-one else did.

Definitely worth checking out.

I'll go talk to her tomorrow
morning first thing.

So, it's the end of day two and
a new player has entered the scene

in the form of one Terry Minto.
Not necessarily a suspect,

but definitely worth checking out
his alibi.

Meaning the only current person with
a reason to want Donna dead is...

Max Newman.
He had motive and opportunity.

Yeah, but it's the means of it
all still leaving us baffled.

I mean, if it was him, how did he
manage to get a fatal dose of poison

into a sealed, unopened can of soda?

Oh, look.

Let's knock it on the head.

And if anyone fancies a beer
at Catherine's, I'm buying.


Anna, how are you?

Absolutely, yeah.

Still on for tomorrow.

I'm very much looking forward to it.

To be honest, I never thought
I'd find myself in this situation.

You know, seeing another
woman at my age.

But, Jack, you're not old.

And you are a thoughtful, caring
man. Of course this would happen.

Bless you, Catherine.

And you're handsome too.

Ah, now, go way outta that!
You'll make me blush.

It's true, you are.

You know...

..I wondered once if
you and I might...

Well, you know.

What? Get together?

Maybe. Who knows?

I'm flattered, Catherine. Really
I am. But you'd have eaten me alive.

I know.

I think I might need a little rum
with this after all.


She is here for a few weeks, no?

Then she leaves?

Yeah. Hm.

In which case, all this can ever be
is a brief liaison?

I suppose so.

Then, as we say in France...

Te prends pas la tete, mon chou.

Do not do your head in.

Maybe you're right, Catherine.

Maybe I should just relax
about the whole thing.

Adopt a more Gallic approach,
as it were.

I mean, it's just a man and a woman
having fun together.

Nothing wrong with that.


If you weren't already with Rosey,
I'd marry you right now.

What's that?

JP had a pet mouse
when he was a boy.

And he was called Cecil.
And get this...

JP had a selection of little
outfits he'd dress him up in.

No, no, no, no, no, no, Ruby,
I didn't say that... Yes, you did.

No, what I said, sir, and please
bear in mind I was five at the time,

what I said was that
I made him a little hat to wear

so he didn't get sunburn. Well,
that's very thoughtful of you, JP.

And...and did Cecil appreciate
your efforts?

Well, to be honest, sir,
I don't think he did,

cos when I came to his cage
the next morning, he was gone.

And all that was left was his hat
just laying there on the straw.

Oh. Where did he go?

I don't know.

I assume he got out,
couldn't find his way back.

Oh, don't worry, JP.

I'm sure he's out there somewhere,
searching for you.

Er, I doubt that.

Most mice don't live more
than two years.


Cecil's probably up in mousey
heaven, sharing a...a lovely Brie

with his new buddy, Rothko.

Ah, well, that's better.
To Rothko and Cecil!

To Rothko and Cecil.

This is ridiculous.

Doesn't matter if it's a beautiful
day. Just come to work on time.

OK, namaste, JP, namaste.

Er, morning, sir.
Is everything all right?

Morning, yes. The painting in
Donna's studio, the one of Max...

Did we take a photo of it?

Oh, erm, no. Sorry, sir.
I don't think we did.

It's just this painting
that Terry Minto bought -

there's something not right
about it.

Like what? I don't know, JP,
that's what's bugging me.

I just thought if we could
compare it

to one of Donna's other
portraits of Max,

then I might be able to work out
what it is that's bothering me.

You want us to go to the crime scene
and get it for you?

If you wouldn't mind, JP,
yes, thank you.



So, maybe we should cover it with
something just to protect it.



JP... Mm-hm?

Just...come look at this.

It's Rothko. What about him?

Him gone.

I mean, what is it with you?

First, Cecil disappears
and now Rothko.

You're like a Bermuda Triangle
for mice.

Don't be silly, Ruby.

Maybe a mongoose or a cat
came in and ate him.

Let's finish the job.

Thank you.

Ah, Madeleine! How'd you get on
with Donna's therapist?

Well, Dr Hughes was very helpful.

Apparently, Donna was struggling
with her self-destructive habits.

That's what helped her paint,
she claimed.

I needed the chaos, the conflict.

He was just the catalyst.

And that's also why she had
a fling with Anthony

two months ago. Anthony?

Mm-hm. What, so she could find
some inspiration?

Artists! A breed apart.

And that's not all.

Donna confessed to Sandrine
what had happened.

It didn't mean anything.

It was just part of my process.

Sandrine reacted really badly.

I bet she did.

And since Donna's murder,

neither Sandrine or Anthony
have made a single mention

of what went on between them all.

We should go.

Now, this is art.

I'd stick that up on my wall without
getting the night terrors.

Anthony hated them.
He painted them for tourists.

Donna called them sunsets
and sailboats paintings.

And do you like them?

They're pretty.

I always liked the idea of tourists
taking one of his paintings home...

..thinking about the good times
they spent here.

His work became a part of
their story.

Must have been tough for you,
supporting Anthony all these years?

It's worth it.

I truly believe he has
what it takes.

So did Donna, didn't she?

Yeah, I introduced Donna to
Anthony's work. She loved it.

And I believe she spent a lot
of time with him.


Well, she had an affair with him.

That's...a little bit of

the pair of you
forgot to pass on to us.

So, you think I murdered Donna
over some stupid affair?

I'd have to be an idiot
to kill the woman

who was going to make Anthony a star
and put my gallery on the map.

Donna may have struggled
with her demons

but she was helping us
to fulfil our dreams.

She had the power to do that.
We never did.

And we still don't.

Sandrine, one last question.
You say that that you

and Anthony were working
through it all.

What about Donna and Max?
Did he know as well?

He never said. I don't know.

But you ask me...

..there was something wrong
about those two.

Max and Donna? Dysfunctional.

They brought out something in each
other, something really dark.

Donna and I were in
an open relationship.

If she wanted to sleep with her
little helper,

then that is fine by me. Really?

Because I've finished her book,
I know how you got that nasty scar.

Oh, yeah?

You weren't happy when Donna had
a fling with some other assistant.

It was a drunken fight.

She pushed you
through a plate-glass window.

How many stitches was it again?
Oh, 27.

That's a lot.

You think I would kill Donna...
over Anthony?

Look, you can keep spinning
all these theories,

but explain to me one thing.

When exactly did I put the poison
in her drink?

Cos I was nowhere near the can.

I was outside the studio
the whole time.


Are we done?

He's right.

We still have no idea
how Donna's can of drink

ended up with
a fatal dose of cyanide in it.

What time are you meeting Anna? Hmm?

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.

Er, yes, better head off.

You OK?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

A bit nervous.

Well, breathe in, breathe out,
relax and enjoy it.

Right. Relax and enjoy it. Yeah.


Jack, it's lovely to see you.

And you, Anna.

Oh, so sorry. Oh, my.

I thought the older you get,
the easier these things are.

They're really not, are they?
No, they're not.

Erm, so, shall we do this? Yes.

Erm, I've not seen all of the
island yet.

And Ziggy here was highly
recommended to me.

Shall we? Yeah.


Thank you, Ziggy. Merci beaucoup.

Hi, Ziggy.



Thank you.

So, do you remember your
first ever date?

Ooh, erm, first date?
Brigid Hanrahan.

Oh. Hm.

I remember she had big thick
glasses, lovely jumper.

I took her to the pictures.
Alien, it was.

I spent most of the film hiding
in the toilets, to be honest.

You? Erm, mine was Martin Gooley.

Er, he wore so much of his dad's
Hai Karate, I nearly went blind.

Yes, it was very potent stuff,
that. It was.

So, we're going to go,
erm, all along the coast.


Er, stopping off for a picnic
along the way.

Lovely. It's gonna be about
three hours.

So I hope that you are ready for
some very long and awkward pauses.

Alors, Ziggy. Nous sommes prets.


Well, I can't see anything strange.
Maybe the inspector got it wrong.

What's that?

The inspector says
there's something odd

about the painting
at Terry Minto's house.

So we got this one from
Donna's studio to compare it.

The scar.

What? Look.

On this one it slants to the left.

And on this one it slants to
the right.

See? But why would Donna do that?

That's an odd mistake to make.

You just wait here, love.
I know exactly where I left it.

I'll be two minutes.




You're not serious? Oi!


ANNA: It is just so beautiful,
isn't it?

Yeah, really is. Beautiful.

Jack, is everything OK?

You've gone very quiet.

Sorry, Anna. I didn't want to
spoil everything.

I wanted to try and be all French
and cool about it.

The thing is...

..this is a really big deal for me.

I wanted to convince myself
it isn't, but...'s the first time I've done
anything like this since...

..since my wife passed away.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I mean, it's over three years
ago, but...

..I just don't know
if I should even be here.

I'm so sorry, Anna. I...

The last thing I wanted to do
was mess you around.

It's OK.

This... This is a really big deal
for me too.

Erm, and I don't know what I'm doing
here either, if I'm honest.

Which is weird, because, you know,
I'm the one that kissed you, so...

Which really was very forward
of you, you know.

It's just... I wasn't expecting
to meet anyone,

not that I actually liked.

But it turns out that I did.

And I really would like to
get to know you some more.

But I understand
how things are for you.

So if you want to turn this
boat around and call it a day,

well, then...
that is absolutely fine.

Thank you.


Oh, what are
the chances of that, eh?

Do you mind? No.

DI Mooney speaking.

Terry... Calm down, Terry.

No. Speak slowly, Terry. And just
tell me exactly what happened.

OK. And which direction did
he go in?

OK, Terry... Terry, Terry, no need
to panic. I'm on it. OK. Bye now.

Ziggy, how fast does this boat go?


This is the Saint Marie Police!
Cut your engine.

Cut your engine now!

Ziggy, push it!




Not quite how I imagined it.


I'm sorry about all this, Anna.

Don't be. It's fine.

This was genuinely the most exciting
date I've ever been on.

Look, I' you. OK?

Sure. Yeah.

And, hey, Jack...

I'll understand if you don't.


I think I know why
the painting was stolen, sir.

Evening, Anthony.

Mind if we come in?

Be careful with them.
That's my personal collection.

So what's this doing here?

You know, you should've charged
Terry Minto a lot more money.

It's pretty convincing.

Donna had found out what
you'd done, hadn't she?

That's why she went to see it at
Terry's house.

She figured it all out.
You'd been forging her work.

So, what, she fired you
because of it?

She fired me ten times a day.
I was just a dogsbody.

Something tells me
this time was different.

She felt betrayed.

She'd supported you, trusted you.

And so, when she went
AWOL yesterday morning,

you had a hunch that she'd gone to
see your painting in all its glory.

So you panicked and you decided to
silence her.

That is not how it played out.

Ah, there was still a few loose ends
to clear up, wasn't there?

Like this masterpiece.

Something irked me about it
when I saw it at Terry's.

You didn't have the luxury of seeing
Max's scar every day.

And so you made it lean
a little to the right,

not to the left.

Terry would never guess it
was a fake.

But if he sold it, it would come

under the scrutiny of
international art buyers.

And it wouldn't take them long
to figure out it was a fake.

And your career would be over.

Well done.

You got me.

Yeah, I did do that painting.

But I didn't kill Donna.

You ripped her off.
Yeah, and I'd do it again.

You want to know
why I forged her paintings?

Oh, let me take a wild guess -

I did it because I could.

It was easy. She was no genius.

If you want to arrest me for that,
go ahead.

But if you want to stick me
with murder,

then I've got two witnesses
who'll swear

I went nowhere near
that can she drank from.

So go ahead and prove it.

Three days ago,
Donna Harman entered this studio

carrying a can of Boom Ting
energy drink.

Now, we know she bought the can

Keep the change, Jimmy.

And no-one other than her
touched it.

I've never missed a show in my life.

She opened it, when she was alone,
here in this room.

But by the time she took
the first sip, somehow

there was a dose of cyanide
contained within it.

Now, tests indicate that
the can itself

was not tampered with in any way.

So how...just how did the killer
manage to get the poison

into Donna Harman's can of
Boom Ting?

Anyone? Any thoughts?


Did you hear that?


Oh, my days!


But he was dead.

He definitely was.

It's a real-life miracle!

No, it isn't, Ruby. It can't be.

He must have just been unconscious
or in a mousey coma or something.

But then...what would cause that?

Maybe it's the fumes, sir,
you know, from the paint?

JP, could you open a window there?

The paint fumes are making
me light-headed.

That wouldn't be strong enough,
would it, to knock out a mouse?

Or a human, for that matter.

If that was the case...'d need something
much stronger.

Donna and I had
an open relationship.

I thought maybe she'd fallen over,
knocked herself out.

RUBY: Sir, we've got another body.

..get me seen,
take me to the next level.

Well, would you believe it?

JP, Ruby, gather up all the

and get them to the lab. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Madeleine...

Mm-hm? Can you get them all together

and tell them we know who it was who
murdered Donna Harman? I'm on it.

I'll confess,
I don't know much about art.

But I do know this -
art is all about perception.

A good artist wants to draw
your eye,

direct your gaze

and make you think.

And the same could be said
of committing a murder.

Because a killer wants to paint
a picture of their innocence

and draw your eye away from
their secrets, their inner guilt,

their innate evil.

This murder, believe it or not,

was solved by a little mouse
called Rothko.

The wee fella lives in
Donna's studio.

And it's thanks to him that I was
finally able to figure out

how this seemingly impossible
killing was committed,

and, more importantly,
who it was committed by.


What?! Sit down.

That's crazy! I told you,
I was out here having lunch.

I couldn't have poisoned Donna.

I didn't go near that can
she drank from.

You didn't go anywhere near
before she drank from it.

But afterwards, you did.

Which is why you had to make sure
that you were first to Donna's body.


Oh, my God. Donna!
Call an ambulance. Now!

Because Donna wasn't dead
when Sandrine found her.

She was simply comatose.

Passed out. Just like Rothko
when we found him.

In the commotion, you gave Donna
a killer dose of cyanide.

And then your final masterstroke -

you added a few drops
to the can of Boom Ting.

It was a brilliant ploy.

We were chasing our tails trying to
figure out

how the poison got in the can.

I have to hand it to you, Sandrine,
this was almost your masterpiece.

Come on. How did she make
Donna pass out?

I set up the studio, Inspector.

Yeah, but you weren't keeping an eye
on your girlfriend, were you?

Which made it easy for her

to swap out that paint-thinner for
something a little more sinister.

We can't be sure until
we've got the paint brushes tested

but something like chloroform
would have the desired effect.

Chloroform? Yes.

Are you serious?

You scheming little cow!

Is that what you used
to knock her out, Sandrine?

I mean, I know it's not too hard
to make up a batch.

If we looked at the search history
on your laptop...

..we might just find that you've
been looking up the recipe for it.

Am I right?

And in the small, sealed space
of that studio...

..after inhaling chloroform gas for
close to an hour-and-a-half...

..Donna collapsed.

But what you didn't consider...

..was that the fumes from
the chloroform

would also cause Rothko to pass out.

And when we saw
that he was still alive,

well, that's what made us

what had actually gone on
that day.

We assumed that your plan

was to swap the paint-thinner
back in when no-one was looking.

But with Donna smashing the jar...

That meant you weren't able to
remove all the traces of chloroform

that were left there -

which is what will
ultimately prove what you did.

It was a clever plan, Sandrine.

You must have known
Donna's working habits,

that she grabbed
a can of Boom Ting every day

before she started painting.

That must have given you the idea.

Why? Why do it?

Cos...Sandrine realised...

..that Donna threatened her
relationship with you, Anthony.

Not just your romantic

because you were more
than just a boyfriend to her.

Right, Sandrine? He was your
protege. Your next big thing.

It's worth it. I truly believe
he has what it takes.

But Donna saw his potential too.

And she could offer him
far more than you could -

influence, money, contacts.

What could you offer?

A life of perpetual struggle.

You said it yourself.

She had the power to do that.
We never did.

And when you found out Donna was
going to take Anthony to London,

well, you knew you couldn't compete.

You helped build his career,
support him, develop him.

But you felt he was outgrowing
the island, outgrowing you.

One whiff of the high life in
London, he'd never come back to you.

And the irony is,

Donna had cut her ties with Anthony
before you murdered her.

He was yours to keep.

I was always going
to come back from London.

For you.

Sandrine Lamore, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Donna Harman.


Excuse me.

So, the date...a bit of a disaster.

Ended up in a high-speed boat chase
with one of the suspects.

Well, we got a bit of chatting in.

Turns out she's not unlike me,
you know,

still a bit lost in life.

Because I am, to be honest.

Still totally lost without you...

But having someone to share that
with...felt good.

I'm working on the understanding
that you...

..that you get that,

that you're all right with it.

There we are. Thank you.

So, this is unexpected.

Totally unexpected, if I'm honest.

You didn't think I'd call?
I didn't.

Well, you're glad I did?

Of course I am.

I'm glad I did too.

Oh, good for you, Jack.

Good for you. Mm-hm!

Thank you. Thank you, Catherine.

Huh? Uh-oh.


What is it? Well, take a look.


Rothko? Ooh.

Ruby spoke to Max.
He said you can have him.

OK, why would I want a mouse?

Well, because of what happened
to Cecil.

Can't you see that this is fate, JP?

I mean, after all these years,

another little mouse
turns up homeless.

And here you are - mouseless.

Rosey's going to go spare.


Hello, Papa!

The truth is, we'll never win
if we don't work harder.

Cycling's about the tiniest margins.

Must reach the point where you
just want to lash out.

I think I might be in trouble with
the inspector. Why? What did you do?


ANNA: It's not just the island.

It's you I'm going to miss as well.

You're going to miss her?

I've made all the arrangements.

Well, just un-make them.

We could spend
a bit more time together.