Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Beyond the Shining Sea: Part Two - full transcript

Jack and his team face the toughest challenge of their lives when tragedy strikes close to home.

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PATRICE: Listen to me, please.
I know he didn't do this.

We need to do something.
Do you know what's been going on?

Then we need to talk.

FLORENCE: I'm following Patrice
in his car.

We're heading north,
out of Belle Mer.

Please, please call me.

Patrice? It's me.

Do you know something
about Harrison?










Jack Mooney's phone.

Please leave a message after
the tone.


You're quiet, sir.

Me? No, just...

Usually, when you solve a case,

you get a genuine sense of
closure, you know?

And you're not feeling that
with the Tiana Palmer case?

No. I'm not.


It's DS Cassell.

Hey, Sarge.


Is everything all right?

She's hurt.

She says she's been shot.

She's what? Where is she?

I should've stayed outside.

Waited for you.

No, no, no, no, that's OK, Sarge.

Just tell me where you are,
and we'll be straight there.

I don't know.

Followed Patrice. North.

Can you describe where you
are at all?

It's empty.


Sarge? Sarge!

She's not responding.

Did she say where she is?

Yeah, she said that she followed
Patrice somewhere north.

She said it was empty.

There's a map in the Jeep.OK.

JACK: Florence's voicemail said she
overheard Patrice on the phone

arranging to meet someone,
so she followed him.

JP: Well, this is the only place
north of Belle Mer.

It's an old boat yard.

RUBY: Look, there's Patrice's car.

You two take the back. But be
careful, whoever did this
might still be in there.

She said an empty room.


Oh, no! Florence?

Can you hear me?

JP: Sir?

Tell me if you can hear what
I'm saying, Florence.

You're going to be all right.



Just stay awake now, Florence.
You're going to be fine.


Did you see who did this to
you, Florence?

No.OK, don't worry, just stay
with me.

Stay still. I've got you,

You're going to be OK.

Just through here.
This way, JP!

It looks like a single bullet wound
to the stomach. She's conscious.

How is she, sir?

I don't know, JP. She's alive.

Sir, I think you need to see

It'll have to wait, JP.
Sir, it can't wait!

Oh, God, no, Patrice!

There's bruising to his left temple,
so whoever did this hit him.

Do you think this is connected
to the Tiana Palmer case?

I do, sir, yes.

Harrison Green was arrested
just over an hour ago.

Even though he admitted he did it,

Patrice here was convinced
Harrison was innocent.

Harrison is not a killer.
I've known him all my life.

Florence overheard Patrice on the
phone to someone...

talking about Harrison.

Then we need to talk.

And he arranged to meet whoever
it was here.

Yeah, I know it. 20 minutes.

DS Cassell followed him, and...

The rest you know.



I checked the last dialled number
on Patrice's phone,

made an hour ago. The call Florence

It's a landline for the villa
on Rosalie Island.

Ewan Boyd's place?

Who's Ewan Boyd?

Ewan Boyd owns a lucrative financial
investment company.

A millionaire many times over.

And he lives on this Rosalie

He divides his time
between New York, London

and, erm, his Caribbean bolthole,
as I believe he calls it.

Is he there at the moment?

I heard mention he's back.

Anyone else live there? He usually
arrives with some sort of entourage.

There's something in that bag.


A cushion?

Yeah. Pretty good fabric, too.

Why would someone put a
lovely-looking cushion in a bag,

then throw into the sea?

Because perhaps
they didn't want it any more?

JP: Captain says we'll be
at Rosalie Island

in ten minutes, Inspector.

Which way to the house?

I'll show you.

It seems we have company.

I'll deal with it.


I'm Frances Compton.

How can I be of help?

Detective Inspector Jack Mooney.

We'd like to speak to everyone
currently residing at that house

about an incident that occurred on
Saint Marie this afternoon.

Please, come this way.

Ewan Boyd.

Welcome to Rosalie Island,

Well, I appreciate you finding
the time to talk to us, Mr Boyd.

No, Ewan, please.

What's this all about, then?
It's the police, Martin.

They're here to talk to us about
a murder on Saint Marie.

Christ. This is going to
be fun, then.

This is Martin Stow, Inspector.

He heads up my legal team.

Yes, excuse the clobber,

but you catch me
on one of the rare occasions

when I managed to make it
into the gym.

Three days ago, a young woman by the
name of Tiana Palmer was murdered,

we believe by her boyfriend,
Harrison Green.

Either of those two names
mean anything to you?

We... know Harrison.

We use his water-taxi to get to and
from the mainland.

And you all used it?

Well, Frances and Ewan
probably more than me, but...

Are you sure it was him? He seemed
like a very pleasant kid.

Well, he's just confessed to it.

But since then, there's been another
murder. Bloody hell!

And just to be clear, none of you
have come across Tiana Palmer?


No, I don't know her.

Never met the girl.
Pretty, though.

I'm sorry, what does any of this
have to do with us?

After Harrison was arrested,
his best friend,

a man called Patrice Campbell,

phoned this villa here.

Patrice spoke to whoever it
was who answered the phone

and arranged to meet them on Saint
Marie to talk about Harrison.

My DS followed Patrice to that

and both of them were shot.

And the call to this villa
was made at...

..1.30 this afternoon.

And lasted for...


Two minutes, three seconds.

So it follows that one of you
answered the phone.

One of you spoke to Patrice

Well, I know I didn't.

I did hear the phone ring,
but I was busy working...

PHONE RINGS I... I didn't pick it up.

I assumed someone else answered.


I was taking a... siesta after

PHONE RINGS all too happy to
let it ring out.

So you're saying there was no-one
else here, on the island,

yet none of you answered the call
made by Patrice Campbell?

And tell me, does anyone here own a

Sorry, who do you think we are?

It's OK, Martin. The Inspector's
just doing his job.

No. No, Inspector, none of us
owns a gun.

Right, and did anyone here leave the
island in the last two hours?


Out of curiosity,

if you did need to get over to the
mainland, do you have the means?

Well, we have a small tender, but
it's being serviced on Saint Marie.

Although, the previous owners
left a little skiff behind,

but that had a hole in it, right?

Chucked it out, few years back.

So there you go, Inspector.

We don't have a gun and we don't
have a ruddy boat,

so it can't be one of us that
did it.

I hope that clears things up
for you.

I want you to search this
place, high up and low down.

See if you can find a gun,
or any evidence of one.

BOTH: Yes, sir.

Let's see if they were telling the
truth about not having a boat.


Any news?

Well, we searched the house.

There's no sign of a gun or
any bullets,

or even paperwork for a weapon.

And what about you, sir?
Did you find their boat?

No, Ruby, I didn't.

Went around the whole
perimeter of this island,

no watercraft to be seen anywhere.


Mind you, I think this is where they
used to keep their skiff.

Couple of oars there
and some fuel canisters.

But no actual boat.

So maybe it wasn't one of
them that did it.

But who did Patrice speak to at the
villa if it wasn't one of them?

Hang on!




Like peas in a pod.

The one from Rosalie Island

is an exact match for the one I
found floating not a hair's breadth

from where Patrice was murdered.

All three of them deny coming over
to meet Patrice.

But if one of their cushions
made it over to Saint Marie,

then that means
someone must've brought it.

I mean, it didn't travel here by
itself, did it?

But why would a killer bring a
cushion to commit murder?

And how? They didn't have a boat.

I mean, it was 20 minutes
between Patrice making a call

and him being shot,

so they couldn't have swum it
in that time.

So how did our murderer get
to Saint Marie and back again?


Commissioner. How's Florence?

Well, that is fantastic news, sir.

Thank you, sir.
Thanks for letting us know.

She's out of surgery. They managed
to remove the bullet successfully

and see no reason why she can't make
a full recovery.

Well, it's late.

We should try and get some sleep.

In the morning, I will pay a visit
to Harrison Green

and see what he has to say
about what happened to Patrice.

Thank you. Both of you.

That was a tough hand we
were dealt today,

but you stayed focused, kept going
and you acted with integrity.

You can be very proud of
yourselves. Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

You really put the wind up us
for a while there,

Detective Sergeant Cassell.

Don't ever do that to me again.


There she is.

You OK?

You're in hospital.

You took a bullet, remember?

But the doctors say
you've nothing to worry about.

Patrice... he OK?

Florence, I'm so sorry.

There's no easy way to say


Oh, my goodness, no!

We all know there was a gun
kept here in this office,

but now it's gone,

and a man has been shot
dead, so who the hell took it?

OFFICER: Steady!

No. You all right, sir?
No way, not Patrice.

Sorry, Harrison.

I don't understand.
Who did this? Why?!

This is what I'm trying
to tell you. Whoever it is did it

because Patrice wanted to speak to
them about you,

about you not killing Tiana.

But I did.

I told you. It was me.

No-one else. I stabbed her!

And there was no-one else
involved? No!

And what about the people
on Rosalie Island?

Is there something you're not

telling me about your relationship
with them? No.

They've been good to me.

Given me a lot of work over
the years, and friendly with it.

In what way friendly?

Just chatting with me on my

No more.


What I did to Tiana...

..I did it on my own.

Because I had to.

I was bursting with pain.

And I did it to make it stop.

COMMISSIONER: You met with Harrison
this morning. What did he say?

Well, he insists that he acted
alone when he stabbed Tiana.

And he says the only connection
he has to the residents of Rosalie

is their use of his water-taxi
the last few years.

But, sir, if Patrice met
someone from Rosalie Island

to talk to them about what Harrison
had done,

and then the same person
ended up killing him,

I mean, surely Patrice was
onto something, right?


Somebody was trying to
silence Patrice.

Which means there's more
to Tiana Palmer's murder

than we first thought.

And it all links back
to Rosalie Island.

Our job is to find out
what that connection is.

RUBY: So, Ewan Boyd. Originally from
Edinburgh, in Scotland.

At the age of 27, he set up an
investment company.

His current net worth is - get
this - 33 million.

I mean... 33 million?! Ah!

Frances Compton.

Joined Ewan's company in
the early '90s

as in-house psychiatrist
and motivator.

Her official title now
is Company Vice President.

In-house psychiatrist and

How does that work?

It's not uncommon
in high-finance companies.

It's all about keeping
employees' focused.

You know, getting rid of negative
thoughts so they can perform at
their best.

And earning their CEOs as much money
as is possible, I assume.

And finally, Martin Stow.

Boyd's legal executive. Works at a
corporate firm in New York City

and was a partner by the age of 30,

but left not long after to work
in-house for Boyd.

Right. They all claim
they were on Rosalie Island

at the time of the shooting,
so how did they do it?

We searched that island high up and
low down, there was no boat there.

And I checked the harbours
this morning,

and no-one hired a boat for them or
went to pick anyone up.

So where do you intend to start?

Well... far, there is no hint in the
Tiana Palmer investigation

of a link to Rosalie Island.

But maybe we haven't come across one

because we weren't looking for one.

Tiana's phone and her laptop.

We need to recover deleted
files and web history.

You know, stuff Tiana didn't want
people to find.

My cousin Roscoe is an absolute
genius when it comes to computers.

Right, Commissioner Patterson?

Roscoe is annoyingly proficient
when it comes to technology.

OK, I'll be back.

Right, give Roscoe a bell.

Sure thing.

JP, how are you getting on with the
suspects' phone records?

Ah, yes.

So we have lots of calls made to New
York and to London,

and a fair few made to Harrison.

I assume when they needed
transport to the mainland.

Apart from that, there's only one
other phone call

made to a Saint Marie
number in the last month. Who to?

To a luxury gift shop in Port

and it came from Ewan
Boyd's phone number.

Well, it's not much to go on,
but if we're looking for a link

between Rosalie Island and Tiana
Palmer, we've got to start



So this is what Ewan Boyd ordered
just over three weeks ago.

And get this - he even asked for an
inscription to be made.

"For Tiana from E".

And a kiss?

So Ewan did know her.

It appears so, sir.

And had feelings for her, too,
I think it's fair to surmise.

The thing is, the shop delivered
it to Tiana a week ago,

and she returned it back the
same day.

She didn't even ask
for a refund,

just said she couldn't accept

So let's start again,
how did you and Tiana meet?

Well, she came to a party
here, on the beach...

An open-house thing.

A few locals from Belle Mer came
over. Tiana was one of them.

And what? You just got chatting?

Well, that's how it works for me,
Inspector, meeting women.

Do you have a different approach?


Not sure I have an approach at all,
to be honest with you, Ewan.

But then, I was never one for
chatting up girls half my age.


Did Tiana ever mention
she had a boyfriend?


That's why she was out drinking, she
said, letting off steam.

Seemed like they were going
through a rough patch.

And after the first night
that you met,

how many times did you see
her after that?

She came to a couple of other

It was early days.

And yet you were already sending her
expensive jewellery.

I just wanted her to know
that I was interested, that's all.

Except, she wasn't.

Miss Palmer...

..returned the jewellery.

So I believe. And you were angry
about that?

Disappointed, no more.

Is there something the matter,

It's all a bit convenient,
don't you think? What is?

A young woman who rejects you

is killed a few days later

and her boyfriend arrested.

Convinced her boyfriend
is innocent,

a friend of his phones this
villa here

to see if he can get at the
truth of the matter.

And what happens?
He winds up dead himself.

Now do you see the picture
I'm painting for you, Ewan?

How it looks to us?


It's Ruby, I'd better take it.

Excuse me a moment.


I need a glass of water.

That's fine, Mr Boyd.

I wasn't asking your permission.

And you say this was in Tiana's
deleted internet history? Yes, sir.

I took her laptop to Roscoe, and
he's managed to recover everything

she got rid of in the last month.

Good man, Roscoe.

Absolutely. And he's also forwarded
you a link to her e-mails,

and it should be waiting for you in
JP's inbox.Great. Thanks, Ruby.

Ah, thank you, sir. Bye!

OK, I've got them, sir.

"I understand your desire
to get to know Mr Boyd better.

"But maybe some time apart
might be more advisable.

"Some breathing space, perhaps."

And they're all
from Frances Compton.

So that's another one of
our suspects

who lied about the fact
they did know Tiana.


Well, you need to understand,

Tiana wasn't the first pretty young
thing Ewan showed an interest in.

He likes to let his hair down
every now and then, as a release.

Ewan's infatuations
never last long,

and the kind of girls he attracts
can be a little hard to shake off.

It's his money, you see,

makes them rather... clingy.

And so you, what? You make sure they
get the message it's over?

I'm more adept than Ewan
at sugar-coating the pill.

It's always been a skill of mine -
managing people's expectations...

..helping them... come around
to my way of thinking.

But from what I know of Tiana,

I struggle to believe that she'd
be after Ewan

because of his money.
Yeah, I sensed she was different.

She wanted more from their

and I didn't want
her getting hurt.

Which is why she returned the
jewellery Mr Boyd sent her.

She must've got the hint from
the e-mails.

I assume so.

And what about you, Frances?

What are your own feelings
for Mr Boyd?


Well, you've been working
with him for 30 years now.

You work together.

You live together.

You even holiday together,

judging by the photos
I saw up in his office.

We're very close.
I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

And what if someone
threatened that?

Not because they were after
his money,

but because they genuinely
cared about him.

How would you feel about that?
I'd be delighted for him!

But in the 30 years I've spent
with Ewan,

I've never once seen him stay
in a relationship

for more than a month or so.

It's, erm... Well, it's just not
what he wants from life.

Thank you for your time.

Is it me, or do you get the

it's really Frances who's pulling
all the strings round here,

not Ewan?


I wonder who MF is?

One of Ewan Boyd's many
dalliances, I imagine.


Ah, sir, you're back. I've got quite
a few things to update you on.

That's great, Ruby, just one sec.

Catherine! How are you?

I've just been to visit Florence.

Is she OK? The doctors are happy,
but... herself, not good.

She just wants to be with you,
trying to find Patrice's killer.

Maybe you could drop by this

Let her know how you're
getting on with the case?

OK, thanks, Catherine.

Yeah, we got engaged.


Hey, there.

Brought some visitors for you.

If you're up to it.

It's good to see you, Sarge.

It's really good to see you.

Yeah, well, I've looked bloody

Listen, if by some miracle
it turns up at your place,

you let me know straight
away, yeah?

If it's one of the three
suspects on Rosalie Island,

there must be some way they
were able to travel across

to Saint Marie and back.

They've no boat. No-one we know of
chartered them one.

And as for swimming it, well, that's
too far in the time they had.

That said, why was one of their
cushions at the crime scene?

You definitely didn't catch
a glimpse

of whoever it was
pulled the trigger?

I saw...

..movement in the shadows,
and I heard a gunshot.



That was it.

Ruby, you said you had
something from the lab?

Um, yes, they managed to connect...

the gun to a previous crime.

It was an armed robbery
about a year ago.

JP, are you aware of anyone who
might fence a dodgy weapon?


Well, the only guy I know that deals
with illegal weapons

is a man called Darrius
Brookes. Oof!

You know him?

Well, not personally, but I've heard
Uncle Selwyn mention him.

Not a fan of Darrius
is Uncle Selly.

They have history.

Well, that's where we go next.

But in the morning.


Hang in there, Sarge.

Yeah, hang in there, Sarge.


Sorry, I... should've...

We're supposed to be getting
married tomorrow.

I don't think
I know how to deal with this...

Well, the thing that
helped me was... think if Kathleen had the

..what would she want me
to do with my life?

And the answer always came
back the same.

She'd want me to try and be
happy again.



If you're feeling
like there's no point to it all...

..just look at the ring on your
finger, who it represents...

..and think, what would he
want for you?

Try and get some sleep.

A friendly sort, then, is our


Mr Brookes.

Detective Inspector Jack Mooney.

OK, well, that didn't play out
quite as I'd hoped.


Come back here now.

We need to have a little chat.

So, how long
have they been in there now?

Three minutes since the last time
you asked me, Ruby.

Which is what?

30 minutes.

They have been in there half
an hour.


Thank you, JP.

So how did it go, sir?

Well, the Commissioner
played a blinder.

Darrius sang like the
proverbial canary.

Him and I have, erm, history.

Told you.

What did he say? A week ago, he was
approached by one of the residents

from Rosalie Island and sold
them a gun.

So who did Darrius sell the
gun to?

I don't know who this Darrius
fellow is,

and... I don't know why, but he's
making the whole thing up.

He is? Right.

So you're saying that you and
he have never met or even spoken?


This is Mr Brookes' mobile phone.

There was a call received on it...

..yesterday at 6.29.

Now, I'm going to phone the incoming
number right now.

Let's see what happens.


Right, I'm not saying another word.
Fine. JP, Ruby, arrest him.

No, you're not doing this.

Martin Stow, I am arresting
you on suspicion of murder.

I haven't murdered anyone,
for God's sake!

You don't have to say anything...
Ewan! Ewan! Get in here now!

..but anything you do say
may be given in evidence

against you in a court of law.
What is happening?

They know about the gun, Ewan.
They know about the bloody gun.

Would someone care to tell
me what the hell is going on?

In private, please.

The... the truth of the matter

..I'm ill, Inspector.

A brain tumour. I was receiving
treatment back in New York,

but it wasn't really working, so...

Well, if you're forced
to face your final days,

you might as well do it
somewhere sunny, eh?

I'm sorry, Ewan.

Have they said...?

A year, give or take.

That's why Martin is over here,

sorting my affairs.

It's a complicated process.

Boards of directors
and trustees to consider.

And making sure I honour the most
loyal of my friends and associates.

The thing is...

..the gun was mine.

I asked Martin to get it for me.

And why did you need a gun?

Well, I've lived my entire life
on my own terms.

Always have.

In every way.

When I finally go...

..I want to be in control
of where it happens,

how it happens
and when it happens.

But when I specifically asked if
anyone on Rosalie Island had a gun,

you were all lying to me
when you said you didn't.

When you left the island that night,

we assumed you hadn't found
the gun because I'd hidden it.

When I went to look for it,
it had gone.

When you asked us two days ago

if anyone else was on the island on
the afternoon of the shooting,

we said no. And at the time, that's
what we thought.

But, in light of everything,

we now think someone did get
onto Rosalie Island.

They found the gun,

they took it, and they used it to
commit murder.

Because I can promise you... was none of us here
that did it.

Maybe Ewan Boyd was right...

..and it wasn't one of them
who killed Patrice.

But then, why phone Rosalie Island?

He must have wanted to speak to one
of the people living there.

And it can't be a coincidence
that this cushion was found

only steps away
from where Patrice was killed.

Which brings us back to the other

that we still haven't
answered. How did they do it?

There's no boat on Rosalie

no-one went to pick them up,

and it's too far to swim
in 20 minutes.

So how did they get to the mainland,
commit murder and back again?

My dad used to say,

when he was stuck on a case,

"If you've stopped moving forward,

"then the best thing
to do is to go back."

I'm going back to Belle Mer.

Just the one, please.

You don't understand.

You don't understand.

Welcome to Rosalie Island,

You don't understand.

We're very close.
I loved her.

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of murder.




You've been discharged?

I didn't know where to go, so...

So you came here.


You're leaking.

Oh, yes, so I am.

Must be a crack in it.


Thank you.

I'm afraid I haven't managed to
catch the person

who did this to you. I'm sorry.

It's OK. I know you will.

I never thought of that!

That's why it was there,

like this tissue is here.

Well, then, that would make
sense of it. Yes, absolute sense,

now that I think of it.

And if I'm right about this...

Well, then, that's why you'd bring
a cushion along to a murder!

Although the previous owners
left a little skiff behind,

but it had a hole in it, right?

Chucked it out, few years back.

Why would someone put a
lovely-looking cushion in a bag?

We searched that island high up and
low down, there was no boat there.

Which way to the house?
I'll show you.

Well, isn't that the darnedest
thing? You know what happened?

Well, I need to get back to the

JP, I need you to arrange a
dive team,

and get them over to that stretch of
water near the crime scene.

Sarge? What are they
looking for, sir?

I'm OK.
A boat, JP.

A lit... A little boat.

I'm on my way.

Ah, yes! Here we go.

What are those?

The e-mails Tiana wrote.

The answer has to be
in them somewhere.


What was this really all about?

Magnifying glass!

My goodness!

Who's this?

Tiana Palmer's birth mother.

"I understand your desire
to get to know Mr Boyd better.

"But maybe some time apart
might be more advisable."

If you're forced to face your
final days,

you might as well do it
somewhere sunny, eh?

At last! At last it makes
some flaming sense.

Ruby, grab the crime scene kit.

I need you to do
some fingerprint dusting. Yes, sir.

We're going to Rosalie Island?

Oh, Florence, I...

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

I mean, you don't want to have to...


I want to know who did this to me.

To Patrice.

Three days ago,

after Harrison Green was arrested,

at 1.30 in the afternoon, Patrice
Campbell phoned this villa.

Now, why did he call here?

Well, I think he was confused
and frustrated.

His best friend, in his mind, had
been wrongfully arrested for murder.

And having heard that a top lawyer
was visiting Rosalie Island,

he called here
to try and enlist your help.

But it wasn't Martin
who answered the phone.

It was Frances. Sorry?
What?! That's ridiculous!


JACK: Patrice...

Then we need to talk... voiced his
belief that Harrison was innocent,

and you started to worry.

To contain the situation

and make sure Patrice didn't
speak to anyone else,

you needed to meet him in person,
as quickly as possible.

Which brings us to the part
of this case that made no sense.

How did you manage to make
it all the way to Saint Marie

and back again without any means
of transport?

Well, as it turns out,

there was a way for Frances to
return here after the shooting -

on the same boat that we
travelled to Rosalie Island on.

Not a particularly big boat,
but there was a little area

where you could remain hidden,
unnoticed, under a tarpaulin.

I have just had Officer Patterson
dust that area for prints,

and you'll never guess what she
found. Prints belonging to...

..Frances Compton,

found on the tarpaulin
and on the fuel canisters.

So we know how you got back here,

but how did you make it over to
Saint Marie in the first place?

You told us yourself the only
boat on Rosalie Island

had been chucked out a
few years ago.

But that was an outright lie.

While Ewan was right about
the boat having a hole in it,

I think you still kept it in the
shed down near the beach.


I found this near
where Patrice was shot.

You've some experience with
boats, I believe, Frances?

We both have. We've been on
countless sailing holidays.

Well, I just checked with our
boatman, Barney, on the way over.

And apparently,
if your vessel's gaining water,

the first thing you need is
something waterproof

to plug the hole. But also something
that will expand outwards

to keep the plug in place. Like
a cushion in a plastic bag.

Now, let's be clear.

I don't think you went
to Saint Marie

with the intention
of killing Patrice.

But you were worried that he was
onto you in some way.

And so, as insurance,
you took the gun.

I have no idea what was said
between you that afternoon,

but one thing I do know.
When his fiancee,

an officer in the Saint Marie police
force, turned up,

that's when things started to

And you panicked.

If Patrice spoke to Florence

and the police started to look
into what had gone on,

well, then your involvement
in Tiana Palmer's murder

would be exposed.

And that's why you had to
silence Patrice.

And you hit him.

Which explains the bruising on his
head. You knocked him out.


JACK: But DS Cassell was
still a threat.

FLORENCE: Look, whatever it is, I
can help, OK?

If she saw you and Patrice's
unconscious body,

well, then your secret
would still come out.

Do you know something
about Harrison?

And you decided you had no
choice but to act.

Unknown to you, she wasn't dead.

She was able to call us and
alert us as to where she was.

But with Patrice as good as a
witness to you committing murder...

Florence... had to shoot him, too.

In his case, killing him.


JP, I'm putting you on

They've found it, sir.

A small skiff
about ten feet out.

And there's a name painted
on it. "Rosalie".

Forced to adjust your plan,
you realised you couldn't go back

to Rosalie Island on your skiff
or you might be seen.

So you decided to get rid of it.

You pulled out the plug
you'd made earlier

and you let the boat sink out
of sight.

As for the gun, well, I assume,
as we never found it,

you just lobbed it into the sea.

And then you stayed out of
sight yourself.

Waiting. Biding your time.

Until our boat arrived.

You were trapped,
with no way of getting back.

So as soon as the boat
was left unattended,

you seized your opportunity
and you went on board.

You found a place to hide, a place
so risky you knew we'd never suspect

that all along Patrice's killer
was right there next to us,

on the same boat we were
using to get to Rosalie Island.

And when we arrived here,
you snuck away.

We had no idea you were there.

I'm sure you knew a quicker way back
to the house than we did.

So, when you appeared at the

as if you'd been there all

well, nobody was any the wiser.

I'll deal with it.

But why? Why... why did any
of this happen?

This is Tiana's birth mother.

She was adopted, Tiana,

and she was raised over
there, in Belle Mer.

She was left with this photo as her
only connection to her real mum,

who she's never known.

Do you recognise her, Ewan?

This was years ago, right?

23 years ago, to be precise.

Marie Forrest. Or MF, as you carved
into the wood

on your arbour down there.

I wonder who MF is?

We had fun. She stayed here for a
couple of months.

I liked her.

But it didn't come to
anything. Not for you, maybe.

But for Marie, it did.

She had a daughter. Your daughter.


And when Tiana came here
that first night,

she had no idea that you
were her dad.

Welcome to Rosalie Island.
I'm Ewan.

But there was something she
saw here.

Now, that's when she first

Summer of 1996,
the time she was conceived.

And if, like us, she also saw the
carving, well,

I imagine she put two and
two together.

Is that what happened, Frances?

I tried to put her off the scent,
but she knew.

She just knew. She said she could
feel it when she met him -

Ewan was her father.

And she wanted a DNA test.

And I knew what the result
was going be,

and it was all going to come
out sooner or later.

So you decided she needed to die?

Why, why, why did she need
to die?

You said to me the other day,
Ewan, in your will,

you wanted your most loyal friends
and your colleagues to be rewarded.

Now, would I be right in thinking
that Frances does particularly well?


I've left her half my estate...

..and a controlling
share of the business.

If you found out you had a
daughter, well, then,

no doubt, you would want to provide
for that daughter after you'd gone.

It would be her that would inherit
the lion's share of the estate,

your business...

And that's why Tiana had to die.

I don't understand. Why would this
Harrison bloke

kill Tiana for Frances?

Because he didn't know
he was doing it for her.

Patrice had grown up with Harrison.

They were best friends. And he swore
Harrison was gentle.

He didn't have it in him to kill.

PATRICE: He's good.
He's kind, gentle.

You can't seriously
think he killed Tiana.

So how come he became this man

who was so angry with Tiana
that he had to kill her?

I was bursting with pain.

I needed to make it stop.

Well, because, on their frequent
trips to and from Saint Marie,

Frances had started to poison
Harrison's thoughts.

Harrison was in a vulnerable
state. He... he was under pressure.

His business was struggling.
He had debts.

And his girlfriend was having doubts
about their relationship.

He was ripe, in other words, for
Frances to drip-feed into his head

how unbearable his hurt would be at
losing the love of his life.

You're very good at getting
people to do what you want,
aren't you, Frances?

I mean, it's your job,
let's be honest here.

It's always been a skill of mine -
managing people's expectations,

helping them... come around
to my way of thinking.

And that's what you did
with Harrison Green.

You cleverly, subtly,

wantonly worked him up into thinking
the only way out of this situation

was to commit murder.

You... you twisted his mind
against Tiana.

Gaslighting is one word for it.

Manipulating someone into
questioning their own sanity.

And to this day, Harrison doesn't
know what you did.

But we know. You brainwashed him
into killing Tiana.

And then you murdered
Patrice to cover it up.

Because of you,
a mother and a father

have lost their only daughter,

and a young woman

has lost the man she wanted to spend
the rest of her life with.

Ruby, you can make the arrest.
Yes, sir.


I will.

Yes, Sarge.

Frances Compton...


I'm arresting you...

..for the murder
of Patrice Campbell.

You handled yourself with real
dignity back there, Florence.

Thank you, sir.

I've been thinking about what
you said.

How you dealt with losing
your wife, and...

..I realised... came here.

You left everything behind
and you made a new start.

Well, yes, I...

..I guess I did.

Wasn't planned, though.

Just happened.

Well, I think that's what I need
to do, too.

For a while, at least.

Go away?

Saint Marie is a small island,

..I don't think there's
anywhere here

that doesn't have a memory
of Patrice in it.

So maybe if I... go
somewhere else,

I can just pretend I'm
someone else.

Oh, now, please don't do that.

You're pretty perfect
as you are.

I have some family on Martinique, so
I think I'm going to stay with them.

After that...

..who knows where?

And if I'm sad, maybe I can just
call you, and you can make me laugh.

It's a deal.

I'll miss you.

The feeling's entirely mutual.

JP: It won't be the same
without you, Sarge.

RUBY: Thank you so much,
DS Cassell.

FLORENCE: Thank you.

Well, I guess, erm, this
is it, then.

Well, I'll just go
and put your bags in the boot.

Yeah. I'll give you a hand,

You know, I really don't want you to
leave, Sarge.

But... you'll come back and
visit, right? Of course.

Martinique is not so far.

We could all come visit you.

I'd like that.

I'm sorry we're losing you
in these circumstances,

but I understand your decision.

Just know how grateful I am

for everything you've done
for this island.

Well, you're just so uptight,
Uncle Selly.

Go on, give her some
goodbye love.

You OK, sir?


Well, your carriage awaits.

Can't believe I'm going.

You look after yourself, Sarge,

and if there's anything you
need, just call us.

I will.

Well, I never said it before,

so I'm just going to go ahead
and say it.

Thank you, Detective Sergeant
Florence Cassell.

What for?

For being my friend from the moment
I set foot on this island.

Goodbye, sir.

Jack, please. For the love of God,
call me Jack.

Take care.

Goodbye, Jack.

Bye, Sarge. See you later, Sarge.
We're going to miss you.

And if you're feeling
like there's no point to it all,

just look at the ring on your

who it represents,

and think, what would he
want for you?

Got a new song to add
to tonight's playlist.

Whatever you say.

All right, everybody,
Dezzie Dixon here.

GUNSHOT Oh, Lord...

They think it's MY fault
that Florence got shot?

They're sending someone
over from Internal Affairs.

I am Detective Sergeant Madeleine
Dumas, Internal Affairs.

I'm sure you and your team
are extremely professional.

Welcome to Saint Marie. I think
you're going to have to start

looking for a replacement.