Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Episode #4.5 - full transcript

Veteran pop group Flowers of Progress is on the island with manager Cheryl Moore recording a come-back album when lead singer Stevie Smith is electrocuted in a swimming pool. With Camille ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
# So don't tell me that I'm wasted

# Cos she's my saving grace

# Bang, bang, like a bullet from a gun

# Bang, bang

# Let's rave unto the song

# So get your sexy shades on
like you're full of it

# And party like
a boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo bullet

# Boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo-bullet

# Ah, boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo-bullet

# Boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo-bullet

# A bullet! #

Yeah! Oh, mint, man! That's a top chord!


- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Oh, dear! Oh...

Well, I mean, a few small tweaks aside,
we're done!

- Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha!
- Great! Sweet!

OK, so, I know it's been a long journey...

Tell me about it Two planes, a boat.

Ah, she didn't mean to the island, you...

But... but this album...
this album makes it all worthwhile.

- It has '"hit'" written all over it.
- What I said! Party, man!

Yeah, we are going to break America.

Speaking as someone who lives there,

I think you'll find
America's already broken.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
it's time for my dip.

Vince? Were you happy
with the drums on that?

Well, er...

Why don't you ask the drummer
if he was happy with the drums?

Well, were you?

Yes. Well, I was.


Stevie? Is everything all right?

Yeah, I'm all right. Why wouldn't I be?

Oh, I don't know, I was just wondering...

Cheryl, I haven't changed my mind.
You're gonna have to accept that.

- Course, yeah.
- Yeah, right.

We can have another pass if you want.

Yeah, I'll do a pick-up
on the bass as well.

Hey! I'm the bass player.

Yeah, course you are, mate.
Course you are.

And what's that supposed to mean?

You never wondered why it always
sounded better on record than it did live?

Hey, Stevie redid all your drums...

He did all your bass!

Because you play
like you're wearing a boxing glove!

All right, all right, all right!

If Stevie redid both your parts, it's not
each other you should be having a go at.

Is it?

- Fair enough.
- Yeah, whatever.

Ripped By mstoll

That's sounding great.

I'll keep the tape running,
if you're happy to carry on.

There you go.

Signed, sealed and... delivered.

Thanks, Pete.

Pete, what was the name of that bar
we were in on Sunday night?

- The Bullet Bar.
- That's the one.

- Oi, oi, oi! What's going on?
- Oh, come on!

I'll check the fuse box.

Well, it's not gonna be the fuse box,
is it? It'll be another bloody power cut.

- Right, I'm going for a fagarette.
- Bloody Caribbean.

Can't wait to get back home.

What, to the wind and the rain? Nutter!

Yeah, working electricity and sanity.




The electricity's live!

Good afternoon, sir. Er... sorry.

Nobody's in the station, so I thought
I'd make myself useful out here.

Watering the flowers.
They looked a bit dry.

- JP.
- JP, yes, of course.

Of course. It's today, is it? Yeah, well,
of course it's today. Yeah, um... sorry.

Er... we were up late,
er... solving a case last night,

and... and, um... and... and...

Oh, I'm so sorry, sir.

- Little bit wet.
- Yes.

- I'm so sorry about that, sir.
- Don't worry.

Don't worry about it, JP.

- No, I'll find... Yes, no, no, no.
- It's just a wet shoe.

- I've got that, sir.
- I just need to get my shoe off.

And I will be fine. OK.
Get it dry, I can do that.

I can do it, thank you.

- Give me your socks. Lot of water, sir.
- No, I will deal with my socks.

- Honestly, no, you're tickling my foot!
- The water, sir, it's everywhere.

Good afternoon, sir.

- You must be JP.
- Oh, yes, of course. You've not met.

Er... allow me to introduce you
to, er... PC Hooper.


Um... this is the bit
where people usually say hello.

- Oh, yes. Er... hello.
- Hello.

Er... PC Hooper, this is, er... Sergeant...
sorry, Detective Sergeant Cassell.

Huh. Yes, well, it's a new day
for all of us, isn't it?

You a PC. You a DS.

- And you?
- Me?

Yes, well, I've got a...
I've got a new pen...


Honor? Police Station?

I should have answered
the phone, shouldn't I?

Oh, don't worry about it, JP.

I'm sure we'll find plenty of things for
you to do, other than watering flowers.

That was Dwayne. We have a death.

At the Scorpion Lounge recording studio.

Gosh. Right, well,
we'd better get down there.

Er... after you, JP.
We'll see you down there.

I'm really sorry, sir.

Er... Florence?


Er... er... I think it'll take us
a while to find our rhythm.

Er... ha-ha. As it were.

Er... what I'd like to say is that, er...
if you'll agree to be patient with me,

er... then I will agree to try
and not be too much...

er... well... yeah, well,
like myself, really.

You know what I think?
I think we should not worry about it.

Just focus on the case and see how we go.

I say, that sounds like a splendid idea.
Er... shall we?

Yeah, er... Ahem!

I can't believe I'll be working
with the legendary Dwayne Myers.

I've heard so much about you
at police college.

Er... all good, I hope?

Why wouldn't it be?

Never mind. Chief?

So, what have we got so far?

A band from the UK,
here to record an album.

- So, what's the name of the band?
- Um...

If you have to look it up, it's clearly
no-one we'll have heard of.

Yes, well, I may have.

You don't seem the type to have your
finger on the pulse of popular music.

Especially Flowers Of Progress.

- Never heard of them.
- Me neither.

- Mean anything to you?
- Er... no, sir.

Flowers Of Progress?

Flowers Of Progress
are here on Saint Marie?


Stevie Smith, habitual wild child
and lead singer. Lived life on the edge.

And died the ultimate rock'n'roll death,
electrocuted in a swimming pool.

OK, merci.

So, whereabouts in the pool
was the body discovered, Dwayne?

Well, he was found
floating just there, chief.

If he was this end of the pool, he can't
have knocked the lights in himself.

But why were the lights
left on in the daylight?

They weren't,
but the power supply to them was.

This was all set for tonight,
an end-of-recording party,

to thank local musicians, hotel employees,
people like that, you know?

All organised by the band's manager.

So, the question is, how did the stage
lights end up in the swimming pool?

I think I can help you
with that one, chief.

You see, pin needs to be in,
to keep the leg in position.

- Mm-hm.
- But look here. It's worn and weathered.

I think the pin snapped and the whole
thing fell into the swimming pool.

- Then where's the other half?
- Here it is.

No, don't touch it.

I need a...

Ah, er... thank you, Florence.

If you ask me, chief, the poor guy just
took his swim at precisely the wrong time.

Yes, it does seem incredibly unfortunate,
doesn't it?

You don't think it was an accident?

This pin didn't break, not of its own
accord. It's been deliberately cut.


And with some sort of hacksaw,
as far as I can tell.

Yes, look. The blade slipped,
marking it there.

And the end has burrs.
It's not been sheared off clean.

If this was a pin that just snapped
after years of wear and tear,

the break would be smooth.

But this isn't.
It was deliberately sawn in two.

So, what? You think someone
pushed the tripod into the pool,

intending to kill Stevie?

And then cut the pin
to make it look like an accident. Yes.

- So it was a murder?
- I'd say so, JP.

I need a bag. Er...

Ah, thank you. Ha.


That's funny.

Elateridae family,
more commonly known as the click beetle.

The click beetle?

Yes, so named because if they happen
to find themselves upside down,

then they can click their backs
to throw themselves in the air

and land the right way round.
Amazing little things.

- It's evidence?
- Yes.

Yes, well, the thing is,
this specific breed of click beetle,

Achrestus fortunei,
has never lived on Saint Marie.

They're endemic only to Martinique.

So, how did it get here?

Quite. How indeed?

Dust for prints, photograph
and bag anything of interest.

- Sarge.
- Thanks.

He is amazing.

I mean, that was just amazing.

He's got a lot better tricks
up his sleeve. Just wait and see.

- This was your first album?
- It was our only album.

- Sorry, you want to talk to us because?
- Yes, um...

Stevie's death may not
have been an accident.

You what? Murder?

Razor-sharp as ever there, Jimbo.

We're not ruling anything out
at the moment.

Who discovered Stevie's body?

Ah, er... er... we did.

- Pete Thunders.
- Yes. Hey.


And this is Jim Smith, bass player,
and was Stevie's brother.

I'm sorry for your loss, Jim.

What's your role in the band?

I'm the guitarist.

And vocalist and, er... songwriter.


Yeah, co-songwriter.

And you are?

Er... Disco Biscuit, the drummer.

Or, as most people know me these days,
Duncan Roberts.

And you are?


Um... oh... Cheryl. Er... Cheryl Moore.
I'm the band's manager.

- Oh, yes, you organised the party?
- That's right. That was all me.

OK, not all me. Um...
the beer company was footing the bill.

But, er... yes.

- And you are?
- Vince, the producer.

This is my place.

- What time did you find Stevie?
- After 12.

That's when the power tripped out.

Thank you.
And when did you last see Stevie alive?

When he left the studio to go for a swim.

- Regular thing, was it?
- He liked to be in the pool at 12.

Mad dogs and Englishmen
and all that, you know.

Yes. And what time
did he leave the studio?

- Some time round 11, 11.30?
- Yeah, around that time, yeah.

I can find the exact time for you
on the control desk, if you'd like.

Er... and did any of you see Stevie alive
after he left the studio?


Why did you decide
to record here in Saint Marie?

Um... yes, in, er... in 1991,

The Flowers Of Progress
recorded their first album in this...

- Our only album.
- Yeah, in this very studio.

So, we've returned to recapture the
anarchic energy that fuelled that debut...

No-one in Britain would have
Stevie record in their studio.

The band had...
We'd just got back together...

Yes, thanks to Grand Central Beer.

There's a song
on the first album called...

- Grand Central. Track two.
- Yes.

Um... and a... a beer company in America
with the same name heard the song

and wanted to use it for a commercial.

If the advert goes the way
that we hope it will,

then it could be a really great
opportunity for the... this band.

Where were you all at the time of Stevie's
death, when the power tripped out?

We were all in the studio.

At 12 o'clock, when the lights fell in
the pool and Stevie was electrocuted,

you were all there,
all of you, inside the studio?

Mm-hm. Yeah.

- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.


So, all five people in there claim
they were together in the studio

when the lighting rig entered the pool
and electrocuted Stevie.

There's a security fence
around the whole place.

The only way to get out here
is to come through the villa.

Then someone who was allowed in.
The band didn't set up all this.

I already checked.

The catering company and the stage crew
did it all last night.

Everyone was signed in, then signed out,
and no-one's visited since.

Yes, well, best to check, anyway,
just to be on the safe side.

So, the killer's intention

was for us to believe that
a worn pin and a badly timed swim

led to the unfortunate death
of Stevie Smith.

And you don't believe it, chief?


I think our killer seized their moment
when Stevie wasn't looking,

pushed the lights into the pool, then
covered their tracks by staging the scene,

to make the whole thing look like
it was an unfortunate accident.

But, sir, if the only five people
who could have done it

were in the studio
at the time that it happened...

well, how would they have managed that?

That, JP, is the question, and at the
moment, I don't have the faintest idea.

So, first of all, the hotel
where the band are staying.

Er... I want you to go into Stevie's room
and see if there's anything of interest.

- Er... chief?
- Yes?

- This is a taxi company.
- Oh.

Really? Um... er...

Right. Florence... Let's see how
Vince is getting on with our time line.

Mind your head, sir!

# Bullet

# Boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo-bullet

#A bullet! #

Sorry to disturb you.

We were just listening to the tape.

could we have a quick word, Vince?


In private.

Oh. Of course.

Yes, course.

Right, well, er... if you'll...
I'll just... I can wait out...

Er... no. Er... probably best if I...

I'll go back to the hotel.

Thank you.

Not the most organised manager
I've ever worked with.

Do you know her well?

She pretty much keeps herself to herself.


Yeah, and the band? Um...

- do you know them well?
- No.

I produced their first album
back in the day

and I've just done their...
well, their last album, so...

Do they work together well?

The first week or so, it was a bit patchy.

But this last week,
things have really come together.

Stevie was excited, re-energised.

So, yeah, I guess so.

Er... did you find out
when Stevie left for his swim?

It was about... here.

Were you, er... were you happy
with the drums on that?

That's Stevie?

Why don't you ask the drummer
if he was happy with the drums?

- Well, were you?
- Yes.

- Well, I was.
- Laters.


that was about... 11.28.

11.28? Er... could you just play us
a little more,

just before the power cut out?


That's sounding great.

I'll keep the tape running,
if you're happy to carry on.

- That's Disco Biscuit.
- Ah.

- Signed, sealed and... delivered.
- Thanks, Pete.

Pete, what was the name
of that bar we were in on Sunday night?

- The Bullet Bar.
- That's the one.

And that was the end of the session,
when the power went.

Right, and that's everyone's voices
we heard? Er... yourself, Jim, Cheryl...

Yeah, all of us. We were all there.

- Can we have a copy of it?
- Yeah, sure.

Thank you, Vince.


- It's exciting, isn't it?
- What?

- Looking through a rock star's room.
- I'm not so sure about that.

If this guy's the hell-raiser
everyone says he is,

we could have quite a heavy task
on our hands.

- I suppose so.
- Hey, this is the one.

What the...


It's really...


OK, so, we look for anything
out of the ordinary.

Itemise and bag whatever we find.


Right, I'll leave this with you.

- Oh.
- I'll see you in about an hour, OK?

Aren't we supposed to do this together?

Yes, but while you're in here,

I'm going to go and see the hotel manager
and see if she knows anything.

Look, I'm more than happy
to swap with you, you know.

But it's the hotel manager.
She goes on and on and on.

I wouldn't want you
to have to go through that.

No, sir! Not on your first day.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Dwayne Myers.

OK. Let's do this.

So, I tried to find anything
from when the band were here last.

So, The Saint Marie Times are doing
a search through their clippings archive

and will send over anything of interest.

Brilliant. So, suspects?

Pete Thunders. After the band split,
he became an artist.

Having done initial financial checks,
hasn't been very successful.

He has a few cautions on his file,
all for assault.

Prone to violence? OK, and Disco Biscuit?

He retired from music,

invested in property and he's now
a millionaire several times over.

So, he's not in this for the money.

Next, Jim Smith.

Had a tempestuous relationship with his
brother. Long history of their bust-ups.

Insisting on separate hotels when touring.

Usual rock-star stuff.

Er... an e-mail
from The Saint Marie Times.

- Anything?
- An attachment. I'll print it off.

Just leaves us with Cheryl and Vince.

I couldn't find
a great deal online about Cheryl.

But, considering
she knew Stevie the least,

well, she appeared to be the most upset,
so I'll keep looking.


Um... producer and owner
of the recording studio,

originally built by his father
in the '60s.

The family business.

Personal life a bit of a mess.
Ex-wife lives in London.

Which just leaves us
with this little chap.

Why was he found expired
at our crime scene,

rather than enjoying life amongst his
fellow click beetles back on Martinique?

- Sir?
- Yes?

You should see this.

- It was Vince's studio.
- Right.

Beer's warm, the food's gone off
and the ice has melted.

What a party, eh?

We were wondering
if you had a minute, Mr Thuram.

If that's all it is.

The catering equipment's being flown back
early. I need to get all this lot ready.

Hopefully it won't take too long.

Your studio burnt down.

July '91.

The Flowers Of Progress
were recording here.

Hm. It wasn't the greatest of times.

According to the reports,
it was Stevie who caused it.

He was at the height of his drinking.

He was reckless.
He wouldn't listen to anyone.

He didn't care about anyone else.

So, why did you let them back in?

I didn't want to, believe me.

But I'm not in a position
to turn work down, so...

This was your father's studio, wasn't it?

Built it himself.

Must have been particularly upsetting
when the insurance didn't pay out.

It's not been easy, I admit.

But I got through it.

It was three years after the fire
until you were able to reopen the studio.

That's a long time.

Your wife left you during that period,
didn't she, all because of Stevie?

How did you feel,
seeing him after all this time?

Look, the guy's changed.

He's dry now, doesn't touch a drop.

I guess I felt I shouldn't
hold it against him.

He's grown up, I suppose. Huh.

I'll get those CDs.


Um... OK, madam, thank you very much.
You've been very helpful.

Now, if you wouldn't mind
excusing us, please.

Look, I really wanted to come and help you
with the search, you know.

But I couldn't get away. That woman
could talk a glass eye to sleep, you know.

So, I itemised and bagged
whatever I can find.


- Come now.
- Dental floss. Small toothbrushes.

- Mouthwash. Teeth whitener.
- JP.

Contact lenses. Contact lens solution.


- Did you itemise and bag everything?
- Yes, like you said.

But this is just the bathroom, sir, so...

Look, this is all very good
and very thorough,

but did you actually find
anything relevant to the case?

- What?
- This.

Stevie's browser history's
particularly interesting.


# Boo-na-na-boo-na-na-boo-bullet

# Boo-na-na-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm! #




Well... er...

...the tapes confirm that the last time
anyone is heard leaving the studio,

apart from Stevie, is ten o'clock,

and that was Pete,
two hours before our victim was killed.

- So, how did the killer do it?
- No idea.

But I did come across something
of interest. Listen to this.

- Er... this is from ten o'clock.
- Two! One, two!

- One, two, two...
- Three?

Oh, yeah, funny, Stevie.

OK, rolling.

Jim, Stevie and Disco were in the studio

and Pete and Cheryl
were in the control room with Vince.

Pete, calm down. It's fine.

- Where are you going?
- For a smoke!

It's like Cardiff,

- all over again!
- Cardiff?


- What does it mean?
- He doesn't sound very happy, does he?

- Interesting.
- Hm?

The band split up in Cardiff.

September 12th 1992.

So, were the band about to split again?

And if so, why?

I might be able
to help you with that, Sarge.

So, while JP was searching Stevie's room,

I was hard at work
interviewing the hotel manager.

Now, a porter was sent to Stevie's room
last night after complaints of a fight.

- Between Stevie and who?
- We don't know.

The porter isn't on duty yet.
They're going to let us know when he is.

- Also, JP came across this.
- Yes, er... was uploaded last week by Stevie.

Grand Central Beer?

I'm no sellout, especially not that stuff.
It's crap!

If I fell off the wagon tomorrow,

and Grand Central was
the last beer left in the world,

I still wouldn't touch it,
you know what I mean?

Stevie put that up himself?

Stevie may have been off the booze,

but he clearly hadn't lost
his rebellious streak.

Grand Central is the company

that wanted to use one of the band's songs
in a commercial.

A deal that would net
the songwriters half a million dollars.

Half a million dollars?

We picked up the contract
from the manager, Cheryl.

Who are the songwriters?

Stevie and Pete.

The Inspector wins a cigar.

There's a clause that states
that the contract will be terminated,

if any of the band defames the product
in print or online.

And this clip is everywhere.

So, Pete stands to lose his share
of half a million dollars.

All thanks to Stevie.

You know, if memory serves, the band
used to have some sort of a fanzine,

Packet Of Seeds or Bunch Of Flowers
or something like that.


Do you think we should be honest with each
other, now we're working a little closer?

Yes, absolutely. What's on your mind?

This band don't appear to be,
as you say, your cup of tea?

That's very perceptive of you, DS Cassell.

Yes, well, I bought their album because...
well, er... someone persuaded me.

A girl?

- Angela Matterson.
- Angela Matterson?

She was a very forceful girl,
Miss Matterson.

If she told you to buy a record, you
bought that record. I studied that record.

- And you didn't like it?
- Hated it.

No, I... I like happy songs.
I like a nice melody, you know?

We've looked at your financial records.

Things haven't been easy.

Look, I'm not gonna pretend

that a massive pay day wasn't
an incentive for the band to reform.

So, the band split up in...

- '92.
- '92.

We were doing a gig and there was this
guy in who had this massive music show,

and he wanted us on.

We were gonna sell a lot of records,
you know?

So, we're up there, Stevie's knocking back
a bottle of whisky on stage

and halfway through the set
he just starts gobbing off at him.

I mean properly,
telling him he's no sellout.

Well, we tried to smooth it over
after the gig, but it was too late.

He'd blown it for all of us.

So, you decided to split up.

And what? You reached that decision
calmly, rationally?

Me and Stevie had a little set-to,
nothing too serious.

Apart from you were cautioned for assault.

Yeah, er... OK, but, look,
that was just band stuff, you know?

I've changed. We all have.

And this... This is ancient history.

But history
does have a habit of repeating itself.

See, we got hold of a contract between
you, Stevie and Grand Central Beer.

You and Stevie are to earn
half a million dollars

plus whatever doors
the ad would open for you.

But then Stevie bad-mouthed the beer.
We've seen the clip.

As has everyone at Grand Central Beer.

Stevie destroyed your chances,
by opening his big mouth once again.

You'd think so, wouldn't you?

But no.

The beer company love the clip.


It's Dwayne.

Ask Cheryl. Check with the company.

Ask anyone. I thought, yes, him gobbing
off had ruined it for all of us again.

But she was on the phone to 'em
this morning. They think it's hilarious.

Proper rock'n'roll.

Pure Stevie. No such thing as bad press.

You know what I mean? Go figure.


Er... well, thank you for your time,
Mr Thunders.

Right, we need to check
with the beer company.

But if Pete's telling the truth
about their reaction to the footage,

then we've just lost ourselves a motive.

Then you'll be pleased to know
we might have found another one.

Dwayne heard from the hotel.
The porter's arrived for work.

We know who Stevie was arguing with
in his bedroom.

Who was it?

Oh, yeah. Hang on.

I do remember some little busybody porter
banging on Stevie's door,

mouthing off about summat.

Did you threaten to kill Stevie?

Oh, right. Er... I don't know.

Might have, yeah.
Well, we say it all the time, right?

I mean, I wouldn't actually kill him.
He's like a brother to me.

- He isyour brother.
- Yeah, it's right, that.

What were you fighting about?

I can't remember.
Summat and nothing, I suppose.

- Going out?
- I'm not.

Neatly pressed shirt.

Boots mid-polish on the table.

Must be going somewhere
you want to make an impression.

I'm just going... around and about.

Soak up a bit of the Caribbean vibe
and that, yeah?

So, if you've got no more questions...

You think he's hiding something?

Yes, possible.

He clearly didn't want us to know
what his argument with Stevie was about.

And he was very cagey
about where he was going tonight.

Hang on a minute.

On the recording,
Jim was asking something about a bar.

Bullet Bar. Maybe that's where he's going.

You want us to head down there
and see what he's up to?

A little light surveillance
might not hurt at all. Thank you, Dwayne.

- Sir?
- Yes?

Er... the postmortem reports
have come through.

They've confirmed Stevie suffered sudden
cardiac arrest due to electrocution,

and they're not disputing
the time of death.

So, we now know for definite
that he was murdered at 12 o'clock.

Right, you'd better get changed
and head over to the Bullet Bar.


Stevie was killed at noon.

The recording we have confirms

that our five suspects
were all together at that time.

But someone had to have been by the pool

to push the stage lights in
and electrocute Stevie.

Who was it and how?

And what about you, little fella?

How did you get there?

- Sir?
- Mm-hm?

I found the fan magazine
you were talking about online.

- The Flower Seeds.
- Oh! Good work, Florence.

There's quite a few editions.
Shall we take half each?

That's almost a very good idea.

- Almost?
- Yes.

In order to make it
a truly brilliant idea,

you might have added
that we take half each,

decamp to Catherine's bar,
and read them there.

- What do you say?
- I'd say that is a much better idea.


We're not allowed to drink on duty,
are we?

It's so we can blend in.

I'm very dedicated
to my undercover work, you know.

I mean, very, very dedicated.

Raise them high, drain them dry.

Only I'm not really a big drinker, sir.
You... you know how it is. Er...

No, I don't. Now, get it down you.

Soothe your throat with your beer,
the man!


No, don't look. He's meeting someone.

- What do we do now?
- Bide our time.

If they separate, I'll tail the woman.
You follow Jim. OK?

Edited by Daisy Buttercup.

Photography by Daisy Buttercup.
Articles on the band by...

- Who's Daisy Buttercup?
- Oh, she's not real.

It's a song on the first album,
and not a particularly good one at that.

It was clearly a one-nutty-fan operation.

You're a fan. Are you Daisy Buttercup?

Yes, I am not a fan.

Just following Angela Matterson's orders?

- Oh, yes.
- And was it worth it?

Did anything ever happen
between you and Angela?

Oh, gosh, no, no, no.
We... we never even held hands.

Ah, perhaps it wasn't a bad thing.

Life would have spun me off in a different
direction. I certainly wouldn't be here.

- I know what you mean.
- Oh?

You have your own male Angela Matterson?

Not quite. My five brothers.

If ever I brought a boy to the house,
they always managed to scare him off.

- So, what did you do?
- Simple, really.

I stopped taking my boyfriends back
to meet my brothers.


JP! Jim's on the move!

You'd better follow him.

JP! Ah, man! What am I meant to do now?


Er... excuse me, miss.

My young and, er...
very inexperienced friend here

has had a little too much to drink.

But I must finish these before I leave.

Would you be so kind
as to help me with them?

- Are you planning a trip?
- Er... a trip?

Oh, I see. Er... well, yes,
a kind of a trip, although not for me.

And it's, um... sort of already happened.

Our friend, the click beetle.

Trying to work out whether it's possible

he could have made the journey
between Martinique and Saint Marie.


Well, it's a good 70 miles between the two
islands and, while click beetles can fly,

it... it's really only at night
and really rather rare.

Maybe he ended up on a boat or a plane
and got carried over.

Yes, well, I've also looked into that.

Um... all planes leaving the Caribbean

are sprayed with insecticides
before departure.

Well, he would have been dead
before he left Martinique.

Well, you've certainly been very thorough.

Do you think maybe we should...

Oh, yes, yes. Yes, of course. Quite right.

Don't even think about it.

So, we know the night before his murder,
Stevie was fighting with Jim.

The two of them have always
had a stormy relationship,

but we don't know specifically
what this argument was about.

Vince. Stevie burnt his studio down.

And, as we know from insurance checks,
he wasn't covered.


- Morning, all.
- Morning. How did you get on last night?

Oh, pretty good, chief.

Exactly like you thought,

Jim turned up to the Bullet Bar, where
he met and had a drink with a woman.

Right. Did you manage
to find out who she was?

More than that, chief.

Her name was Marie Etner.

She was a girl Jim knew from the last time
the band were on the island back in 1991.

Er... she and Jim had a bit of a thing,
you know?

- Ah, interesting. Go on.
- Well, that's only the start.

Turns out she fell pregnant
and had his kid.

- So, Jim abandoned her?
- Oh, no, no, no, no.

Jim never even knew he was the father,
not until the day before yesterday.

- I... I don't understand.
- Look.

When Marie found out she was pregnant,
she called Jim.

But she could only get hold of Stevie
and he promised to pass the message on.

And what? He didn't?

- No.
- So, let me get this right.

Stevie was never gonna tell his own
brother he was gonna be a dad?

Exactly. He only found out about it
two days ago.

That must be why they were arguing
in Stevie's room.

- Good work, Dwayne.
- Thank you, chief.

Florence, I think you and I
need to go and speak to Jim.

- I am really sorry, everyone...
- Nothing to report, JP?

Er... Jim's still in his room, yeah?

Er... good work. Right, chief?


Come on, Florence!


I... I overslept.
I was going to come clean and...

And I covered for you. It's what
they don't teach you at police college.

We are a team.

So, I'll be counting on you to do exactly
the same thing for me next Thursday

when I'm recovering from Domino Club
and a few large rums.

Now, get yourself an aspirin
and get to it. We got a lot of work to do.

Chop chop!

You didn't get on well, you and Stevie?

We had a couple of fallouts and the press
built it up, yeah? It was nothing serious.

- No?
- No.

Even when he kept things from you?

Like you becoming a father?

You spoke with Marie?

It was Vince who told me that I had a son.

He thought I knew about it
and I just didn't care,

that I was being,
you know, same old Jimbo.

When I told Stevie,

I said I couldn't believe I'd had a kid
all these years and never knew about it,

and that's when he come clean.

Told me that he'd known all along.

That's what you were fighting about
in his hotel room?

You must have been furious.

That's one word for it.

You know, people dream
about the lifestyle that we used to lead.

Partying all night.
Girls on tab. It was crazy.

But if all you actually really want is
to meet someone and settle down...'s not exactly the right environment,
if you know what I mean.

Is that what you wanted?

I'd have loved it.

A wife. A kid.

A family.

Just never seemed to happen.

Well, it did.

- Just nobody told me.
- So, why didn't Stevie tell you?

Because we'd had a big fight
about something and we weren't talking.

He kept it from me to spite me.

He admitted it! Apologised, even,
which Stevie never does.

Said that he'd messed up years ago and
wished he'd have done things differently.

- Said he wanted to put things right.
- Did you let him? Did you forgive him?

No. I couldn't.

Maybe in time I might have.


So, what did you do?

Hey, hang on.

You don't seriously think I had
anything to do with his death, do you?

- Did you?
- Look, I hated Stevie for what he did.

But he was my brother!
I wouldn't kill him!

Look, you want a suspect to talk to,
you've so got the wrong guy.

There's members of this band who've got
a real axe to grind with my brother.


It's a little, er... down at heel
for a millionaire.

I like it. It's real.

When we were recording the first album,

me and Stevie used to hang out
in places like this.

Jam with the locals. Ah.

Great days.

Well, they were, until Stevie got drunk
and wound everyone up.

Jim tells us you started
legal proceedings against Stevie?

It's nothing.
Loads of bands end up in courtrooms.

And those cases are usually for
huge amounts, whereas your claim is...

For a pound.

You sue Stevie for a pound?

Pound of flesh'd be more appropriate.

I didn't want people thinking
I was doing it for the money.

Why are you doing it?


Aside from one or two tracks
on that first album,

we all contributed
to the writing and recording.

But you look at the writing credits
for every track and it's...

Lyrics by Stevie, music by Pete?

Smith and Thunders, yeah.

It's a fairly normal arrangement,
isn't it?

I wrote specific lines.

I wrote verses for songs
that I took to Stevie.

He said they wouldn't work,
and then, a day or so later,

they'd crop up again
in another song that he'd written.

I just want to set the record straight.

I want my credit.

There's nothing wrong
with wanting that, is there?


if you'll excuse me...

I spoke with Disco's lawyer, who said
it would have been hard to prove...

- Mm?
...that he co-wrote the songs,

and that instead he should have
appealed to Stevie's goodwill.

Mm, I wonder where that got him.

Apparently, Stevie told Disco

he'd amend the credit listing
on any reissue of the first album.

But then the record company
just sent this over.

It's the design
for the reissued album artwork,

and, as you'll see,
no mention of Disco Biscuit.

Has Disco seen this?

All band members were sent an early copy
for approval two days ago.

So, Disco Biscuit knew
that Stevie was shafting him?

Which is fine, is fine,

but while he may have had a motive,
he didn't have the opportunity.

See, from the recordings,

we know that Disco was in the studio
when the power went out.

- As was Vince.
- Yes, I know.

- And Pete and Cheryl.
- Yes, thank you.

- And Jim.
- Yes, I know.

None of them had the opportunity.

Lee Vale Productions.

Lee Vale. Lee Vale.

Where have I heard that name before?

Who is this Lee Vale?

No, Lee Vale isn't a person.
It's, er... some kind of record company.

Lee Vale Productions. They're behind
the reissue of the album. Lee Vale.

- Is there an address?
- Yes.

Er... 17 Lee Vale, Marston, Oxford...

Of course. Flower Seeds.

- Here.
- And here.

Edited by Daisy Buttercup.
Her address is...

17 Lee Vale, Marston, Oxford.

So, Daisy Buttercup...

- is Lee Vale Productions?
- The one and the same.

So, who is this notorious
Miss Daisy Buttercup?

I know.

Thank you for your time,

Or do you prefer '"Daisy Buttercup'"?

I'm sorry. I'm going to have to go
and, um... change.

Oh, no, don't worry.
It will soon dry in the sun.

Care to bring us up to speed

about how Daisy, the number-one fan,
became the band's manager?

Disco Biscuit bought my house.
That's, er... how we met and...

And according to our research, you've been
in the music business for three months.

I know I'm not exactly what you'd call,
er... qualified, but...

I have very good organisational skills

and when I set my mind to something,
I make sure it happens.

I got the band back together again.
I did the deal with the beer company.

I mean, even yesterday Stevie was saying
he wasn't gonna sign the contract.

But, you know, then,
when it came to it, he did.

I mean, I... I made that happen.

This must be... a dream come true for you.


Managing the one rock band
you've spent your life following.


Yeah, I guess I'm... very fortunate.

And who in the band knew

that as well as their manager,
you're actually their biggest fan?

None of them.

- So, what exactly were you up to?
- Sorry, I don't know what you mean.

Well, I mean, come on. Your behaviour
is verging on that of a stalker.

That... That is not true.

I... I just wanted to try something new...
I just... with my life.

You know, try something different.

You did it to get close to Stevie,
didn't you?


That necklace, I've seen it before.

Grand Central Beer?
I'm no sellout, especially not that stuff.

It's crap!

It belonged to Stevie, didn't it?

He gave it to me.

Seems quite a personal kind of gift.

Were you and Stevie having a relationship?

I fell for him.

I'd always had a crush on him since I was
a... a kid, but I thought I was over it,

and then, you know, we met,
and he just swept me off my feet.

And then?

He, um...

he... he ended it.

He'd fallen in love with the band again,
you see,

and, you know,
he needed to concentrate on that.

And were you OK with him ending it?


I was not OK.

Yeah, OK, I admit it.
I was in love with him.

And that's exactly why
I wouldn't have killed him.

The answer has to be here,


Stevie Smith had a fling
with Cheryl Moore, number-one fan.

Breaks her heart.

Disco Biscuit's suing Stevie
for not crediting him.

Jim Smith could have been a father,
had Stevie not hushed it up.

Vince. Stevie burnt his studio down.

All of them have a motive.

But none of them had the opportunity.

At 12 o'clock,
Stevie was having his daily swim.

One of the suspects pushes live stage
lights into the pool, electrocuting him.

They then sawed
one of the support pins in half,

in an attempt to make it look like it had,
after years of use, finally broken,

meaning Stevie's death
looked like an awful accident.

But... but for that very reason,
we know he was actually murdered

and the only five people
who could have done it

were all together in the studio
when it happened,

thus presenting us with what is,
it would seem, an impossible murder.

We are getting nowhere!


Let's take a break,
clear our heads.

And you're not helping matters.

I mean, why were you there?
Why were you at our crime scene?

- Sir?
- Yes?

- You're talking to a dead beetle.
- I know I am.

Do you think maybe
you should get some fresh air?

That's probably a very good idea.

Ah, sir?

It will soon dry in the sun.

Why were you at our crime scene?

Maybe he ended up on a boat or a plane
and got carried over.

I think the pin snapped and the whole
thing fell into the swimming pool.



Of course.

The last time anyone is heard leaving
the studio after Stevie is ten o'clock.

Stevie was excited, re-energised.

Said he wanted to put things right.

Yesterday Stevie was saying
he wasn't gonna sign the contract,

but when it came to it, he did.

Grand Central Beer?

No way. I'm no sellout,
especially not that stuff. It's crap!

- Good Lord!
- You've got it?

Yes, I think I have.
We need to get everyone together.

But first I need to check
something in the studio.

- Oh. And, Dwayne, catering.
- You want me to bring food?

The company who provided
the catering equipment at the studio,

dig out their details.

Come on, JP!

Got it. Bag it.


Yes. Ahem!


First off, apologies for bringing you all
out here to the scene of Stevie's murder.

Now, I know he was a good friend
to all of you, a brother to some of you.

So, why would any of you want to kill him?

- Cheryl...
- I didn't do it!

...AKA Daisy Buttercup.

Number-one fan.
Editor of the fanzine Flower Seeds.

- That was you?
- Responsible for reuniting the band.

- I'm no killer.
- But you are Stevie's biggest fan.

And his lover, briefly,
before he broke your heart.


You strike me as being a very patient man,

biding your time,
waiting for Stevie to return,

the man who burned down your studio
and ruined you.

I couldn't kill Stevie.
I couldn't kill anyone.

And Disco Biscuit.

I'd prefer it if you call me Duncan.

- Why would you want to kill Stevie?
- I wouldn't.

Even though your contribution to the band
has never been recognised?

Stevie still ensured the reissued CD
didn't credit you.

I was in the studio
when Stevie was killed.

Of course you were.

Rock-solid alibi, same as everyone else.

And Jim.

Stevie deprived you
of the one thing you wanted in life.

A family.

I told you, Stevie was my brother.

I wouldn't have hurt him.


No, but Pete would.

We know you attacked Stevie in Cardiff
when the band split,

and we also know that

Stevie potentially costing you the beer
commercial money was '"Cardiff again'".

And now we know you murdered him.


You what?

Grand Central Beer
brought you all back together

and it pushed you all apart again,
didn't it?

It was an accident!
What are you going on about?

Stevie may have initially
been seduced by a quick pay day...

...but then things changed for him.

No way. I'm no sellout,
especially not that stuff.

I told you, the beer company
are delighted with that little clip.

But there was a bigger problem

than the bad press that clip
might have brought you, wasn't there?

Stevie, the new Stevie...

...didn't want to sell out.

He was still a man of the people...

...and because of that,
he refused to sign that contract.

But I told you, he did.
He did sign the contract.

And you saw Stevie sign it?


Pete did.

The date on the contract indicates
that Stevie signed it yesterday morning.

He was pretty adamant
in that recording.

I think he had no intention of changing
his mind and signing that contract,

and that is why you had to kill him... you could forge his signature

and collect the half a million dollars
you so needed.

This is ridiculous.
How would I forge his signature?

Oh, it's not that hard.
I mean, not if you had the means.

Just place this under the contract
where Stevie's signature should be,

and just trace it over.

The thing is, if you had done it that way,

then you would be able
to see the indentations

where you went over Stevie's signature.

Um... there.

Half a million dollars
split between you and Stevie.

Plus the prospect of capitalising
on the advert, and touring.

How are we gonna tour without a singer?
This band is nothing without Stevie!

Oh, I don't think
you believe that for a second.

That's why you made sure
that Stevie died in such an iconic way.

Electrocuted in a swimming pool. Legend!

I mean, the publicity and the attention
would be enormous. You would clean up.

But Pete was with us in the studio
when Stevie was...

Was murdered, yes.

Oh, come on!

That was the clever part.

How could someone be at the pool
to push the stage lights in

when all of you were in the studio
the entire morning?

All except for you, Pete.

It was around ten o'clock when you popped
out - perfect time to set your trap.

Your intention was for us to assume
that the whole thing was an accident,

a worn pin snapping after years of use.

I think the pin snapped and the whole
thing fell into the swimming pool.

And that's how we knew
it was murder all along.

The pin had been very clearly...

cut with a saw.

Which brings us to...

...the click beetle, who was
an unknowing accomplice to murder.

You see, when we first arrived
on the crime scene,

it bothered me that there was water

in the planter that was sitting
in front of the fallen lighting stand,

but not in any of the others.

The supply company Cheryl used
for the party - we checked it.

Some of the gear came from Martinique.

It was the same island
our clip beetle came from.

You know, I think he hopped
into the catering equipment,

a freezer, to be specific,
and got shipped over,

and so our little beetle here...

...ended up encased in a block of ice.

In fact, the one particular block of ice
you used to kill Stevie Smith.

Earlier in the morning at ten o'clock,

knowing that Stevie would
take his daily swim at noon.

You used one of the caterer's
blocks of ice

to rest one of the legs
of the lighting stand on,

and as the sun was at its midday height...

... the ice would melt,
the support would fail...

... Stevie would be electrocuted.

And with the planter placed
at the front of the stage,

you'd even planned a place for the melted
water to drain off, leaving no trace.

Well, er...

almost no trace.

Hats off to you, Mr Thunders.

You really gave us a run for our money.

Very entertaining.

But what a load of... rubbish.

Is it?


You... you don't do that to me.

No, you don't do that to me!

That man! That idiot!

I'm the artiste!

Every bad thing that ever happened to us
was because of him!



Can't... can't swim!

Hold your feet down!


JP seems to have fitted in well.

Well, yeah, er... yes, Florence.
He's not the only one, though.

I... I have to say that you have been
absolutely, unquestionably, brilliant

- over the last two days.
- Thank you.

No, I... I mean,
the way you handled Cheryl.

Spotting the necklace.
Her affair with Stevie.

It's just phenomenal.

And then there's, well...
well, everything else, really.

Every time I've lost the plot

or couldn't find a piece of evidence,
or literally have nowhere to turn,

there you were.

I... I mean, it's like
we've been partners for years.

What? What is it?

I have a confession.

- I received a letter from Camille.
- Oh?

With very detailed instructions
on how to deal with you.

So, if there's anyone
you should thank, it's her.

Well, even so, very well done.

Congratulations on completing
your first case as a DS.

- To you.
- To Camille.

To you both.

Although... although
you are already a great DS,

and I'm sure will become
an even better DS,

there are many, many more things
you need to learn

before becoming a truly amazing DS.

I know. I know there's
so much work to do and...

I'm not talking about work.

Every good detective should
have their dancing shoes on,

and this is a good and happy tune.
Come on.

- No.
- Come on.

# Thank him for the grass
that grows on the land

# Even the birds, with such sweet songs

#Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah

# Get it together

#Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah

# Can you dig it?

# Boom shaka lacka lacka

# Boom, boom, boom

# Boom shaka lacka lacka

# Boom, boom, boom

# Hey... #

It's been 15 years
since we were last in the final.

It's been going on for generations.

I'm not completely ignorant when it comes
to international sports, you know.

Honour and sportsmanship
is the nature of the game,

not always the nature
of those that play it.

- This is Anton Borr-idge.
- Er... Burr-age.

He is an odious little toad.

There is nothing

- Hank wouldn't do to win that trophy.
- Ahhh!

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