Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - A Personal Murder - full transcript

After Dwayne has given the oration at his friend Cedrik Verga's funeral, he gets a text from Cedrik that states, "I Was Murdered," although coroner Ivan Tate recorded death by natural causes. Discovering that Cedrik was smothered with a pillow, Goodman interviews Tate, Cedrik's schoolmaster brother Temmy, and Father Floyd Lynch, who all played cards with Cedrik on the night he died, with a neighbor reporting raised voices. The prime suspect is Temmy, whose girlfriend Ottilie Cedrik took from him, although Father Lynch has cause for Cedrik not to reveal letters the priest sent to an unknown woman. However, a visit to a dying woman informs Goodman of a forty-five-year-old incident, the resonance of which down the decades provides the real reason for somebody to kill Cedrik.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If he'd stuck to the diet, this
would've been a whole lot easier.

If he'd stuck to the
diet we wouldn't be here.

My brother didn't listen to
you when he was alive, Ivann,

and he sure as hell ain't
listening to you now!

OK, fellas, this is not
what Cedrik would've wanted.

There's probably not a great deal
I can tell you about Cedrik Verga

that you don't already know yourselves.

The barbershop was, and
hopefully will continue to be,

the hub of our community.

And the big man...

.. was the beating heart of the place.

But it was his antics outside of work

I think Cedrik will be remembered for.

He was a joker, a rascal...

and the party wasn't over

until the fat man was on his
back, passed out on the floor.

There was another side to Cedrik, too.

He was a caring man.

A man who knew right from wrong.

A man who would've given
you the shirt off his back

if the situation called for it.

You know what you did for me, my friend.


Cedrik was very proud of you, you know?

I hope so.

We thought we'd go back to the
barbershop, have a beer there.

Yeah. He'd like that.

Sunny afternoon. A few
beers, shooting the breeze...

Hoping nobody wanted a haircut.

You go ahead, I'll catch
you up, yeah? Come...

I'll see you later.

Watch out for Dwayne.

- Food is a demonstration of love.
- Really?

Of course. Women love men who can cook.

Yes, sir. Florence is right.

I made Rosey dinner the other evening.

I thought she was going to propose.

I can cook.

You can?

Mm. Well known for it.

So, what's your signature dish?

- Shepherd's pie.
- Shepherd's...?

Shepherd's pie.

Lamb mince, onions, carrots,
peas, gravy granules.

Mashed potato on the top,
whack it in the oven.

What are... gravy granules?

Gravy... in powdered form.

- You just have to add water.
- And you can eat it?


Or drink it in a mug.
Dip in a slice of bread.

- I think this might be
tougher than we think. - What?

Oh, Dwayne, er... I didn't
expect you back today.

Er, how... how was it?

Well, obviously, it was a funeral,
so I imagine it would... be

as good as a funeral can be.

N-Not good, exactly, but, erm...

Did it go well?

Yes, Chief.

- Good.
- Chief, you got a minute?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Well, it's a prank.

In poor taste, perhaps, but still...

But it's from Cedrik's phone.

And I put the phone in his coffin myself.

- You put it in his coffin?
- It's an island thing.

People get buried with their phones
so you can send them a last message.

I see.

- You just don't expect any to
come back the other way. - Quite.

When was it sent?

Ten minutes after the
funeral had finished.

Right, so Cedrik, the coffin and
the phone are in the ground...


- He was cremated.
- Ah...

Isn't that a bit dangerous?
Don't the batteries explode?

- Really?
- Anyway, it doesn't matter now.

- And there was nothing
suspicious about his death? - No.

He passed away in his sleep.

The coroner confirmed
it as natural causes.

Didn't you say he was a
bit of a practical joker?

He was.

But why would he say he'd been murdered?

Because you're a policeman?

- Maybe.
- You're not convinced.

Chief, I've known Cedrik
since I was 13 years old.

Cedrik's jokes were rubber chickens

and super-gluing your drink to
the bar. Not this. Not to me.

- No way.
- OK.

Let's think about this logically.

Now, clearly, Cedrik himself
couldn't have sent that message.

He was dead. Agreed?


So the simple fact is,
someone else must've sent it.

And the question is,

did they do it with or without
Cedrik's prior knowledge?

Now, if it is just a prank,
it's in pretty poor taste,

if Cedrik wasn't involved.

However, if he did set someone else up

to send that text after his death,

that would mean he knew
he was about to die.

Yet, from what you say, he
died unexpectedly in his sleep.

So how could he?


Cedrik gave me this a few
days before he passed away.

- I better be going, you know?
- Nn...


I want you to take this.
Something to remember me by.

Cedrik wore this every day.

Never took it off.

Wait, you think he gave it to you

because he thought something
was going to happen to him?

Well, then, why wouldn't he
tell you when he was alive,

rather than send a mystery
text after his death?

I don't know, Chief. None
of this makes any sense.

Look, like you said, it was a prank.

- Let's just leave it like that. Forget it.
- No, no, no, no.

Look, he was your friend.

And maybe there's a small part of
you that doesn't want to let him go.

And that's OK. Because, you
know, friendship is important.

I'll tell you what.

Let's you and me go and
take a little look, shall we?

That's Cedrik's barbershop just there.

- I thought he died at home?
- He did.

His house is just up the road there.

Cedrik was never one for a long commute.

So who found him?


His girlfriend.

She lives up in the hills.

- How did you know him?
- Ha!

I was about 13, 14.

I was hanging out with
the bad boys, you know?

Anyway, one night we was
passing by Cedrik's barbershop

and we noticed a window
open round the side.

Me being the smallest, I
climbed in to case the joint,

see if there was any cash
or valuables lying around.

You were a juvenile
delinquent? Excellent(!)

So what happened?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my collar.


It was pitch-black. I
couldn't see diddly squat.

Next thing I know, my
feet are off the ground

and I'm staring into the
angry eyes of Cedrik Verga.

He painted a picture for me...

.. where the road I was on would lead me,

or what could be possible

if I put all my energy into
something good instead.

He gave me a simple choice that night.

Either he went to the police,

or I changed my ways and
worked in his barbershop

every Saturday for free.

Child labour.

Good option.

I didn't care. It changed
everything for me.

I started to take my studies seriously.

Turned up for school.

So Cedrik's the reason
you're where you are now?

He thought I could do better.

And I believed him.

It's a very nice sentiment, Dwayne.

We had a lot of good
nights here, you know?

Shall we go inside?

Oh, yeah.

Cedrik never had much time for keys.

Liked to drink, though.

There was an all-night
vigil before the funeral.

It turned into a bit of a party.

- So this is Cedrik?
- Yeah.

He was a big man.

He was.

Who are these people with him?

Father Floyd.

Cedrik's brother Temmy.

And Dr Ivann Tate.

Ah... That's them as well.

The four musketeers.

They've been friends their whole lives.

What's this?

Cedrik had sleep apnoea.

He had to wear that thing at
night to keep his airways open.

Sleep apnoea's when you stop
breathing in your sleep, right?

- I think so. - And then the brain
realises it's not getting any oxygen

and wakes you up with a start,

at which point, hopefully,
you start breathing again.

That pillow's missing a case.

- Do you remember if it was
like that last night? - No.

Well, from everything I've learnt,

Cedrik didn't have the
healthiest lifestyle.

He was overweight, he had sleep apnoea...

There was also something about
his heart -- blocked arteries.

Too many cigars.

So the likelihood is...

it had to be natural causes.

Hard to see past that, if
I'm being honest, Dwayne.

You're right, Chief.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Three things bother me.


Prank or not, of all the things to
send in a message from the grave,

"I was murdered" is pretty specific.


Why give you something to remember him by,

unless he thought he
wasn't going to be around?

- You said three.
- Three.

Why have only one pillow...

.. without a pillowcase?

Right, drop me back at the
shack and then go home.

Take some time, OK?

If you can get the pillow
to the lab on your way,

tell them I asked if
they can prioritise it.

- What am I asking them to look for?
- I've no idea.

Coroner's report on Cedrik Verga.


"Severe atheroma of all three
major coronary arteries.

"Such a degree of disease would,
on balance of probabilities,

"be sufficient to cause
a cardiac arrhythmia

"and sudden death consistent
with the history available."

Death certificate signed by Dr Ivann Tate.

One of the musketeers.

- Sorry?
- A lifelong friend of Cedrik's.

Ah, JP, how did you get on with the
door-to-door? Anything of interest?

Mainly a big outpouring of love.
He was liked by everybody.

I talked to the woman who
lives above the barbershop.

She said that Cedrik, his brother
Temmy, Father Floyd and Ivann

were downstairs the night Cedrik died.

Said she heard raised
voices around half midnight.

- There was an argument?
- It's hard to say.

She said they were always noisy
and she didn't think much of it.

So, Cedrik drinking with his
friends, like he always did.

No doubt smoking, too, like he always did.

Arteries clogging up. He
goes home, he gets into bed,

where the coroner says he suffered

"a cardiac arrhythmia and sudden death

"consistent with a bla bla bla."

- So that's it?
- Pretty much.

Honore police.

Just a moment. The lab for you.

Ah, the pillow.

Last box to tick.

DI Goodman.

You're sure?

Belonging to who?



Yes. Yes, please. As
soon as it's typed up.

Thank you. Bye.


The lab found saliva and sweat on
the pillow. Nothing unusual in that.

But they were intrigued with the
grouping, so ran further tests.

And they found DNA hot spots

correlating to the location
of the eyes, nose and mouth.

DNA belonging to who?

Well, they need to run further
tests, but almost certainly Cedrik.

Well, what does that mean?

Well, this pattern wouldn't show up

if he was simply resting
his face on the pillow.

It would require extreme pressure.

It would need to be pushed down hard.

Someone held it over his face?


Despite the coroner's report,

despite his medical condition,

it seems Cedrik's message from
beyond the grave was... true.

He was murdered.

So it's true.

Cedrik gave me this because he
knew he was going to be killed.

Why would a man who knew
he was about to be killed

just accept it and do
nothing to protect himself?

And who sent the message?

Why send the message?
Why not just report it?

You said his girlfriend
discovered the body?

- That's right. Ottilie.
- Well, she's not a bad place to start.

You're right, Chief.

It's time to put back on my uniform.

JP, let's go!


Florence, you and I should go and
see these remaining musketeers.

Dwayne, I don't mean to pry, but...

- are you OK?
- No.

My lungs feel like
they're about to explode.

I meant about everything that happened.

- Just tell me to shut up if you don't
want to talk about it. - Shut up.


You know, it's weird.

When Cedrik died, I felt so helpless.

At least now it feels like I can
finally do something for him.


Oh, I had no idea this road was so long.

And so steep.

The clue's in the name, JP.

Hill Rise.

Ottilie lives here?

Cedrik was very much
like me in that respect.

What he lacked in assets,
he made up for in charm.


That's Cedrik's brother.
He's the headmaster.

Temmy Verga.

DI Goodman, DS Cassell.

- Pleased to meet you. - I'm
sorry for your loss. - Thank you.

You said you wanted to talk about Cedrik?

- Er, yes, if that's all right?
- Of course.

- I've asked Ivann and Floyd to come
along, as you requested. - Thank you.

Come this way.

Last Tuesday,

around 10am, I got a phone
call from the barber's,

checking to see if Cedrik was with me.

- He wasn't?
- No.

I couldn't get hold of him on his
phone, so I went to his house.



He was stone-cold.

It's the biggest regret of my life,

not spending that last night with him.

When you entered his house, nothing
looked unusual, out of place?

How was Cedrik the week before he died?

Same old Cedrik.

A little quieter, maybe.

His phone...

the one I put in his coffin for him.


Did anyone else touch it
before you gave it to me?


Did they?

I don't think so.

Look, Dwayne, you're really scaring me!

Why are you here?

Sorry I'm late.

- Dr Ivann Tate.
- DI Goodman.

Father Floyd.


- What's going on?
- It's about Cedrik.

There's some evidence that might suggest

he didn't die of natural causes.

We're considering all possibilities.

He had sudden heart failure.

Er, yes, he did. And we're
trying to establish why.

Wait. You're suggesting
Cedrik was murdered?

Actually, I haven't
suggested anything yet.

Do you gentlemen know if anyone
had a grudge against Cedrik?

He was an affable sort of guy.

Popular, laid-back.

He didn't attract trouble.

The night before Cedrik died,

you were all with him at the barbershop?

What was the occasion?

Cedrik had arranged a game of poker.

What time did you arrive?

Around... 8pm.

Did Cedrik mention feeling unwell?

Not at first. He said
he felt unwell later.

- He was drunk.
- He was tipsy, Ivann.

Not exactly falling over.

We've got reports of raised
voices around half-past midnight.

We... We'd gone by then, hadn't we?

It wasn't an argument, as such.

Ivann and Temmy had just left.

I was trying to persuade
Cedrik to go home.

He said he felt unwell,

but he's already cracked
open another bottle.

"Kill or cure," as he used to say.

You tried to stop him
drinking, tempers flared?


It was a 30-second discussion,

after which I left him to it
and caught up with the others.

Er, Dr Tate, your name appears
on the death certificate.

Ottilie rang me when she found Cedrik.

I raced over, so it fell to
me to... certify him dead.

"Sudden death consistent
with the history available."

That's what it read on the report.


And if there's been some sort of mistake,

it's got nothing to do with me.

I wasn't the pathologist.

Poker night?

Yes, Cedrik organised a card game
for his friends the night he died.

And I wasn't invited?

Now, I keep coming back to that question.

If Cedrik knew his life was in
danger, why not raise the alarm?

Well, Ottilie thought he
was quieter than normal

and she tried to talk to
him, but he wouldn't open up.

Dwayne, presumably you've
known Cedrik's friends

as long as you've known him?

What else can you tell us
about them? Father Floyd...

They all grew up together.

When they left school, Floyd went
to the seminary in Martinique.

He came back in his late 20s
and took up his post in Honore.

- Dr Ivann Tate...
- Ivann went to medical school in London,

before coming back to
open up his practice here.

I never heard Cedrik say
a bad word about him.

He's a nice man. Kind, compassionate.

- He's your doctor?
- My mother's.

She speaks very highly of him.

Which leaves us his brother Temmy.

I guess he must've been
the closest to Cedrik.

Blood's thicker than water and all that.


Well, back in the day, Ottilie
and Temmy had been an item.

We're talking childhood sweethearts.

But we all kind of knew that
Temmy thought she was the one.

And then, years later,
Cedrik hooks up with her?

- How did Temmy react?
- Difficult to know.

My guess is that he took
it all in his stride.

He was the total opposite to
Cedrik. Quiet, never made a fuss.

Even though his carefree brother's
taken off with the love of his life.

Sorry, Dwayne.

Oh, erm, Temmy got into a
fight in a bar recently.

He was given a caution.

That can't be right. I would've known.

It was a place on St
Helene. Two weeks ago.

One week before Cedrik was killed.


Dwayne, JP, I want you to
go back to Cedrik's house,

see if there are any papers,

- anything that can tell us something
we don't know. - Chief. - Chief.

Florence, we need to
speak to Temmy -- again.

Back to school.

Why go to a bar on another island?

I went for a quiet drink.

- By yourself?
- Mm-hm.

And then you got into a barroom brawl?

That was unfortunate.
Wrong time, wrong place.

Anthony! Walk!

We understand that you'd
recently found out

about your brother's
relationship with Ottilie.

Ottilie and I was a very long time ago.

Cedrik did what he wanted to do.

No-one was going to stop him.

But someone has stopped him, Temmy.

The night he died, you
attended his poker night.

- And?
- It must be upsetting.

Cedrik carrying on with his life,
getting drunk, living it up.

Meanwhile, you're on the sidelines,
looking on as he gets the girl.

Ottilie is not a girl.

And I am not some angst-ridden teenager.

We're all grown-ups.

Dwayne describes you as being
quiet, not one to make a fuss.

Yet, you're cautioned
for fighting in a bar.

What is that? Temper?

All that pent-up frustration, you've
just got to let it out sometimes?

I like your version of me.

It's much more interesting than the truth.

I may have loved Ottilie once...

.. but I loved my brother more.

How does it go?

"Beware the wrath of a quiet man."

I know where this is going, Chief.

But Temmy hasn't got it in him.

Look at the timeline.

News drops about Ottilie's
relationship with Cedrik.

Temmy, completely out of character,

gets caught up in a bar fight

and less than a week
later, Cedrik is murdered.

Temmy would not kill his brother.

I heard about the development in the
Cedrik Verga case, Officer Myers.

Most unfortunate.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Inspector Goodman?


Cedrik Verga was an important
part of our community.

He'll be missed.

So I understand, sir.

This message from the grave,

it's... a bad business.

If it turns out to have been a prank,

we'll all look very foolish.

Yes, sir. And while I can't explain
the mystery text message yet,

I do believe that Cedrik
Verga was murdered.

You're sure?

As I can be, sir.

It's hard enough for Cedrik's friends

to come to terms with his death.

Then we have this whole anniversary
business on top of that.


It's 45 years since Hurricane Francis.

We've got the remembrance
ceremony this evening.

It will be difficult for everyone.

But especially for Cedrik's friends.

Why might that be, sir?

They lost a friend the
night of the hurricane.

Sorry, I didn't realise.

All I can ask is...

if feathers are to be ruffled,

that you'll ruffle them
as delicately as possible.


and, er, keep an eye on Officer Myers.

We all know the story about the boy thief

who grew up to become a policeman

and how close he was to Cedrik.

Yes, of course, sir.

Trouble, Chief?

No, no. It was just,
er, you know, the usual.

To be kept in the loop.

Hurricane Francis...

How many people died?

Five. It's our biggest natural disaster.

One of the victims was close
to Cedrik and his friends?

Don't know.

It's not the kind of
thing people talk about.


Oh, here we are.

A list of the casualties.

Yes, four of them were grown-up.

And... Oh, yes, here
we are. Vincent Garcia.

"Vincent was as much a victim
of the Myth of Mont Clair

"as the storm itself."

What does that mean?

What? What is it?

Do you want to know if you're
going to heaven or hell, Chief?

- Not particularly.
- Then don't go up to Mont Clair in a storm.

Ah, yes.

If you could just leave
that there. Thank you. Yes.

- What's that?
- Well, I've been considering

what you said yesterday, Florence.

About the food of love and all that

and, well, I've decided to
test my culinary skills.

And I'll be delighted if you
three would be my guinea pigs.

That would be...

Nice. Sure.

- Good. - Er, there's a
remembrance night in the square

for the victims of Hurricane Francis.

Cedrik would want me to be there.

Yes, of course. Yes.

And, you know, Dwayne, you still
have, erm, compassionate leave.

You know, feel free to
take it, if you want it.

How about I catch up with you for
dinner after this thing is over?




Cedrik would be ashamed of you, Dwayne.


Divulging Temmy's personal
affairs to your superior.

I take it it was you.

Look, nothing about this is personal.

You're a traitor, Dwayne.

There's still that question --

why did Cedrik not do
anything to protect himself,

when it appears he knew he
was about to be murdered?

Maybe he did something wrong himself.

If he told the police
about the threat of murder,

he'd have to confess about
the reason for the threat.

That doesn't really tie in with
the whole Temmy jealousy motive.

But it's an interesting thought, Florence.

- Right!
- What is that?

Shepherd's pie. I thought
I'd show you what I got.

And I was hoping it might
make Dwayne feel a bit better.

I'm worried about Dwayne.

Yes, me, too.

I mean, these weren't
just Cedrik's friends.

They were Dwayne's friends as well.

It's all a bit too close to home.

No, I'm worried about where he is.

That remembrance ceremony
finished ages ago.

- Maybe I should go and look for him.
- I think we should take the pie out.

It's been in the oven for two hours.

- Chief!
- There you are!

I've just seen Ottilie

in a compromising
situation with another man!

News of our investigation is spreading,

so I asked around and she's
been seen out and about

with this new fella
ever since Cedrik died.

You think she might've
been cheating on him?

She obviously wanted him out the
way! And that gives her motive.

- You don't know that.
- Listen, Cedrik gave me this for a reason.

Finally, this is something
that makes sense.

I'm going to have to catch her red-handed.

How do you propose to do that?


We haven't eaten!

Not now!

- In the morning!
- Fine.

But right now, I think
you ought to grab a chair,

calm yourself down, come
and partake in some of this.


I thought it would've been
burnt to a crisp by now.

So did I.

Schoolboy error. Easily rectified.

Just give it another 40 minutes.

Would anybody like some toast?

- Morning, Florence.
- Morning, sir.

Oh... I've been thinking.

If I'm going to woo the ladies
with my culinary skills,

- I think I need to invest in
a cookery book. - I don't know.

- Maybe turning on the oven
might be a good start. - Yes.

The devil is in the detail.

Oh, what's this? It's addressed to Cedrik.

Oh, yeah. The postman had
heard about our investigation

into Cedrik's death, so
he delivered that here.


It's a watch.

It appears Cedrik ordered it on the 10th.

- Two days before Cedrik died.
- That's a shame.

Yes, it is.

It is a shame.

It sort of undoes everything.

- Sorry?
- Well, I was working on the basis

that Cedrik thought he was going to die.

But why would you order a watch if
you thought you were about to die?


Yes. What is it?

In the box of Cedrik's paperwork...

- love letters, by the look of it.
- Really?

They're not signed,

but they're addressed to Father Floyd.

Father Floyd's having an affair?

But why would Cedrik have
another man's love letters?

Hang on...

The argument between
Father Floyd and Cedrik.

Supposedly about his drinking.

You think it might have been about these?

I think it's time we paid
Father Floyd a visit.

Come on, number two.

I'm afraid I've got another
funeral in 20 minutes.

Well, I'm sure it won't take that long.

OK. We can see Ottilie's
driveway from here.

Do you really think

Ottilie could have anything
to do with Cedrik's death?

It's just she seemed heart-broken...

when we spoke to her.

People put on fronts, JP.

Happens all the time.

She's on the move!

Why did Cedrik have these letters, Father?

I wanted his advice. I had
no idea he'd kept them.

He obviously knew about the affair.

It was not an affair.

- Then, what was it?
- I fell in love with a parishioner.

Cedrik told me I had a choice --

remain a priest or leave
my vocation and be with her.

That doesn't sound like Cedrik. He
was a bit of a hedonist, wasn't he?

Have a nice time and be
damned with the consequences.

These have got nothing
to do with Cedrik's death!


What was the argument about, Father?

I've already told you!

You had a pop at him
for drinking too much.

Thing is, he always drank too
much. That wasn't news to you.

Was Cedrik becoming a
little indiscrete, Father?

- No! - Did you want your letters back?

I loved Cedrik.

He had more integrity than anyone I know

and I am not going to stand here

and listen to YOU sully
a good man's reputation.

I'd like you to leave.

What would happen if people found out

Father Floyd was having an affair?

Presumably, he'd lose his job.

It's not just that. People
hold him in such high esteem.

Yes, it would be an
almighty fall from grace.

If Cedrik decided to spill the beans,

Father Floyd would lose everything.

Whose house is that?

Bingo! Ottilie's upgrade.

Phone the Chief!

Good afternoon. Inspector
Goodman, Sergeant Cassell.

Sorry to bother you, but we...

Playing the part of the grieving widow,

then sneaking off to meet your toy boy.

He's a nurse.

- Nurse? - He looks after
the lady who lives here.

Sorry, whose house is this?

Mrs Garcia's.

I thought Cedrik was sneaking
off to see another woman.

He only told me the truth
about it when I challenged him.

What is Cedrik's
connection with Mrs Garcia?

He was friends with her son.

Vincent Garcia.

"Vincent was as much a victim
of the Myth of Mont Clair

"as the storm itself."

The boy who died in Hurricane Francis?


Can we speak to her?

She doesn't know that Cedrik has
passed. Please, don't tell her.

Madame, some friends of Cedrik's
are here. They'd like to meet you.

Pleased to meet you, Mrs Garcia.

I'm Inspector Goodman. I'm here
with my colleague Officer Myers.


Er, that's right.

Cedrik talks about you all the time.

He's very proud.

Don't fuss, Morgan! I'm fine.

I believe Cedrik visits you a lot.

Yeah, he understands.

Time doesn't heal everything.

He is the only person who
still mentions my son's name.

I'm very sorry about
what happened to Vincent.

I can picture them now...

walking off down the road.

Vincent wanted to go into the
hills, into the rainforest.

We hammered it into all of the children.

The mountain was out of bounds.

But Vincent was so stubborn.

The others saw the storm
coming and tried to stop him,

told him to come with them down to
the jetty and hide under a boat.

But he just ran off.

The police searched for him for weeks.

But they never found his body.

I don't think the other
boys ever forgave themselves.

Yes, yes. When you... say other boys?

Cedrik and his three friends.


Floyd and Temmy?

If Vincent had stayed with them,

he would still be alive today.

She needs to rest now.


What's wrong with her, Ottilie?

She has pancreatic cancer.

- She's getting treatment?
- Palliative care.

She'd be in hospital by
now, if it wasn't for Cedrik.

What's it got to do with Cedrik?

He organised for her
medical bills to be paid.

How could he afford that?

I don't think he did it alone.
He asked the others to help.

How long has Mrs Garcia got?

A few weeks, at best.

The cancer was at an advanced stage
by the time they discovered it.

Originally, she was
misdiagnosed with depression.

By who?

I don't think it's my place to say.

It's a doctor, I presume?

Dr Ivann Tate.

JP, could you run a financial
check on Dr Tate, please?

- Florence, you and I should go and
speak with him in person. - OK.


this came in the post
for Cedrik this morning.

- What?
- He ordered it for himself.

Cedrik hated watches.

He said it made people watch
their lives tick away.

Yes, well, I quite agree with that.

Well, maybe it was a gift for someone?

That five-dollar piece of tat?

No, sir. Cedrik had more
class than that, Chief.

- Someone made a mistake.
- Right.

Come on, Florence.


.. I'm going to tell you something now.

You have to promise never to repeat it.

I'm scared.

I've looked up to these men my whole life

and I'm starting to wonder
if I've got it all wrong.

Well, if it's any consolation, Dwayne...

I'm here for you.

Thank you.

We understand that you failed
to spot Mrs Garcia's cancer.

Is that why you decided to
help foot her medical bills?

I like the woman. She was the
mother of an old friend of mine.



I believe that pancreatic cancer is
notoriously difficult to diagnose.

The symptoms are often confused with
depression. That's what I presumed.

Why would you presume that?

After losing her son,

she'd suffered from depression
for most of her adult life.

- I just thought it was getting worse.
- Any reason why it should?

Old age, the anniversary...

She often talked about dying

without ever knowing
what happened to Vincent.

It's so sad.

Cedrik suggested we paid for her care...

.. in memory of Vincent.

The truth is, we were glad to do it.


Dr Tate has been overdrawn at his
bank for most of the last 12 months.

He's also taken out a loan

and all of his savings
accounts have been emptied.

Sounds like he's struggling
to pay for Mrs Garcia's care.

Maybe Cedrik was forcing his hand.

Or Dr Tate was so genuinely
wracked with guilt

about his misdiagnosis of Mrs Garcia.

Still, it's completely disproportionate.

There has to be more to it.

Ottilie notices Cedrik is withdrawn.

He then gives Dwayne a gold chain,

saying that he wants you to have
something to remember him by.

All of this suggests
he knows what's coming.

Yet, two days before his
murder, he orders a cheap watch.

You're sure Cedrik never wore a watch?

- Never.
- And neither do you, sir.

Me? Well, gosh, no. There's no point.

You just have to walk down the
street. There are clocks everywhere.

The town hall, the pharmacy's got one.

I'm positively bombarded
by time. I don't like it.

No, I can't ever imagine a
scenario where I'd need a watch.

But say you were stranded
on a desert island.

Why would I need to keep track of
the time on a desert island, JP?


Say you are held hostage, chained
to a radiator in a darkened room.

You have no idea where you are...

Knowing that it's quarter to 11 or
not is not going to help me, JP.

Actually, that's genius.

JP, that is genius. That is
why Cedrik bought the watch.

Maybe he'd done something wrong himself.

I want you to take this.
Something to remember me by.

Death certificate signed by Dr Ivann Tate.

The four musketeers. They've
been friends their whole lives.

- How long has Mrs Garcia got?
- A few weeks, at best.

He had more integrity than anyone I know.

- It's a watch.
- Cedrik hated watches.

I came to warn you.

We're going to get hit by a
category-three storm tonight.

I've spoken with the
harbour master, who says....


The Myth of Mont Clair.
What is it exactly?

Legend has it that if the eye of a storm

passes directly over the island,

the firmament opens up above Mont Clair

and you'll get to see
your final destination.

Final destination?

- You get to see if you're going to...
- Heaven or hell. Brilliant!

JP, you're the closest thing
we have to a teenage boy,

so imagine, if you wouldn't mind --

you're at the peak of your
adolescent recklessness,

surrounded by your closest buddies.

A hurricane is due in a matter of hours.

You've all heard the
stories of Mont Clair.

Wouldn't you be tempted

to go on a bit of a Boys' Own
adventure into the jungle?

- Well, yes, of course you would.
- Yes, yes, I would.

And if there were five of you and
four of you didn't want to go,

- you wouldn't go off on your own.
- You're relating Cedrik's murder

back to a 45-year-old cold case?

Yes, sir. Yes, I think I am.

I think those five young boys
went up the mountain together.

And if they did, they know what
happened to Vincent Garcia!

You think that's why Cedrik was murdered?

- Because he was going to
reveal what he knew? - Exactly.

Even if that's true, why would
Cedrik break his silence now?

Because Mrs Garcia's
condition was worsening.

There was every chance that she
was going to go to her grave

not knowing what really
happened to her son.

I believe that Cedrik let it be known

that he was going to confess
about Vincent Garcia.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Can I just
get this straight, please?

You're saying that Cedrik and his friends

had something to do with
Vincent Garcia's disappearance?


And then you're saying Cedrik's brother

and his closest friends turned
on him and murdered him?

Just say your scenario is true.

How would you even start to prove it?

Especially if they've gone to
the length of killing Cedrik

to keep their secret buried.

The problem with this case has
always been the lack of a body.

Which isn't going to change.

Yes, but if we could find
Vincent Garcia's remains,

I believe that we could
solve Cedrik's murder.

I searched that jungle
with everybody else.

How likely is it you'll find his body now?

With the greatest respect,
sir, that was 45 years ago.

Things have moved on. You
know, sonar, 3D imaging...

None of which we have on the island.


Let us try.

- Dwayne...
- Shhh!

Come, come, come.

- This better be good, Dwayne.
- Good?

If anyone sees me here, I'm
done. Career over. Come!

- How long have you known me?
- I don't know.

- About 30-odd years.
- And we trust each other, right?

If you know where Vincent
Garcia's body is...

please, tell me.

I think you should take
some time out, my friend.

I'm begging for your help
here, you know, Father.

Because the only thing I'm
interested in right now

is Cedrik's reputation.

I don't want his good name
linked to the death of a child.

We cannot help you. We don't know
what happened to Vincent Garcia.

This is ridiculous.

- I'm going home.
- I wouldn't.

Because there's a 3D imaging radar device

being flown in from
Martinique in the morning.

And when this storm has passed,

they're going to send
it up into the jungle.

And if there is a body up there...

.. they're going to find it.

Well, I hope they do.

It would put a lot of minds at rest.

Look, are you sure about this?

- Yes, yes, we have no choice.
- Come.

If the river breaches...

we'll never get back down again.

This is as far as we can go in the car.

What the hell was that?

Dr Ivann Tate, Temmy
Verga, Father Floyd Lynch,

you're all under arrest
on suspicion of murder.

Dwayne, cuff them.

A child's remains has been found at
the site where you arrested the men.

Sorry... to be the
bearer of such grim news.

I'll go and break the news
to Vincent Garcia's mother.


I'd like to do that, please.

That woman deserves an apology,

and you have absolutely
nothing to apologise for.

Shall I get the suspects from the cell?

Yes, please.

Oh, and Ottilie Dubois,

can you call and arrange for her
to join us at Cedrik's barber shop?

Yes, Chief.

This has been an especially
hard case to solve.

We began with an anonymous
text message to Officer My...


On further investigation,

forensic evidence from Cedrik's pillow

told us that he'd almost
certainly been smothered.

We believed that the killer had
to be someone close to him...

.. yet we were dealing with
three men who, ostensibly,

loved and cared for the victim
more than anyone else in the world.

However, all three of you also
had motives for murdering Cedrik.

Father, you knew he had the
knowledge and the evidence

- to bring your world crashing round your ears.
- He would never have used that against me.

No, of course not, I
don't think so either.

Temmy, you could only watch

as the woman you'd held a torch for your
whole life chose your brother over you.

And, finally, you, Dr Tate.

You see, we couldn't believe that
you'd hand over your life savings

to Mrs Garcia because of a mistake
that any doctor could've made.

So was there something else that
made you pay for Mrs Garcia's care?

- Guilt perhaps?
- No!

The reason Cedrik was murdered had everything
to do with the Garcia family, didn't it?

- All of us are happy to speak about what
happened to Vincent Garcia. - Uh-huh.

As for it having anything
to do with Cedrik's death...

Tell us what happened to the boy.

When the storm hit,

we decided to take cover in the old
boat we used to play on, under the jetty.

But Vincent wanted to go
up to Mont Clair instead.

We tried to talk him out of
it, but he wouldn't listen.

This is very well remembered, bearing
in mind how long ago all this happened.

- It's almost as though you've
rehearsed it. - How dare you!

Perhaps you practised again
last night after Dwayne left you.

Think they fell for it?

Let's go.

The remains of Vincent Garcia

were found on Mont Clair
at dawn this morning.

Three yards from where you
were arrested last night.

I mean, I hate coincidences
at the best of times,

- but that is a humdinger!
- It's time for you to tell the truth.

For all this time, a mother
has been waiting to find out

what happened to her child.

And you have said nothing, done
nothing to alleviate her pain.

- It was an accident.
- Temmy!

I've been carrying this around
my whole life, we all have.

It's weighing me down.

Vincent was younger than us,

we used to tease him,

get him to do things just
so we could laugh at him.

We threw mangoes at him.

I threw his hat into the river,

told him he had to go and get it
back or his mother would be upset.

He fell and banged his head.

We tried to save him!

We dragged him out of the river...

but it was too late, he was already...

We didn't know what to do!

We were told not to go up there.

So we put him under the
roots of a dead tree...

covered him with whatever we could
find and let the storm do the rest.

We made up the story
about him running away.

- We made a pact. - Of silence? - No.

We decided, in whatever capacity we could,

we would give ourselves
back to the island.

- We would atone. - Yes, but more
recently it's got to the point

where this so-called atonement wasn't
good enough for one of you, was it?

What sort of state was Cedrik
in before he died, Ottilie?

He'd found out that Mrs
Garcia was about to die.

He was upset about that, but
I knew there was more to it.

It felt like he owed her something.

I wasn't sure what, but I
knew it involved his friends,

or, at least, Ivann.

You sent that text, didn't you?

I knew that something must've happened.

The way he was with me, he kept
saying how I'd be OK without him.

He knew something was
going to happen to him.

I took the SIM Card out of his phone

before I gave it to Dwayne
to put in the coffin.

I honestly don't know
why I sent that message,

part of me thought I was imagining
things, that I was being foolish.

I just knew something wasn't right.

What would people think?

What would people think if you
openly pointed the finger at them?

And say you were wrong?
It had to be anonymous.

And if they were prepared
to silence him...

.. then maybe they'd do the same to you?

For God's sake, Ottilie!
No-one is silencing anyone!

You see, all this time, I've
been asking myself the question,

why Cedrik seemed so resigned to the
fact that he was going to be murdered.

Why? Why not raise the alarm and
tell someone he was in trouble?

The answer lay here.

A cheap watch, purchased
two days before he died.

Why? It doesn't make sense.

I mean, for a start,
Cedrik never wore a watch,

so why on earth would he buy one now?

You see, the sad fact is that Cedrik
didn't think he was going to be murdered.

I think... I think he
was going to confess.

Confess and let Vincent's
mother die in peace,

finally knowing what happened to her son.

Cedrik didn't need a watch
to see his life tick by,

but he knew he'd need one in jail.

They do say that not knowing the time

can start to drive you
a little crazy inside.

Cedrik never thought he
was going to get killed,

he thought he was going to prison.

And the gold chain?

That was just a parting gift to
someone he really cared about.

Cedrik was ready to admit...

.. to a crime committed 45 years ago,

and he was prepared to
take his punishment.

But you three weren't, and
that is why he had to die.

None of us would harm
Cedrik. We loved him!

I would never hurt him.

You've been awfully quiet, Father.

I imagine it's hard...

.. standing every day in that
pulpit preaching the word of God.

And every day, having to live
with the truth of what you'd done.

Of all of you...

.. I imagine you had the most to lose.

Am I right?

It wasn't them.

I killed Cedrik.

- But why, Floyd?
- Because all we did was play a game.

It wasn't fair that he was
going to take away everything,

just because of a woman
who was dying anyway.

He'd told me what he was
going to do after the poker,

that's why we argued.

When I got home, I couldn't
stop thinking about it,

what we'd lose, all of us!

And for what?! So I went to see
him to talk sense into him,

but when I got there he was fast asleep.

I had heard Ivann talking to him,

saying how if he wasn't careful,
he'd have a heart attack one day,

just go to sleep and never wake up.

I found myself...

picking up the pillow.

Come on! Come on!

You know, Dwayne, in the end, all the good things
Cedrik did is what brought the truth to light.

People loved him. It's what made
Ottilie send that text, it's what
made you want to find out the truth.

- As you sow, so shall you reap.
- Exactly.

You know, Chief, I've been thinking
about this whole atonement thing.

I mean, Ivann became a doctor,
then there was a priest, a teacher.

I wondered how Cedrik had atoned?

- He was the only one who tried to
keep Vincent's memory alive. - Hmm.

I think it might be why he
helped me too, you know?

I dare say it was. Although,
generally speaking,

I think that good people tend to
gravitate towards good people.

- It's why we make a good team.
- Surely that goes without saying, Dwayne.

Anyway, thank you, Chief.

- Thank you? What for?
- Listening to me.


Come on, I've got some
cold beers in the fridge.


The oven was definitely on this time,

I checked myself.

Shepherd's pie! Argh!

And this time... it is piping hot!

Great! Gravy and mash.

Just the sort of thing you want to eat

when it's 96 degrees in the shade.


It smells... I dunno... good?

This is my mum's recipe.

She gave it to me when
I went to university,

it stopped me from getting scurvy.

And the beauty of this is...

you only need a fork.

Less washing up.

And before we start, a toast.

To absent friends.

To absent friends.

- Tuck in!
- OK!


Wow! It's good!

Like, really good!

If this doesn't wow the ladies,
Chief, I don't know what will.

Aunt Mary! Over here!

Aunt Mary was always
my most favourite aunt.

Well, she witnessed the victim's death

and she's saying it wasn't an accident.

And you think that that man's death
might have something to do with me?

The Commissioner says he's going
to show me the sights himself.

It's a sacrifice... I'm prepared to make.

This is the police! Who's there?!

Yargh! Yargh!