Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Episode #5.8 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ They're having a party

♪ I hope you are hearty

♪ They're having a party

♪ I hope you are hearty

♪ Sing it to me

♪ Rum-ba-ba-do... ♪

Drinks voucher for tonight.

That's how we keep party out front.



Three, two, one...


- That's not tequila.
- It's Caribbean tequila.

Oh, guess what? I did it.

I got it done this afternoon.

No way! You didn't?

Is that a moth?

That's a butterfly.

Represents freedom, new beginnings.

Stop staring at it.
It is not a moth!

I'm only joking. It's amazing.
Seriously, Penny,

the fact that you're actually
here at your...
- At my age?!

I might be twice as old as you,

but I bet I can still drink you
under the table.

- Same again?
- No.
- Yes!


Caller, hold the line!



- This time next week,
we'll be back home.
- Yeah.

It'll be nice to be back.

I come bearing shots and...

- Leo.
- ..Leo!

I knew that.

How are you doing, Leo?
I'm Griff.

- This is my girlfriend Sian.
- Hi.
- Hi.

Right, let's get this party started.

Ready? Three, two, one...



MUSIC: Yeke Yeke
by Mory Kante

I just want to check that we're
cool, yeah? Heh?

You promise you won't say anything?

Yeah, I said I wouldn't.


I'd better get her to bed.

She's lucky to have you.

The other way round, I reckon.

Don't dismiss it.
Take care of her. Look after her.

So lovely...


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I've had too much to drink.

You're fine. Honestly, don't worry.

I'd better head back.

- Oh...
- Do you want someone
to walk you back?

No, no, no. Don't be silly.

- Good night. Good night.
- Night.
- Night-night.

Well, that was awkward.

Hey, you.
Let's get you to bed, eh?

- Yeah.
- Need a hand?

No. I'm fine.
I'll see you tomorrow, man.

Have a good one.

- Come here.
- Oh...
- Oi!




You hear that?

There's someone in there.

What's going on?

Stand back...





So, this is my suit for JP's

Which tailor did you use?

Dwayne recommended him.

What do you think? Both of you.

A touch bold?

My eldest brother,
he's about the same size,

so maybe I could ask to borrow
something from him?

- Yeah.

Dwayne, top of the morning to you.


Well, we're on our way.

Florence, duty calls.
You're driving.


Chief. We've got
a young woman inside.

The paramedics pronounced her
dead at the scene,

but they still haven't taken away
the body.
- Any idea what happened?

- It looks like she killed herself.
- Who are they?

They discovered the body.

The boyfriend, a couple of guests.

And that is the owner of the
hostel, Astor.

OK, let's take Astor.

- JP, keep the others here.
I'll have a chat with them later.
- Yes, Chief.

I tried the door,
but it wouldn't open.

And then I came round the back
and smashed the window through.

Do you know her?

Her name is Sian.

She'd been staying with us
for about a week or so.

Poor girl.

She can't be more than,
what, 19? 20?

Where were you
when you heard the gunshot?

- I was cleaning the dorm room.
- What time was this?

It must have been about eight.

Yes, it was eight, cos I always
start cleaning the same time.

When was the last time you
saw Sian alive?

Last night. I was at the bar. She
was around at the party, I think.


Why would a young girl like that
want to kill herself, man?

Sorry, who's saying she did?

- Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
- You'd think so. Right?

Well, let's see. She was found flush
against the frosted-glass door,

which means nobody could have
shot her

whilst inside the shower room
and then exited via this door.

And nobody could have entered or
left by this window,

hence why Astor had to smash the
shutters in order to gain access.

- But...
- But if you're planning to
kill yourself, why bring a washbag?

Why unpack your toiletries
and then choose to shoot yourself?

Where is her towel?

If she were coming for a shower,
you'd use a towel, wouldn't you?

I hadn't really thought of that.

So, you think this wasn't a suicide?

Well, I'm not saying it wasn't
NOT suicide, if you follow.

Or to put it another way,

Sian entered the shower room without
a towel, unpacked her washbag

and only then decided to shoot
herself at point-blank range.

And why here, in a communal shower?

Outside, there's a secluded beach,
a quiet, dense jungle.

And where would someone with no
knowledge of the island find a gun?


...something you'd like to tell us?

I, uh...

Oh, this isn't going to sound good,

but, um,

that gun is mine.

- Excuse me?
- It is legal and registered.

But I don't know how
she managed to get hold of it.

I'll have to check in my office

but that definitely
looks like my gun.


Dwayne, I need you and JP
to photograph the scene,

release the body
and dust for prints.

Florence, you're with me.

My name is Perrie.

Perrie Campbell.

Perrie? Right.
And how do you know Sian?

We met when she arrived,
a week or so ago.

We got chatting.

She was a really lovely girl.

Are you on holiday or...?

- No, I'm travelling.
- I see.

And when was the last time you
saw Sian alive?

Last night. There was a party.

We had a few drinks,
and everything was fine.

And in between you arriving
back at the hostel and now,

where have you been?

Well, I came straight to bed.

And then, this morning,
I was practising my yoga

on the beach at eight o'clock,
and I... I heard the gunshot.

And so I came to find out
what had happened.

Can anyone confirm that?

I don't know. There was
a kayaking thing,

and everyone else took
the boat to the next island.

We'll take that as a no.

- Name?
- Leo Richards.

Leo, how did you know Sian?

I didn't. My flight got in yesterday
afternoon. We met last night.

And we were you
when the gunshot was heard?

I was having breakfast.

- Who were you with?
- It was just me.

As Perrie said,
there was a boat trip organised.

Given there was a boat trip,

there was just you guys and Sian
left in the hostel?
- Uh-huh.

As far as I know.

Griff, I know this must be a very
difficult time for you.

How long have you
and Sian been courting?

Um, three years next month.

We met at work, in the pub.

I was behind the bar.

You've been together all
summer, travelling?

Those round-the-world tickets.

She should start med school
in September.

That's why we're here.


A summer of fun...

...before... I'm sorry.

When was the last time you
saw Sian alive?

This morning.

I was heading out for a run,
and she was heading for a shower.

- What time was this?
- 7.45.

I remember setting my watch
to head out.

And did anyone see you?

I bought a bottle of water
from the hut on the cliffs.


Would anyone know why Sian would
have a reason to take her own life?

All right. That's all for now.
Thank you.

Are you sure you don't want
me to drive, sir?

No, Florence, it will help me
to concentrate.

So, Sian heads into the shower room,
she unpacks her toiletries

and only then chooses to shoot
herself at point-blank range.

- She doesn't bring a towel, which
makes no sense...
- Sir, watch out!

- Ooh!
- Ohh...

Oh... I'm sorry.

Are you OK?

Are you hurt?

Gosh, it's you.

It's you, isn't it?

It's me.

Milky hot chocolate,
sometimes a blueberry muffin.


- Humphrey!
- Yes.

- My goodness. Wow. Wow.
Florence, this is Martha.
- Hi.

She used to work back in the coffee
shop back in old Blighty.

What are you doing here?

Oh, um, you know, travelling.

Finding myself.

Nearly getting mowed down.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

- Oh, no, no. It was me.
I wasn't looking.
- Yeah.


How are you?

- How's...
- Dylan?
- Yes.

We consciously uncoupled.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, don't be. I'm not.
Completely the right decision.

Me too.


All for the good.


So, this is where they
transferred you?


Beats roundabouts and rain,
I guess.



You look well.

Oh, thanks.

- You too.
- Thanks.

I'm trying to cut out wheat,

- How are you enjoying the island?
- Oh, it's lovely.

- Are you staying at the hostel?
- Yes.

It's awful, what's happened.

We all found out when we got
back from the boat trip.

You're investigating, I presume?

Yes, yes, I am.

So, if you hear of anything
untoward, then do let me know.

And sorry about nearly
mowing you down.

Oh, not at all.

I have holiday insurance!


- All right. Marv.
- Sorry?


Marvellous. M-M-Marv.

It's just something I'm trying.


- Right.
- Well, lovely to see you.
- You, too.
- OK.

- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.


She seems nice.

Yes. Yes, she is, yes.

Yes, she's nice.

Wow. Flowers, gosh.

Sorry, sir. They were meant to
deliver everything to the church,

but they got the wrong address.

Rosey's on her way in a van
to pick them all up.

Not a problem, JP.

- Anything we can do to help.
You only get married once.
- You hope.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

We'll be in touch.

That was Sian's mother.

She didn't believe Sian would
take her own life.

She was headed to medical school,
her life ahead of her.

Apparently, Sian had suffered
from anxiety and depression

during her exams,

but she had got through it with
the help of the boyfriend.

- Her mother spoke very highly of him.
- Anything from background?

- 'Yee-ha!'

Sorry. I've done something.
Every time I get an e-mail...

- 'Yee-ha!'

I can't turn it off.
I don't know what I've done.

Some settings...

Sorry. You were saying - background.

Yes. The victim, Sian Evans.
19, born and raised in Cardiff.

An A-grade student about to go to
Edinburgh University.

Griff Morgan, 27, the boyfriend.

Works at the local pub
and DJs there.

Leo Richards, 21.

Originally from Hastings,

but is now studying history
and politics at Warwick.

Astor Henri, aged 42, born locally.

It turns out the gun was
registered and legal,

and the only fingerprints found
on the weapon belong to Sian.

Astor's been running the hostel
for five years, married for two.

- Perrie Campbell, 43. Lives in a
place called Cowbridge?
- Mm-hm.

Anyway, looks like she's worked
in a supermarket for years,

some sort of supervisor.
- Cowbridge?!

Is that a real place, Chief?

I actually went to
a christening in Cowbridge once.

It's not a million miles from
Cardiff, if I remember.

So, you think there's a chance that
Perrie and Sian might have

known each other prior to
arriving on Saint Marie?

Perhaps their paths might
have crossed.

- Have a dig around, JP,
see what you can find.
- Yes, Chief.

Right, so Sian Evans was found
dead inside the shower room

at Honore youth hostel,

just after a gunshot was
heard at 8am.

She was last seen alive by her
boyfriend at 7.45am.

She'd been shot at point-blank range

and her body was found slumped
flush against the shower room door.

Which means that nobody
could have shot her

from inside the shower room
and then left via the door.

And nobody could have entered
or left via the window,

which is why Astor smashed the
shutters in order to enter.
- Quite.

The gun belonging to Astor
was found in Sian's hand.

Did she take her own life?
Some might say it's possible,

but why, if you are intending to
take your own life,

do you take a washbag, unpack it and
only then choose to kill yourself?

Chief, we also found
these in Sian's possessions.

- Looks like ecstasy.
- Right.
Well, let's get them over to the lab

and wait for toxicology to
confirm what they are.

We also found her towel.
It was on her bed, bone dry.

Sir, you have to come
and look at this.

OK, so I ran a quick internet
search on Perrie Campbell and, look,

first hit -
articles from a local newspaper.

Missing - Cowbridge.
Wife Disappears.

Husband Appeals For Help.

The Mysterious
Case Of The Runaway Wife.

So, Perrie is married.

She didn't mention
anything about a husband.

Why is she here
if he is back in England?

- Wales, Florence.
- What's the difference?

Oh, never say that to a Welshman.

Never say that to an Englishman,
come to think of it.

Sir, according to this,

Cowbridge is only seven miles
west from Cardiff.

Close enough for me. Florence!


Oh, you're a writer?

It's just a story. Fiction.

May I?

It's not finished yet.

You know, Herman Melville once said,

"To produce a mighty book,
one must choose a mighty theme."



fleeing of one's homeland.

Pretty big themes, wouldn't you say?

Why did you leave your husband?

Is it relevant?

- Fairly relevant.
- OK. I left because I couldn't stay.

Every night before bed,

he put out two cups,

placed the teabags inside,
ready for the morning.

One night I went to bed,
I looked at those two mugs

and I thought, "There's got to
be more than this."

So I walked away.

I never went back.

I knew there was a whole world
out there. Now I can see it.

We know you lived just
outside Cardiff.

Maybe you knew Sian from back home?

Maybe she recognised you

and there was talk of her
getting in touch with your husband?

- Tell him where you are?
- Sian and I had never met before.

I had nothing to do with what
happened to her.

I don't want you to contact
my husband. I'm happy here.

She was crying... last night.

I'd gone to bed,

but I wasn't feeling too good.
I needed some air.

So I went outside and she was with
Griff and she was crying.

- What were they talking about?
- I've no idea.

I should have said
something this morning,

but... I didn't want to upset Griff
any more than was necessary.

Ah, sir, how did it go?

Well, Perrie is not the most
stable of people, granted,

but a cold-blooded killer,
I'm not so sure.

We might have something.

We've been going through
the phone records.

Yes, they were e-mailed over to us
by the network provider.

Now, these are all the numbers Sian
called or texted

over the last three months.

But there is one number that we
could not account for,

highlighted in orange.
- It's Leo, Chief.

We spoke to the phone company,
and there are text messages

and calls between him and Sian
going back months, but there's

no records of any of these calls or
text messages on Sian's phone.

They've all been deleted.

So, we did some more digging,
and it turns out that Leo was

in Phuket three months ago, exactly
the same time as Sian and Griff.

The text messages began
shortly afterwards.

Wow. That is barnstorming
work from the two of you.

Let's get the phone over to the lab,
see what they can recover.

Also, Dwayne, I'd like you to check
Leo, Sian and Griff's social media,

the face-thingy, the tweeters,
see what you can find.
- Yes, Chief.

- Let's head over and talk to Leo.
Ah, Rosey.
- Hello.

- Ah, Miss Fabrice.
- Hi, Rosey.

Hello. The van's all loaded. I'll
take the flowers over to the church.

Beauty, brains and brawn, huh?

You're a lucky man, you know, JP?

Here are the nametags
for the wedding favours.

You have done the wedding favours?

- Yes, of course.
- Great.

And my Aunt Esme is coming now,

so you might have two rejig
the seating plan.
- OK, yes.

Rejig. OK.



- You haven't done the favours, have you?
- Haven't even started.

And Aunt Esme?

I've never even met Aunt Esme.

You only met Rosey's mum
two weeks ago.

Relax, JP.

It's a whirlwind romance.
These things happen.

Wh-Whirlwind? What do you mean,

You know, whirlwind.

Whew! Fast.


But fast.

I could charge you for perverting
the course of justice right now.

We need to see your mobile phone.

We know that you and Sian had been
exchanging phone calls

and text messages
for almost three months.

We also know that three months ago,

you spent a week on the same
island at the same time.

Nothing, sir.

Do you delete all your calls
and text messages,

or just the incriminating ones?

We can do this back at the station,
if you'd prefer.

OK. Look, we met a few months
ago in Phuket.

She was hot, we hooked up.

Then what happened?


We spent a week together.

Her boyfriend wasn't there.
They'd had an argument.

She wanted to go to this festival
that everyone was talking about,

he didn't want her to go.

She said she could be like that,
controlling, so she just left him,

we went and we spent a few days
together after that.

It was just sex.

I guess she sent a few texts,
there were a few calls.

And you just happened to bump into
her again on this island?

Most British travellers book
through the same website.

That's the same flights,
the same hostels.

- People bump into each other.
- So, why lie?

I'm not exactly going to
volunteer this information in front

of her boyfriend, am I?

I don't want to put him through
any more grief.

I'll be in touch.

So, what did you think, sir?

Well, if Sian
and Leo had been intimate,

and Griff had somehow
learnt of this...

- It's a strong motive.
- Yes.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. I just have a couple of
follow-up questions, if that's OK.

- I'm sorry, I was miles away.
- Of course.

We understand that you and Sian had
an argument which led to you

parting company for a week in Phuket.
- How do you know about that?

Is it true?

Yeah, but... it was nothing.



It was about a stupid party

she wanted to go in the
middle of nowhere.

It was dangerous,
and I didn't want her to go.

We had a week apart...

then we were together again,
and it was fine.

Did Sian tell you about Leo?

What about him?

They met.

The week you and Sian were apart,
they were together.

They were intimate.

They had been exchanging calls
and text messages since that time.

We also have a witness who
claims she saw you

and Sian the night before she died,
and Sian had been crying.

That wasn't an argument.

She was scared
about heading off to uni.

She could get like that,
in her head.

She used to call it
her washing-machine head.


I thought they only met last night.

I had no idea.

What does it mean?

Your necklace?

It's the Thai symbol for love.

Isn't it?


Sian gave it to me.


Why don't you ask her out
for a drink?

- Um...
- What's the worst that could
happen? You'll be great.

Right. Yes.

Carpe diem, and all that.


Oh! Hi.


How are you?





So, there's a bar.

It's run by a lovely woman called
Catherine, and they do drinks.


Coffee, beer, cocktails,
soft drinks,

mocktails, water. I can get you
a menu, if you like.
- Oh, I...

And then you could choose
something you'd like.

And I could buy it for you. A drink.
I'd buy you a drink. Tonight.

Or I could just order
when I'm there.

That would work too. Yes.

Yes, great.

Seven o'clock?

That sounds lovely.

- Great, see you there.
- See you then.

- She said yes.
- That's great.
- No, it's great. Let's go.

What's wrong?

I sat on her yoghurt.
Quick, before she notices.

Now, we know that Sian
and Leo were together in Phuket.

We also know that, since that time,

they've exchanged numerous calls
and text messages.

We're still waiting on the lab to

come back to us with the content of
the messages.
- Yes. Dwayne,

has anything come up
from Griff's social media?

Some posts about the disco
he ran at his local pub,

some photos of him
and Sian travelling,

nothing out of the ordinary, really.

OK. So, what of Perrie Campbell?

Well, we know she walked out on her
husband to see the world.

Did Sian recognise her? Did she kill
her to maintain her anonymity?

We do not know. What we do know is
that Sian Evans was found dead,

slumped flush against
the shower room door.

But as no-one could have
got in or out of there,

how on earth was she murdered?

A question I fear will not be
answered this evening.

So, thank you, that's all for today.
Back in first thing.


Good luck, sir.

You'll be great.

Yes. Thank you.

♪ I'm in the mood for love

♪ Simply because you're near me

♪ Funny, but when you're near me

♪ I'm in the mood for love

♪ Heaven is in your eyes

♪ Bright as the stars we're under

♪ Oh, is it any wonder... ♪


JP, what are you still doing here?

I'm on wedding duty, sir.

Oh, right.

Well, try not to stay too late.

Do you think I'm getting married
too soon?

Gosh, where did that come from?



Why don't you let me
make a quick phone call

and then you can tell me all about it?
- No, sir,

I'm sure you have more
important things to do.

JP, this IS important.

Just give me one minute. OK?

'Catherine, it's me, Humphrey.

'Yeah... Hello.

'I'm meant to be meeting someone.
Well, it's a date, actually.

'The thing is, I'm going
to be a little late.

'Now, the lady in question
goes by the name of Martha.

'Blonde hair, um, looks like
she has a good heart.

'If you could let her know
I've been held up in work

'but I'll be there as soon as I can.

'Right. Yes, that's it.

'Right. Thank you.'


They told you, then.


I only met her a few months ago.

And now there is wedding favours,

table plans.

Aunt Esme.

- Who's Aunt Esme?
- Exactly. Who is she?

I mean, this is just all
happening so fast

and in two days' time
I have to declare

in front of my family and friends
that we're going to spend

the rest of our lives together?
- Mm-hm.

You know what?
It's a whirlwind romance.

That's exactly what Dwayne
called it.


- You've been talking to Dwayne?
- Yes.

Right, first things first.

In the matters of the heart,
advice from Dwayne Myers

is to be taken with a rather large
pinch of salt.

This is nothing but cold feet.
Perfectly normal.

I remember the night before
MY wedding...

the excitement, the anticipation,

but there was also

a mild, low-level,
but nonetheless very real

sense of PANIC.

But you knew her longer than
a few months.

Well, yes.

Look, you're a kind and genuine
and honest man, JP.

I've seen you and Rosey together

and there's something very real



Oh... Yeah, you're right.

It's cold feet,

as you say.

You're going to make Rosey
a very happy woman.

Yeah, I hope so.

I know so.

- 'Yee-ha!'


Is she still here?


Martha. You got my message?


- What did it say?
- I'm meant to be meeting someone.

Blonde. Pretty.

- Very pretty.
- Oh, her!

- She was meeting you?
- Yes.

You're very late.

- Yes. I know.
- Oh...

She left about half an hour ago.

I'm afraid she didn't look
too happy.

Will you see her again?

Yes. Yes, I'm sure I will.

Well, this one's on me.

Thank you.


So, how did it go last night?

Ah, well, it... It actually, um...

It fell through in the end.

- It's one of those things.
- But you'll rearrange?

No, I don't think so.
I phoned the hostel this morning

and she was about to check out.

Right, a little experiment.

- Outside, you two.
- What?
- Chop chop. Outside.

See if you can open this door.

It won't open, Chief.

Exactly. Now come inside.

Now, try and leave whilst I keep my
body in this position.

It can't be done.
It's impossible, Chief.

I know, and it's driving me
to distraction.

- Sir?
- Yes.
- I just spoke to the lab

and they've confirmed that the drugs
we found in Sian's bag

WERE ecstasy. The lab also done
a cross-match on the bag

and our exclusion prints.

They found a match - Astor.

Astor sold Sian the drugs?

Dwayne, JP, if you could conduct a
search of Astor's quarters.

- Yes, Chief.
- Chief.
- Florence,
you and I will talk to Griff,

see if he can shed any light

on why Sian was in possession
of the ecstasy... Yes.

I thought you were going
to throw me the keys.

They're on your desk.

Yes. I knew that.


We found these amongst Sian's
possessions. Ecstasy.

This a regular thing for her?

No. No.

She just wanted to kick back.

Last few days away.

Sian had heard that Astor could get
hold of this stuff.

'I said no.'

No. Sian...

'Somehow she got them anyway.'

I didn't understand how, because
I was looking after the money.

She wouldn't tell me, so I went to
find Astor in his office,

but he wasn't there.

'So I started looking for his drugs.

'But I couldn't find them.

'When he arrived, he just kept on
denying ever giving them to her.'

I don't know what you're
talking about.

But I know he's lying.

You won't find anything.

Ah, our hostel owner with a sideline
in Class A narcotics.

The drugs you sold to Sian...

They're not mine.

- The bag has got your prints on.
- How do you explain that?

I remember now.
I was cleaning the room...

- ..and I find it on the floor.

Sorry, I need to take this.

You do realise that lying to a
police officer

is quite a serious offence?

I found this in the outside bins.

Do these belong to you, too, Astor?

Because we know you gave
Sian the drugs,

but we also know she didn't
have any money.

So, what was the arrangement?

She came into my office
a couple of days ago.

Apparently, the hot water was not
working. I was with someone.

Someone who was not my wife.

Sian said she wouldn't say anything.

I repaid her...

to say thank you, and that was it.

I swear that was it!

The lab recovered the text messages
Leo and Sian exchanged.

They've just e-mailed them over.


Oh, stone the crows.

"Hey, sexy!

"Thinking of you, kiss, kiss.

"Why are you ignoring me?

"Let me take you out for the day
when we both get home. Kiss, kiss."

The text messages you sent Sian
clearly show that YOU chased HER.

Her reply -
"please delete my number.

"I'm sorry, this was a mistake."

You keep lying to us.



I LIKED her.

You liked her?

Loved her.

She... under my skin,

and in my head,
and I couldn't get her out.

So you followed her here
to win her back,

after she specifically told you
to leave her alone.

Knowing she had a long-term

knowing all of that...

you still turned up?

Went well, did it?

She was not too impressed.

We had it all out the night
before she, er...

The night we'd all been drinking.

I'm here for you.

I just want to be with you.

I don't want to be with YOU.


And that made you angry,

knowing that she
didn't want to be with you.

Angry enough... to kill?

I had nothing to do with her death.

Might want to get some ice on that.

Now, we are missing something.
What are we missing?

- A conviction.
- Yes, thank you, Dwayne.

Sian Evans was found
inside the shower room.

Nobody could have shot Sian
then exited via the door.

And it would have been impossible
for anyone to have entered

OR exited via the window.
Did she simply kill herself?

Possibly, but the wash bag
would indicate that

Sian entered the shower room
in order to shower.

But there was no towel.

What of the suspects?

Perrie Campbell, the one who
walked out on her husband.

Did she kill to maintain
her anonymity?

And what of the hostel owner
Astor Henry?

We know his gun was used
to kill Sian.

Though his prints were not found
on the weapon.

And what of Leo? Leo the Liar.

We know that he'd had liaisons
with Sian

three months before he said
they met.

He subsequently bombarded her
with text messages and phone calls.

And finally, Griff, the boyfriend.

Did he somehow discover
Sian's tryst with Leo?

Did he want revenge?

Did he kill her?


Who did it?

And how did they do it?

You know who did it?

Not a sausage.


I feel really bad, Sir.

- We haven't cracked the case.
- No.

No, and time is rather
getting on a bit.

But you're off duty now,
it is time for celebration,

and that, JP, is an order.

Sir, the suit from my brother.

It's in the Jeep.
I'm sure it will be a good fit.

OK, I'll come and have a look,
thank you.


all the best for the big day tomorrow.
- Thank you, sir.

Best of British.


I feel sorry for the chief,
you know.

I think he's a bit down
about his date.

Huh? Date?

Yes, he had a date with
a woman last night.

He didn't say much.

I think she stood him up.

The inspector was with me
until pretty late last night.

What was he doing with you?

I had a bit of a wobble, that's all.

A wobble?

About what?

Something you said about me
and Rosey and whirlwind romance.

What? Wait-wait-wai...
When did I say that?

It doesn't matter.

The point is,
his date didn't stand him up.

He didn't turn up because of me
and my stupid wobble.



Thank you so much, Minister.


Oh, no, thank you.



Commissioner, would you like a mint?


- He didn't want a mint.
- Shh!

MUSIC: Many Rivers To Cross
by Jimmy Cliff

♪ Many rivers to cross...

♪ But I can't seem to find

♪ My way over

♪ Wandering, I am lost

♪ As I travel along

♪ The White Cliffs of Dover

- ♪ Many rivers to cross
- Many rivers to cross

♪ But just where to begin?

♪ I'm playing for time

- ♪ There've been times I find myself...
- Many rivers to cross

♪ Thinking of committing

♪ Some dreadful crime. ♪





Excuse me,
can I have a bit of quiet, please?

Chief, can you sit down, please?

Thank you.

When JP asked me
to be his best man,

I naturally had many questions.

Had all his other friends
gone and left the island?


Then I realised
he didn't have any other friends.


So, anyway...

I did run the speech by JP first.

I mean, the last thing I wanted to
do was to embarrass him

on his big day.

Sorry, I mean that's the last thing
he wanted me to do.

So all the bits that JP wanted me
to take out are back in.

- But before we go any further,

doesn't the bride look amazing,
ladies and gentlemen?

I... I know what you're thinking,
I know what you're thinking.

I don't know how he did it either!


Where is her towel?

- 'Yee-ha!'

See, I can't turn it off.

We also found these
in Sian's possessions.

No. Sian!





Sorry, everyone.
As you were, carry on.

You know who killed her, don't you?

Yes, I'm afraid I do.

Oh, no.

I think you'd better go.

No, no, no.

I'll stay with you.

It's fine. I get it.

Now go.

- Just hurry back.
- OK.

Right. You'll need to change out of
your gladrags en route.

Florence, can you bring my drink and
napkin, and round up the suspects?

- JP, you're with me, and there's
something I need to check. Let's go.
- I'll hold the fort here.

Maybe you could entertain
the troops, Commissioner?

I've never been one for notes,
Officer Myers.


Seeing young officer Hooper
married today

reminded me of my younger self.

My first day on the force,

I had to wrestle...

- Are you OK, sir?
- Yes.

Remind me, JP.

Sian had only recently accepted
a place at med school.

Where was she headed?

- Edinburgh.
- Edinburgh.

That's interesting.

That's very interesting indeed.

Good afternoon.


From the outset
of this investigation,

we have been unable to determine

whether Sian
had taken her own life...

...or whether she had been murdered.

Well, I can now tell you
with absolute certainty

that Sian did not take her own life.

She was...


By one of you.

you arrived on this island,

determined to start afresh.

Had you come across
Sian back in Wales?

Did she recognise you? Did you
kill her to protect your secret?

How about you, Astor?

We know the gun used to kill Sian
belonged to you.

We also know that Sian caught you
in a rather compromising position.

Perhaps you were worried
she would talk.

Or was it you, Leo?

You'd been rejected by Sian, but
were too proud to accept it.

Maybe you wanted revenge?

No, I loved her.

Don't say that.
You don't get to say that.

Or you, Griff, the boyfriend?

The sensible, loving boyfriend.

Perhaps you'd discovered

that the love of your life had,
erm... strayed?


Quite right.
It's impossible, isn't it?

It's impossible that anyone here

could have murdered Sian.

She was found slumped flush against
the shower room door, gun in hand.

The killer had no way in
and no way out.

It would have been quite
impossible for someone to shoot her

and then escape, and all in a matter
of seconds

after the gunshot was heard,


the gunshot you heard

was not the shot that killed her.

Now, on the morning of her murder,
Sian went into the shower room

with every intention of...


There was no premeditated plan to
take her own life, which means

that someone else
came in to the shower room.

'Now, at 7:45am, Sian collected her
things and headed to the shower.

'She entered the shower room,
placed her towel on the rack

'and began to unpack her

So far, so good. But then...


Who is it?

Who was it?

It was the person who was poised
to kill her in cold blood.


And herein lies the question that
leads to the answer that

unlocks the truth.

Sian let the killer into the
shower room of her own accord.

So who out of the four of you

would Sian allow in?

- Me?
- You.

You killed Sian.

'You entered, raised the pillow to
her chest to muffle the bang
and pulled the trigger.'

All with astonishing
and brutal efficiency.


I spy with my little eye...

a killer.

And I'll wager you didn't have
sufficient time to

dispose of said pillow.

A mistake, certainly,

but you were clever too, throwing us

off the scent, because you knew
Sian had a history of depression.

She was scared about heading off
to Europe.

I think she could get like that
in her head.

A fact you'd assumed we'd uncover
during our investigation.

Apparently Sian had suffered from
anxiety and depression

during her exams.

So you staged her suicide knowing
we'd assume Sian was

suffering once more from anxiety
and depression.

To stage the scene, you needed time.

As we know, you went for a run
at 7:45...

except you didn't, did you, Griff?

Because you headed straight for
Astor's office to retrieve his gun.

Wait a minute. I didn't even know
he had a gun.

How would I know where to find it?

You knew he had a gun all right

and I think you knew exactly
where to find it.

'Because when you went to confront
Astor the previous night about the
drugs he'd given to Sian,

'you started to look for evidence
of his dealing.

'You said so yourself.

'And I think that's where you
came across Astor's gun.'

So the next morning, all you had to
do was just nip back in

and grab it.

'And then you made your way
over to the shower room'

and you killed Sian.

And once you'd done it, you staged
the scene to look like suicide

rather than murder. With Sian
slumped against the door

on one side of the room
and the slatted windows sealed

on the other side, how on earth

could any killer have got out
of there?

So how did you do it?

If you'll indulge me...

Thank you.


'Once he'd shot Sian, Griff
positioned the towel'

underneath the shower room door,
half in the corridor, half in the
shower room.

He then moved the body onto
the towel, wiped the gun for prints,

'and placed in into Sian's hand.

'He then scooped up the pillow, left
the shower room, '

closing the shower room door behind
him and pulling the towel.

'Which in turn pulled Sian's body
flush against the door.'

'Back in the dorm room,
Griff neatly folded her towel'

and placed it back onto her bed
before replacing the pillow.

The stage was set. Suicide.

But to give himself an alibi,
Griff needed another gunshot,

a second gunshot.

You all heard it.



Sorry, not that one.


And there you have it.

The gunshot you heard was nothing
more than a sound effect.

'Griff attached his mobile phone
to the speaker system,

'set the timer for the gunshot sound
and then he headed out on his run.'

Now, granted - I didn't really
have any idea how

I managed to change my e-mail alert,

but it made me realise that
a gunshot effect could be

created in much the same way,
then played through a speaker.

Not beyond the capability of Griff.

Who we know worked as a sometime DJ
in a pub back home.


And that was the gunshot that
alerted you.

Did you hear that?

The gunshot that was set
to deceive.

The loud bang,
the body, the blood...

The only conclusion to draw

was that the noise you all heard

was a real gunshot and it came from
the direction of the shower room.

All Griff then had to do

was lay in wait.

Did you hear that?

Upon his return,
Griff retrieved his mobile

and emerged when he spied Astor
break through the shutters.

Risky, you might say...

...leaving Sian's body alone,

while he went out running.

Anyone could have walked in.

Except Griff knew that everyone
would either be at breakfast

or on the boat trip.

He also knew that Astor cleaned
the dorm room at 8am each morning,

so he timed it knowing he had just
under ten minutes to get

out of the bathroom, up to the water
seller before the gunshot.

Why would I kill her?

- I LOVED her.
- I know you did.

The trouble was, Griff...

You loved her too much.

You see, it was something Leo said
that got me thinking.

She said he could be like that -

That's what this is all about.




You controlled the purse strings.

I was looking after all the money.

You controlled where she went,
who she went with.

I didn't want her to go.

No wonder she ran off with
Leo for a week.

She was running away from you!

You see, I think that's why
Sian acquired those drugs -

because she needed an escape.

She needed an escape
from the pressure of this

claustrophobic relationship.

She wanted a night of fun.

The truth was...

things were changing, Griff.

Sian was spreading her wings,
about to go to university,

her whole life just about to start

and not just any university,
either - Edinburgh.

About as far away from you as
she could possibly get!

- She'd outgrown you.
- No!

Yes! What else do controlling
and possessive boyfriends do?

They read their partners'
text messages

and that's when you realised what
had gone on the week you

and Sian were separated.

She had betrayed you,

which added insult to injury.

Officer Myers...

We came across these photos
on your social media

and your necklace is indeed

a Thai symbol for love,

but it wasn't yours.

It belonged to Sian. I think
you bought it for her.

You see, Sian's wearing
the necklace.

The same one you're wearing now.

Because the night before she died,
you were not,

as you previously stated,
comforting her.

I think she ended things with you

and she gave you back
the necklace you bought her.

That's when you realised
you'd lost her

and not just for the week,
this time - for good!

But if you couldn't have her,
nobody else could

and you would have got away with it,

but for one mistake.

The wash bag...

That's how we knew Sian hadn't
entered into the shower room

with the intention of ending
her own life.

You killed her.

Take him away.

I am so sorry.

I suppose I should get used
to this.

Young love, eh?

Ladies and gentlemen,
please could you make some room.

I give to you...

Mr and Mrs Hooper.


♪ Your eyes are green

♪ They're always dreaming

♪ Of me... ♪



What are you doing?
You just stepped out!

Yes, er...

I'm sorry.

Are you OK?


What are you doing here?

Trying to kill you, evidently.


I thought you'd left.

Officer Myers tracked me down.

I was literally about to get
on the boat.

He explained about what
happened last night,

about how you talked the groom
down from the metaphorical cliff.

Dwayne used the word "metaphorical?"

- No, I'm paraphrasing.
- Ah.

So I thought perhaps we could
get that drink after all.

Yes, fantastic!

- It's a free bar, too.
- I'm buying, then.


- Beer?
- Beer would be...

- Marv.
- Marv.

- OK, two beers coming up.
- Yes.


- ♪ Party people, what you looking for?
- Yay!

- ♪ Soca music, rock you more and more
- Yay!

♪ Carnival rhythm

- ♪ Lets you give and take
- Yay!

♪ Cos then you'll give

- ♪ Live music a break
- Yay!

♪ Or if it's disco

♪ In their houses

♪ Around the corner
Left, right and centre

♪ By wishing in the place
cos you want it right away... ♪

- 'Yee-ha!'