Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Episode #8.2 - full transcript

There is a new team member when the replacement for Dwayne arrives and the current case of DI Jack Mooney and his team involves a zookeeper who dies after being struck by a tranquilizer dart.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
And here's where it all began,
back in '75

when my father only had
two parakeets to his name.

Today, as you've seen,
we have 63 different species.

And I'm proud to say we're very much
still a family business.

For the Shepherd family,
this isn't just a zoo,

this is our home.




Got your message.

What have you found?

Honestly, her heart is fine.

I'm not getting any anxiety from her.

I don't know.

Audrey, she just doesn't
seem herself lately.


We talked about this.

You're eight months.

We can't risk you
going into their cages.

I know you're being protective,

but if you are like this now,

what are you going to be like
when the baby actually arrives?

[WHISPERS] Goodnight,
you beautiful girl.

Thanks for visiting Saint Marie Zoo.

Come again soon.

You didn't have to wait.

I'm sure you're all keen to get home.

- Xander.
- It's Saturday.

You guys go ahead.
I'll just stick this in the safe.

Really, I'd know if Audrey was unhappy.
It's my job.

All the same, I just think I
should stay with her tonight.

All night?

You don't have to do that.

Obviously, you can do what you want,
but you heard what Marina said.

Thank you, Iris.

I'm glad somebody trusts my opinion.

Come on, you know it's not that.

What happened to Xander?

I don't know, maybe he's found
something better to do.


- Xander!
- Is that a dart?

Get the antidote.

- Quickly, go, go!
- No, wait, wait!

It's too late, he's...

He's dead.

MUSIC: [You're Wondering Now
by The Specials]

Mrs Michelin, how nice
to hear from you.

No, I haven't forgotten.

Blue and pink boat named Samantha.

Coming and going, we get right on...

And to you, Mrs M.

That must be the third
time she's called today.

I don't know how you stay
so polite, sir.

You never know, Florence,
even a stopped clock is right

twice a day. Missed a bit.

Sir, are we really doing all
of this for her benefit?

No, no, no, not entirely.

But we do want to make a
good impression, don't we?

She's just out of police college,
shouldn't she be trying

to impress us?

You're forgetting, she's going
to report every tiny thing

- we do back to her...
- Commissioner!

Oh, we weren't expecting
you till the morning.

I thought it might be useful
for Ruby to meet you all

before she starts in earnest.

Detective Inspector Mooney,
meet Officer Ruby Patterson.

Well, delighted to have you here, Ruby.
This is DS Cassell.

- And...
- JP Hooper.

- I'm really looking forward
to working with you.

- Same. Same.

I feel like I know you all already.
I mean, uncle said...

...Commissioner Patterson has told me
so much about all of you.

All glowing, I hope.

Uh, I can't wait to get started.
Which one is my desk?

Here, I'll show you.

She's a remarkable young woman.

Of course, a raw talent such
as hers will always benefit

from some firm guidance.

Say no more, Commissioner.

If Ruby is a young sapling,
think of us as the rich

peaty soil in which...

Well, you get the gist.


I suggest you spend the next
couple of hours getting

to know your new colleagues.

I will expect a full
report in due course.

Sure thing, unc...

Commissioner Patterson.

So, you will probably
want to observe at first.

- If you have any questions, just...
- Actually, I have a whole heap.

Like, how long do we get for lunch,
because my brain can't function

- on an empty stomach?
- Well...

I brought the essentials -
pepper sauce - because it is not

tasty unless it tingles!

And a plant, which will most certainly
be dead by the end of next week.

Trust me, I kill everything!

Sorry, folks, to be the
bearer of bad news.

There has been a murder at the zoo.

Oh, no!

Not one of the animals?

So, at six o'clock Xander
put the takings in the safe

before he joined the others.

But he never made it.

- So who found his body?
- All of them.

His brother, his sister, his wife.

And a member of staff.

Do we know if the money
made it to the safe?

Just about to check, sir.

I have the combination
to the safe right here.

According to this,
the zoo shuts at five.

So it would have been empty
at the time of the murder.

Human-wise, anyway.

Did you know there are over
60 different species here?

Why didn't anyone tell me
about this place?

I love a good zoo.

How are you getting on, Ruby?

Is that a tranquilliser dart?

It seems to be, sir, yes.

You'll also notice he has got blue
lips with foaming at the mouth.

It's actually pretty disgusting.

I suggest the dart was filled
with some sort of poison.

That's what I just said to JP.

I said poison.

I assume, being a zoo,
they keep a dart gun here.

Yes, sir, but check this,

the cupboard has been smashed
open and the gun is missing.

- Is it now?
- Sir, the money was in the safe.

So the killer wasn't after cash.

That means Xander must've been killed
on his way back from the office.

I also found these in the safe, sir.

Hate mail.

Going back ten months.

You think these could
be from the killer?

- It's hard to say.

But why lock them in the safe?

Most people would just go
to the police, wouldn't they?

This Xander person must've had
something to hide.

We know this place was locked
at the time of the murder.

So how do we suppose the killer got in?

JP, Ruby, search the perimeter.

See if you can find any
hidden entry points.

Sure thing, Mr Mooney, sir!

Unless the shooter is
still in here somewhere...


No, I've never seen these before.

He didn't mention them to me.

"You should be behind
bars, not the animals..."

I might be wrong but doesn't that
sound like the animal rights lot?

Sorry, why would Xander
be a target for them?

Well, there's still some ignorant
people out there who believe

that keeping animals in cages is cruel.

Comes with the territory.

These would have nothing
to do with his murder.

I wouldn't waste your time with them.

FLORENCE: Did Xander have any
enemies that you know of?

Xander, no chance.

- He was solid.
- So how was he?

In the hours before he died,
any unusual behaviour?

I don't know about the
rest of you but to me,

he seemed quite preoccupied.

Well, of course he was, the
zoo was haemorrhaging money

and he seemed to be the only
person taking any responsibility.

When was the last time
any of you saw him alive?

Just after the clean-up, about six.

We always have tricks on a Saturday.

He said he was going to
take the day's takings,

put them in the safe and then
come back and join us in here.

You guys go ahead,
I'll just stick this in the safe.

Then he just...

He never showed.


Any of you hear the gun fire?

The thing with dart guns is, they
really don't make much noise.

So, we wouldn't have heard it in here.

You closed the zoo at five.

Any way a visitor could have stayed
behind, stowed away somewhere?

I count them in and out, every last one.

There's no way.

I'm curious, what makes an English
man start a zoo in the middle

of the rainforest?

My dad, he never got on with England.

He had this dream about kids
and animals living together

- in the wild.
- It's not exactly the wild.

- All the animals are in cages.
- That's since 1990.

I suppose you're probably too
young to have visited back then.

Actually, it's the first
time I've ever been here.

Well, that's a shame. I mean,
you're really not seeing us

at our best.

You should come back.

Perhaps next time I could
give you a private tour.

Thanks, I'll bear that in mind.

Shooter had a clear shot
at Xander from here.

I'm thinking, they wiped
the gun clean and dropped

it where they stood.

And then...

And then he left the way he
came in and disappeared back

into the rainforest.

That's a solid theory, Ruby.

But this can't be where
the shooter came in.

But we checked the whole of
the perimeter and this is

the only gap in the fence. And
it's where the gun was found.

You see here, where the wires
were cut, the edges curl

inwards, not outwards, meaning...

- The wires were cut from the inside.
- Exactly right, JP.

I have a feeling all this
is for our benefit.

The smashed gun cupboard,
the gun placed right

where we were sure to find it,
the hole cut in the fence.

Whoever did this wanted to create
the appearance of a break-in,

but it was no such thing.

Which means Xander could only have
been shot by one of four people.

Mm-mmm! You are way better
than my uncle described you!

Except at the moment he was shot,
all four of them were in the staff

room drinking beers.

So how do you shoot someone
from 60ft away

without the three people
next to you noticing?

Pardon me again for the little
hold-up, we had certain unforeseen

obstructions, but...
it's been dealt with.

So, Alfie Shepherd raises three
children alongside the leopards

- and the caimans.
- Yes, sir.

Although I found Xander's details
on a social networking site,

and it looks like he was sent
to boarding school in England

when he was 15.

Never understood boarding school.

Basically just prison
with cricket, isn't it?

As far as I can tell, Xander
only returned from England

five years ago, just
before his father died.

- With the wife in tow?
- No, sir.

Looks like they met over here.

They've only been married four years.

She's a vet and an animal psychologist.

Well, might be worth
checking with UK police.

Just on the off chance they've got
something on record for her.

Dylan Shepherd is a primatologist.
He's an expert on the green monkey.

And I got the sense he might
be a bit of a ladies' man.

Why would you say that?

You know when we spoke alone, he
gave me his number and offered me

a private tour of the zoo.

So an hour after his
brother is murdered,

he's hitting on a detective.

That's ice-cold.

Are we sure we don't
have a more flattering

photo of Iris? I mean, you see,

this is the reason why

you should always take two.

Iris is a herpetologist...

No, not a clue.

An expert in snakes and lizards.

She runs the reptile house.

I was always super scared of that place.

My brother used to tell me stories
about a kid who got bitten

by a snake there and died.

You think he made it up?

Well, you could never tell with Darcus,

but to this day I can't even
look at a snakeskin handbag.

OK, what do we know about Iris?

Doesn't seem to have a much
of a life outside the zoo.

Woman's got money, she was
wearing a $5,000 watch.

Could be fake.

Trust me, I used to work in
a pawn shop, I know fake.

I suspect it is real.

I ran a financial check and she
has eight different credit

cards, all maxed to the limits.

And last but not least...


Theo Roberts, born in
Saint Marie in 1982.

One brother, moved to the
British Virgin Islands

when he was eight.

Oh, and he spent the last 15
years in and out of jail.

He's still on parole now.

- What was he in for?
- Nothing major - theft mostly.

Right, have we checked
Xander's personal effects,

mobile phone, wallet,
that sort of thing?

His wallet's here, sir.

No sign of a mobile.

That's a bit odd, isn't it?
I mean, everyone has a mobile.

See if there's anything
registered to his name.


Now, here's a puzzle for you.

Marina told us the zoo
was haemorrhaging money.

So why did Xander blow $300
on fillet steak

at the Panama Hotel yesterday?

JP, Ruby, first thing tomorrow,
head over to the Panama,

- find out who he was lodging with.
- Yes, sir.

Should we go undercover, check
in as Mr and Mrs Jones?

We could say we're on our honeymoon.

They might give us free stuff!

No need for that, Ruby. We just
go in as ourselves and ask

a few questions... but it was an
interesting suggestion, Ruby.

- Inspector.
- Commissioner.

Glad to see you're settling
in, Officer Patterson.

Uncle Selly, you didn't
need to check up on me.

Merely returning as promised.

Is this mother? Did she ask
you to keep an eye out?

Why don't we talk about this at dinner?

Thank you for your help today, JP.

No problem!

That's what I'm here for!

Ah, Catherine!
What a pleasant surprise!

I hope you don't mind, Jack,
but there's two women

from the Gazette outside.

They'd like a photograph.

- Maybe in your swimming costume.
- Sorry?

They're running an article about
the first detective to do

the Saint Marie Big Swim.

Oh, and who is this?


You, of course!

You're doing the Big Swim?


I'm not sure if that's
courage or insanity.

But, um, good luck to you.

Ready, Ruby?


I think what you're doing
is fantastic, Jack.

You're going to raise so much money
for the children's hospital.


Yeah. Just one more.

OK. Just keep that pose.

You didn't say you were picking me up.

I wanted to surprise you.

When did your boss start
doing modelling work?

The inspector is a man
of hidden talents.

That's enough, it's fine. Thanks, Jack.

- How are you, Patrice?
- All good.

Why didn't you tell us you
were doing the Big Swim, huh?

Because I'm not!

I've no idea where all this came from.


Playing shuffleboard a few weeks
ago, Delroy from the pharmacy,

he suggested a forfeit,
swimming out to Devil's Rock.

But that was a joke.

I'm not sure he was joking, sir.

I just checked online, you've
even got a sponsorship page.

Good for you, Jack!

I did it last year.

The hardest part is getting
through the first mile,

but after that, you can really
start to enjoy yourself.

Sorry, when does this event happen?

Don't worry, sir. It's not for two days.

This is an absolute calamity.

What am I going to do, Florence?

I'd struggle to swim a length
of the bath, never mind...

Patrice says he'd be glad to
give you some training tips.

Well, that's very kind of Patrice,
but what am I supposed to achieve

in two days?

And how am I front-page news?!

Xander only got page two,
and he was murdered!

Well, this might cheer you up, sir.

I heard back from the
UK police overnight.

- Oh, yes.

Xander's wife, Marina. What about her?

Apparently she has three
separate restraining orders,

two drug testing clinics
and one laboratory.

She used to be a member of a pretty
extreme animal rights group.

Remember, we asked her about
those animal rights letters.

Yeah, and she said we
were wasting our time.

She was adamant.

Too adamant, maybe.

I want you to search
Xander's house this morning.

Let's sound her out while we're at it.

So, how are things with you
and Patrice? Seems to be going well.


Is that a good "um" or a bad "um"?

I'm not used to things
feeling this easy.

It's like I'm waiting for
something to go wrong.

Ah, Florence...

There's little enough happiness
in the world.

When it comes your way, you've got
to grab it with both hands.

I was lucky enough to spend 25 years
and four months with Kathleen.

You know, the biggest regret is
the six months wasted plucking up

the courage to ask her out
in the first place.

Take it from me, you don't
want to waste a second.


Besides, he's absurdly handsome,
and he's got his own bar.

If you don't want him, I'll have him.

Looks fine, Ruby, honestly.

Helmet hair is no joke, JP.
The struggle is real.

So, let's first go into the reception.

- Sandrine!

I didn't recognise you! No way, girl.

- I'll just...
- Look, I'm a police officer!

- The world's gone crazy!


It's so good to see you. Oh, my God.
Give me some love.

You wouldn't happen to know where Xander
kept his mobile phone, would you?

He didn't have one.

We don't believe in them.

When you read what the blue
light does to your brain...

Are you sure you won't sit down,
Mrs Shepherd?

Thanks, but I'm pregnant, not infirm.

So, you're the zoo's vet?
An animal psychologist?


Forgive me, what exactly does
an animal psychologist do?

I'm guessing you don't
have leopards up on the couch,

banging on about their mothers?


The welfare of our animals is paramount.

It's my job to ensure they're
happy, as well as healthy.

And you've never felt
conflicted at all?

By the fact that the animals
are in captivity, behind bars?

No, why would I?

We know about your history
of animal rights protests.

That was years ago.

Why would you bring that up now?

It's just your sister-in-law, Iris,
I don't know if you remember,

she suggested these
might be the work of...

what did she call them? -
the animal rights brigade.

You think I'd send hate
mail to my own husband?

Well, you have to admit, it
certainly seems like a coincidence.

Why would Xander's death have
anything to do with animal rights?

It was personal.

Now, that suggests you know
of at least one person

who had a reason
to silence your husband.

I'm not pointing the finger here, OK?

But the truth is, he
was stealing from us.

I tried to defend him, but
Xander was so sure of it, he...

He was going to report
him to you guys today.

Report who?

Our zookeeper - Theo.

You were born here on Saint Marie,
is that right, Theo?

That's it, yeah.

I moved to the British Virgin
Islands when I was about eight.

Mum and Dad opened a bar out there,

but I always dreamed
of coming back here.

Would I be right in thinking
that your career up till now

has been a little chequered?


Yeah, that is, um... That
is one way of putting it.

So, how come you ended up
getting into trouble?

When we moved to the BVis, I
guess I was a little lost.

Went off the rails, usual story.

But that was then.

Now, thanks to this place, I've
been given a second chance.

- Still on parole, though.
- Technically, yeah.

But look around you.

Why would I risk losing all this?

Nevertheless, Xander
got it into his head

that you were stealing from him.

He just assumed that was
me because I had previous.

Look, I'm a changed man.

You can talk to my parole officer.

You were desperate to avoid
going back to jail,

willing to do anything to stop him,

- whatever it took.
- No, no. No...

You've seen my record,
I've never hurt anyone.

Besides, I was in the
staffroom the entire time.

How could I have done it?

Call me! We need to
find ourselves a party.

Oh, it's such a small world.

I literally haven't seen
Sandrine in, like, seven weeks.

Ruby, it's generally best not
to get yourself distracted

in the middle of a murder investigation.

- Oh, I'm sorry, JP. I...
- It's fine.

As it happens, the manager
has no record of who Xander

was meeting anyway, so
this was a waste of time.

Not at all, JP.

I've got the full
low-down from Sandrine.

Your hunch was right, sir.

Xander did own a mobile phone.

His last call was 45
minutes before he died.

They are just trying to
establish who it was to.

So, where is the phone now?

And why did Marina claim
he didn't have one?

All that guff about the blue light.

Do you think she was lying
about the letters, too?

I suspect not. I have a hunch the
letters were just a decoy,

like that hole in the face
and the broken gun cupboard,

just to put us off the scent.

Sir, we've just come back
from the Panama Hotel.

You tell him, Ruby.

Right, so, my friend Sandrine's
friend Mimi is a waitress there and,

lucky for us, she's a
world-class eavesdropper.

Anyway, she told me that Xander
was eating steak for lunch

with the guy who owns Adventure Parks.

The meeting was about
Xander selling the zoo.

But wait for the kicker.

Halfway through lunch,
Dylan Shepherd arrives,

starts yelling blue murder and
security have to drag him out

by the scruff of his neck.

Excellent work, Ruby.

Sounds like some really tenacious
investigating there.

Oh, and one more thing, sir,

Sandrine's grandfather used
to work here at the zoo.

She told me before he
died he went a bit gaga,

started ranting about a cover-up
here, how someone had gotten

away with murder.

With all due respect
to Sandrine's grandad,

I'm not sure how admissible...

But I was thinking, what
if it had something to do

with my brother's story about
the kid and the snakes?

- But you said he made it up.
- I checked last night.

He said he heard it from the older kids.

That's just a rumour.

A rumour has to start somewhere.

Well, if you think
there's something in it,

Ruby, no harm in checking it out.

Isn't that right, JP?

You have to trust your
gut, right, Mr Mooney?

It's DI Mooney.

OK? DI Mooney.

What's the name of that ambulance man?

The fella who's been
driving since forever?

- Archie Maddox?
- Archie Maddox.

Why don't you two pay him a visit,
see if he remembers anything

about the snake incident?

Florence, you and I,
I think it's about time

we had a chat with the monkey man.

Better hope he doesn't
proposition you again.

I don't know what came over me.

When I saw them sitting there,
eating steak and drinking wine,

I just... I lost it.

Made a complete fool of myself.

I'd say your reaction
was understandable.

You must have felt betrayed.

If I'd known it would be our last
proper conversation, then I...

Would I be right in thinking that
you have more of an emotional

connection to the zoo
than your brother had?

I've spent my entire
life here, all right?

Xander, he only came
back five years ago.

What brought him back?

Our dad, he was... He was sick.

So, how come Xander ended up taking
up the reins of the whole operation,

given he'd only recently returned?

You must have assumed
it would all come to you, no?


I don't remember. I don't
like to dwell on things.

Just out of interest,
why was Xander sent back to Britain

in the first place,

given you and your sister
both stayed put?

You'd have to ask my old man.

Sadly, he's buried over there.

Fun fact about the green monkey,

you can read their emotional state
by their facial expressions.

Isn't that right, Dylan?

Look, whatever he did, he
was still my brother...

...and I loved him.

Yes, thank you very much.
You've been very helpful.

That was Theo's parole officer.

He confirmed Theo had a
difficult childhood.

He even saw a psychiatrist in
the British Virgin Islands

when he was ten, but there
is no history of violence.

Well, that backs up what he said to us.

This is driving me nuts.

OK, Dylan, Marina,
Iris and Theo went this way.

Xander went that way.

He put the money in the safe
and then he was making his way back

towards the others, zip.

But how? They were all in the
staffroom the entire time.


I don't suppose you
could train a monkey

to fire a tranquilliser gun, could you?

Louis Ternier...

he's a private investigator...
the last number Xander called.

What was Xander doing with a PI?

I bet this is something to do
with the missing phone.

We'll find out when he calls me back.

Sir, look, you're famous!

Do you have to remind me?

Well, Archie will be there tomorrow
and he suggested we all drink plenty

of water, just in case you get
stung by a jellyfish and one

of us needs to pee all over it.

Thank you, Ruby. That's very

Now, did Archie remember anything
about the snake bite story?

Yep, he said it was all true...
the snake, the boy, the bite.

Well, he wasn't on duty that night,

so he doesn't remember much about it,

but he thinks it happened around 1990.



Xander would have been 15 in 1990.

That was the year he was packed off
to boarding school.

What was it your friend's grandad said?

Something about someone
getting away with murder?

What if it's all connected?

What if that's the reason
why Dylan was so reluctant

to open up about it?

We need to go back and talk to him.

Yeah, the only problem there
is it would be easier to get

a straight answer out
of one of his monkeys.

Sir, this might be a crazy idea, but...

...remember the tour he offered me?

You're going to go on a
date with a murder suspect?

No, that wouldn't be a date-date.

But if Dylan thinks I'm off-duty,
if he thinks I'm just interested

in the zoo, maybe he
will lower his guard.

Well, if there some way of us
listening in.

I found it in the back of
the store cupboard, sir.


- That good, sir?
- No, back where you were, JP.

- The more you live with them...
- There, stop.

...The more you come to see that,
really, they're just like us.

I mean, they feel jealousy,
they feel anger.

They feel love.

I'm afraid they're not
really into monogamy.

So, no monkey weddings.

None that I've been invited to, no.

So, um, what about you?

I take it you're not married?

It's just you're not wearing a ring.

What did I tell you? Man
totally thinks it's a date.

No, my job doesn't leave
me much time for that.

I get it. I mean, I hardly meet anyone.

The only females I know
are two feet tall,

covered in hair.

Anyone else peckish?

Cos, lucky for you boys,
Ruby brought the snacks!

I can't imagine what it's
like, growing up in a zoo.

It was paradise.

We were feral, like tiny Tarzans.



Yeah, it's a mosquito.

Sorry, the place is full of
them this time of the day.

I suppose, when you live here,
you barely notice them.

- I'm sure I'll live.
- Yeah.

You know, I heard this story
when I was younger about a child

who got bitten by a snake.

You shouldn't believe
everything you hear.

So it's not true?

It was a stupid dare that went wrong.

The barefaced liar!

Xander, he was only trying to scare me.

It was you? You're the
one who was bitten?

But it wasn't a big deal.

They gave me the antivenom.

But it spooked Mum and Dad, and
so they decided to send Xander

away for a bit, give him some...
some discipline.

But if it was an accident, it's
quite an extreme reaction, no?

To send your child to the
other side of the world?

- It wasn't my decision.

Anyway, look, it's... It's getting
late, so I should let you go...

...DS Cassell.

Looks like the whole snakebite
story is a dead end.

Well, that depends... whether you
believe Dylan's story or not.

Well, to be fair, I've had
plenty worse dates than that.

♪ Come on, now ♪

♪ Come on... ♪

I know she's trying her best,
sir, but she's so extra.

Why don't you just have
a gentle word with her?

Because anything I say, she's
just going to report it

straight back to her uncle.

And he was giving her all
this sexy monkey chat,

but she wasn't having any of it.

So, my girlfriend went on
a date with another guy

and you all encouraged it?

If it helps, all three of us
were listening in the whole time.

Florence, please tell
me they've never...

No, no, never.

As far as you know.


How are you feeling about
the swim tomorrow, Jack?

I'm trying to put it out of my
mind, to be honest with you.

I think you're more prepared
than you think you are.

Do you ever ride a bike, go for a run?

The closest I ever get
to exercise is playing darts.

I think it's about time
I told Catherine...

this has all been a terrible mistake.

Here is the hero of Saint Marie.

Have you checked your
sponsorship page, Jack?

You're up to $2,000.

- Wow!
- 2,000?

Half the island sponsored you

and I'm sure they'll all
be there to cheer you on.

♪ Time to stop and think ♪

♪ A while... ♪

All four of them were in here.

Xander's body was lying here.

And the gun was found over there,
beside the fence. There's no way.

There's no way they had
time to shoot Xander,

hide the gun here and make
it back to the staffroom.


Unless there was a second gun.

Do you think the gun
we found was a decoy?

- Like the hole in the fence?
- Has to be.

That was the PI.

Apparently, Xander was paying
him to obtain evidence.

- What kind of evidence?
- He's sending it through now.

I promise we'll look into
it as soon as we can.

All right, listen up, everyone.

I've just had a tip-off
about a secret smuggling

operation down at the harbour.

It's OK, Ruby.

We all know Mrs Mitchell and
she calls four times a day.

Well, then, she must be serious. I
mean, shouldn't we check it out?

Honestly, Ruby, it
would be a waste of...

You know what, Ruby?
It couldn't do any harm.

Why don't you pop down there,
keep lookout for a bit?

You mean, on my own?

I have every faith in you.

Sir... this is the evidence.

Xander received it an
hour before he died.

Well, what do you know?

Dylan and Marina.

I knew he was hiding something.

We're not here to judge you,
Mrs Shepherd.

Go ahead, I deserve to be judged.

I cheated on my husband
with his own brother.

Do you mind me asking how long?

It started six months after our wedding.

The truth is, I should
never have married Xander.

So, why did you?

Because he did a convincing
impression of a human being,

which lasted right up until
he put a ring on my finger.

The real Xander?

Cruel, controlling, obsessive.

It was a living nightmare.

When did you first see the pictures?

He left his phone on his desk
when he went to empty the tills.

As soon as he died, I knew what
you'd think if you saw these,

- but you have to believe me, I nev...
- Here was proof

- that Xander knew about you and Dylan.
- Yeah, but...

You had to find a way to protect
yourself and your unborn child.

Being a vet, the only weapon
you had was a tranquilliser gun.

But as a vet, I would
never harm a living soul.

And however miserable I was, I
would never want to leave my child

without a father.

So, it's definitely Xander's?

Even if it isn't, I'm
finished with this family.

I just want to go home.

I'm sick of paradise.

I tell you what, JP, this
is some serious tedium.

Police work is not like
what you see on TV.

Actually, Ruby, I'm a
bit busy right now.

I thought we'd be out chasing bad guys.

That's why I left hairdressing.

Well, that and a little
incident with a hair relaxer.

But, I mean, we should all
be going natural anyway.


Hold the phone, JP.

You are not going to believe this.

It's Samantha.

Mrs Michelin's boat,
it was here all along.

You know what? Make a note of
the time and take a picture.

A picture?!

A picture is not going to stop
an international smuggling ring.

- I'm going in.
- No, no, no. Wait.

Do not do anything until I get there.



I wasn't asking for back-up.

I would have been just fine without you.

I know you would, but...

Don't you trust me or something?

Morning, sir. Permission
to come on board.

Well, you can, sugar. Not
so sure about your friend.

I take it all these aren't
just for personal use,

- Mr...?
- Delacroix.

Emile Delacroix.

No, no, no. This is my profession.

I'm a purveyor of finest rum.

Perhaps I could interest you
in a little sample, sugar?

Oh, no. Rum and I are
not a good combination,

like petrol on a barbecue.

Oh, you needn't worry
yourself with those -

it's just a few clothes,
sentimental items.

Would you mind opening this for me, sir?

I would, only I can't for the life
of me remember where I put my keys.

Any chance it's the one
hanging around your neck?


You... keen eyes, um...



Like I say, nothing of any value, ey?

Whatever can that be?

Is this yours, sir?

I've never seen it before in my life.

Now, what would you say to a
case of free rum each, huh?

Hold this for one second.

I, I, I Really wouldn't do that.

- Snakes! Snakes! Snakes! Snakes!
- Stop right there! Stop!

Hold him down while I get my cuffs!




You shot me.

Emile Delacroix, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Xander Shepherd.

It's fine. It's fine, I'm good.
Thank you.

Thank God that dart only had
tranquilliser in it.

- It wasn't too sore, no?
- Not at all, sir.

I just felt a tiny sting,

then I felt dizzy,

and after that I don't
remember anything.

Shot in the line of duty, what?

As for you, Ruby, congratulations
on your first arrest.

Now, let's see what this Emile
fella has to say for himself.

Sir, you might want to
take a look at this first.

Xander who?

I wouldn't know him if he
were sitting right there.

Well, you're unlikely
to find him sitting anywhere

because two days ago he was murdered
with a tranquilliser gun.

Ah, so when you found...

...on my boat...


I see how you could jump
to certain conclusions.

It's not just the gun, Emile.

We also found a couple
of rare and deadly snakes,

but I'm sure there's a perfectly
innocent explanation for that.

All right, all right.

Maybe rum is not the only thing I sell.

Now and again, I also deal in...

And that is not even mine.

I'm just looking after it for someone.

Here's the thing, Emile,

I can see from your sheet you've got
six outstanding warrants...

tax evasion, fraud, harassment.

Now, do you really want me to add

obstructing an investigation
to that list?

Look, it's the truth.

She gave it to me just
after her brother died.

Get rid of this.

Don't ask me what a sweet girl like
Iris is doing with a dart gun,

but she asked me to hide it.

Sorry, no, I don't think
I know any Emile.

Did I mention the gun had two sets
of fingerprints on it?

The snakes were of a rare type
that could only have been bred

by one person within
a thousand miles of here.

Maybe he stole them, this Emile person.

I understand there's a thriving
black market in rare animals.

A lot of money to be made, Iris.

- I like your watch, by the way.
- This?

Oh, no, this is just a cheap knock-off.

Are you sure?

Because we have it on good authority
that not only is it genuine,

it would have cost you $5,000.


You don't know what it was like,

always having to wear
my brother's cast-offs,

never having anything that was mine.

And you've been trying to make up
for it ever since?

That's how the debt racked up.

Eight different cards,
all maxed to the limit,

no way of paying it off...

until Emile came along.

I never wanted to sell them.

He offered me $1,000 a snake.

Must have seemed like the
answer to all your prayers.

Yeah, at first.

But then he kept changing his mind,
said he could only get $200 a snake,

so I had to keep breeding
more and more of them.

I had to start borrowing equipment
from the zoo just to keep up.

And that's how Xander got wind of it.

Yeah, he spotted a missing vivarium.

I told him it was being repaired,
but he was suspicious.

So you finally found
a way out of your debt,

and Xander was about to bring
it all crashing down,

- so you got your hands on this.
- No, no, no.

It wasn't for that.

It was going to be one last job.

A monkey... $10,000 -

well, that's what he said.

A monkey?

I was supposed to wait
until everyone had left

and then make it look
like it had escaped,

but then Xander was shot...

...with a dart.

I knew, if anyone found it
on me, how it would look.

So you admit you had this gun
on you when Xander died?

Yeah, it was in my bag. But I
was right here the whole time.

Xander was making his way
back from the office,

towards the staffroom,

and he was shot in the back
with a poison dart.

The gun was in Iris' bag.
She never left the staffroom...

none of them did.

We have four suspects, not one of
whom could have fired this gun.

What if I've been barking up the
wrong tree this whole time?

What if everything I thought was fake...

the hole, the letters, was real...

and everything I thought
was real was fake?

Sir, Patrice is at the beach.

They are wondering where you are.

There he is.

Ah, you look good sir.

Why, if it isn't James Bond.

Turtle Pete found this wet suit
for me, second-hand.

Took four men to get me into it.

On behalf of the island,
I can't thank you enough

for what you are about to do.

Good luck, Jack.

I don't think I can do this.

Of course you can, sir.

What would Kathleen say if she was here?

After she was done
laughing herself silly,

she would probably say, "Come on,
Mooney, get this stupid thing"

"over and done with."


Have you ever done
anything like this before?


OK, I have to ask,
because I need to know

what I have done to offend you.

Because, last time I
checked, you shot me.

"Noisy, clueless, clumsy,"

"how she got through police
college is a miracle."

That's just some of that nicer
things you said about me.

- When did I say that?
- Back of the ambulance.

I was delirious.

It's fine, JP, at least now I know
how you really feel about me.

On your mark.


Come on, sir, you can do this! Yes!

- The gun.
- What about it?

The gun.

So how do you shoot someone
from 60 feet away

without the three people
next to you noticing?

When was the last time
any of you saw him alive?

Of course they didn't!

It's a mosquito.

I suppose when, you live here,
you barely notice them.

I just felt a tiny sting.

Oh, but that's clever.

What if I've been barking
up the wrong tree this whole time?

It's blindingly obvious
when you think about it.

I know the how, now all we need
is the who and the why.

We need to get back to the zoo.

OK, who's can help me get
out of this ridiculous wet suit?

Now, for the purposes
of this demonstration,

JP is going to be Xander.

If the rest of you could just stand
exactly where you were when Xander

went off to put the money in the safe.

So, Xander went off to put
the money in the safe.

He headed off in that direction,
towards the office,

while the rest of you turned and
walked towards the staffroom.

If you could just show us
exactly how you did that.

Sorry, you... you just want us to walk?

If you wouldn't mind.

That's it.

That's it, just keep walking for now.


Xander would have been 15.

That was the year he was packed off
to boarding school.

Yes, but why?

It was you?

You're the one that was bitten?


Well, that depends... whether
you believe Dylan's story or not.

Stop right there.

I need to make a phone call.

Make sure nobody leaves.

Where are you going, sir?

Well, if I'm not greatly mistaken,
it's all about the book.

44 years ago, an English man
arrived here with a dream

of raising his family in paradise.

But, as we all know,
paradise never lasts.

Sooner or later, a serpent
is bound to slither along,

put the kibosh on everything.

Three days ago, Xander Shepherd
was murdered by one of the four

people he lived and worked
alongside every day.

The brother, who resented him taking
his place as head of the zoo...

...and who wanted him to stop him
selling it at all costs.

Sister, whose illegal animal
smuggling operation Xander

was about to expose.

The wife, who'd endured
four years' cruel behaviour

and who knew Xander finally had proof

of the affair with his brother.

And the zookeeper
he'd accused of stealing,

desperate to avoid
being sent back to jail.

But before we get to the who,
we should discuss the how.

I'll admit, this had me stumped.

Not one of you left the staffroom
forasmuch as a second.

Now, our own Officer Hooper was shot
in the line of duty yesterday

with a tranquilliser gun.

Yeah, believe it or not.

Now, as he said himself, all he
felt was a small, sharp sting.

And, as DS Cassell discovered,

this place is rife with mosquitoes
in the early evening.

So, when Xander felt
a sudden prick in his back,

could easily have dismissed
it as nothing, carried on walking.

But how did the killer fire the gun
without anyone noticing?

The answer couldn't be simpler.

Consider the starting pistol.

It's only purpose is to make a noise.

It doesn't actually fire anything.

But this is the opposite.

There was a projectile,
in this case a dart...

...but there was no gun.

No weapon whatsoever.

The killer simply concealed
the dart in their hand,

and then at that split
second, when Xander turned away...

...they jabbed it into his back
before joining the others.

Xander made it all the way to the
office and halfway back again

before the poison finally took hold.

But how can we tell which one
of you was holding the poison dart?

You all walked the same path.

Each of you had a motive,

but only one of you turned
at that split second.

Meaning you are the closest person
to Xander.


I knew it was you, I knew it,

I just couldn't work out why...

until I remembered you telling us

that your family left the
island when you were eight...

Moved to the British Virgin
Islands when I was about eight.

...which would have been 1990.

That was the year Alfie Shepherd
put all his animals behind bars,

that was the year Xander was sent
away to boarding school,

after a young boy
was bitten by a snake.

Your parole officer told us that
you had a difficult childhood.

You even saw a psychiatrist.

I just called him and
he confirmed the why.

Dylan claimed it was him
that was bitten by the snake,

but it wasn't.

The truth is,
it was your elder brother.

That's right, isn't it, Theo?

Tragically, a couple
of hours later, he died.

Should never have happened.

It was just some sort of a dare
by Xander that went horribly wrong.

Of course, the Shepherd family

did everything in their
power to hush it up.

That's why Xander was sent away.

I assume they offered your parents
enough blood money not to press charges,

certainly enough to open their own
bar in the British Virgin Islands.

But understandably,
you were deeply traumatised.

That anger had been festering inside
for, what, nearly 30 years?

It must've been in prison when you
heard that Xander,

your brother's killer,
had returned to Saint Marie.

So, as soon as you were released,
you came here yourself.

You started sending
those letters as a decoy.

And you applied for a job
at the zoo, somehow you got it.

They didn't recognise you.

And you started planning what should
have been the perfect murder.

Taking great pains to create
the illusion that all

this was the work of an outsider.

And if it wasn't for
a few tiny bent wires,

you might even have got away with it.

Xander didn't tell anyone
about the letters for the same

reason that Dylan couldn't
admit the truth to DS Cassell...

because it had been drilled
into them from an early age,

this was the family's dirtiest secret,

a secret they could never
share with anyone.

Little did they know that the secret
had returned

in the form of Theo Roberts...

...that you were just biding your time,

waiting for the moment when at last
you could take your revenge.


We trusted you.

We treated you like family.

I hope your baby gets to grow up.

My brother never did.

At least now he can rest in peace.

- Ruby, what are you doing?
- Oh, who are we kidding?

We both know I'm not cut out for this.

Everything you said in
the ambulance is true.

- I take it all back.

I shot a fellow officer with a dart gun.

I mean, that's like the first
thing they tell you not to do.

But you also got information
on Xander's lunch.

And who spotted Iris' watch?
Emile's boat?

Who told DI Mooney about
the snake bite story?

Officer Ruby Patterson, that's who.

Good evening, officers.

I just came to congratulate you
on solving the Shepherd case.

No, you didn't. You came
to check up on your niece.

Well... I'm here, I might as well ask,

how have you found your first week?

I've got to be honest, unc...

I've loved every second of it,

and I think Officer Hooper and I
are going to make a dream team.

- Right, JP?
- You bet we are.

- It was good of you to come back, Jack.
- Not a bit of it.

If the island's generous enough
to stump up that sort of cash,

what choice do I have?

Well, then, once more on to the
beach, Detective Inspector.

- Jack!
- Hold on.

You didn't think we'd let you
do this on your own, sir?

Well, not that I don't
appreciate the support,

but have you thought this through?

If we all drown,

it'll wipe out the entire Saint Marie
police force in one fell swoop.

That's a good point, sir. Actually,
maybe I should just stay here.

- No, you're a part of
the team now, Ruby.

- Whether you like it or not.
- But what about my hair?

- Ready. To your marks.


♪ ..And come along sisters ♪

♪ U-N-I-T-Y, this unity ♪

♪ So come along brothers ♪
♪ and sisters, whoa... ♪