Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Episode #5.1 - full transcript

As Goodman buys a boat Dan Hagen, wealthy philanthropist and oceanographic leader of a diving party, is shot on board his yacht whilst the four members of his group are all underwater and in each other's sight. Goodman is puzzled by the appearance of a toy soldier next to the corpse and learns, not only that Dan's ex-spouse and current trophy wife are in the party though apparently friends, but that Dan's colleague Sam Blake had argued with him over a professional matter and student Jonathan Taylor was a drug smuggler Dan exposed. Taylor is arrested but ultimately the toy soldier gives Goodman the clue to the way the murder was carried out.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, wow, Catherine!


That looks amazing.

Thank you, JP.

But where's Humphrey?

Let's not worry about him,
he's always late.

I suggest we get stuck in.


Hey, Bumba!

Don't tell me you managed to sell
that old rust bucket!?

She's no rust bucket!

Oh, really!

Bumba Dupuis, he's been
trying to sell that old boat

as long as I've known him.

So, go on, now. What idiot
did you trick into buying her?

Ahoy, there!

Look what I've just bought.

Come on, we live on an island!

And I realised I should be out
there, on the water, sailing.

So you bought a boat.

Yes, well, you've got to have a boat
if you want to go sailing, JP.

Yes, Chief.
But you bought THAT boat?

Yes, I know she's a bit tired
around the edges,

needs a lick of paint, but...

I can get her into shape,
and then, imagine!

Come on, admit it,

don't you just want to be, you know,

out there...


Right, then, we're here!


...I just wanted to remind you,
I want your best work, everyone.

Clean samples. No contamination, OK?

- Nicky, if you'd like
to take it from here?
- Sure.

Er, OK, guys, we're doing three dives
today - each 20 minutes long,

so we need to keep an eye
on our bottom time, yeah?

Dan will be staying on board,

so that's me, Sam, Laura
and Jonathan in the water...

Dan, can I have a word?

Not now, Jonathan.

Please, I've got to know.

And I've told you,
I haven't made up my mind, OK?

I'll let you know when I have.

Here, let me help you with that.

Takes ages before this sort
of stuff becomes second nature.

- Thank you, Sam.
- All right.

Where's your sample bag?

- Oh, I, um...?
- I think you left it in the cabin.

Yeah, let... Sorry, let me
just go and grab it.

Cut her some slack, will you?

Have you seen my sample bag?

Oh, I don't know.

Found it!


You're doing great.

I am?

You know I love you, huh?

I love you, too.

Come on, Laura!

Right, then.

Let's go diving!

I'll never get used to how
beautiful the reef is.

Those colours!

Dan? We're back.

- I'll get him.
- OK.

Thing is, Laura, the reef's not
actually different colours,

cos coral's only the one colour -
white. The algae...


It's Dan...!


MUSIC: You're Wondering Now
by Coxsone Dodd

- Chief!
- So, what have we got?

Witnesses over here.
The victim is on the boat.

His name is Dan Hagen,
a marine biologist.

The witnesses are saying they were
all scuba diving at the coral reef

when he was shot. They reckon
it was crooks on a passing boat.

Robbery at sea? Well,
let's check out the crime scene.

See if that theory stacks up.

A-And I'll stand over there
with the witnesses, you know,

make sure they're all OK.

Er, yes. OK, JP, good idea,
you do that.

That's us three
working the crime scene, then.

Looks like a small calibre firearm.

So, was he shot and
then the place was ransacked,

or was the place trashed first
and then he was killed?

It's hard to tell, sir, but someone
was looking for something.

And what do you think that was,

Well, if it was a robbery, Chief,

it would be for cash -
portable goods.

You know, the usual thing.

I can't find the victim's wallet.

Look at his wrist.
There are tan marks, but no watch...

and I can't see
a wallet or watch nearby.


Yes, what is it, Dwayne?

A toy soldier.

Hmm, bizarre.

What's a toy soldier
doing on a science boat?

Thanks, JP. Could you help Dwayne

finish processing
the crime scene, please?

Of course, sir. Er, I'm on it.

Thank you all for waiting.

We have a few questions, er,

starting with exactly
who you all are.

Er, of course. I'm Dr Sam Blake,
Head of the oceanography department

at Princeton University.

Er, this is Dr Nicky Hoskins
of West Lothian University,

a marine biologist
and our lead diver.

Jonathan Taylor, research graduate.

And this is Laura, Dan's wife.

Can I ask what you were
all doing out at sea?

We've been studying the coral reef.

Collecting groups of polyps
that have lost their colour -

it's a phenomenon known
as coral bleaching.

And you've all been doing
this for how long?

This trip, four days.

Dan and Laura already live here

and we stay at his villa
when we're working.

In the first morning,
we did a general survey

and trash collection on the reef
and then, in the afternoon,

we finished up collecting
the rest of the samples.

But what you should know
is that we were all underwater

on the reef when...

You know, when... when it happened.

Mr Hagen stayed on the boat
on his own?

You always leave someone
on the boat for safety.

It was his turn, so...

Yes, I'm sorry about this,

but I'm having difficulty
picturing the scene.

If you can all explain exactly where
you were when you last saw Mr Hagen?

Sure. I was at the back of the boat,
putting on my diving gear,

when Dan went into the cabin.

LAURA: 'I went into the cabin
to get a sample bag.'

Found it!

That was when I last time saw him.

And that's the last place
I saw him, as well,

in the cabin, kissing Laura.

He was alive when we left.

Right then, let's go diving!

And Jonathan? Where were you
when you last saw Mr Hagen?

Er, I don't really remember.

I was just getting ready
for the dive,

that's what I was focusing on.

I see. So Mr Hagen was killed
and the boat was searched

sometime in between you all
leaving it and you all returning.

- What time was this?
- We started our dive at
ten o'clock this morning.

It took us a few minutes to swim
down to the reef.

We collected samples for 20 minutes

and then we all swam back up
to the boat.

So the window of opportunity is
somewhere between 10am and 10:30?

- I think so.
- Then were you
in sight of each other

the whole time you were underwater?

Well, not exactly. I mean,
we do try and stay together,

but obviously we're
focusing on collecting samples.

So one of you could have swum
back to the boat.

No, it's crystal clear down there.

If anyone had swum away,
someone would have noticed them go.

- You're sure about that?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Pretty sure.

Which is why you think Mr Hagen
was killed by passing robbers.

We noticed that his watch
was missing.

Does Mr Hagen normally carry
a wallet on him?

Always, with usually quite
a few thousand dollars in it.

Then, finally, can I ask
does anyone know why

I found a little toy soldier
near Mr Hagen's body?

I'm sorry?

I found a little metal toy soldier
by the victim's body.

Does anyone know why
that might have been there?

There weren't any children,
perhaps, on the boat?

- No.
- No - and we clean the boat out
every morning.

So if you found a toy in the cabin,
it wasn't there when we set out.

Oh, don't worry.

I'm sure it's not important.


- JP?
- Yes.

Why don't you go and check and see

if all the divers used the same
amount of oxygen from their tanks?

Er, good idea.

Good idea.


Why are you doing it over there?

No reason.

Just thought I'd do it here,
you know?

The light's better.


That's good to know. Thank you.

Tell you what I don't get, Florence.

The victim was a millionaire -
he'd have handed over his wallet

and watch the moment the robbers
asked for them, wouldn't he?

So why did they have to
shoot him dead?

And you should know, sir,
that was the coastguard

and, as far as they're aware,
there weren't any other boats

in the area this morning.

Ah, now that is interesting.

And our witnesses are not getting on
as well as they'd like us to think.

Nicky Hoskins clearly has problems
with the deceased's wife.

- JP.
- Chief?

- Dwayne?
- Chief?

If this wasn't a gang of criminals
committing robbery at sea,

have you found a gun
anywhere on the boat?
- No, sir.

If you're the killer, sir,

you'd just throw the gun overboard
once the victim's dead,

along with the wallet and watch.

To make it look like robbery
gone wrong. Yes, very good.

Any chance of recovering them?

I'm sure we'll be able to find out
the boat's co-ordinates

at the time of the murder.

I'm going to speak to the Saint
Marie Diving School,

- see if we can search the
seabed nearby.
- Yes, please do.

So we're going to need all the help
we can get on this case,

because I think you're right,

One of those four people
is our killer.

But he was alive when
they went into the water

and they're all saying they were
all in sight of each other

the whole time they were underwater.

How did one of them swim back
to the boat, shoot Dan Hagen dead,

before then taking the time
to trash the cabin

to make it look like a robbery
gone wrong, swim back to the reef

and all without any of the other
witnesses noticing

the killer's absence at any time?

Seemingly impossible.

OUTSIDE: - Excuse me?


I just wanted to know when
we could get our samples.

I'm sorry, Dr Blake,
but the boat's a crime scene.

You won't be able to access
your samples.

Ah, but can we ask you a question?

- Of course. - Could you tell
us a bit about Nicky Hoskins'

relationship with Mrs Hagen?

Nicky used to be Dan's girlfriend.

She did?

Well, hold on a minute.

Nicky, Dan, and I have been
working together on and off

for about a decade-and-a-half now.

I didn't think she was the sort
of person who was interested

in relationships, but a few years
back, she and Dan got together.

How was Nicky when it ended?

Not great. We were out here
at the time.

She left the expedition and flew
back to the UK soon after.

I just think it's Laura
that Nicky has a problem with.

Ex-girlfriends, new wives,

I mean they're never going to be
best friends, are they?

So, I've been looking
into Dan Hagen's life, sir,

and he was very rich.

He inherited a fortune when his
parents died in his early twenties

and, since then, he's dedicated
his life to researching the oceans.

A fortune that I presume
his wife Laura inherits,

which is interesting, because...

Now, hold on a moment, erm...

No, not you. Not you.
No, not you...

Ah, yes, right, here we go!

So, Laura married Dan
just under a year ago,

but, before, she worked
as a flight attendant -

but she had a rich upbringing.

Private school,
parents both worked in the city,

but there was a flag against her
father's name on the system.

- There was?
- Yes, I've put in
a request for them

to release the file to us.


Ah, Commissioner, good afternoon!

Good afternoon, Detective Inspector.

Good afternoon, Detective Sergeant.


So... word reaches me that a wealthy
tourist has just been killed

- while out on his boat.
- Yes that's right, sir.

Only, you should know,
I've got a dinner at the yacht club

tomorrow night and I want to be able
to reassure the members

of the committee that there
isn't in fact a gang of pirates

operating off the coast
of Saint Marie.

Well, well, sir, I wouldn't want to
rule anything out at this moment.

Erm, but, equally, I wouldn't want
to rule anything in either.

I suppose what I'm saying is that
it's, er, it's very early days.

Then I'd appreciate it if you kept
me abreast of the situation.

Yes, of course, sir.

- So there's a yacht club on
the island, is there?
- Oh, yes.

Only, I've, erm,
I've bought a yacht myself.

YOU have?

A yacht?

She needs a little bit
of a spit and polish,

but, er, once she's shipshape,
maybe I could join?

Well, is that the time?

Thank you very much,
Detective Inspector,

but, erm, I'm sure you're
extremely busy. Good day.

Good day.

Yes, always glad to be
of assistance, sir.

What do you think he
actually does all day?

- Sir.
- No, yes, of course, yes.

Erm, carry on with background checks,
would you?

And see if you can
put some pressure on the Met

to release Laura's dad's file ASAP.

I'm going to see what we can discover
from the toy soldier

we found at the scene.

OK, you've got to tell me
what's going on.

Excuse me?

You've been acting strange ever
since you came on board that boat.

I don't think I have, Dwayne.
I-I'm cool.

That was you being cool?!

Listen. I'm your partner, you've
got to tell me if something's up.


It's just...

I can't swim...

so I kind of don't like hanging
around boats. Or water.
- What?

- You know, I-I don't like hanging
around boats.
- No, no!

Not that bit, the bit before that,

the bit where you said
you can't swim.

Well... that's because I can't.

But everybody can swim!

I know. It's just, I can't.

Is that bad?

A police officer on an island
in the middle of the Caribbean?!

It's not good,
I can tell you that much.

Now, that is definitely odd.

What is it?

- There are no fingerprints on this
toy anywhere.
- There aren't?

Not even a partial,
or a partial of a partial.

It's been wiped entirely clean.

Why would you wipe a toy
clean of fingerprints?

Anyway, how are you getting on?

Well, sir,

Sam Blake only took up
his post of Head of Oceanography

- at Princeton University
earlier this year.
- Did he?

And, as far as I can tell,

he got the job partly because of
a famous scientific paper

he and Mr Hagen published last year.

I see.

"Mr Hagen and Dr Blake have
revolutionised our understanding

"of the coral reefs in the
Caribbean." That's impressive.

As for Jonathan Taylor, he graduated
from Plymouth University

with a first-class degree
in Marine Biology.

So, what about Nicky Hoskins,
the, er, victim's ex-girlfriend?

She's got no prior convictions,

but I spoke to immigration
and Sam Blake was right.

He and Nicky were on Saint Marie
two years ago,

but Nicky returned to the UK
after only three days.

- One moment, sir.
- Yes.

I-It's all a bit of a coincidence,
isn't it?

Her being here at the precise moment
her ex-boyfriend is killed...

wouldn't you say?

- OK, sir, this is an e-mail
from the Metropolitan Police.
- Yes.

They have released
Laura's dad's file,

and it says here he was convicted
of fraud 15 years ago.

Was he?

He was declared bankrupt
and went to prison.

So Laura's father is a criminal?

Who was once very rich.

Laura would have lost everything
when her dad went to prison.

Yes, but with her husband dead,
she's now very rich again.

This is where Dan worked
and kept all his research papers.

Thank you.

What's going on?

The police wanted to see Dan's
study... IF that's OK with YOU?

Of course.

So, er, Dwayne?


Is it really bad I can't swim?

OK, I'm going to tell you something
you won't believe.

When I started out as a young
copper, I was a bit slack.

Unreliable, even.

I know!

But I remember my chief pulling me
over to one side and saying,

"Dwayne, a policeman can't
have any weaknesses.

"He needs to be
the complete package."

Yes, but, you know,
on the subject of swimming...

And that means we need to be able
to give chase at a moment's notice,

which is why I keep myself in a
state of peak physical fitness.

We need to be able to swim, JP.

The full package.

You only have to look at me
to see that.

No weaknesses.

I understand your father was
convicted of fraud.

I'm sorry?

Your father went to prison.

He broke the law, yes.

That must have been tough.

It was.

I went off the rails, if I'm honest.

Dropped out of school...

left home as soon as I could.

You ran away?

I moved in with a friend
from London.

She was a flight attendant.
That's how I became one.

- How did you meet Mr Hagen?
- It was on a flight from here to Heathrow.

I was working the first class cabin.

Dan was reading an article in
the New York Times on coral reefs.

That's how we got talking. I had an
interest in ecology from travelling.

And you always got on?

About the things that mattered.
Then again, it was easy.

We had the same interests,
the same sense of humour.

I-I'm really sorry to ask, but do
you inherit your husband's fortune?

We were only married
nine months ago.

What are you suggesting?!

He was the most wonderful man
I ever met.


We understand that Nicky Hoskins was
once your husband's girlfriend.

It only just strikes us as odd that
she'd be on this trip with you.

'Dan said they always
worked together

'and that Nicky was the
best research diver he knew.'

Anyway, I was the one
that was married to him.

I didn't have anything to
worry about.

And Miss Hoskins said yes
to the invitation?

Apparently, there weren't many
research jobs around.

And she stayed
in the house with you all...

your husband's ex-girlfriend and...
and you?

Dan said we worked long hours and
that we all needed to stay together.

But you're right.

It wasn't easy.

Nicky didn't have a problem
with Dan. She'd got over him.

It was me she had a problem with.

I'm sorry. There really wasn't
any tension between Miss Hoskins

and your husband?

- Really?
- There wasn't!

But if you're asking if anyone
argued with him before...

...there was somebody,
but it wasn't Nicky.

It was yesterday. We'd been
collecting samples all day

and I was passing by Dan's study
when I heard him arguing with Sam.

Do you know what it was about?

It was something to do with the data
that they'd been collecting.

It was all in one folder

and Sam didn't want it
to be published.

And would you, by any chance, know
where this folder of data might be?

DWAYNE: Mm-hm. OK.

So, that was Frankie from
the Saint Marie Dive School.

He said he's had everyone searching
the seabed where Dan was shot,

but no sign of a wallet,
a gold watch or a gun.

- There wasn't?
- Well, it's a big sea out there, Chief.

And you should know, sir,

in saltwater, fingerprints
start dissolving fast,

so it's possible the evidence
wouldn't tell us anything anyway.

Yes, yes, well, thank you for trying.
Er, how about you, Florence?

How're you getting on
with the folder

that Dr Blake and Mr Hagen
were arguing over?

It's a lot of data, sir.

It's hard to know what it means.

Yes, well, maybe there's an
independent expert you can rustle up

to help you go through it?
- I'll see if I can find one.

OK. JP, how about you?

Well, sir, I'm going through
Mr Hagen's laptop

and it's pretty clear
he loved his wife.

There are a lot of e-mails to her
of a personal nature,

if you see what I mean.
But no leads yet.

OK, keep digging.
But in the morning, though.

Let's finish up for now.

But I want everyone to
keep thinking,

one of those four people
is our killer.

So how come everyone said they were
down here collecting samples

the whole time, when, in reality,

one of them was up here
committing murder?

How does our little metal friend
fit into all of this?


Now this is what I call sailing...

a boat tied to the jetty that
has its own bar at the other end.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What is that in your hand?

There's just so much to do to get
the boat shipshape, Dwayne.

So, how about we sand the combing
first, you and me,

then we can have a drink?

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you do 10-15 minutes
of sanding

while I sit here
and have a quick drink...

and then we'll swap.
What do you think?
- Well...

seems fair enough.

All right. Your time starts... now!

Jolly good, right, here we go.

- Better than sanding.
- Better than sanding.

And who knew the sun
was going to go down

before you even got a chance
to give it a go?

- Who knew, eh?
- Yes.

She's going to be absolutely amazing
when she's ready.

There's so much that Nancy and I
are going to do together.

- Nancy?
- Yes, apparently
the boat's called Nancy.

And the funny thing is,
when I was growing up,

I used to live next door
to a girl called Nancy.

She'd babysit for us.

That's why you bought a boat
called Nancy?

No, no, no - of course not.

It's just a complete coincidence
that I bought a boat called...

er... Nancy.
Why you looking at me like that?

Like what?

Like you're deciding
whether to say something or not.

- I wasn't doing that.
- You weren't?
- No way.

So, how's the love life?

Oh, oh, that went down
the wrong hole.


Right, erm, er, fine, thanks, Dwayne.

- Why do you want to know?
- No reason.

I was just shooting the breeze.


♪ Ooh, it's another scorcher... ♪

Right, come on, Harry, what is that?

Right, right, over left, or...

or left over right, is it?



Agh, not again!

MACHINE: 'Please leave
a message after the beep.'


'Sir, if you're there, pick up.

'This is important,
I've found something.'

Ah, get that for me, Harry,
I'm a bit tied up at the moment.

'Sir, are you there?'

No? Don't be like that.

'OK, well, I'll meet you
at the station.'


Ah, good morning, Florence!
Erm, where are, er, Dwayne and JP?

Following up a lead.

We found a receipt for a lock-up
in Dan Hagen's name,

so they've gone to check it out.

Ah, jolly good. Er,
so what did you want to tell me?

Well, sir, you were right
to make me get hold of an expert,

because when I talked through
the data with a professor

from the oceanography department
in Marseilles University,

he was able to spot it at once.

Spot... Spot what?

Well, sir, last time, Mr Hagen
and Dr Blake were getting readings

from the reef - of temperature,
salinity, carbon dioxide and so on -

they were off the scale.

Whereas this time...?

All of the readings are back
to normal.

As my expert put it, either the data
they used for their famous paper

was contaminated...

or, much worse, it was faked.

I think it's time we spoke
to Dr Sam Blake, don't you?

What's up?

You ever get a sixth sense
someone's watching you?

Come on, open it up.

Let's see what Mr Hagen
keeps in here.

I understand you and Mr Hagen
published a paper

on the coral reefs
of Saint Marie last year.

Well, that's very gratifying.

Did you read about it at the time
in the national press?

No. But it has come up
as part of our enquiries.

In the paper, you proved that,
in elevated sea temperatures,

high levels of dissolved CO2
resulted in increased bleaching,

where the zooxanthellae
in the polyps died.

You have done your research.

Yes, I've no idea
what she's talking about!

Most people can't even pronounce

let alone know what it means.

But on this trip,
you're not getting the same data

from the reef, are you?

Well, it's early days.
There's still time.

Please, don't lie to us.

I'm sorry?

And before you try and deny it,
Mrs Hagen overheard the argument

you had with her husband in his lab
the night before he was killed...

when you tried to get him
to suppress your new findings.

Look, y-you don't understand.

This has been my life's work...

and when we were here the last time,
we got amazing readings.

It was our breakthrough,
a chance to publish

and to really make our names.

But this time, it was obvious

that our previous data
had been contaminated.

And we soon worked it out -

the dissolved CO2 reader had
been calibrated incorrectly -

but the point was, our famous paper
was based on false readings.

What did Nicky say about this?

We haven't told her about it.

Isn't she supposed to be
a core member of your team?

OK. So, it was just you and Mr Hagen
in on this, which brings us back

to the evening before he was killed

and your argument with him
in his lab.

Dan wanted to retract
the paper at once.

But this was my triumph, too,
and I begged him to wait

until we collected more data,
but he wouldn't listen to me.

Then again, why would he?
He was a multi-millionaire.

He doesn't care what people
think about him.

It's not the same for me.

It's taken me a long time
to get here.

If I lose my reputation...

You'd lose your new job
in the United States.

So you killed Dan Hagen to
keep your reputation...

your job.

What? No, no.

No, you don't understand.

I'm trying to explain why Dan and I
argued the night before he died...

...why it was important to me.

But with Dan alive,
he'd have discredited you.

And with him dead, your reputation
and job are once again safe,

aren't they?

It's just science stuff in here,
isn't it?


You still think we're being watched?

Eh? No way.

Because if there was someone
out there, I would know.

Remember, JP - the complete package.

Don't worry yourself, man!
You'll be just fine.


Hey! Hey! Let us out!

We're the police!

Let us out!



Dwayne? You OK?

Of course I'm OK.

You don't look OK.

Look, I'm OK!

It's just...

You know I said policeman
can't have any weaknesses?

- Yes, the complete package.
- Mm-hm.

Well, I don't... of course not.

It's just...


I used to be scared of the dark.

You're scared of the dark?

The dark and enclosed spaces.

But I'm cured now, you know?

I'm 100% cured.




I'm going to ring the Inspector.

Let me see if I can get a signal.

He'll be able to get us out of here.


Now that is very interesting.

What is, Sir?

Er, no, no, you go first.

What have you been able to dig up

and then I shall tell
you my breakthrough.

Well, sir, I've been doing
financial checks

and the student, Jonathan Taylor,

is the only witness
with money problems.

He's over his limit
on two credit cards,

and he's got significant
student loans.

Although he doesn't benefit

from Dan's death in any way, does he?

No, sir.

As for Laura Hagen,
you know how she said

she dropped out of school at 17?

Turns out she didn't have
much choice.

She was expelled for having
an affair

with a teacher.


So she wasn't wrong when she said
she went off the rails!

And Nicky Hoskins' boss at the
university has been in touch

but there's still nothing
that helps us.

She shares a flat with
someone from the English faculty,

and her boss says Nicky's basically
well-liked and well-respected.


So that's me, sir.

What have you got?

Well, it is, like I said,

a bit of a breakthrough.

Because our soldier turns
out to be

a model of a Duke of Wellington

from the 1815
Napoleonic Wars.

Made by Hemsworth and Platt,
a company based in Harrogate.

- Sir...
- Yes, look, I know, I know, I know.

But... come on!

Why did we find a toy soldier with
no fingerprints on a science boat?

I-I mean it's odd, don't you think?


It's odd!


Ah, yes, JP.

How are you getting on
down at the lock-up?

I'm sorry? What?

You OK, Dwayne?

We've been locked in here
for a reason,

I'm just trying to find out why.

You know...

It happened when I was three.

- Eh?
- My brother, he pushed me
into a swimming pool.

I've been scared of water
ever since.

I was five.

My sister locked me inside an old
trunk and wouldn't let me out.

For three hours, you know?

You have a sister?

So it's lucky we don't have any
weaknesses, eh, JP?

No weaknesses.


Are you OK?

Yeah, don't worry we're just fine.

Aren't we, Dwayne?

Glad to hear it.


Don't worry, sir.

Dwayne is in no
way scared or worried.

He's a complete package.


- And speaking of complete packages...

What is it?

- Cocaine.
- Blimey! Crikey!

I reckon about half a kilo, Chief.

So, what's a millionaire marine
biologist doing

with half a kilo of cocaine
in his lock-up. Hmm?

You see, all along we've been
presuming this was about money

rather than someone
protecting their reputation,

or a jilted girlfriend
getting revenge

but what if it's got nothing to do
with any of that?

- What if Dan was a drug smuggler?
- Exactly!

- Chief?
- Yes.

We've got another fingerprint.

Was this Dan Hagen's as well?

No, sir.

It's the first fingerprints
on the drugs

that doesn't belong to Dan Hagen.

Jonathan Taylor, the student.

- We should go and interview him.
- Wait! JP, ring the witnesses' villa.

- Let's see if anyone's seen
Jonathan this afternoon.
- Yes, Chief!

What are you thinking?

That if Jonathan is the guy that
locked Dwayne and JP in,

he must've known they'd get
out at some point.

That they'd find
the cocaine at some point

with his fingerprints on, so what's
he been up to in the meantime?

He can't get off the island.
We've got his passport.

There's more than one
way off Saint Marie, Florence.

- Sir!
- Yes.

I'm speaking to Laura.

She says Jonathan just cleared
out his room, packed and left.

She doesn't know where he's gone to.

You know what? Bet I do.
Come on let's go!


Hey! Stop! Police!


Now that's what I call no
weaknesses, Dwayne.

Gosh, you can say that again.

It's not what you think.

It doesn't matter what we think,
it's what a jury thinks

when they discover your fingerprints
all over half a kilo of cocaine.

And that you locked up two serving
police officers in a dark garage.

- And that as well.
- And then tried to escape.

Oh, yes, and that as well.

It's been my dream, this job.

Working out here with
Dan in the Caribbean,

it's all I've ever wanted to do.

Tell us about the cocaine.

There was this guy that
I met at the student union.

We got chatting.
He knew all about my job -

he said all I had to do was collect
a package while I was out here

and take it back to him in the
UK and that he would...

he would pay me £5,000 to do it.

You're a drugs mule.

Mr Hagen found out, didn't he?

Yeah, he caught me red-handed.

Dan said he had to report me
to the police, and I...

I begged him to wait,
cos I'd be finished if he did.

And he said he'd think about it.

Please, I've got to know.

And I've told you,
I haven't made up my mind, OK?

When I saw Dan had been killed,

I knew I had to find the stuff
before you did.

So, eventually I realised
maybe they were in Dan's lock-up

and when I got there,

I saw your two police officers.

I knew I was right, that that's
where Dan had put the drugs,

covered in my prints. And...

I-I just panicked...


Now, let me put an alternative
theory to you.

Dan Hagen decided to tell the police
that you were a drugs mule,

so you killed him, and you thought
you'd got away with it

until you saw my two officers
about to find the cocaine

proving you were a murderer,
so you decided to make a run for it.

No, look - I shouldn't have run,
I know that now,

but you have to believe me.

I've never done anything
like this before.

I'll admit to the drugs,
but I-I couldn't kill anyone.

Well, I think we all owe our amazing
detective sergeant a drink

after all those athletic heroics.

- Well done, Sarge.
- Thank you, Dwayne.

JP? You coming for a celebratory
drink or two or three?

Sure am, Dwayne.


Oh, I'd love to, but I've, erm...

I've still got my boat.

So I'll be spending the evening

I love it.

OK, Chief!


We just came for some food.

No worries, have a good evening.

Would you like a table outside?

Have you seen who's just arrived?

Sure have.

Then we'd better stay here.

This is now a very important
undercover police operation.

Which means the drinks
are on expenses.

Hello, cherie, en arrive!




- Is that you?
- Oh, God.

Er, Commissioner! I just...

Oh, oh...

Can I, er, get you some help?

Ah, no, no, don't worry, sir.

It's just merely a flesh wound.

And this eye still works.



This... is your yacht?

Yes, sir.

Er, you should know, sir,

Mr Hagen wasn't murdered
by criminals.

I think it was one of his team.

We just need to work out the
how, and the, er, who,

and the, you know, why.

Then I'll be sure to tell

the President of the yacht club
right now.

Oh, he's not nearby, is he?

Oh, yes.

I'm having dinner with him...

on his boat...

just there.


Have a good evening, Inspector.




ALL: Commissioner!

Ah, Humphrey!

Ah, good evening Catherine.

What on earth have you
done to your leg?


Hello, what have we here?

I'll get the first aid kit.


We've been keeping them
under surveillance, Chief.

Yes, I see.

I was the one that was married!


Just give her...

Why do you do it?

Well... that was interesting.

Yes, it was, wasn't it?

Oh, good morning, sir.
You're in early.

It's Nicky Hoskins, Florence!

All along she's been our most
obvious suspect.

I mean, what kind of person takes
a job with their ex-boyfriend

and his new wife?

- Nicky needed the work.
- True!

But I remembered your notes said
Nicky had a flatmate,

so I got her number and I've just
finished talking to her.

- You have?
- Yes, and I wrote it all down here.

So, the flatmate said that Nicky
"kept herself to herself".

Quelle surprise, there.

And, "She hasn't had
a boyfriend in two years"

But when I pressed her,
I hit gold, Florence, gold

because a few months ago,

the flatmate got back early
from a night out

and found Nicky on the phone
in the sitting room.

She'd been drinking,

she was crying and pleading to be
with the person

on the other end of the phone.

Only her ex-boyfriend, Dan Hagen.

No way!

How do you know that?

Because her flatmate very clearly
heard her say,

"I miss you, I want you."

And "I love you" a number of times.

- So Nicky is not over Dan at all!
- No.

I think it's time that Nicky
told us the truth. Don't you?


The others said you were down here.

I-I needed to clear my head.

You see, all along we've been
struggling to understand...

...what made you take this job.

Dan asked me to.

But you didn't have to accept.

What is this?

If you could just answer
the question.

We were all on the reef
when Dan was shot,

why are you treating me
like a suspect?

Well because you...

You used to go out with him.

Cos we know you're
still in love with him.

You rang him a few months ago.

Your flatmate, Louise,
overheard the call.

That was, erm,
just one moment of madness...

But that is why you decided to take
this job again, right?

Isn't it? Cos you still love him.

So why have you been lying to us?

The day that Dan told me
it was over,

I thought he was going
to propose to me.

Imagine how that made me feel.

And when he married the next woman
that came along...

Oh, I tried to get over him,

I tried so hard...

But you couldn't.

I thought I had.

Until that... one night of weakness.

And a few weeks later, he contacted
me and invited me out here.

Which I don't understand.

That's the type of man he was.

I think that he even thought that

if I met his wife
I would come to like her.

But you didn't?

Would you?

So you took this job so you could be
in the company of Mr Hagen again.

Isn't that right?

But it wasn't possible to forgive
him, was it?

Not for what he'd done?

- So he had to die...!
- No! No...

I would gladly kill that bitch.

But I would never harm Dan.

He was my soul mate.

He just didn't know.

So Nicky Hoskins kills Dan Hagen
because, if she can't have him,

then no-one can have him.

Although killing him is the only way
of guaranteeing

she'll never see him again.
- I know what you mean.

Not that any of that matters,
Florence, because...

...Nicky's right.

She's got three witnesses
who say she was underwater

at a coral reef at the time
Dan was killed.

So, how could she,
or indeed anyone else,

have possibly been in two
places at the same time?

Hold on...

How did this get there?

Boats dump their rubbish in the sea.

It then washes up later.

Yes but look at the edges,
they're all smooth.

Well, sir, everything gets
worn down in the sea.


In saltwater, fingerprints
start dissolving fast.

- Sir?!
- Hold on!

So you're out on your boat,
say, having a great time

and you drop a bottle overboard.

- You're getting wet, Sir!
- Hold on!

So, that's that...!

You see, it's all very simple when
you look at it properly, Florence

What does that mean...?

There are no fingerprints
on this toy anywhere.

So, was he shot
and then the place was ransacked,

or was the place trashed first
and then he was killed?

In the first morning
we did a general survey

and trash collection on the reef.

But was that before the gun and the
wallet and the watch...

or was it after?

And was the boat trashed before,
or was it after?

If you are the killer, sir,

you just throw the gun overboard
once the victim's dead.

You shoot him...

No, that's not possible, is it?


if X then Y, if X then Y...

I thought he was going to
propose to me.

I always thought she was
one of those people

who wasn't interested in

That's why you'd say that.

And, finally that's how you get to
and from the coral reef. Of course!

- It's the riddle of the two barbers!
- The what?

The riddle of the two barbers!

Understand that, Florence, and you
understand who killed Dan Hagen.

- You know who killed Dan Hagen?
- Yes, I do.

And how the killer got to and from
the reef without anyone noticing?!

That as well.

- Although to prove it, I'm going to
need some flight details.
- You are?

I think there's a phone call
we may need to make.

Who to?

An academic institution, Florence!

But you knew that, didn't you?!

Thank you all for joining us.

What's going on here?

There's a small town...

and in that town
there are only two barbers.

Now, one of them is great
at cutting hair,

has a spotless salon
and charges reasonable prices.

The other barber,
is terrible at his job

and charges exorbitantly
for his services.

What is this?

Now, there is a man in this town
who needs a haircut...


and even though he knows
the reputation of the two barbers,

he chooses to get his hair
cut by the bad barber.


What's this got to do with anything?

Don't worry.

We don't know, either.

Is that what you brought us
together for? To ask us riddles?

No, I brought you here to reveal
who killed Dan Hagen.

So, was it you, Laura?


- We'd only just got married.
- That's right.

It doesn't make sense that you'd
kill the love of your life

so soon after marrying him.


So, maybe it was Dr Sam Blake, here?

After all,
how would his university react

once they found out that the
famous paper he and Dan published

was based on fraudulent data?


A bit like that, I suppose.

Which brings us to you, Jonathan.

Because we can well imagine why you
needed Dan dead as soon as possible.

- I didn't kill him!
- I know.

Because it wouldn't make sense
to kill Dan

before you'd found the cocaine
that incriminated you.

So, that leaves only you, Nicky.

And, I have to say that all along

you've felt like
our most likely killer.

The jilted lover...

who still carried a flame.

And yet I now know...

you didn't shoot Dan dead, either.

But if she didn't kill
him, then who did?

Well, to understand the who,

we first need to understand just how
Dan Hagen was killed.

Now, you were all in each others'
sight the whole time

you were underwater.

Yet one of you managed to swim back
to the boat, commit murder,

trash the boat
and get back to the reef,

and all without anyone noticing
you'd left the reef.

That's intriguing, isn't it?

Impossible, even.

Wouldn't you say so...


I'm sorry?

It was you who
shot your husband dead.

But that's not possible.

If she'd tried to swim back to the
boat, then we'd have seen.

I know. But that's not
when Dan Hagen was killed.

Because this is when I
finally realised,

no-one left the reef.

Dan Hagen was dead before you
all went diving.

He wasn't. He was still alive.

In the cabin, where I left him.

That's true.

And Laura was only in there
for a few seconds.

Sam's right.

God knows, I don't like the woman,
but I can't lie.

Dan was still alive
when Laura left the cabin.

I saw both of them with my own eyes.

And this is where the two
barbers come in!

Who in that town would get
their hair cut by the bad barber?

The answer is, of course,
the good barber!

Cos he can't cut his own hair,
can he?

Just as Laura couldn't commit
murder on her own,

she needed to have
help from a second party,

a second barber.

That was you, Nicky.

That's right.

Laura and Nicky have been working
together from the start.

As this little toy soldier proves.

A toy soldier we found near the body

and yet didn't have any
fingerprints on it.

So how did it get on the boat?

The reef wasn't clean
when you first went there.

On day one you did a trash

Removing old bottles
and other litter.

Like a toy soldier

that a kid might have dropped
overboard from their boat.

Which didn't have any
fingerprints on it -

but then, after long enough
in the sea, fingerprints get eroded.

So this is my question to you,

After you cleared the reef,

how do you get the litter
back to the boat?

In sample bags.

And why did Laura go into the cabin
the very last time she saw Dan?

To get her sample bag...!

A sample bag she'd placed
there earlier...

which contained a silenced pistol.

She then hid Dan's wallet and watch.

That way, she could dispose of them
later to make it

look like a robbery gone wrong.

Laura and Nicky then contrived
to make an excuse

for Laura to go into the cabin
just before the dive.

I think you left it in the cabin.

Which is when Laura retrieved
her sample bag.

Found it!

Not realising there was
a piece of litter still in it,

a toy soldier from the tidy up
the day before.

With Nicky watching from outside
without saying a word.

Come on, Laura.

Let's go diving!

No, I don't understand.

Even if what you're saying is true,

Laura may have had time to
kill Dan, but there's no way

she could also have trashed
the cabin.
- Ah, yes.

But just as Dan Hagen was killed
before we thought possible,

the cabin was smashed up
after we thought possible.

After your dive, in fact.

When Nicky made sure it was her
who discovered the body

while the rest of you were still
getting out of your dive kit.

I'll get him.


But why would Nicky help Laura?
They hate each other!

Laura told us she was working
as a flight attendant

on the Saint Marie to Heathrow route
when she met Dan.

But if that was the case,
we should've realised...

...she could also have been on the
same route a few weeks earlier

when Nicky returned to the UK having
just been dumped by Dan Hagen.

When you saw a woman.


Travelling alone in first
class, upset, perhaps...

vulnerable, for definite -
and you got talking.

Because you're not the sweet
innocent you pretend to be.

You are a cold-hearted manipulator.

Someone who preys on the weak.

While we found out that
you were kicked out of school

for having an affair with a teacher,

it took a phone call
to your old school

to ask the one question
that mattered.

The teacher you had
an affair with...

was a woman.

You and Laura became lovers.

Laura very much in charge.

I'm guessing it was her
that got you to agree to her plan,

that you'd give her all the inside
information on Dan

so she could seduce him.

What he liked, disliked,
what he found funny.

We had the same sense of humour,
the same interests.

And you made sure you were
working on Dan's flight

when you flew back to the UK.

And, primed with Nicky's
insider knowledge,

you were able to dazzle
and trap him.

And, then, all Nicky had to do was
make sure she got back her old job

on the next research mission
to Saint Marie.

Because I mean, if you're looking
for two people who

would never be accomplices,

well, then you'd be hard pressed to
find anyone more unlikely

than the left-on-the-shelf

and the young beauty
who replaced her...

But why?

Why would they do this?

Why would anyone want to kill
a multi-millionaire?

As for proof?

We've spoken to your flatmate

who overheard a phone call
you made where you were upset,

only she, and we, presumed that this
call was to your ex, Dan Hagen...

...but as a copy of your house's
phone bill proves,

the number you dialled that
night wasn't Dan's, it was Laura's.

In a phone call that lasted
47 minutes,

you were overheard professing your
undying love to her, over and over...

I'm so sorry...!

Don't say a word!

JP, Dwayne? Take 'em away.

OK, so breast stroke is easier.

It's quite rough, isn't it?
Do you think we'll be OK?

He grew up on an island, how
on earth did he never learn to swim?

I've got no idea.

Hold on...

more water, Chief.
- Yes.

- Quick water, water!
- Yes, Dwayne, yes, yes coming!

What the...


Er, sorry,

Water. Paraffin.

Don't worry, I've got it now.

- Grab the bowl, man!
- Yes, yes. Sorry.

- So, Chief?
- Yes.

Tell me something.

What exactly did
the name Nancy remind you of?

How do you mean?

Well, it's just you said you
had a neighbour

who used to babysit called Nancy.

Yes, but she wouldn't remind me
of a boat!

She was...

Well, like an angel, really.

Golden hair, legs that used
to go on forever...


It's called transference, Chief.

You don't need a boat.

- You need a woman.
- I do?

Yes, well, it's a thought, isn't it?

But how to go about it, Dwayne?
I-I mean...

attracting women isn't
really in my skill set.

What are you talking about?

You could have any woman on the
island. You're a catch.

You're a big fish!

- I am?
- Of course you are.


Ah, Johnny Weissmuller!

How did it go, then?

Pretty good...

I hope... It's a start anyway,
you know?

You did great...

What... what's that smell?

Er, paraffin, Florence.
Paraffin prawns.

It's a specialite de region.

A toast, then.

To conquering your fears.

- Conquering your fears.
- Conquering your fears.


Come on, then, these prawns aren't
going to eat themselves, you know.

Let's eat!

So JP, doggy paddle or back stroke?

- Er, freestyle.
- Freestyle!

God I need this.

- Oh!
- Can someone get a doctor! Now!

Why would Spinner's Rock be a
reason to kill Governor Bamber?

Dwayne, JP... I want you to visit
this Spinner's Rock.

I reckon we'll find out

exactly what it is from up there.

JP, man!