Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Episode #5.7 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ This is my island in the sun

♪ Where my people has toiled
since time begun

♪ I may sail on many seas
But these shores will always... ♪

They said it could never be found.
Well done, darling.

They didn't reckon on you
coming along, Mr Walker.

- We did it, Dad.
- We did, Sam.

- To us.
- To us.

And the Santa Ana Silver.

For 400 years, this little lot
has sat on the seabed

just waiting to be discovered.

And we did it.

We did. Cheers!


You know, the last few weeks
have been amazing.

Oh, I'm glad you think so, Addison.

So, I was wondering
how you feel about me

maybe joining the team full-time?

Got a thirst for more riches, eh?


I know you're there.

Tosh Walker, show yourself.

Newton Farrell.
There's a surprise(!)

- What the hell's going on?
- I heard about your little "find".

You must feel
real proud of yourself(!)

Newton, I found that silver
fair and square.

There was nothing FAIR
about what you did!

You took advantage of ME!

Yeah, well, that's how it goes
sometimes. Deal with it.

Dad! Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.

Leave it. No, leave him.

Leave it, Dad.

Get away from my boat.

Get away from my boat!

He's not worth it.


This is not over.

You hear me?

It's not over.

He's drunk. I better make sure
he gets back to his boat OK.

So, are we going out or not?

Tosh, come on.
Forget about what's happened.

We're supposed to be celebrating.

Ah, look, why don't we go on ahead

then give you some time to calm down
and you can meet us there, yeah?

Promise me you won't
go on Newton's boat.

Yeah, no, I promise, I promise.

See you later!

Where's Tosh?

- He'll be here in a bit.
I'm going to get some drinks.
- Mm-hm.

It's been 45 minutes. Where is he?

And why isn't he
answering his phone?

Well, you know what my dad's like
when he gets in a mood.

I'm going to go and find him.

Well, this is him now.


Tosh? Where are you?

He's on Newton's boat.
He says he's been stabbed.

Call an ambulance.

Er, right, you wait here, Naomi.
Addison, you come with me.


Dad, are you in there?

No-one's here.

I'll look out front.


He's not there. No-one is.

Somebody call about a stabbing?

Yeah, that was us. Erm,
we're not sure what's happened.

Where is he?

- Good morning, sir.
- Morning, Florence.

Wow. You're hungry.

Oh, yes, erm, well,
it's JP's stag do tonight,

so I thought I'd better
start lining my stomach ASAP.

You think it's going to be boozy?

With Dwayne in charge,
it could be carnage.

- How about you? What are you up to?
- A body's been found washed up

on the beach at Blue Bay Cove.
Dwayne and JP are already there.

Not a moment to lose, Florence.

- Oh. Erm...
- Are you done with those?

Yes, I think so.
I don't want to overdo it.

Right, let's go!

Just one more.

- Morning, JP.
- Morning, sir. Sarge.
The body's just this way.

So, JP, excited about
tonight's festivities?

Oh, yes, sir. Er, very much.

Can't wait to find out
what Dwayne has in store for me.

Yes, I bet. Be afraid,
be very afraid, eh?

- Ah, Dwayne.
- Ah, Chief.
- What have we got?

Well, the driver's license says
the victim's name is Tosh Walker.

52 years of age. From the UK.

But the thing you should know
is, Chief, is that me

and JP got a call-out
to the harbour last night.

Yes, the victim's wife and son
thought he'd been stabbed.

Yesterday afternoon,
Mr Walker had a run-in with

a man called Newton Farrell.
- Who is...?

Ah, he lives on the harbour.
Bit of a no-mark, if you ask me.

And he love a drink, you see.

Then later on, at 7.45, Mrs Walker
gets a call from her husband.

When she answered it, all Mr Walker
said was, "Newton's stabbed me."

When she asked him where he was,
he said, "His boat."

The son called an ambulance

When it arrived five minutes later,
Farrell nor Walker could be found,

which is when we arrived.

Definitely a stabbing, sir. I'd say
a three-centimetre-width blade.

And there are marks
at one end of the wound.

- So, maybe a serrated knife?
- Possibly.

It looks like it pierced the heart.
He'd have died pretty quickly.

So, the last anyone heard
from Tosh Walker was that he'd been

stabbed on Newton's boat.

12 hours later, he washes up here
with a knife wound in his chest.

Looks like this one could be
done and dusted by lunchtime.

Sir? That was one of the fishermen

we spoke to last night
at the harbour.

He was on his way back
from a morning catch

when he spotted Newton Farrell.


Yes, yes, all right, Dwayne.

So, where is he?

- You want us to go and arrest him, Chief?
- No, not just yet.

Let's see what he's got
to say for himself first.

Morning, Humphrey, Florence.


- Newton Farrell?
- Who's asking?

Detective Inspector Goodman,
Detective Sergeant Cassell.

I wonder if you
wouldn't mind telling us

where you were yesterday
evening at around 7.45.
- Why you want to know?

Tosh Walker's body washed up
on a beach this morning.

He'd been stabbed.

And the last phone call
he made to his wife,

at quarter to eight
yesterday evening,

he said he was on your boat
and that you stabbed him.

How do you explain that?

Sorry, Humphrey, but are you
sure about the time?

Er, yes, positive, Catherine.

It's just Newton was here
at quarter to eight.


Newton was here at quarter to eight.


He arrived at 7.30 and was here
most of the evening.

'I remember. I'd been talking
to a friend of mine.

'She hadn't realised the time
and said she had to go.

'As she left, Newton arrived.

'It was half past seven,
I'm sure of it.'


What time is it?

Five past ten.

So, you were here
yesterday evening at 7.45?

Yes, I was.

- So, why would Tosh claim
you stabbed him?
- I don't know.

I don't know why he would
say a thing like that.

Right... Well, that's all our
questions for now, Mr Farrell.

As we suspect your boat
is a possible crime scene,

my officers will need to
carry out a full search.

You'll need to be there with them.




He may have an alibi,

but he's certainly not behaving
like he's innocent.

My colleague said that your husband
and Mr Farrell had a, erm...

falling out. Can you tell us
what it was about?

Professional jealousy.
Newton never liked Tosh.

They've known each other
for a while, then?

Newton's in the same business as us.
Marine salvage.

He and Dad met about eight years ago
off the Miami coast.

They were searching for the same
shipwreck but Dad got there first,

reaped the rewards, and Newton's
held it against him ever since.

What was their argument about
yesterday evening?

The Santa Ana Silver.

Sorry, erm, but what is
the Santa Ana Silver?

It's a hoard of around
200 rare antique silver coins.

Sorry, do you mean, like,
actual treasure?

It's not quite
the terminology we'd use,

but, in layman's terms,
yeah, treasure.

And that's why you're here,
to find the silver?

Well, we already found it.

That's brilliant!

We began the recovery last week.

Yesterday afternoon,
we completed our final dive.

Gosh! Well, congratulations.

How much, erm, if you don't mind me
asking, how much is it worth?

Er, the estimated value is
about £300,000.

And Newton Farrell was annoyed
by Mr Walker's success again?

Newton claims to have been searching
for the Santa Ana Silver for years.

But the truth is, he's been drinking
himself into an early grave.

So, when my dad swept in and found
it in less than a month, it was...

Like history repeating itself.

And this is why you think
he killed Tosh?

Could you talk us through
exactly what happened yesterday?

It was late afternoon...


...when Newton turned up
very drunk and very angry.

It's not the first time
it's happened.

- Tosh Walker!'
- 'Word had got out round the harbour

'that we'd completed
recovery of the silver.'

I heard about your little "find".

So, he came looking for Dad...

I found that silver
fair and square.

There was nothing FAIR
about what you did!

...ended up punching him.

Just before he left, he said...


This is not over.

And what happened then?

Newton went back to his boat.
I went with him.

How was he?

Your father is a cheat and a liar!

'I had to give him a drink
to calm him down.'

- He stole my life.
- All right. Just take a seat there.

'But then, by the time I left,
he'd crashed out.'

Yeah, and when was it
that the, erm, spat reignited?

So, are we going out or not?

'It was about seven o'clock.
We were supposed to be going out,

'but Tosh was still stewing.

'So, Sam and I left him to cool down
and told him to meet us at the bar.'

And then, at about
quarter to eight...

This is him now.


...I got a phone call from Tosh
saying that he'd been stabbed

and he was on Newton's boat.

Then, by the time we got there
five minutes later, there was

no sign of either of them.

You... you are going to arrest him -
Newton? I mean, it has to be him.

Erm, yes, the evidence
is very compelling,

Mrs Walker, I must admit.

But you see, we've already
spoken to Mr Farrell..

And it would seem that he has
an alibi for the time of the murder.

He was at Catherine's Bar
last night from 7.30 onwards.

That's impossible.

I'm afraid it would appear not.

Is that bleach I can smell?

Did you mop this floor?

Nothing wrong in me keeping my place
shipshape, is there?

Not at all.

It's just that...

everything else in here
is full of dust and grime.

I'll be upstairs if you need me.

My goodness!

According to this, there's an
estimated 35 billion pounds' worth

of treasure lying on the seabed.

Oh. Really?

I know. I mean, just think of it.

All those doubloons and
pieces of eight just lying there.

Oh, I used to be a bit of
a numismatist when I was younger.

Sorry, a what?

I collected coins. Yes, although
it wasn't an extensive collection.

I was only 11 at the time.
But, erm, well...

Yes, anyway, that's me.

But what about our professional
collector, Tosh Walker?

- What have we got on him?
- Well, sir, he is 52 years of age

and a marine salvage hunter.
Originally from Donegal, Ireland.

Left school at 16
to work on the trawlers.

Moved into salvaging
in his early thirties.

Arrived in Saint Marie
a month ago to begin

the search for the Santa Ana Silver.

And what of the people with him?

OK, so, there is Tosh's wife,
Naomi Walker. She's 37.

Worked as a hairdresser
on cruise ships.

Became the second Mrs Walker
five years ago.

And I've put a call in
to Mr Walker's solicitor to find out

who inherits his estate.

Good idea.

And there is Tosh's son from his
first marriage, Samuel Walker.

He's 25.

Studied marine archaeology
at Southampton University.

Followed his father
into the family business.

Arrived on the island three months
ago to set up

the Santa Ana salvage operation.

And there is a deck hand.
Addison Patrick. 18 years old.

Local. Normally works
with his father, a fisherman,

but joined Tosh's salvage
operation three weeks ago.

I see. Well, none of them are
exactly steeped in motive, are they?

And as they were all together
in the harbour bar

when the call came through
from Tosh at 7.45,

I'm not sure how any of them
could have done it.

Which leaves us with Newton Farrell.

Who is 48 years of age.
Born and raised on the island.

Been trying to make a living out of
marine salvage most of his life.

Yes, so Mr Farrell
is our prime suspect.

He has motive. He's aggrieved
that Tosh Walker recovered

the treasure he believes
was rightfully his.

And, on the night of the murder,
Tosh Walker made a call

to his wife in which he told her
that Newton had stabbed him.

And as we know
he died extremely quickly,

the knifing must've taken place in
the moments before the phone call.

When we questioned Newton
this morning, his behaviour was...

as you would say, "shifty".

Shifty indeed, Florence.

All of which seems to suggest
that he is our killer,

except for the fact that he was
witnessed at Catherine's Bar

at the time of the murder,
which just doesn't make sense.

If it wasn't Newton who stabbed him,

then why did Tosh
tell his wife that it was?

Unless it wasn't Tosh
making the call?

Someone else trying to frame Newton?

Hm, maybe.

Oh, I'll get that.

Detective Sergeant Cassell.

Who killed you, Tosh Walker?

- So, er, Dwayne?
- Uh-huh.

I was wondering when you were going
to tell me what we're up to tonight.

I can't do that.
It would spoil the surprise.

And when you say a surprise...?

Ah! What have we here?

It's a knife sheath.

With no sign of the knife
that goes in it.

OK. That's great. You've been
very helpful. Thank you.

Tosh Walker's solicitor.

Oh, yes? And what
did he have to say?

The estate is divided equally
between Tosh's wife and his son.

Not that there's much to share out.

- Oh?
- Well, the salvage business
has been struggling for over a year.

But the, er, discovery
of the Santa Ana Silver puts them

back in the black again.
- True.

But the solicitor also told me
that Tosh contacted him

six months ago to discuss
filing for divorce.
- Really?

He sent the application papers
to Tosh, but never got them back.

I see. And on what grounds
did he want a divorce?

He suspected his wife
of having an affair.


- It really isn't quite how it seems.
- So how is it?

I knew Tosh had requested
the divorce papers.

He showed them to me.

He accused you of having an affair.

I wasn't having an affair.

But I can understand
why he thought I was.

I had a health scare
about a year ago.

I never told Tosh.

Why not?

He wasn't very good at dealing
with those kind of things.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I loved Tosh very much.

He was an amazing
and exciting man to be with.

But he wasn't brilliant at dealing
with things he couldn't control.

It made him feel vulnerable,
and he didn't like that at all.

- And knowing you were ill
would have had that effect?
- Yeah.

And when that happened, he wasn't a
particularly nice man to be around.

So, I thought it was best
for both of us

that I just dealt with it all
on my own.

Except he started to think
you were having an affair.

Yeah. I was sneaking off
to hospital twice a week,

receiving secretive phone calls
about test results.

I can understand why he came
to the conclusion he did.

So, he threatened a divorce.

That's what it was, really,
just an empty threat.

In the end, I confessed,
told him I'd been ill

but that everything
was going to be OK.

How did he take it?

He was relieved
I wasn't seeing someone else,

but hurt I didn't
tell him the truth.

And everything was fine
between you both since then?

Yeah, it was.

It really was.

All his stuff's here,
so just feel free to...

Erm, do you know
the code to the safe?


Oh, er, Mrs Walker, erm,
just wanted to check.

You sure it was Tosh
who phoned you last night?

It couldn't have been someone else
pretending to be him, perhaps?

Of course it was him.
I know my own husband's voice.

Yes. Yes, of course.

Whoa! Would you look at that!

The Santa Ana Silver.

Are you sure it's OK to touch them?

Remember, Florence, I know my way
around old coins.

This is really quite something.

Barely a scratch on it.
It's virtually mint.


- Sir?
- Yeah?
- Divorce application form.

It looks like it was completed,
but Tosh never signed.

So, maybe Naomi's telling the truth
and it was a threat Tosh made,

but never acted on.

Ah, there you are.
Oh, don't worry, it's fine.

Or, Florence, maybe she killed Tosh

before he had a chance to sign them.

We should take this laptop.

Dwayne? How can I help?

Right. On our way.

They're ready for us on Newton's
boat. Boats, boats, boats!

OK, Chief, so, the first thing
you should know is that Newton

definitely had a clean-up in there.

The cabin floor's been mopped
thoroughly with bleach.

- So, no traces of blood, then?
- No traces of blood.

But suspicious behaviour
nonetheless. What else?

We found this.
Sheath for a diver's knife.

But no knife.

And I checked with the guy who runs
the fishing shop on the harbour.

This particular make of case
would normally hold

a three-centimetre-width
serrated diver's knife.

Same as the one used to kill Tosh.

So, no sign of Tosh's
mobile phone here?

Afraid not. It must've been
thrown into the sea with his body.

- Tweezers, please.
- Yes.

Thank you.


- What is it?
- It's a cheroot,

Florence. Like the ones Tosh smoked.

So, tell us, Mr Farrell...

...why did you mop
the floor of your boat?

It was dirty, so I cleaned it.

You were happy for the rest
of the cabin to remain dirty?

I was going to clean the rest later.

Does this belong to you?

- Yes, it's mine.
- So, where's the knife
that should sit in it?

I lost it a few months ago.

Only, the knife that was used
to kill Tosh Walker is the exact

style of knife
that would fit in this.

Must be a coincidence, hm?

Yes, must be.


OK. Let's try this last one
on for size.

Tosh Walker - when was the last time
he was on your boat?

He wasn't. I mean, he has never
been on my boat.

- Why would he?
- So, this didn't belong to him, then?

Tosh Walker smoked cheroots.

We'll have to get it down to the lab
to see if it's got his DNA on it.

But if it did belong to him,

that means he probably
had been on board your boat.

Yes, and with the mopping and this,

and, er, oh, yes, let's not
forget the phone call

he made to his wife
saying you stabbed him...

...and that you had a very strong
motive to kill him.

Oh, yes, that's a good one, as well.

If you take all that into account,
it's not looking too good, is it?

But I was at Catherine's Bar
when it happened, wasn't I?

Anything else, hm?

Oh, Florence, how are you getting on
with Tosh Walker's laptop?

There's some interesting e-mails
between Mr Walker and his son, Sam,

from when Sam was out here doing
the prep for the salvage operation.

Go on.

It seems the original plan was that
Sam would handle it all on his own.

But Tosh was getting worried Sam
wasn't making quick enough progress.

So, Tosh came out here
to complete the job himself.

Well, how was Sam about this?

At first, he tried to
convince Tosh he could manage.

But in the end,
he was quite accepting.

I'll keep digging,
see if there's more to it.

Chief? I think
I might have something.

- Yes, Dwayne?
- I've been going over
Tosh Walker's phone records.

- The network provider sent them over.
You see this number here?
- Mm-hm.

It's a Saint Marie landline.

It called Tosh Walker's mobile
yesterday afternoon

at three o'clock.

Anyway, I traced the number,
and it belongs to Jimmy The Fence.

Jimmy The Fence?

Yes, Chief. If you've got something
that you maybe should not have

and you want to get rid of it,
then he's your man.

I'll bear that in mind, Dwayne.
And, so, what was Jimmy The Fence

doing calling Tosh Walker only
a few hours before he was killed?

Well, hopefully, we'll be
able to find out.

I left a message for Jimmy to
call me as soon as he picks it up.

OK. Right, well, it's getting on.

I think we should
officially call it a day.

Some of us have
a stag do to organise.

Good call, Chief.


Now, JP...

...I'll be around
to pick you up at 6pm sharp.

Make sure you're ready.

I don't think I want
to go to my stag do.

Don't worry, JP. I felt exactly
like you did before my stag.

- I was terrified.
- And how was it?

Well, it was one of the single worst
experiences of my life.

But I'm sure your stag do won't be
like that. Look, the thing is,

why did you choose Dwayne to be
your best man in the first place?

Well, that's easy.
You know, he's my friend.

My best friend, if I'm to be honest.

And, you know, he virtually
saved my life once.

So, put simply, you chose Dwayne
because you know you can trust him.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,
yeah, you're right.

Yes. Thank you. OK.

Sarge, erm, see you later.

He's doomed, isn't he?

I'd say so.

But enough of JP's stag night,

I want to hear
what happened on yours, sir.

Ah, believe me, Florence, you do
not. And you know what they say,

what goes on the stag
stays on the stag.

God help JP.

Come on.

Where are we, Dwayne?

You'll find out when you find out.

I-I don't like this.

Keep moving. It's just
a few more steps, man.

I shouldn't have done this thing,
man. Eh, what's that?

- That's nothing, man, keep going.
- Dwayne...

OK. So, are you ready
for your stag do to begin?

- No.
- Good. Three, two, one...



You tricked me!

- Me?
- Yes, you.
- No!

Eh, this is amazing, Dwayne.

Go and enjoy yourself.

Hey, man! Yes, boy!

MC Humph has the tunes.

Ooh, gosh, personal choice. Erm...

Oh, dear. A bit embarrassing.

Dancing Queen by Abba
Right. Right.


Well, I must say, Dwayne,
it's absolutely fantastic.

Well, you know what I thought?

I thought, "What would JP
enjoy most on his stag night?"

And then it hit me.

Beer and prawns on the beach
with his best friends,

proper island-style.

Ah, man, Dwayne, like,
this is perfect! Thank you, man.

But if you really want to thank me,
why don't you go and get us

a couple of beers now?
- Hey, man. OK.

- No, really, Dwayne, well done.
- Thank you, Chief.

- Not a stripper in sight eh.
- Not yet!

No, you haven't, have you?

- Uh-oh.
- What?
- Look who's just turned up.
- Stripper?

- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Oh, Lord...


Quite the party.

Yes, it's, er, JP's stag, sir.
Dwayne organised it.


- Very... impressive, Officer Myers.
- Thank you, Commissioner.

Well, I don't intend to interrupt
the proceedings for too long.

But I wondered if I might have
a minute of your time, Inspector.

Yes, of course, sir.

I believe Newton Farrell is
a suspect in the Tosh Walker

murder case...?
- Er, yes, sir.
Quite a strong suspect.

- Do you know him?
- Not personally.

But I know of his reputation.
You, perhaps, aren't aware,

but as well as being
Commissioner of Police, I am also

Chairman of the Saint Marie
Cultural and Heritage Commission.

You are?

Where do you find the time, sir?

The Commission firmly believe
that the rightful

home for the Santa Ana Silver

is in a museum on this island.

When we found out, a few years ago,

that Newton Farrell managed
to get hold of documents

outlining its location, we were
disappointed, to say the least.

And since, unsurprisingly, Mr
Farrell, in the intervening years,

has drunk himself into a stupor,

Tosh Walker seized his opportunity

and claimed the silver for himself.

You and the Board must be
very disappointed, sir.

It's the people of Saint Marie
we feel for the most.

I'd be grateful
if you would keep me

abreast of any developments
regarding Newton Farrell.

Yes. Yes, of course, sir.

I hope you enjoy
the rest of your evening.

Er, yes. Thank you, sir.

Erm... would you like
to, er, join us?

No. I think not.

So, what do you reckon, Dwayne?


Are you ever going to be
attending your own stag do?

I kinda like my life
the way it is, you know?

Not too many responsibilities.

And being here tonight, good
friends, good food, glass of rum...

and that sunset...

what more could a man want, eh?

What more indeed.


- Another rum?
- Hit me.
- Yes!
- Another rum.

This is the best, JP.
This is the best.

To JP.

Quite right, quite right. To JP.




Oh, let me let you in on a secret.


You know how you tricked me earlier?

You see that bootleg rum
Francois brought earlier?

Yeah, the rocket fuel.

- Yes, 99% proof.
- 99%, yes.

Mm-hm. I made sure that every time
I got the rums in...

I gave you directly
from that bottle.


- Yes!
- Then can I let you in on a secret, too?


I know.

Which is why I made sure I swapped
drinks every time you gave me one.

Then who did you swap it with, then?


Now, this you have got to try.

No, no, no, thank you, sir.
No more food. Please.

- Has that been fried, as well?
- It's barely touched the pan, Dwayne.

Sir, you know you can't
fry everything.

This is a full English breakfast.

It is the only guaranteed
hangover cure there is

and, in my opinion,
the most important cultural

contribution my country
has ever given to the world.

I don't know how he does it, either.

Oh! I better get this, Chief.

It's Jimmy The Fence.

Jimmy. Sarge...

- Yes.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning, Florence.


- So, how are we this morning?
- Couldn't be better, frankly.

Yes, the Inspector was right
to tell me to trust Dwayne.

It was truly the best night ever.

It was?

Florence, can I interest you in, er,
some fried eggs and a sausage?

Or some fried bread?

That sounds delicious, but, erm,
I've had breakfast. Thank you.

- Good choice.
- Chief? Chief,
I just spoke to Jimmy.

Apparently, Tosh Walker
had visited him five days ago.

Now, Tosh told Jimmy that someone
was going to come and try

and sell him
some antique silver coins.

He asked Jimmy to call him
if that happened

and he would see him all right.
- And did it happen?

Yes, Chief. That's why Jimmy called
Tosh on the day he was murdered.

Jimmy had been visited
by someone trying to off-load

15 silver coins
stolen from the Santa Ana hoard.

Who was it?

The deck hand, Addison Patrick.


We were wondering if we could
ask you a few questions.

Erm, sure.

Dad, just give us a minute.

We, er, spoke to a friend of yours
this morning.

A man called Jimmy The Fence.

He passed on to us
some rather interesting information

about you and a handful of silver coins.
- Tosh was onto you, wasn't he?

Did he threaten to go to the police?

- Yes.
- Addison, did you stab Tosh Walker?


I didn't.

I wouldn't.

So, tell us, what did happen?

At first, I was only meant
to take one coin

as a souvenir for the first dive.

Right, let's count this lot.

'I didn't think anyone
would notice.'

And when they didn't...

You took a few more?

Seemed like easy money.

So, what happened?

I asked Tosh if I could
stay working with him.

Thought I was onto a good thing,

earning a wage and taking
a little extra on the side.

But he knew what I had done.

Got a thirst for more riches, eh?

The thing is, Addison...

...I don't normally employ thieves.

'He said I had two options.'

He could go to the police,

or I could give back
what I'd taken on the condition

he never clapped eyes on me again.
- So, what did you do?

I ran home to get the coins.
came back to find Tosh,

but him and Sam were having
an argument.
- An argument?

Thought I'd see him later
at the bar to give it to him.

'But he never showed up.'

Where's Tosh?

When I heard Tosh died,
I didn't know what to do with them.


This argument between Sam and Tosh,
you said it was serious.

I think so. When I went in
to see Tosh...

he really didn't want me around.

Your bright ideas...

Addison, not now!
We are having...

Do you know what it was
they were arguing about?

I didn't hear it all, but...

I know it was Tosh telling Sam
that he didn't want him

working with him any more,

that after this job they should
go their separate ways.

He was letting Sam go?

He said he felt he was
holding the business back...

wasn't good enough.

'How did Sam take it?

'He looked hurt. Really hurt.'

Why didn't you mention this
before, Addison?

This is important information.

Because it didn't have anything
to do with Tosh's murder.

Sam didn't kill Tosh.
It was Newton Farrell.

Mr Walker?

We wondered if we might
ask you a few questions.


How did you feel when your father
turned up on Saint Marie to

help you find the Santa Ana Silver?

How did I feel?

Erm, I was pleased to see him.

He was my dad.

Yes, it's just that we know
that, erm, things hadn't been

great between you and your father
for a little while.

- What do you mean?
- We saw the e-mails between you both

before Tosh came here. He wasn't
supposed to be joining you, was he?

You were intending to run
the salvage operation yourself.

But he didn't trust you
to do it successfully.

And then we find out,
on the day your father was killed,

he fired you from
the family business.

That can't have been
very pleasant for you...?

Er, no, it-it wasn't. Erm...

but it wasn't a surprise.

You know, Dad had had his concerns
about me for a while.

You know, he said I didn't have
enough drive and enough commitment.

But he'd said it
so many times before,

it was water off a duck's back.

Even when he fired you?
I mean, that must have hurt.

You know how my father got hold
of the documents indicating

the location of
the Santa Ana Silver?

He took Newton Farrell out
to a bar and got him drunk

and then had me sneak onto Newton's
boat and make copies of them.

That's what my father was like.

You know, at best he was underhand,
and at worst he was...

an unforgiving and ruthless man.

Was I hurt that he thought I wasn't
good enough to work alongside him?

Er, no, no.

No, not if being "good enough"
meant I had to be like him.

So, let's run through what we know.

Addison Patrick stole from Tosh,

but insists he was going to
give the silver coins back.

Naomi Walker lied to Tosh
about her illness

but did come clean in the end.

And while Sam Walker was sacked by
Tosh, he had little respect for his

father, seeming almost relieved that
he'd got out of the family business.

They're hardly the most convincing
set of reasons to commit murder,

are they?
- Which brings us back...
- Once more.
- Newton Farrell.

Our prime suspect
from the very start.

Not only did he have the motive,

but both the physical and
circumstantial evidence is damning.

But what we have to find out
is how he stabbed

the victim on his own boat
while at the same time

he was witnessed drinking
in a public bar half a mile away.

Newton, you've not touched your rum.

That's not like you.

Newton? Is everything all right?

I've done a bad thing, Catherine.

A really bad thing.

And then, what did he say?

Nothing. He just got up
and walked away.

I tried to get him to stay,
but he wouldn't listen.

That's when I called you.

- Thank you for letting us know, Catherine.
- My pleasure.

Newton Farrell is
as guilty as sin, Florence.

It's virtually a confession.

Well, wait until you hear this, sir.
That was the lab.

That cheroot
we found on Newton's boat,

it did belong to Tosh Walker.
His DNA was all over it.

So, Tosh was almost definitely
on Newton's boat.

- But there is more.
- There is?
- They also found

significant traces of
Tosh's blood on it.

So, do we arrest him?

We arrest him.

Don't try anything foolish, Newton.
We got you covered.


Newton Farrell,

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of Tosh Walker.

Remember that cheroot stub
we found on your boat?

We got the lab to test it.

And not only did they find
Tosh's DNA on it,

they also found significant traces
of his blood on it, as well.

Can you explain any of that?


I killed Tosh Walker.

Please don't try and deny it,
Mr Farrell, we've got lots of...

When Tosh Walker visited me
two nights ago,

I stabbed him
and disposed of his body.

I see.

Well, erm...

...maybe you should,
er, talk us through it.

Why don't you start
at the beginning?

We know you and Tosh
argued that afternoon.

There was nothing FAIR
about what you did!

Deal with it.

So, what happened, then?

When I left Tosh,
I was still fuming.

Sam caught up with me
and walked me back to my boat,

tried to calm me down.

'He handed me a drink.
Probably the last thing I needed.

'I'd already had a skinful.

'Next thing I know, I'm sat there
in front of Tosh's dead body,

'a knife in my hand.

'I felt sick.

'I panicked.

'The first thing that came into
my head was get rid of the body.

'So, I took the boat out.'

And threw him over the side?

The knife, as well?

- Tosh's mobile?
- That must have been in his pocket.

Then what did you do?

I brought the boat back
into the harbour, cleaned it up.

I mopped that floor
as hard as I could.

Then I went over to Catherine's Bar.

I never needed a drink
so much in my life.

You still don't remember
the time you arrived there?

- You said it was 7.30.
- Well, that's what Catherine told us.

But we know that Tosh called
his wife from your boat at 7.45

asking for help.

Catherine must have got the time
I arrived at the bar wrong.

That's all it could be.

Yes, I suppose she must have.

I know what I did that night,
Inspector. I killed Tosh Walker.

And now, I must face
the consequences of my actions.

Sir? We're off. Are you coming?

I might stay a little while longer.

Something's bothering you?

Yes. I'm not sure what.
It's rather annoying, really.

Chief, you've already got
a confession. What more do you want?

Yes, I-I know, but...

it's just...

how can it all boil down
to Catherine getting the time wrong?

I-I mean, it can't be
as simple as that, can it?

- Maybe it is.
- And it does make the most sense.

She was adamant, absolutely positive

that Newton arrived at her bar
at half past seven.

But if that was true,
then it means that Tosh Walker

phoned his wife
15 minutes after he died.

- And that's not possible.
- She's right, you know, Chief.

And you and I both know
that dead people don't send text

messages or make phone calls.

No, they don't.
You're right, Dwayne.

But what if maybe they did?

I mean, it's impossible, I agree.

So, he couldn't.
But what if he could?

That would explain... everything.


'I know my own husband's voice.'
He's on Newton's boat.

He says he's been stabbed.

'Sam and I left him to cool down
and told him to meet us at the bar.'

I know what I did that night,
Inspector. I killed Tosh Walker.

Well, I had to give him a drink
to calm him down.

No-one's here.

The question is, why?

I wasn't having an affair.
But he had reason to think I was.

Not if being good enough
meant I had to be like him.

The Santa Ana Silver.

The estimated value
is about £300,000.

But it can't be, can it?

I need to phone a doctor.

Are you not feeling well?

Yes, fine. Sorry, not my doctor.

Oh, and also I need to
gather the suspects together.

But why?

Because we've arrested
the wrong person.

Good evening.

About an hour ago, we, er,

arrested Newton Farrell
for the murder of Tosh Walker.

Now, the evidence against him
was, erm, damning, to say the least,

and his eventual confession gave us
all we needed to charge him

and make a successful conviction.

So, why are we all here?

Well, because it turns out
that, er, Newton Farrell did not

murder your husband.

But you just said
that he confessed to it.

I mean, why would you do that
if you were innocent?

- Because he genuinely thought
he had done it.
- But I did.

Er, no, Mr Farrell,
you did not kill Tosh Walker.

You did dispose of his body,
but you didn't kill him.

So, who did do it?

It was his son.

Wasn't it?


You are joking, right?

Oh, no, no joke.

I'm deadly serious when I say
you killed your father...

with a little bit of help
from your stepmother.

- Isn't that right, Naomi?
- I'm sorry, me?

Yes, you.

It was the two of you that
came up with the plan together to

murder Tosh and then frame
Newton Farrell for the crime.

How could we have killed Tosh?

I spoke to him on the phone
just after he'd been stabbed.

Ah, yes, good point.
Erm, I'll come back to that.

For now, let's start
a little earlier in the evening,

when Newton Farrell turned up
at your boat and threatened Tosh...

...something that had become
a bit of a regular occurrence.

It's not the first time
it's happened.

Tosh Walker! Show yourself!

Newton Farrell.
There's a surprise(!)

Now, you couldn't have predicted
that it would play out quite

the way it did,
with, erm, Newton punching Tosh.

But you knew tempers
would flare between them.

So, then you took Mr Farrell
back to his boat...

- He stole from me.
- ..where you proceeded to give him

a healthy dose of rum,

because for your plan to work,
you needed Newton asleep.

Now, not too hard to achieve.

I mean, he was already half-cut,
as he was most days at that time.

So, a few more swigs of booze
would just tip him over the edge.

And once he was out for the count,

I assume you went and found
his diving knife...

and then planted it somewhere
you could easily recover it

when you needed it later on.

That evening, you were meant to be
going out to celebrate.

But you knew
Tosh wouldn't be in the mood,

not after his run-in
with Newton Farrell.

And as you headed to the bar,
leaving Tosh to stew... knew it wouldn't be long
before he paid Newton a visit.

Which is the last time we seen Tosh,

so how could either of us
have done it?

Because it wasn't the last time
Sam saw Tosh. Was it?

Cos on his way to the bar,

Sam took a little detour via Newton
Farrell's boat. Didn't you, Sam?

You followed your dad
along the quayside...

and then onto Newton's boat.

And once there,
with Newton spark out,

you took Newton's knife...

...and you used it
to kill your father.

When you had done that, it took
but a matter of seconds for you to

wipe the knife of your fingerprints
and place it into Newton's hand.

You then took Tosh's phone.

Which would play a vital role
in your plan a little later on.

And then you ran back to catch up
with Naomi as she made her way

to the harbour bar.

All you had to do then
was catch your breath

and enter the bar together.

So, as far as any onlookers
were concerned...

you left the harbour together...

and you arrived at the bar together,

which means that neither of you
could have had time to kill Tosh.

Then, when the time was right,
I assume, Sam,

you reached under the table

and dialled Naomi's mobile
using Tosh's phone.

This is him now.


And, Naomi, all you had to do then
was pretend you were speaking

to Tosh on the other end...


...when actually all there was
was... silence.

Tosh, where are you?

You then left the bar to go and find
Tosh's body at Newton's boat.

Which is where things didn't
play out quite as you'd intended.

You see, your plan was
to stumble upon the crime scene

as you, Sam, had left it,

Tosh's body on the floor and Newton
asleep with the knife in his hand.

An incriminating scene,
to say the least.

And with the phone call
you'd just taken from Tosh,

you both would have
rock-solid alibis.

But that's not what happened, is it?

Unfortunately, Newton woke up...

...and, panicking,
he disposed of the body.

So, by the time
you arrived at his boat,

expecting to see Tosh dead

and Newton asleep with a knife
in his hand, I imagine you must

have been shocked by the fact
that the boat was completely empty.

There's no-one in here.

Suddenly not only did you both have
perfect alibis,

but now so did Newton,

which has been sending us
round the houses ever since.

You see, Newton was
the prime suspect.

I mean, the evidence was stacked
against him. It had to be him.

But he was at Catherine's Bar
when Tosh was supposedly stabbed.

A drink.

Despite that one mistake, you still
very nearly got away with it.

See, because Newton was
so drunk that night,

waking up to find Tosh's body on
his floor and a knife in his hand,

he came to believe
that he'd genuinely committed

the murder himself in some kind of
a blacked-out, drunken state.

Why would we kill him together?

Yes, good question, and one
that had me very much stumped.

I mean, the murder could only
have been committed

if you two were working together.

But why would a son contrive with
his stepmum to kill his own dad?

Doesn't make sense.

And then it dawned on me.

Everything you'd told us about
the events that night had been

a lie, Naomi.

The phone call from Tosh.
The walk to the bar.

Nothing you said was true.

So, what else had you told us
that might not be true?

Well, for example, the affair that
Tosh was convinced you were having.

I told you, I was ill.
I was getting treatment.

That's why Tosh thought
I was seeing someone else.

That must have been tough,
dealing with that on your own,

not being able to share it
with someone. That's hard.

So I phoned your doctor
back in the UK.

Are you saying I lied about it?

No. Not at all.

I was just curious to know
whether you were on your own

when you were undergoing treatment.

Or was there someone with you,

someone who was offering
the support your husband couldn't?

And your doctor said
there was someone...

a young man he assumed
was your husband.

And as there's only one
other Mr Walker, Sam... was you, wasn't it?

I mean, you've done a brilliant job
hiding this from everyone here...

...but I think you two are in love.

Sam, you said yourself you were
nothing like your father.

No, not if being good enough
meant I had to be like him.

So, when Naomi got ill a year ago,

I imagine when she couldn't face
telling Tosh...

He wasn't very good at dealing
with those kind of things.

...she found a replacement
confidant in you.

And that, it seems, blossomed
into something much more.

You then realised that if
this relationship was going to last,

you had two choices.

Option one, reveal the truth
to Tosh.

How would that go down?

Tosh finding out that his wife
and his son had fallen in love?

Not very well, I'd imagine.

He was an unforgiving
and ruthless man.

I mean, at the very least,
he would have disinherited you.

I mean, you'd lose everything.

And maybe even that wouldn't be
enough for a man like Tosh.

Whereas, option two,
if you kill Tosh,

then he need never know
what had gone on behind his back

and you walk away with
the Santa Ana Silver, as well.

Which is why the murder
had to happen here on Saint Marie.

Tosh, he was penniless.

But you knew if you waited
for him to find the lost silver,

well, then, you'd walk away
with £300,000.

Not a bad amount of money
to make a fresh start with.

It was a clever plan.

Very clever.

If it hadn't been for Newton here
waking up when he did...

Dwayne, JP, do the business.

Good evening, Inspector.

And congratulations.

Good evening, sir. And thank you.

I wanted you to know,

with Mrs Walker and Mr Walker Junior
charged with murder,

the Commission should be able to
make a claim

on the Santa Ana Silver.

All being well, it will stay where
it belongs - here, on the island.

So, thank you.
I'm extremely grateful.

Any time, sir.

Right, jolly good, here we go.

There are bin bags. We have

And there are additional

cleaning accoutrements in the
kitchen, should you require them.

But, Chief, do you not think
that as I organised the stag party,

I should maybe be exempt
from cleaning it up?

With respect, Dwayne...

I do not. Right, let's go to work.

You know, sir, there is one thing
I still want to know.

- Go on.
- OK.

Well, what happened on your stag
party that made it so unpleasant?


OK, but not a word
to the others, OK?

I promise.



my stag night took place
somewhere called Southend,

a little seaside town
on the south-east coast of England.

Only, that's not where I was
when it happened.

You weren't there?

- No.
- Where were you?

A place called Southport,

a little seaside town
in the north-west of England.

See, I'd misread the e-mail,
ended up going to a different town.

You missed your own stag night?

- Yes, that's about the sum of it.
- What did you do?

Florence, I don't know
if you've tried to travel by train

between Southport and Southend
at 6pm on a Saturday evening,

but it is a rather circuitous
route. Four different trains.

What time did you get there?

2am in the morning,

by which time everyone
was drunk and in bed.

Apparently, it was an amazing night.
Best stag do ever, so I've heard.

I think that might be
the saddest story I've ever heard.

And remember, Florence, what goes
on the stag stays on the stag.

Don't worry, sir,
your secret is safe with me.

Three! Two! One!

- This time next week,
we'll be back home.
- Be nice to be back.

Sir, watch out!



- Yes.
- This is where they transferred you!

Relax, JP. It's a whirlwind romance.
These things happen.

Do you think I'm getting
married too soon?