Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Erupting in Murder - full transcript

The death of a scientist at the site of a live volcano proves a difficult case to crack for Humphrey and his team.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
How are you doing?

Ah, good so far.


Oh, I never tire of that view.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm good.

You catch your breath.
I'll check the seismometer.

Well, I can't find anything wrong
with it. Sensors are clean.


Well, let's get back down.

No signs of malfunction
as far as we can tell.

Wait, so the seismic readings
we're getting are accurate?

Well, we can't discount
extraneous factors, Daniel.

Could just be a passing animal
setting it off.

Wouldn't be the first time...

But if that isn't the case,

it's three nights in a row
we've had amplitude signals

at a level consistent
with low frequency unrest.

We can't ignore that.

If it is an animal,
the chances are it's nocturnal.

I'll go back up tonight.

At least, that way, we'll know
for sure what's going on.

Oh, you've only just come back down.

Well, it's my turn on night duty.

Might as well spend it up
there as down here.

What time's the mayor due
tomorrow morning?

Er, 9:30, isn't it?
I'll be back for that.

And I'll expect a decent
breakfast waiting for me.

One a day. Can't hurt, can it?

What happened to that paper
you wanted me to read?

There's still a few things
I'd like to iron out.

Then get them ironed out. Can't have
my favourite protege slacking.

Your only protege you mean. Right.

I better go e-mail
the powers that be.

Update them on where we're at
with these readings.


One hour.

Good morning, Victoria.
Mayor Richards. Good morning.

Good to see you.

Everything all right?

You better come in.

If you pick this up, Stephen,
please just give us a call.

Let us know you're OK.

What's going on?
We're not sure.

Stephen camped out on
the volcano last night.

He hasn't come back this morning,
he's not answering his radio.

I'm scrambling the helicopter.

Nothing this side.
Keep a look out.

Daniel, to the left, down there.

Oh, no...

Bring us in, down there.



He's dead.


OK, what's the flight number?

'Er... ends in "630."
Do you know where I'm coming from?'

Yes, Caracas.

'Ever been?'
No, no, I've never been.

'You'd love it.'

OK. 'Can't wait to see you.'
And what time are you arriving?

'4:30.' Perfect. 'Don't forget.'
No, no, no, I won't forget.

Morning, sir.

Ah, Florence, morning.
Yes, come and say hello to Martha.

She's in Venezuela.
Martha, look, it's Florence...

'Oh, hello, Florence! How are...?'
Martha? Ma... Oh, dear.

She appears to have gone.

Must've got disconnected.

Why are you...? Something seems
to have happened with my Wi-Fi.

Can't seem to get any sort
of signal in the shack.

But there, it's perfect.
It's very odd indeed.

Anyway, Martha's flying in tonight,

so if I achieve nothing else today,
I must get to the airport...

on time, 6:30 sharp.

OK, but, right now, we've got
something else to worry about.

We've got a dead body
halfway up a volcano.

Well, this calls for some socks.

Are we nearly there yet? Oh, God.

Morning, sir. Sarge.

Good morning, JP. Chief.
The deceased is Stephen Langham,

chief volcanologist at the
Saint Marie Volcano Observatory.

Found this morning by his brother
Daniel and Victoria Baker,

both co-workers at the observatory.

He came up here last night
sometime after 9pm to check

the "seis-o-meter."
"Seis-mo-meter" I think, Dwayne.

Er, yes, yes.

Seems there'd been some
irregular readings coming through.

Now, they were expecting him
back this morning around 9am,

but he never showed.
Any clues as to cause of death?

The paramedics think
he died of natural causes.

He had a history of heart problems.
Heart attack?

Six months ago.

No sign of any injuries
or any kind of struggle.

Yeah, poor guy.

Dying up here in the middle
of the night, all alone.

That's not a way to go, is it?

Ah, no, JP, no, it is not.

What time was sunset?
Just after seven?

And he definitely walked up here?

Yes, Chief. There's no other way
to access the volcano.

The terrain is way too rough.

And that helicopter
is for emergency use only.

What are you thinking, sir?

Well, what's missing?

A torch.

There's everything else
you'd expect a man camping out

on a volcano to carry with him -

a tent, binoculars, walkie-talkie,
mobile, sandwiches, water canteen.

Now, you said he came up here
around 9pm yesterday evening,

which would've been dark,
and yet there's no torch.

Which is odd, don't you think?

Dwayne, JP, release the body,
bag this little lot,

and once you've done that, I'd like
you to trace Mr Langham's route

back to the observatory.

See if you can find any evidence
of a dropped torch.

Yes, Chief, we're on it. JP, come.

Florence, let's go speak
to his colleagues.

I'd like to know a little more

about Stephen Langham's movements
last night.

Come along.

Oh, dear.

Inspector Goodman. Joseph Richards.

Ah, Mayor Richards. Yes, we've met.

Sorry, we were briefly introduced
at a council drinks evening,

a few months ago. We were?

Er, yes, we talked about cricket.

The 2012 West Indies tour,
if I recall.

You know, it, er, it rained a lot,

Andrew Strauss got
a century in the first Test,

and then in the second he, er...
Yeah, yeah...


I'm sorry, you're here because...?

I flew in from Guadeloupe
this morning to meet with Stephen,

to discuss funding
for the observatory.

I see.

Hello. We appreciate this
must be a hard time for you.

If you wouldn't mind telling me
who you all are.

Victoria Baker.
I'm the resident geophysicist here.


Er, yes, we understand.

Megan Colley. Junior geologist.

You must be Daniel Langham,
I presume?

Yes. I'm a volcanologist here.

And you're Stephen's brother?

Yes. That's right.

I understand Stephen
was on the volcano

to check your equipment there.

The seismograph's been showing

irregular output
these last few nights.

He wanted to check the readings
weren't being corrupted. Corrupted?

Seismometers can unintentionally
pick up movement from animals,

or even the weather sometimes.

So he decided to go up there
himself to monitor it?

It was his turn on night duty.

And he left at about 9pm?

If you want to check, Inspector,
there's a CCTV camera

in the control room. I'm sure that
will show you when Stephen left.

Is there CCTV anywhere else?

Any other security?

There's the swipe system.

Swipe? On the door.

Logs everyone who goes in and out
of the observatory.

We all have individual cards to
make sure everyone's accounted for

in case of an eruption.

Erm... If you intended to head up
the volcano at night, in the dark,

I assume you'd need to take a torch?

Of course.

You have to make your way through
some pretty dense jungle up there.

It just appears that Stephen
didn't have one with him.

But he... he must've done.

My thought exactly.
But, yet, he didn't.

Where do you keep your torches here?

By the main entrance.

There isn't one missing?

Are you all right?

Touch of flu.

Er, could I trouble you for the CCTV
and the swipe card log?

Of course. Thanks.

So, when he left
the observatory last night,

Stephen would've exited
through that door,

passing right by these torches.

Maybe he forgot to take one?

It was already dark, Florence.

And on stepping outside
and realising that,

all he had to do was step back in
again and get one.

So, what are you saying, sir?

I just don't believe that our victim

would walk just over
a mile-long journey up a volcano

in pitch-black without a torch.

You think it was taken
from the scene? Possibly.

But if that is the case,

then someone must've been up there
with him.

So, er, Stephen left
the observatory at 9:06pm.

I didn't check the CCTV,
but I'm sure it'll tally.

OK. So according to this,

after Stephen left at
six minutes past nine last night,

the next person to swipe the door
open was by Victoria Baker

at 9:28 this morning?

That's right,
when the Mayor arrived.

Is there anything else?
No, thank you.

So no-one exited or entered this
building between Stephen leaving

and Mayor Richards
arriving this morning?

Which means if someone did go up
that volcano with Stephen,

and then travelled back
with the torch...

How did they get back
in the observatory?

Yes. Quite.

The exclusion zone. I assume
that's the bit no-one's allowed into

in case there's ever an eruption.

It's been over 80 years
since Mount Esmee last erupted

but she's officially still active.

So, I've just been up
an actual, real, live volcano?

That's excellent.

Ah. Phenolphthalein. That rings
a very distant GCSE chemistry bell.

Er, used for testing soil acidity,
if I remember rightly.

Turns pink when an acid is added.
Or... or is it blue?

Mr Langham was definitely what you
would call "a creature of habit" -

is that how you say it?

That's exactly how you say it,

There's not much variety here,
is there?

Guess you're right. Il aime
son train-train, la routine.

Very good, sir.

Chief. Yes? The body's on the way
to the pathologist

and we've loaded all the evidence
from the scene into the Jeep.

Excellent, Dwayne.
We should also bag his laptop,

personal documents, correspondence.

How'd you get on with
the walk back - any sign of a torch?

I'm afraid not, sir.

Someone was up that volcano

with Stephen Langham last night,
Florence. I'm sure of it.

And now they're
lying to cover it up.

Are you saying you think
they might've killed him, Chief?

I'm saying it's suspicious,
at the very least, Dwayne.

And we should treat it as such.

But there were no signs
of injury or assault.

And you can't murder someone
with a heart attack.

No, no, you can't.
You're quite right, Florence.

I guess we'll have to wait and see
what the postmortem brings up, eh?

All this because of
a missing torch?!


Hat? Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah, really nice!

Shall I come towards you? Yeah.

Ah. Amazing.

Let me introduce Justine Tremblay
from the Saint Marie Times.

Hello! Hello.

Morning, Justine.

They're insisting on doing a feature
about me for the weekend edition.

So, I thought I'd show her
the Caribbean's finest team of

law enforcement officers.

The Commissioner is being
incredibly generous with his time.

Well, I'm sure he is.

Inspector, I wonder if I might
have a word in your ear.

If you can spare me
for a few minutes. Sure.

This business up at
the volcano observatory.

Yes, early days, sir.

Stephen Langham appears to have
died of natural causes

but there are one or two things
that don't quite add up, sir.

I believe Mayor Richards
was in attendance this morning?

Yes, sir, yes, he was.

Then, can I ask, are you treating
him with suspicion at this stage?

No, sir. Quite the contrary.

He wasn't even on the island last
night when the death occurred, sir.

He was in Guadeloupe.

Mayor Richards
likes to present himself

as a caring and well-meaning
politician, man of the people,

but I've known him a long time

and I wouldn't trust him
as far as I could throw him.

If any kind of foul play's involved,
I'd advise you not to rule out

that, er, Mayor Richards
is connected in some way.

We'll keep an eye on him.

Justine, my apologies. I'm all
yours. I notice it's lunchtime.

How are you with seafood?

So, sir, at 8:47 last night,

Stephen comes
into the control room,

he packs some things into his bag,

talks to Victoria Baker,

and heads out at 9:05.

Which corresponds with
the entry system that shows

he swiped out at 9:06pm.

It also shows no-one went out
or came in the whole night, until

Victoria Baker opened the door to
Mayor Richards at 9:28 this morning.

Er, excuse me.

So, the victim, Stephen Langham...

55. Found dead on
Mount Esmee this morning.

Paramedics at the scene concluded
he died of a heart failure,

consistent with a heart attack
he suffered six months ago.

Natural causes.
Thank you, Dwayne.

Just saying, Chief.

Mr Langham was
the chief volcanologist

at the Saint Marie Observatory.

Has been working there
for the last 15 years.

So, let us, for a moment,
consider that

Stephen's death may not
have been natural causes.

Who might our suspects be?

Megan Colley.

22. From Dublin.
Got a First in Geology.

On a 12-month internship at the
observatory, started six months ago,

although an initial check
with immigration showed

no record of her arrival
on the island.

JP's put a call into the Irish
Passport Office to look into it.

Next. Victoria Baker.

Clearly upset by Stephen's death.
Seemed a rather fragile thing.

Hm. Miss Baker's had
a very successful academic career.

Got her professorship from
the Munich Institute of Physics

and Technology. Good for her.
And finally, Daniel Langham.

53. Stephen's only close relative.

Also a volcanologist.

Yes, and not exactly
a picture of health himself.

This is interesting.

Academic star at university,

shot straight into
a prestigious research position

but somewhat went
off the radar. Mm.

Patchy employment history.

Joined Stephen on the island
one year ago.

Bit of a motley crew, aren't they?

We should also look
into Mayor Richards.

But he wasn't even
on the island last night.

Yes, I know. I had a tip-off.

The Commissioner suggested that we
don't entirely discount the mayor.

I bet he did.
Those two have never got on.

Any reason why?

Two peacocks in the same pen.

This is a small island
and those are two big egos.

Hm, well, let's do as
the Commissioner suggested and

check that he was, as he claims,
in Guadeloupe last night.

Thank you very much.
I'll get on it, Chief.

Sir? Yes?
I think you need to hear this.

What have you got?

So, according to
the Irish Passport Office,

Megan Colley isn't here
on Saint Marie.

So, where is she?

On a six months' work visa in China.


So, who's the girl we met
in the observatory?

You know, she did seem
conspicuously quiet when we were

questioning everyone earlier,
Florence. Megan Colley?

Yes. Or whatever her real name is.

Actually, Emer.

My name's Emer Byrne.

I knew you'd find out, so...


So, why are you pretending
to be someone else, Miss Byrne?

Megan was my best friend at uni.

We lived together, did everything
together. Apart from graduate.

She got a first
and then I...

I failed.

So, how did you end up here?

I'd lied to my parents.

I couldn't tell them the truth,

they'd spent their savings
to send me to uni.

I didn't know what to do.
And then... Please. Sit there.

I saw an advert online for an
internship here at the observatory.

I don't know what came over me
but I thought,

"Finally, here's my chance."

So, you applied. As Megan Colley?

I sent her degree, her results.

And then all you had to do
is travel on your own passport

and pretend to be her.

I don't know what I was thinking,
I mean, I wasn't thinking.

Who at the observatory
knows about this?

No-one. Did Stephen?


You liked him, didn't you?

He sort of took me under his wing.

Called me his protege.

If Stephen had found out the truth,
that you weren't who you said

you were, how would you have
stopped him from reporting you?

I don't know.

But I could never have done
anything to hurt him.

What do you think, sir?
Well, I'm not sure, Florence.

I think she genuinely cared
for Stephen, that much is clear,

but something's not quite right.

Like she's not telling us
the whole truth.

Ah, yes, thank you very much.
OK, Chief.

So I checked and Mayor Richards
stayed at the Blue Orchid Hotel

in Guadeloupe last night.

Air Caribbean confirmed
he boarded the first flight back

to Saint Marie this morning.

Oh, well, there's
no arguing with that, I s'pose.

I also spoke to the Mayor's
secretary. She said that Mr Richards

and the victim did cross paths
from time to time.

Very much a working relationship,
from what I can gather.

Yes, yes, good, good. I'll update
the Commissioner in the morning.

And how are you getting on, JP?

Well, I've been working through
Mr Langham's e-mail accounts

on his laptop and
there's a lot of correspondence

that I don't understand,
if I'm to be honest with you.

But there was something
that caught my eye. Oh, yes?

Yes, about a week ago, a Dr Klein at
the Carrington Institute in London

e-mailed Stephen Langham.

"Stephen, I've just read
Baker's paper

"and am slightly
taken aback by it.

"Don't tell me you're happy
about this? Can we talk?"

Victoria Baker, I assume?

I tried calling the Institute
to talk to Dr Klein but it was

gone 10pm UK time and
everybody had gone home.

I'll try again in the morning.
Er, yes, good, good.

Well, I suggest we follow
the Carrington Institute's lead

and call it a day ourselves.

I need to get to the airport.

Going to meet your girlfriend,
eh, Chief? Er, what?

No, I mean...
Well, she's not a girlfriend.

She's a... just a friend
who, er, who is a...

A girl?

I better get to the airport.

Oh, hello, Florence.


Erm, Humphrey was supposed to be
picking me up from the airport

but he didn't show
and his phone's switched off.

You just missed him.

He got the time wrong, didn't he?

It looks that way. He said 6:30.

That was my flight number.


Probably to be expected?

Welcome back to Saint Marie, Martha.
It's lovely to see you again.

Ah, thank you, Catherine.
It's lovely to be back.

When you're ready to see your room,

just let me know and I'll show
you where it is. Thank you.

In the meantime, enjoy.
These are on the house.

So, how long are you here for?

Only a month, sadly. Four weeks
and then it's back to reality.

You'll have to make the most
of your time together.

We will, when he finally turns up!


Oh, Justine!

I think I left my camera bag here.

Well, let's see if we can find it,
shall we?

Sorry, I never caught your name.

Officer Myers.

I'm the longest-serving officer
here at the station.

But call me Dwayne.

Might this be it?

Thank you.
I wasn't sure where I left it.

It's been quite an exhausting day.
Mmm, yes, I bet.

You find the Commissioner
can be a bit exhausting, too?

Well, let me put it this way,

This is off the record, right?

Of course.

Now, my grandmother
had a big, bossy goat.

We used to call it King Goat because
no matter what you were doing

on the farm, he was always sticking
his nose into things and shoving

himself about and always trying
to get in on the action.

So, the Commissioner is like
your grandmother's old goat?

That's exactly what he's like.

Oh. Martha!

Oh, my God, I am so sorry.

I couldn't find you at the airport
and I was going to call,

but that's when I realised
I'd left my phone in the Jeep,

and I went to get it, I couldn't
remember where I'd parked...

Suffice to say, it's all been
a bit of a disaster, my...



back to you.

So, how are you? Oh, I'm good.
Erm, well, I'm a bit tired.

I think maybe the flight's
caught up with me.

Erm, Catherine was just about
to take me to my room.

But maybe Humphrey can show you.

Gosh, yes, the least I could do.

Let me help you with your bags.

So lovely to see you both.
And you.

Goodnight, Martha. Night.

So I was thinking maybe I could
cook you for dinner tomorrow?

Sorry, I mean,
cook dinner FOR you tomorrow?

Obviously, I'm not a cannibal.

Er, me neither.
That would be wonderful.

Great. Here we are.

Shall we say eight? Great.

OK. OK, then.



And that's all he said to you?
Morning, Sarge. JP.

Morning, Dwayne.

Well, thank you very much
for speaking to me.

You've been very helpful.

I thought you'd like a coffee,
Dwayne, so I put one on your desk.

Oh, thank you very much, Sarge.

Have you seen this?!

Has the Commissioner seen this?!

This is not good.

This is not good at all,
at all, at all, oh, my!

Morning, sir. Morning, Florence.
Morning, Chief. JP. Dwayne.

Eh, Chief.
Everything all right, sir?

Pathology report. And?

Well, the speculative diagnosis,

based on the fact
that Stephen Langham had

a heart attack six months ago,
is that he died of heart failure.

So, it was natural causes?

Not necessarily, Dwayne.

There is no actual evidence
of a further heart attack

having occurred yesterday.
No clot, no scarring.

So, he didn't die of a heart attack?

Well, we can't know
for definite, JP.

Technically, the cause
of death is hypoxia.

Hypoxia? Yes. In layman's terms,
he ran out of air. Which means?

Which means it could be that
his ticker's packed up, or,

in theory,
he could have been murdered.

But how?

Well, he could've been smothered.

But wouldn't there have been signs
of that in the postmortem?

There would. And there weren't.

Well, then, if the pathologist
can't find any evidence to indicate

Stephen Langham was murdered,
surely that means he wasn't.

Yes, I know. Everything is pointing
to death by natural causes...

if it wasn't for that blasted torch.

You see, the question remains -

why did Stephen Langham appear
to set out on a mile-long walk

up treacherous terrain in
the pitch-black without a torch?

So, er, what have we got?
Any joy with financial checks?

Well, Chief, I've been through

both the victim's and
the suspects' financial records.

Seems none of them
were exactly rolling in it.

Now, Daniel Langham's the only one
who's actually in the red.

Maxed out on his cards, you know,
that kind of thing. And the victim?

Some savings put away,
about $12,000,

but that was dwindling fast.
How come?

Well, it looks like he was taking
out $400 in cash every week.

To do what? Search me.

Now I've gone through
all his outgoings and everything

seems to be accounted for.

But this money just seems to vanish!

Strange. Keep digging. Yes, Chief.

See if you can find anything.
Er, Florence?

So, I've been through
the phone records.

Calls to and from the victim's phone

seem to match
with friends and family.

But the call list from
the observatory landline

did show up something.

This number here has been called
several times the last few nights.

It's pay-as-you go, so no registered
user, but look at the times.

2am, 4am.

That's what I thought. Someone
in a different time-zone maybe?

Have you dialled it?
Goes straight to the voicemail.

Keep trying. Whoever it is must
turn it on sooner or later. Er, JP,

did you manage to speak to Dr Klein
at the Carrington Institute yet?

Yes, it turns out Dr Klein
was trying to get hold of

Stephen Langham to talk to him about
an academic paper recently

published by Victoria Baker.

Yes, according to Dr Klein, it was
a fairly ground-breaking study.

I sense, however, there's
a "however" coming, JP.

However, apparently the work
is all Stephen Langham's,

not Miss Baker's.

See, Stephen Langham sent Dr Klein
a draft of the same paper

two months ago.

It was pretty much word for word

what was later published
under Victoria Baker's name.

So, Miss Baker had stolen
Stephen's research?

It's rather brazen, isn't it?

Dr Klein wasn't sure
how it all happened.

But when they finally spoke, Stephen
was regretful about the whole thing.

Said he'd discuss it with her.

Next thing Dr Klein heard,
Stephen was dead.

Stephen gave me his permission
to publish with sole credit.

Sole credit?

This was his work, wasn't it?

Or have I misunderstood
and you worked on this together?

I contributed some material.

But, ultimately,
yes, it was Stephen's baby. Hm.

So then why would he agree to have
his name taken off, and yours added?

Because Stephen couldn't care less
about recognition or notoriety.

Whereas you do?

So, let me get this right.

You saw this as your ticket
out of here

and convinced Stephen to give you
the credit for his work?

I wouldn't put it quite like that,
but, yes.

Stephen was happy to help.

Not sure why, but I wouldn't
have imagined you as a smoker,

Miss Baker.

Then you imagine right. I'm not.

I was sleeping with him...

as I sense
you've already worked out.

When exactly did you start
sleeping with him? Does it matter?


A couple of months ago.
So, right about the time

that he'd finished his draft of
the paper and was due to publish?

So, now you've uncovered
my shady, little secret,

is there anything else?

Oh, I'm afraid
we're not quite done yet.

We believe Stephen
may have had a change of heart.

He was going to discuss it with you.
Perhaps re-publish?

We did discuss it.


I managed to dissuade him.


I certainly didn't kill him,

if that's what you're insinuating.

Well, it's almost lunchtime and
there's been no sign of him yet.

Maybe he hasn't seen it.


And maybe no-one's mentioned it.

Officer Myers.

Good afternoon, Commissioner.


Is everything all right?

I was hoping to find
the Inspector here.

But it appears he's out.

Ah, yes, sir. He and DS Cassell
are interviewing a suspect.

Well, in the absence
of the Inspector,

perhaps you'd care to help me,
Officer Myers.


Yes. We're going on a little trip.

Officer Myers, I'm waiting.


how's your morning been,
Commissioner? Anything untoward?


Or just a normal morning
at the office?

I haven't been to the office yet.


I've been doing
a little digging into our mayor.

The mayor?
That's what this is about?


Is there something else we should
be talking about, Officer Myers?

No, of course not, Commissioner.

So, erm,
what has your digging dug up?

Mayor Richards has been meeting
with Stephen Langham

at the Yacht Club recently.

Apparently, they've had quite a few
lunches that got rather heated.

They argued?

It would seem so.

I'm wondering if it has something to
do with the fact that Mayor Richards

applied for planning permission
to build a hotel on this very beach.

And what might this have to do
with Stephen Langham?

You may not have noticed,
Officer Myers,

but this beach sits at the foot
of the volcano.

And this land was previously
designated exclusively

to the observatory
for research purposes.

Until Richards bought it? Exactly.

But if Joseph Richards
owns the land,

there's nothing Langham and his team
can do about it, is there?

There isn't.

But those heated lunch meetings
must have been about something.

Speak of the devil.

Commissioner! Is there anything
I can help you with?

Only, you are aware that you are
trespassing on private property.

As a matter of fact, there is.

My officer here would like
to ask you a few questions.


Wouldn't you?

Oh, yes, Commissioner.

Now, we understand that you
and Stephen Langham had been

meeting up at the Yacht Club?

Is eating lunch a crime, officer?

No, sir, but we understand those
meetings became quite heated.

Listen, over the last five years,

the Volcano Observatory
has seen its funding reduced.

Stephen was naturally
very angry about that.


And what about the fact
that you're building a hotel on land

the Observatory previously used
for research work, hm?

What about it? Did that make
Stephen Langham angry, too?

No, not at all. The beach itself
wasn't an issue for Stephen.

There were plenty of other sites
they could use.

It is a very big volcano,
after all.

Was there anything else?

That Mayor Richards
is a slippery fish.

The slipperiest.

You know why I detest
the likes of Joseph Richards?

Because he's interested
in one thing and one thing only -

himself. He doesn't give
a damn about this island

or the people that live on it

and they deserve better
than that from their mayor.

I'll speak to the Inspector,

See if we can do
a bit of digging of our own.

So, erm... is that everything?

Nothing else you want to talk about?


That's it.

For now.

Hello! Come in.

Oh, so this is your shack.
It's lovely.

Yes. It's not bad, is it?

Welcome to the lounge-come-bedroom.

Ah, gosh, look at the view.

You are so lucky waking up
to that every day.

Yes, I do often pinch myself
of a morning.

Well, not literally, obviously,
I don't er...

Yes. Would you like a drink?
I have wine.

Ah, yeah, that'd be lovely.

Good. Why don't you make yourself
at home on the veranda and I'll...

OK. Yes. Sorry.

Here we go.

Thank you.

So, here we are.

Yeah. Here we are.


To us.

Yes. To us.


You know, it's really nice
having you here, Martha.

Really nice.

It's really nice being here.

I'm glad I came back. Yes.

Is that a lizard? No!

Oh, yes, this is Harry.
Sort of a flatmate.

Oh, he's adorable.

Is he?

Ah. He never lets ME do that.

Oh, bless him...

Yes! Bless him.

Morning, Florence. Morning, sir.

I'm afraid you need to
get back in the Jeep. Do I?

Yeah, we've had a call-out.

There's been an assault
reported at the observatory.

Dwayne and JP are already
at the scene. Oh, crikey.

Chief! JP.
So, the postman called it in.

He arrived about half an hour ago
to find Daniel Langham

on the ground having been assaulted.

He said the two guys who did it
were shouting at him,

something about money being owed.

When they saw they had company,

they got straight into their car
and drove off.

Loan sharks maybe?

Yes, maybe, Florence.
We know he had debts but...

'Touch of flu.'

'He was taking out $400 in cash
every week.'

Oh, gosh, of course!
The long sleeves, the runny nose,

that "absent" demeanour.

What took me so long?!

Dwayne. Chief.

He's in the medical room.

Thank you.

You can go.
I'm not pressing charges.

No, I don't imagine you are.

So, how long this been going on?

What do you mean?

Your drug habit? I assume that's
who did this, your dealers.

It's been on and off... a while.

You'd be surprised how dreary
the world of science becomes

when you reach a certain level.

Not everyone was like Stephen,

go into raptures
at the sight of a crater.

So, he knew, I take it?

He didn't get it. Why someone
so "gifted" would lose his way

like this.
After all, I had the same parents,

same opportunities.

Very similar path.

After all this time,
he still thought I'd kick the habit.

But he still gave you money,
didn't he? He supported your habit?

He gave me an allowance.
Yes, but you needed more.

That's why you got beaten up
this morning?

Well, what's $400 a week?
It's nothing.

All I asked was to take it
up to 500.

It's not as if he had a family
to support. What?

We never actually checked
Stephen's will.

But I assume that if something
happened to him, you'd inherit?

Yes, I would, but it's no more
than a few thousand dollars.

No. That's not enough to make me
want to kill him, believe me.

Yes, well, I would never
underestimate the lengths an addict

would go to get their next fix,
Mr Langham.

So... Daniel Langham,
a functioning drug addict,

denies having killed
his brother for money.

Victoria Baker says
she didn't do it either,

despite Stephen being on the verge
of ruining her career.

And Emer Byrne arrived on the island
assuming a false identity, claims

she's not our killer either because
Stephen was unaware of her deceit.

Which leaves only Mayor Richards.
Yes, indeed, Florence.

So, chaps,
how are we getting on with digging

a little deeper into his affairs?

This is really hard going,
you know, Chief.

This guy's finances
are spread all over the place.

Different bank accounts.

Investments. Hedge funds.

Seems he's got three different
accountants working for him.

One thing I am sure of,

Mayor Richards is not short
of a bob or two.

Yes, well, keep at it, Dwayne. JP?

Well, sir, I got the file on Mayor
Richards' beach hotel proposal

from the Planning Office
and I've been going through it.

Now, it seems like the mayor
needed the observatory to sign off

the development plans. See, the
exclusion zone had to be moved

by a couple of hundred metres
to exclude the beach, but, er,

there's been no objections.

Good. Right, Florence,

let's you and I go back to where
it all started two nights ago,

halfway up Mount Esmee volcano.

Now, perhaps we could help
ourselves with a visual aid. So...

..Stephen Langham decides to spend
the night on Mount Esmee.

He is discovered dead the next
morning, and everything points

to his death being natural causes.

Specifically, a heart attack.

However, because there was no torch
left with the victim's body,

we are left questioning
whether Stephen Langham

was up that volcano alone,

whether someone was there with him,

someone who needed his torch
to make their journey back

to this observatory...



according to the entry log, none of
our suspects left the observatory

and then re-entered between Stephen
Langham setting off at 9:06pm

and then Mayor Richards
arriving the next morning. So...

if one of this lot did kill him,

how did they manage to get out
of this observatory here,

make it up to this volcano here,

and then back again...


Sir, shouldn't Mayor Richards
have his own whiteboard?

Like, considering he wasn't on
the island when it all happened?

Yes, I suppose he should.


Right, let's imagine, JP,
your computer monitor is Guadeloupe.

Oh, dear, no, that's no good at all.
What isn't, sir?

Well, I can't see the mayor now.

And if I'm looking at
Mayor Richards, then I can't see

the observatory or the volcano,
that's not good at all. Erm...

Wait a minute...

Of course I can't... Can't what?

Well, I can't see Mayor Richards
if I'm looking at that volcano.

Equally, I can't see the observatory
if I'm looking at Mayor Richards.

And for that matter,
if I'm looking at the volcano,

then I definitely
cannot see the observatory,

which could very possibly explain
how it was done.

'He came up here last night
to check the seismometer.'

'It was his turn on night duty.'

'Can't murder someone
with a heart attack.'

'Called me his protege.'

'A slippery fish.'

'The cause of death is hypoxia. It
turns pink when an acid is added.'

'My name's Emer Byrne.'

'Daniel Langham, a functioning drug
addict.' 'A creature of habit.'

'There's the swipe system.'

'Where do you keep your torches?'
'Victoria Baker.'

'I wouldn't trust him
as far as I could throw him.

But why... Why kill him?

Chief, I think I might have
found something. Dwayne?

Mayor Richards has an offshore
bank account in Guadeloupe.

That's why he was there yesterday.
He made a cash withdrawal.

How much?

Four million
Eastern Caribbean dollars.

In cash? Oh, yes, Chief.

That's the kind of money
you just might kill for.

JP, the planning document,

I need to know who signed off on it.

Of course it was.

I take it you... Yes, I have.
And I assume you want us to...

Yes, I do.

But, first, Dwayne, JP, I might
need you to go on a little hunt.

What for, Chief? A mobile phone.

And, Florence,

we need to go and have a look at one
of the suspect's bedrooms. Whose?

Victoria Baker's.

Oh, so obvious...

Now, if I'm not mistaken...


Look at that!

Mount Esmee.

A thing of awe and wonder.

No-one understood more than Stephen

about the power and danger
of volcanoes.

It's for that very reason
that he was found murdered

on one of Mount Esmee's slopes.

The question is
which of you did it?

I wasn't even on Saint Marie
on the night that Stephen died.

In many ways, Mr Richards,

you are responsible
for Stephen Langham's death.

But, no.

It wasn't you that killed him.

So who did?

It was you, Victoria.


And you, Daniel.

And you, Emer.

You all killed Stephen Langham
together, didn't you?

This is ridiculous.
You're not serious?

I'm deadly serious.

You all three of you murdered
Mr Langham and staged it to look

like he died of natural causes.

A second heart attack,

brought on by the walk he made

up that volcano the same night.

That's what happened.
He died of a heart attack.

I admit it very much
looked like that.

I mean, even the pathologist

was ready to sign it off
as natural causes.

There was one thing that niggled me.

The absence of a torch
at the crime scene.

How did Mr Langham manage
to walk just over a mile up

a volcano in the dark without
a torch to light his way?

Well, the answer to that is
that, er, he didn't.

It very much looked like
that's what happened.

What actually took place was an
incredible piece of misdirection.

All along, we were looking at the
volcano as the scene of the crime.

When, actually,
the truth of the matter is

Stephen Langham didn't die
on the side of Mount Esmee.

He was murdered in his own bedroom
here inside the observatory.

See, on the evening he was killed,

Stephen Langham decided
he needed to go up Mount Esmee

and spend the night.
'I'll go back up tonight.

'At least that way, we'll know
for sure what's going on.'

'It was... his turn on night duty.'

But the truth is the irregular
readings that were coming through

on the seismograph, they weren't
down to either seismic tremors

or animal activity -
they'd been manufactured by you.

The phone records of calls made
from the observatory landline

showed up a mobile number
we couldn't trace.

One that was being called
from inside this building

at odd hours during the night.

It was in one of
the rubbish bins, sir.

Thank you, JP. Florence, er,
do you have the number?

So, who did the phone belong to?

It belonged to you lot.

And I believe you placed it up there
with the seismometer.

You then dialled it intermittently
over a three-night period

to upset the readings
from the extremely sensitive

instruments and lead Stephen
to think it was cause for concern.

The afternoon of his murder,

you both headed up to supposedly
check on the seismometer.

Having removed the phone first,

you convinced Stephen there was
nothing wrong with the equipment.

'Sensors are clean.'

Thus forcing him to make
the decision that someone needed

to spend the night monitoring
the situation on Mount Esmee.

And, as he went off
to his room to prepare,

that's when your plan
to kill him kicked in.

'Let's go.'

How do you kill a man
with a heart attack?

Well, once I realised that he wasn't
actually killed up that volcano,

then, er, things became
a little clearer.

The postmortem showed
that Stephen died from hypoxia.

Which means he stopped breathing.
Now, we know he wasn't smothered.

You'd gas him.

You keep canisters of CO2
in your medical room here.

And up to 5% CO2
can be added to pure oxygen

to help provoke breathing
and stabilise balance in blood.

But CO2 on its own -
pure carbon dioxide - is lethal.

And that's what was used
to kill Stephen Langham.

You gassed Stephen
in his own bedroom.

How can we be sure of this?


There were vials of it
on Stephen's desk.

I assume he'd been using it
for some kind of soil analysis.

It didn't really mean
anything at first.

And I couldn't quite remember
how the stuff works.

But once we'd worked out what
you'd done, I double checked.

You see, its natural colour is pink.

But the phenolphthalein
in Stephen's room was colourless,

which is caused when acid is added.

And CO2 is an acidic gas.

With Stephen dead,

you took the stretcher
from the medical room,

and you placed Stephen onto it.

Daniel. We know that Stephen's
choice of clothing was,

erm, limited. I can't imagine it
would have been too hard

to find another outfit that would
have matched the one he died in.

And with Stephen's cap
as the finishing touch,

keeping your face
slightly concealed,

it was no surprise
that we didn't notice it was you

seen on the CCTV that night.

All of which made us believe Stephen
left the observatory just after 9pm.

And, as you used his swipe card,
it was also confirmed by the log.

You then walked the stretchered
body a mile up the volcano

and then left it there to be
discovered the next morning.

And then all the pair of you
had to do was be patient and wait

outside the observatory

because for the final piece
of your plan to work,

you needed Mayor Richards to arrive
and act as an unwitting accomplice

that you were all present
at the observatory that morning.

That way, when we came and checked
the door log, it would appear that

no-one left or re-entered the
building between Stephen leaving

and the mayor arriving

because Victoria held the door ajar
after letting you both back in.

An elaborate yet
very clever plan indeed.

And, you know, it almost worked.

If it hadn't been
for your one mistake,

not taking a torch up to leave
with Stephen's body.

You know, if you had, well...

..even I'd've been convinced
it was death by natural causes.

But why?
Why would they do such a thing?

Oh, I think you already know,
Mr Richards. It's because of you.

We know that you needed
the observatory to officially

sign off on your planning proposal
because you needed them

to move the volcano exclusion zone
so you could build your hotel.

'You are aware that you are
trespassing on private property.'

I think that's what you and Stephen
Langham were arguing about

at the Yacht Club.

I think he was against the idea.

I imagine you offered him
an incentive or two.

A rather healthy
back-hander no doubt.

But I assume he was unwavering and
he refused to take the risk to

move the exclusion zone, even if it
was only a couple of hundred metres.

On the same day
Stephen's body was found,

the deadline for your hotel
planning application was up.

That's why you'd come to see
him that morning.

We think a meeting was due to take
place in which you expected

Stephen to sign off on moving
the exclusion zone,

thus granting you planning consent.

But how could you be so sure that
he would sign after he'd been

so adamant he wouldn't?

Because you'd enrolled
someone to help you.

Someone who maybe had Stephen's ear.

Someone who was more amenable
to your offers of money

than Stephen was.

But things didn't quite go to plan,
did they, Victoria?

Stephen wouldn't budge
on his decision.

I mean, you might've been able to
use certain ways and means

to get him to accredit you
on an academic paper.

But when it came to something
like moving an exclusion zone,

something that will affect
the lives of other people,

he would not be moved.

Which is when you decided

the only way to get the money was to
kill him.

Now, I'm not quite sure how you
managed to convince them

to help you kill Stephen. But I'd
say the splitting of

four million Eastern Caribbean
Dollars wasn't too much of a sell.

I mean, we knew Daniel had grown
frustrated with his brother

and needed the money.

And in his permanent
drug-induced state,

I'm sure it wasn't that hard
to wear down his defences.

And Emer. I think you genuinely
cared about Stephen.

I'm guessing that Victoria found out
about your secret, didn't she?

And used it to bully you into
joining them in their plan.

So, that's how they did it.
And that's why they did it.

They might each of had their own
motive to take Stephen's life... was you who provided
the extra incentive.

The final nail in
the coffin, if you will.

If you weren't an accessory
before the fact,

you certainly were after it.

Arrest them all.

You seem to be in good spirits,
Dwayne. Well, JP,

let's just say the day ended
a lot better than it started.

And I have to admit, there's no-one
more surprised about that than me.

Good evening, Officer Myers.


I believe a number of arrests have
been made. Including Mayor Richards.

Oh, yes, Commissioner. Though we
couldn't have done it without you.

Team work, Officer Myers.
Always team work.

Well, enjoy your evening.

Thank you, Commissioner. You, too.

Oh, um...

One more thing, Officer Myers.

Regarding yesterday's article
in the Saint Marie Times,

I'm going to give you the benefit of
the doubt

and assume you were
wildly misquoted.

A case of journalistic hubris.

That's exactly what it was,

Hubris. And the thing
is that Justine... But...

if I ever hear you refer to
me as a goat, or, indeed, any other

sort of farmyard animal again, you
can be sure I won't be so forgiving.

No, Commissioner.

Sorry, Commissioner.

I think I should buy you a drink.

And three beers.

Thank you.

So, there's something I'd like to
talk to you about.

Something's been playing on my mind.

Oh. Sounds serious. Well, I wouldn't
say it was serious, necessarily.

But to the same extent, I wouldn't
want you to think it was

something I took lightly. Er, and in
that respect, er,

it would be great to get
your thoughts on the matter...

I agree. We should kiss.

Do you?

And I think we should do it now.


Right now, in fact. Blimey.

Well, I mean, if you absolutely
insist... I do.

MUSIC: Right By Your Side
by Eurythmics

That's very er...


Yes, great word.
Sorry, can I just....?

♪ I need to be
right by your side... ♪


I think I could do
with a drink after that.

Ah, yes, er, me too.


two beers, please, and maybe
I'll have a rum as well.

Coming right up, Humphrey.

Thank you.

Everything seems to be going
well with Martha, Sir.

Yes, yes, it does, doesn't it?


♪ Give me two strong arms
to protect myself

♪ Ooh, give me so much love
that I forget myself

♪ I need to swing
from limb to limb... ♪

Body of a young woman's
just been found

on the beach of the Malbonne estate.

That's Sylvie Baptiste's home.

She wrote a novel
we all studied at school.

If Esther was pushed to her death,

it has to be one of them that did
it. I went to school with her.

It's not your fault Esther died,

These girls are young,
they're hormonal, they do flirt.

Do we take it things are going
well with Martha?

She's moving in
for the rest of her stay.

Er, excuse me!
Can we take your name?

Nice to meet you, too!