Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - Episode #8.3 - full transcript

During the production of a TV holiday program on the island, the presenter is murdered and DI Jack Mooney and his team have to find the killer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hello, and welcome to Hotspots,
which this week comes to you from

the beautiful island of Saint Marie.

This pint-sized resort may be small,
but it has all the trappings

of the more familiar Caribbean
holiday destinations.

Namely, sun, sea and sand by the
bucketful. And...

What is that line?

Sorry, guys. Reset, everyone,
let's go again.

Yeah, and if you fancy a break from
the wind and rain and

checking out this fantastic
hot spot... I've got it!

It's almost seven, we're not going
to complete.

Then we go over.
I need these shots, Pippa.

This is the third night this week,
we're not doing it gratis again.

Tell you what, how about the few
beers on wrap instead? My treat.

There are union rules about
overtime, Bill.

I know there are, Terry, old boy.

But you know what they say
about rules, don't you?

If there's a free beer, I'm in.
Let's just get this done and dusted.

That's the spirit, Andy. Catrina,
love, you ready? Sets...and action.

Hello, and welcome to Hotspots,
which this week comes to you

from the beautiful island of Saint

People assume that all my job
entails is pressing play and record.

But there is a real craft.

Do you think someone should go and
rescue that bartender? Probably.

Bagsie not me. 12 series of this
show -

I'm done with the dreary old bugger.

If only he wasn't so damn good at
his job.

Fancy another?

Go on, then, a quick one - got to be
up early to Skype the wife and kids.

Quick one it is.


You do know that you two ladies are

the hardest working woman
in television? We do.

And I'm going to remind you of that
fact the next time we

negotiate my fee bill.

Oh, Lord, I've gone and done it now,
haven't I?


Thank you so much, Pippa. I think
I'm going to call it a night.

See you in the morning. Night,
gents. Night. Night.

Night, Terry! Night.

Yeah, we're just about to leave,
so we'll be there in 20.

Morning, morning.
All present and correct?

No Catrina.

It's not like her to be late.
I'll give her a call.



Oh, God!

She's dead, Bill.

Morning, sir.
Hey, Jack. Morning.

Shouldn't you two be boarding
a ferry right about now?

Not if I can't find my passport.
Elusive things, passports.

I used to drive Mrs Mooney up the
wall, rooting around

in the kitchen drawer
with the taxi waiting outside.

Whereas I always say,
a holiday's not really a holiday

unless it begins with a blazing row.

What is that? A mongoose?
Yeah. Either that or a polecat.

I'm not entirely sure, to be honest
with you, Patrice.

Whatever he is, his name is Sherman.
I found it!

Why do you have a...

..whatever that is? Yeah, there's a
tale to be told there, Florence.

But don't you have a romantic
weekend to be getting on with?

And if you need me, sir,
I'll have my mobile on at all times.

You'll do no such thing, just enjoy
yourself. And that's an order!

Morning, sir! Morning JP, Ruby.
Morning, sir.

We just got a call reporting
a dead body being washed up on the

beach of Paradise...

Well, sweet Mary,
what the hell is that?

His name is Sherman. He'll be
keeping us company

for the next couple of weeks.
I'll explain it all later.

Sounds like we need to get to the
Paradise Bay Hotel. Yes.

So, he done that before - you know,
bring a little friend to work?

Nope, that is a new one. The
victim's name is Catrina McVey.

She was here on the island filming
a holiday programme called Hotspot.

Yeah, I know the one.
Siobhan used to watch it,

planning the summer hols.

Catrina McVey, she was the
presenter, right? I believe so, sir.

She would have been only in her 20s,
the poor girl.

Always seemed a friendly sort,
you know, on the telly.

So, what do we think has
occurred here?

Well, sir,
her clothes are over there.

Seems she got undressed
and went for a swim.

Paramedics are calling it
accidental drowning.

And do we know when it happened?
They're estimating late last night.

And no-one was with her?
Not according to her colleagues.

The weather last night -
wasn't stormy, was it?

Nope, it was definitely a hot one.

This bay here is pretty well
sheltered. Yes, it is, sir.

Well, that is odd, isn't it?
Catrina is young, fit, healthy.

This stretch of sea is
calm as bath water.

There's no obvious head injuries to

she got into any sort of trouble,

How come she drowned?

Ruby, there should be a magnifying
glass in the crime scene kit.

JP, have a quick flick through
the victim's clothes, would you?

Sir, there's nothing but
her room key.

I was right about her
not just suddenly drowning.

Faint traces of fingermarks
on her shoulders,

some tearing to the skin
on the neck.

Same kind of markings you'd find
if someone was forcing you down

under the water. So, Catrina's death
WASN'T an accident?

I think someone did this to her.

I'll have a chat with her
colleagues. You can release

the body, finish processing the
scene, and then when you get

a chance, will you talk to the hotel
staff and guests? See if anyone

saw Catrina on the beach last night.
Yes, Inspector Mooney. Will do, sir.

So, I'm right in thinking
that you were all with Catrina last

night, before she went to her room?

Bill had arranged some beers
for us on wrap. Officially speaking,

we should have all been paid
overtime. Not now, Terry, old chap.

And Catrina was the first to go up?

Night, gents. Night. Night, Terry!

We stayed for another half an hour.

Then we all headed to our rooms.

Did any of you see her after that?

And I wonder, did Catrina know
anybody else here on Saint Marie?

No-one. We only arrived the day
before yesterday.

And we've pretty much all been
together since we got here.

Have you now? Hmm.
That's interesting.

How have things been between you
all - you know, during the shoot?

Considering we've been living in
each other's pockets the last

three months, I'd say
we got on pretty darn well. Right.

That's grand.

Is something wrong, Inspector?
No. It's just...

Well, you should know, we're
treating Catrina's death

as a murder. Crikey!
What, you think one of us did it?

it's something we have to consider.

Why would any of us do that?

She was a damn good sort,
that girl - kind, caring,

not a whiff of ego in her bones.

Well, only time will tell.
Thank you for your time.

OK, so this is our second case
together, Ruby.

And I really want us to focus on our
organisational skills.

The key to good policing is to
always be methodical.

That it is, JP, that it is. Good.
So, we're going to do this room by

I'll need the name and room number
of everyone we speak to.

You start this end, I'll start that.

Got it. All right. Excuse me, sir!

We're investigating a crime

that happened here at the hotel
last night.

Now, where were you around about
midnight? I don't know. Psst! JP!

Uh, hold on for one second, please.
Sure. Thank you.

What's the problem?

I seem to have forgotten my notepad,
so I was wondering if I might

borrow a piece of paper, please.

Sorry, JP, won't happen again.


Um, sorry about that.

So, as I was saying,
we are investigating a crime that

happened here at the hotel
last night.

Where exactly were you...?


Thank you very much, sir.
You're welcome. All right.

JP, you got a minute? Give us a hand
searching the victim's room.

Yeah, sure. Great.

Only one glass -
suggests she didn't have company.

Have a look in her suitcase there.
Yes, sir.


She made a phone call last night
to a man called Jake Harrington,

half ten.

That's not long before she was
drowned. We should get in touch.

Yeah, see what that was all about.
Yes, sir.

Now, what's this?

She's been all over the place
the last few months.

Morocco, Cuba, Florida.
That is some job, that is -

travelling the world and getting
paid for it. Lucky beggars.

JP, with Florence away, I might need
you to step up over the next

few days. Fancy taking on
a bit more responsibility?

Yes, sir, very much so, thank you.
Good man.

Let's see if we can't crack this one
together, eh? Yes, sir.


Inspector. Commissioner!

Your desk appears to have
a small furry animal upon it.

Your powers of perception are,
as ever, faultless.

Commissioner, meet Sherman.

Might I ask why it is
you're in possession of this thing?

Well, what it is, I nipped into the
barber's last night on the way home

for a quick trim, and got inveigled
into a high-stakes game of dominoes.

So, you won it?

No, Darnell from the post office
won it, but turns out,

Darnell's wife,
she's not exactly an animal lover,

so I've been lumped baby-sitting
the furry fellow until

Mrs Darnell comes around to the idea
of having a pet in the house.

Was there something I could do
for you, Commissioner?

I had the Minister for Tourism
on the phone.

The woman whose body was found
this morning, she was part of a

television crew over here
filming a holiday programme.

That's right - Hotspots.

Goes out on the Holiday Channel,
it's actually quite good.

The Minister is keen, with such
a spotlight thrown on the island,

that the makers of this TV show
should see us at our very best

as we respond
to this tragic situation.

Would you care for me to go through
what we have so far? Yes, Inspector.

Now, our victim is one
Catrina McVey, 32 years old,

born and raised
in Aberdare in Wales.

Catrina left school
at the age of 16,

she worked at a variety of jobs
until her early 20s, and then

she saw an advert for a job at a
production company based in Bristol.

And that would be Pathway
Productions? That's right, yes.

That's this fella's baby,
Bill Calder.

He founded the company in 2011,
made the Hotspots pilot in 2012.

Since then, there have been
12 series. And your suspects?

Well, Bill Calder himself.
An old hand, as they say.

Much like yourself, Commissioner.

Pippa Mayhew, she's the show's
production coordinator.

Privately educated, I reckon
our Pip is a bit of a poshie.

Next up, Andy Spriggs.


Now, Andy's our camera operator
based in Leeds.

Married with two children, and
mostly freelances in productions

filming in the north of England.

And finally?
Terry Brownlow, the sound man.

He resides at his mother's address
in Kidderminster.

I believe she recently passed away.

And you believe one of these four
have something to do with

Miss McVey's death? I'm convinced
one of them is lying to us,

and was on the beach last night
and drowned our victim.

Keep me abreast of developments.

Don't take it personally, Sherman,

he's like that with everybody.

Inspector Mooney speaking.

We've got a witness, sir, who saw
the victim heading over to the

beach late last night, and
apparently, Catrina was not alone.

She was seen with a man,
holding hands and kissing.

Well, I'll be jiggered.
And did the witness recognise him?

Not by name, sir, but she described
him as being Asian, 40-ish,

you know, good-looking. Well,
there's only one person

matching that description -
Andy Spriggs.

You need to let me explain.

It sounded so glamorous, this gig -

travelling to all these exotic
places, seeing the world.

Just never...been away from home
this long before.


..missed having someone to curl up
with... Someone to hold.

It was more than cuddling, yourself
and Catrina were getting up to.

So, what? Did she want more? Was
she threatening to tell your wife?

God, no, no.
Nothing like that. She was...

She just wanted some affection,
same as me, that's all.

I know what you're thinking,

I didn't kill her.


Well, why don't you tell me
exactly what happened last night?

I was asleep. There was a knock
on my door, it was Catrina.

She said she fancied having some

so we walked down to the beach.

She was in this weird mood,
restless. Any idea why?

She wouldn't say.

Just something about being held back
in her life, she was fed up by it.

I assumed it was the drink talking.
You're saying Catrina was drunk?

She was slurring her words,
unsteady on her feet.

Next thing, she said she wanted to
go for a swim,

to swim out...feel free.

Right, and you went in with her?
Not at first.

Catrina kept saying how warm the
water was, and I finally went in.

Suddenly she wasn't there any more.

I thought she was playing some joke
on me, but then I saw her body

just floating there.


So, I swam across and pulled her to
the shore, but I'm not a good

swimmer and I struggled
dragging her body.

So, that's how the marks got on her.

It was you that put them there while
you were pulling the body

back to shore.

When I brought her back to the
beach, I tried taking her pulse, but

there was nothing I could do,
she was gone.

Dead. And then?

You just left her there? I panicked.

Worried what it was going to look

All I could think about was how...
Your wife and family would find out

what you'd been up to.

So sorry.

But can you see, Inspector?

Catrina's death was just a tragic
accident. Nobody killed her.

You know, what happened -

it's not like me,
I'm not a bad man, Inspector.

Not exactly
a paragon of virtue either.

Having an affair behind your wife's
back and then leaving a woman

for dead on the beach.

Reckon the old moral compass
is just a teensy bit off there.

So, Andy Spriggs is saying
no-one killed Catrina?

I don't get it either, JP.

Why would a fit young woman like
Catrina suddenly drown in calm,

shallow waters?
Doesn't make any sense.

Ah, sir, the preliminary autopsy
report has just arrived.

I'm printing it. Let's have a look.


It confirms Catrina died of cardiac
arrest, secondary to drowning.

Time of death,
close to midnight, as expected.

And the toxicology report...


Yeah, finally, starting
to make a bit of sense. Sir?

Significant traces of Meridil found
in the victim's system.

What's Meridil?

It's a beta-blocker, and the hefty
amount that Catrina ingested,

mixed with the alcohol she consumed,
led her to lose consciousness.

Which is why she suddenly drowned.
She passed out in the water.

So, we've the answer to our
problem - why did Catrina drown?

Because somebody
as good as poisoned her,

intending for her
to fall unconscious in the sea.

All we need to work out now is
how and when did the killer get

the drug into her system?
Well, there's the wine bottle

and a glass we found in her room.

OK, well, let's get them tested
for traces of this Meridil.

The only other drink that Catrina
had that we know about was

down in the bar with the rest of
the television crew.

Bill had arranged some beers
for us on wrap.

So, first thing tomorrow, can one of
you speak to the barman on duty, see

if there's any chance of recovering
the bottles they drank from?

Yes, sir.


Everything all right, sir?

If you were going to drug someone
so they'd lose consciousness in

the sea and drown, the first thing
you'd need to make sure of is

they were actually going to go
for a swim, right? Right.

Thing is, Andy Spriggs said

Catrina's decision to go for
a midnight dip was spontaneous.

So, no-one could have known what was
actually going to do. Exactly.

Yet seemingly our killer did know.

Right, then.

Cornflakes for Jack. Yum-yum...

Mangoes and mosquito for Harry...

And one dead mouse for Sherman.

Oh, no!



Morning, everybody. Morning, sir.
On your own today, sir?

Well, something of a code red
situation vis-a-vis Sherman.

Code red vis a what?
He's done a bunk.

Chewed his way through the catch
on the cage and did a midnight flit.

What are you going to do, sir?
I don't know, Ruby, but I'll tell

you this. It's the last time I ever
play dominoes. So, where are we at?

OK, sir. I've requested the
suspects' and the victim's phone

and financial records. Catrina's
network provider has given us access

to her e-mails, and
I got Ruby to check out exactly

who this Jake Harrington guy is.

The guy Catrina called
the night she was killed.

He was her agent back in the UK, so
I left a message for him to call us.

And Ruby's just heading over to the
hotel to speak to the barman

about crew drinks.
Well, let us know how you get on.

Oh, Ruby, you have any problems,
just, you know, call me.

I'll ring, JP. Whatever you want.

Oh, Ruby...
Have you forgotten something?

What am I like?!

Baby steps, JP, baby steps.
Yeah. So, what else have we got?

Yes. One more thing, sir.

I requested footage,
recorded the day Catrina was killed.

Just to see if there were any
tensions among the crew, sir.

Three months travelling and working
together, bound to take a toll.

Yeah. I came across this,

recorded at the end of the day
just as they were about to finish. this week's competition...

Perfect, Catrina.

Andy, keep rolling, I want some GVs.

This is just visual shots, sir, but
the sound does keep on recording,

and it picked up a conversation

between Terry and Catrina on her
mic. There.

Are you OK, Terry?
Of course. I'm fine.

I should never have told you about
it. I wish I hadn't.

No, no, I'm glad you did -
it's just hard for me, you know?

You know what you mean to me,
don't you? How much I care.

So, she says,
"I should never have told you."

What was she referring to, sir?
Her affair with Andy?

Terry was jealous,
disapproving maybe?

On our recording, sir, he does sound
a little bit... Intense.

You know what you mean to me,
don't you? How much I care.

It's really not how it seems.
It rarely is, Terry, rarely is.

Catrina and me,

we'd been working on the show since
the beginning - we're old friends.

Yes, but, on that recording, you
can't deny, you do sound a little...


I don't have romantic feelings
for Catrina,

if that's what you're thinking.

But she did mean an awful lot to me.

As in, you'd grown close
over the years?

Yeah. We always spent our days off
together, the pair of us,

seeing the sights,
sampling the local culture.

Most of the crew keep a wide berth
of the boring old sound guy,

but Catrina was different.

Never judged people.

So, what was Catrina referring to
when she said,

she "wished she'd never told you"?

About a week ago,

she informed me that she intended
to leave Hotspots.

Like, stop presenting it, you mean?

Silly old softie that I am... hadn't
taken the news

particularly well.

The thought of doing this
without her...

Who else knew, Terry, that Catrina
had decided to leave the show?

Had she told Bill Calder of her
intentions? No idea. I assume so.

So, Catrina was going to quit,
which makes me wonder if Hotspots'

producer was aware the star of
the show had plans to leave.

We need to chase Catrina's agent.

So, let me get this straight, Andre.

The bottles of beer that the TV crew
drank from are going to be

somewhere here.

Am I right? Mm-hm.

Don't fancy giving a young police
officer a hand, do you? Sorry.

Well, thanks for nothing.

All right, Ruby Patterson,
time to show the world

what you are made of.

From what I can tell, Bill Calder
can be quite the aggressor.

He recently fell out with the unions
over claims he pays low wages

and doesn't follow regulations.

And by all accounts, he used
some pretty nasty tactics to win

the case.

You still haven't spoken to the
agent? He's on hold.


Oh, that's dreadful. Who chose this?

I mean, what's wrong with paying a
bit of the old Vivaldis or a

nice tune, maybe?

Hello. This is Jake Harrington.

Mr Harrington, thank you for finding
a way to talk to me.

Jack Mooney speaking. It's Darnell.

How lovely to hear from you.
How's Sherman? How's Sherman?

He's just dandy, yeah.
The hairy scamp could not be better.

Are you sure that's what Catrina did
after she spoke to you? Positive.

OK, Darnell, all the best.
Yeah, speak soon.

Urgh! Seems Mrs Darnell has come

to the idea of having an animal
in the house sooner than expected.

But let's not worry about that now.

So, tell me, what did the agent
have to say for himself?

Six months ago, Jake Harrington
informed Bill Calder

Catrina wanted to leave,
and Bill was not happy about it.

He was refusing to let her go?

Jake says he got pretty vicious
about it, and that's why he

and Catrina spoke
the night before last.

Funny how he never mentioned that.


Look, all right. I admit,
I might have been somewhat selective

with the truth, but, yes,

Catrina came to see me that night.
Must have been after 11.

She seemed tipsy.

I said I thought it unwise
to talk shop if she'd been drinking,

but she was adamant. So, you talked,
about her and leaving the show?

Something, I don't refute,
I was very reticent to let her do.

Can I ask why?

Because presenters like Catrina
come along once in a blue moon.

She had this very natural
girl-next-door quality about her.

Makes Joe Public think
she's one of them.

What did you talk about that night?

I told Catrina she had a legal
commitment to film another

three series,
and I expected her to honour it.

She said I gave her no choice
but to break her contract and go.

I promptly e-mailed my lawyers
and told them to prepare for court.

But if Catrina had made up her mind,
would taking legal action

really have made any difference?

Probably not.

We hear you can be quite the tyrant,

if you don't get what you want.

Vicious, even. That's what show
business does to you.

Lots of sharks swimming
about the waters.

It's a case of eat or be eaten.

That's an unfortunate analogy.

So, what happens next?

We've enough footage of Catrina
to cobble together our final

episode of this series.
We'll recast for the next.

You're thinking about recasting?

Poor girl's only been dead 24 hours.

As they say, the show must go on.

Mr Calder, does the word Meridil
mean anything to you?


Meridil, it's a beta-blocker.

There were large traces of it found
in Catrina's system.

Never heard of the stuff.

Thank you.

Well, Ruby, what's the story?

OK, so, Bill Calder actually ordered
and paid for all the bills,

Inspector Mooney.

So, in theory, Bill could have added
the Meridil to one of the

beers before handing it to Catrina?

So, take me through
what you've found.

So, the crew drank Palm Tree beers.

So, I started by separating out
the bottles with that label on it.

I then dusted those very same
bottles for fingerprints and

separated them out into three
further groupings - ones with

no prints belonging to our suspects,
ones with one set of suspect

prints on them, and ones with more
than one set of suspect prints on.

Excellent work. So, which pile is

Well, er...

I think, um...

You've forgotten, haven't you? No.

I mean, yes. Urgh!

I knew I should have labelled
the piles. Not to worry.

Let's work out which is which. Won't
take us long together.

And then you can get them
off to the lab.

So, Ruby, would I be right in saying
that remembering things is

not one of your strong points?

You just noticed! It's, like, my one
flaw as a human being.

You know people say they have
memories like a sieve?

Well, mine's like a bucket -
a bottomless one.

So, this fella, Bill Calder,
he leaps to the top of the

leaderboard to become
prime suspect numero uno.

Because, one, he has a motive.

Catrina was desperate to leave
Hotspots and Bill's a ruthless man,

who hates not getting his own way.
Yeah, and we know it's been

a gruelling couple of months
travelling together.

So Catrina's decision to quit could
have just tipped him over the edge.

Mm-hm. Number two, when we asked him
if he heard of Meridil,

you know, he was acting very shifty.

He certainly was, yes.

Number three, Bill Calder ordered
the beers for the crew drinks,

which is when he could have poisoned
Catrina with the Meridil.

Except...same problem exists.

If he drugged Catrina's beer down
at the bar earlier that evening...

How could he then predict
she would go for an entirely

spontaneous swim in the sea
a few hours later?

Because the truth is, if she didn't

go for that swim, then she never
would have drowned.

Ah, sir. Your results are back for
the glass and the wine bottle in

Catrina's room.

Ah - no traces of Meridil in either.

So, the drug must have been
administered in the crew drinks.

Well, the bottles have gone to the

so I guess we'll find out
in the morning. Until then,

let's call it a day. Yes, sir.

All right.

OK. Night, sir. What are you doing
with all that stuff?

I thought I'd take them home
to work on.

How about we divvy it up
and do it over a beer at my place?

If you're sure, sir. Thank you.

Hey, it's Pippa.

Have you heard the news?

I know - it's awful.

TOTALLY unexpected.

Not to sound cold-hearted,
but it does present us with

something of an opportunity,
don't you think?


JP! Perfect timing. Give us a hand
here, would you? Have some eggs.

Why so many eggs, sir? That's how
I'm going to recapture Sherman.

Don't know if I ever mentioned it,

but, you see,
I'm something of an amateur trapper.

Sure I'd remember if you had, sir.

Growing up, my uncle Terence used to
have a farm just outside Clonakilty.

Place was rife with wood pigeons.

Many's a weekend we spent ensnaring
the little beggars.

With the wood pigeons, we used to
scatter seeds on the ground as bait.

So, I called the vet and I asked
him, "What would Sherman like?"

And he said, "Hard-boiled eggs"?

They go weak at the knees,
apparently. Oh, yeah.

If all goes to plan, the eggy waft
will lure Sherman back and

he won't be able to resist snaffling
them up, which will lead him

to that basket there.
At which point, we pull the stick,

the basket falls, and our rogue

is thus rendered incapacitated.

So, what do we do now, sir?
We wait, JP, we wait.

CATRINA: And stay tuned,
as we're giving away

an all-expenses paid trip
to Saint Marie

in this week's competition.

Perfect, Catrina. Keep rolling,
I want some GVs of the beach.

Find anything more on the footage
yet, sir?

Nothing we hadn't picked up on

I'll tell you one thing it's made me
realise - never believe

anything you see on the telly, JP.

Why's that? Every shot,
Catrina has a big, broad smile.

She looks happy as Larry.

And you don't think that's the case?

Well, in my book, people who are
content in life don't end up drunk

on a beach in the middle of the
night with someone else's husband.

Doesn't quite fit with what we know
about Catrina so far, does it?

I think Catrina was lonely.

JP, wake up!

Sherman must have waited for us
to fall asleep,

seized his opportunity, the devious
little... But, sir, that's good.

That means the plan can work.
Sherman took the bait.

You're right, JP. The only mistake
we made was to fall asleep.

Tonight, Sherman,
it's game over.

OK. So, the lab have come back with
the results on the beer bottles

from the crew drinks, and there's no
traces of Meridil

in any of them whatsoever.
None at all? None at all, sir.

Well, then, how did the killer get
the drugs into Catrina's system?

What about Bill's accounts? Any sign
of a regular payment for Meridil?

There was a recurring payment on his
debit card to a pharmacy in Bristol,

but I called them
and they just said,

"It's confidential information."

And I've gone through the suspect's
phone records and, again,

nothing suspicious.
So, that's it? We've nothing else.

Well, there was one other thing,

I was going through Catrina's old
e-mails and I found her first

contract for Hotspots.

It commenced in June 2013, but then
I remembered that the pilot was

filmed in 2012.

Made the Hotspots pilot in 2012.

Since then,
there have been 12 series.

So, Catrina didn't host the pilot.

How much do you want to bet some fan
has uploaded the pilot episode

Oh, OK.


Here we are, Hotspots pilot,
circa 2012.

Hello and welcome to the very first
edition of Hotspots...

Oh, my goodness! It's Pippa Mayhew!

..and we're in the beautiful
and bustling city of Marrakech.

So, Hotspots' production coordinator

once had aspirations to be in
front of the camera herself.

So, maybe Pippa was jealous that
Catrina got the job.

But this was seven years ago.
Surely she'd be over that by now?

Excuse me, sir.

PBA Entertainment.

Personal management for celebrity
singers and presenters.

So, just as Pippa was thinking

about getting back into presenting

Hotspots is suddenly in need
of a new host.

Are you sure you wouldn't prefer

to do this somewhere a bit more

Why? I've nothing to hide. Thanks.

You enjoy the public gaze,
would you say, Pippa?

That's rather a loaded question,

We stumbled across the Hotspots
pilot you shot a few years ago.

Oh, gosh. Not my finest hour,
by any means.

But it's something you want
to pursue still? Oh, Lord, no.

All that attention,
I can't imagine anything worse.

We know you're lying to us, Pippa.

We found your agent's website
and we gave him a call.

Not been going brilliantly,
has it,

since you dipped your toe back
in the old presenting pool?

I'm too old, apparently.

There's something very wrong
in the world when 38 is considered

past it, don't you think?

And what about Hotspots? Is there a
chance you could take over?

Well, as the network didn't want me
first time round,

I think it's very unlikely
they'll feel differently now.

It looked like you were about to say
"but" there - am I right, Pippa?

Bill said he was willing to give me
a screen test - put me on camera.

He offered to do that?

I asked him to, and he said yes.

Look, I'm nudging 40,

single, no children, and all because
I've spent the last 15 years doing

a job in which I spend more time
abroad than I do in my own home.

I deserve so much more for
what I've sacrificed.

And you'd do anything to get it?
Murder, you mean?

I'm ambitious, Inspector,
not ruthless. There's a difference.

Thank you for your time. Thank you.

In theory, Pippa does have motive.

Mm - would she really kill Catrina
after all these years? Exactly.

It's like Terry Brownlow
and Andy Spriggs -

it just doesn't feel strong enough.
Which leaves us with Bill Calder,

front and centre
as the strongest suspect.

He has motive, he was suspicious
when we asked him about the Meridil.

Sir, I think that's the police bike.


Is that Ruby driving it?

Ruby. What are you doing here?

Since when did you learn
how to ride a motorbike?

I'm here because something's come
through that I thought you might

want to see straight away,

and I learned to ride a bike when I
was 12, my uncle Selwyn taught me.

So, what's the important thing? The
final full postmortem has arrived.


Don't tell us you forgot it, Ruby.
OK, not to worry.

We'll just have to head back
to the station.

Wait, let me try to remember
why it was important.


Just let me concentrate.

Black coffee. Sorry? Black coffee?

As well as the beer and wine Catrina
drunk, there was also fresh,

black, filtered coffee
found in Catrina's stomach.

So, maybe that's
what contained the Meridil.

I want to see a copy of
everyone's room bill.

Here, fresh filter coffee. Who
ordered it? Bill Calder, no less.

10:45pm, the same night
Catrina was killed,

he ordered room service - chicken
sandwich, mineral water

and a fresh coffee for one.

Sir, that's 15 minutes before
Catrina went to see him.

Yes, Catrina came to see me that
night. Must've been after 11.

It was Bill Calder who murdered
Catrina, wasn't it,

Inspector Mooney?


Bill, are you in there?
You OK, Pippa?

It's Bill, he's not answering,
and I can hear water running in

there, and I'm worried
he's had an accident.


Excuse me.
Could you open this room? Sure.

We're worried our friend might
have hurt himself.

Oh, God.

I can't believe he'd do this. He's
taken an overdose.

What's going on?

JP, call an ambulance. Sir.
It's too late, he's already...

Bill, what have you done?

This is how you found him?

What's happened? ..No!

Is he...? I'm afraid we need
to clear the scene. Ruby, could you

take everyone into the corridor?
Please, come with me.

It's OK.

Ambulance is on the way, sir.

So, Bill was prescribed Meridil.
It's as good as a confession.

Bill was either racked with guilt
or scared the net was closing in,

maybe a bit of both.

Either way, we know it was him
that killed Catrina.

And then killed himself.
Let's seal the room.

I'll phone the Commissioner. Sir.

Can I come in, sir? Course.

What are you doing here?
I owe you for last night.

And I've got a feeling that you're
not entirely sure that

we solved the case.

Well, in theory, everything adds up.

But we still can't be sure
how Bill Calder knew that Catrina

would choose to go for a swim
that night and, if he didn't know,

how could he be sure
she'd pass out and drown?

So, what do you think we should do
now, sir?

Bound to be something we're missing
here, we just have to find it. Yeah.




I knew it would work!

JP, he's getting away! Quick!

Well done, Sherman!

You win.

I surrender!

There you go, Uncle Selly. Right to
the front door. Thank you, Ruby.

Maybe, in the future,
go a little easy on corners.

I wouldn't want you to have an
accident. Understood. OK.

Yoo-hoo! Look who I brought with me.
It's Commissioner Patterson.

With respect, Inspector,

you look terrible.

Can't deny, something
of a tough night.

I was under the impression
you'd already solved the case.

We have, and we haven't, sir.

I mean, all the evidence points to
Bill Calder, but one inconsistency.

How did he manage to predict that
Catrina McVey would then go for

a swim, when even SHE didn't know
that's what she was going to do?

That's the only thing stopping me
signing off on the case, sir.

Why don't I make a cup of tea?
I mean, that's got to help.

Good idea, Ruby. I'll just get some
air. Will you give me a minute?

Well, blow me down with a feather.

Here you go, sir.

It's Sherman's boiled egg. It is.
Well, that's just it, isn't it?

It WAS his boiled egg but isn't any
more, cos it's me that's

eating it now. There's nothing the
little fella can do about it,

nothing at all. I mean, it's
obvious, when you think about it -

a simple case of one man eating
another man's eggs.

Catrina's decision to go
for a midnight dip was spontaneous.

Fresh filter coffee. Who ordered it?
Bill Calder no less.

So, Bill was prescribed Meridil.
It's as good as a confession.

Catrina and me, we've been working
on this show since the

beginning, we're old friends.

From what I can tell, Bill Calder
can be quite the aggressor.

Catrina's death was just a tragic

I was right.

It all comes down to understanding
how Bill Calder knew that

Catrina was going to go for the swim
the night she was killed.

And now you know, sir.

I do, but he didn't - and that's
the key to it, JP, that's the key.

And you're sure this time
you've actually solved the case.

Absolutely positive, sir. Ruby,
I need you to get to the station,

get a hold of all the room bills
for all the hotels that Bill and

his team stayed at prior
to Saint Marie.

Anything you want me to do, sir?
Just gather up the suspects -

we've got a killer to arrest.


The great Irish writer, Brendon
Behan, he once said, "At the heart

"of all loneliness is a yearning
for union with one's lost self."

And I think that's close to what
Catrina was feeling when she walked

into the sea on that fateful night.

She was lost in life.

Alone in the world,

searching for the happier person
that she used to be.

And who can blame her
for feeling that way?

She had a boss who was going out of
his way to stop her taking a

new job, her production coordinator
was desperate to steal the job that

she had, a cameraman that she was
going to for a bit of affection, and

he cared more about protecting his
own marriage than he did about her.

The one exception in all this is
you, Terry.

You were a true friend to Catrina
to the very end,

the only one I'd say who
was actually looking out for her.

Thank you.
So, which one of you did it?

Which one of you killed Catrina
McVey and then also murdered

Bill Calder?

I suggest we deal with
these two murders chronologically.

Three nights ago,
at ten o'clock in the evening,

Catrina McVey returned
back to her room.

She poured herself a glass of wine,
called her agent,

and then she crossed the corridor
to speak with Bill Calder about

the fact she wanted
to leave Hotspots.

We know Catrina was tipsy from the
bottle of wine and the beer

she'd had down at the bar.

So, Bill, who'd already ordered
himself some fresh coffee,

poured one for Catrina
to help clear her head.

But what Catrina didn't realise is
that there was a large amount of

crushed Meridil in that coffee.


It's a beta-blocker,

prescribed to Bill for his heart -
and the effect of that drug,

mixed with the alcohol,
led to Catrina to pass out in the

water when she subsequently went
for a midnight swim with Andrew.

But the thing is, it wasn't just
Catrina who was unaware that

the coffee she drank contained

Bill Calder didn't know it was there

That is because it was Bill Calder

our murderer was intending
to kill - not Catrina.

Bill ordered the coffee,
he was supposed to drink it.

You mean, it WAS an accident?

It was Bill Calder who was supposed
to die that night.

If he drank that coffee and ingested
the large amount of Meridil,

well, then that,
on top of his normal intake,

it would have caused an overdose,
resulting in cardiac arrest...

Which at his age,
and with pre-existing heart disease,

would just have been assumed
as death by natural causes.

In fact, murder would never
have been suspected.

Clever plan, except for one thing -
it went wrong.

Catrina drank the coffee instead of
Bill. Oh, God. It's just awful.

It is. It's terrible,

isn't it,


You can't think I did it.

I don't THINK it, Terry,
I KNOW you did.

We've checked Bill's previous hotel
bills, we know he always ordered

room service of a night, some food
and mineral water and a coffee.

Now, you've worked with Bill for a
very long time now,

you knew his routine. And three
nights ago,

intending to give Bill an overdose
of Meridil, you waited for his order

to arrive and then, we assume, you
went and visited his room yourself.

Now, I don't know what you talked
about. It doesn't really matter.

One thing's for certain.
When you were inside that room,

you made sure that Bill left you
alone for a moment, and that's

when you added the crushed Meridil
to the coffee.

Now, we're waiting to hear back, but
we've contacted your mother's GP.

She passed away recently,
God rest her.

But, if she had heart problems,
I wonder,

was she prescribed Meridil as well?

That was your plan -
give Bill an overdose.

Except, a few minutes after
you left Bill's room,

what you didn't realise is
that Catrina went to see him.

I didn't mean to hurt her!
I know, but that is what happened.

You unwittingly killed her.

Then, as a result, you felt the need
to kill Bill Calder and stage

his death to look like a suicide.

Suicide would be a statement
of guilt

that Bill was Catrina's killer.

He couldn't live with what
he'd done.

And if we believed that Bill was
Catrina's killer,

then you, Terry Brownlow,
walked away scot-free.

So, how did he do it?

How did Terry murder Bill,
make it look like a suicide?

Yesterday morning, you came
to see Bill - to "talk to him".

As soon as you had a moment alone,

you deposited a large amount of the
drugs in the drink.

On top of his normal dosage,
wouldn't take long for the effect to

take hold and for Bill to die.

Terry then staged the scene to make
it look like Bill had taken

his own life,

placed Bill's body on the bathroom
floor with a glass of water,

the empty Meridil packets...and
then left the room.

So, Pippa, when you came along,
calling for Bill,

worrying about him, Terry was there
waiting, ready to help.

OK, Pippa? But why would he want
to kill Bill in the first place?

Well, I think
it comes back to loneliness.

Terry, by his own admission,

didn't have very many people
he connected with in life.

But Catrina was different.

She was the first person
in a very long time, perhaps ever,

Terry genuinely bonded with,
cared for.

Catrina was different,
never judged people.

It had become more than a
friendship to you, hadn't it?

You loved her - not in a romantic
sense, but as a father would,

am I right?

She was everything to me.

And like any caring parent,

who only wants what's best for their
children, it upset and angered

you, that Catrina's dream job was
being denied to her by Bill Calder.

She decided to give in to him,
not break her contract, film

another three series, that's what we
were talking about that afternoon.

I should never have told you
about it - I wish I hadn't.

I'm glad you did, it's just...

What you didn't realise is
that Catrina had changed her mind.

She spoke to her agent,
decided to confront Bill,

tell him she WAS leaving the show.
But, unaware of this,

you proceeded with the plan that you
already had in place - to get rid

of the man who was denying Catrina
her dreams - to murder Bill Calder.

Now, you said that Catrina only
told you on this trip that she

wanted to leave Hotspots.

But you already knew that was
the case before you left,

three months ago. That's right.

Because you brought your mother's
old Meridil tablets with you.

You'd already realised that taking
Bill's life might be the only

solution here. We know you didn't
much like the man.

Officially speaking, we should have
all been paid overtime.

Not now, Terry, old chap.

So, the thought of murder,

I don't think it caused you
too much trouble at all.

Not if it meant helping the young
woman that you'd grown to

care about more than anything else
in the world to achieve her dreams.

Night, Terry.

You might well have got away with it
if Catrina hadn't crossed the

corridor that night
and knocked on Bill Calder's door.

You can make the arrest.

Oh! You managed to catch him, sir.
Course not!

But I called the vet
again and I asked him,

did he know of anyone had
a polecat/mongoose/ferret?

So, let me introduce you to Sherman
Mk 2. But, sir, won't Darnell

notice he's a different animal?

I doubt it! Damn thing wasn't even
his pet to begin with.

Honestly, Darnell will be none the

Ah, look who it is!
She misses the entire investigation

and turns up just in time for
the beers!

Welcome back, Sarge!
Thank you. So, how was it?

Oh, it was beautiful, wasn't it?

Yeah, we went for massages,
swam in the sea, lay in the sun.

Stuffed our faces with food,

and we got engaged. Sorry, you...?

Yeah, we got engaged. Wow!

That's fantastic news -
fantastic! Congratulations, Sarge!

Thank you.
That's, like, the best news ever!

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd say
that calls for a round of the

finest rum punch money can buy.
I'll come with you, sir.

So, Detective Sergeant Cassell,
congratulations. I mean it.

Thank you, sir.

You know, finding someone
you want to share the rest of your

life with is just about the best
thing that can happen to a person.

You don't want to be alone.

I'm made up for you.

I'm not so sure Inspector Mooney
should use this Sherman to

replace the old one.

Why's that, Ruby? Because this
Sherman, well...

He's a she. What?

You know what?

The inspector's had a long few days.

Let's just hold off on breaking the
news to him just yet, hm?

Hey! Here we are.

Celebration! Get this into you.

OK, to Sherman!
Here's to the happy couple.

ALL: Cheers!

Dad would have been proud I kept his
dream alive for so long.

To Paradise Skies. Paradise Skies.

Dad wouldn't have been proud of
you -

he'd have killed you for doing this.

Benedict, no! Benedict Dacre,
sir - the coffee king.

Inspector, look at me.

I did not kill my husband.

They want...they want me to go to
prison, don't they?

What do you know about crabs?

Yes, yes, yes!