Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - Episode #8.1 - full transcript

A passenger is stabbed to death on the express bus to Honore. Jack and his team are baffled by the case though as no-one left their seat on the bus - so how on earth did they commit the murder?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Where's the bus station, mate?


Just leaving the boat now.
If he's here, I'll find him.


Honore, boss?

by Lord Tanamo and The Skatalites

# Forget what the next man do... #

All right, hold tight.


# Come down

# Off of your pomp and pride

# Now there's a time for you

# There's a time for me

# Leave your man's business

# And we will agree...

# Well, what is done...


# And if you can't just shut up
your mouth... #

Are you trying to get yourself


Come on. Move. Get out.


Can we go now?

Relax. We'll get there.



Here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Honore.

# To be

Don't be shy!

# Or not to be

# That is the question... #

Oh, thank you.


What time do you call this?
You were due in six minutes ago.

You're upset about six tiny minutes,

A schedule is a schedule.

Well, I had to chase a goat
off the road.

You know, I'm sure he waits for me,
and it was hot as hell.

When you going to get the air-con
fixed? It's on the list.

On the list! Everything on the list.

Hey, you need to get off
the bus now.

Tell you what else is going
on the list.

It's the third time you've been
late this week.

Sir, sir! You need to wake up.

I thought you was in a hurry.




# Stay a little bit longer, she said

# Hold on, I'm coming

# Oh, yeah, stay a little bit longer

# Hold on, I'm coming... #

Danny La Rue, 52.

Dirty Gertie, number 30.

Sir? Ssh!

Stuck in a tree, 53. Sir.

Not now, Florence. This is the big
one. We're playing for the foot spa.

Legs eleven.

Sir, we have a murder.

I can't stop now. Look at them.
We have to go.

They'll storm the stage.
We'll never get out alive!

The Commissioner is already there.

19, 23, 7.

41, 12... House!


Congratulations. Thank you, ladies.
Same time next week.

Thank you.


Afternoon, JP. Afternoon, sir.

So what have we got?
A 55-year-old man.

Name - Paul Raynor.
Single stab wound to the chest.

Was found dead in the back seat
of the bus by the driver.

The paramedics took him out of the
bus as they tried to revive him.

Any sign of the knife? No.
But the wound is quite big.

I'd say a six or seven inch blade.

There's fraying on his shirt there,
just around the entry point.

So the blade was serrated.
Like a hunting knife. Exactly.

Anything else? Yes. He had a few
clothing items in a bag.

Small amount of cash in his pocket,

the bus ticket, and a driving
licence, issued in Guadeloupe,

but ten years out of date.

Hang on. What's this?

A locker.

Or a padlock, maybe.

Check it for prints first.

Then finding what it fits
might be quite useful. Yes, sir.

Was anyone with him on the bus?

Yes, there were three
other passengers.

They're with the depot manager
and the driver by the waiting room.

Any of them see anything?
Apparently not.

Inspector Mooney.
Good of you to come.

I know it's your day off.
Not a problem, sir.

When duty calls, you know me -
I'm always available!

I understand you were playing bingo.
Yeah, you know... Baker's bun, 61!

Two little ducks, 22?

I'm the caller, you see.

Carry on, Inspector. Yes, sir.


Bus or witnesses first?

Both, I think.

JP, everyone on the bus,
if you would?

Yes, sir.

My uncle Ray was a bus driver
in Donegal.

He used to drive one just like this.

There was a little stop bell.


Sorry. Back to the job in hand.

So, our victim was alone
in the back seat

when the killer stabbed him
in the chest,

without any of the passengers
noticing it happened.


Sir, you've got something
stuck to your knee.

Oh. What is it? Oh, here.

Hmm. Sir, the other passengers.

Good. Thank you, JP.

Well, my name is
Detective Inspector Mooney,

this is Detective Sergeant Cassell,

and we'll try not to
keep you very long.

But could I just start by asking you
to please sit in the seats

that you were sitting in
for the journey?

Sir, that's the depot manager,
Mr Crane.

He met the bus as it arrived.

Could you do us a favour?

Could you be the murder victim
and sit at the back of the bus?

This is where you were all sitting
for the entire journey?


And did any of you know the victim,
or each other, for that matter,

before you got on the bus?

I never met him. Me neither.

I see.

It's fierce hot in here, isn't it?

They air-con's broke,
but it's on the list.

Now, during the journey, did any of
you move at any time at all?

No. No?

I did.

But you were driving.

Yeah, I had to stop.
There was a goat on the road.

A goat? Yes, the road
above Angel Cove.

I had to get out and chase him off.

And when you got back on,

could you still see the man
at the back of the bus?

Yes, he told me to hurry up.

I said he should relax,
that we'd get there soon enough.

Can we go now?

Relax! We'll get there!

So he was still alive
when you drove away again?





This emergency door, why can't it be
opened from the outside?

It's broke.

We're waiting for a part.
It has to come from Germany.

So no-one could have got
on the bus when it stopped.

So it's a direct route
from the port to Honore,

and you all got on the bus together,
and nobody else got on or off,

and everyone stayed in their own
seats for the entire journey,

yet somehow Mr Raynor was stabbed
without anyone seeing anything.

All right if I head off early?

What do you think?

Right now, given everything we know,

there's only one possible
explanation. Which is?

They're all in it together,
the bus driver included -

maybe even the goat.

Do you believe that?

No, but nor do I believe that a man
could be stabbed on that bus

without anyone seeing his killer.

Miss Brooks.

Yes, Officer?

Your address, please?

6A Mandela.

Now, everyone on the bus was also on
the ferry, weren't they? Mm-hm.

So call the ferry company -
they must have a security camera.

Let's see what the footage
can tell us. Yes, sir.

And, JP, how are you getting
on with that key?

Well, so far, we only have
a fingerprint that matches

with the victim's.

There was a code on the key, which
I've given to the manufacturers,

cos they think they can identify
where it was sold,

but I'm just waiting for the call.


And we're looking for a motive too,

so let's have a full background
check on the victim.

Despite what they're all saying,

one of them must have known him.

Who's for a quick one?

Oh, I can't, sir. Sorry.

Just you and me, then, JP? Mm-hm.

But before I forget, tomorrow we
should track the route the bus took.

No murder weapon was found
when it got back to the depot,

so it could have been thrown from
the window during the journey -

the part after the goat.

Yes, sir.

Have you heard from Dwayne at all?

How is the epic voyage
with his dad going?

Well, I spoke to him yesterday, sir.

He was just off the coast of Cuba,
and they had picked up the crew of

a motor yacht whose engine had died.

That's pretty heroic.

Mmm, that's what I thought, until
I found out it was a hen party.

Typical. The luck of that man -

are you sure he's not Irish?

If I may say, sir, you're really
taking to these bingo nights.

Oh, it's good to give
something back.

To be honest, keeping myself busy of
an evening is no bad thing.

I still can't quite get used to
being on my own.

Missing Siobhan?

And her mum.

It's nearly three years now
since Kathleen passed away.

It gets easier...bit by bit.

Jack, is Florence not with you?

Ah, no, I think she fancied
an early night.

Oh, it's happening a lot lately.

I hope you're not
working her too hard.

Have you noticed anything different
about Florence, JP?

Like what?

Well, it's hard to
put my finger on it.

Definitely something going on there.

I thought you'd stood me up.


Mmm. Mmm.

I'm sorry. Mm-hm.

There was a stabbing
at the bus depot -

a man was killed.

That's awful. Yeah.

Although, as excuses go,
it's not bad.

I've missed you. Since breakfast?

What can I say? I'm obsessed.

I've been thinking,

isn't it time you introduced me to
the people you work with?

I will.
It doesn't have to be a big deal.

I mean, I could just call by
one day and say hello.

You know my friends.

I know. I'm just waiting for
the right moment.

Morning, Grace.
I missed you at the bingo.

Jack... I hope you had
a good excuse.

Mr Jack. Ah, Dan...

Hey, hey.

Thanks, Jimmy. Put it on my tab.

No worries, Jack.

Come on, man.

Morning, folks.

Morning, sir. Good morning, sir.
Off out, JP?

I'm going to check the bus route.

Good man, and if your
computer's still playing up,

just move to Dwayne's desk.

What, with all of his stuff there?

No, just pack it up.
Put it in a box.

It'll be grand.

Erm, sir...

..I'll do it when I get back, OK?

As you like, JP.

Well, any news?
Anything come through yet?

A little.

Butterfly Brown -
single mother of three teenagers,

born and raised on the island.

Nothing prior.

Butterfly is unlikely to be
our killer

because she was driving the bus.

Fiona Tait - she lives in London.

She says she's here on holiday.

Nothing previous.
She looks like a typical tourist.

She's staying at a beach house
at Delilah Cove.

Oliver Carr - ex-Army paratrooper.

His file says he was discharged
from the forces,

following a court martial
for striking a senior officer.

A man with a propensity for
violence - now we're talking.

His business card says he's
a private security consultant.

And finally we have Tamila Brooks,
a resident of Saint Marie.

She works as a housemaid.

She was on her way back from
visiting an aunt in Guadeloupe.

She's a very active member
of the church.

And none of them have
any links to the victim?

Nothing I can find.


But I think I can explain
why his driving licence was

ten years out of date.

Paul Raynor had been in prison in
Guadeloupe for the past 16 years.

He was released yesterday morning.

And what was he in prison for?

Murder - an armed robbery
at the Ocean Casino in Guadeloupe.

was trying to get away.

Raynor was caught
and arrested the next day.

So our victim was a man
likely to have enemies.

Oh. What?

One of those enemies
might be closer than we think.

The boy who died,
his name was Philip Tait.


The police victim support in England
told me Paul Raynor

was being released.

I was in a trance for days, just...

It just didn't seem right that he'd
be walking around in the sunshine.

So I booked a flight,

bought a knife on Guadeloupe,
and followed him onto the ferry.

I almost did it but there were
people in the way, children...


..and so I followed him
onto the bus.

With the intention of murdering him?

Of course.

Philip was such a special boy.

He was on his gap year,
off to see the world.

He'd done the Philippines,
and the Far East,

and Australia and New Zealand,

and he was Caribbean island-hopping
on his way back -

running out of money,
of course, like they do.

So he, erm, got the odd bar job
along the way.

He worked at the Ocean Casino?

Mmm, in the kitchens, yeah.

He said he quite enjoyed it.

Even talking about
becoming a chef...

I said he could be
anything he wanted to be.

I'm sorry for your loss,
Mrs Tait, truly I am...


..but you must understand that what
you've done is equally wrong.

Now, I'm afraid I'm going to have to
ask you to surrender your passport.

Oh, yes, of course.

There we go.

Can we ask, how did you stab
Mr Raynor on the bus

without being seen?

I didn't.

Excuse me?

I didn't kill him.

I mean, I wanted to.

I might even have found the courage
to do it and happily shouted it

from the rooftops, but I didn't.

But you said you bought a knife.

I did, and then,
after what happened,

I panicked and threw it
into the sea yesterday.

Well, I had no further use for it.
I mean, he was already dead.



Officer Hooper?

Oh, Commissioner,
what are you doing here?

I was passing and saw your
motorcycle unattended.

Oh, sir,

I'm just searching for the knife
used to kill Paul Raynor, sir.

I see. Yeah.

Have you found it?

Possibly. Just beyond
the ditch there, see?

I just can't seem to reach it, sir.

I may need to go and get some tools,
you know, to cut the shrubs back.


You hold it back -
I'll get the knife.

I was a serving officer once,
you know?


This one.


All right.


Can you see it, sir?

We have enough to arrest her.

Well, we've got a great motive,

but if she did throw
that knife in the sea,

we don't have a murder weapon.

And something she said
about shouting it from the rooftops

if she had killed him -

as a parent, I believe that.

So what now?


Erm... We found it, sir!

It was right by the roadside...

..where you said.

Why would Fiona Tait say
she'd thrown the knife in the sea

if she hadn't?

JP, left side or right
as you head into Honore?



Right side.

Fiona was sat on the left.

And Tamila Brooks.

The only person sitting on the right
side of the bus was Oliver Carr.

So let me get this right,

you were sitting in the aisle
opposite Mrs Tait and Miss Brooks?


I guess so, yeah.

And according to your statement,

you didn't see either of them
move from their seats.

No, I wasn't paying them much
attention, to be honest with you.

Do you think one of them did it?

No, we don't think anything yet.

In your statement, you describe
yourself as a security consultant.

That's right.

And what does that entail, exactly?

Consulting about security.

I suppose I asked for that.

Look, people ask me to check
their personnel, building security,

that kind of thing, you know?

Yeah, things a military training
would help with, I imagine.

You've seen my file. We have, yes.

You were discharged after
assaulting a senior officer.

He had it coming.

Maybe we can help each other.

Really? And how would that work?

The man who was stabbed
is called Paul Raynor.

He was released from prison
yesterday morning in Guadeloupe.

We know. Yeah, he was convicted for
armed robbery and murder

at the Ocean Casino in 2003.

We know that, too.

Well, yeah, what you probably don't
know is that the money stolen

that night has never been recovered,
so the Ocean Casino have hired me

to follow Raynor and see if
there's anything left.

If it's here, I'll find it.

How much money?

750,000 euros.

And he was arrested the day
after the robbery,

so not enough time to spend it.

And you think this money is why
Mr Raynor was moving to Saint Marie?

That's what I was
hoping to find out, yeah.

You followed him onto that bus
believing he knew

the whereabouts of 750,000 euros,

and now he's dead.

So, Oliver Carr also knew
the victim.

The money gives him the motive,
and he's known to have been

violent in the past.

If it was the money he was after,

and that money is somewhere
in Saint Marie,

why kill him on the bus?

Unless he already knew where it was,
and just needed to stop him

getting there first.

Paul Raynor was arrested
in Guadeloupe

the day after the robbery.

How did the money get to
Saint Marie?

Get in touch with
the Guadeloupe prison,

and find out who Raynor was in
contact with while he was inside.

JP, what have you got for me?

The locker key?
You know what it opens?

The manufacturers paired the key
code to this set of lockers.

In fact, the manager recognised it

Will we have a bet?

A bet?

On whether there's 750,000 euros
in there or not. What?

First beer tonight says that locker
is stuffed full of cash.


Why would Paul Raynor be
carrying the key to a locker

containing nothing but a pair of
budgie smugglers?

Budgie smugglers?

Yeah, it's a name we have for
particularly small swimming trunks.

Yes, but why do you call them
budgie smugglers?

Oh, because when they're...

I mean, when you...

You know, they sort of look...

In the olden days,

it's how pirates used to smuggle
exotic birds into the country.


But the thing is they're not even
his. They belong to Errol Porter.

Now, maybe if we can find him,
he can enlighten us on what

a recently murdered armed robber was
doing with his swimming trunks.

I'll run a check, sir.


You left a message this morning.

Yes, sir. We're a man down,

and, to be honest,
we're a bit pushed.

I wasn't aware that Officer Myers
actually did anything.

He was a valuable member of
the team, sir.

It's a joke, Inspector.

A joke?


Sorry, I missed that.

Are you saying I'm not funny?

Absolutely not, sir.

You're a very funny man.

You were doing it again there,
weren't you?

I've already secured you a new
officer for your team. Excellent.

The person I have selected
is first-rate.

You are very lucky to get them.

Well, thank you, sir.

No need to thank me. That's my job.
I'm the Police Commissioner.

Yes, you are.

This stabbing on the bus -
can we expect an early conclusion?

We're making strong progress, sir.

Good. We don't want
people to shy away

from using public transport, do we?

Heavens, no.

Budgie smugglers?

They're evidence, sir.

Believe it or not.

Carry on.

So, it looks like whoever we've got
coming, we're lucky to get them.

So it would seem.

Right, well, let's regroup in
the morning and see where we're at.

Er, I think I'll stay
for a while, sir.

I've got some filing to do.

OK, well, enjoy your filing.

First thing tomorrow, please find
me this Errol Porter, would you?

Yes, sir.

No idea what he's got to do with it.

But someone must know something.



Harry! Breakfast!

Morning, Florence. How are you?

Yeah. No, just...

..just calling, I'm thinking of
heading back to the crime scene.

Yeah. There's something
I'd like to check.

OK, lovely.

Right. See you there.

You do know that's evidence
in a murder case

you're contaminating there?

Can I help you?

Mr Crane. The very man.

These seats, you patch them up
with black gaffer tape.

When we need to.

Only, I found a small piece, no
more than a couple of inches square.

But I can't seem to find the tear
it must have been covering.

Maybe the tear got bigger
and I replaced it.

Ah, yes, that'll be it.

Is there anything else?

Oh, yes, a couple of things.

I just wrote them down somewhere.

Here we are.

Does the name Errol Porter
ring any bells?

Just his name was in a pair of
swimming trunks we found.

No. Not a former employee?


Nothing at all? Nothing.

What about your driver - Miss Brown?

How long has she been with you?

We started up in 2004,
and she joined us a year later.


We released the bus, didn't we?

The part for the emergency door
arrived this morning, so we're

fixing that and the air-con, it
should be back on the road tomorrow.

better not hold you up any longer.

Yes, Mr Porter.

I'm just trying to establish whether
you're the man I'm looking for.

There's, like, 11 of you
on the island.

Oh, great. Two for one.

So, can I ask,

does either you or your father
have a size 32 inch waist?


Can I help you?

Oh, I'm not sure.

I was just passing by and I thought
I'd stop by and take a look.

I don't suppose Florence is here?

You know DS Cassell?

Well, we are...

You're the new guy.

Yes, I guess I am.

I'm JP Hooper, Jean-Pierre.

Just JP. Pleased to meet you, JP.

Patrice. Patrice Campbell.

we weren't expecting you today.

No reason why you should.
Like I said, I was just passing.

You know about me, then?

Oh, yeah, we found out yesterday.

Oh, great.

Yeah, I thought I'd come in
and say hello.

Yes, well,
the inspector is not here,

he'll be very sorry he missed you.

No worries.
I'll catch him next time.

I guess you know you've got some
big shoes to fill, right?


The guy before you, he was amazing.

You know?

The guy before me?


Not to say you're not.

But he was just...

You know, he was great.

One of the best, in fact.

Oh, I'm not sure Florence
has mentioned him.

That surprises me.
They were very close.

And he hasn't been gone long.

In fact, just yesterday,

she was just saying how much
she can't wait for him to come back.

But, still, you can keep everything
warm for him.

Can't you?


CCTV from the ferry.

Great, Florence.
Let's get back and take a look.

Anything new?

At the moment, we just have
a collection of stuff

that doesn't make any sense.

A woman who bought a knife

to murder the man responsible
for the death of her son,

then insisting she didn't.

Knife supposedly thrown into the sea
suddenly appearing back on dry land.

A bit of tape.

Locker key.

And instead of finding three
quarters of a million dollars,

we found a pair of mouldy
swimming trunks.

Budgie smugglers. Exactly.


Excuse me.

Hey, Patrice. How are you?

He said what?

You told him I had a thing
with Dwayne?

Told who? Wait a minute.
You had a thing with Dwayne?

I really don't know what I've done.

Patrice. He came here and
you told him I was with Dwayne,

that I was missing him.

Who's Patrice?

The new cop. My boyfriend.

You have a boyfriend?

Yes, but that's not the point.

And he's a cop?

No, he isn't.

But he came here to see me

and JP told him how brilliant
the last guy was.

So he's not the new cop?

No. He's...



I told him he could
keep things warm.

Yes, you did.
Two questions, Florence.

One, how long
have you had a boyfriend?

And, two, why haven't we met him?

I was just...
I was waiting for the right moment.

And I'm guessing this wasn't it?


It's for you.

DS Cassell.

Hey, Harold.

I saw the police were back.

What sort of things were they
asking you about?

Why do you want to know?

Nothing to hide, have you,

Yes, well, thank you very much. Bye.

OK, sir, that was
the assistant governor

from the prison in Guadeloupe.

He had some very interesting
information to pass on

about Paul Raynor.

Really? Well, I'm all ears,

Firstly, in the week
before Mr Raynor was released,

he called a Saint Marie line
11 times.

So he was in contact with someone
on this island before he came here?

OK. So, the phone number is
registered to Bartt's Barbers.

Somewhere near Valois.

Yes, I know it.

It closed down years ago
but it's just an empty shack now.

I can check it out.

Good on you, JP,
see what you can find.

Anything else from your chat
with the prison?

Apparently, Paul Raynor received
an increasing amount of regular mail

over the last two and half years.
Hundreds of letters, in fact.

And they were all
from the same person.

Go on, who was it?

# Go tell it on the mountain

# Over the hills and everywhere

# Go tell it on the mountain

# That Jesus Christ is born

# Go tell it on the mountain

# That Jesus Christ is born

# Go tell it on the mountain

# Over the hills and everywhere... #

It's not what you think.

It was our minister
who came up with the idea.

Sorry, what idea?
Writing to prisoners.

To convince them to
let God into their hearts.

So, you wrote to Paul Raynor?

I wrote to other prisoners but
he was the only one who wrote back.

You know,

my uncle Paul was a postman.

For over 40 years.

He used to say letters
are a window to the soul.

If you want to know who
someone really is, he'd say,

ask them to write you a letter.

You wrote hundreds of
letters to Paul Raynor.

That wasn't out of duty, Tamila.

That's more like devotion.

Just crept up on me.

Love often does.

Paul wrote so honestly.

His letters were full of truth
and passion and he seemed to

understand me, the only one who did.

We'd made plans.

We were going to be together
when he got out.

He said we'd go away together
and start a new life.

It's easy enough to start a new life

with three quarters
of a million euros.

Raynor didn't mention his money?

What money?

The money he stole from the casino?

I don't know anything about that.

And I wouldn't have cared.

All I cared about
was being with Paul.

But he didn't want to be with me.

I went to the prison to meet him,
to surprise him,

but the ferry over was late
and I missed him.

I asked the guards where he might be
and they laughed at me.

They gave me an address.

It was a brothel.

That wasn't the man who'd been
writing to me, so...

..I went home.

But you saw him again on the ferry.

And you followed him onto the bus.

You think I killed him, don't you?

Did you?

I think there was a moment
when I felt so...

..angry, so stupid that I might
have, but, no, I didn't kill him.

How could I?
Even after everything I saw...

..part of me thought
the man that wrote to me

was still inside there...


Now we've three.

Fiona Tait wanted revenge
for her son,

Oliver Carr knew the victim had
three quarters of a million euros,

and now Tamila Brooks,
a woman scorned.

But that still doesn't tell us
how the murder was carried out.

How did the killer stab Raynor
and not be seen?

I chucked a few coins
in the collection box,

maybe I'll get divine inspiration.

So, when are we going to meet
this new fella of yours?


Good. Only, I have speech prepared
for when Siobhan brings a boy home.

Yeah, she told me about it.

Did she? You see,
it's not the speech itself.

That's mainly threats of violence.
No, it's how they react to it.

They either stand their ground
or run away.

It's a test of character.

I'm very happy to try that
on this Patrice fella for you.

No, thank you.

But it's really sweet of you
to offer.

Well, suit yourself.

You should bring him to meet us,
you know. We don't bite.

I know.

And I will.

And if you change your mind
about the speech...

There's Tamila.

Oliver Carr.

And look, Fiona Tait.

Reaches for her knife.

Then, as she said, she did nothing.

So, on the ferry journey over,

not one of our suspects spoke to
or interacted with Paul Raynor.

On that regard, at least
they're telling us the truth,

which helps us in no way whatsoever.





Argh! Hey, slow down!

All right!

What was I supposed to do? I didn't
know he was a police officer.

The uniform didn't give you a clue?

I found this, sir.


Driving licences.

No photographs.


They're forgeries.

You're really starting
to be annoying. Good.

He planted them.


we have enough to charge you
with forging government documents.

Now don't make things any worse.

The phone here is the number
my clients use

when they need my services.

Did Paul Raynor need your services?

We know he called that number
11 times last week.

Now what was it he wanted you for?

New passport, birth certificate,
driving licence.

We arranged a fee, I did the work.

How did he find you?

He says somebody recommended me.
I don't know who.

I was supposed to meet him here
today to do the photographs.

So it's just a coincidence
that he was on your bus?

How was I supposed to know
it was him?

We'd only spoken on the phone.

I'd never seen him before,
and people don't generally

introduce themselves to the
bus driver when they get on.

Does your boss know what you do
in your spare time?

It gives him an excuse
to pay me less than he should.

So when you realised who the victim
was, that he'd been killed,

why did you still show up here

He said he'd send somebody
to pay me if he couldn't make it.

I wanted my money.

And did he say who this someone
might be?


Coincidence or not,

she still couldn't kill him
while she was driving the bus.

But neither could the others
without being seen.

Sir, the lab report's back.

Confirms the blood on the blade
matched to Raynor.

But the handle has been wiped clean,
sir, so no print.

So, the knife we found at
the roadside was definitely

the one used to kill him.

But we've still no idea who used it

or how they did it
without anyone else noticing.

Someone looking for me?

I'm Errol Porter.

You're Errol Porter?


These are yours?

Yes, sir.


They've got my name in. Look.

You lost them?

No. No. I know exactly
where they were.

I just lost the locker key.

You lost the key?


Have you ever heard of
a man called Paul Raynor?


So, can I take them?


Mr Porter, do you remember
where you lost the key?

JP, where's the key? Quick.

Please, sit in the seats that you
were sitting in in the journey.

We found it, sir.

Right by the roadside.

JP, financial records,
full background check, please.

I don't understand.

Oh, Florence, I need the original
police file

from the Ocean Casino robbery.

He worked at the Ocean Casino?

Yeah. Kitchens.

What you probably don't know is
the money stolen that night

has never been recovered.

How did the money get to
Saint Marie?



JP! Yeah? Just coming up, sir.

Back to the beginning.

Back, back, back. Stop right there.

Florence, get everyone together
at the bus depot.

one last job when we get there.

Great stuff.

You're all here, and all in the
same seats you were sitting in

on the day that Paul Raynor
was murdered in cold blood.

Apart from Harold, who very kindly
agreed to stand in for Raynor again

for the purposes of this
little demonstration.

I do love a bus.

It's one of the few things
guaranteed to transport me

back to my own childhood.

All at the sound of a bell.


One little press of the bell
and I'm 14 again.

Sitting on the back seat
with Kathleen O'Brien.

Sneaking a little kiss,

giving her about my jam sandwich.


Yes, Florence. Thank you.


A man is killed on a bus.

There are four other people on
the bus, including the driver.

Yet none of them saw the murder
happen. How is this possible?

Well, of course the simple truth
is that it isn't.

You see, things were a bit
complicated by the fact that,

quite by chance as it turns out,
everyone on the bus that day

with Paul Raynor had a reason
to want him dead.

And that was the problem. We
couldn't see the wood for the trees.

You know, where normally,

we struggle to find means
and motive and opportunity,

we had nothing but.

And so finally we have to come
back to the same thing,

the same simple truth...

..if it was impossible for any of
you to have killed Raynor without

being seen by the others,

then that isn't what happened.

I don't understand. Are you saying
none of us killed him?

Yes, I'm saying no-one on the bus
that day murdered Paul Raynor.

But then who did?

And how?

If no-one could get on the bus.

Two excellent questions. And
the second one answers the first.

You see, someone else got
on the bus using the emergency door.

But it doesn't open.

Not from the outside, no, but
it can be opened from the inside.

But none of you opened it.

Why would you?

In fact, the only person who could
have opened it was Raynor himself.

But why did he do that?

Well, he didn't know he was
opening it to his killer.

You see, he thought it was a friend.

Didn't he, Harold?

You were the only one who was
never really under suspicion.

And why would you be?
You weren't even on the bus.

And, to my shame, we didn't even
look into your background.

If we did, we would have discovered
that you were working at the

Ocean Casino in Guadeloupe
around the time of the robbery.

According to the casino records,

you started a month
before the robbery,

and you left about a week after it.

The police files clearly said that
rear exit doors to the casino

were opened from the inside.

A month after leaving the casino,
you moved to Saint Marie.

And a couple of months after that,

you started your
own transport business.

And you bought a lovely villa
up in the hills, didn't you?

We set up in 2004,
and she joined a year later.

Using the three quarters of a
million euros that you were supposed

to be looking after once your
partner in crime had been arrested.

Paul Raynor came to Saint Marie
to collect his half of the money.

But it was already gone, wasn't it?

It was the locker key found on
Raynor's body that pointed the way.

But when we went to open that
locker, there was nothing there.

Apart from a pair
of old swimming trunks.

So we traced the owner and he
told us he'd lost his locker key

two weeks ago.

Do you remember
where you lost the key?

On the beach or the bus.

The lost property logs show there
was a key found two weeks ago.

There is no record of it being
cleaned. So I searched the box.

It's not there.

Of course it isn't.

Because Raynor came here
for his money,

the money that you'd already spent,

which is why you had to stop him.

So you came up with a plan, one that
would make Raynor think

that you were going to give him
his share of the cash.

Now, for the plan to work,
you couldn't meet him in person.

So you needed an excuse
that he'd buy.

Maybe you told him it was to risky
to meet face-to-face.

Instead, you told him
you'd plant a key for him to find.

Of course, Butterfly didn't know
it was Raynor on her bus.

How could she?

But you did.

Because you told him his money
was safe in the locker and that

the key would be taped
under the back seat of the bus.

And I dare say you also knew
someone in that prison who was able

to recommend a good forger.

Does your boss know what you do
in your spare time?

It gives him an excuse to pay me
less than he should.

So you used the phone in
the barber shop, and that way,

you could contact Raynor without
anyone being able to trace

the calls back to you.

You know, when I asked you to
stand in for Raynor the first time,

we should have known, should have
known that you sitting in

exactly the right seat
wasn't a coincidence.

It's because you knew
where you left the key.

It didn't matter that there was
no money in the locker -

Raynor wasn't going to live
long enough to find that out.

All that mattered was that
he believed it was there.

This key

isn't really a key at all.

It was bait, for a trap.

A way to make sure that Raynor was
sitting beside the emergency door.

Raynor found the key exactly
where you said it would be.

When the bus arrived at the station,
you were there waiting for him.

You knew exactly where Raynor
was sitting.

You knew about the faulty door.

You also knew that all it would
take for Raynor to open that door

would be a simple knock
on the window.

Of course Raynor opened the door,

while everyone else was distracted.

I bet he didn't know what hit him.

Deed done, you closed the door.

But Harold wasn't finished yet.

Oh, he had one more trick
to throw us off the scent.

The knife on the road.

When Officer Hooper
found it outside on the lane,

we assumed it had been thrown from
the bus window during the journey.

Making us think that Raynor
was killed by one
of the other passengers.

When in fact you planted the knife
on the road for us to find

a few hours after you killed Raynor.

You did what you did
to protect what you had.

And in doing so, you lost it.

I think you'll find
this is your stop.




I've heard a lot of strange things,

but solving a murder using a pair
of mouldy swimming trunks

tops everything.

God bless Errol's budgie smugglers.

To Errol. What is a budgie smuggler?

It's a long story, Catherine.

Oh. Florence.

Patrice, this is Inspector Mooney.

Jack. Please.


And this is Catherine.

I know Patrice.
I am friends with his mother.

She never mentioned you two were...

Sorry, Catherine, we were keeping
it a secret, you know?

I'm delighted for you both.

And, er, JP I think you know.

JP. Patrice.

Well, Patrice, if you don't mind me
saying, it's about time we met you.

The suspense has been killing me.

And I've prepared a speech.



Ah, don't worry, you'll be
too busy to hear it now, anyway.

I will? Well, you'll be
getting the drinks in.

Oh-ho, yes.

On their way.

He's such a nice boy.

He really is.

Much better than the last one,
eh, JP?


Good evening, Commissioner.

Will you join us?

Good evening. No,
I simply came to congratulate you

on your recent success.

A job well done.

It was a team effort, sir.

I'm sure it was.
And speaking of the team,

your new officer,
she will be joining you shortly.

Excellent. It's a she?

Yes, Officer Ruby Patterson.


We look forward to it, sir.



Patterson - not a relation,
is it, sir?


she's my niece.

Catherine, tell Patrice
I may need another beer.

I know the Commissioner's niece.

I'll get you three.

And a bottle of rum.

Thanks for visiting Saint Marie Zoo.

Come again soon.

What happened to Zander?

Zander? It's too late.

He's dead.

Detective Inspector Mooney,
meet Officer Ruby Patterson.

Delighted to have you here, Ruby.

I'm really looking forward
to working with you.

Same. Same.
I feel like I know you all already.

I know she's trying her best, sir,
but she's just so extra.

You are way better than my uncle
described you.

Hold him down...
while I get my cuffs.


You shot me.