Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Episode #4.4 - full transcript

A bride to be is found dead in her hotel bath tub following her hen party. The team must discover whether the murderer is one of the other hens who, or someone else. Meanwhile DI Humphrey battles with his feelings for Camille and her possible transfer to Paris.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Simon and I are most likely
to fall out... in the car.

- Ah.
- It's like he loses his mind.

I mean, amber doesn't mean speed up.
It means slow down.

How many times?

Simon's exact words were...

Ah, that's easy, Sal.
Jenny's back-seat driving.

And next question. I asked Simon...

Where was
your and Jenny's first kiss?

Ooh. Oh, gosh! I can't remember.

I think it was at a party or something.

Er... it was Halloween.

Jenny kept plying me with wine all night
and then launched herself at me.


- Drink, drink, drink!
- Oh...

- Drink, drink, drink, drink!
- Oh, no, come on.

- Drink, drink, drink!
- Hasn't she had enough?

- We've been drinking all day.
- Yeah!

Right, Jenny.

Where did you and Simon
consummate your relationship?

Sports centre car park.

Ripped By mstoll

Here we go, ladies! Champagne!

Yes, please!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ha-ha-ha!

Oh, yeah, let me have that.

No, no.

No, I'm working. No, no.

- She's the bride-to-be!
- Yeah.

I don't know where
she gets her energy from.

Oh, excuse me.

Hi, darling. It's not the best time
to talk. Can I call you back tomorrow?

OK. I love you. Yeah, you too.


See, I told you it'd be cool,
watching the same sunrise.

It is.

I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow.

I love you.

# Come on and shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it, baby

# Oh, yeah, hey... #

# Oh, yeah... #

Ah, ah! Bride-to-be is struggling.

I've still got all my packing to do.

You go on, but don't forget to set
your alarm. You've got an early start.

Thank you.


I just want to say,
I've got the best bridesmaids ever.

- Thank you. Night.
- Aw!

- Night-night. Sleep well.
- Night.

Oh, come on, we're not done yet, are we?

One more drink at the bar?

It just keeps ringing.

She's probably overslept. I'll get her.

Jenny, we need to get going!




Jenny? Jen?


I'll get help.

I completely understand that
this is a wonderful opportunity for you.

But the simple truth is...

I... I mean, we...


just can't manage without you.

Either of you.

We can't cope.

That is, Camille... Camille and I...

...can't cope.

Without you.


Oh, thank you, sir.

Yes, you're welcome.

Mm. Hm.

- You're here already?
- Er... yes, I am.

- I called for you at the beach.
- Oh, I... I was up early.

Er... the thing is, Camille, um... I've been
thinking about what you said...


A woman has drowned
at the Dolore Sands Hotel.


I take it you still haven't told the
others about '"I'offer undercover'" Paris?


So, you haven't decided
to take it or not yet?

Not yet.

Here we are.

Not like you to be indecisive.

Well, it's a big step, you know,
leaving the island, people I care about.

- Exactly.
- Maman will be sad.

Well, yes, of course.
Well, we all would be.

Look, if I can help you,
you know you only have to ask.

Well, actually, it would be good
to speak to someone impartial, yes.

Y-Yes, impartial. Impartial, that's me.

- After work?
- Absolutely.

How long do you think she's been there?

Mm, well, it's hard to say with drowning.

Depends on the temperature of the water.

Rigor mortis has set in.

I'd estimate she's been dead
at least seven hours,

which puts time of death
at some time before 1am.

Hang on.

What's that?
Looks like crystals of some sort.

Um... bath salts?

No bath salts in her wash bag.

- Let's get a sample to the lab.
- Mm.

Apparently, she hadn't been to bed
the night before.


Is it possible
she fell asleep in her bath?

Yes, maybe, but one of her eyes
is a little bit bloodshot,

which suggests she may have been
in some kind of a tussle. Also...

there's a bump
on the back of her head.

See, I don't think this was an accident.

I think she's been held under.
I think this is murder.

It doesn't look like a robbery.

No sign of a break-in.

- Who has a key?
- Just the guests and there's a staff key.

Here. Thought you might be needing this.

We have an electric key system.
The duty log records all uses of the key.

The only time her key was used
was at 8.30pm,

when Jenny arrived back from dinner.

Then nothing

till me and her friend let ourselves in
at seven this morning with my staff key.

So, no-one let themselves in
between 8.30 pm and 7 am?


Hm. So, she packed her bags, lit the
candles, got in the bath and was drowned.

- Do the candles come with the room?
- Yeah.

Jenny asked for fresh ones
to be delivered yesterday.

How long do the candles last for?

Eight hours.

And it flickered its last at...

...8.07 am.

So, the body says
she was murdered before 1am,

but the candles were lit after midnight.

Midnight to one is our golden hour. That's
when she was killed. Frank, thank you.

Ah, some sort of scrapbook.

Yeah, that's what those
hen parties do nowadays, Chief.

Put photos and poems in a book.
You know, that sort of thing.

Right. Ah, this must be the groom.

That's Simon Parke. He was having
his stag party in St Lucia.

What's that?

Looks like a quiz with her fianc? to see
how much the couple knew about each other.

It's very sweet.

Poor chap. So...

apart from Jenny
coming back here last night

and Frank letting Sal in
at 7 am this morning,

no key was used.

So, she opened her door to her killer.

- Looks like it.
- Yes, but she was in the bath.

So, she got out to let them in.

No, she couldn't have. All the towels
are still in place, haven't been touched.

Er... so, she let them in
and then got in the bath?

So, she had a bath with a visitor here?
Is that something ladies do?

We can only live in hope, eh, Chief?

So, she let them in late at night
and then bathed.

She knew her killer.

- Maybe it was one of her friends.
- Yeah.

Dwayne, Florence, bag everything up
and get started on background checks.

Camille, let's you and I go
and meet this peep of hens.



- What is it?
- It's a cork from a wine bottle.

White, I'd say,
but no glasses or wine bottle here.

Maybe the maid missed it
when she was cleaning.

Yes, could be. Well, let's get it
bagged up and tested for prints.

Thank you, Dwayne. Right,
let's go and speak to these hens.

Good morning.
I'm Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman.

This is Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey.

We're really sorry
for your loss of your friend.

Now, can I start, please, by asking
who you are and how you all knew Jenny?

I'm Sal Tyler. Jenny and I were
best mates since primary school.

Elizabeth Foss. People call me Betty.
Best mates since uni.

Ivy Marcel.
Jenny was my little brother's fianc?e.

You're Simon Parke's sister?


He's in a terrible state, poor love.
He's on his way over here now.

And he's been in St Lucia all week?

- Yeah.
- I see.

So, after Jenny returned to her suite
at 8.30, can I ask where you all were?

We stayed up for a couple of drinks.

- One more drink at the bar?
- Oh...

Oh, one, then.

- Come on.
- Come on.

What time till?

Not late. We were all exhausted. Ten?

And you're all staying
in suites near to Jenny's?

Oh, no, um... well,
we're in the main building.

I got Jenny an upgrade
as a special hen treat.

And after turning in, did any of you leave
your rooms again before this morning?


Sorry, are we being accused of something?

Um... we think that Jenny
had a visitor last night.

We suspect that
her drowning wasn't an accident.

Oh, that's crazy.
Why would someone do that to her?

Did Jenny have any rows
with anyone on the island?

No, we... we haven't really
hung out with other guests.

We just kept ourselves to ourselves.

And any rows within the group?

None of us would hurt Jenny. We loved her.

We were having
an amazing holiday together.

We're her best friends.

Sal, are they allowed to question us
like we're suspects?

Do we need lawyers?

Sal's a solicitor.

I'm sure they're just establishing
the facts.


OK. Thank you.

Oh, er... one last thing.

Have you been socialising
in Jenny's suite this week at all?

Drinking wine in there, perhaps?

Er... no. We always met
in the bar or restaurant.

OK, thank you.

They've only been here five days.

They don't know anyone else.
So, if it wasn't one of them, who was it?

- Ah, Frank.
- Yeah?

This hen party all claim they didn't leave
their rooms after ten o'clock last night.

Do you have that key recording system
on all the rooms?

Er... sorry. It's only on the suites.

But we have got CCTV on every corridor

on the main building.
I'll... I'll sort you a disc.

Oh, thank you.

Um... you must have seen the hens
around the hotel this last week.

Er... any tensions at all?
Any fallings out, that kind of thing?

Not that I noticed. They seemed to be
having a great time. There we go.

That's the first floor corridor.
Should be the last 24 hours.

Thank you, Frank.
You've been most helpful.

No problem.

They've gone.

It's fine.

I did it.

Well, Chief, I've dusted the cork.

There are a couple of partials,
but nowhere near enough to get a match.

Oh, well, thanks for trying.

But I do have the CCTV footage
of the corridor all lined up for you,

and it's like the bridesmaids said.

According to the time code, they all
went to bed at two minutes past ten.

Well, the golden hour is midnight to one

so fast-forward the tape and see
if anyone leaves their room before then.

- No problem, Chief.
- Right, let's see what we've got so far.


Ivy Marcel, older sister of the groom
and the victim's future sister-in-law.

40, married, with two kids.

She runs a physio practice
with her husband in Surrey.

Ah, that'll be why she head girl.

Every hen party has one.

She's usually related to the groom,

wears terrible clothes, doesn't know
anybody and hates hen parties.

Dwayne, how do you know
so much about hen dos?

A great magician
never reveals his secrets.

Elizabeth Foss, '"Betty'", the uni friend.

28, single, works as
a loss adjuster for an insurance company.

Couple of cautions
for drunk and disorderly.

And there's always a Betty.

Dwayne. And Sal Tyler,
best friend since school.

29. Grew up with Jenny in Eastbourne.

Never moved away, and she's also single.

Thank you, Florence.

So, at 8.30 on the last night
of her hen week,

Jenny Burgess bids good night to her
bridesmaids and retires to her bedroom.

At some point between midnight and 1am,

she lets her killer into the room
and then takes a bath in front of them.

She, or possibly he,
holds Jenny underwater and drowns her.

And she's then discovered dead
at 7 am the next morning.

Which leaves us with the question,
who would kill a bride-to-be

the night before she flies home
from her hen week?

And why?

Oh, Commissioner. I didn't see you arrive.
Have you been there long?

Long enough.

- Good morning, team.
- Commissioner.

- Sir.
- Good morning.

I wonder if you could spare me
a few moments of your time, Inspector?

Er... yes, of course.
Er... a moment, please, sir.

Er... Florence, could you make a start
on the financial checks, please?

Yes, sir.


I'm here to talk about Sergeant Bordey.

Ah. So, you know?

I've had a formal request to release her.

But she hasn't decided if she's going yet.

Nevertheless, she can't go
unless we agree to the transfer,

by, um... signing this release form.

I see.

And will you sign it?

It's not for me to do so.

That responsibility rests
with her immediate superior.


I'm sure we agree
she's a brilliant officer.

Well... well, yes, of course, sir.

She's, um... you know, the best.


This release form,

whether it's signed or not,
is at your discretion.

She'd hate me.

It would be in complete confidence.

If you refused to release her,

she would simply be told
that the offer has been withdrawn.

No, I can't. I can't. I...


I will leave it in your capable hands.

I'm sure you'll do the right thing,

- Everything's OK?
- Yes, fine.

- Chief?
- Yes?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,

but none of the hens
leave their room during the night.

Er... are you sure, Dwayne?

I've just gone from where they go
into their rooms at ten,

and nobody left till 6.55 in the morning.

Well, then,
how did one of them kill Jenny?

- Sir?
- Yes?

I think I've found something
in the hen book photos.

- Ah, Jenny's 21st.
- Sure.

And everyone is toasting for Jenny
and Simon here, except for Betty.

It really looks like
she doesn't want to watch.

Hm, interesting. Well, it's something.

- Chief?
- Yes?

Simon Parke has just arrived
from St Lucia.

- Ah, um...
- Let's go.

Yes? OK.

Ivy says you don't think it was
an accident. Someone did this to Jenny.

Let me get you some water.
You look exhausted.

Yes, it's true that we think
she was murdered.

We also think it was someone who knew her.

Someone she knew?

Were there any tensions
between Jenny and the girls?


Wait. She... she called me
last night around seven.

Said there was something we need
to talk about when we're on our own.

- Do you know what it was about?
- No, she wouldn't say.

Excuse me.

Were there any issues between
Betty and Jenny at university?

Simon used to go out with Betty
before he went out with Jenny.

- I see.
- It was a long time ago.

It was seven, eight years?


If I'm honest, we all thought
she still held a bit of a candle for him.

No way.

So, you were in a relationship with Betty?
How long for?

Er... we met the first year at uni.

Got together at a Valentine's party
and split up around Christmas.

So, it wasn't even a year.

How did Betty react
when you started dating her friend?

It was kind of tricky for a while.
They were really close.

It was a pretty bloody awful time,

But Jenny got her through it.

I think they became closer, if anything.

Thank you for your time, Simon.

Er... please call
if there's anything at all.

Merci. That was Florence.

The lab in Guadeloupe have been able
to identify five fingerprints

on the inside front door handle
to Jenny's suite,

and three of them belong to Jenny.

- The other two?
- Betty Foss.

We didn't find any cash
in Jenny's suite, did we?

Er... no, Jenny put everything on the tab,
according to the resort.

But according to this bank statement,

she withdrew $6,000
out of the bureau de change two days ago.

- 6,000?
- Where is it?

You want me to go down to the bureau

and see if she, or he,
knows anything about it?

Maybe let's go and search
Jenny's suite again first.

- Make sure we didn't miss anything.
- Sure thing, Sarge.

But if we don't find $6,000 there,

and you want me to go down to the bureau
and interview the cashier,

it's not a problem, you know.

Just say the word.

Excuse me. Betty?

Why didn't you tell us
you and Simon were an item?

Does it matter?

Must have been tough. Things end with
Simon, and then he's with your friend.

It was all civilised.

Jenny even asked my permission
before she went on a date with him.

She'd never have gone anywhere near him
if I hadn't said it was OK.

So, you did still have feelings for Simon
when he started dating Jenny?

Jenny was my best friend.

So, I pretended it was fine and, you know
what? It was a sacrifice worth making.

You only get one best friend in life
and Jenny was mine.


So, can you tell us
why we found your prints

on the inside of the door handle
in Jenny's suite?

Oh, yeah, of course. I, er... popped by
to pick her up for the pool yesterday.

You look great. Come on, chop-chop.

I was literally there
for two seconds, no more.

I... I don't love Simon,
and I haven't for a very long time.

But I did love Jenny.

Very much.

The money's definitely not here.
There was no break-in.

Jenny put everything on her bill.

How do you lose $6,000 in a day?

I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

I think we've hit a brick wall here,
you know.

I suppose the only thing now

is for me to go and check it out
at the bureau de change.

Hopefully, it will shed
some light on it all. OK?

- Dwayne?
- Sarge?

This isn't anything to do with
the new cashier I hear is working there?

- Er...
- Gloria, I believe, is her name?

Er... really? Gloria, you say?

And she's new?

Er... I didn't know that.


- Sir?
- Yes, are you nearby?

Yes, actually, I'm at the hotel right now.

- Can you meet us by the hens' rooms?
- OK.

I'll be there in a minute.

Jenny was killed between midnight and 1am.

Yes, but the CCTV proves

the hens didn't leave their rooms
until 7 am the next morning.

Well, it had to be one of the hens.

So, a bottle of beer
to whoever can work out

how someone can get out of their room
without being caught on CCTV.

Er... there's an obvious answer,
but, er... do you really want us to try?

Er... no, no, a general
always leads from the front.

No! OK, er... sir,
I don't think that's a good idea!

You can barely walk in a straight line.

Rubbish. I'm like a pigeon.

Cumbersome over land,
but very agile through the air.

No, no, no, sir! I'm serious!

Come back over! You could injure yourself.

Sir, she's right. It's really not safe.

No, nonsense!
I'm just getting my bearings.

- Oh!
- OK, stop! That's it!

We're coming round, and do not move!

No, I'm fine! No need to panic!

Oh. Oh... oh.

- Oh.
- Oh, my goodness! Humphrey!

I'm fine. No panic. I am perfectly fine.

Ow. Ah. Ow.

All right.

Ah. Ow.

- Ah. Ah.
- Oh!

You could have got yourself killed!

How could I go to Paris?
You wouldn't survive a week.

No, I very probably wouldn't.

Right, so, although we've proved

that the killer could get down
without being seen on CCTV,

I can't really see
how they'd do it injury-free,

and none of the hens
look scratched or injured to me.

Yeah, even if they did manage it,
how did they get back up?


That was the pathologist's office.

They are confirming
Jenny died from drowning

and the bump on her head
is consistent with being held underwater.

- Mm.
- So, you are right. It's a murder.

Now we should call it a day.
You need a plaster on that.

Yes, probably a good idea.

Let's approach it fresh in the morning

and see if Dwayne comes up
with some new leads for us.

Right, let's see if I can still walk.

Ah. Ow.

Ah, that's fine.

Give me your knee.

Er... yes. Ow.

So, have you made a decision?
About the new job?

They need to know by tomorrow.

Yes, and?


And... my head tells me that a move
to Paris is the best thing for my career,

and yet...

my heart... says stay.

Does it?


Well, then, to help you, we... we should
make a, er... pros and cons list.

- A what?
- Er... pros and cons, for and against.

- Really?
- Yes.

So, reasons to move to Paris.

I like cheese.

Ah, fromage. Excellent choice, madam.
May I suggest the vin rouge?

This is ridiculous.

OK. If you're stumped, then we should
move to the, er... '"stay put'" column.

Well, that's easy.

- My mum.
- Right.

So, the, er... current roundup is...
is your mum versus cheese.

How's the leg?

Er... yes, much better,
now I can't feel anything below the knee.

So, er... tell me, Catherine, how do
you feel about this Paris business?

I think Camille
should make up her own mind.

Yes, well, come on.
You must have an opinion.

Obviously, I wish I could keep
my daughter in my pocket for ever.

But if Paris is what she wants,
I love her too much to keep her.


Maybe Maman is right. Maybe this is
something I need to decide for myself.

- Oh, morning, sir.
- Morning.

Um... could we, um?

Er... y-yes, of course.


So, have you decided?


I need to go.

It's such a good opportunity for me.

Sir, say something.

Say something.

Er... well, yes.
I... I'm very happy for you.

And, of course, I'll... I'll be sad
to see you go. We all will.

But, as you say, it's a great opportunity.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Now, let's, er... go
and catch ourselves a killer.

Now focus. Focus.

Er... ah, yes.

Now, why was there a cork on the floor

underneath the chair
of the victim's bedroom?

There has to be a reason.

Ah. Morning, Dwayne.

Morning, Chief. Sarge. Sarge.

So, tell me, how did you get on
with your lead last night?

Pretty good, I'd say. I reckon we might
have a possible suspect on our hands.

Really? That's fantastic.

I spoke to the cashier at the bureau de
change, where Jenny withdrew the $6,000.

- Did she remember anything?
- She remembered plenty.

She had to think twice about
handing over that amount of money

to someone who was being
accompanied by an angry friend.

Your contact thought
Jenny was being intimidated?

Look, all Gloria knows is

that Jenny and another woman had an
argument before going inside the bureau.

Jenny then withdrew the money
and handed it to the woman.

- Did the cashier give a description?
- She did one better than that, Chief.

She gave it to me in glorious Technicolor.

Gosh. That's Sal Tyler...

- Yeah.
- ...Jenny's old school friend.

Er... Florence, have we managed
to get anything on her?

No, not really.
She's a secretary at a law firm.

She doesn't earn a huge amount.

Well, hang on.
Did you just say she was a secretary?

Er... team secretary. That's what
the person I spoke to call her.

Then why did she let Ivy
tell us she was a solicitor?

Er... Florence, Dwayne, er...
check Jenny's mobile phone records

and follow up with the lab, er...
about the crystals we found on the bath.

- Chief.
- Sir.

- Sir?
- Yes?

We need to go and talk to Sal Tyler,
don't you think?


- Oh, um...
- Oh, good morning, Commissioner.

- Commissioner.
- Sir.

Good morning, team.

I'll catch you up.


- I've had Paris on the telephone.
- Yes?

They want to know
if we're releasing Sergeant Bordey.


No, sir. No, we're not.

She's far too valuable to my team.
I won't be signing the release form.

I see.


- I'll let them know.
- Thank you. Is that all, sir?

Yes, it is.

Thank you.

- Problem?
- No, no problem.

Come on.

I understand that you're a solicitor.
Is that right?

- Yeah.
- Does it pay well?

It's just that we were wondering...

why did Jenny give you $6,000
the day before she died?

We have a witness who says
you forced Jenny to give you the money.

I didn't force Jenny.
I didn't even want it.

Then tell me this, seeing as though
you're actually a secretary

and you've been lying
about being a solicitor,

why on earth should we believe
a single word you're saying?

I think it's time
you started to tell us the truth.

OK, the solicitor thing, right,

it's something I told Jenny
a couple of years ago.


Jenny and I were best mates
since playschool.

But when she went off to uni,
we drifted apart.

Two years ago,
we eventually got back in touch

and it turns out
she was doing really well for herself.

It shouldn't have mattered,
but when we first met again...

I wanted her to think that
I'd achieved something too.

So, when she asked, I lied.

I told her I'd gone to night school
and been promoted up to solicitor.

How did you afford this holiday?

I didn't.

I took out a payday loan.

I'm in so much trouble
when I get home. Oh!

But then Jenny found out
I'd maxed out all my credit cards.

Sorry, madam.
This card has been declined.

Can I try this one again, please?

Sorry, madam. This card won't work.
Do you have another?

Is there a problem, Sal?

So, you had to ask Jenny for a loan?


She insisted on giving me the cash
to cover the holiday.

She was so understanding,
but that just made it all worse.

That's what your witness saw, me
just taking my embarrassment out on her.

I missed Jenny so much
when she went off to university.

I only lied because I wanted us
to go back to the way we were.

I want Jenny back in my life, not dead.

So, Dwayne, what happened
with you and Gloria?

Did you manage to get her phone number?

I don't know what you mean, Sarge.

OK, look,
I really don't want to be indiscreet.

But let's just say,

I might be putting a call in to the bureau
de change before the end of the day.

Very impressive, Officer Myers.

- Sarge? Sir?
- Yes?

We chased Jenny's phone records,
like you said. You should see them.

They make for interesting reading,

because two voicemail messages were left
on her mobile from a hotel landline,

before midnight
on the night of the murder.

- Just before midnight?
- I know.

Just before the candles were lit
and she was killed.

- Have you accessed her voicemail?
- They have been deleted.

But according to the record,

she accessed and deleted them
at 7.15am the following morning.

Wait, wait, wait. She accessed
her voicemails after she was dead?

Ah, but Florence came up with the idea

of dusting the screen of Jenny's phone
to see who else had used it.

- And have you got a match yet?
- I'm working on it now.

Honor? Police Station?

Yes, this is Camille Bordey.


Um... yeah, all right.

Thank you for letting me know.

Is everything OK?


Well, it seems that the job in Paris
is no longer on the table.

Oh. Did they say why?

Just that they are looking
for someone already living in Paris.

Are you disappointed?


But if it's not meant to be...

...c'est la vie.


I've found a match.

Then who was it who called
Jenny's voicemail after she died?

The duty manager, Frank.

We have pretty compelling evidence
so I'd think hard before you deny it.

The voicemails weren't from me.

They were from Ivy.

We got chatting at the bar.

She was a laugh, once she loosened up.

We got on to her life back home, how
she's only got two toddlers for company.

She wanted to let loose.
I wasn't gonna say no.



Things were a bit awkward
when we woke up.

I don't think Ivy was feeling
too proud of herself.

She'd forgotten she'd planned
to go for a jog with Jenny.

Ivy had been begging Jenny
not to tell her husband.

That's what the late-night voicemails
were? Ivy begging Jenny?

Yeah. It was Ivy's idea to delete them.

So, I did,
after I called for an ambulance.

She knew her secret would get out
if the police got hold of the phone.

It's fine. I did it.

What we did had nothing
to do with the murder.

Yes, perhaps. Perhaps not.

But why risk a criminal charge
by deleting the voicemails?

I'm no saint, but I'm not heartless.

Ivy was in a state
about her husband finding out.

I felt for her. But that's all.

Look, can we please just not
talk about it? I can't bear it.

I'm afraid you cheating on your husband
is relevant to our investigation.

What I did, that's not me.
I love my husband.

Oh, God! If he ever found out,
if my kids found out...

Jenny knowing your secret is a motive.

Having Frank destroy the evidence
doesn't help your case.

It was a terrible one-off mistake I made,

after being drunk
for the first time in six years.

I'm sorry, but I... I couldn't let it
tear my family apart.

By deleting the voicemails?
Or by killing Jenny?

I'm not a killer.

I imagine that for the rest of your life,

waiting for your sister-in-law to blow
your family apart must be torture.

Don't say that.

Good Lord!
What must Jenny have thought of me?

Jenny didn't actually agree
to keep quiet, did she?

Well, she needed time to think.

So, yes, I panicked and I left her
a couple of late-night begging messages

and when she died, I knew you'd find them.

You can't let my mistake
with Frank come out.

Look, I know I... I don't deserve any
kindness. But, please, I love my family.

You're a suspect
in a murder investigation.

I'm afraid we can't promise anything.

I'm not scared of being a murder suspect.

But I am very scared
of those voice messages.

What does that say about my guilt?

What are you most likely
to row about?

Oh, that's easy, Sal.
Jenny's back-seat driving.

Found anything on the DVD yet, Chief?

Er... nothing, no, except for the fact
that Simon clearly loves his fianc?e.


God, that is terrible.

What is?

I ran a record check on everyone,
and it threw this up.

That Betty's sister?

Carol Foss.

She came home from her gap year and
she was killed in a road traffic accident.

But look when it was.

That was the same month
that Betty broke up with Simon Parke.


That's what he meant by,
'"It was a bloody awful time.'"

And he also said it was the victim
who helped Betty get through it.

Which explains their bond.

And makes it
less likely she'd be our killer.

There's no clear motives.

So, what do you think?

Er... well...

Come on. Come on.

All right.


Sal Tyler has been
lying to us from the start.

She received a large sum of cash from
the deceased the day before she died

- and we only have her word as to why.
- Hm.

- Betty used to go out with Simon, right?

Maybe she just wanted him back.

As for Ivy,

I think she could commit murder
to keep her affair with Frank secret.

Yes, but whatever their motives,

how did any of them
get out of their rooms to do it?

See, the crime was committed
between midnight and 1am,

and all were seen
entering their rooms at 10pm

and not emerging until 7 am
the following morning.

One of the hens must have done it.

- Mm, that's strange.
- What is?

It's the labs on Guadeloupe.

They've got back to us about the crystals
we found on the side of the victim's bath,

and they're saying here
it's just table salt.


You know, like you put on your food.

Why would you sprinkle salt
around your bath?

Maybe it's some sort of hippie remedy.

But if the salt belonged to her, we'd
have found a salt cellar at the scene.

Who takes salt to a murder
and then sprinkles it around a bath?

But then why did Jenny open the door
to her killer, and, while we're at it,

why did an otherwise
well-cleaned room contain a cork?

Yes, Chief, you're cooking now.

Buckle up, everybody.

Go on, then.

Sorry, there's something I've got to do.

Where him gone?

- Humphrey!
- Er... yes, hello, Catherine.

Is everything all right?

Well, yes, that is a good question.
I'm not entirely sure.

Um... can I, er...

- Ah, um... er... can I ask you something?
- Of course.

Good, um... and... and I need you
to be entirely honest with me.

What is it?

Do you think Camille would be happier

staying here
or accepting the job in Paris?

Camille is ambitious, adventurous.

She always has been.

Of course she wants to go to Paris
and work undercover,

and although I'd rather she stayed
here on the island, safe from harm,

I know it would be best for her to leave.

And you must know that.

Yes, I do.


I thought the job had gone.

Ah. Well, it... it... Yeah. Well, it has.

Er... it's just that, um...

Oh, this table.

Well, it... it's just...

I may have...

Hold on.

Good grief!

- Merci.
- Humphrey!



I've got it.

- You know who the killer is?
- Well, no.

At least, not yet. But I think I know
why we found a cork in her room.

Well, at least Florence has worked out
why there was salt on the bath.

- Mm-hm.
- Have a look at this.

Good grief!

We stayed up for a few drinks.

She opened the door to her killer.

It was Halloween.

She was killed in a road-traffic accident.

So, what does that mean?

The game they played, the, er...
the questions and answers.

Yes. The other statements?

- And the sister thing.
- Ah, yes.

- Ah!
- Oh!

That's it.

God, it's awful. But it fits.

Well, come on. You know what to do.



Thank you, all, for joining us.

You see, when I open the door
onto a crime scene...

...I ask,
'"What is the character of this murder? '"

And the character of Jenny's murder...

...was personal.

I didn't do it.

You're out of your mind
if you think I did it.

I know. I know.

I always said the killer was
one of her bridesmaids.

You said Jenny was murdered between 12
and 1. We were all in our bedrooms then.

You were. CCTV proves it.

Between 10pm and 7 am the next morning,

you were all safely tucked up
in your beds.

Then it can't be one of us.

That is unless...

...unless the murder was actually
committed much earlier in the evening

and it was just made to look
like it happened after midnight.

I mean, that would be
quite a clever trick, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't it, Betty?


Cos it was you who murdered Jenny,
wasn't it?

That's ridiculous.
You can't just assume...

From the start of the case,
we worked on the basis

that the murder happened after midnight,

because the eight-hour candles
in Jenny's bathroom

flickered out at approximately 8am
the morning her body was discovered.

Little did we know you'd, er...
misdirected us with a sleight of hand.

Isn't that right?

We found salt crystals
on the side of the bath,

and after a little digging, I discovered
that if you add salt to a candle,

it makes it burn down much more slowly.

Thus extending the candle's life by,
in this instance, over two hours.

After drowning Jenny,
you poured salt onto the candles.

You spilt some on the side of the bath,

allowing you to murder Jenny
before you'd even gone to bed.

But the three of us
were all together before then.

The entire time?

No loo breaks,
no phone calls in a quiet spot?

Of course, but we're talking
a couple of minutes at most.

That's all she needed
before her absence would be conspicuous.

See, she didn't have time to, er...

wait at Jenny's front door
for Jenny to get into the bath.

She needed to be in and out in a flash.

- But none of them had a key.
- She didn't need one.

She'd already ensured
the door wasn't locked.

Because Betty had been
in Jenny's room that day.

I was literally there
for two seconds, no more.

She didn't go to the suite
just to collect Jenny that morning.

She went because she'd already
decided to murder her friend

and she needed to prepare the ground.

You see, we found this...

...on the floor of Jenny's suite.

It was hidden under the chair,
if you're interested.

And I don't mind telling you
that it's, er...

it's been bugging me ever since.

Until I realised,

that just as there's a trick
to stopping a... a table from wobbling,

there's also a trick
to stopping a lock from working.

It's an old burglar's trick,
in actual fact,

something I daresay you came across

in yourjob as a loss adjuster
for an insurance company.

The door was never locked from that point,

meaning Betty could enter Jenny's room
whenever she wished.

All Betty had to do was wait for a sign
that Jenny had started her bath.

- Another one, ladies?
- No!

At which point,
she just had to buy herself a few minutes.

I'm just gonna nip to the loo.
Back in a sec.

You needed to be quick.

But all you had to do was open the door.

And that is when
you made your one mistake,

because in your rush to get away,
you prised the cork out

but in your panic
you didn't quite see where it went.

Maybe you looked for a few seconds,
but you couldn't delay any longer

and, after all, it was only a cork.

I mean, how incriminating could that be?

But all this allowed you
to return to your friends,

without them even realising
that Jenny was already dead.

You knew that when we found
the eight-hour candles still working,

well, we would presume

that the murder couldn't have happened
more than eight hours before,

giving you the perfect alibi.

You could prove that you were
in your own room after midnight.

But why?


Betty had handled you going out with Jenny
for years, so why now?

Because of something you said.


- Well, I wasn't even on the island.
- Not in the flesh.

But in the recording for the hen quiz...

Er... it was Halloween.

Jenny kept plying me with wine all night
and then launched herself at me.

You let slip that
you and Jenny got together at Halloween,

which was two months
before you and Betty split up.

Well, it was so long ago, I... I forgot.

Well, I'm sorry, Simon, because
that was the moment Betty realised.

All those years,
she'd sacrificed her feelings for you,

because she believed that her friend Jenny
had been honest with her.

And not just any friend. Her best friend.

So, when she heard
that honesty never existed,

that you'd been cheating on her
with her best friend for months...

You know, I think that
Betty also realised at that very moment

that had her best friend been
honest with her, told her the truth...

...then her sister Carol
would still be alive.

See, when you really got together
at Halloween,

Carol Foss was travelling the world.

If you'd told Betty the truth
when you should have done...

...she wouldn't have even been in
the country to try and comfort her sister.

But instead, when she heard what happened,

she jumped in her car
to travel from Cornwall

and died in a road accident.

In Betty's mind, your duplicity was
responsible for the death of Carol Foss.

That's something you have to live with.

But in her fury...

...Betty didn't even give her friend
a chance to do that.

She'd just discovered
that her best friend betrayed her,

with the most horrific consequences.

Drink, drink!

That's why Jenny called you
straight afterwards.

See, I think she sensed
that Betty had worked out

that you'd both gone behind her back.
Is that right, Betty?

Ten years she's been laughing at me.

You both have!

You murdered my sister! You murdered...

What a day! So, have you got
any plans for this evening?

I'm meeting Gloria at seven.

- Well, I shall...
- Mm-hm.

...look forward to hearing
all about it tomorrow evening.

Hm? Come again, Sarge?

Gloria is an old friend of mine.

I'm meeting her for a drink
tomorrow evening,

and I'm sure she'll tell me

all about her special night out
with Officer Dwayne Myers.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can we talk?

Of course.

What's going on?

I think it's time I was honest with you,
at least, as honest as I can be,

which may well not be very honest at all
in the grand scheme of things.

Er... but I'd never forgive myself
if I didn't do what was right.

OK, you know, sometimes,
as much as I think I understand English,

I... I'm not sure I do.

- Your job in Paris.
- Yes?

It was me that got them
to withdraw their offer.


They needed me to agree to release you.

- I refused.
- Why?

I didn't want to lose you.

But I... I knew
deep in my heart you wanted to go.

When you first told me about it,
I saw it in your eyes.

You were excited.

And you still stopped me going?


I'm sorry. I've behaved selfishly.

You see, you've become
very important to me, Camille,

much more than you'd ever know.

But if you care about someone, you...

you have to let them be the person they
are, not the person you want them to be,

otherwise what's the point?

So, I called the Commissioner.

He called Paris,

and, well, the point is, you're flying
from Guadeloupe in the morning.

The ferry leaves first thing.

You... you see, my father always told me
that you can't help making a mistake,

but if you try and make it right,
people will forgive your stupidity.

I could kill you.

Yes, well, if it helps,
I could throw myself in the sea.

Don't tempt me.

Maman and...

...the team.


Don't worry. I'll muddle through.

You're wet.

Yes, I am.

It will dry.

You'd better pack.

Thank you.


Je vais ? Paris.

Je vais ? Paris.

# Baby, I love you and you going away... #

Don't you go leaving me too, old pal.

# Girl, I love you

#And you leaving

# But I'll make it anyway... #

I'm so proud of you.

- I'll ring you every week.
- Of course you will.

Now go.

Have your adventure.

Well? I didn't get up early on a Saturday
for nothing, you know.

Come now.

Oh, I'm really gonna miss you.

Those Parisians are lucky to have you.

Let me know if you need a visitor.

I'll show them how to party
island-style. Personally.

Oh, and you are going to do just great.

- You think?
- Oh, yeah. Promise me one thing, though.

- Look after Humphrey.
- Of course.

I knew we couldn't keep you for ever.

But you will always have a place here,
whenever you want it.

Do us proud.

I'll try.

You'd better go in, huh?

Yeah, but...

I'll get him to call you.

Yes, OK.


...goodbye, everyone.

Camille! Wait!

Wait, wait!

- Oh!
- I'm sorry I'm late.

- It's all right.
- I had to get you a leaving present.

What is it?

You'll see.

- I'm going to miss you.
- And me, you.

- Hey!
- Oh, oh, oh!

Oh, oh, oh!

Oh, thanks.

# Yes, I'm glad, I'm glad of the good news

# That happened last night

# Oh, yeah

# So, don't you marvel

# These things must come to pass

# Oh, yeah

# So don't you worry, don't get upset
The best is yet to come

#I'm glad, I'm glad of the good news
that happened last night... #

You did the right thing.

Letting her go.

Oh, I know.

I know.

A band from the UK are here
to record an album.

Flowers Of Progress
are here on Saint-Marie?

Good afternoon, sir. You must be JP.

Oh, yes, of course. You've not met.

I can't believe I'll be working
with the legendary Dwayne Myers.

I'm very dedicated to my undercover work,
you know.

There's members of this band who've got
a real axe to grind with my brother.

- I'm the guitarist and songwriter.
- Co-writer.

I think it'll take us a while
to find our... our rhythm.

You're talking to a dead beetle.

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