Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Perfect Murder - full transcript

The day after Saint Marie's beach volleyball team gets through to the final star player Shelly Kennedy is murdered and her body dumped on a beach - all the suspects of course having an ...

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- Yes! Yes!
- Yes!


What a thrilling final,
ladies and gentlemen.

Team Saint Marie
will play Team Isla Jonas

in the finals
of the 2015 Inter-Island Championships!

So give it up now!


- Maybe we should be doing something.
- Relax!

They're training, because they're worried.

You were amazing today, girls!

- Yes, we were.
- One glass.

The final's in two days
and training starts in the morning, OK?

- You want to know how you did?
- Does it really matter?


It'll be getting dark soon.

I suggest you get an early night
and rest that foot up.

Shells? You ready?


If you're looking for your partner,
she just drove off.

You're welcome.

Woke up with a really bad headache.

- Thought I'd run it off.
- There's water in the bag.

We'll try out the foot today.

Take off the bandage
and see how we get on from there.

- It feels better when I walk on it.
- Good.

Sorry! Sorry!

Where is she?

There's our Jeep. She can't be far.

I'll go and check.


Get on it. You go that side.

That's it, that's it.


- 15 years of hurt.
- Hmm?

It's been 15 years
since we were last in the final.

I didn't know
you followed volleyball?

What?! I'm a big, big fan!

And what do you like most about it?

Huh? Er...

You know, the... the tactics!

- Tactics?
- You know, the...

getting the ball over the net thing
before it touches the ground.

You know, the jumping up and punching!
It's great! It's a beautiful game!

Hmm. Nothing to do with
the skimpy bikinis,

- then?
- Bikinis?

This is a serious game here, you know.

- It's been going on for generations!
- I was seven.

- What?
- Last time we reached the final?

Seven?! Ha!

How could you have been seven? How could
anybody have been seven 15 years ago?!

- Well, how old were you?
- Er... um...

- Early twenties... ish.
- Morning, all.

- Morning, Chief.
- Morning.

It's absolutely heaving out there.
I've never seen so many people.

Everybody's here
for the beach volleyball final.

Yes, you wouldn't think people would get
so excited about a volleyball match!

- Dwayne does.
- Better believe it.

- Really?
- Seems he's a bit of a tactical expert.

Yet more hidden talents, eh, Dwayne?

Ah! Oh...

Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Who moved my desk?

Look, I always lean back in that chair

and I can usually get a good 15 degrees
before... wall stoppage.

Honor? Police?

Look, you can see
where the leg marks used to be.

- I can see it's moved.
- What?!

- There!
- We'll be right there.

- What is it?
- A body's been found on Turtle Beach.

By the volleyball practice ground!

Shelly Kennedy!


She's the star player
with Team Isla Jonas.

- Beach volleyball team?
- Yes.

Isla Jonas are in the final
with Saint Marie.

- Mm-hm.
- She was found by her doubles partner.

No sign of car keys
or any other personal belongings.

Apart from the mobile phone she's holding.



- Sir?
- Mmm?

- Oh, Lord! Morning, sir!
- Morning.

- It's Shelly Kennedy?
- Er, yes, it would appear so, sir.

I'm sorry.

She was a wonderful young lady.
Her family will be devastated.

- This is Anton Borr-idge.
- Burr-age.

Anton Burrage.

Governor-Elect of Isla Jonas...

...and close personal friend.

Selwyn informs me
you are an outstanding detective?


- Well, um, er...
- Is that a... coffee stain?

Someone moved my desk!
Um, I can assure you, sir, er, sirs,

that we will do everything we can
to find out what happened

- to Miss Kennedy.
- Do we know how she died?

Well, it appears she was stabbed, sir.
Er, may I?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

But I would like to be kept informed
of any and all developments.

Yeah. Yes, of course, sir.

Mr... B... Burrage.

OK, um,
so the victim's Jeep was seen

driving away from the hotel
at around 7.40am this morning.

- Which hotel?
- Well...

It's an old holiday resort, The Palms,

converted into a kind of Sports Village
for the games.

It's about 6km away.

So they saw the Jeep leave,
but not the driver?


OK, Chief, so... this is the practice beach
for all the teams,

but only the finalists are still here.

Saint Marie in the green.
Isla Jonas in the blue.

Right, let's not turn this into a circus.

Get these people back to the resort
and we'll interview them there.

Yes, Chief.

- And, Dwayne?
- Complete forensics in the search.

- Let's clear the site as soon as we can.
- Chief!

Oh, and, Dwayne?
Call this Sports Village.

I want the victim's room secured
until we get there.


How many public beaches are there
on Saint Marie?

- Um, I'm not sure. 100 maybe?
- Hmm!

But the body was dumped at the very one
the volleyball teams use,

making it almost certain
she was found by someone she knew.

You think she was left here on purpose?

No, I just think it's a bit
of a coincidence, don't you?

I hate coincidences.

No, that was really helpful, thank you.

Just send on the full report
when you have something.

Stabbed in the heart.
Death would have been instant.

And they're estimating the death occurred
within the last three hours.

Which makes it any time after, what, 7 am?

- Yes.
- And the knife?

17 cm blade. Plastic handle
with little inserts in the handle.

Nothing unique enough to trace a source.

How soon before we can get the phone
she was holding?

Oh, they're taking blood and fingerprints,
then they will release it.

I've already asked JP to check with her
network, see what calls were made from it.

- That's very thorough, Florence.
- Thank you, sir.

Hey, guys,
you want the good news or the bad news?

- Bad.
- Good.

Well, the good news is
the victim's room was locked and secured

- the moment I called in.
- And the bad?

The cleaners had already been in at 8am.

Yup! Clean as a whistle.

I spoke to the cleaners. They said
they didn't notice anything unusual,

- except there was a bed sheet missing.
- The victim was wrapped in a bed sheet.

So, despite having
a contaminated crime scene,

it seems likely that the victim was killed
in her room and driven to the beach?

So the killer intended to dispose
of the body, but was disturbed?




That's rather early
to clean hotel rooms, isn't it?

Aren't people still in bed?

The room was cleaned early at the request
of the Isla Jonas coach, Hank Laymon.

I think we'd better talk to him,
don't you?

- Dwayne, get everyone together, will you?
- Chief.

Very clean.
Let's get a forensic sweep done anyway.

There might be blood traces
still here somewhere.


So it wasn't robbery. Bag it up anyway.
We'll take it back with us.

That lock is broken.

Short walk to the car park.

The killer killed her,
wrapped her in the bed sheet

and carried her through these doors
to her Jeep?

They felt they had to move the body.

- Why?
- Sorry?

Think about it.

Why move the body, carry it outside
in broad daylight to the victim's own car?

Why take that risk?

Unless they had to.

We had it in the qualifiers
earlier on this year.

Shelly got a stomach bug,
knocked her out of the match.

I found a sub, but we only just managed
to scrape through.

So, wherever we stay,
I supervise the catering

and make sure the rooms are cleaned as
soon as we leave for the training ground.

- It's easy enough to check.
- Oh, we will.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to harm Shelly?

Shelly was our star player.

We already had one injury. Without Shelly,
we wouldn't have a chance in the final.

What is that supposed to mean?!

So tell me I'm wrong.

What, you're not seriously suggesting
that she was murdered because of...

- ... a beach volleyball match?
- I'm not suggesting anything.

Just ignore him!


Mr Parker?

I understand you saw
the Jeep leave the resort?

Yes, er, about 7.40.

You didn't see the driver?

The driver?

- But it was Shelly.
- We have good reason to think it wasn't.

- Was anyone with you when you saw it?
- Er... yeah.

I went to wake Shelly.
She wasn't in her room.

I came outside,
he told me that she'd already driven off.

If you're looking for your partner,
she just drove off.

But you didn't actually
see the Jeep yourself?


I saw it.

- And you are?
- Alison Turner.

Saint Marie team captain.

I'd gone out early for a jog,
to run off a headache.

It went past me down the beach road.

But you didn't see the driver?

I just recognised the Jeep.

I'd seen her driving it.

I remember thinking
Isla Jonas was starting early.

Only, when I got back,
I saw the other two were still here.

What time was this?

Quarter to eight?

So, if you saw the Jeep leave at 7.40

and you saw it again on the beach road
a few minutes later,

how much longer
before you all left the resort?

- About five minutes?
- No more.

And both teams left the resort
at the same time

and arrived at the beach together?

More or less.

So, prior to Mr Parker
seeing the Jeep leave, before 7.40,

can I ask where you all were?

I was having breakfast in my room, er,

then I went for a walk
just to get some fresh air.

I woke up just after seven
and went for my run.

I was having a shower.

Yes, I woke up, went to find Shelly,

then I went to Dad's room
to tell him Shelly had left.

Dad? Oh, yes, of course.

- You're both Laymon.
- I heard Dad in the shower.

Dad, Shelly's already gone down.

We'll have to take your car.

Then I went back to my room to get my bag.

I hadn't slept well.

I didn't get up till just before we left.

None of you saw
Shelly Kennedy this morning...

before you found her body on the beach?


- What do you think?
- I think that someone's lying.

Think about it.

If this was a random killing, why didn't
they take anything from her room,

leave her where she fell and run?
I think that Shelly knew her killer.

They knew which room she was in,
they knew which car she drove,

and they went to the trouble
of moving the body. Why?

- No-one in there could be our killer.
- Because?

Because they couldn't drive
the body to the beach 6km away

and get back in the space of ten minutes.

They all have a perfect alibi.

Florence, you know what I hate more
than a coincidence in a murder enquiry?


A perfect alibi.

Contents of the victim's room.

- Ah!
- Needs to be logged.

- Yes, Sarge.
- OK!

Thorough checks on all hotel staff,
gardeners, delivery companies,

anyone who had cause
to be at the resort this morning.

Background police and financial checks on

- both teams and their support networks.
- Yes, sir.

Check the resort CCTV, if they've got any,

and also check the hotels that
Team Isla Jonas have stayed at recently

and check that what Hank Laymon said about
them having their rooms cleaned is true.

Any news on the victim's
mobile phone network?

I'll check.

- Question - why do you move a body?
- Concealment.

If there is no body,
how do you know there's been a murder?

- Good.
- To put it somewhere else.


I have no idea.

Because there's always something
on or about the victim's body

- that will incriminate you.
- Excellent!

So which one of those explains why
someone would go to all the trouble

of dumping Shelly Kennedy's body
in broad daylight?

- Chief?
- Yes?

Look what I just found stuffed
in the pocket of the victim's purse.


Very interesting.

Hank Laymon had just got himself
involved in a...

a sports bar chain or something
and needed to divide his time a bit,

have someone else take over
the training of the girls for a while.

The money was good.
I just went there to work.

I never meant for me and her to...

But nobody knows about this, OK? Nobody.

Coach, player -
it's against ABV regulations.

- ABV?
- The Association of Beach Volleyball.

They are heavy on anything
that brings the game into disrepute.

- So you were still seeing each other?
- No.

I ended it and came back to Saint Marie.

These... these last few weeks
have been the hardest of my life.

Seeing her every day
and not being able to speak to her.

So you're telling us you haven't spent

any time alone together
during this competition?


Hank watches her like a hawk.
He would have gone ballistic.

- He hated us fraternising.
- So he's competitive.

Isn't that the nature of the game?

Honour and sportsmanship is
the nature of the game, Detective.

Not always the nature
of those that play it.

Believe me, there is nothing Hank
wouldn't do to win that trophy.

If the...

Go on.

It doesn't matter.

If you knew Shelly so well, even
from a distance, how did she seem to you?


Jasmine had hurt her ankle
in a football kickabout on the beach

after the quarterfinals
and Shelly had been carrying her a bit.

I saw her yesterday evening,
sitting by the pool.

She looked like she had the weight
of the world on her shoulders.

Can I ask you a question, Dwayne?

Sure, that's what I'm here for.

And you don't have to askif you can ask.

You need to see me as your guide, yeah?

Your mentor, your first point of contact,

a friend, confidante,

your light at the end of the tunnel.
All right?

- Yes. Thank you.
- Good.

So ask away now.

Do we have any biscuits?

In the cupboard, man!

- Ah, Chief!
- Yes?

The victim's phone is back, and it's only
her own blood and fingerprints on it,

nothing else, and the final call
made last night was to her parents.

The last text was to Jasmine Laymon
at 9pm last night and it reads...

'"Sorry. Made an appointment
for tomorrow afternoon.'"

An appointment for what?

That's all there was.
But there is something else.

JP went through her apps,
and there's a voice memo recorder.

- And?
- There's only one file...

...and it has today's date.

So it had to be recorded this morning?

- Yes, I'd say so, sir.
- Please tell me

- there's a time.
- Sorry.


- That is weird.
- How extraordinary.

Her breathing, it feels strained.
You think it's after she's been stabbed?

Yes, possibly.

But without a time,
we can't be sure what it is.

And why would anyone
record their own breathing? Right...

Everyone who we know she had any kind
of relationship with has a perfect alibi.

So are we missing something? Hotel staff?

Two of the cleaners confirm
seeing Jasmine Laymon

knock on the victim's door around 7.40.

But everyone at the resort
has been there for at least a year.

None with any criminal records

and we can't find anyone
with links to the victim.

So, if she made an appointment, then
the chances are she did it with her phone.

Run all the numbers
she called yesterday before 9pm.

Call them all and see if she made
an appointment with any of them

- and, if so, what it was all about.
- Yes, Chief.

They won't find out anything.

I spoke to the guy in charge of the
investigation this morning. He's an idiot!

Look, just hold your nerve.


Yeah, I'll call you tomorrow.

Confirm arrangements. All right.

I can clearly see it's moved!

- There!
- Sir?

- Yes, JP?
- Er, I ran a check on all the hotels

that the Isla Jonas team stayed at
in the past three months, six in all.

They all said that Coach Laymon insisted
on inspecting the kitchens

and that he had the rooms cleaned every
morning as soon as they left for training.

All right, thank you, JP.

- Thank you. Chief?
- Yes, Dwayne?

One of the victim's calls
was made to the ABV at 6pm.

The Association of Beach Volleyball?

Hey, well done, Chief, huh?!


Yes, well, I'm not completely ignorant

when it comes to international sports,
you know?

Anyway, I spoke to the
secretary at the ABV, a very nice lady,

and Shelly Kennedy
had made an appointment

to speak to the head
of regulatory compliance.

Now, why do you arrange a meeting
with regulatory compliance?

To report somebody?
Make some sort of complaint?

Yet again, all fingers point
to the volleyball squads.

The people with perfect alibis.

Right, we'll go and talk to Jasmine Laymon
about this, er, mystery appointment.

In the meantime, you and JP look into

whether it's possible to get to the beach
and back in ten minutes.

See if you can't make it
a little bit, er, less impossible.

No problem, Chief.

- Oh, and, Dwayne?
- Chief?

Any joy with the CCTV
at the Sports Village?

The only camera that does work
only covers the main gate.

- I'm picking up the tape in one hour.
- Well done, Dwayne.

- Thank you, Chief.
- Florence!


Right, so where do we start?

Lost property box.

People seem to be taking this
volleyball competition very seriously.

That's because
we're playing Isla Jonas.

It goes back generations.

You were born here, you hate them.
You're born there, you hate us.

Like it's part of the culture.

Right, it's, er,
like the North-South divide?

The what?

Oh, well, back in England,
there's this sort of ingrained rivalry

between people from the North
and people from the South.

- But you're all from the same island?
- Yes, but, um...

there's still a lot of differences
depending on which side

- of the line you're from.
- Such as?

Well, people from the North
are all like, er...

'"Ey up!
Whippet's sick, pass us barm cake! '"

Whereas people from the South
are more like,

'"Do you what?
Leave it out! You're 'aving a larf? '"

Or words to that effect.

I have no idea what you just said!

I know. Imagine how people
in the Midlands must feel.

- The whatlands?
- Oh, right.


- I didn't want to worry you.
- You didn't know about this?


But you didn't agree with her
contacting the ABV?

Look, I was trying to convince her not to
get involved, to just leave things alone.

What exactly did she want
to talk to them about?


I thought you sustained that injury
kicking a football about on the beach?

I did.

But that's not what Shelly thought.

She thought it had been done on purpose.

The text she sent you last night

also said she was sorry.
An apologetic text.

Like perhaps you were the one
she was planning on complaining about?

- No!
- Then who?

Alison Turner.

Shelly thought it was deliberate.

She wanted me

to put in a complaint myself,
but I said no.

She wouldn't let it go.
We spent days arguing about it.

I didn't want to tell you.

I just knew you'd...

I tried to talk her out of it!

You see, I don't understand.

If Alison injured you on purpose,
why wouldn't you want to report it?

Because it doesn't matter
whether it was done on purpose or not.

A good player needs to be on their guard
for this sort of thing.

And Jasmine wasn't.

The mistake is hers.

Now... are we done here?

Not the easiest people
to warm to, are they?

- And I don't even have your prejudices.
- Except against the South.

North! I'm from the South!

- Were those accents not clear?
- Er...

35 minutes.

What's he wearing?

Dwayne, when I said look into the timings,
I didn't mean, er...

- Good work, JP.
- Ah, Chief!

I have the camera footage
from the main gate.


OK, so this is the only way
in or out of the resort.

At 7.39, the Jeep leaves,
like everyone said.

But at this angle,
we can't see who's driving.

Then no-one goes in, no-one goes out
until ten minutes later, at 7.51.

Fast forward...

Out comes the car
with Hank and Jasmine Laymon

followed by the people carrier
with the Saint Marie team and that's it.

We did try to find a short cut on foot,

but there's absolutely no way
you could get there any quicker.

- Even Usain Bolt couldn't do it.
- Then it's clear.

None of these five
could have killed Shelly Kennedy.


- Commissioner.
- Sir.

Er, I'll just go and, er...



Er, not very much, I'm afraid, sir.

We're finding it quite hard
to get any traction on this one.

I see.

- Suspects?
- Er... not exactly.

I wish I could have more
that you could pass on to your friend,

er, Mr... Burrage.

Detective Inspector, when I earlier
introduced Governor-Elect Borr-idge

as a '"close personal friend'",

I believe that is what you would refer to
as a white lie.

Anton Borr-idge and I have been
many things over the years,

but... friends is not one of them.

I see.

He is an odious little toad,

but protocol demands
that I make him feel welcome.

- We understand each other?
- Perfectly, sir.


Then I look forward to hearing
of exciting developments very soon.

- Team.
- Sir!


Wait! We do have a suspect.

- We do?
- Alison Turner.

She said she was out jogging.

So how come
we didn't see her coming back

- on that camera footage?
- And she said she saw the Jeep.

Plus she was also the person
we now know

that the victim was about to report
to the ABV.

Hang on!

You're not seriously?
I had no problem with Shelly Kennedy

and, if she had one with me,
it's the first I'm hearing of it.

It was an accident!

- Everyone could see that!
- Shelly thought otherwise.

Then why didn't she say anything to me
about it?

You tell us.

She was really going
to report her to the ABV? Seriously?

Look, there was no love lost between us,
I'm not denying that.

But me and Maz have had to work
to get where we are.

We did not have the Laymons' money,
home gyms and private trainers.

Maz is trying to support her whole family
from what we earn on the circuit.

But, out the lot of them,
Shelly is the only one I had time for.

If anything, I always felt a bit sorry
for her, stuck with them two.

Why do you say that?

He's a cold son of a bitch,
I'll tell you that much.

When you told us to go back
to the resort, they came back with us,

but Aiden was so shook up,
he couldn't drive, so Hank drove instead.

We'd only just left the beach.

Nobody was talking, we were just
all in shock. Couldn't believe it.

Jasmine had been the first one
to see the body,

but I don't think
it really hit her until then.

- Pull over!
- What?

Pull over!

I saw him.

He couldn't even look at her.

Like he was ashamed that
she was showing any kind of weakness,

any kind of emotion.

He gives me the creeps.

Anyway, I'm the one
that saw the killer leaving. Remember?

Er, yes. Your jog. We checked the footage
of the CCTV at the entrance.

We never saw you.

Because I don't come back
through the main entrance!

I run along the perimeter footpath,
come back through the chalets.

Look, whatever you think,

I didn't hurt Jasmine on purpose
and I didn't kill anybody to cover it up.

Thank you.

Nope! Still don't get it.
Why did the killer move the body?

And if it being at the same beach
the teams use for practice

wasn't a coincidence, then why take it
there knowing they'd be disturbed?

Then everything points to the killer
being someone who knew Shelly,

yet the people who know her
all have a cast-iron alibi.

Is that why the body was left there?

To provide the alibi in the first place,
some kind of weird double bluff?

But even then, how did they get
there and back in the time?

Chief? Just got the forensics
back from the victim's room.

They used Luminol, the works,

but they couldn't find a single trace
of blood in the whole place.

Plenty of bleach. But no blood.

It's as if the killer knew
the room would be cleaned.

Hank Laymon asked for it to be cleaned.

Yes, but he did that wherever they stayed,
so everyone else would know that too.

It's been a long day.
Maybe we should take a break

and clear our heads.
Come at things fresh tomorrow.

Yes, OK.

- I'll buy the first beer.
- Yes, OK.

Magpies. Gunners.

Corrie. Enders. Um...

Blur. Oasis.

- What do any of those words mean?
- I don't know.

Now ask him to explain the Middle-lands.

- Midlands!
- Midlands.

But it doesn't make any sense, Chief!
You... you all live on the same island!

- How are you, Catherine?
- Oh, fine, fine. Keeping busy.

Yes, er, cooking for one does take
some getting used to, doesn't it?

Ah, what's that silly English expression?
Two birds and one stone?

- Two birds with one stone.
- Exactly!

We should dine together from time to time.

I hate to see my lovely tr?cho curry
going to waste.

I'm always making far too much.

- Um, tr?cho curry?
- Yup.

Goat meat, copra, boniato
and burning hot habanero peppers.

Spontaneous combustion in a bowl.

Let me know when you're ready.


Is it really that hot?

The locals will only eat it in the winter,

when it's really, really cold,
below 25 degrees.

Why didn't JP join us?

Oh, he said he's got himself a date.

Which is not surprising really.

I think he's trying to mould himself

in my image.

Congratulations! You have successfully
created competition for yourself.

Much younger competition.

I didn't think of that, you know.

What can I say?

We all create
our own Frankensteins, Dwayne. Cheers.

- Cheers.
- Cheers!

Yes, um, well, um, like you said,
need to sleep, fresh start in the morning.

Clear head and all that. Night-night.

You're going back to the station,
aren't you?


Oh, and by the way. Frankenstein was
the creator, not the monster. Night-night.

Guess that makes you
the Frankenstein, then.


Well, I had a place lined up when I first
came out of training, but it fell through.

And I found somewhere else, sir,

but it needs a deposit and, with my family
being on the other end of the island...

- You've been sleeping here?
- Until I get my first pay slip, yes.

- You were the one who moved my desk!
- Well, sir, I...

I brought the portable telly through
to... to watch.

I'm sorry.

Am I fired?

Fired? Why would you be fired?

- I'm over the moon.
- Chief?

At least that's one mystery solved now.
There were too many banging around. No!

Now I get to go through this with
a clearer head. And you can help me.

That is, er, unless there's
somewhere else you need to be?

- Er, no!
- Good!

- What's happened?
- I don't know.

But if the Chief was worried
about his desk moving two inches,

I don't know
what he's going to make of this.

Homeless? A vagabond?

He's not homeless,
he just doesn't have a house.

- So you didn't really have a date, then?
- When would I have had the time?

JP, you've got to make time!

Boy, there's still so much
I've got to teach you! Right, that's it!

This weekend, me and you are
hitting the clubs. You hear?

Right, well, leaving JP's housing and
love-life situation aside for a moment,

there is something we need to show you.

We spent last night watching
some of the previous games in the contest.

We actually just wanted to see
the footage of Shelly's play,

but once we started watching,

- we couldn't stop.
- I'll bet!

Ahem... yeah.
And that's when we noticed something.

As good as
the Isla Jonas team were,

there's only so much in the match
you can control.

Despite everything, there were games,
like this one, where Isla Jonas

are down to the closing minutes
of the game, but still need

to get one last point to win,
which is when this happens...

It looks like she let it drop.

Giving Isla Jonas the two-point lead
they needed to win the game.

- So what?
- So nothing, if this was a one-off.

Most of the time, Isla Jonas breezed it.
But any time they didn't - a double fault,

a dropped ball, bad return, you name it -
and always when Isla Jonas are behind.

- You think match fixing was going on?
- Yes!

Here's another one where
their opponents seem to let the ball drop.

Wait! On that one! Go back.

She isn't in on it!

No, but from the look on her face,
she's starting to suspect.

That match was three weeks ago.

So, three weeks after
Shelly Kennedy started to suspect

that some of Isla Jonas' matches
may be fixed, she was murdered.

That is a coincidence
I'm not prepared to accept.

- So we have a motive.
- There's something else.

An appointment to go and see the ABV.

Was it to report Alison Turner,
as she told Jasmine Laymon,

or was it something more serious?

Making an allegation
of match fixing

just before the Inter-Island Final
would wreak havoc.

JP, I want bank records from anyone
connected to the Isla Jonas team.

We're looking for
substantial chunks of money

going in or coming out of accounts
on the days of the matches.

- Yes, sir.
- Dwayne...

- Yes, Chief!
- Whoever it is

won't be match-fixing for glory.

Luckily, I know most of the bookmakers
on the island.

I thought you might.
Let me know if you've got anything.

Florence and I will head to the resort.

I've got a hunch that someone else
knew about this. Come on, Florence!

- How did you find out?
- Probably the same way you did.

- Watching the matches back-to-back.
- Ah.

Yesterday, you wanted
to tell us something, didn't you?

Believe me, there is nothing
Hank wouldn't do to win that trophy.

Go on.

That was what you were going
to tell us, wasn't it?

- I didn't know, not for sure.
- But you suspected it?

Match fixing is serious.

- Why didn't you report it?
- Report what?

A lucky streak?
In this profession, cheating is like...

It's the dirtiest word you could say.
L-I couldn't prove anything.

Did you ever discuss it with anyone else?

Yeah, he told us.

And d'you know what?
I would have lovedto have believed it.

But no, whatever I might think of them,
those girls could play.

They wouldn't cheat.

That's a nice ring.

You know, when I was younger,
if ever I was nervous,

or trying to hide something,
I'd do this with my hair.

You do a similar thing with that.
I noticed it yesterday.

This is a murder enquiry.

Do you understand what that means?

So is there something
you'd like to tell us?

I'm so, so sorry.

I was offered money to throw the final.

But I didn't take it, Alison.
I swear to you, I didn't take it.

Who offered you money?

L-I don't know.

It was just moments after we qualified.


Who is this?

He offered me $10,000.

Told me to think about it,
told me he'd call me later.


Well, l-I think it was a man,
but... I don't know.

Whoever it was,
they were disguising their voice.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you were going
to take the money, weren't you?

It wasn't for me!

It was for Mum.

She can't keep up the payments
on her house.

Even with what I make playing,
it's not enough.

I spent all day thinking about it,
going back and forth.

The difference it would make...

I could change her life...

for a stupid volleyball game.

I wasn't sure whether I was going
to go through with it or not.

Not until that moment.

I was so close to picking it up...

But you didn't.

And that's all that matters.

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have
to ask for that phone.

Thank you.

JP, there's a number called this phone
two days ago at 4.30

and again the same evening.
It was from our mystery match fixer.

- See if you can't put a name to it.
- Yes, Chief.

- Oh, and about those bank records, sir...
- OK, Chief!

I had to call in favours, but I found
a big-time under-the-counter book-maker

who's admitted having dealings
with Hank Laymon.

- Really?
- Yup. Two days ago,

he placed a considerable bet
on Isla Jonas for the final.

JP, do we have bank records
to back that up?

That's the thing, sir.
Hank Laymon was declared bankrupt.

But the Laymons are one
of the richest families on Isla Jonas.

Well, that's up until 18 months ago.
I checked it out.

A failed business venture,
looks like a chain of sports bars, sir.

The bars Aiden Parker told us about.

They went into administration

- 18 months ago.
- So there were no

- large sums of money?
- Well, one. A week ago,

he cleared out an old savings account.
$12,000, sir.

- Looks like that's all he had.
- But my guy said it was a $15,000 bet.

So, he managed to scratch
a bit more from somewhere.

So it seems clear that Hank Laymon was
somehow involved in this match fixing

and that Shelly Kennedy
had somehow discovered that.

But what is also clear is that
he couldn't have done it

- on his own.
- Why not?

Because, if he used every penny he had
to bet on Isla Jonas in the final,

then who was going to pay Maz Shipley
to throw her match?

- So he had a partner?
- My guess is

this partner was the one
who made the phone call to Maz.

- JP, any luck with that number?
- No, sir. It's coming up

- as unregistered.
- Now, why does that not surprise me?

But it has to be someone
who was close to Hank Laymon.

Sir, the SIM was sold in Isla Jonas,
if that helps.

That just confirms what we know.
It has to be somewhere else.

OK, Chief, I'm going to say something,

just because it popped
into my head, mind you.

There's only one other person
who wanted Islas Jonas to win

- more than Hank Laymon did.
- Go on.

The governor guy who came with the team,
'"Barrage'" or whatever his name is.

The Commissioner called him a toad, right?
And he looks loaded to me!

And from what I've heard,
he would do anything to see Isla Jonas

- beat Saint Marie...
- Dwayne...

that is either genius,
or slanderous libel.


- Can we get access to his statements?
- I already got it.

- You did?
- Sir, you said I should get

- everybody that's connected to the team.
- I did?

Ha! Here! Large cash withdrawals!
5,000 and 10,000!

- Ahem!
- So...

Laymon and the Commissioner's toad
were in it together up to their necks...

- In what together?
- Ah, sir! Ha-ha! Perfect timing.

If I were to suggest
that Governor-Elect Burrage

was capable of match fixing
in order to win the ABV final...

what would you say?

I need
to get this straight in my head.

You are actually accusing me
of fixing matches?

Those are some large sums of money
leaving your account of late,

and it seems to correspond

with significant key matches
throughout the games.

They also correspond
to the end of the tax year, Selwyn,

when, as you know, I'm always very keen
to donate any excess I have

to worthy charitable foundations.

Charitable foundations of which
you, presumably, are the patron?

But I suspect, if I were to continue
to follow the paper trail,

I would inevitably discover just
whose pocket that money ends up in.

Why don't you do that, then?

Um, would you mind...
showing me your mobile?

I did tell you
I had my best team on the job.

They secured this phone
from one of our players.

A call had been made to it
the day of the semifinal

offering a sum of money very similar
to the ones you so generously

donate to your charitable causes.

The number, naturally, was unregistered.

Shall we dial it?


Was there... anything else?

Sorry, Chief.

Don't be. It was an inspired thought.
But if it was his phone, it wasn't there.

Maybe we should go
and talk to Hank Laymon?

No, not yet. He'll just deny everything,
say he used the money for something else.

Even though he's our prime suspect,
we still have no way of placing him

at the murder scene or, more importantly,
getting him to the beach to dump the body.

And there's that question again!
Why dump the body?

Which one of you weighs
closest to ten stone?

- Ow!
- Careful, sir! Please! Er, OK...

Stop grabbing my jacket!
You're supposed to be dead!

- I won't drop you!
- Whoa! Oh! Excuse me, sir!

No, don't. The killer had to do it!

Er... OK, quick, do it.

We'll assume the killer
opened it in advance.



- So... what did we learn?
- That it wouldn't be easy.

I think I'll be covered in bruises

and oil...

It serves you right,
you should have put something down first.

- Can I get out now?
- What?


Never mind!

Oil! Was there oil on the body?
No, of course not, there was a sheet.

Post-mortem bruising can occur when tissue
is forcibly compressed against bone.

It happens when loading bodies
onto transport trolleys.

Was there bruising? No, there wasn't.
It would've shown up on the autopsy.

The bleach! The bleach -
that threw us, didn't it? Stupid Humphrey!

- Letting yourself get led by the nose...
- OK, stop!

- What's going on?
- Why move a body if you don't have to?

To conceal or to remove the evidence.
Or... to provide an alibi!

The car keys, did we find them?
No, of course not.

- It was important, you would've told me.
- Of course I would.

Let's see if it fits.


- Have you got it?
- Not exactly.

I think I know how and why.

- So what's missing?
- Er, who. That sounds worse than it is...

I think the '"how'" is
connected to the '"who'".

I just need to check one final detail.

- JP?
- Yes, sir?

How do you fancy another jog?

Dwayne, please assemble
our volleyballers

and the Commissioner might like
to be there too.

Oh, and that Burrage fellow.

Thank you for coming.

Er, well, you're already here,
so, um, thank you for...

Yes, well, um...
Let's get started, shall we?


Who murdered Shelly Kennedy?

Well, that was the first
and obviously most important question,

but there was, er, another question.

One that kept coming back to haunt me,
that wouldn't go away.

Why did the killer move the body?

In broad daylight?

Why was it so important...

they risk getting caught to do so?

Quite literally... a killer question.

And the answer?

They didn't.

Because Shelly wasn't killed
in her bedroom.

That was why everyone had a perfect alibi
for the time of the murder, see?

Because we assumed that Shelly was already
dead when the Jeep was driven away.

I don't believe she was.


Here's what I think happened.

It wasn't the killer you saw
driving away that morning.

It was Shelly herself.

She was the one who drove to the beach.

She was the one who parked the Jeep.

She was even the one...

who climbed inside the boot.

Which is where she was murdered all along.

- Exactly where we found her.
- Er, sorry? Um...

- Shelly climbed into the boot herself?
- Yes.


Because she'd figured
exactly the same thing we had.

That someone was paying
to fix the results of the games.

And that was you, wasn't it...

Mr Laymon?

Oh, I knew it.

Judging from the tapes of the matches
we watched,

I'd say we can link you
to the match fixing

of at least four Isla Jonas games
where your competitors were paid off.


Then how do you explain the $15,000 bet

you placed with a bookmaker five days ago?

Every penny you had.

You were facing financial ruin -
everything you'd worked for.

That and an overwhelming desire to win
eventually corrupted you.

- You killed her for money?
- Mr Laymon didn't kill Shelly.

In fact, I doubt he has any more idea
who did it than you have.

You see...

Shelly knew that she had to go to the ABV
and report what she had seen.

But before she could do so...

...she made a terrible
and ultimately fatal mistake.

She shared her suspicions with her killer.

Didn't she, Jasmine?

Out of loyalty... she came to you

and told you that she believed your father
was paying off the teams you played.

That was the text she sent, wasn't it?

'"Sorry, but I made the appointment.'"

You knew she wasn't talking about
your foot injury or Alison Turner -

she was going to the ABV
to expose your father.

You said you'd confront him...

to find out the truth.

More than that, you said
you'd confront him in a place

where she would be able
to record what he said.

To uncover the truth, you would take him
to the bench at the beach you trained at.

A place where Shelly would be close enough
to record every word he said.

This is the sound of Shelly Kennedy...

...lying in wait in the back
of that Jeep...

...ready to record a conversation
that was never going to happen.

You see, once I realised
that she wasn't killed in her room at all,

but in the car park, well, then it was
really only you who could have done it.

The person who opened
the back of the Jeep...

That bed sheet was clever- very clever.

Nearly threw us off track,
as you hoped it would.

What did you do?

Tell her to put a sheet down so she didn't
get dirty in the back of the Jeep?

Murderous intent,
disguised as an act of kindness?

You knew that your father had arranged for
the cleaners to go in as he always did,

so you must have known that we'd think...

...that they'd removed all evidence of
the murder, giving you a cast-iron alibi.

There's just one more
damning piece of evidence.

The keys to the Jeep.

You had to dispose of them somewhere.

But where?


Pull over!

How was your jog, JP?

Pretending to be grief stricken
on the ride home was smart.

But you should have found a better place
to hide the keys.


We'd have lost everything.

Our money, our reputation.

Win at any cost,
that's what you taught me.

At any cost?

Jasmine... No!


I'm sorry, Mr Laymon.

I think my colleague said it best.

Literary inaccuracies aside...

...we all create our own Frankensteins.

Be careful with that.

You know, we still haven't found
Hank Laymon's partner.

He may tell us, no point hiding it now.


Very impressive, Inspector.

It was a pleasure to watch you work.

Thank you, Sir. Please offer
my condolences to Shelly's family.

I shall. Thank you.


Until next year, then.




Basse Marina, please.

The Marina?

Anton, rather annoyingly for a toad,
travels by private yacht.

So you have to arrange this villa for him,
even though he has somewhere to...


Which means that could be
where the phone is.

- I'll drive.
- Come on.


One killer and one corrupt politician
brought to justice. I say

- we've earned these.
- Cheers!

So, how's the room, JP?

Oh, it's better than a police cell.

- Thanks for sorting it out, Chief.
- Not a problem.

She was in need of a lodger,
you were in need of a home.

Two birds on one stone.

Isn't it with one stone?

And here comes your new landlady now.


A tr?cho curry for your first night.

Wow! Er, thank you, Mrs B.

Now, I want to see a nice, clean plate.

So do I!

A bowl of that every week
and you'll make sergeant in no time!

Oh, yes!

So, here's to a job well done
and the island's first championship win

in over a decade - even if it was down to
the other team being disqualified

for brutal murder.


But after 15 years,
anything will do for me.

To Saint Marie, then.

- To Saint Marie.
- And the North.

The South... I'm from the South,

- how many times?
- North, South,

Saint Marie, Islas Jonas - who cares?

To us!

Something... wrong, JP?

Oh, that's...


Dwayne, why didn't you warn him?!

Sometimes you have to let them
learn for themselves!


Annette Burgess.

CEO of It's-so-good. Co. Uk.

It's a business running
these corporate getaways.

This is going to take a carefully
thought-out strategy, you know.

Or you could just...

start looking.

Who did it?

That's what I intend to find out.

- She was my sister!
- Someone should go and get Stuart.

- No!
- Ah!


And as I fall, you two...

- Guess what?
- What?

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