Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Episode #5.2 - full transcript

Outgoing island governor Caroline Bamber is poisoned after accepting a drink from Commander Patterson at her leaving party but Goodman finds an unsigned note in her bag warning that someone was out to kill her. Private secretary Ellery tells Goodman that Caroline was blackmailing president Francois Tromeur over an affair but deputy governor Andy Hamilton and assistant Lucy Preville are also in the frame. Goodman deduces how Caroline was poisoned but has less success finding a girlfriend online.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Would you rather be British or French?
- British!
- British!

I couldn't end my time as Governor of Saint Marie without

putting this all-important question to the population of Spinner's Rock.

"British and proud of it," said a Hawksbill.


"God save the Queen," sung a parrotfish.

"You can't trust the French as far as you can throw them."

That was a sea snake.

Our friend from Saint Robert, General Council President Tromeur

insists Spinner's Rock is French. But I am very clear.

It became British 200 years ago and nothing has changed since then.


Saint Marie, you have given me

four unforgettable years.

My posting may be ending, but my successor,

and indeed Britain, will continue to look after your best interests.

Hear, hear!

And I promise, I will carry the beauty of your island...

and your people... in my heart forever.


Thank you.


- Message received.
- He was listening to every word.

Well, let's hope he reaches the right conclusion.

"Sea snake" was inspired, by the way, Ellery.

- Thank you.
- Perfectly judged to the last, Governor.
- Thank you, Selwyn.

- Gosh, I could do with a drink.
- Oh, allow me.

Sea snake... For some reason, I thought you were better than that.

Then I'm delighted to disappoint you one last time, Francois.

You British complain about having lost your identity in the world.

Well, I disagree. You're just as hypocritical as you ever were.

On the contrary, I have been entirely straight with you.

Withdraw France's claim to Spinner's Rock before I get on that plane,

or we both know what will happen.

I'll, erm...

Go and check on the canapes.


Thank you.

- Oh, Miss Preville. I do apologise.
- It's fine, honestly.

- A little something to remember me by, Governor.
- Oh!

It's Saint Marie pavement. I'm kidding.

It's a piece of Spinner's Rock.

Thank you, Andy. That is very thoughtful.

You'll be missed, you know that?

My drink...

Excuse me.


You'd better not be going back to the office.

Take the night off, Lucy, for God's sake!

I've got to finish that DipTel.

Well, at least stay for the food. Show Caroline a bit of respect.

- To you, Governor.
- God, I need this!

- Are you OK?
- Of course.


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to add a few brief

words of my own to the evening's tributes.

Governor Bamber, you leave this island a wealthier,

more confident and safer place, and for that, I...



Someone, get a doctor! Now!

Governor's residence. We need an ambulance. now.

Ellery... What's happening?




Question 98. "What is your ideal body type for your perfect partner?"

"I don't mind."

No, Chief. That makes you sound desperate.


"I have an open mind."

Right. Question 99.

"How would you characterise the end of most of your romantic relationships?"

- "Painful divorce." Last question.
- Er, Chief...
- Yes?

Don't you think you might be answering those questions

a little bit too honestly?

Yes, but I'm hardly going to find my perfect partner by lying, am I?

Right. Question 100.

"How organised are you?"

Highly organised, wouldn't you say, Dwayne?

Yes, Chief.

Right. I think that's ready to send.



- 'Chief Inspector?'
- Oh, Commissioner.

Good evening.

'We have a bit of a problem.'

Evening, JP. Florence.


So, Dwayne was round at yours this evening, then, sir?

Er, yes. We were, erm... Well, actually, he was, erm...

- What were you doing? You were putting up a shelf?
- Painting.

- Shelf.
- Shelf.

- Putting up a shelf.
- Shelf.

- Sir?
- Ah, Inspector.

Everything under control?

No-one has touched the body, except for the paramedics.

- And the doctor is on his way.
- Thank you, sir.

Most helpful. JP, Dwayne, go and get names and addresses,

- statements and photos, please.
- Chief.
- Yes, Chief.

Bitter almond.

- That and the redness in the skin...
- Cyanide?

In her glass, it would seem. We should take a sample.

- And none of the other guests are ill?
- No, not that I'm aware.
- Good.

I don't suppose you know what Governor Bamber was drinking?

Two glasses of Champagne. From this bottle.

I served her.

Right. And they were her only drinks?

Yes. When she arrived, she went straight into her speech.

I served her after she'd finished speaking.

- And where did her glass come from?
- From that table.

- Did someone offer you the glass, sir?
- No.

I chose it myself.

And the bottle?

I saw it being opened. No-one else drank from it.

Do you mind if I take the bottle, please, sir?

Can't smell anything. Let's get it to the lab.

Erm... Sir, I wonder if you could possibly go

and check that none of the other guests are feeling unwell.

Of course.

Thank you.


OK, six, six, seven, seven... 42. OK.

About 100 glasses here.

As far as I can tell, there's no cyanide in any of them.

We'll have to get them all tested, just in case.

- Anything in the Governor's handbag?
- A phone.

Thank you. Plenty of texts and e-mails.

Mints, tissues, a sealed envelope, lipstick...

And a piece of rock with an engraving.

"For Caroline, a British jewel in the Caribbean. Andy."

- Let me see the envelope.
- Sure.

There is no address on it.

"Dear Caroline, Please be careful.

"They want to kill you before you go because of June 10th. A friend."

- Someone definitely wanted her dead.
- And someone else knew about it.


The Commissioner chose the Governor's glass at random from this table.

None of the other glasses, the Champagne itself,

contain cyanide and as far as we're aware, no-one else is sick.

So did the Commissioner happen to pick the one poisoned glass

- intended for the Governor?
- Out of 100 or so?

- That would be quite a coincidence.
- Right.

Which means the only possible way of getting

poison into the victim's glass would be...

By adding it to the glass after the Commissioner picked it

- up off the table.
- Which he's not going to like.


No-one else is ill.

And none of the other glasses or the bottle appear to contain cyanide.

So, let's try and establish who could have added the cyanide

to the glass, once you'd given it to the Governor.

- So, who do you remember standing nearby?
- No-one.

What about during your speech?

There was never anyone within two metres of either of us.

- I'm sure of it.
- I see.

Well, then perhaps the cyanide was added before you gave

the glass to the Governor.

So let's rewind.

As you were taking the glass from the table,

who do you remember seeing nearby?

The person near to me was Francois Tromeur,

the President of the General Council of Saint Robert.

- Arrogant, untrustworthy. A Parisian.
- Right.

That's useful, sir. Thank you.

So, where was the President standing?

- There.
- Fine.

And so where did you go with the glass after that?

I brought it over to the Governor.

On the way, there was a slight collision with Lucy Preville.

- Lucy, er...?
- Preville. The First Secretary.

She's bright, very hard working. Rather buttoned up.

Could you do the honours, please, Florence?

Thank you, sir. And then?

I rejoined the Governor, who was standing with Andy Hammond,

the Deputy Governor.

Right. JP?

Mr Hammond knows a lot about the Caribbean.

He's one of the proudest Brits I've ever met.

After a few seconds, he headed over to Lucy Preville over there.

Over there...

'Excuse me. Lucy...'

She looked like she was leaving the party.

Right. So...

Which of these three could have dropped the cyanide into the

Governor's glass in between you picking it up from the table

here and her swallowing the Champagne there?

None of them.

I would have noticed.

Yes, but might you have been distracted, sir, albeit very briefly?

Absolutely not.

I was in control of Governor Bamber's glass the whole time.

OK. Well, that's enough for now.

Let's speak to the witnesses in the morning.

And also, Caroline's secretary, Ellery Wallace, to see

if he can shed light on who wrote the unopened warning letter

- found in her handbag.
- And why the 10th of June might be

- a reason for someone to kill the Governor.
- Quite right, JP.

Now, if you and Dwayne carry on with the necessary background checks, also

get the prints off the letter and see if the lab can tell us

- anything else about it.
- Yes, Chief.
- Ah!

Before you go, could I possible have a quick word?

Yeah... Well, first of all, erm... Could I say once again...

- What is it, Inspector?
- Yes, um...

To avoid you compromising our investigation,

I'm afraid you will need to remain entirely excluded from it.

Until the case is concluded.

I see.

Thank you for telling me.


Well, he seems to have taken that on the chin, hasn't he?

Have a good evening, sir.

Ah, Florence. Good morning.

I am literally one set of keys away from being ready.

Once I find my wallet, of course... And my jacket...

- So... Which shelf did Dwayne put up?
- Shelf?

Oh, right. Yes... Er, shelf...

Um... Well, let me see... It was er...

It was...

- Um... That one.
- What were you two really up to last night?

Well, actually, he was helping me fill in a profile.

Yes, I've decided to dive in to the shark infested

- waters of the dating world.
- Good for you.

And Dwayne is going to be your guide, is he?

Yes, absolutely, Florence. Well, if he can't get me a woman, no-one can!

Ah, success. Let's go.

- Poison?
- I thought it was a heart attack.

Was anyone behaving suspiciously around Caroline's Champagne glass?


- No.
- What about you, Mr Wallace? What did you see?

I was in the kitchen when the Commissioner served her.

'Someone, get a doctor! Now!'

I heard Lucy scream, so I came running.

'Ellery, what's happening?'

What was Caroline like, to work with, or opposite?

She was a great diplomat and an inspiring manager.

Not many of those in the Foreign Office.

- Was she in a relationship?
- No. But then, she was clever and competent.

In my experience, that tends to frighten men off.

Ha. President Tromeur?

Caroline was a beautiful lady on the outside. And the inside.

My wife insisted I switch. They do a Ciganes flavour. It's OK.

So, who was Caroline closest to in the office?

I'd like to think it was me.

It was Ellery. She trusted him with her life.

How long had you been Governor Bamber's Private Secretary?

Almost two years.

She liked that I was able to provide a local perspective on things.

What was Caroline doing yesterday?

She was clearing out her office. With Ellery.

There was a lot to do before she left.

Caroline was carrying this in her handbag.

It was unopened and unaddressed.

Do you know where she got it from? Have any of you seen it before?

"Dear Caroline, Please be careful.

"They want to kill you before you go because of June 10th. A friend."

Any of you any idea who could have written this?

What about the reference to the 10th of June?

- That's the date of the Battle of Spinner's Rock.
- Of course it is.

Yes, of course. Um... Spinner's Rock... Remind me.

It's an uninhabited rock between Saint Marie and Saint Robert.

On June the 10th 1813, Captain Spinner won it for Britain.

And now, out of the blue, the French are claiming it as theirs.

The correct title is La Roche De La Republique.

The rock is rightfully French.

No, it isn't.

Why would Spinner's Rock be a reason to kill Governor Bamber?

I have no idea.

Whole thing's handbags at 12 paces, honestly.

Caroline was blackmailing President Tromeur over Spinner's Rock.

- What?
- She had given him an ultimatum.

'Withdraw France's claim to Spinner's Rock before I get

'on that plane or we both know what will happen.'

I thought she seemed a bit nervous.

Caroline was threatening to block imports from Saint Robert

- on to Saint Marie.
- Reason for you to be pretty worried, I imagine?

Our fishermen would have lost a few dollars. Painful, yes.

But a reason for me to murder someone?

Please excuse me. I have some VIPs waiting outside.

My family.

- Comment ca va?
- Ca va.

Saint Marie, there.

Saint Robert, there.

So, where's this Spinner's Rock?


That? That's it?

Entente Cordiale out the window for a dot in the middle of nowhere?

It doesn't make any sense.

Caroline had a serious clearout.

Some of these documents go right back to the start of her posting.

- Did you find anything about Spinner's Rock?
- Not yet.

Let's have a look. Report from a Planning Commission.

Minutes into the Planning Council.

Plans for a Club Caribbean Holiday Camp.

Invoice for a private security firm...

Lockdown Private Security hired for the ongoing

security of Spinner's Rock.

How much?!

She could have had the coastguard or us for free to patrol that rock.

Why shell out for a private security firm?

So, the postmortem confirms that Caroline Bamber

died from ingesting hydrogen cyanide. Concentrated hydrogen cyanide,

strong enough to kill in a minute,

was found in Champagne samples taken from Caroline's glass.

Which would explain why she died almost immediately.

The lab confirmed there was no trace of cyanide in any other glass.

Or in the Champagne bottle.

And the only food and drink Caroline consumed in the half hour

before she died was the Champagne.

It's just as you thought, sir.

- Someone poisoned her Champagne glass.
- Quite right, JP.

But the question is, how on earth did they do it without our esteemed

Commissioner spotting it?

- Oh, and any joy with that letter?
- Yep.

The lab say the paper and the envelope are low quality

and can be found in any newsagent.

And they can't tell us anything for certain about the computer or

- the printer that was used.
- No fingerprints on the letter itself

and only one set on the envelope - the Governor's.

So, it was handed to Caroline by someone wearing gloves?

Or someone in gloves left it in her handbag.

A place they knew she'd find it.

So, who killed Caroline Bamber and why?

And how did they get cyanide into her glass?

Well, to help us, I have procured, at no expense at all,

a highly technical piece of cutting edge kit.

My chess set.

- Dwayne?
- Oh...
- Thank you.


Caroline Bamber, Governor for the past four years.

Single, respected by her colleagues, a reputation for integrity

and defending the best interests of Saint Marie.

The Commissioner, bearer of the fateful Champagne glass,

who, whilst travelling with said glass bumped into...

Lucy Preville, the First Secretary.

Her first posting. Domestic staff confirmed she's a workaholic.

Apparently, she was even more uptight

when she arrived in Saint Marie.

Then there is President Tromeur.

President of the General Council of Saint Robert.

Francois Tromeur has promised the people of Saint Robert he'll

give them La Roche De La Republique.

Caroline was threatening to cut trade with Saint Robert

- if he did not withdraw French claims.
- Damaging? Yes.

A murder motive? Not sure.

Next to Caroline, we have the Deputy Governor, Andy Hammond.

- His first posting in the Caribbean.
- Well, the view from the kitchen is

that Andy Hammond was the real expert on the region.

He was also extremely loyal to Caroline.

And finally, there is Caroline's Private Secretary, Ellery Wallace.

Divorced, one child, one minor offence dating back three years.

- Reckless driving.
- Was anyone hurt?
- I'll find out.

Er... Florence, what are you doing?

The Commissioner had the best chance to poison Caroline.

I don't think he did, but logically, he needs to be up there.

- She has a point, you know, Chief.
- Yes...

- Sir...
- Yes.
- Here's how Spinner's Rock crisis started.

Six months ago,

a French Tricolor suddenly appeared on Spinner's Rock.

Governor Bamber sent Andy Hammond to remove it.

Soon afterwards, President Tromeur announced the rock was French.

Have they got assault rifles?

Maybe she thought the French were going to invade!

Or maybe there's something on that rock she really didn't want found.

Either way, "handbags at 12 paces" this is not.

Dwayne, JP, I want you to visit this Spinner's Rock.

- Forget history, something is going on there right now.
- Yes, Chief.

Thank you.

- Sir?
- Yes.

A text exchange on Caroline's phone from a month ago.

Hm. Caroline to Lucy Preville. "The French are reading our minds on SR.

"How? Someone been spiking your drinks?"

Lucy to Caroline. "How dare you!"

- SR must be Spinner's Rock.
- Yes.

"The French are reading our minds. How?"

Caroline must be accusing Lucy of being indiscrete.

And look, Caroline then texts Lucy. "Time for you to make a decision."

Decision? Interesting.

I think we should go and see what it was.

Switch off your motor! This is a prohibited zone!

Look, I wasn't expecting a red carpet

or a marching band or anything like that, you know,

but they weren't exactly pleased to see us, were they?

- I think the Inspector was right.
- Mm.

- They are worried about us finding something.
- You better believe it!

And I reckon we will find out exactly what it is from up there.

Or we could start from here and work our way up slowly,

if we don't find it.

- Start from up there, I reckon.
- JP!



Why did Caroline think

someone had been indiscreet about Spinner's Rock?

President Tromeur was winning the PR war.

Caroline was convinced someone had got hold of one of the various

- strategy papers she'd drawn up.
- So why was she blaming you?

She blamed all of us at some point.

Who did she think had been spiking your drinks?

I have no idea.

You smoke Ciganes?

- Yes?
- It's funny.

President Tromeur smokes this brand, doesn't he?

Does he?

Come on, Miss Preville. What's going on?

Look, this has absolutely nothing to do with your investigation.

If I'm honest, I think we should probably decide that.

I lost my mother a year ago.

To illness. Francois was...


He'd lost his mother about the same age. He was generous.

And vulnerable.

It took me by surprise, that side of him.

I began to see the whole arrogance thing was...

well, IS sort of a shield.

And that's how it began.

Are you in love with him?

I don't have to answer that.

- Who knew about your relationship?
- Only Caroline.

It wasn't anyone else's business. I briefed her about a year ago.

And she was OK with it?

It's not against Foreign Office rules to have a French boyfriend.

But then Spinner's Rock happened.

Suddenly, Caroline saw your boyfriend as the enemy.

Was that the decision she told you to make?

Francois or the Foreign Office?

- If my boss had forced me to make that decision...
- Nothing happened.

I told her I never discuss work with Francois.

I said we tended to have other things on our mind.

- And she believed you?
- Of course.

Look, I have a great instinct in these things and that instinct

is telling me that at the end of the day, it's nothing but a rock!

But the Inspector's sure something's going on here.

Well, I'm going to have a little sit down. You probably want to too, eh?


Or maybe it's not about what is on this rock, but where it is.

Maybe this rock is some sort of symbol.

- JP?
- Mm?

That's all very fascinating, but you might want to look over there.

What is that?

- Caroline knew about your affair.
- She never mentioned it.

I think she was threatening to tell your wife about it.

That was the real ultimatum she gave you over Spinner's Rock.

That would have been no threat at all.

I guess Sandrine is used to you straying.

Affairs being part and parcel of a French marriage,

she wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Remind me, Sergeant Cassell,

do the French say "une affaire" or "une liaison"?

- Une liaison.
- Thanks.

- I was with Lucy because I was scared.
- Scared of what?

Getting old.

Then, the moment Caroline threatened to tell Sandrine, I...

..suddenly felt this terror... the thought of losing Sandrine, of not having her in my life.

I finally understood what I had been risking.

- For what?
- Which is why you had to silence Caroline.

No. She was bluffing. She would never have told Sandrine.

Caroline brought me to my senses.

I decided to end it with Lucy.

I was going to do it at the party, but then...

Please, don't tell my wife about Lucy.

He's been selfish, she's been deluded.

- They make quite the pair.
- Was Francois Tromeur

really going to risk losing his wife by calling Caroline's bluff?

And even if he did, we've still got the problem of who wrote

Caroline the letter, warning her her life was in danger and why?

Ah. Any joy?

Well, Chief, either this Spinner's Rock thing really is

all about history, or it's got something to do with these.

Drill holes.

Into what looks like some kind of volcanic rock.

You think they're looking for oil?

This rock is the same as that rock.

- Dwayne, get these to the lab.
- Yes, Chief.

And then that'll be all today. It's getting late.

- Dwayne!
- Chief?

I've got a 94% match.

You're joking!

A girl has answered 94% of questions exactly the same as me!

- It's a miracle.
- I think this might be destiny.

- She's gorgeous.
- Yes.
- So, what's her name?

Well, she left that blank, unfortunately.

And further added to her mystique by putting

"somewhere in the Caribbean" for her location.

So, what are you going to say in your message?

Well, I was rather hoping that Dwayne would tell me that.

Don't worry, Chief. I know exactly what you should say.

- Are you ready?
- Yes. Hit me with it.

Right. So, based on my deep knowledge of women...

You know, how they work and what makes them tick and, you know...

And so on.

What with you answering all the questions the same

and all that, this is what you should write - "Let's meet."

That's it?

- Mm-hm.
- Isn't that a bit rude?

Rude? Chief, the fish is already on the hook.

All you have to do is reel it in.


Good evening.


- You sure you don't want a lift, sir?
- I'm fine, Florence. Honestly. I...

I just fancy walking home tonight.

OK. See you tomorrow.


- Morning.
- Morning, Chief. So, did you send your reply?

Er... Yes, Dwayne.

In the end, I decided to go with my own version, I hope you don't mind.

- Not at all.
- I went round the houses a bit on a couple of things

and finally sent it off about 4am.



- Can we hear it, sir?
- Ah. Um...



"Dear Miss.

"I was delighted to be notified of our match.

"Here's hoping we can meet face-to-face soon. Best, Humphrey."

I spent a long time debating whether to put a kiss.

Ended up leaving it.

- It's great, sir.
- She'll definitely reply to that.


4am, for that?!

So, President Tromeur, Andy Hammond

and Lucy Preville were the only people anywhere near

Caroline Bamber's Champagne glass when we think the cyanide was added.

Apart from, of course, the Commissioner, Florence.

Now, we've learned that Francois and Lucy were having an affair

and Caroline was using this to blackmail Francois.

She may also have been pressing Lucy Preville to end

the relationship on security grounds however,

neither motive can explain how the cyanide jumped from either

of them into Caroline's glass without the Commissioner noticing.

Sir, I looked into Ellery's reckless driving.

He collided head on with a car being driven by one of the directors

- of a construction firm.
- Were they hurt?
- No, luckily.

But listen to this - a week earlier,

Ellery was found trespassing in a Club Caribbean Holiday Camp.

- Club Caribbean...
- Which was being built by the same director's

company, Parrington Construction, at the time.

I think a friend of my brother's worked on the Club Caribbean

building project. I could speak to him.


Ah, the lab.

The rock sample you sent them is something called ultramafic.

They are 98% confident it contains emerald reserves.

- Wow! Emeralds.
- That useless rock is actually one big gemstone?

So, Spinner's Rock isn't about history, it's about a lot of money,

which begins to explain why Caroline Bamber might have been killed over it.

Dwayne, JP, get a warrant to search the whole of Government House.

We need to find out exactly what our suspects knew about the true

- value of Spinner's Rock.
- Yes, Chief.

And I think I know just who to start with.

Can we have a word, Mr Hammond?

In private?

Of course.

Thank you.

The emeralds on Spinner's Rock... Slipped your mind, did they?

I've got no idea what you're talking about.

So you don't know the rock is made up of gemstone?

"They want to kill you before you go because of June 10th."

We asked you if you knew what that meant,

you said you had no idea. You lied.

So what else have you lied about, Mr Hammond?


All right.

What I'm about to tell you

and show you absolutely cannot be shared outside your investigation.

You have our word.

Just over six months ago, British geologists on a sailing holiday

happened to moor off Spinner's Rock.

They spotted that the rock might be emerald bearing.

Fortunately, they were kind enough to tell Caroline about it.

So she commissioned some discrete drilling.

- How much of this is there?
- We don't know, exactly,

but we're estimating tens of millions of pounds' worth.

Soon afterwards,

our geologist spotted drill holes that weren't theirs.

Then one day, the Tricolor flag appeared on the rock.

- Someone told the French about the emeralds.
- Yeah.

And now, those canny Frogs are rewriting history to try to

claim Spinner's Rock for themselves.

No offence.

- So, who did tell the French about the emeralds?
- We don't know.

- Who knew about them?
- Well, er...

Apart from the geologists, Caroline, myself and Lucy Preville.

- Ellery Wallace?
- Caroline shared everything with him.

But I did wonder whether the leak wasn't Caroline herself.

Well, she was superb at the big picture.

But sometimes, she could be a little careless.

- Known to leave the odd memo lying around, you know?

It would only have taken one dishonest cleaner...

It's my brother's friend.

- Sir?
- Yes.

We're in Ellery Wallace's office. There's something you should see.

Thank you.

- What is it?
- It was hidden in the back of the drawer.

'Lockdown Private Security, hired for the ongoing security of Spinner's Rock...'

That's me. From yesterday. In Caroline's office.

- So Caroline's room was bugged?
- Not just hers.

This thing allows you to listen in on any room in Government House!

Ah, Florence.

So, my brother's friend had heard of Ellery Wallace.

It turns out the Club Caribbean building site

went straight through Ellery's village.

Three years ago, soon after construction began,

a young girl crossing the road in the village was killed

by a Parrington Construction truck.

It was Ellery's daughter. She was seven years old.

Apparently Ellery's village had begged the construction company

to use a different route for its trucks.

But they had insisted there was no alternative.

Gosh, that's awful.

So now we know why Ellery crashed into that director's car.

- He wanted revenge.
- And there's something else.

The person who awarded the building contract to the construction

company in the first place?

Caroline Bamber.


Which begs the question, did Ellery Wallace know this?

I think he's got a lot of explaining to do.

My whole village had warned Parrington Construction

that driving trucks past the school was dangerous.

Telephone calls, letters, petitions.

Amber had her whole life ahead of her.

Was that the real reason you got a job at Government House?


Because you blamed Caroline for her death?


Why not? She was the one who gave the construction company the contract.

Yes, but she wasn't the one insisting on driving trucks

down that road, was she? I went to Government House cos

I couldn't bear the idea of one more child being killed on that road.

How were you going to stop that happening?

I had heard Governor Bamber being interviewed.

She seemed like an understanding person.

I felt sure that if I could just tell her about Amber,

she would do something.

So I got a job as a security guard in Government House.

And then, once I felt like Caroline knew who I was,

I told her Amber's story.

'She was horrified

'and furious that no-one had told her about it before.'

And did she act?

I need to show you something.

This is where Amber was killed.



No traffic.

Caroline built a new road.

It opened about eight months after I told her about Amber.

It bypasses the village, so now

all the tourist coaches and service trucks from Club Caribbean use that.

Caroline was a true friend.

When did Caroline promote you to her private secretary?

A few months later.

It was because of all this that she got to know me.

So Caroline helped protect your village, she gave you a career hike.

So how come you ended up bugging her office

and the rest of Government House?

- Because she asked me to.
- What?

Caroline was convinced that

someone on her staff was leaking information to the French.

About the emeralds?

Andy Hammond told us.

Yes. About the emeralds.

She asked me to fit microphones to all the key rooms and listen in.

What did you discover from your, uh, listening in?

Nothing. I still have no idea who the leak was.

- Can you prove that Caroline ordered you to do this?
- No.

But don't you think if I was spying on her,

I would have removed all the kit from my office by now?

Wow! Sir! You have to listen to this.

It's from Caroline's office. Just before the party.

Ellery's just tidying up loose ends with Caroline.

'One last thing before you go to the party tonight, Governor -

'that donation you wanted to give to the orphanage chairman,

'it's there on the desk for you to check.'

'Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine.'

OK, now, listen to this.

'Yes, Lucy?'

I need a word. In private?

I'll be back in a minute to take you through for your speech.

What is it?

Don't send that report.

I told you. If you end it with Francois before I get on the plane, I'll drop it.

- You know I can't do that.
- That's your choice.

Then you leave me no choice.

Caroline wasn't the only one giving out an ultimatum.

So how was Lucy about to punish her?

So, have you heard back from the girl off the dating site?

No, Miss 94% is resisting me so far.

- It's early days.
- Yes, but I am starting to wonder

if adding a kiss at the end might've been the way to go.

- Pull over!
- What is it?

- Over there.
- The girl from the internet?

No! Look.

He was here last night. What is he up to?

Let's follow him.

I'll get Dwayne and JP to join us.

- He's not walking naturally.
- No. He's nervous.


- Wasn't that...?
- Yes.


Need a hand with that bag, Mr Hammond?

He's gone, sir.


You appear to be following me, Inspector.

I'd like to see inside that bag.


I trust you know enough diplomatic etiquette not to insist.

Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Do you really want chapter and verse?

Are you just letting him go?

Had to. You can't stop and search a serving head of government, JP.

Caroline didn't leave out any memos and there was no dishonest cleaner.

Spying for the French!

Now what on earth made you do that?

Mr Hammond?

A few months ago I interviewed for Caroline's replacement.

Everybody on that panel knew I deserved the job.

Yet still they snubbed you.

Gave it to some Oxbridge tosser who'd spent his career in Brussels.

Because I'm not up to it? No.

Because I went to a red brick university

and because I speak my mind.

So you came up against a glass ceiling

and when you bumped your head, you wanted compensation.

I knew how much the information about the Spinner's Rock emeralds was worth.

So you approached Francois, who probably couldn't believe his luck.

How often have you been giving him information?

Every couple of weeks.

We'd arrange swaps for whenever

Francois visited Government House for talks.

I was due to give him the latest information

- at Caroline's leaving party. In the gents.
- But once she died,

it was probably safer to use the streets than a crime scene.

That's what you were doing last night.

We were due to swap yesterday but Francois didn't turn up.

- I think he was spooked after you visited him yesterday.
- So... were betraying your bosses, your colleagues, your country.

You've lied to us at every stage.

Well, I think there's one more thing you haven't quite told us.

That Caroline had worked out that you were the leak.

That she was going to speak to your Security Department in London

on her return, so you killed her.

No! I could never do that. Not to Caroline.

Not to anyone.

Please. It wasn't me.

So he committed espionage, but did he also kill Caroline?

Or was it Lucy, backed into a corner

about her feelings for Francois Tromeur?

Well, whether it's Andy or Lucy,

we still need to establish who wrote that letter.

Hmm, yes, we keep coming back to this letter.

Someone clearly wanted to save the Governor's life. But who?


- Ah.
- Commissioner.

Oh, what a surprise, sir. Is there anything we can help you with?



I hope you know, sir, that we would never, ever question your integrity.

On the contrary.

My inclusion as a murder suspect

seems to indicate one or two serious doubts on your part

over my version of events.

No, sir. No, not at all.

Detective Inspector, I cannot vouch for what was done to

Governor Bamber's champagne glass

before or after my involvement, but... put poison in it

while it was within my sight.

Not even me.


Gosh, you're right, sir.

- You can't, can you?
- Can't what?

- 'When she arrived she went straight into her speech.'

I thought she seemed a bit nervous.

She wasn't nervous at all.

But that doesn't answer the question of the letter.

- 'Someone definitely wanted her dead.'

Sir, you have to listen to this.


It could be, could be.

Where's that guest list?

They weren't there.

You see? They weren't at the party.

That is very clever. That is very clever indeed.


we have to get this warning letter over to the labs.

Leave it to me, chief.

Caroline had a serious clear-out.

I wonder... I wonder...

This is it. This is it.

The whole thing makes sense now.



Thank you all for joining me.

I'm a busy man, so if you could be as brief as possible...

Not really my long suit, being brief

but seeing as I'm about to tell you who killed Caroline Bamber...

You see, one of the things that puzzled me most about this case

is just how was Caroline murdered?

We know that she died after drinking a glass of champagne laced

with a fatal dose of cyanide,

but we also know that the bottle that was used to pour out her glass

contained no poison.

In other words, the cyanide must have been added directly to her glass.

But how?

Well, thanks to the Commissioner here, we were able to identify

three people who might have been able to slip cyanide into the glass.

That is assuming we discount the Commissioner himself here.

- Which we do.
- Indeed.

But, in the end, that is how the cyanide got into Caroline's glass.

It was added after the Commissioner picked it up.

So, who DID poison Caroline's glass?

Well, before we answer that, there is another question we need to consider.

Just who was it who sent the anonymous letter to Caroline

warning her that her life was in danger?

It could only be someone 100% loyal to her.

Someone like you, Ellery.

It was you who sent the letter, wasn't it?

- You knew somebody was trying to kill Caroline?
- He did.

Ellery was often more aware of what was going on in Government House

than anyone, and Caroline's murder was no exception.

Which brings you three.

You all had motives to want Caroline dead.

Mr Hammond, you felt so snubbed at work,

you were prepared to betray your own country.

While I think that Caroline probably had her

suspicions about your betrayal,

you didn't kill her.


So, was it President Tromeur?

We now know Caroline was blackmailing you.

But you didn't kill her either.

So now we are all rather looking at you, Lucy.

After all, you knew that

if Caroline had made your affair with Francois known,

your career at the Foreign Office would be over.

That's why I tried to leave the party that night.

I was going to write my resignation letter so I could...

- be with Francois.
- Don't worry.

I know you're also innocent,

but I would hold off writing that resignation letter, though.

So this is all rather baffling, isn't it?

The whole point of this case is that right from the start

nothing has been what it seems.

In particular,

the cyanide was the cyanide...

..but it also wasn't.

Isn't that right, Ellery?

You killed Caroline Bamber.


I was in the kitchen the whole time.

Yes, I know. Clever, weren't you?

Getting a fatal dose of cyanide into a glass you never went near.

I mean, that's some trick, isn't it?

But then, as you well know...

that's not how she was killed.

So thank you for admitting you wrote this letter just now.

Because we know this letter wasn't your attempt to save Caroline's life,

it is, in fact, the murder weapon.

You wrote the letter.

You then put cyanide on the seal of the envelope,

but not too much.

You didn't want it to act too quickly.

And then, just before the party,

you used the trust that you had built up with Caroline

over the last two years.

And told her she had one last task to perform.

In fact...

..we even have a recording...

..of that exact moment.

'One last thing before you go to the party tonight, Governor.

'That donation you wanted to give to the orphanage chairman,

'it's there on the desk for you to check.'

And there we have it.

She didn't check the donation.

She did what any boss would do who trusted her secretary implicitly.

You knew the orphanage chairman had cancelled earlier in the day

and that the envelope would therefore be found

unopened in Caroline's handbag.

It's there on the desk for you to check.

Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine.

She licked and sealed the envelope, sight unseen,

not knowing that, at that very moment,

she was also sealing her fate, and then...


as with all cyanide poisonings,

the first thing she felt was a shortness of breath -

what Mr Hammond mistook for nervousness.

And then, as the cyanide began to move through her bloodstream,

starving her heart and brain of oxygen,

you made sure you were nowhere near her.

I'll go and check on the canapes.


Knowing that after she'd died, no-one would question you

being the first person on the scene.

Her trusted secretary.

But you had one last job to do...

..and this part was truly inspired.

While everyone was looking at Caroline,

and after she was already dead,

only then did you put a lethal dose of cyanide into her glass.

Knowing that we would presume it was this cyanide that had poisoned her.

But that wasn't your only stroke of genius, Ellery, was it?

Because it was also what you wrote in this letter.

You knew that when we opened it we would find apparent proof that

Caroline's death was connected to Spinner's Rock,

which it wasn't, I hasten to add.

But better than that, better than that,

you knew it would never occur to us that we

were holding the real murder weapon here in our hands.

But why would Ellery, of all people, want Caroline dead?

Exactly. Caroline was Ellery's mentor, his guardian angel.

So something must have changed, something that meant

she had to be killed now before she left the island.

The day before Caroline's departure,

Ellery was helping her clear her office

and when I looked among the old documents

that she'd buried in the back of her cupboard...

..I spotted this.

It's probably the Club Caribbean logo

that caught your eye too, as it did mine.

This is a proposal to build a new road for the

Club Caribbean Holiday Village.

It was written four years ago, 18 months before your daughter died.

It was asking Caroline for her final approval.

This is what she wrote:

"With negligible fatalities likely on the existing road,

"the cost of building a new road... cannot be justified."

"Proposal rejected."

This is why your daughter died,

because Caroline thought the odd casualty

too expensive to worry about.

This is what you learned

when you were helping her clear out her office that day.

Which is when you finally understood, isn't it, Ellery?

Everything Caroline had told you had been a lie.

Your promotion, putting a new road to bypass your village, even.

It was all about her, her

and her attempt to get rid of her guilt.

All because she knew she'd caused your daughter's death.

In a way...that road was the death of her too, wasn't it?

Do you know the last words she heard?

Negligible fatalities. She knew exactly what I meant.

Well done, inspector.

A team effort, as always, sir.

I wanted to say...sorry

for the, well, awkwardness.

No awkwardness,

just as long as you keep on catching your man.

She's replied! Miss 94%, she's replied!

No way!

"The subscription for the individual you were...

"trying to contact has lapsed."

- What?!
- She's gone.

No, this can't be happening! This can't be! Please!

My perfect girl.

Ah, don't worry, chief. It's not the end of the world.

You're right, Dwayne. Well, I'm just going to have to track her down.

- I don't follow.
- Well, she's in the Caribbean. If I look hard enough,

visit enough islands, I'm bound to find her eventually, aren't I?

- Eventually.
- Yes.

So are you going to help him track down this girl?

What? Go on a wild goose chase around the Caribbean?

No, sir, count me out.

I wish I'd never agreed to help him in the first place.

I mean, what can you do with a man who falls in love with a percentage?

Now I'm beginning to wonder if Dwayne is the right wingman for me.

Really, Humphrey, why?

- A slight clash of styles, perhaps.
- Hm.

Maybe you're right.

So, Florence, do you think I should go on a search

for Miss 94%?

I suppose it would put off the day

- when you have to actually speak to a women, sir.
- Yes, I see.

You think I'm hiding behind a screen, so to speak?

- Perhaps.
- Right.

- Dwayne.
- Chief.
- I've decided something.

- Really?
- Yes.

I've decided I'm not going

- to scour the Caribbean for some tenuous Internet fantasy.
- No?

No, no more relying on algorithms to find the future Mrs Humphrey, the II.

I'm going to talk to some real, live women.

I'll be brave, confident and, well, who knows,

maybe I'll somehow manage to bowl one of them over.

- Crikey! Bottoms up!
- Yes, aye.

One of the models was found dead. She appears to have been strangled.

Make a women laugh and you're halfway there.

- Practice on Catherine.
- Oh...
- Try and make her smile.

The time I played rugby at school, I did my best

but all anyone could say was, "Nice try."

Oh, that was kind of them.

These women have been traumatised. They need handling gently.

- One of them could be our killer.
- You're right.

What about the other two, eh?