Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - Episode #9.1 - full transcript

New Year's Eve celebrations are cut short when a masked man stabs a woman in her own home. Jack and the team must uncover the identity of the murderer before they can strike again.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Eh, eh, les gars,
qu'est-ce que vous faites?


It's just not the way
it's meant to be, JP.

I understand, Ruby,
but we're police officers.

Sometimes, we have
to make sacrifices, you know.

But it's New Year's Eve,
and we're working.

I mean, I've never missed
a New Year's in my life. Ever.

I mean, I should be out
with the people, enjoying myself.

Hey, evening, sweetness.

Eyes off the prize, if you please,
and it's, "Evening, Officer."


Ruby. Hello?

Ruby! We're still on duty.

Oh, sorry, JP.
Momentary distraction.

I'm totally back on the job now.

Oh, my goodness, look who it isn't!
Cantrice! Sharonda! Yes! My girls!

Hi! JP, I'm taking five
and no arguments.

Oh, my goodness! I could
really use a drink right now.


They'll be wondering where we are.

I thought it was the boss's
prerogative to arrive late.

My prerogative, darling,

is for us to get there
before the damn thing's over.

Well, you go on ahead.
I won't be long.

I'll see you there.


Henry. Hello. Good to see you.
Good evening, everyone.

Lovely to see you. Hi.

Scotch and soda, please, for me.

Mr McCormack! You made it.
I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Is Mrs McCormack not coming?

She's still at home
deciding which dress to wear.

Never one for punctuality, my wife.

Well, I'm sure it's worth it.
She always looks stunning.

Can I get you a plate of food
from the buffet?

I think there's still
some lobster left.

No, I'm good, thank you.
You enjoy yourself.

Wha-What do you want?

No, no, no, no!



Are you sure this is a good idea?
Not in the slightest, Madeleine.

Sometimes, a man's got to do
what a man's got to do. Bien sur.

Be gentle with me, Aubrey.
Hi, Sarge.

Evening, Sarge. Hi.

So, how did we get here?

Well, the Inspector
never calypsoed before.

Then he heard Aubrey won
a championship in Trinidad and...

Right. Something tells me
this isn't going to end so well.


I told you. Jamar, same again,
please, for the lads.

I had a feeling that might happen.

My backside's to blame.
Totally got a mind of its own.

Aubrey here runs a calypso class.
Maybe I should sign up.

New year, new challenge.

I'll need a dance partner, though.

Madeleine, fancy coming along?


Enjoying the celebrations?


OK, sir, on my way. What is it, sir?

We have a murder.

I was at the yacht club
New Year's Eve dinner

when I got the call.

It's quite the dashing figure
you cut, sir, if I may say so.

I'd rather you didn't. So, what
do we know so far, Commissioner?

Aaron McCormack arrives home
about an hour ago

to find his wife Vanessa
dead on the kitchen floor.

And the cause of death?
She was stabbed through the chest.

So, this Mr McCormack, is he an
acquaintance of yours, Commissioner?

Aaron is a prominent figure
in Saint Marie business circles.

He owns Cariba Airways.

That explains
the swanky villa, then.

Looks like lipstick. Same colour
as the one she's wearing.

That's quite a bold shade of red.
Not many women could carry that off,

but I think Mrs McCormack
definitely has the right undertones

in her skin to make it work.

Excellent level of detail,
Officer Patterson.

Thank you, Commissioner Patterson.

you will have to excuse me.

I should go and check on Aaron.

The victim's pocket mirror
was left open,

suggesting she was doing her make-up

when she was interrupted
by our killer.

As we have no sign of the lipstick,
we can only assume that...

The killer must have taken it.
Yes, sir.

Something's bothering you, sir?
It's these three little dots here.

Whoever did this could have just put
a single full stop, but they didn't.

They chose to put three little dots,
which implies...

..there's more to follow.

So, what time was it
you left your wife

to go to the party, Mr McCormack?

Half-eight, thereabouts.

And how long was it
before you came back here?

Well, it had gone ten before
I realised Vanessa hadn't arrived,

and so I called her mobile
and left a message,

and when she didn't phone me back,
I started to worry.

And that's when I decided to come... come and check on her.

And, Aaron, can you think of anyone
who might have done this?

No-one. No-one
you've fallen out with recently

or threatened you in any way?


The only argument I've had is...

It couldn't have been him.
It can't be who?

My brother. I've got something.

This is from 9.32,

earlier this evening.

Looks like a man,
by the shape and the build.

He's wearing a mask.

It's le Diable. Sorry, sir?

The mask is of le Diable.

It's a Saint Marie tradition
on New Year's Eve to dress up

as a character
from the island's folklore,

including le Diable.

And who or what exactly is he?

He's the Devil, Inspector.

My brother and I
haven't spoken for...

Well, it must be 15 years now.

This is us with our father.

That's Donald.

We were in our 20s
when that was taken.

Selwyn, I'm sure you're familiar
with my family's chequered history.

Not many on this island who aren't.

I know, when he passed, your father
left the family business,

the rum distillery, to Donald.

He was the oldest son.
He was always going to get it.

But when he refused to let me have
a role in running the place,

that's when we really fell out.

And why did he do that?

Well, we never got along.
We were always fighting.

Donald was a shy kid, never really
comfortable in his own skin.

I think he resented that I was.

So, when he inherited
the family business,

it gave him a chance
to...really lash out.


Some start to the year, this is.

Aaron, I still don't understand.

If Donald spurned you,
what was it, 15-odd years ago

and you haven't spoken since,

why would he murder your wife
all this time later?

Because he came to see me at my work
this morning to ask for my help.

Help? In what way? Money.

The distillery's about to go into
receivership and that place is...

Well, it's the only thing
my brother has ever cared about.

So, he swallowed his pride
and came to me.

Let me guess - you turned him down?

And I enjoyed the moment
more than I should have.

I'm begging you, please!

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

And that's why you think he came
here tonight, stabbed Vanessa.

Donald's last words to me...

You'll suffer for this. You'll see.

Donald! Wait up!

Please, let's just
talk this through.

Talk? What is there to talk about?

My own brother, in my hour of need!

He as good as laughed in my face.
What more is there to say?

You all right, old boy?
I'm...I'm a bit worried about you.


Help! Charlie! Donald!

Help me!

Charlie! Donald!

Help! Donald!


Donald! Help me. Donald, what...?


Donald? My God, are you...?

Ambulance. I need an ambulance.



He's lucky it wasn't worse.
We should arrange some protection.

Nothing to say our killer
won't try and get him again,
finish the job off.

I'll speak to
the local security companies.


Ruby, focus on the job at hand.

Sorry, JP. It's only Raymond.
Who's Raymond?

The cute guy from the street
last night.

Oh, him? But you hardly spoke.
How did he get your number?

Oh, us girls have
our ways and means,

and I'm telling you, he's proving
himself to be quite a catch.

Most guys I meet

are only interested in themselves,
but when it comes to Raymond,

it's all about me.

Oh, that's great, but we have
a murder to solve, remember?

Oh, you-you're right, JP.

Murder-solving time it is.

So, what did they say, sir?

Well, the paramedics were keen
to get Donald off to hospital,

so not much.

But I did get one thing -
the assailant was a man.

He was wearing jeans,
a light-grey hoodie

and - wait for it - a Devil's mask.

So, it IS the same guy
that killed Vanessa McCormack.

Le Diable strikes again.
You were right, sir.

You said you thought
there was more to follow.

Which makes sense of this.
"La vengeance...est complete."

"The revenge is complete."

A message delivered in two parts
for a crime committed in two parts.

First, Vanessa's murder.
Second, Donald.

Which leaves us with two questions
we need to answer.

Why did they both need to die?

And just who is our mysterious man
in the Devil mask?

So, how are you feeling
about the new year,

beginning it here in Saint Marie?

It feels like a fresh break.

You know, exactly what I needed -
getting away from everything,

especially my ex. Oh, yeah.

Had things become tricky?

Well, he was a detective
in my division, so...

You're OK, though? You're not
thinking about him too much?

A little bit, if I'm honest,
but I'll be OK.

I think we both needed
some distance.

Well, the good news is
there's 5,000 miles

between here and Paris,
so Bob's your uncle.

No, my uncle's name is Pierre.

No, what I meant wa...

Aha! Tres drole, Madeleine.

Yes, tres drole. Hm!

Certainly looks like
it could do with a bit of money.

And it seems like
Donald is not so popular.


So, it's the start of 2020,

and we've got a heck of a case
to kick it all off.

Now, our mission is to find out
who this masked murderer is

and why he wanted both Vanessa
and Donald McCormack dead.


So, what do we know
about our victim?

JP: Vanessa McCormack. 33 years old.
No recent employment records.

But from her social media posts,

she led a pretty active life
on the island.


Is that your phone there, Ruby?

Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
It's only Raymond.

I thought, if I ignored it,

he'd go away.

It doesn't sound like
he's going anywhere.

And who's Raymond? Ah, it's probably
better not to ask, sir.

Now, Vanessa's husband,
Aaron McCormack.

He believes her killer to be
his estranged brother, Donald.

Yes, an act of revenge
committed because Aaron refused

Donald the financial help he needed
for the family rum distillery.

But Aaron's belief that Donald
stabbed Vanessa loses credibility

now that Donald was also attacked.

As witnessed by this gentleman,
Donald's friend.

Ah, yes, the man from Del Monte
himself, Charles Crabtree.

Mr Crabtree is
a business accountant.

He is also a financial advisor

and seems to handle
the rum distillery's accounts.

Crime scene analysis -
where are we at?

Well, we've inputted the prints from
both crime scenes onto a computer

and there's no matches with
any known criminal on the system.

We just need to collect
exclusion prints now, sir.

But apart from that, there's
no further leads from either scene.

So, the only thing our killer left,
by way of evidence, is this message.

"La vengeance...est complete."

And because of this, we know there's
a link between the two attacks.

So, our number-one priority -
talking to Donald.

Find out what that link is. Right.

I don't understand.
This doesn't make any sense at all.

Aaron and Vanessa got together
after he and I...

..after we went our separate ways.

You mean, you never met her? Never.

So, how this revenge somehow
connects us both, I've no idea.

We dropped by
the distillery earlier.

Would it be fair to say
that someone doesn't like you?


I tried so bloody hard
to keep this place afloat,

keep my father's legacy alive,

but I had no choice.

I... I had to let people go.

Do you think one of them
might have targeted you?

It's possible, I suppose.

We'll need a list
of everyone made redundant.

Why would one of my workers
try to kill Aaron's wife, as well?

I don't know, Donald.

I don't know.

I do hope this won't take very long.

I have guests arriving at noon
for my New Year's Day bruncheon.

JP: We're just taking
exclusion prints, Mr Crabtree.

Shouldn't take too long.
Something wrong, Officer?

I don't know.
You tell me, Mr Crabtree.

The lipstick mark
on the rim of this mug

is the exact same shade of red
Vanessa McCormack wore.

Same colour, you say?

Well, that's a coincidence,
isn't it?

So, Mrs McCormack hasn't been here
to visit in the last day or so?

No. Lord, no. I mean...

Gosh! No.

When we asked Mr Crabtree
about the lipstick, he acted fishy.

Super fishy.

So, we spoke to Mrs Johnson,
the neighbour.

At around about 5.30
yesterday afternoon,

raised voices were heard
coming from Mr Crabtree's house.

WOMAN: All of it! I'll get it back!
I trusted you!

Just calm down
and let's talk about it.

You're a liar and a fraud!

Not long after that, Mrs Johnson
saw the person Charles Crabtree

was arguing with
come storming out of the house.

And get this - it was a woman.
A Vanessa McCormack-shaped woman.

Vanessa was here yesterday?

Why? I don't know,

but Mrs Johnson said that
she looked angry, very upset.

She was heard
shouting at Mr Crabtree.

That was my security, Charles.
It's all gone, thanks to you!

Only hours after
they were seen arguing,

Vanessa was found stabbed?

I was first introduced to Vanessa
at the tennis club.

I don't play myself, but
the facilities there are excellent.

The clubhouse serve
a particularly agreeable cream tea,

a very soft scone.

Charles, do you think
maybe you could get to the point?

Vanessa was looking to set up
an investment portfolio

and a mutual friend suggested
I might be able to help.

I'm sorry, at this point,
did you know she was married

to Donald's brother Aaron?

She told me, asked if we could
keep it between ourselves.

Didn't want him knowing,
for some reason.

Anyway, I offered my advice,
and she made out a cheque...

..for £50,000
for me to invest on her behalf.

Only... Only?

Only I didn't.

You didn't invest her money?
No, I...

I used it to service a personal debt
that had mounted up.

All 50 grand of it, Charlie?

Well, that's a lot of cream teas.
There's club memberships to pay.

My tailor's based in Italy.

And as for eating out,
well, I do. A lot.

Well, you know what you've done -
you've committed fraud.

You'll be struck off
as an accountant.

You could go to prison.

And I'd say that gives you motive
for wanting Vanessa dead.

No. No. I-I-I wouldn't...

I-I-I didn't.

Where were you at 9.30 last night
when Vanessa was stabbed?

Last night, I met Donald for drinks
in town at half past ten.

Before that, I was here.

Can anyone vouch for you,
Charlie? Alone.

But it can't have been me
that killed Vanessa.

I was there when the same chap
stabbed Donald.

I'm a bloody witness,
not the killer.

Charles Crabtree is guilty of fraud,
but not, it seems, murder.

Aaron has a motive to kill Donald.
He hated his brother.

And if there were secrets
going on in his marriage,

maybe he had a reason
to want Vanessa dead, as well.

But we know Aaron
didn't stab Vanessa

because he was at his firm's party
when it happened.

Or so he claims.

I think we should speak to everyone
who was at that party,

see if Aaron McCormack's alibi
stacks up.

I'll get onto Cariba Airways.

And, JP, Donald McCormack's
sending over a list of people

who might have a motive to kill him.

Get Aaron to do the same -

anyone who has any reason
to lash out at him or his wife. OK.

If only we could lift up that mask
and have a little peek underneath.

Inspector. Commissioner?

The Evening News is rustling up
a cock-and-bull story

about us having a serial killer
on our hands.

What? Well,
where did they get that from?

a source close to the police

is claiming that is what
we believe to be the case.

A person close to the police?
Who could that be?


Ruby, this Raymond fella -

has he been curious
about the case at all? Erm...

You said he was
very interested in you,

asking you lots of questions.


Ruby, is there something
you wish to share with the group?

Well, I might have texted him
about the case a couple of times.

No more. And what exactly was said?

So...Raymond had a theory that,

with two stabbings, we might have
a serial killer on our hands.

And I was like, "Of course we don't
have a serial killer on our hands."

But then he said, "Think about it,
Ruby. Maybe we do."

So, I thought about it,
and then I was like,

"Well, yes, maybe we do."

I swear, I never thought for
a second that he'd go to the press.

It's a good job I managed to arrange
for the Inspector and I

to put the record straight.

There's a TV crew
setting up outside. Really?

Do I have time to run a quick comb
through my hair, sir?

No, you do not.

We will talk about this later.

We have evidence to suggest

the two victims in this case
were specifically targeted,

and so we're of the firm belief
that we do not - I repeat, do not -

have a serial killer on our hands.

We are also convinced,

with the progress we've already made
in this investigation,

that we will be able to bring
this case to a swift conclusion.

Un autre.

No, Raymond, you listen.

You lied to me
and you nearly lost me my job.

I mean, I should have known
from the moment I laid eyes on you

that you were going to be trouble.

What? No, of course we're still
not going on a date, Raymond.

I mean, this is me calling to
finish it with you, you idiot boy!

Excuse me?
And why on Earth would you...?

Erm, hi. I was hoping
to speak with a, erm, DI Mooney?

May I ask to what it's pertaining?

Erm, yes, I just caught
the local news and, erm, I saw him.

Last night. I-I saw the man
in the Devil mask.

You mean, for real?
Yes, I... I-I do.

I do mean for real.

Put this on, madam.

We need to go and tell the Inspector
straight away.



There he is. Oh? He's dancing?

It's his first lesson.

I see. Definitely does seem
a bit green.

It's his backside that's to blame.

He says it has a mind of its own.

Oh! I'd better go.

She saw the man in the Devil mask.

So, I was on my own,

erm, having a little beach picnic
to watch the fireworks, and...

Oh, he came in
from that direction there.

It was definitely this guy? Er, yes.

Erm, I said, "Good evening."
He... He looked at me. Didn't speak.

And then he went off that way.

OK. Well, that's all very useful.
I appreciate you coming to tell us.

You know, not everyone
would bother making the effort.

I've got time on my hands, so...

You're on your holidays here?
Sort of.

Erm, well, yes. Yes, I guess I am.
Yeah. You don't seem sure.


Erm, my divorce came through
just before Christmas,

so I thought I would like to do
something different just on my own.

Well, fair play to you.

No point hiding yourself away,
is there? No.

That was something that my ex and I
were very good at - hiding away.

Oh? We... We just stopped going out,

never seeing any friends,
going anywhere. Stuck in a rut?

Yes, and that's when we felt -

well, I felt - it was time
for a change,


You should come to Aubrey's class
while you're here.

Oh, no, no. I couldn't, no.

Why not? Sure, haven't you come away
to enjoy yourself?

And to be honest,
you'd be doing my DS a favour.

Something tells me
her heart's just not in it.

OK, then. Great.

Maybe I will. I should warn you,

as a dancer,
I'm not exactly a natural.

Bit prone to bumping into people
and knocking over things.

Could be risky.


Sorry! Sorry I'm late.

The alarm on my phone - I think
there's something wrong with it.

It's fine. Oh, no, I hope
I haven't left the key at home.

What did you want
to talk to me about again?

I was still bleary from the party
when you phoned yesterday.

I just need the name
and a contact number

of everyone that was present
at the Cariba party.

Oh, yeah. Sure. No problem.

If you need someone to confirm
that Mr McCormack was there

when the murder happened,
I can verify that.

Why do you assume
we're checking his alibi?

Why else would you
phone round everyone?

I just thought it would save you
some time, that's all. Thank you.

Look. Found it. Good.

Ruby, the witness
from last night, Anna,

she told me she saw our killer
down on the stretch of beach
on the west side of town.

Could you pop over there, see if
anyone saw him or knows who he is?

I'm on it right away, sir. Er, Ruby,

look, keep your head down,
focus on the work.

And no big commotions today, yes?
Got it, JP. Trust me,

the last thing I need
is another big commotion.


Madeleine. What have you got?

Yes, Wesley! Hey! You good? Yeah.

So, anyway, the upshot is,

you don't have to join me
at dance class tonight.

That's really disappointing.

Now, now, Madeleine.
There's really no need for sarcasm.

So, is that a date you're going on?

What? With Anna? Mm-hm.

No. No, no, it's not a date at all.


Well, you don't think
that's what Anna thinks, do you?

I hope I haven't given her
the wrong impression.

It's just...I don't think
I'm quite in that place yet.

Well, if you're not in that place,
then you're not in that place,

and that's OK. Hm? OK.

Here she is.

How can someone
that just left university

afford a villa and a car like that?

It's quite a natty little thing.
I checked her account.

She has student debt

and she's making almost nothing
at Cariba as a temp.

She was acting suspiciously?

Well, let's go and see
what Tabitha has to say for herself.

Can I first say what a lovely home
you have here, Miss Brown?

Isn't it lovely, DS Dumas?
Oh, yes, lovely.

Hm. Thank you.
It comes with the job, I assume?

Erm... No, it doesn't, actually.

No, right. Course not.
You're an admin assistant, right?

That's right. Yeah, you don't get
a free villa thrown in
when you're doing temp work.

More's the pity, says you.

How can you afford it?

I, erm, have some savings left over
from my student loan.

Oh, right. Well, that makes sense.

And what about your car?

I was just saying to DS Dumas here

what a natty little thing it is,
wasn't I?

That's exactly what he said.

Does your student loan cover
the cost of that, as well, Tabitha?

This is what she was like earlier.

When you thought
she was acting suspiciously? Yes.

She got red in the face, no?

Almost a deep burgundy.
We're in love.

Aaron and I.

We love each other.

That's why I can afford
the house and car.

Because he's the one paying for it.

I get this doesn't look good.

No. In many ways, you could say
it actually looks very bad.

I did not kill my wife.

I may have fallen in love
with someone else,

but that doesn't mean
I stopped caring about Vanessa.

Were you planning a divorce?
Of course he was.

You don't need me
to tell you, Aaron,

divorcing someone
when you've committed adultery...

Vanessa would have taken you
to the cleaners.

Cariba Airways - quite an empire
you've built up for yourself.

Would you really be happy to give
away half of it? You're right.

With Vanessa dead, I lose nothing.

But may I remind you both,

I was at a New Year's Eve party
when she was murdered?

Ask anyone who was there,
and they'll vouch for me.

That's a good idea. We'll do that.

And you're sure?


That's very helpful. Thank you, sir.

That is now eight people
who can confirm

that Mr McCormack was in the bar
at the time of his wife's murder.

So, he was telling the truth.

There is no way he could've done it.

Have you talked to his solicitor?

Aaron hadn't raised the prospect
of divorce with him.

Interestingly, his wife had.

A month ago, she asked him
how she'd fare in a separation

if she had evidence
that Aaron had been cheating on her.

So, she knew
he was having an affair?

Which probably explains why she was
setting up that investment portfolio

behind Aaron's back.

Insurance if everything went wrong.
Her husband has betrayed her.

She was worried how she'd manage
without him. Yes.

At least we've managed
to make sense of one thing.

Cos all we have at the moment
is four suspects,

none of whom are shaping up
to be our killer.

Aaron, we've ruled out
because he was mingling away

at the work do
when Vanessa was stabbed.

Then there's Charles Crabtree.

He had a reason
and the opportunity to kill Vanessa.

Yeah, but he couldn't
have stabbed Donald

because he was there
at the time, a witness.

Tabitha Brown also has motive.
She wanted to marry Aaron.

Getting rid of the wife

means the wedding can go ahead.

Without her husband-to-be losing
any money in a divorce. Mm-hm.

Except... She's a woman.

And the one thing we're confident of
is that our killer is a man.

And as Donald was seen

being attacked
by the masked assailant,

it can't be him either.

Who the devil is our Devil?

Sir, I think I've got something.

So, I've been comparing the list
Donald gave us of the people

he's let go over the last six months

with Aaron's list
of possible suspects. And...?

Well, there's one guy who worked

both at the rum distillery
and Cariba Airways

and has been sacked from both
in the last few months.

So, he'd have motive to lash out
at both Aaron and Donald?

What's his name? Oscar Samuel.

He's one of those guys who ends up
in our cell from time to time.

He has form? When he drinks
too much, yes, he gets violent,

has these, you know, episodes.

Put it like this - there's been
a few bars over the years

that we've been called to
when he's had one too many.


Afternoon, sir.

Er, we're just looking
for potential witnesses to a crime.

May I come in
for a couple of minutes?

Yeah, we let Oscar go
about six months back.

And how would you say he took it?
Not great.

He-He'd been here eight years.
He was a good worker.

But he was prone to turning up late,
hungover, occasionally still drunk.

Was he really angry about it?
Yeah, I'd say he was angry.


What the hell's he doing here?
We asked him.

I'm sorry, but we really need
to speak to both of you about this.

Aaron, I'm sorry about Vanessa.

Yeah, well, you've really
let this place go, Donald.

Dad would've been so proud.
Screw you!

Gents, please, let's be civil.
We're all here for the same reason.

Aaron, we have a suspect

we think might be the link
between the two stabbings.

Yes, I recognise him.

He started work at Cariba
a couple of months ago.

MADELEINE: His name is Oscar Samuel.

Well, he was our janitor.

I had very little to do with him
until a week or two ago,

when I found him taking a nap in
an empty office, reeking of booze.

I sacked him on the spot. Sir.

I've managed to get
Oscar Samuel's current address.

He's got a shack down on the beach
on the west side of town.

That's where the witness saw
the masked man. Ruby. Come on.

OK, Oscar.

Well, I think that's everything,
so thank you for your help.

So, you think
you're going to get this guy?

Well, between you and me,
we're not there yet,

but Inspector Mooney and DS Dumas
are a force to be reckoned with.

Oh! Speak of the devil!

Were your ears burning, Sarge?

Well, yes, I am
with Mr Samuel right now.

I beg your pardon?

Holy Moley!


Stop! I said stop! Stop!

Sarge, are you still there?
He's on a bike headed into town.

We're on our way,

coming from the east side of town.

Do you have an eyeball
on the suspect?

No eyeballs at the moment, sir.
Bear with me one moment.


He's coming your way, Sarge.
He's coming your way.

Oh, yes, that's him, sir!

Ruby, he's coming back to you!

Ruby, just think.


No! Sorry, Wesley.

Come on, Ruby. Just do it.

WESLEY: What are you doing?!



Oscar Samuel...

..I am arresting you
on suspicion of murder!

Sweet Janey Mac!

This could be the knife.

Blade looks like a match
for the wound on our victim.

We got our man. Yeah.

Ready for the interview?
You make a start.

I'm just going to stay
and have a quick look around. OK.

Scooter licence.

Oscar didn't do it.



Oscar, how much of the night
of New Year's Eve do you remember?


It's hazy.

I started drinking early,

alone, half a bottle of rum.
And then?

I don't know.
I... I black out when I drink.

I know I get violent.

The booze -
it brings something out in me.

I guess that's what happened.

Cos when I woke up New Year's Day,

I felt strange, groggy -

more than usual when I drink.

And then I saw the knife.

I see. So, do you remember these?

Well, could you tell me
what they say?

No. Sorry.

It was in your shack.

I noticed there were no books
or magazines or...

..or any reading material

Then I found your audio books
from the local library.

The clincher was this -
the permit for your bike.

There's no signature. Just an X.

You can't read or write, can you?

We were poor.
I... I didn't go to school.

I helped my dad work. No, no, that's
nothing to be ashamed of, Oscar.

And in this instance,
it's just saved you from going down

for a crime you didn't commit,

because if you can't read or write,
well, then you didn't write this.

And if you didn't write this,
well, then you're not the killer.

So, who is? And how come they were
wearing Oscar's clothes and mask?

Because they wanted to frame him,
make themselves look like Oscar.

So, we're back to where we started.
It could be anyone behind the mask.

Yeah, you're right. It could, JP.
It could be anyone.

But if it was anyone,

that would mean
it couldn't be just someone...

..which can only mean one thing.

So, who the devil is our Devil?

I was there when the same chap
stabbed Donald.

I'm a bloody witness,
not the killer.

The one thing we're confident of
is that our killer is a man.

Were you planning a divorce?
Of course he was.

He owns Cariba Airways.

So, he swallowed his pride
and came to me.

Oscar, the bottle of rum you drank
from New Year's Eve - was it a gift?

Yes. How did you know that?
Oscar Samuel, I could kiss you!

JP, Ruby, I want toxicology
over here ASAP.

And, Madeleine, could you arrange
for our suspects to join us? Sure.

And...could someone let me out
of this cell, please?

Just over 15 years ago,

Aaron and Donald McCormack's father
passed away, and in his will,

he left this distillery
to his eldest son, Donald.

And in that one act,

Mr McCormack Senior set in motion
a chain of events

that, all these years later,

led to an entirely innocent woman
being murdered.

New Year's Eve.

A man wearing le Diable mask
entered your villa, Mr McCormack,

and stabbed your wife Vanessa.

And then, later the same evening,

he broke into Donald's house
and attempted to stab him.

Leaving across both crime scenes
a message.

"La vengeance est complete."

"The revenge is complete."

One single message in two parts...

..written with the same lipstick
by the same person.

Except it wasn't.

It was actually two people
who wrote half the message each

and therefore two different people

who perpetrated
the separate attacks.

The first,
Vanessa McCormack's murder,

was committed by you...

..Donald. What?

Why would I do that?
I didn't even know her.

Well, I know it was you, wearing
that Devil mask to hide your face,

who stabbed Vanessa.
And it was you...

..Aaron, wearing the same mask,
who committed the second attack

on your brother Donald. Oh!


Well, this is crazy! I know.
It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

But that's what
you both agreed to do,

which was the great piece
of misdirection in all of this.

You and your brother are estranged.
Well, they are.

I've known Donald
for close to ten years now,

and he and Aaron
bloody well hate each other.

I don't dispute that
for a moment, Charlie,

but all that changed a few days ago.

I can't say for sure exactly when,
but shortly before New Year's Eve,

with this distillery
on the brink of collapse,

you went to see your brother
to ask for his help.

Now, I assume that can't have
been easy, after all these years,

turning to the man you hate
for assistance.

But it's a testament
to how much this place means to you.

You swallowed your pride

and you begged Aaron
for financial support.

That place is the only thing
my brother has ever cared about.

And we believe that,
instead of refusing,

like Aaron claims he did... Really?

..he agreed to give you
whatever you needed... Thank you! get the business
back on its feet.

But on condition that
Donald would do something for him -

help him in murdering
his wife Vanessa.


Aaron, you wanted to leave your wife
for your new love, Tabitha,

but you knew, if you divorced her,

she'd take you
for every penny you had,

forcing you to give up all
your money and your own business.

That's something
you weren't willing to do.

And so you both made a pact -

Donald will kill Vanessa
on the condition that Aaron

will plough money into
the failing family business.

So, now all you had to do
was come up with a plan,

one that gave you both alibis,
but also...

..also framed somebody else.

Oscar had recently been laid off
by both of you,

which gave him motive.

He has also got form,

something we assume you knew
from your own employment records.

So, having chosen your patsy,

Donald, you went to visit
your brother at his offices.

And, Aaron, when Donald asked you
for financial help...

I'm begging you, please. appeared
to very publicly turn him down.

You'll suffer for this, you'll see!

Later that same day, Donald,

you paid a visit
to your ex-employee Oscar, right?

He came and gave me a bottle of rum,

said he was sorry about
laying me off a few months back.

Happy New Year and...I'm sorry.

And it being New Year's Eve,
naturally enough,

you cracked open the bottle
and you started to knock it back,

but what you didn't realise
was the rum was spiked,

and in a drunken, druggy haze,
you proceeded to pass out.

And when you were unconscious,

Donald returned, took your hoodie,

the Devil's mask
and a knife from your own kitchen.

He then headed for Aaron's villa,

where, as planned by both of you,
Vanessa was alone.

Never one for punctuality, my wife.

You went inside
and you stabbed Vanessa,

using her own lipstick to write
the first part of the message.

Meanwhile, you, Aaron,
had the perfect alibi -

in the company of over 50 of your
own employees at your office party.

So then, when Donald left
the scene of the crime,

he must have changed into
some clothes

that he'd already placed there.

Leaving behind the hoodie, the mask,
the knife and the lipstick.

So, when we headed back
to the police station

to dump off the evidence
from the first crime scene,

Aaron was able to change into the
clothes that Donald had left behind.

Meanwhile, Donald,
you called Charles

and arranged to meet up for drinks.

And with a prearranged time in mind,
you headed back home, because there,

waiting for you,
inside of your house, was Aaron.

And making sure that
Charles was a witness to everything,

you pretended to fight,

during which Aaron cut Donald
with the knife.


Not badly enough to risk your life,

but certainly enough
to make us think

that a murder had been attempted.

So, with an eye-witness telling us
that the killer wore a hoodie

and a Devil's mask...

Plus, the second part of the message
left in Donald's house,

so you and Aaron could guarantee

that we would assume
it was the same killer.

So, we come
to the final part of the plan,

which required Aaron
to return to Oscar's shack

and arrange the hoodie, the mask
and the knife somewhere nearby

and replace the spiked rum
with a normal bottle..., when Oscar woke up,
he'd believe that he was the killer.

Toxicology are currently testing
his blood for signs of sedative.

And just to make sure that
Oscar came on our radar, Donald,

you mentioned that you had
some very angry ex-employees.

And with you providing us

with a list of possible suspects,
as well, Aaron,

you knew that poor Oscar would enter
the frame sooner or later.

Except for one problem.

Oscar can't read or write...

..and so he couldn't have written
the message of revenge.

Aaron and Donald McCormack,

estranged brothers
who hated each other...

..united in the act of murder.

It's not true.

Aaron, tell me it's not true!

See, this is what happens.

All those years of pushing you away,
I let you in, I ask for your help,

and look what you've done!

Go easy! Easy, easy, easy.

JP, Ruby...

..make the arrests.

Shouldn't you be going, sir?
You don't want to be late for class.

You're not joining him, Sarge?
Oh, no, not tonight.

The Inspector has
a new dance partner.

Ooh? Who's the lucky lady, sir?

It's Anna. You know,
the witness from last night.

So, you're going on a date,
Inspector Mooney?

No, it's not a date.
I'm just going dancing with a woman.

Well, it sounds
like a date to me, Inspector.
Yeah, it kind of does, sir.

Well, you know,
it's really not supposed to be.

I mean, you're all welcome
to join me, if you fancy it?

Really? I love calypso.

Great. JP?
Well, if Ruby's in, I'm in.

Madeleine, think you could bear it?

Well, as long as I don't have
to dance with you,

then I think I can bear it.


Oh, for the love of God,
please tell me that's not Raymond!

Er, no, it's Uncle Selwyn.

He wants to have a talk
about the coconut incident.

Do you want us to stay and...?
No, no.

It's OK. You guys go on ahead.

See you there, yes? Yes, bye.

See you. Bye.

PRESENTER: A bride's day was ruined
today by an avalanche of coconuts.

REPORTER: You can't deny,
Commissioner, that
the officer in question

has caused complete chaos
in Honore today.

What I see here
is that the Saint Marie Police

is under immense pressure
to catch a murderer.

In my opinion,
the officer in question

should be commended for her quick
thinking in the heat of the moment.

In other news, down at the...

Uncle Selwyn.
It's true, what I said.

Might not have been protocol,

but what you did to apprehend
the suspect showed initiative.

So, you're not mad at me?

You caught the guy, didn't you?

Ruby, you're going to make mistakes.
That's only natural.

But, erm, the stupid ones
are harder to paint over.

You mean Raymond?
I'm sorry, Uncle Selly.

I know I should think first, right?

You're a police officer now.

And as the old
Caribbean saying goes,

with great power comes...?

Great responsibility. Mm.

I know. Thank you, Uncle Selwyn.

Hey, Uncle Selwyn. Mm?
What are you doing tonight?



Oh! It's OK. Don't worry.



Well, you have to agree,

I've come on leaps and bounds
at the old dancing. Oh, definitely.

I mean, you were hardly bumping into
anyone by the end there.

There you go - small miracle.
It is, it is.

Listen, erm, thank you
for asking me along today.

I haven't had this much fun
in a while.

It was a pleasure, Anna.

You really know your way around
the dance floor. It's true, I do.

No, I mean it,
you're a great dancer.

Really? Yeah.

It's silly's paid me
a compliment in a very long time.

Well, you deserve it.


Well, now... I'm sorry.

No, I felt there was... No, no, no.
Oh, my... Don't be sorry.

Awkward. No need to apologise.

It was...actually very nice.

Really? Yeah, surprising but nice.

I'm going to go now...

..but can I text you?

Cos I hear that
that's how people do this nowadays.

Is it, now? Well, yes, fire away.
Great. Yes, I'll be waiting.

OK, that might have been a date
after all.

I never thought I'd find myself
in this situation,

you know, seeing another woman.

It felt as if she'd torn
the paintings right out of her soul.

Not exactly cheery. What was I meant
to say? I'd just bought the thing,

so I said, "Yeah,
it's a masterpiece."

You're not serious?

No need to panic. I'm on it.

Ziggy, how fast does this boat go?

This is the Saint Marie Police.
Cut your engine.

Cut your engine now!