Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Melodies of Murder - full transcript

Reggae band Leon and the Ragers reform to play on the island but guitarist Billy Springer is found dead in a locked room having contacted Commissioner Patterson to give him information ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ Saint Marie

♪ It's the land of peace

♪ Saint Marie

♪ Yes, island of liberty

♪ Saint Marie

♪ For you ever are my destiny. ♪

- Jah, Rastafari!
- Bonfire!

Blessed love! Blessed love to ya all.

We have been Leon And The Ragers.

Boy! They're even better
than the first time around.

I know it's like when
Pink Floyd reunited in '05.

That performance, I'm telling you,

eclipsed every memory I
had of them playing live.

Well, that's not exactly
the same, you know, Chief.

This is real, proper music,
reggae music... Bonfire!

Let's not leave it so long next time, hey?

It's the commissioner.

Commissioner, what can I do for you?

We were on fire. Eh, Billy?

Yeah, if you say so, Delmar.

- What! - Come, come, come,
man, we've got to do this!

- Come on! Come on!
- All right, all right.

All for one, and one for all!

All right, look, I'm
going to grab a shower

and then I'm hitting
that bar. Who's in? Leon?

Well, we have a radio interview,
but when we're done, see me there!

- Maya? You ready to party?
- A quick one for me. No more.

We'll see about that!


- Daddy, that was wicked, man! Serious!
- It was all right.

It was more than all
right. Trust me, Daddy.

You sure everything's OK?

Yeah, it just took it
out of me that's all.

But everything's going to be fine.

You catch your breath. I'll
grab us a drink from the bar.

♪ Saint Marie...

My apologies for dragging you away.

Not at all, it's not really my scene.

So, you said it's the guitarist
we're meeting, Billy Springer?

I've been at a council meeting
all afternoon. Had my phone off.

When I came out, there was
a message from Mr Springer,

claiming he'd discovered
new evidence on an old case.

What old case would that be?

His wife's murder.

Dad! Open up! Please?

- Everything all right?
- It's Billy and he's not answering.

- And the door's locked.
- Here, let me try.

It's locked all right!

The key's in the lock.

OK, please, stand back.

Hate doing this!


I'm sorry.

Sir. Dwayne and JP have gone
to pick up the crime-scene kit.

Great stuff.

Afternoon, Commissioner.

DS Cassell.

He shot himself?

It appears to be the case.

The room was locked from the inside.

Had to bash the door
down myself, actually.


So, it all points to suicide.

Hmm. Except?

Except, shortly before
Billy went on stage,

he called the commissioner
and left a message.

'Selwyn, it's Billy, Billy Springer.

Get back to me as soon as you get this.

It's Jasmine, I know who killed her.

I found a note. Selwyn,
just get back to me, will ya?

So, who's Jasmine?

Billy's wife.

She was murdered 30 years ago.

We never caught the person that did it.

But if he'd arranged
to meet the commissioner

to talk about his wife's murder.
Why would he kill himself?

It's exactly the question
we've been asking.

- And the only answer we've
come up with is... - He wouldn't.

- So, it was murder?
- Staged to look like suicide.

And we can only assume
that whoever killed Jasmine

has now also killed Billy.

Because he'd found the evidence
of the original murder?

But I thought you said the
door was locked on the inside.

It was. And there are no
other doors or windows,

- so that's the only way in or out.
- So, how did the killer do it?

Well, there's the rub,
Florence, we've no idea.

What's that doing there?

A fork, lying on the floor.

An old one at that. It's all
worn and starting to rust.

I'll go and talk to
Security on the stage door.

Good idea, Commissioner.

To get to the dressing room,
you've got to go past him,

so he might well have seen something.

Florence, could you update Dwayne and JP?

They need to search this
dressing room from top to bottom,

see if there's any sign of that
note poor Billy was talking about.

If the killer hasn't already taken it.

- So, what did he say?
- The only people who came and went

to the dressing rooms after the concert

were the band themselves and Kai.

That means one of these four
has to be Billy's killer?

Except, if this is connected
to Jasmine's murder

all those years ago, Kai
was just a baby, then.

The one thing we can be sure
of, he didn't kill his mother.

Well, we need to speak to them.

Now, I wonder if you could
start by telling us how was he,

Billy, over the last few days?

We've been rehearsing
for a couple of weeks

and he seemed to be enjoying
himself, wouldn't you say?

That's not quite true.

This morning, I went to Dad's and
something had changed in him.

- In what way?
- He was distracted.

Not himself, like something
was bothering him.

He spent the morning fixing
the pickguard on his guitar.

He said he had nerves
about playing again, but...

And you're not sure that's what it was?

And were you aware of
your father owning a gun?

Did any of you know about it?

So, after finishing the
performance this afternoon,

which, by the way, was excellent,

could you just talk me
through exactly what happened?

Well, we played the encore

and then we come off the stage,

and then we headed back
to the dressing room.

I jumped in the shower. Got changed.
And when I knocked on Billy's door

to go to the after-show
party, there was no answer.

Then, Delmar, him knock on our doors

so that we could see
that Billy wasn't there.

- What?
- You seen Billy?

And, Kai, where were you during this?

I was out here getting us a drink and...

- Everything all right? - You
seen Billy? - I was just with him.

And between seeing him
alive and finding him dead,

none of you heard a gunshot?

I've always got music playing after a gig.

Mind you, it was pretty loud, so...

Tell me about it. That's all
I could hear blasting away.


And, tell me, did Billy
mention Jasmine at all

- at any point over the last few days?
- Not that I remember.

I know Mum was playing on his mind
since the band started rehearsing.

I knew it'd brought some memories back up.

Billy called me this
afternoon and left a message.

He said he'd discovered
a new piece of evidence

that pointed to Jasmine's murderer

and we believe it to be one
of the members of this band.

Wait, this is a joke, right?

No, no joke.

I'm sure you'll all agree, it's strange.

Billy chose to take his own
life just a couple of hours

after making that call.

He wouldn't. Not when he found out
something about who killed Mum.

You really think that Billy was murdered?

And you think it was one
of us three who did it?

This moment in time, it's hard
to draw any other conclusion.

Ooh, er, just one last thing before we go.

There was a rusty old fork in
Mr Springer's dressing room.

Any idea what it was doing there?

It was Dad's.

He lost the guitar capo once before...

Sorry? "Guitar capo"?

It's a device where you clamp on
the strings to shorten the length.

So, it can make a different key.

And your father used a... a fork instead?

Yes, and an elastic band
to put it all in place.

I mean, you could use a pen,
pencil, cigarette lighter.

But all Dad could find
before the gig was a fork.

Us musicians, we love
to improvise, Inspector.

Hmm, so what was it was
doing on the floor?

- Had he been using it today?
- Sorry, Inspector,

but does this have anything
to do with Billy's murder?

No, Ms Oprey.

It certainly does not.

Sir, were you involved

in the original Jasmine
Springer investigation?

- It was my first serious
case as a detective. - I see.

And do you think you could bring
us up to speed, at some point?

If you've got time, of course.

First thing tomorrow.

They sit heavily, don't
they, over the years?

The ones that don't get solved.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Sir, we've searched the
suspects and the dressing rooms

and no sign of the note
Billy Springer talked about.

Really? So, where is it?

The killer must've got rid of it.

If it was paper, it wouldn't
be hard to destroy it.

So, the one piece of evidence
we have that could finally solve

a 30-year-old murder
case no longer exists.

One of them murdered Jasmine Springer.

And then, 30 years later,
killed her husband, Billy.

We just need to work out who.

And how... Just how did they
manage to make it look like,

in every discernible way,

Billy locked himself in his
dressing room and then shot himself?


There appears to be a little
old man asleep on our bench.

Mm-hm. I can see that,
sir. Should we wake him?

Yeah, maybe give him a quick prod.

Excuse me, sir.

- What you doing here?
- Oh, you're Nelson?

- You're his dad.
- Don't believe we've had the pleasure.

DI Jack Mooney. It's a pleasure
to make your acquaintance.

This is DS Florence Cassell.


What do you want?

Is that any way for a son to
speak to his father, I ask you?

We should probably go inside, crack on.

So, you don't want to listen to my story?

I come all the way here to talk to you...

I thought Dwayne said his dad had gone?

Dwayne told him to go, but his father said

he won't disappear until they make peace.

Oh, and, JP, could you get the gun
and dressing room key to the lab

- and have it checked for prints?
- I will do, sir.

Yeah, and, Florence, in the morning,
would you see about digging out

the original Jasmine Springer
case file from the archives?

Oh, look at the time! We can pick
this up again in the morning.

Yeah, I could do with nipping
down to the harbour market

before it closes.

Bye. See you later.

So, do you want to talk about it?

No, there's nothing to talk about.

In a day or so, he's going
to disappear off again

like he always does. And in about a week,

it'll be like he was never even here.

But, in the meantime,

we've got a very important
investigation to solve.

So, I'm going to need you
focused and on your case, OK?

Yes, Dwayne.


I'll see you in the morning.

If it's Ragers stuff you're after,

you'd better go in with
their first two albums.

- Nelson! - You know, their earlier
material was the real deal.

Proper roots reggae, you know?
Had something to say, you know?

Yeah, well, I just want to
get a flavour, that's all.

My boat's over there. I've got
some beers chilling in the fridge.

We could shoot the breeze, you could
tell me how Dwayne's been doing?

Oh, well... I'd love that, Nelson,

but I've got to get some
work done on the case.

But my shack is just around the bay.

So, if you're passing and fancy
a cuppa, feel free to pop in.

- Might take you up that.
- Night, then.

What in the name of...?

Morning, Jack-boy.

Cup of tea do you?

- Nelson? What...?
- So, I woke up this morning.

Realised I was out of milk.

Then I remembered your kind offer.

And here you are...?!

Quite a spot you've got yourself here.

I think it'll suit me down to the ground.

Sorry? Suit you down to the...?


- Morning, everyone.
- Ah, what a beautiful day, Chief.

Ah, yes, Dwayne, isn't it just...?

Ah, everything all right, Chief?

Yeah, yeah, everything's grand.

Couldn't be better.

- Ooh, good, it's the commissioner.
Morning, sir. - Inspector.

You're just in time. We're about to
make a start going over everything.

Florence, did you manage to dig
out the Jasmine Springer file?

Yes, sir. It's over there.

Perhaps you'd like to reacquaint
yourself with everything, sir?

Good. Now, the shooting of Billy Springer.

Now, we believe that Billy's killer
is one of our three band-mates.

Delmar Brown,

Maya Oprey

and Leon Laroche.

Whoever it was, we already know the
motive for killing him. Don't we?

- Erh..
- Yes, Dwayne?

To stop him from revealing

- that they murdered Jasmine
Springer 30 years ago. - Correct.

Now, if we're to work out who killed
Billy Springer in the present,

we need to open up a cold
case from 30 years ago...

.. and work out who killed
Jasmine Springer in the past.

Commissioner, perhaps you'd like
to fill us in on the original case?

On the 3rd of June, 1988,

officers were called to Sirens' Point

at the north end of the island.

Jasmine Springer's body had
been discovered by a dog walker.

Having recently been promoted
to Detective Constable,

I attended the scene.

The postmortem confirmed
that she'd been strangled

with her own neck-scarf.

There'd been a spate of
violent muggings at the time

and as her jewellery had been taken

and her handbag emptied of any valuables,

we assumed her death to be at the
hands of our unidentified mugger.

And whoever killed her dumped
her body at Sirens' Point.

In light of yesterday's murder,

it does now appear

that we may have got the original
investigation somewhat, um...

.. wrong.

So, three suspects.

Who did it? Was it Delmar Brown?

Er, Mr Brown is 53 years
old. He's the band's drummer.

He currently works as a general
manager over at Johnson's Bar,

just outside of town.

And that place attracts a
very questionable clientele.

Er, yes, that's right, sir.

And Delmar's got a few charges
on file. But nothing too major.

Right, who's next? This
fella, Leon Laroche.

OK, The Ragers' front man,
somewhat of a local celebrity.

He earns a living now singing
at hotels and on cruise ships.

Firmly bitten by the showbiz bug,
eh? And what about Maya Oprey?

Er, 49 years old, she
runs her own business.

A real estate company. From what
I can tell, she's the only one

whose made a success of her
life after the band split.

Mm-hm, fair play to her.

Our victim.

Billy Springer.

Dwayne, you're the biggest Ragers
fan here, possibly anywhere.

Well, he's the lead guitarist and
the song-writing talent of the band.

It took a few years for
them to get their sound,

but by their early 20s, they
were a big thing on the island.

And what about the split?

Happened shortly after
Jasmine's murder, yeah?

Right! But things had been shaky
in the band well before that.

- Oh? - You see, in the summer of 1988,

they'd planned this big European
tour to raise their profile,

but Jasmine put a halt
to it halfway through.

- Do we know why?
- Billy had always had addiction issues.

All the pressures and stresses of touring

had caused him to start
drinking and using drugs again.

So, when they got back in the studio,

there was still a lot of their
resentment and tensions.

Well, we should look into these
tensions and how deep they ran.

Isn't going to be easy, given the
murder happened 30 years ago.

I can dig out our suspects' financial

and phone records from the time.

Great! And we should work
through press coverage

of the band back in the
day. And, Dwayne and JP,

could you go over to Billy's
house, give it the once over?

- Yes, Chief.
- Do your thing.

Commissioner, would I be right in thinking

that you'll want to stay
involved with this one?

And why would you think that, Inspector?

Well, just with your
connection to it and...

The last thing I want
is to get in the way.

You know where I am if you need me.

Wow! If you'd have told me I would
be visiting Billy Springer's house,

I never would've believed
it, you know, JP!

I just wish it was under
different circumstances.

But there's no time for wallowing, JP.

I wasn't. You were.

Listen, you take upstairs.
I'll look downstairs.

And no shirking while you're at it!

When do I ever shirk?


♪ Saint Marie... ♪


There's a string missing
on Billy's guitar.

The top one. The E string,
if memory serves me correctly.

It must've broken when he was playing.

- That can happen, can't it?
- Yeah, it's not uncommon.

It's just... I don't
remember seeing it happen.

Sir, I think you might be right.

What, you didn't notice it break either?

No, sir, about Jasmine
calling a halt to the tour.

- It had quite a financial impact. - Oh?

According to the checks I've run,

there was nothing suspicious going
on in Leon or Maya's bank accounts

at the time. But the drummer,
Delmar Brown, lost a lot of money.

Looks like he bankrolled the tour.

So, when it was cancelled,
he lost over 50,000.

Not a small amount back in the
'80s -- or today for that matter!

Certainly enough to leave
him hacked off with Jasmine.

Postmortem and lab results are through.

- And what do they say?
- Cause Of Death as you'd expect.

Only partial prints found on the
dressing room key. Not identifiable.

And striation marks on the bullet

match those of the gun
found in Billy's hand.

Any prints found on the gun?

Two sets. Billy Springer's
and, well, well, well,

would you believe it? It
looks like we've now got

two reasons to talk to Delmar.

Why do you own a gun, Mr Brown?

For protection, you know?

There are some bad sorts
that come into this place.

The kind of people that you do
not want to be owing money to.

I take the gun with me most places.

Just in case.

Who in the band knew you had it?

We were rehearsing hard 24/7.

Maybe one of them saw it in my bag.

Tell me, Delmar.

Back in '85, the band went on tour
to Europe, but it was cut short.

Now you lost a lot of money, didn't you?

Mmm. Just over 50,000.


My granny left it to me.

It was supposed to pay for me
to go to law school in America,

but, instead, I chose to
invest it in the band's future.

Not the best decision you ever made?

My family kept on telling
me to have a backup plan.

- But you ignored them?
- And you know it would have paid off.

Those first few gigs in Europe,

man, we were getting
some serious attention.

Right up until Jasmine
Springer interfered.

You must've really resented her?


Every single thing that
is wrong in my life now...

.. is down to that woman.


But it does not mean that I killed her.

Hello? Mm-hm.

Sure. We're on our way.

Dwayne. They've got something for
us over at the victim's house.

Oh! Good stuff.

Well, Chief, we really
didn't find much connecting to

either Jasmine's or Billy's
time with the band.

However, JP was searching Billy's bedroom

when he came across
something of importance.

Would you like to update the chief, JP?

Ah, yes, so these photo albums
are from Billy's bedroom.

There was a chest of drawers
stuffed full of them, and...

All mainly of Kai as he was growing up.

These three are from
between 1990 and 1993.

'92. That would be a couple of
years after Jasmine was murdered.

It's Maya. She features a lot.

And when I say a lot, I
mean, a heck of a lot.

Hmm. Here. Mm-hm.

Er, Dwayne, would you
like to do the talking?

If I must.

As you can see, Chief.

They had many days out, holidays.

Used to spend a lot of
time here at the house.

You know, everyday
things like cooking, TV,

Maya was always there.

There, there, there. And then after
two years, she stops appearing.

So, what are you saying?

There's more to Billy and Maya's
relationship than she let on?

We think it's possible, sir.

If you didn't know any better,
looking at these photos --

you'd be convinced Maya
was a part of the family.

Let's get hold of Kai. See if he
can shed any more light on this.

Yes, Chief. Hm.

JP, is everything OK with Dwayne?

I don't know, sir.

I think his dad being around

is bothering him more
than he'd like to admit.

After Mum's death, Dad really lost it.

He got back on the booze, drugs.

- You were just a few months old then?
- My auntie took me in.

Dad wasn't really up for raising a kid.

- So, what happened?
- Various people tried to intervene,

but he just shut everybody out.

Until Maya stepped in.

Somehow she managed to get through to him.

- He got clean?
- He went to rehab.

The full works.

And then when I was about
two, he took me back in

and started being a dad again
and he never looked back.

So, what...?

Maya stuck around after
your dad sorted himself out?

She was really there for him.

Helped him learn to live without my mum.

After a couple of years, Maya
stops appearing in the photos.

- Why?
- I was about five.

And one night, they
have a massive argument.

Never heard Dad so angry.

And then the next day, she gone.

Did you ever find out what happened?

What she wanted was more than friendship.

She was in love with Dad.

That night they argued, she
suggested they get married.

But Billy didn't feel the same?

He said he could never love anybody else.

He felt angry at Maya for
even thinking that he could.

You don't think this has something
to do with my mum's murder?

And we're west facing here, so the
view at sunset is pretty special.

Why don't you go and take
a look around without me?

Thank you very much.

I'm with clients here, so
if we could keep this brief?

We'll try our very best, Maya. Shall we?

I must say, I'm very impressed.

You've really made something of
yourself since the band split.

I had no choice.

As my father always said,

"Don't waste time clinging to
dreams that never come true."

Sounds like a wise man, yeah.

Tell me, Maya, would
you say the same applies

- when it comes to affairs of the heart?
- Sorry? You lost me.

You were in love with Billy, weren't you?

We know you were. A few years after
Jasmine died, you told him so.

That's right, isn't it?

At first, it was fine.

Billy was young, playing the field,

I thought when it come to settling down,

finding the right girl
that mattered, it'd be me.

But then, Jasmine came along?

I was convinced it wouldn't last.

But on it went.

They got engaged. Married. Had a son.

And all the time, I sat there
on the sidelines telling myself,

"Any minute now, he'll realise
he chose the wrong girl."

I can see where you're
going with this, Inspector.

And where's that, Maya?

You're wondering if I
killed Jasmine Springer

so I could have Billy all to myself.

I may have resented Jasmine,

but I could never have harmed her,

because I knew that would have hurt
Billy, and that, I could never do.

Now, if you'll excuse me?

What's that saying,

"The love that lasts the longest
is the love that's never returned."

It's very true, sir. But very sad.

Oh, for the love of...!

Ah, Jack-boy! Good day at the office?

So, you're sleeping here now?

Saves me going back and forth to
the boat. You don't mind, do you?

- Er... - And in return,
I'm cooking us dinner.

A proper Caribbean feast.

Oh, right! Well, that's very
kind of you, Nelson. Thank you.

So, why don't we crack this open

and have ourselves a little
pre-prandial rum. What do you say?

Well, I was going to do a bit of work.

I suppose, a little one might
warm up the brain cells a bit.

I'll fetch the glasses.

Anybody fancy a beer
at Catherine's? Dwayne?

Um, I certainly wouldn't say no.

- Sarge? - You go ahead.
- What, you found something?

It's a lease document
belonging to the victim

for a property down by Sandy Bay.

Kai never mentioned that to us.

From what I can tell, Billy took
the lease out a couple of years

after Jasmine's death. I
should go take a look.

- Well, you want us to come with
you? - It's fine. You get off. - OK.


Is anyone in here?


Who's there?

No, no, no, no, no!

Reggae's all about the down beat.

Calypso is the up beat.

I might have to admit
defeat on this, Nelson.

To be honest, music's more
of a spectator sport for me.

That's what they call the chop.

Or the strike.

- Or, my favourite the chikky-chikky.
- "Chikky-chikky", I like it!

It's the hit on the off beat

that's at the heart of
every reggae song written.

♪ Better must come one day

♪ Better must come

♪ Better that they conquer me

♪ Better must come. ♪

That's brilliant, Nelson!

Did you never think of
making a go of this?

Oh, I tried, man, I tried.

It's what took me to London.

But it never really happened for me.

Why did you never come back?


You know, I left here saying
I'd make something of myself.

And when I didn't,

I guess I didn't want my family
home to know that I had failed them.

You see, when they're
thousands of miles away,

you never think you're hurting anyone.

Then I saw Dwayne in London.

He had such anger in his eyes.

Such bitterness.

I've left it too late with
him, Jack-boy, haven't I?

No, just...

He'll... He'll come around.

Just... might need a bit more time.

It's the rum talking.

Look, I should probably go get some sleep.

- I better get some work done.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight, Nelson.

- Morning, Chief. - Dwayne!
- Apologies for the early visit,

- but we've had a breakthrough in the case.
- Oh, right! Well, that's great.

Oh, um, er...

Sorry, Chief, I didn't
realise you had company.

So, that's why you snuck off
early, eh? "Working from home", eh?

Nice one!

No, Dwayne.

- It wasn't like that.
- Yeah, I bet!

So, who is it? Who's the lucky lady?

- Huh? There's no lucky lady, Dwayne.
- Morning, Son.

- What's he doing here?
- Jack-boy here invited me to stay.

Well, that's not quite how it happened...

We been having a quite a high
old time of it, haven't we?

I wouldn't go that far, Nelson!

We better get going, you know, Chief.

We've got a lot of work to do.

Maybe see you later, Dwayne?

Thanks a lot, Chief.

Dwayne, I'm sorry I didn't
tell you about Nelson,

but it's not how he says it was.

The man just sort of invited himself here.

Yes, well, that's him! Give the
man an inch and he'll take a mile.

I wouldn't want you to think I'm
taking his side in any of this.

The man is a leech. He's
forced his way into your life

the way he's trying to force
his way back into mine.

Oh, but it won't be for long.

Give it a couple of days, he'll
be gone before you know it.

Are you sure about this? From
what he was saying last night,

- I think he wants to stay, make
it up to you... - OK! We'll see.

Give it a day or two. And he'll
be out of both of our hair.

This place is full of Jasmine's stuff.

Clothes. Books. Jewellery.
Everything that belonged to her.

So, Billy held on to it
all? Fair play to him.

And this is where he put it?

Yes, there's also his things from
his time with the band, as well.

- We've been going through it
all since first light. - Good.

You should also know, sir, that
someone had already broken in here.

- Gone through the boxes.
- What were they looking for?

Probably the evidence Billy
told the commissioner he'd found.

You mean, the note? So, Billy didn't
take it with him to the concert?

Question is, did whoever
was here, find it?

Well, what have we got?

Well, sir, there's nothing here
that might point to a motive

or suspect from Jasmine's murder.

But we did find these
amongst Billy's stuff.

It's to do with the band.

All the session tapes from
the Ragers' studio recordings.

Yeah, these here are from their
last session before they split.

They were recorded the same
day Jasmine was murdered.

- June 5th, 1988.
- Won't that just be the songs

they were recording that day?

Er, more than likely.

But we wondered if maybe between takes,

there might've been
something that was said.

You know, how things
were between the band.

And do you know anywhere we
might be able to play these?

Er, we could try the
Sunshine Recording Studio.

That's where the Ragers
made all their albums.

Right, well, why don't you
fellas head over there,

- listen to what's on them.
Definitely worth a try. - OK! - Yeah.

I do hope, Inspector, considering
that we have a double murder

on our hands, that that fork
hasn't become the sole focus

- of your attention.
- Absolutely not, sir. Of course not. I...

- I was just... - I came for an update
on how the investigation was progressing.

Well, sir, I have to admit,

the Jasmine Springer murder,

it's proving slow-going at the moment.

- And the Billy Springer case?
- Equally slow-going, to be brutally honest.

- They're both really quite...
- Slow-going?

Well that's about the
size of it, sir. Sorry.

Chief, check your e-mail.

You should have a sound
file e-mailed over to you

- from the studio.
- What is it?

It's a conversation caught on tape

during a break at a recording session.

Now, most of the band and sound engineers

had gone to get a coffee, but
they left the reel still turning.

- So, who is it heard talking?
- Jasmine Springer. - And Leon Laroche.

'I'm sorry, but Billy needs to know.

'Please, Jasmine, don't tell him!

- I can't keep lying to him!
- But he can't know what we've done.

- They were having an affair!
- I'd say so, Chief.

And a few hours after telling Leon
she was going to reveal it to Billy,

Jasmine turns up dead.

Meaning Billy never finds out.

Would you care to tag
along on this one, sir?

One, two, one, two.

Mic check, mic check.

One, two, one, two...


Not exactly Wembley
Arena, is it, Mr Laroche?

Well, you know,

I go to where the music takes me.

And it's brought you all the way
to Claire and Barry Thompson's

silver wedding anniversary.
Fair play to you.

Commissioner, perhaps you'd
like to kick things off?

Thank you, Inspector.

I think the best place to start

would be with Mr Laroche
telling us about the affair

he had with Jasmine Springer?

I don't know what you're
talking about, all right?

I'd... appreciate it if you
didn't lie to us, Mr Laroche.

We've already wasted
enough time on this case.

Close to 30 years.

Look, Billy was going through
a rough patch, right?

He pushed the people that loved him away.

- Jasmine, you mean?
- I tried to help her through it.

- By sleeping with her?
- She was a grown-up.

She knew what she was doing.

She was also vulnerable.

Her husband was an addict.

She needed support, Leon, a friend.

I'm not saying I acted with much dignity.

But you know, we all make
mistakes in our youth.

How long did it last?

- A few months. No more.
- And Billy never suspected?

Most of the time back then, Billy
was either drunk or stoned or both.

Jasmine and I, we were discreet.

I hired a little place up in the
hills, so we wouldn't get catch.

But when she threatened
to confess all to Billy,

the thought of him discovering
your betrayal was too much...

.. so you killed her.

I understand how this must look, right.

But you, you have to understand something.

We were in a band.

It was a wild time.

Relationships, they can
get a little blurred

when you're living like that.

So, what are you saying? That
Billy wouldn't have minded?

I'm saying it wouldn't
have been the first time

- things in the band get a little...
- Dysfunctional?

Billy finding out about
our fling, yes, man,

it would have complicate things.

But not so much that I
thinks that the only solution

would be to kill his wife!

We'll get there, sir.

Just might take us a bit more time.

That's what I said to Billy
Springer all those years ago.

I assured him we'd solve
it with a little time.

We never did.

It's not your fault, sir.

You can only go where
the evidence takes you.

And everything pointed to a mugging.

But I wasn't convinced
it was just a mugging.

The escalation in
violence felt too marked.

To me, it was too much of a stretch

to go from threatening
someone for their handbag

to strangling the life out of them.

And did you raise this at the time,
sir, with your senior officers?

I did.

But I was a mere junior detective.

It's hard to get your voice heard,

when all you've got going for
you is your lack of experience.

Yeah, we've all been there, sir.

You speak out, convinced
an injustice has been done,

and all you're met with is
indifference and inaction.

As you said, Inspector,

such cases do indeed sit
heavy over the years.

I need for us to put this right.

We will, sir. We will.

Delmar Brown. Maya Oprey. Leon Laroche.

Three suspects. Three
motives. Two murders.

And as yet, no idea which
of them is our killer.

June the 5th, 1988.

Jasmine Springer was
murdered and the scene staged

to look like a robbery gone wrong.

30 years later, her husband,
Billy Springer, was shot dead

and that crime scene staged
to look like a suicide.

Leaving us puzzling just how did
our killer manage to shoot Billy

and then escape from the crime scene

with the door locked on the inside?

So, any thoughts or any ideas on how
we crack this trickiest of cases?

Well, maybe we should call it a night.

Approach things again
fresh in the morning.

You're probably right, Florence.


It's all right. I'll go.

Dwayne! Please...

Just tell me what I have to
do to make it up to you, huh?

Whatever it is, I'll do it, Son.

Then do what we both know you
always do and leave the island.

Stay and finish your drink.

- Dwayne.
- Catherine.

Everything all right?

Fine. Why wouldn't it be?

I know how hurt your mother
was when he abandoned her.

And if she was alive today,

she'd be even angrier to
see him back here now.

That doesn't mean you can't
give him another chance.

- He's really trying.
- I know he is.

Look, all I want to tell
him is that it's OK with us.

And that we are good. I just don't believe

that he deserves my forgiveness.

And maybe he doesn't.

But if forgiving him might
finally bring YOU some peace,

maybe it doesn't matter
if he deserves it or not.


Are you decent?

Well, Harry. Fancy a brew?

Yep, looks like it's just
you and me again, old fella.

The key's in the lock...

There's a fork lying on the floor...

There's a string missing
on Billy's guitar.

The top one, the E string...

Us musicians, we love to
improvise, Inspector...

Why kill Jasmine?

- Question is, did whoever was here, find it?
- You mean the note?

He spent the morning fixing
the pickguard of his guitar...


Not possible.

Is it?

Everybody! I need a screwdriver!

A screwdriver? OK.

Are you feeling all right?

Top of the world, Florence.

I think I've finally worked
out how our killer shot Billy

- and then left the room locked
on the inside. - Well done, Chief!

And in a few moments' time,
if I'm right about this,

we'll also know WHO did it.

You were right, Florence,

whoever killed Billy never found
our missing piece of evidence.

You don't think Billy had it
with him in the dressing room?

Oh, no, it was there, right in front
of our eyes. Has been all along.

You see the one thing
I've learnt about reggae,

this piece of the guitar
here takes a right battering.

And Billy's old pickguard
was all rusty and worn,

so he had to replace it with a new one.

No way.

Florence, I need you to dig out
our financial checks for me.

- Yes, sir.
- And Dwayne! JP!

- It's that time. Gather
up the suspects! - Yes, sir.

You know what I like most
about going to a gig?

It's the half hour or so
before the band come on stage.

That sense of anticipation

as you're all standing there
waiting for it all to start.

Of course, anticipation is one thing
we're not short of here today.

For some people, this moment has
been 30 years in the making --

for 30 years, poor Kai has been
wondering who killed his mother,

and for the same amount of time,

the island's Commissioner Of Police

has been left burdened by the
one murder he never solved.

Well, today, the waiting's over.

We now know not only who
killed Jasmine Springer,

but also who killed her husband, Billy...

.. don't we, Leon?

It wasn't me, man!

No? Well, why don't we start with
the murder of Billy Springer?

As the band came off stage
after playing their gig.

They all returned to their dressing rooms.

But moments later, Leon came
back out, entered Billy's room

and proceeded to shoot him dead.

Leon knew Delmar's post-gig
ritual of playing his music loud.

So, the gunshot was never heard,

giving Leon time to stage the
scene to look like suicide.

So, when we arrived and broke down
the door, we found the room locked,

the key in the inside and
the gun in Billy's hand.

Leading us to conclude
that Billy killed himself.

So, just how did Leon manage this?

Well, this is how.

Leon took the key from the door.

Went out into the corridor and locked it.

He then proceeded to shoulder-barge
the door, breaking the lock.

Returning to the room,

he closed the door and put
the key back in the lock.

And this done, he did something I
believe all musicians are good at.

Delmar, you even said it yourself,
"Musicians love to improvise".

And that's what Leon did.

He improvised with what he had to hand.

Just as Billy had improvised
when he was about to go on stage

and he realised he'd lost his guitar capo.

So, from Billy's little tin
of guitar paraphernalia,

Leon took the fork.

From his guitar he removed
a single guitar string,

and with just these two items he was
able to wedge the door on the inside

of the dressing room.

So, first, place the fork on the floor

with the guitar string
looped around the prongs.

He then slid the ends of
the string under the door.

And then, out in the corridor,

he pulled the strings hard.

Wedging the fork so it
appeared the door was locked.

He then pulled out the string,

put it in his pocket,

and sauntered casually back

to his own dressing room.

So, we broke down the
door a few moments later

We found the room locked,

the key on the inside,

we naturally assumed that
Billy had locked himself

into his room before shooting himself.

Now I imagine you didn't think
we'd pay too much attention

to a rusty old fork lying on the floor.

I mean, how could that
possibly have anything to do

with Billy taking his own life?

But once you know Billy was murdered,

then even something as innocent as a fork

suddenly starts to look suspicious.

So, why did Leon do all this?

Why the sudden need to kill Billy?

Kai, you said yourself

that Jasmine had been playing
on your father's mind

since the band got back
together over the past few weeks.

And I think that's why he paid a visit

to somewhere that he hadn't
been to for close to 30 years.

The place where he'd hidden
all your mother's possessions

after she died.

And I think that's where he
found the incriminating document.

This is what prompted him
to call the commissioner,

tell him that he found new evidence
proving who Jasmine's killer was.

It says, "Sirens' Point. 8pm. Leon."

This proves categorically

that Jasmine's body was
found at Sirens' Point

not because she was dumped there

after being killed
during a botched mugging.

But because she was invited there

by Leon Laroche and callously murdered.

That right, Leon?

As Billy told no-one apart
from the commissioner

about his discovery of the new evidence,

we assume you overheard him

leaving the phone message
asking for the police's help.

It's Jasmine. I know who
killed her. I found a note.

In that moment, you realised
you needed to kill Billy

and recover the proof that he had.

Except, the note had gone missing.
So, after you'd killed him.

You must've searched that
dressing room high and low

but you couldn't find it!

Which means it was you that
broke into Billy's beach hut,

- looking for the note. - That's right,
but it wasn't there either, was it?

Because Billy was clever.

He wasn't going to risk
leaving the note lying around

when he went on stage.
No! He took it with him.

Hidden in the pickguard of his guitar.

But I don't understand, why
would Leon murder Jasmine?

We found a recording from
the studio you were all at

the day Jasmine was killed.

In it, Jasmine was heard telling
Leon she wanted to confess to Billy

what had gone on between them.

We assumed they were having an affair

and when we confronted Leon about this,

he confirmed that's exactly what it was.

But while it was true, that they
had indeed engaged in an affair,

what wasn't true was that their
argument that day in the studio,

it wasn't just about Jasmine

revealing details of the affair to Billy.

It was about more than
that, wasn't it, Leon?

When Leon admitted the affair,
he told us he hired a small place

up in the hills for him
and Jasmine to go to.

I hired a little place up in the
hills, so we wouldn't get catch.

But during the investigation,

we went through all the financial checks

from the year Jasmine was killed,

and there was nothing suspicious
about Leon's bank accounts.

That's right, I'm sure that
a sudden monthly outgoing

for an extra property
would have stood out,

particularly to a thorough
detective like DS Cassell here.

So, we went through the finances again

just a while ago and we were right.

No sign of him renting a property in 1988.

But there was evidence

of Leon renting a house
a year earlier than that.

So, why the discrepancy in
Leon's timeline of events?

Kai, you were two months
old when your mother died,

a year after Leon rented that property,

and, therefore, a year since he
and your mother had their affair.

I'm sorry that this is
how you have to find out.

I think it should come
from you, don't you think?

Kai is my son.

Not Billy's.

That's what Jasmine was
going to tell Billy.

And having not got through to her
at the studio that afternoon,

you gave her a note suggesting

she meet you later on that
night at Sirens' Point.

I didn't mean to kill her.

I thought she'd come round
to what I was saying.

But she was so stubborn!
She wouldn't listen!

I didn't know how else to stop her.

I take it you assumed Jasmine
had just binned this?

But, unfortunately for you,
Leon, she forgot she had it.

All these years, it sat in
the pocket of the jacket

she wore to the studio that day.

And it was only when Billy
was finally able to face

going through her possessions
decades later, that he found it.

How could you do that to her?

Easy, easy...

He did it because, in his mind,
if Billy had ever found out,

that'd be the end of everything.

This was no messy musicians' fling.

No, it was more serious than that.

Having to give up the son that
Billy had raised for a year.

- The son he loved.
- It would have destroy him.

- And the band. - And, ultimately,
that's all you care about, isn't it?

Course it is!

You're the lead singer. The
front man. It's all about you.

Even now, all this time later,

you're desperately pursuing the spotlight.

Any little bit of attention at
all you can find to feed your ego!

You didn't care about Jasmine or Billy,

or even your son, Kai.

It's all about you.

Always was.

Arrest him, please, for the murders
of Jasmine and Billy Springer.

Up, come on.

Thank you, Inspector.

Any time, sir.

Congratulations to cracking the case.

It was no mean feat.

Yes, a double-murder spanning 30 years.

Two for the price of one, if you will.

You think he's all right?

It's not like Dwayne to go
off on his own, you know?

I know he expected Nelson to do a runner.

I'm just not sure he thought
it would be quite so soon.

I'll take him one of these.

- Here. Get that into you.
- Oh, thanks.

You doing OK?

You know what? I am.

For the first time, I've actually
got some clarity in my life.


- I need to make peace with the old man.
- Right. I see.

Well, good for you, Dwayne. Being
the bigger man and all that.

I like it.

Just... If you don't mind me asking,

how are you going to
do that, now he's gone?

Ah, that's the thing, Chief.

I've decided that I'm going
to go and look for him.

I see!

But I may need some time off...

If that's OK, of course!

Of course. Take as much time as you need.

Thank you, Chief!

No way! It can't be!

Dwayne! You're not going to believe this!

Jack-boy! Dwayne!

I don't think I do believe it.

- Help!
- What the heck are you doing?!

The boat sank!

What a loser!

I'm going to have to go and
get him, you know, Chief!

He's not getting any younger.

And neither am I!

- What's going on?
- Is that Nelson?

It is indeed,

and we're rescuing him.

Where in blazes was you going?

- Dominica?
- I wasn't going anywhere.

So, why you went out in your boat, then?

I was moving it around the bay.

Turtle Pete said I could
moor it at his place.

You mean, you wasn't leaving the island?

I told you, like it or lump
it, I'm not going anywhere.

Whoa! And you must let
me buy you all a drink!

- What?
- As a thank you.

One drink! You cheapskate!

You mean, we save your life for one drink?

Don't worry about that. The
drinks will be on the house.

I'll look after you, Nelson...

- Thanks, Catherine.
- Come on, let's get you dry...

He's going to want my
spare room back, isn't he?

Almost definitely, sir.

Probably want my clothes,
as well, and my shoes!

I'm going to have to move in
with you, Florence! Only joking!