Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Episode #4.7 - full transcript

Annette Burgess, overbearing boss of a travel company on the island for a team building exercise, is shot in her bed and her phone stolen. Goodman uncovers a secret linking Annette to Dom, the group's youngest member, who has a troubled past. Indeed Dom admits to killing Annette but Goodman discovers that she was already dead before he fired the gun. In fact other group members have cause for grievance, including put upon P.A. Sandra, sister Izzy and Izzy's boyfriend Stuart. One person, however, is not who they claim to be and Goodman works out that this is the killer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Come on, the Reds!
- Come on, Izzy! That's it.

- Stick together.
- Come on, Izzy! Come on!

- This is ridiculous!
- Oh, come on, sis!

When I said Caribbean,
you didn't really think you'd get me

on a beach, did you?

That's it, come on!

That's it, go, go, go, sisters,

you're almost there!

Come on, that's brilliant!
Well done.

Come on, Izzy! Come on!

Push him! Come on!

Oh, referee!


Come on! That's it, go!

- Go, go!
- Whoo!

Right - listen up, everybody.

We're going to have one last exercise
to finish the day. Ah, Izzy.

- Sorry.
- She's here.

OK... The conch game.

You choose someone, you look them in
the eye and you can say anything at all.


One condition!

It must include '"I like'".

- Ooh!
- Stuart, you start.



Izzy... my sweetheart.


I like the way...

you look...

in combats!


That's nice.


- Sandra...
- Oh, dear!

I like...

the way you keep our company going.

- Hear, hear.
- I wouldn't know what we'd do

- without you.
- Oh, thank you.

Hear, hear.


I like the way that you've
managed to fit in.

It can't have been easy.


- Miss Burgess...
- Oh!

I mean, erm...


I... um,

I like the way that even though
you're the boss,

you still get stuck in,
like everyone else.

- Ah!
- Whoo!


I like the way that my bed
is calling me!

Sorry, but I'm going to call it a night,

but you're all doing really, really well.

- Oh, you're a party-pooper!
- Night.

- Good night, Annette.
- Night.

I've left your drinks in the fridge.

After the day you've had, I think
you all deserve a treat before lights out.

I like the sound of that!

Just a small one.

Down the hatch.



Bill, Sandra's not in her shack!


Over here!

It's this way.

I've got you now. I've got you.
Don't worry, we're going to support you.

Sandra, give me your hand!
Come on, I've got you.

I got lost. I needed the loo.

I lost my torch.

Oh, my God, Sandra!

We really should play safe.

Er... Go get Annette.
She needs to see a doctor.

There's a first-aid kit in my Jeep.

I'll go, then, shall I?

I'm such an idiot.

I'm so sorry.

No, don't be silly.



Ripped By mstoll

Right, a birthday present for my dad.

Personalised cufflinks,
personalised golf clubs,

personalised fishing rod...
personalised fish?

That can't be right.

Oh, what do you think?

- Me?
- Yes.

I don't know. He's your dad.

Eh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This is one of the most oxygen-producing
plants on earth.

It increases brainpower
by up to 30%. Proven fact.


Well, take your proven fact
and move it to your side of the office.

- Please.
- Come on.

He must have a hobby.

Travel, cinema...


Hobby, yeah. Yes.


OK. How old is he?

He's 70.

One! 71. No, two.


No, one. 71.

Yes, definitely 71.

I think.

Oh, no!

No, no, no. No way.

Apparently, it boosts
your brainpower by 30%.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not sitting next to no hedge, man.

It's not a hedge.

It's a shrub.

A Dracaena fragrans '"Massangeana'".

Hello? Saint Marie police station.

- I don't want it.
- But...

- Right, we'll be right there. Thank you.
- I'll put it somewhere central.

- I'm allergic to hedges, man.
- Er, thank you.

- Take it outside.
- That way.

Thank you!

Right, we have a dead body waiting for us.

Saint Vincent National Park, let's go.

Single shot, close range,

very efficient. Rigor mortis has set in,
so time of death

could be anything between 11 pm and 3am.

Annette Burgess, 52.

CEO of It's-so-good. Co. Uk

- It's so good?
- Yes, it's an online

ethical travel agents.
Small, but very boutique, very chic.

They sell holidays for, you know,
young professionals, young families.

How do you call these women?

Ah, jolie maman - have children,
don't work, go to the gym...

Oh, yes - yummy mummies.

So, what were they all doing here?

Outdoor team building,
run by a Bill Williams.

He was the one who made the call.

Oh, yeah - I know Williams.

He has a business running
these corporate getaways.

He's one of those types who spends a long
and lonely life looking for themselves

and end up in the middle of the Caribbean
adorned in a ghastly, flowery shirt.

Hey, I wasn't talking about you,
you know, Chief.


It's easier to get into Fort Knox
than this.


Not much of a bleed, I must say.

Murder weapon?

Not at the scene. But Williams owns a gun,
which he keeps locked in a chest.

And it went missing last night.

Bullet penetrated both the covers
and the nightdress...

You think she was shot in her sleep?

Yes, certainly seems that way, except...


Eye mask. Untouched.

Why would she bring them all this way...

and then not bother to use them?

Yes, but if she was awake,
there's no sign of struggle anywhere.

Hm. Was anything taken?

Only her mobile phone, her PA says.

Diamond earrings still in her suitcase.

Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to
just for a mobile phone.

Ah, whisky!

One shot missing.

One glass.

This is clean. Lab, please.

- These are labelled.
- Vitamin drinks?

- Oh, God.
- Yes!

This must be good for you.


I did it, Chief!
Let's hope it was worth it, yes?

Padded envelope?

Sticky tape?

Why would anyone put sticky tape
in an envelope in a safe?

Sir? I have finished with everyone's
fingerprints, they're ready for you now.

Excellent. All yours, gentlemen.

Ah, good morning.

I'm Detective Inspector Goodman.

I'd just like to put some names to faces.

- Oops, sorry.
- Stuart Howe, head of development.

This is Izzy Cartwright, head of
operations, also Annette's sister,

so she's had quite a shock.

I'm OK.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Sandra Kendrick, Miss Burgess' PA.

Dominic Claydon - um...
senior account executive.

- Mr Williams, then, I presume?
- Call me Bill.

Right. Bill.

I understand that you keep your gun
locked in a chest in your Jeep?


So could you explain exactly when
you noticed that your gun was missing?

Well, it was a nightmare,
middle of a bloody storm,

the signal on my phone just went.

You see, I was already taking Ms Kendrick
into town to see the doctor

and that's when Miss Cartwright
discovered the body.

So, I ran to my Jeep and the bloody thing
just conked out on me.

And that's

when I discovered that the chest
had been broken into.

Took me, ooh, best part of three hours

to jolt it back to life.

You see, that's why it took so long to,
er, get to a phone.

To call you.

Hang on...

Did nobody else here have a mobile phone?


We had to leave them at Gatwick.
In left luggage.

Annette wanted us totally focused
on the job in hand, no distractions.

The only reason I was allowed a laptop
was to take notes, as it were.

It's nothing she wouldn't have
expected of herself. She was like that,

all or nothing...

Yes, it's interesting you say that,
Mr Claydon, because, um...

Miss Burgess did in fact keep
her mobile phone, didn't she?

You said it was missing.


I wasn't supposed to tell anyone.


Right, er...

So, you all arrived Saturday morning,
Gatwick via Orlando?

Annette didn't get here till night.
She missed her connection.

You didn't travel together?

No, no, she went first class.

She didn't say anything, she just... delayed.

I'm sorry.

It's been such a shock.

Yes, of course.

And so she excused herself at, erm...

half past nine?

Yes, yes, yes. Well...

the rest of us, we had a quick drink here,
about an hour later,

I went in to see her,

just to discuss the programme
for the coming day

and when I turned in at 11 pm,

- everybody's lights were out.
- Hm.

And that was the last time any of you
heard or saw of her until you,

Miss Cartwright, found her
at half past five?


So if you all wouldn't mind taking me
through your exact movements

between 10.30pm and 5.30am.

I dropped like a stone, I'm afraid.

Totally shattered
because of the day we'd had.

I see.

I was asleep, too. All the time.

- And me.
- Me, too.

- As of 11.
- Mm-hm.

Yes. Of course.

Until the storm woke me up.


half past four.

Is that when you went to the toilet
and lost your torch?

- Mm.
- Yes, and none of you heard a shot?

Movements? Unusual noises?

Oh, it was some thunder.

And that was the thing, see?
When I went to get her,

I thought maybe she didn't hear anything

because of the earplugs.


Yes, she always slept in them.

And an eye mask.

She couldn't turn off, otherwise.

Her mind was very active.

What do you think, then?

Bodged mugging?

Yes, well, I very much doubt that.

There were no signs of a struggle.
Nothing valuable was taken.

The only thing missing is the phone,
which suggests that whoever has taken it

did so for a very specific reason.

You think that...
it was someone she knew?

Hang on... are you suggesting
it was one of us?

OK, thank you.

So, all indications are
she was shot in her sleep.

Yet we know she never goes to sleep
without her eye mask or earplugs,

which she didn't have on.

Maybe she was exhausted,
like the rest of them?

And then there's the envelope with the
tape in the safe - what's that all about?

- Chief?
- Yes?

Take a look at this.

Bus ticket into town -
yesterday morning, 8.35.

Strange to be popping out in the middle of
intense team building.

Let's look into that.
Exclusion fingerprints?

Well, this glass is clean, but even if
she drank straight from the bottle,

it wouldn't show.

Apparently, she had no fingerprints.


The paramedics say they heard
of a similar case...

Oh, yes! Switzerland.


A condition in which one has
no fingerprints.

We file that under, '"strange, but true'",

although my all-time favourite is
trimethylaminuria -

otherwise known as fish odour syndrome.
Substances in the sufferer's blood,

excreted through bodily fluids,
smell of...

Yes, we get it - fish.


- Fish?
- Yes.

Still, no fingerprints - wow!


First things first - JP and Dwayne,
murder weapon.

Scour this place.

Also, take a look at Williams' Jeep,

see if there's any evidence of
recent breakdown.

That was, after all, three hours

- it took him to call us.
- Yes, Chief.

Florence, let's get our hands
on Stuart Howe's laptop

and let's request the call log of
Annette's mobile.

One thing is for sure -

this place is miles from anywhere

and in the middle of rough terrain.
Whoever did it,

it was someone in this camp.

Yes, well, they've certainly cornered
the ethical millionaire market.

Yoga retreats in southern Spain,
eco-camping in the Andes...


Breastfeeding breaks in the Himalayas.

Still, great website - bespoke, stylish,

And last valued at ?116 million.

So, we have...

Annette Burgess, 52,
inspirational entrepreneur-ess.

At least, that's what she calls herself.

Yes, a sort of Alan Sugar with lipstick.

Proper alpha female.

Runs a tight ship, by the sounds of it.

Sandra Kendrick, her PA.

She's 55, single, been with the company
since the beginning.

Looks a bit - how shall I say - fragile.

And there's Izzy - Annette's sister.

The beta to Annette's alpha.
Not quite so glamorous.

Divorced, three kids,
but engaged to Stuart Howe.

Engaged? Isn't that a bit close for
comfort in such a small company?

Now, here's an interesting one -
Dominic Claydon. Bit of a wallflower.

Well, he's only been with
the company four months.

No track record in the field.

And he's already
a senior account executive?

He's listed on the website as a creator
and head of It's-so-bad. Co. Uk.

It's an offshoot of It's-so-good,

but dedicated to more hedonistic pursuits.


Fetish weekends in Marrakech,
reckless skiing in the Dolomites.

It's so good, it's so bad -
it's all very clever.

And we have Bill Williams.

Ah, yes - the man who lost three hours.

Dwayne had a look at his Jeep -
the oil pipe has been recently fixed.

He was telling the truth about that.

He runs team building courses

and conflict resolution workshops under
the name of Williams Enterprises.

He's moved around quite a bit

and he came here from... Hampshire.

- Sher.
- What?

It's '"sher'", not shire. Hamp-sher.

- Sher?
- Well done.

- Yes.
- Anyway...

No-one has alibis.

Or, indeed, motives,
though I do have to say, Florence,

this woman was somewhat of a despot.

Pushes everyone else to their limits
while she keeps her mobile phone

and flies first class.

Oh, no.

Shouldn't you answer that?

Hm? No.

They'll call back, I'm sure.
Whoever it was.

Any the wiser as to why
she was delayed in Orlando?

Apparently she just showed up in a taxi
12 hours later than expected.

Well, that's as good a place
to start as any.

I want us to dig out everything
we can about Annette Burgess.

You don't get that successful without
having a few skeletons in your closet.

Right. All done there.

How you getting on?

Well, I'm just sitting there thinking
about the best way to approach this.

And this is something
you'll learn in time.

The secret of a good search
is all in the planning.

I mean, take a look at this place -

there's a hell of a lot of mileage
to cover here, you know.

There's the different terrain,
the vegetation, and let's not forget,

we've just had a heavy storm.

I mean, this is going to take

a carefully thought out strategy,
you know.

Or you could just... start looking.

Start looking?


That attitude is going to get you
nowhere in a real hurry, you know.

You have to have a master plan.

Otherwise... it's a total waste
of manpower, time and resources.

Look, this is something you'll learn
with the benefit of hindsight

and experience.

- Dwayne?
- What?

Look what I just found.

No-one does Muzak
better than the Americans.

Right. Annette Burgess,
born 1963 in Mansfield...

Ah, Mansfield,
home to the king of rock and roll.

Elvis Presley?

No, Alvin Stardust.

Although, to be precise,
he was actually born in Muswell Hill

and brought up in Mansfield...

English cultural icon?

# Ah, coo-coo ca choo. #


Never mind, as you were.

Thank you.

Moved to London in 1983...

Ah, ah, it's ringing.

Yes, hello, hello?

Um, as I explained to your colleague...
Mm, what?

Oh, Annette Burgess.

Phoenix 056 from Orlando.



- Yes, I'll hold.
- Chief!

- Oh, my...
- Oh, yes.

You've found the gun?

Teamwork, you know?

- Fingerprints?
- Oh, yes.


Oh, yes, but not just.

Dominic Claydon.

- Now, what possible motive could he have?
- Sir?


Just arrived.

Now, I took the liberty
of widening out the search.

He's been to prison - four months
in HMP Telbridge in Birmingham

for drug-related theft.

Hmm. Troubled background.
Adopted as a baby, adoption failed.

Ended up in a Barnardo's care home
in Nottingham.

Excluded from school, failed his GCSEs,
in and out of rehab.

Hang on - Mansfield's in Nottinghamshire.
When was he born?

- 1983.
- So they both come from the same place

and the year he's born
she leaves for London.

Let's get their medical records.

W-Why would I hurt her?

She believed in me,
she helped me turn my life around.

She may have, but it wasn't because of
your brilliantly creative mind, was it?

You were born in Nottinghamshire,
June 1983.

Princess Alexandra's Hospital.

And from Annette's medical records,

we discover she was also at Princess
Alexandra's Hospital at that time.

Maternity ward.

She was your mother, wasn't she?

When did you contact her?

When I was inside.


I hit rock bottom.

I thought if maybe
I could find my birth mother, I...

I couldn't believe it
when I found out who she was.

I read all these interviews where s-s-she
said that s-s-she couldn't have kids.

I was just... too scared to approach her,

I got a job as a temp in her company.

I worked my socks off
just learning the ropes until...

...I finally plucked up the courage.

Was she shocked?

You could say that again.

She made me take a DNA test immediately.

When it came back positive, she...

She just panicked.

- Why?
- Why?!

Progressive Businesswoman of the Year.

Ethical Website of the Year -
she isthe brand!

If people knew that she was hiding
her son away somewhere,

they'd think she was a complete fraud.

Not necessarily.

You've no idea.

She put a deal on the table.


It's So Bad...
in exchange for my silence.

It had to be my project to manage, to own.

So, it was heridea, not yours?

She said that... if she told everyone
it was my idea that it would...

It would explain my new-found status.

She said... '"It's just to buy some time,
trust me, I'll... '"

'"I'll tell everyone on the next trip.'"

- I do notwant to talk about it.
- Please, Annette!

Why won't you tell them that you...
What's the big deal?!

You were young, y-y-you had no choice.

This is not... the right... time.

Then it clicked.

It was never going to be the right time.

She just... She just couldn't bear
the thought of other people knowing.

I trusted her.

She just didn't want me.

I knew Bill had a gun.

When he brought us over here
from the airport in his Jeep, I saw it.

Breaking locks was no big deal for me.

I just...

I just killed my own mother!

What have I...

What have I done?!

What have I done?!


And that... is case... closed!

And in record time, too.

Brainpower. Told you!

Tragic, really.

All his life
he looked for one person's approval.

Then he ended up killing...

No, it doesn't fit.


Oh, come on, Chief!

Surely we're allowed to solve a case
quickly at least once in a blue moon?!

So who took her phone?


Maybe she just lost it earlier
in the day and didn't mention.

And what about the eye mask
and the earplugs?

She never went to sleep without them!

The envelope, the sticky tape
in the safe - why were they there?

Sir, with respect, this is getting silly.

We have a suspect with motive, opportunity
and means who has just confessed.

What more do you want?


There's just no pleasing some people.

Well, I for one am going
for a well-earned drink.

You coming?

Ah, bonjour, Cessay!

Um... You go on ahead. I won't be long.

Spoken like a true man.

- Have you called your dad back yet?
- Oh! Lord, no.

When was the last time you spoke to him?

Er, well, erm, I... Well...

We're just best kept apart.

For everyone's sake.
On either side of the planet.

You know, I suppose a small drink
is in order since we've cracked a case.

Do you think, maybe,
if the case is closed,

you have more time to answer calls...
rather than screen them?

I just want to go back in... Back in...

I think you've had

quite enough, my dear.

Come on, madame,
I'll take you back to the camp.

If I could just have another wee drink.

Don't think that's such a good idea.

She was my sister! My sister!

I know, darling, I know.

- Yeah, but why? Just tell me why?
- Maybe someone should go and get Stuart.

- No!
- Ouch!

- I'm sorry!
- It's all right.

You seem like such a nice man.

I never really knew her.

I never really knew her.

OK, OK. Why don't I take over here?

I think someone needs a big drink.

- Yes.
- Come on, my dear.

Morning, all!

- Morning, sir.
- Yeah, morning.

- Morning.
- Now, I was thinking...

Maybe you were right,
maybe I just wasn't accepting

that once in a blue moon,
a case presents itself.

It may seem... bewildering, flummoxing,
impossible, but then this...

big, gigantic, over-knotted, messy... knot,

just sorts of, well, unknots itself.

He doesn't get hangovers...

Mm, figures.

So, seeing as that's happened,
we now have time for other things.

What other things?

Team building! Follow me.

- Hey, where we going?
- This way!

OK, Dwayne, you stand here
and we'll all stand behind you.

- Er, what's going on?
- Transference, that's what.

He can't accept that we solved the case.

Or there's something else
he's trying to avoid.

Now, come on, this is serious, OK?

You close your eyes,
and when you're ready,

you fall back and we will catch you.

You must be joking, right?

Now, now. Trust!

OK, everyone?

Ready, brace yourselves.

When you're ready, Dwayne.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I just don't think...

I'll get it!


It might be important.

Now, look, this is ever so simple.
I stand here, thus.

You stand here, thus.
Have your arms ready, thus.

Er, Chief...

Now, now, there's no time for thinking,
now is the time for being,

being in the moment.

I close my eyes, thus.

And as I fall, you two...

- Guess what?
- What?


That was the pathologist.
Postmortem's just been done.

And the cause of death -
it wasn't shooting.

It was asphyxiation! She was already dead.

I knew it. I knew it!

Ow! Ow!


Right, cause of death -
lack of blood supply to the brain

consistent with suffocation.

Fibres from a cushion found in mouth.

Estimated time of death
between 11 pm and midnight.

That doesn't make any sense.

On the contrary, Dwayne,
at last something makes sense!

It's all change.


See, all this still stands.

But we have been investigating
the wrong murder,

thinking she was shot in her sleep.

The real murder was the one that happened

some three hours before,
when she was suffocated with a cushion,

before being put to bed
by the first killer

to make it look like she was asleep,

thus paving the way for the second killer,

- She was dead already?
- She was dead already.

- She was killed twice?!
- She was killed twice.

And that's one hell of an achievement -
being hated that much.

Well, that explains the earplugs
and the eye mask.

- Mmm.
- She was awake

- when the first killer came in.
- Yes,

but we're still none the wiser as
to the envelope and the sticky tape.

Why were they locked in the safe?

And the whereabouts of her phone.

Crazy. Extraordinary.

Right. Where were we? Fingerprints!

Well, the only prints that were
in the shack

were Sandra Kendrick's and Bill Williams'.

So, unless it was one of them,
the real killer could've worn gloves.

Background checks?

We'll resume all these.
And financial checks, too.

Mobile phone server?

I've requested call logs.
Texts will take longer to retrieve.

And we still have her bus ticket
into town.

We know she went into town
but we don't know why.

So that is your first point of call.

What was she looking for?
Who did she meet?

I should get back to my friends
in US Immigration,

see if we can find out
why she was held up in Orlando...

right after I work out
what to do with Mr Claydon. Erm...

I suppose we release him on bail?

But he shot her. He killed her!

I know she was dead already

- but it's, er...
- Highly unusual,

Dwayne, I accept.

But in this instance,
I suppose all we can charge him with

is attempted murder, not actual murder.

So he gets off?

Well, he won't get off scot-free,
but he certainly won't go down for life.

You know, with a good barrister,
probably only talking a few years.

Suppose my father had a point, after all.
Justice is like true love.

Doesn't really exist.

I killed her!

I definitely killed her.

- I did!
- I know you meant to,

but I'm afraid to say,
somebody beat you to it.

I don't understand.

I know. I'm trying to get my head
round it as well.

Look, once bail terms are set,
you can be released

pending further investigation.

We'll, of course, hang on to your


Who did it?

That's what I intend to find out.

Sorry, excuse me, madame,
have you seen this woman before?


- Any joy?
- None whatsoever.

I mean, half of these people
weren't even there on the day.

Can't complain, though.
I mean, after all, you took all the bars.

You really didn't have to do that,
you know.

Eh! No problem, JP.

So, did you find anything?

You know that Bertrand from La Couronne?
Boy, he's a tough nut to crack, you know.

It's like getting blood out of a stone.

Just as well I've got that personal touch.

Really loosens their tongue, you know!

- Well, how big an argument?
- Big.

Williams was crazy loud,
ranting and raving down the phone,

kicking and screaming.
Everybody was looking!

And we're sure it was Annette Burgess?

Unless there's another Miss Burgess
he was really hacked off with.

Excellent work, Dwayne. You and JP

stay in town,
find out where she went from there.

I'm on it, Chief!

- While we pay the man from Hamp...

...a little visit.






No 28.

No 28...

- I'm going to take a look round the back.
- Sir!


I got more info. Get this.
Bill Williams was an investment banker.

He got fired after he attacked
one of the other account executives.

And, lucky for him,
the company paid him off to leave.

Sounds like he could use
a little conflict resolution himself.

The money will be there tomorrow.
I told her the money'll be there tomorrow!

And it gets better.

Financial checks just came back.

He's been declared insolvent.

I'd say he's in serious trouble
with the...


I was only going after what's mine.

I'm on my knees here.

Well, OK, so the mobile
did have reception,

it just didn't have any credit.

And I couldn't afford to service
the Jeep either, for months.

Desperate, were you?


She was supposed to pay half upfront
and the other half when she arrived.

I mean, she was already a day late,
and then when she did turn up

she didn't have any money on her!

So the next morning she says,

'"I need to go into town.
I'll meet you there.'"

Guess what, I'm waiting there
like Coco the clown.

She doesn't turn up!

She phones me half an hour later.

Miss Burgess! You said that yesterday
and you stood me up.

Excuse me. I'm the client here
and I've got a lot on my mind!


So I think...

'"Well, maybe she's taken the money
out in town,'"

so I run back to camp. Yeah?

No, no chance.

Well, I couldn't just let it lie.

I want paid now! Now!
And don't try and mess me about!

I'm not one of your minions.

Don't threaten me.
Once it's over, I will pay you.


She was stringing me along!
That wasn't the deal.

So that's why you went over
to her shack that night.

Nothing to do with
the programme for the next day.

But I didn't kill her.

Why the hell would I do that?

Huh? What did I stand to gain?

Aye, enjoy your work!

That was my mother's!

Can't take what he says at face value.

The timing fits
and he did conceal the truth from us.

But, and it's a big but,
why would he do it?

He'd never get paid!

'"I've got a lot on my mind.'"

Now, that doesn't sound to me
like she didn't want to pay him.

Sounds like she had something more
pressing to do. Why did she come to town

that morning?

Ah, Dwayne. What have you got?

Not much, Chief.
I just spoke to the bus driver.

He said she took the bus back
about ten past ten.


JP, any luck?

Nothing at first until I went
into the electronics shop.

See, Annette Burgess
went in there around 9.45

and bought herself a smartphone charger.

And get this.

15 minutes later she goes into
Maxwell's convenience store

and purchases a padded envelope,
sticky tape, a bottle of whisky, a glass.

Now, why would she buy those things?

And why did she need them so urgently?

What are you doing?

Oh, hello. Sandra Kendrick.

Now, what do you think she's doing here?

Whatever it is,
she looks like a woman in a hurry.

Come on.

Afternoon, Mrs Kendrick.

Checking your e-mails?

Or not.

This is Annette's e-mail account!

- You're hacking her account?
- No, no. I...

Look at this.
'"S Kendrick file. Let's catch up.'"

'"Sandra Kendrick, grievance procedure.'"

You were suing Annette Burgess?

For... harassment.

So while we question her,

I would like one of you
to go up to the gully where she fell.

There might be some evidence up there.

I'll do it.

And you can get on with
the pile on my desk. You know,

the paperwork, Stuart Howe's laptop.

And, Dwayne, you might need
some waterproofs up there.

That gully gets more like a rancid swamp
the further you get into it.


'"On many occasions she would
refer to me as 'useless', 'stupid',

'"'moronic' and 'slow',

'"and not just in private

'"but, significantly,
in front of other people.

'"When I expressed my upset,
she would dismiss me as 'oversensitive'

'"and conclude that I should
stop being 'such a wet blanket'... '"

How long has the harassment
been going on?

Seems like for ever.

At first I just put up with it.

After all, that was why she was
who she was,

but that backfired.

Just gave her licence to carry on,

and when she lost it...
and it could be over nothing,

she could be vicious, really vile.

I had to do something.

Er, yes, excuse me.


Chief! I've done the route from the gully
down to the stream's end.


And I can't see nothing except some green

slush and slime everywhere.

Oh, dear.

Hold on a minute. I can see something.


It's a bottle.

Like the ones in the victim's fridge.

You mean one of those energy drinks?

No, no! It's not what you think.

- Thank you, Dwayne.
- My pleasure.

She was already dead when I got there.

Got there?!

It was awful of me, I know.
It was so childish.

I'd just had enough.

That morning...
she had one of her turns again.

You are useless. Bloody useless!

- That's what you said.
- D'you really think I would leave

my own phone behind?! I'm the bloody boss!

Just because she couldn't find
her mobile phone charger!

I just wanted her to suffer.

Just a little bit.

Aloe vera and orange juice.
The best laxative there is.

I wanted to replace the energy drink
in the fridge with the one that I'd made.

I knew the slightest noise woke her.

She was so still.

I just panicked.

I was so scared.

Lost my footing in the storm.

I thought,
'"This doesn't look good... for me.'"

So I thought, '"It's...

'"best just to say nothing.'"

Check the bottle.

It's all you'll find.

I swear!

My hunch is Sandra Kendrick
doesn't have it in her.

She's a mess, yes,
but she's no criminal mastermind.

And that wouldn't explain the envelope

and the sticky tape, the glass, and why
Annette needed her charger so urgently.

- Sir.
- Yes.

I think you should have a look at this.
Stuart Howe's laptop.

Now, I've been trawling through
all of it and found nothing.

Then I decide to look at the trash.

A wise man once said

that a little bit of what is bad for you
could be also good for you.

Gordon Bennett!

Now, that's what
I call a vacation with elation!



No, no, no, no, Chief!

Not too fast forward.
We might miss something!


It's so bad.

'"All rights reserved -
Stuart Howe.'"

So it was his idea, not Annette Burgess's!

So what was she doing
giving it to Dom Claydon?

And what's it doing in the bin?

There's plenty more where that came from.

To be honest, I felt petty bringing it up.

That's very selfless.

Especially when you have an idea

that's worth a hell of a lot of money
and kudos.

You were very careful to state
'"all rights reserved'".

- Look, I don't know where this is going.
- Why delete it?

Unless you stole it off someone else.

- That was my idea, all mine.
- Exactly.

No-one would give that up willingly.

Did she promise you something in return?

Maybe she was threatening
you with something? To keep you quiet.

- Like what?
- I don't know.

But I know it would have to be pretty big,

something you wouldn't want
anyone else to know about.

Just keep your bloody voice down,
will you?


Of course. That would explain it.

You were having an affair.
You and Annette. Weren't you?

It was only the once.

Maybe twice.

Three times if you count the Paris trip.

That idea was worth a fortune.

She was gonna give me shares
in the company,

she was gonna make me vice president,

and then it all went away,

and I couldn't do a bloody thing about it,
because of one stupid mistake.

It was my idea.

I can prove it.

We had a deal!

- You wouldn't?
- Try me.

But remove Annette from the equation,
you could claim back your idea,

Izzy would be none the wiser.

Look, I might be a two-timing cheat,
but I'm not a psychopath.

I wouldn't murder someone for that!

So, Izzy doesn't know
anything about you and Annette?

I don't think so.

Well, I hope not.

Gosh. All this time,
she really didn't know?

Love is blind, eh?

In some cases it can also be
deaf and dumb. I mean...

Of course she knew.

Remember when we met them all?

She's had quite a shock.

I'm OK.

She shifted away from him.
And the night we saw her drunk.

She was my sister!

Why?! Just tell me why?!

Izzy wasn't upset abouther sister.
She was upset with her sister.

You know, the more I think about it,
the question is

not how come Annette Burgess was killed
twice in one night,

but how come she was only killed
twice in one night.

How long was she here for?

Since lunchtime.

And all that time she was just drinking?

Well, yes, that and crying into her phone.

She's not supposed to have her phone.

They left their phones in England.

Unless she got a mobile here,

but I'm sure she didn't have one
on her that evening.


Is this what you're looking for?

My chef, Vivianne, suddenly arrived
with a new smartphone this morning.

I figured it was only a matter of time

before someone came in asking for it.

she found it in the toilet bin.

She cracked under
my interrogation technique.

How do you say? Hard-core.

Your sister's phone.
We have a witness who saw you with it.

When did you take it?

Earlier that night.

I'm not as gullible as I may look.

Of course, I knew
something was up for ages.

And when I saw them talking
on the bridge...

- You wouldn't?
- Try me!

I felt like I'd been kicked by a horse.

But now so many things made sense.

Still, I had to know for sure.

We're gonna have one last exercise.

Can I just nip to the loo?

'"Mobile-free zone. '"

Yeah, right.

I read all their text messages.

She had everything she wanted.
And she had to have him as well.

Takes after her mother.

Dad always said she was toxic.

What do you mean by '"her'" mother?

We're half-sisters.

Same dad, different mums.

He left Annette's mum
when Annette was very young

and spent 30 very happy years with mine.

Maybe that's why she was
so ruthless, heartless.

You hid vital evidence!

I was just trying to hang on to him.

But the only person she called on
that Sunday was Bill Williams.


Maybe she needed to charge the phone
to look at her e-mails?

But we went through all of them,
didn't we?

Well, yes.
There was nothing unusual there.

Oh, for...

US Immigration?

Industrial action. No wonder she missed
her flight. These guys are impossible!

Argh! We're getting nowhere.
We need to be more creative!

One person is murdered twice in one night?

Envelope and sticky tape in the safe,
bottle of whisky, glass...

- What the hell does that mean?
- Maybe there were...

Earplugs, eye mask, envelope, sticky tape,

- gun, bottle of whisky...
- Hey! Hey!

I do wish you'd stop doing that -

Yes, erm, sorry.
It's an annoying habit of mine.

Well, the one thing
I did inherit from my dad! I mean...


- Of course! Should have thought of that.
- You stood me up.

Excuse me. I'm the client here
and I've got a lot on my mind!

You are useless. Bloody useless!

Takes after her mother! Heartless.

She was like that. It was all or nothing.

She was killed twice?!

Give me her phone!

Thank you.

Here we go, here we go.
Wellington Clinic...

Oh, brilliant. It's absolutely clever.

Very clever.

How do you mean?

Now all that remains is to make
a couple of phone calls

and get the prints sent
to the UK for verification.

And someone get everyone together. This
time we're going to solve this properly.

Good afternoon.

Thank you for joining us.


Now, if there was one thing
my father instilled in me as a child,

it was, '"Trust no-one.'"

Over the years that's made for
some pretty tense Sunday lunches,

but it's come in very handy
in my line of work.

In this case, before you could even say
'"dysfunctional family'",

one of you promptly confessed
to shooting her in the chest.

A child abandoned at birth...

and rejected all over again.

Unfortunately for Annette,

it seems that more than one of you
had a reason to want her dead.

Now, what are the chances of that?

One person being murdered twice
in one night by two different people?

Fortunately for us...

...some things in that room...

told us the real story
behind Annette's murder.

An envelope containing
an unused roll of sticky tape

locked inside a safe,

a bottle of whisky, a glass,

and Annette's missing mobile phone.

We know that you, Bill Williams,
had serious financial problems.

Annette Burgess was gonna let you sink.

Killing her wouldn't have got you paid.

But with your colourful history
of angry outbursts...


I wouldn't. I didn't.

No, you didn't.

Now, you, Ms Cartwright...

You were the one
with the happy childhood,

but you felt your sister shone bright
while you fell short.

And then she took away the one thing
that you did have over her.

A future husband - Stuart Howe.

And then, as if to add insult to injury,

she used that very fact to take away
your precious idea, Mr Howe...

...and gave it to a total nobody.

And what about her right-hand woman?
Miss Kendrick?

She bullied and humiliated you.

It wasn't me!

No, no, it wasn't you.

Or you.

Or you.

Or you.

Despite the fact that none of you
had an alibi.

So, who was it, then?


One of you had the best alibi of all.

He'd confessed to her murder already.


No! I... I shot her.

You shot her after you smothered her.

You killed your own mother... twice?

Well, er, yes and no.

Yes, he killed her twice.

And no, she wasn't his mother.

What?! I... I told you the truth!

Again, yes and no.

Yes, you were abandoned as a child.

And no, you're not Dom Claydon.

Anyone know what adermatoglyphia is?

Well, it's basically a condition
in which you have no fingerprints.

It's also known as
'"immigration delay disease'".

The US introduced a procedure
a few years back

where they take the fingerprints
of everyone entering the country.

But when they took Annette's...

...they discovered she had none.

Identical thing happened
to a Swiss woman in 2008,

a certain Heidi Oppenheimer,

who was travelling from Zurich to Boston,
apparently to meet her boyfriend.

She was stunned.
She never knew she had no fingerprints.

I mean, why would she?

Now, I had heard about
Ms Oppenheimer and her detainment,

but what I didn't know is that
when she went back to Switzerland,

doctors performed tests
on all of her immediate relatives,

and they made a discovery.

Adermatoglyphia runs in families.

But I have fingerprints!

Through the mother's side.
You have different mothers.

Which is why you have fingerprints.
She didn't.


Oh. Exactly.

Picture the scene.

Annette sat stranded in Orlando airport
having been told all that.

She's reeling.

Like Ms Oppenheimer, she'd had no idea
she didn't have fingerprints.

Why would she? She'd never been in
trouble with the law,

never had a reason to be fingerprinted.

But she does know
the rest of you sailed through

and got your connection.

So she also knows that you, Dom,
her long-lost son,

are likely to be nothing of the sort.

After all, if she had no fingerprints,

you can't have any either.

I had a DNA test!

Yes, I'm coming to that,
if you'll allow me.

By the time she lands on Saint Marie,
her phone battery's dead.

She blows her top when she realises
her charger wasn't taken.

She goes into town. First things first,
she buys a new charger.

She googles the Wellington Clinic.
Remember them? They did your test.

But they're shut at the weekend.
What did she do?

If you had fingerprints, you weren't
her son. What could she use?

The good old-fashioned method.
Glass and sticky tape.

Quick, simple, effective.

You'll have your drink, then once
you've gone, she'll sprinkle blusher

onto the glass, put some tape on it.

Whee! Hey presto!

All she needs is to seal it in an envelope
and lock it in a safe.

She purchases the necessary items.

And then just before dinner,

she asks you for a drink.

Can I just nip to the loo?

Midnight. Drink.

You knew right then
something was up.

I imagine it wasn't long before
she hinted at her true motive -

her suspicion that you weren't her son.

I lost the letter unfortunately.
It was the Wellington Clinic, wasn't it?

A ginormous wave of panic
washed over you.

All this time, all this work you put in,

and she was onto you!

And she would show no mercy
in making you pay.

You had to stop her, you had to stop her!

Smothered her with a cushion.

But then...

after you realised what you'd done
in the heat of the moment,

how stupid it was,

you were totally trapped!

Of course,
once we started investigating,

well, it'd be only a matter of time
before you were exposed as her '"son'"...

... and become our prime suspect.

But if you had to be found...

...let it be for the lesser crime.

You put her into bed to make it
look like she was asleep.

You wiped the glass down,
proving that she asked you

for a drink and not that you went over
to confront her, as you claimed.


you go ahead
and do exactly what you told us.

You break the chest to get Bill's gun...

... and you make your way back
to Annette's shack...

...shoot her.

You plant the gun nearby for us to
find it.

Then you confess to the second murder

and you sit back and wait for
the postmortem results to exonerate you.

Yes, you would still go to prison...

...but not for murder.

For attempted murder,
which carries a much lesser sentence.

Brilliant plan.

But with one flaw.

You knew she was onto you. But you didn't
know how, and you didn't know why.

And the very thing you planted for us
to find,

the gun, had your fingerprints on it.

Fingerprints you wouldn't have had
if you were really Annette Burgess's son.

We sent your fingerprints
to HMP Telbridge,

and they very helpfully faxed us
your full file.

Your real name is Craig Russell.

You served 18 months for forgery
at HMP Telbridge

from January 2011 to July 2012.

Guess who else served time there.

That's right.

Dominic Claydon - a long-term junkie,

serving time for drug-related theft.

What happened?

Were you in the same cell for a while?

I imagine, those long days inside,

a clever man like yourself
might have spotted an opportunity.

An opportunity to take
another man's identity

and create a better,
more prosperous future for yourself.

And with your talent for forgery...

...creating a false DNA test, well...

it must've been a walk in the park.

Dominic... was such a loser.

Half the time he didn't even know
what day it was.

And he blamed it all on his mum.

Every night was the same -

he'd start crying.

'"Did I tell you
that she's Annette Burgess? '"

Yeah, you did...

300 times.

You could see
that he was only going one way.

The irony is...

...with that mentality... really could've been her son.

Take him away.

You see, JP?
Teamwork and another successful case.

And now I need a drink! Chief?

Et voil?!

Very nice to have you all
chez moi for a change.

I've even come up with my own version
of Island rum punch.

Eh! What is that monstrosity doing here?

Everyone needs a loving home, Dwayne,
Gilbert included.

- Gilbert?
- Gilbert?

So you talking to plants
as well as lizards?

And what about your gift, sir?

Ah, yes, for my dad.

Well, at the moment,
I'm torn between detoxing in Mexico

and breastfeeding in the Himalayas.


Well, bottoms up!

To parents!

- Oh.
- Urgh.

Yep. I've got beers in the fridge.

I'll give you a hand.

You know - you'll have to speak to him
at some point.


What's the worst that could happen?

He is on the other side of the world,
after all.

Humphrey? I'm having no luck
getting hold of you.

I suppose it doesn't matter
very much as we'll be catching up

very soon face to face. I'm coming over.

Next Thursday.

- Jack Harmer's been shot!
- Lock down the entire courthouse!

Nobody leaves, nobody enters.

Oi! Hey!

Someone died in our custody.

What were we doing at the time?
Waiting for rum.

So you're saying it's my faut?

I just don't want to be
that kind of officer.


What the bloody hell's going on?

Sally still loves you.

You need to get home
and pick up where you left off.

Our reputation's at stake,
and you want to up and leave?

Ripped By mstoll