Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Episode #5.3 - full transcript

During a charity fashion shoot on the island model Zoe MacKay is found strangled and her lap-top missing. The police are told that Zoe had a stalker whilst photographer Jay Croker, model Eloise Ronson and designer Nelson Benedict all had their reasons for wanting to keep her quiet. All the suspects appear to have an alibi until a knowledge of photography helps Goodman unmask the killer - though he is still no nearer to getting himself a girl-friend.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Nice. Nice, Sadie.
Good. Good.
Just under the beat.
Lovely, darling.
Rosey, keep your head up.
Look at Sadie. Take note.
I'm going to go backstage and get some shots, Nelson.
Okay, Jay.
Good, Sadie.
Zoe, try to look as if you want to be here, yes?
Well done. Better.
Concentrate, now.
Perfect, Eloise.
Let's just delay accepting, the Rome job's still a possibility.
Hey, has anyone seen my laptop?
-It's where you last had it. -Thanks, Jay.
ROSEY: So, there's this great new place open up on the beach for after the show.
Caribbean food, music.
Yeah, I'd be well up for that. Sadie?
I think I'm going to keep my head down.
ZOE: Oh, come on, Sades.
It's our last night on the island. It'll be fun.
Sure, why not?
NELSON: Right, right, right, right.
Can I have your attention for a couple of minutes, please, ladies?
Zoe, now.
Right, just a few notes before tonight's show.
Just keep on doing exactly what you are doing.
It's fantastic.
Rosey, a little more confidence, darling.
And Sadie, can you soften your turns a little, yes?
Zoe, as always, you need to focus.
Got it.
You might wanna try slowing your walk a little, too.
Let them enjoy you.
Yeah, well, thanks, Eloise.
-NELSON: Jay. -Yeah, just pretend I'm not there.
NELSON: And that's it.
One hour till showtime.
Get some rest, get focused.
And don't forget, be fabulous!
Have a good time.
Oh, I've forgotten my key, I'll catch up.
NELSON: (SOFTLY) This may not be important to you
but it is everything to me.
I didn't want you here in the first place
but now you are here, you do as I say, yes?
Step out of line again and...
that is it.
ANNOUNCER: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
In aid of our local school,
I present to you the stunning new line
from Saint-Marie's favourite designer, Nelson Benedict.
Quickly, Zoe.
-Ready. -All right.
That's it.
Zoe, scarf.
NELSON: One last one. ROSEY: I can't.
-You can do this. -(DRESS RIPPING)
-I don't believe it! -I'll sort it.
Like this.
Nelson, please.
-Eloise, I need you here. -(MOBILE RINGING)
Agent. I need to take this. You can manage.
Almost, just the shoes.
ELOISE: Brilliant!
NELSON: Superb.
-Let's go. -(ROSEY SCREAMS)
FLORENCE: Okay. So we said we'd talk
and try to identify areas you think have room for improvement.
Yes, vis-ŕ-vis meeting members of the opposite sex.
Well, actually, meeting them would be an area we could improve upon.
-Easily remedied. -Talking.
-Finding the right subject? -Constructing a sentence.
-You're talking now. -Yes, but you're not a date.
If you were, the nerves would kick in. The mouth would dry up.
Throat would close and... (GASPS)
-Okay, well, we can work on that. -Eating.
What with the whole dry mouth and throat closed-up thing,
food goes down in lumps.
It's a wonder I've not needed the Heimlich manoeuvre before now.
-And walking, legs like jelly... -(MOBILE RINGING)
-Breathing's a bit of a problem. -It's Dwayne.
On our way.
Paradise Beach Hotel.
-There's been a murder. -Let's go.
So, JP, what have we got?
Earlier this evening, the hotel was hosting a fashion show.
As it was about to finish, one of the models, Zoe Mackay, 1 9,
was found dead in the marquee.
She appears to have been strangled.
HUMPHREY: And where are the other models now?
The hotel. Dwayne's looking after them.
Poor girl.
A small amount of blood at the corner of her mouth,
which would indicate death by asphyxiation.
The ligature marks around the victim's neck
would seem to confirm it.
So what else do we know?
The models took turns on the catwalk.
Nelson helped them change.
-Nelson? -The designer.
Nelson Benedict.
Should I know who he is?
Originally from Saint-Marie,
he left some years ago to find his fortune.
He's fairly well-established.
One of the models came off the catwalk and that's when Zoe was found dead.
The other models and designer were here when she was killed
and they're saying they didn't see anything?
Could anyone from the audience have gained access and killed her?
The area was fenced off and guarded by security.
So security there.
And there's a swamp there.
Which means no one's getting in that way.
And don't they normally have legions of people?
Hair, makeup, that kind of thing?
It was a charity event, sir.
A fundraiser for Mr Benedict's old school.
They wanted to keep costs to a minimum,
so he and the models agreed they'd cover those jobs themselves.
Why is she holding this?
She's a woman. Women wear these things.
Will you be wanting to speak to the witnesses tonight, sir?
What are you doing here?
-Sir? -Mmm.
-The witnesses. -Yes, witnesses. Yes.
Well, ladies,
I thought you might appreciate this, after all you've been through.
Keep your mind on the job, JP.
Oh, it's just I think I know her.
And I'm best friends with Naomi Campbell.
Uh, thanks for coming at what I know is a difficult time.
Let's start with introductions.
I am Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman,
DS Florence Cassell.
Nelson Benedict, designer.
I was hosting tonight's show.
Jay Crocker, photographer.
Sadie Mernier.
Rosey Fabrice.
Eloise Ronson.
Thank you. So can I ask, um,
which of you was it discovered Zoe?
It was me.
As she came off the catwalk, I went on.
Did my walk.
Returned and...
Yes, and how long were you on the, um... (CLEARS THROAT)
-Catwalk. -...catwalk?
Less than a minute, 40 seconds or so.
-Jay, you were out front, I assume? -Yeah, taking shots of the girls.
Did you see anyone acting suspiciously, anyone trying to get past security?
No, but my attention was really on the catwalk so...
And that was the camera you were using?
Yep, it's got the entire show on it.
-We'll need the memory card. -Sure.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So, apart from Jay and Rosey,
everyone else was in the marquee when this happened.
Miss Ronson, what were you doing?
She was supposed to be helping me get Sadie into her dress.
What, you need two people to get someone into a dress?
It's quite intricate.
Ties at the back.
The highlight of my show.
I was outside taking a call from my agent.
-Is that usual during a show? -Not in my experience.
HUMPHREY: Did anyone see you outside?
I certainly heard her.
Oh, that's brilliant! Well, I fly out of here tomorrow
so I can be there by Thursday.
My agent's number. Call her and check.
We will, thank you.
So, Eloise taking a call, Nelson and Sadie in the changing area,
Rosey on the catwalk, Jay out front taking photographs.
What happened after Zoe was discovered?
I rushed out,
asked if there was a doctor present but...
And the scarf that was used to killed Zoe?
Part of her outfit.
Can you think of a reason someone might have to hurt her?
Has she fallen out with anyone since she's been here?
We flew in two days ago and all we've done is sleep and work.
She didn't have time to meet with anyone else.
There was something, you know.
Um, I'd heard a little bit from Zoe myself but Sadie, you knew her best.
Zoe had some kind of a stalker.
-What? -A stalker?
He found out where she lived. Starting sending her letters.
It's been going on for a couple of months now.
Did she know who it was?
No, she notified the police but I don't think anything came of it.
Police? (SCOFFS)
We all get strange letters, it comes with the territory.
I think these were a bit different.
We'll need to get in touch with the UK police,
get hold of that case file.
All right, that's all for now. Thank you very much.
Um, if you think of anything else, then please do tell us.
Oh, Mr Benedict,
Zoe was found holding a stocking. Part of your collection?
Stockings? No.
Just thought I'd ask.
Thank you.
-Good morning. -Good morning, number two.
So, this, uh, this stalker thing, I called the police in Blackpool.
-Blackpool? -Yes.
A big tower, donkeys, kiss-me-quick hats.
Kiss your what?
Like a trilby, you know. Uh, no, why would you?
Well, Blackpool is Zoe's hometown in the UK.
Anyway, they sent over copies of the letters from the stalker.
Uh, here we go.
"I watch you every day,
"dreaming of us together forever, never apart."
Nothing threatening.
You know, it reads rather like a sort of creepy fan-mail.
He's clearly obsessed.
Yes, but if that is the case,
why travel all the way here to kill her?
So the stalker isn't our killer?
Well, we can't dismiss them entirely.
But I can't help feeling
that whoever sent those letters did not murder Zoe Mackay.
-Sir? -Yes.
-Um... -Oh, gosh.
Oh, yes. Thank you.
Come on.
I'd like to take another look at this crime scene.
Right, for the moment,
Iet's discount the possibility that Zoe was killed by her stalker.
Security were posted front of house
and there's a large swamp at the back of the marquee,
so I'm not sure how he could have managed to get inside.
Also, if she's telling the truth,
Eloise was taking a phone call at the time,
so she would have seen if an intruder had got in that way.
Which means that the killer had to be someone
who was already backstage during the show.
That rules out the photographer, Jay. He was out front taking photos.
And security would have noticed if he'd gone backstage.
So of all the four other suspects
who were in the marquee during the fashion show...
Rosey was on the catwalk,
Sadie being dressed by Nelson,
Eloise outside on the phone.
Each of them has an alibi.
So who killed Zoe?
And how?
My cologne.
Those models knows quality when they see it and smell it.
Ah, Miss Fabrice.
Please. Come in.
How can I be of assistance?
It's probably nothing
but, uh, there's something I thought I should mention.
Is it to do with Nelson?
I saw you looking to him during the questioning last night.
They didn't get on, Zoe and Nelson.
He thought she lacked focus, never had her mind on the job.
In what way?
Zoe was always on her laptop or texting.
That's hardly a motive to kill her.
Why did Nelson dislike her so much?
Zoe and I worked with each other last year,
on another of Nelson's shows.
First day, she turned up still drunk from the previous night,
didn't do too well on the catwalk.
-He was furious. -Still drunk?
She realised her mistake, forever apologising to Nelson but...
He never forgave her.
From the moment we arrived he was at Zoe,
criticising her every move.
NELSON: You do as I say, yes?
Step out of line again and...
This is your last chance, you understand?
And later, during the show...
NELSON: I don't believe it!
ROSEY: I thought he was going to lose it again.
Hey, um, you were right to let us know.
Thank you.
Like my junior colleague said, you did the right thing.
Thank you very much.
Ah, gosh, mademoiselle.
Look at that.
The whole fashion show played out frame-by-frame.
-Brilliant work, JP. -Thank you, sir.
What did Miss Fabrice want?
She came to tell us that Nelson had a few run-ins with Zoe.
One at a fashion show last year,
and he's lost it a few times since they arrived here.
Which is interesting,
because there's a charge of assault on his record.
I've asked the police in Paris to send over the files.
Also, Rosey mentioned that Zoe had a laptop.
It wasn't at the marquee.
Yes, we'll need to search her room at the hotel,
see if it turns up there.
Right, so, background checks.
Our victim, Zoe Mackay.
Nineteen years old, from Blackpool, UK.
Left school at 1 6 after being spotted by a talent scout
from Bounce modelling agency.
Our suspects, Nelson Benedict.
DWAYNE: Born Saint-Marie
but left for London at the age of 1 8 to study fashion.
He's returned to host a charity fundraising fashion show
and used Rosey Fabrice and Sadie Mernier as models.
Both island girls.
Good. Eloise Ronson.
Twenty-four years old, from London.
She's been modelling since she was 1 5 and is well-known on the circuit.
She's the face of a high street clothing chain
and an international cosmetics range.
-Rosey Fabrice. -Twenty-three.
Born and raised in Chapel Town, Saint-Marie.
Won a scholarship to Saint Francis, where she was a model student.
-That was a deliberate pun, right? -(CHUCKLES)
At college, as part of her final exams,
she choreographed and performed a new work
using local musicians, focusing on the island's history.
And you know that how?
She was in the year above me at school.
Hey, I thought you was making that up.
So how come she didn't mention she knew you when she came in?
Obviously, you made a huge impact.
Anyway, what was your impression of her?
Good family, friendly, easygoing.
Sadie Mernier.
JP: From Saint-Marie. Now based in Manchester.
Good friends with Zoe.
So, Zoe was killed within less than a 60-second time frame
between leaving the runway
and then being discovered by Rosey Fabrice.
But all of our suspects have alibis.
Nelson and Sadie were busy changing.
Eloise on the phone.
Rosey was on stage.
So who had the most opportunity to kill Zoe?
-Eloise. -Because?
Because everybody else was in someone else's sight.
So prime suspect, Eloise.
Unless... Let's play What If.
What if Nelson and Sadie are on this together?
One of them kills Zoe, each giving the other an alibi.
What if Eloise hadn't taken the call from her agent?
They wouldn't have been left alone.
JP, want to talk us through?
Over 500 frames from Jay's memory card taken during the show.
There's even more of the rehearsals and backstage.
Jay started taking photographs on the left side of the catwalk,
moving round and ending up on the right side here.
The frames run chronologically starting at 7:00,
with Eloise being the first model on the runway,
through to this frame taken at 7:25,
by which time the models had appeared 1 0 times each.
And every time in a new outfit.
Going through the time codes, from 1 9:23:02
to 1 9:23:50,
Zoe doing her thing.
The most significant frame for us is this one here, 1 9:23:57,
Zoe leaving for the last time as Rosey begins her final walk.
That's the last shot of Zoe before she died.
Honoré Police.
1 9:23:59
to 1 9:24:40,
Rosey making her last appearance.
And timecode 1 9:24:44, we see her entering the marquee.
Uh, 47 seconds after Zoe left the catwalk,
Rosey finds her dead.
Which all the suspects say is correct, because here,
timecodes 1 9:25:04 to 1 9:25:09, after we last saw Rosey...
Nelson appears on the catwalk asking if there's a doctor in the house,
-which was the last picture Jay took. -DWAYNE: Thank you very much.
That was our colleagues in Paris
in regard to Nelson's arrest for assault.
It was during a fashion show he was mounting.
And get this,
the person assaulted was one of his models.
She turned up late. He got physical.
-Short fuse? -DWAYNE: Tiny.
They also said it wasn't the first time
the police had attended one of his shows.
Apparently, the man has some serious anger issues.
Well, let's go and see what he has to say for himself.
Uh, Dwayne, JP,
whilst we're grappling with Nelson, I want you to search Zoe's room,
see what you can find. Oh, and great work, everyone.
-(COUGHING) -Yes, Chief.
(WHISPERING) What is that smell?
So how come you didn't tell me before you went to school with a model?
-'Cause she wasn't a model then. -Any news, officers?
(STAMMERING) Uh, none at the moment.
But I'm very hopeful.
I have a job booked in Rome at the end of the week.
I'll still be able to make it, won't I?
Well, we've established a timeline...
The investigation's ongoing. There's nothing to report yet.
DWAYNE: What was that all about?
These women have been traumatised. They need handling gently.
I'm just trying to stay focused, Dwayne.
I mean, one of them could be our killer.
Okay. You're right.
One of them could be.
What about the other two, eh?
A light petit déjeunerfor me, an early lunch for you,
if you'd care.
Well, that's very kind, but no.
(STAMMERING) A little tea.
Thank you. (CLEARS THROAT)
Yeah, I can't imagine what it must be like
in your line of business.
-I mean, the adrenaline must be... -That is café.
Oh, gosh. Yes, of course.
-Um... -Let me.
Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) It's these sky-high adrenaline levels.
Constantly on edge.
(LAUGHS) It can be very tense.
And the models,
getting them to do what you want, when you want, the way you want.
-I try to keep a level head. -Mmm-hmm.
You didn't, though, on December 1 0, 201 4, did you?
Euro Fashion Week,
when you assaulted one of your models, Doreen Hutton.
-Date's right, isn't it? -Mmm-hmm.
There are other incidents. Five, to be exact.
(STAMMERING) The pressure gets to me sometimes.
Like when Zoe turned up drunk to your show last year.
Or when you were overheard shouting to her before this show,
or when she ripped the dress before she stepped onto the catwalk.
The incident with Doreen Hutton, unforgivable.
The others were misunderstandings.
Did the red mist descend again yesterday, Nelson? Mmm?
Zoe not show you enough respect, that it?
You lose your temper?
Zoe had let me down before
and I was letting her know in no uncertain terms
not to let it happen again.
The stupid girl, she didn't realise how lucky she was.
Zoe was handed it on a plate,
given the kind of success others have fought years to achieve.
I came from nothing.
Fought tooth and nail to get where I am.
That is why I'm so passionate about what I do
and why sometimes I lose it when others don't feel the same.
This is my life, DI Goodman.
All I have.
So how are you chaps getting on with the search?
Anything of use?
Well, Chief, we found Zoe's mobile.
No threatening texts or answer-phone messages.
But there was one thing. JP.
-Mobile phone number? -It was in her dialled numbers log.
She called that number two days ago
and hasn't called it before or since as far as we can tell.
-Can you trace it? -Pay as you go.
We called it ourselves but it keeps going to voicemail.
So it doesn't belong to any of the suspects?
Intriguing. Keep trying, Dwayne. You never know, they may pick up.
There wasn't any sighting of the other stocking, was there?
These things normally come as a pair, I believe.
No, sir.
And Zoe's laptop hasn't turned up, either.
HUMPHREY: So maybe our killer took it.
If so, why? And what's on it?
Have a word with the hotel staff, ask them to keep their eyes peeled.
Should I apply for a search warrant, sir?
No, that'll take forever, JP.
So, um,
Iet's try a different approach.
Sorry to disturb you, Miss Mernier. This isn't... official request as I don't have...
...the necessary warrant.
But I wondered if you wouldn't mind me... searching your room? It's part of our ongoing investigation.
And although I could get a warrant, it could...
-...take some time. -And it would be better all round
if we could eliminate you from our enquiries as soon as we can.
-Thanks. -Thanks.
-Thanks very much. -Very much.
Very much.
Would it be possible to come in?
Tell me what it is and I'll tell you if it's there.
It's confidential.
But if I let you in and you find it, I'll see it and know what it is.
So why don't you just tell me what you're looking for
and I can tell you if I have it.
Look, it might have been stolen...
-Are you calling me a thief? -No.
Well, then you have no need to search my room.
-DWAYNE: Chief. -Yes.
Eloise is hiding something, I can feel it in my water.
She has the weakest alibi, she's our prime suspect.
No luck with Zoe's laptop.
But they did say that yesterday morning
Eloise had requested to be given her own room.
She and Zoe had been sharing.
They'd fallen out over something?
FLORENCE: Putting it mildly.
Eloise told the receptionist she didn't want to stay another night
in the same room as "that interfering bitch".
How charming.
So Eloise requests a room on her own, Zoe is murdered,
and now she's refusing a search.
JP, get to court. Get a warrant, please.
-Yes, Chief. -Dwayne, keep an eye on Eloise.
Don't worry, Chief. I won't let her out of my sight.
Yes, of that I have no doubt.
FLORENCE: Thank you.
Eloise's agent's confirmed
they were speaking at the time Zoe was murdered.
We're still waiting for phone records to back it up.
Thanks, Florence. So, security here, at the side.
Swamp here, at the back.
Catwalk here.
And marquee, where Zoe was killed, here.
At the time Zoe was murdered, Eloise was here,
taking a call from her agent.
Nelson and Sadie
said they heard Eloise talking on the phone
shortly before the body was discovered.
Sadie was being dressed by Nelson, so they alibi each other.
Okay. Rosey was on the catwalk at the time of the murder.
Photographs taken by Jay prove this to be true.
HUMPHREY: But even if we rule her out,
I am at a complete loss as to how one of the other three
-might have been able to do it, either. -(COMPUTER CHIMING)
-The post-mortem results have arrived. -Ah. Good.
I'll be waiting a while for that warrant.
Court is closed for lunch.
I can't stay all day.
There are natural functions that need attending to.
There's movement.
Yes, confirm that.
The target is on the move.
The post-mortem's confirmed death by asphyxiation.
The pressure exerted caused her windpipe to fracture.
So she died quickly. Small mercies.
Also, the lab has been unable to recover any fingerprints
from either the stocking or the scarf.
Ah, yes, the stocking.
Satin noir stockings, 1 5 denier.
Hardly notice I'm wearing them.
Luxury I can afford, luxury I deserve.
You do that a little too well.
Oh, yes, quoting their advertisement.
I know this is trying to tell us something.
What exactly is it trying to say?
I knew it.
Available only on the black market,
Camadathol is a fat-burning drug which enhances weight loss.
According to this, it's widely used in the modelling world.
Mmm. Illegal.
"Anyone found in possession of the drug could face a lengthy spell in prison."
Which would explain why Eloise was reluctant for you
-to search her room, Dwayne. -Mmm.
Maybe that's why she wanted out of the room
she was sharing with Zoe.
Maybe Zoe had discovered the drugs.
Eloise was under contract to more than one high street company,
pushing her "girl next door" image.
Which means if Zoe exposed her, she would lose everything.
Time to pay her a visit.
Zoe discovered you were using drugs, didn't she?
We argued.
Zoe said she was disgusted.
Said if word got out I was using these things,
young girls might follow my example.
Did she threaten to expose you?
As far as she was concerned,
the dealers were the bad guys, I was one of the victims.
Taking the drugs was wrong.
But there are girls younger, slimmer.
And if the client wants thin, they get thin.
Where did you get the drugs from, Eloise?
-A guy in London. -We need a name.
No name, just a number.
You send a text, a kid arrives on a bike,
you pay the cash and don't ask questions.
We'll need that number, if we may.
I love my job more than anything in the world
and I don't want to lose it.
But I would never, ever have killed Zoe in order to keep it.
I would never do that.
Why is Zoe's diary in your room?
So what's the deal with you and the model, Rosey?
Uh, what do you mean?
Spill the beans, man.
There's nothing to spill.
All right.
Yeah, I used to like her, along with every other boy in school.
In her final year, the last day of term,
I left her a flower on her desk.
Oh, say it with flowers. Nice.
Obviously said the wrong thing.
I mean, I never saw her again.
And when she came in today, she didn't know me from Adam.
Zoe's diary. I'm going to work my way through,
see if it throws anything up.
JP, can you get onto the police in London?
Pass them that number.
Tell them that's the contact that Eloise was using to buy Camadathol.
Uh, sir. Um, hang on.
This is the number Zoe called from her mobile two days ago.
She called Eloise's dealer?
Zoe wasn't a user, was she?
She told Eloise she hated drugs.
News back from Zoe's internet server.
Nothing much of interest.
The usual email between her and her family back in the UK.
But there was quite a bit of correspondence
with a fashion magazine based in London.
Turns out Zoe was writing an article called "Life in the Industry".
That's probably why she was always on her laptop.
Also, Eloise's phone records have come through and they check out.
The call she said she received from her agent
covers the time Zoe was murdered.
So, Eloise's alibi stands. Let's go over what we've got.
Nelson, furious regarding Zoe's previous behaviour.
And Eloise, fearing that she'd be exposed as a drug user.
No motives for the other suspects so far.
Where are we with the financial checks?
-They'll be with us in the morning, sir. -(PHONE RINGING)
Also, we'll need to check out Zoe's social media profile,
Facebook, the other one, the Tweeter. See if anything leaps out.
Now, Zoe left the catwalk here. Less than a minute later,
as Rosey entered the marquee here, she was found dead, strangled.
Our killer has to be one of those four people
who had access to the marquee during the fashion show.
But they all have alibis.
So how did one of them manage to kill her?
Uh, sir, that was the hotel.
They found a laptop, could be Zoe's.
I could collect it on my way home?
Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant, JP. Okay, let's leave it there for now.
Sleep on things, back tomorrow bright-eyed and dare I say bushy-tailed.
-Night, Chief. -Night-night.
Um, Florence, uh, Catherine's bar, a drink, maybe?
-Sure. -Good.
JP: That's great. Thank you very much.
You. It was you.
Sadie, you are drunk. Go to bed.
-Calm down. -Get off me!
-Murderer! -ELOISE: Sadie, darling, no.
-Murderer! -Come on.
-You need some help? -We can manage.
Sadie, Sadie. Are you okay?
The first time I saw you, I just knew you were the one.
You and only you.
(STAMMERING) Shining...Iike a diamond.
That's a lyric from a song, right?
Yes, a fusion of a few, to be honest.
The best advice I can give is just to be yourself.
I've been myself for the past 30-odd years
and it hasn't brought me much success.
(SCOFFING) Rubbish. You were married.
To a woman I met on a date my mum arranged.
Before your wife, there were others?
A few.
See, you don't take yourself too seriously.
And that's such an attractive quality in a man.
-You think? -Mmm.
Make a woman laugh and you're halfway there.
-What about Catherine? -Uh...
Try and make her smile.
-(GROANS) -Oh, come on.
You can do this.
-Same again, Humphrey? -Uh, no.
Well, yes.
Was just laughing with Florence.
-About? -Oh, um...
The time I played rugby at school.
I did my best but all anyone could say was, "Nice try."
-(CHUCKLES) -Ah, that was kind of them.
(STAMMERING) No, it's a joke.
Uh, rugby?
A try, you see, it's like a goal. Uh, no, okay.
Uh, all right.
Ah, yes, yes...
Um, why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the toilet?
-A what? -Pterodactyl.
A lizardy, flying dinosaur thing.
-In the toilet? -No, not your toilet.
It's extinct.
But if it could go to the toilet, why wouldn't you hear it?
Because the P is silent.
-P? -Pterodactyl.
It doesn't begin with a T, it's a P.
-Oh, never mind. -(LAUGHING)
I'm here all week. Just before the bingo.
1 9:23:08, 1 9:23...
1 9:23:1 1...
Oh, goodness, there are so many of these.
Ah, JP, any luck with the laptop?
A guest at the hotel found it when they were snorkelling.
The killer must have thrown it in the sea.
It's in a pretty bad way.
Okay, well, get someone from the lab to pick it up,
see if they can recover anything from the hard drive.
I was hoping it might give us what we need to crack this.
Uh, Florence. Zoe's diary, anything?
Still working my way through.
Zoe's made a couple of entries in regard to her friendship with Sadie.
A couple of incidents of them falling out
but nothing so far suggests murder.
Well, let me know if anything comes up. Dwayne, financial checks.
Well, all the suspects are solvent.
Seems like Zoe had her feet very firmly on the ground.
Paid herself a small monthly salary and saved the rest.
But the most interesting thing is
I tracked her finances back to her first agency, Bounce,
and it turns out that Jay Crocker was one of the company directors.
That is, before it went into liquidation.
Really? Jay didn't mention that.
See if there's anything else you can dig up, please.
-Yes, Chief. -(MOBILE BEEPING)
Zoe's phone.
Looks like she programmed it.
Set an alarm to remind her to call her parents.
Hello, what's this?
There's something in the background.
Get that enlarged, please, JP?
-Chief? -Yes.
Found a couple of articles on Bounce, Jay Crocker's modelling agency.
Seems like they've had quite a lot of bad press.
Really? What for?
"A toxic culture in which young clients were encouraged,
"and on some occasions bullied into taking extreme
"and dangerous measures to lose weight."
And Zoe was part of all this?
She led the walk-out.
She openly criticised what was going on there
and took most of the clients with her to a different agency.
Which would explain why she was so annoyed with Eloise
for taking Camadathol.
Seems Zoe was evidently more than just a pretty face.
A girl with quite a moral code.
And not scared of expressing her opinions
about the less glamorous side of the industry.
To the extent that she caused Jay Crocker's business to go bankrupt.
Says motive to me.
But Jay was photographing the show when Zoe was murdered.
There's no way he could be our killer.
He can't be into two places at the same time.
True, very true.
But nonetheless, why did he lie, Florence?
Why lie?
I think it's time I had a chat with Mr Crocker, don't you?
JAY: Yeah, come in.
-You'll have to excuse the mess. -Ah, mess and I are very old friends.
Oh, well. (CHUCKLES)
What's this?
It's a way of getting a very expensive looking effect on the cheap.
Check this out.
A small aperture creates a rippled, circular halo,
while a wider aperture creates a kind of psychedelic haze.
It's all low-def, really, but effective.
And a fraction of the cost of an equivalent filter.
Extra cash must come in handy,
-since you've been declared bankrupt. -(SIGHS)
Why didn't you tell us that Zoe was signed to your agency, uh...
For a long time, I couldn't stand the sight of that girl.
On account of the walk-out of clients she instigated?
Mmm. You've been doing your homework.
First of all, I had nothing to do with the way that agency ended up.
I didn't even know what was going on.
You weren't aware that young girls
that your company were supposedly looking after
were becoming anorexic, bulimic?
I was hardly ever there. I was a silent partner.
No involvement apart from putting up half the money.
-If I'd known what was going on, I... -What, you would have put a stop to it?
Yes. Yes, of course I would.
Oh, hang on a minute.
You're not accusing me of killing Zoe?
When she made things public, you lost everything.
That's one hell of a motive, Jay.
I'm not saying she didn't damage me.
But she did the right thing and I don't blame her.
But let's just say I did kill her.
I was out front photographing the show.
How? How did I do it?
Ah, Chief.
-Sir, I think you need to see this. -Yes.
The enlarged section of the photograph you requested.
My God!
In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine
that you would be looking at a photograph of the victim
actually being killed?
Rosey was on the catwalk when it happened,
so we can rule her out as our killer.
DWAYNE: And Jay was out front.
Unwittingly taking a photograph of the murder as it happened.
-So it can't be him. -Correct.
JP: So, as we originally suspected,
it has to be one of the three people in the marquee.
Nelson, Eloise or Sadie.
-FLORENCE: Sir? -Yes.
Remember I mentioned
Zoe and Sadie's friendship was under strain?
A week ago, just before they left the UK for Saint-Marie,
Zoe writes that Sadie had started to get even more intense,
to the extent that Sadie told Zoe she was in love with her.
-What, and Zoe didn't feel the same? -No.
Two days later, she told Sadie they should spend less time together.
But it's not the first time this has gone on.
If you go back eight months,
exactly the same thing happened between them.
Sadie started getting close, getting clingy
and Zoe pushed her away.
But what's interesting in the last time this happened,
two days later, Zoe received her first letter from the stalker.
Wait, you think that Sadie was the one sending Zoe the stalker letters?
Uh, excuse me?
Mind if we join you?
Thank you.
Um, yes, um...
Uh, we came across Zoe's diary.
It didn't tell us much we didn't already know
but what it did tell us was that you and her were very close.
Good friends.
It can be quite a lonely business, I imagine.
Must be nice when you meet someone you can get on with.
It's rare. People can be quite cold.
I thought I got used to it.
Until you met Zoe.
Someone I could talk to,
who didn't judge me for being too thin or too fat,
too small or too tall.
Someone who liked me for being me.
FLORENCE: Zoe said much the same in her diary.
I know you wanted a little bit more than friendship.
A little bit more than Zoe was prepared to give.
I can't talk about this.
Excuse me, I'm sorry,
but this is a murder enquiry and you are a suspect.
Please, sit down.
When we first met, she asked me how I was.
Not who I was or what I'd done, who I knew, what my day rate was,
but how I was.
And she took an interest, you know?
And I just...
Just fell for her.
Thought I could tell her anything.
-So I told her. -That you were in love with her.
SADIE: But she...
She didn't feel the same. Couldn't.
FLORENCE: You wrote the stalker letters, didn't you?
You sent them because you felt you were losing her.
She was pushing you away,
so you sent her those letters to scare her.
To make her feel frightened.
So that she would turn to someone for support?
Turn to you?
I wanted her to know how much of a good friend I could be.
If she let me.
Now she's gone.
And I can't tell her how sorry I am.
And tell her how much I loved her.
Because it's too late.
It's too late.
-What is it? -I, um...
We've got this one-in-a-million photo of Zoe's murder, okay?
Brilliant! But it's these other ones.
The ones taken either side of "the killer" photo.
I don't know. There's something about them, I...
Who killed Zoe? How did they manage to do it?
And why was she holding a 1 5-denier stocking
in her left hand when we found her body?
Well, Chief, if you get a whiff of rum from that stocking,
my Uncle Dennis could be the prime suspect.
He used to use my auntie's old cast-offs
to filter his bootleg booze.
How did he do that?
He used to wrap the stocking around a pipe in the still
to filter the sediments.
Yes, of course he did.
He doesn't do it any more, though. He only did it the once.
Yes, of course he did.
Stockings? No.
That's why she was holding the stocking! That is why!
Zoe's phone.
This is all very well. But, um...
Why? That is the question.
-A mobile phone number? -She called it two days ago.
Zoe was writing an article called "Life in the Industry".
The drugs, of course!
The drugs, the ones Eloise had.
Excellent, JP. Get them tested for prints. Top priority.
I want all the suspects at the hotel in one hour!
Good afternoon.
Thanks for coming.
This case has introduced me to a world I knew very little about,
the world of fashion.
A world where appearance is everything.
And that's what's at the heart of this case.
How something looks. An image.
One image in particular.
These are... Apologies, uh...
I know how upsetting this must be.
Zoe's murder presented us with a bit of puzzle.
How did one of you manage to kill her when you each had an alibi?
Nelson helping Sadie,
Eloise on the phone to her agent, Rosey on the catwalk,
Jay taking photographs.
At one point, we thought it could have been Zoe's stalker.
But something about that didn't quite ring true.
-So who did it? -Well, it could have been you.
The charge for assault on file. Anger issues.
Zoe had a bad attitude
and didn't show you the respect you think you deserved,
more than enough motive.
-But that doesn't make me a murderer. -No, no, it doesn't.
Sadie, you got close to Zoe.
You even sent her letters meant to bring you closer together.
But how could you kill someone you so obviously loved?
Eloise, you shared a room with Zoe. She found out about your drug use.
Had she exposed you, you'd have lost everything.
I couldn't. There's no way...
-(STAMMERING) -I know.
-Rosey... -JP: It wasn't you.
Because you were photographed on the catwalk
at the exact time the killer struck.
And Jay took the photograph, so it couldn't have been you.
Yes, or could it?
How could I be in two places at the same time?
You couldn't.
But like I said, this is all about image,
or how things appear to be.
And what if you could appear to be somewhere you weren't?
The photographs.
Your pičce de résistance.
You couldn't possibly have killed Zoe,
because you captured the very second she was killed.
I don't understand.
Oh, well, it's really rather simple.
You see, two days ago,
Zoe programmed an alarm on her mobile phone,
a reminder to call her parents.
And it got me thinking,
you didn't actually need to be there when the photographs were taken.
Not if you programmed your camera to continue taking photographs
whilst you made you way into the marquee and murdered Zoe.
You simply set your camera to automatic mode.
And with the audience's attention above the catwalk,
you slipped beneath it, unnoticed.
Without anyone being aware of what you were up to,
you made your way under the catwalk.
But one of us would've seen him.
Not if he had his timings right.
It takes two people to get someone into a dress?
It's quite intricate.
HUMPHREY: Which he did.
Jay had total access to the backstage area during rehearsals.
I'm going to get some shots of the girls backstage, Nelson.
He knew where everyone was supposed to be and when.
Nelson and Eloise helping Sadie into the dress,
Rosey on the catwalk. As it was,
Eloise ended up outside the marquee taking a phone call from her agent,
but that didn't upset things too much.
She, like the others, was still entirely oblivious
to Jay's presence inside that tent.
And with everyone in their place,
you had less than a minute to get backstage, kill Zoe
and make your way back out front again and recover your camera
and take the final shots of the night.
Leaving it to look, once more, like no one,
especially you,
could possibly have got backstage to commit murder.
After that,
you let the talk of Zoe's stalker back in England
misdirect us into thinking that's who our killer was.
There was something, though.
Zoe had some kind of a stalker.
Except what you didn't know was the letters that Zoe had been sent
weren't those of a crazed obsessive intent on harming her.
They were written by someone who only had
Zoe's best interests at heart.
Someone who loved her.
Over 500 photographs.
One of them conveniently capturing the killer in action,
giving you the perfect alibi.
I assume that was planned, Jay?
That you wanted us to find it?
It's rather audacious, really.
This is the photograph we enlarged,
only to discover that within it
was the image of Zoe's actual murder taking place.
The other 1 0 or so images are the ones that were taken around it.
But it was something about them that bothered me.
Something I couldn't quite get my head round,
and then it hit me.
They were all framed identically.
The angle didn't change once.
And you presumed we'd never notice?
But unfortunately for you, we did.
And all thanks to this.
If it hadn't been for Officer Myer's
dear old Uncle Dennis and his illegal booze still,
we might never have got there.
See, you told me
how you could slip a plastic bottle over your camera lens
to get a certain effect.
A budget-priced photographer's trick to get the effect you wanted.
Well, I had a look on the internet.
There are others.
A stocking stretched across the lens
will create an effect known as a diffusion.
Quite well-known amongst the photographic fraternity.
And while Dwayne's Uncle Dennis
used to use his stocking to filter alcohol,
you use yours to filter light.
You see, I think you had this stocking in your pocket
when you murdered Zoe Mackay.
We'll need the memory card.
It's where you carry all the tools ofyour trade.
So what reason would I have to kill Zoe?
Our killer discovered that Zoe was writing an article
for a prominent magazine about life as a model.
An exposé. Guaranteed to a ruffle a few feathers.
But whose feathers?
(LAUGHING) This is... This is ridiculous.
HUMPHREY: Three days ago, Zoe fell out with Eloise
when she discovered she was taking Camadathol.
We know that she led the march away from your agency
once she discovered that drug use was being encouraged.
That was two years ago, so why would I kill her now?
The day after she came to Saint-Marie,
Zoe made a call to the dealer who supplied Eloise.
HUMPHREY: I assume that she somehow copied the number
when you weren't looking, Eloise.
But why make that call here?
Why not do it back in the UK?
After all, that's where the supplier was.
Unless, of course, Zoe suspected the dealer was on the island.
HUMPHREY: Unless she thought the dealer was you.
See, we checked your mobile number
and it didn't match up with the call Zoe had placed.
But that's because I think you've got two phones, Jay.
-One for day-to-day stuff... - (MOBILE RINGING)
...and one for business, your drug trade.
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
This is the number Zoe dialled.
I think it's for you, Jay.
You blamed your former business partner
for pushing drugs onto the models at your agency.
But it was you, and Zoe knew that.
You stumbled across Zoe's laptop.
Where you last had it.
HUMPHREY: You realised that it was her that called you,
discovered that she was about to expose you
and destroy your reputation all over again.
But you weren't going to let that happen, not for a second time.
Because this time you were going to kill her.
You waited for your cue,
for Rosey to step onto the catwalk.
And once she'd gone, all you needed was for Zoe to return.
As you strangled her,
as she fought for her life, arms flailing,
I think she was reaching out, grabbing.
Without your knowledge, the stocking ended up in her clutch.
Caught out by a single stocking.
So close, Jay.
So close.
Mind your head.
ROSEY: Excuse me?
Do you have a moment?
Yeah, of course I do.
Sorry, I meant him.
I knew that, I was just teasing.
It's for you.
I've been wanting to say but couldn't. The time wasn't right and...
That is, I didn't want to compromise your, um...
I wanted to ask if you are the same JP that was in the year below me at school?
Were you the guy that left that flower for me
on that last day of term?
(STAMMERING) Wow, you remember that?
I thought it was really sweet.
I looked for you to say thank you but you had gone.
I didn't know where you lived and now you're here.
She's giving him the brush-off. Look, she's going.
Cupid fires his arrow and the victim's dead in seconds.
Poor JP.
But his face and body language were screaming defeat and heartache.
Looks can obviously be deceptive.
-Great. -Good luck to him.
No, it's not about luck. It's about confidence.
And who've had thought he'd have the confidence
to pull a woman like that?
Act normal, as if nothing happened.
JP looks like he's having a lot of fun.
-They seem to be getting on really well. -Who would have thought, eh?
Maybe we should ask him for a few tips.
Well, not you, obviously.
You're having no trouble at all in that department, Chief.
-Thought you might need this. -Thank you, Catherine.
-Same again? -Please.
Only this time, I'll have it in a glass.
She was obviously enjoying your company, until...
Until, yes, we were getting on famously and then she asked me for the time.
Oh, well, back to the drawing board.
-You'll get there. -Yes, one day. One day.
Funny thing is I don't even wear a watch.
DWAYNE: I'd known Cedrik since I was 13 years old.
He thought I could do better and I believed him.
I put the phone in his coffin myself.
Why have only one pillow without a pillowcase?
Someone held it over his face.
He was murdered.
JP: I'm worried about Dwayne.
DWAYNE: I looked up to these men my whole life
and I'm just starting to wonder if I got it all wrong.