Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

Wheelchair-bound June Anderson is strangled in the villa she is renting with husband Doug and sister Janice. Though Janice is her beneficiary and has no alibi Poole suspects Doug, a former ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Special treat for you, Opal.
There's a nice dinner for you today.

I think our luck might be changing.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome back.

"Of course, the main story here
on Saint-Marie is that it is hot."

"We are currently at 95 degrees,
and it looks like that temperature
might rise over the next few hours.

"So please make sure
you stay out of direct..."


How do you stand it, eh?

Sunshine, palm trees,
beach bodies...

Every day must be pure hell.

Only hotter.

How long are you here for?

A fortnight.
Got here a couple of days ago.

I don't suppose you fancy
showing me the sights?

I'm not sure what your wife
would have to say about that.

Wife? Hm...

Ah. Well, I won't tell her
if you don't.

Maybe another beer will do for now?

Keep it cool for me, will you, love?
Just going to nip out for some fags.

Try not to miss me.

"Your affinities
will be closely entwined."

"Don't be disgusting!"

"I see a picture forming.

"All around you
are strange-looking objects,

"white and shining.

"I see... a marriage,

"and one, two, three,

"14 children!"

"Don't be disgusting!"

"Do you want to do me now?"
"Not 'alf!
Let me get these things off first!"

Thank you. Cheese-head screwdriver,
please. Uh-huh.

Thank you.

D-Do you know what you're doing?
Yes! Yes, yes.

It's obviously just a, you know,
loose connection.


Are you OK?
Yes, yes.

It's just a little... shock.

What's wrong? Hm?

Nothing. Don't worry.
Give it a moment. It will stop, OK?

Well, answer it.
Maybe they'll know how to fix a fan.

I know how to fix fans.
Without killing yourself?

Look, just answer the bloody thing,
would you?!

Hello, this is Dwayne Myers.

I'm not available right now, but if
you'd like to leave a message...

"Dwayne, I know that's you.
I need you - now."

Estelle, we talked about this.

I'm at work!
"I know! That's why I'm calling."

I've found a body.

A dead one.

I got here just after
half past three.

I could tell something was wrong
straight away. I could feel it.

It's like I got a fifth sense.
That must come in useful.


And, er, what do you do here
at the house? I work here.

It's a rental place.
They just arrived yesterday.

And who are "they" exactly?

Erm, wife, husband, wife's sister.

Wife was in a wheelchair.
She never stand a chance.

Er, Dwayne, take a full statement
from Miss Du Bois.

Me? Yes. Unless you have something
better to do?

And see if you can get a number
for the rental agency.
We need to inform the family.


it's my turn to ask the questions.


How come you never call me any more?

The burglar must've assumed the
house was empty, no-one by the pool,

and took his chances. Mm.

Well, you can see
why she wasn't outside.

Look at that sunburn.
Typical Brit abroad.

White bread at breakfast,
lobster by lunch.

Strangled by her own scarf.

So she saw the burglar,
reached for the phone,

and was strangled
before she could call for help?

I should check
with the phone company.

If she made a call, it may indicate
the time of the attack.

This door's been wiped clean.

You think that's how the killer
got in? No. The perimeter is walled.

You can only enter and leave
from the front, and it was unlocked.

Well, holiday villa -

you wouldn't necessarily
lock the door.

So, why would the killer
come out here by the pool?

What's going on? I'm sorry, sir.
This is a crime scene.

And who are you?
I'm staying here. With my wife.

So we have a victim in a wheelchair,

alone in the house,

phone in hand,
strangled with a scarf,

and indications of a robbery. Hm...

Sir? This is very strange,

but this really reminds me
of something.

I feel like I'm having deja vu.
Oh, finally, he speaks French!

There was a case in England,
erm, five years ago.

Charles Tyburn -
elderly, wheelchair bound.

Intruder broke in
thinking the house was empty,
strangled Tyburn with his own scarf.

And he was found with the phone
in his hand.

Do you think it's the same killer?

Previous crimes cannot be considered
relevant to the present charge,

as in the terms set out by
Makin versus...

I so knew this last night.

Is this for your sergeants' exam?
I'll never pass at this rate.

Makin versus AG for New South Wales,

And no, I am not thinking
this is the same killer as Tyburn.

It just bears striking similarities
to that crime scene.

So this Charles Tyburn case,
did you solve it?

No. No, no, it wasn't my case.

No, it was investigated by one
of my more objectionable colleagues,

Detective Inspector...

..Doug Anderson.

Will Teague.
"Sir, it's the Honore Police.

"I'm afraid there's been a death
at your rental villa, Eagle's Edge.
June Anderson."

"We need you to come up right away."

Erm, yes. Er, OK.

We'll be straight up there.

You have to get out. Now!

Go away.

I said go away!
June Anderson's been killed!

Get up! What?!

I'd heard on the police grapevine
you'd been shipped off somewhere,

but here?! I wasn't shipped, I -

So, you're in charge
of this investigation? Yes.

Yes, I am.

Cause of death?

I'm sorry
but your wife was strangled.

So, have you, erm,

started rounding up the usual
suspects - smackheads, druggies?

We're still gathering evidence.
Oh, yes, I forgot,

you do like to cross the t's and
dot the i's, don't you, Dicky boy?

I like to do things properly,
if that's what you mean.

So, what's our next move? I thought
we could start with a few questions.

OK. Any sign of forced entry?

I-I meant you answering them.

Your wife was home alone?

She got sunburn, couldn't go out.

And you're here with her sister?
Yes. Janice. She's off at some spa
this afternoon.

And you?
I was at a little bar in town.

Not up to much, but the bird
behind the bar was friendly enough.

Can you remember the name?
Catherine's? Kaz's something...?

Do you know it? Hm.

And you were there the whole time?
Yes, yes! Look, I get it!

Husband - chief suspect.
Bang! Done! Dusted!

But now we've established my alibi,
perhaps we can move on
to find the real killer.


Janice, I'm so sorry.

I left the villa
at about quarter to two.

It might've been a few minutes
earlier, I'm not sure.

I'm so sorry, it's really important,
isn't it?

That's fine.
Your brother-in-law left with you?
Yes. He dropped me at the spa.


I should've been here.

I just can't believe...

And he left you at what time?
Erm, just before two.

I think... I'm sorry.

Maybe five to?

It was meant to be a little treat
for me, but I didn't enjoy it,

knowing it was all my fault
that she burnt.

What do you mean?
She was out here in the sun.
She couldn't reach her chair.

I've been calling and calling you!
I'm so sorry.

'I was upstairs
listening to my book.

'I just didn't hear her.'

I've been stuck out here all day!

Wasn't she wearing sunscreen?
Oh, yes! Yes, she was.

She really looked after her skin.
Always factor 50.

But obviously it wasn't enough!

It's all my fault. It always is.
I'm so stupid.

Who booked the holiday? Sorry?

Who made the travel arrangements,
picked the destination?
Well, Douglas did.

Doug planned this? Yes.

It all seemed so perfect.

They've found us another villa.
Yes, so I understand.

I'll get Janice settled in and then
I'll come get a progress report.

Well, I'm not sure that's entirely -
It wasn't a request.

Doug said he'd been at Catherine's.
Go and check it out.

Find out exactly when he arrived,
exactly when he left.

Exactly. Yes, Chief.

I want you to get the scarf
to the lab in Guadeloupe.

Tell them to do a VMD test.
See if they can lift a print
off the fabric.

You think he did it. Hm?

You think Doug Anderson
killed his own wife.


Based on what?
You don't know him, Camille.

He is one of the most reprehensible
detectives to grace the ranks
of the Metropolitan Police.

He takes bribes,
intimidates suspects.

He came back drunk from lunch
so often, it was mandatory for him
to attend alcohol support meetings.

That man is a bad apple.

None of that makes him a murderer.

OK, great. Thank you.


June Anderson's prints
were on the sunscreen bottle
we found by the pool.

So even though she burnt,
she must have applied it. OK.

Here. What's that?

You said you had trouble remembering
your topics for your exam. Yes?

I used this
when I was studying for mine.

Oh, great! Yes, thanks, Camille.

I've got the list of the items
stolen from the villa.
Mostly jewellery.

I've circulated a description
to local dealers.

Now, this phone she was holding,

the phone company said
the last call made today
was to a number in England.

So, she didn't call for help?
It seems not.

Because she was overcome
by her attacker?

Or possibly because
the phone was placed in her hand
after she was attacked

to make it appear
as if she'd seen her intruder.

Put there by her husband, I presume.

Why are you so certain it's him?
I don't know. I just have -

A feeling? How many times have you
told me not to follow my feelings?

If I can't use my intuition,
neither can you.

I'm a detective! You can't ban me
from using my intuition.

Why not? What's good for the goose
is good for the duck.

Gander. Whatever!

We can't make someone a suspect
just because you don't like them.

That was Dwayne.

Your mother has confirmed that
Douglas Anderson was at her bar.

He got there at 2pm and stayed
until 4.30. Which rules him out.

The only time he left was to get
cigarettes from Eldred's. Ah-ha.

How long was he gone?
No longer than ten minutes.

Dwayne had Catherine check the till
roll. Mr Anderson bought a drink
when he came back at 2:32.

Right. And the drive to Eagle's Edge
is what, five or six minutes?

So, if the ten minutes
he left the bar was say,

12, maybe even 15,

it's just possible
to place him at the scene.

What do you want, Ronnie?
Just let me explain!

You tried that, remember? No,
listen! It wasn't what you thought.

I'm not interested.
But you picked up!

So I can tell you
to stop calling me.

It's finished. Deal with it.

I've plotted out the various routes
from, er, here up to Eagle's Edge,
colour-coded them.

We need to work out
which one's quickest.

I suggest we start with
the navy blue.

I know you think this is ridiculous,
but I need to at least prove
it's possible.

Indulge me.
I will. If you indulge me first...

I knew Eldred had CCTV in his shop.

I thought this was the logical place
to check Doug's movements
for the missing ten minutes?

You see?

And the time - 2.24pm.

Yes, but he may have... Yes, wait!

2.26pm, 2.27pm...

See? He wasn't zooming
back to the villa to kill his wife -

Whoa, stop, stop the tape!
Rewind it.

Yes, there. Now play.

Freeze it.

See? What?

He's smiling at the camera.

He knows he's being filmed.
He is smiling at the camera!

No, he is a man smiling
because he's on holiday,

smoking a cigarette
and not strangling his wife!

His alibi holds up.
He couldn't have done it.

..I'd like that to be the case!

The inspector wants you both
up at Eagle's Edge. Why?

He said he didn't want anyone
contaminating the crime scene.

Ha! More like waiting to see
if anyone goes back there!

You do remember that it's my wife
who was murdered?

Yes, of course. And you have
my sincere condolences -

All I want to know
is what leads you're following up.
I told you, you're not on duty.

You're not attached to this case
in any official capacity!

It would be wholly inappropriate -

Didn't you ever wonder why
nobody liked you in the division?

Why you didn't fit in? Well...
You don't seem to get the fact

that, as coppers,

we're all in it together.
Us and them.

It's not about doing it by the book.
It's about taking care of our own,

watching each others' backs.
I'm not sure that's -

Don't get smart with me, Dicky boy.

All I'm asking is,

have you got any suspects?

And if you don't want to tell me
as a copper,

tell me as the victim's husband.

No. No, I haven't.

But you're still thinking
it was an aggravated burglary

and June disturbed them?

It's what the crime scene suggests


I'm not trying to bust your chops,

I just want to help catch
whoever did this, OK?

You know where I am.

Everything alright?

Yes. Fine.

I don't even know why we're here.

I can't believe the chief is being
so pig-headed about the husband.

He's always so sure he's right,
you know?

And another thing, I hate when he...

Hey? Are you recording?

Every single word.

Hey. No, you don't...

Why don't I test you? Really?


As long as you don't play that
to the chief.

The pathology report is back.

And? It confirms strangulation
as cause of death.

Which we already knew.

Yes, but from behind. From behind?

There was a wide contusion across
the front of the neck. Look.

If she was strangled from behind,
that makes it less likely...

..that she surprised a burglar
and more likely
to be pre-meditated murder.

Which will explain why
she didn't make the call.

So, er...

..he crept up on her.

I knew it. That scene was staged!

But would the killer
really leave it to chance
that she would be wearing a scarf?

Maybe the killer already knew
she would be wearing it.

Like her husband, you mean?

Look, I thought you were getting
these fans fixed!

Jonah said he'd be here about 11.

Yes, is that 11 o'clock real time
or 11 o'clock...

..island time?

Wait, what if he cheated
the time of death? Huh?

We've proved he didn't kill her
between 1:45,
when he and Janice left,

and 3:30pm,
when the body was discovered,

but what if he somehow killed her
before that? Hm?

We need to speak to the sister

Oh, I was looking for Dwayne.
I have a little present for him.

Oh, erm... I'm not sure...

There's a friend here for you.

Would you like a drink?
I'm sorry, I don't have any juice,
but I could get you some water.

No, thank you.

I, er, I need you to tell me exactly
when you last saw your sister alive.

I told you yesterday,
it would've been when I left
for the spa, at about 1.45.

And when you last saw June,

she was wearing
the zebra-print scarf?

No. She thought she'd lost it.

Lost it? Yes, it was new.

Doug bought it for her. Duty free.

Doug bought it?

Yes. But when we, erm, started
unloading the car at the villa,

she couldn't find it.

She must've found it again
when we were out.

When you left,
after saying goodbye to your sister,

you and Doug drove into town
together? Yes.

Well, no, actually.

Sorry. No?

'I realised as we were leaving
that I'd forgotten my purse.
I'm always forgetting things.'

Hurry up.
I'm sorry. I'll just be two minutes.

And Doug was alone for how long?

Well, I can't have been in the house
for more than two minutes.

And when you returned,
he was in the car? Yes. Yes, he was.

OK, so, er, when you came
to leave the villa again,
after picking up your purse,

you didn't see your sister again?

No. Sorry.

How long had your sister
been in a wheelchair?

She had a car accident in Corfu
ten years ago.

And, erm, when did she meet Doug?

Funny story, I suppose!
I was seeing him first,

and, well, things didn't work out,
and, er,

well, he started dating June.

That didn't upset you?

Are you sure
I can't get you some water?

No. No, thank you.

Oh, actually, erm,
I do have one last question.

Was June left-handed
or right-handed?

June? Left-handed.
We both are. Were...

Thank you.

So Doug could've strangled his wife
while Janice was getting her purse.
And he bought the scarf.

But why did the scarf go missing?

I don't know. Maybe Doug hid it,
you know, so he could pounce
when he had the chance.

But he didn't know
Janice would forget her purse.

Or that June would have sunburn.

And why would he place the phone
in her right hand,
knowing that she was left-handed?

That's usually the kind of thing
you'd be the first to spot,

but because it doesn't match
your theory that Doug is the killer,
you ignore it.

I am not ignoring it. Yes, you are.

Just like you're ignoring the fact
that June took her sister's

Maybe Janice went back to the house,

saw the scarf from her ex-boyfriend
round her sister's neck and snapped.

Sir, the lab in Guadeloupe called.

They did a VMD test, enabling them
to lift a print off the scarf.

Doug Anderson's?


Sir, it's unidentified.

But from the size, they believe
it could be that of a woman.

Janice Palmer? No. I matched it with
the exclusion prints. It's not hers.

But interestingly enough,
it's not June Anderson's either.

There was some kind of oil
mixed in with the print.

Suntan oil?
No. It's more like a lubricant. Hm.

Well, if June Anderson's prints
weren't on the scarf,

that rather implies she didn't
find it, as her sister suggested.

I just checked the number
June phoned in England.

It was a friend in the UK.

She said she spoke to June at 2:40pm,
meaning she was still alive then.

During the time Doug Anderson
was at my mother's bar.

Yes, remember?
The till roll clearly stated
that he bought a drink at 2:32pm.

So that's it.
We can say with certainty
Doug Anderson did not kill his wife!

You're right.
I was wrong and... and...

..and you were right.

By focusing on Doug Anderson,

I let my feelings
about a former colleague
get in the way of the facts.

I apologise to you all.
I only hope my hubris
hasn't impeded the investigation.

From now on, we widen things out.

I want background checks on everyone
who came into contact with June
since she arrived. Chief.

Contact the spa.
Let's check the sister's alibi. Sir.

And what are YOU doing?

I'm going to answer the question
you have quite rightly been asking

since the beginning
of this investigation -

why did June Anderson burn

if she was wearing
factor-50 sunscreen?

Chop, chop!

I'm not cooking for them any more.
It's creepy!

Well, I'm sorry, but they've booked
a chef for two weeks.

What if I am next? The killer
is still out there, you know.

Estelle, I'm sure you'll be alright.

Unless you eat your own cooking...


Your, er, swordfish...

We were both sick yesterday.

There was nothing wrong
with that fish!

Don't take it out on me
just cos your girlfriend dump you!

I didn't say a word.



No, don't do that!

Look, I'll deal with it, OK?


Just wait!

OK, bye.

Everything alright? Er, yes.

That was Mr, erm, Davis at Palm Bay.

Er, the air con's on the blink.
I said I'd go over.

Sorry, what is going on?

My wife's been murdered
and you're sat sunning yourself.

I was - Is that what passes
for an investigation round here?

What are you going to do next -
interview suspects during
Happy Hour?

Actually, I was just testing
your wife's sunscreen.

This arm's got June's sunscreen on
and this arm's got nothing.

Well, big surprise there,

the arm with no sunscreen is...

I thought it might've been tampered
with so - I can't believe this.

If we were in the UK and the wife
of one of our own had been murdered,

any normal copper
would have men banging down doors,
they'd be out looking for witnesses,

scouring the landscape for any shred
of evidence until we got a result.

I will get a result.
Once you've topped up your tan?!
This is my wife we're talking about!

There's no need - Oh, I forgot.
You don't know what that's like,
do you?

Never been married have you, Dick?

Never even had a girlfriend,
as far as I remember.

Well, erm, it looks as though
June Anderson's sunscreen
wasn't tampered with.

He's not a very nice man, is he?
No, no, he's not a very nice man.

But as you rightly say,
that doesn't make him a murderer.

Janice Palmer didn't turn up
for her appointment at the spa.

So, her whereabouts
are unaccounted for?

I've also completed
the background check.

She stands to inherit
her sister's fortune.

What? Her father was in pest
control. He built up quite an empire.

When he died,
he left all the money to June.

Right. And what about him?
He gets nothing, as far as I can see.

I also checked out the car accident
that paralysed June in Corfu. And?

Janice was driving.

You think maybe that was the
first attempt on her sister's life?

Maybe she's waited ten years
before trying again?


Stupid creature.

If you're in the water again,
I'm leaving you there this time!



Mummy's going to buy you
the biggest fish she can find!

Oh, God!

Leave me alone.
Just give me five minutes.

I gave you a year and a half
and all you've done is lie to me.

I haven't cheated on you.
Don't insult my intelligence.
Tell me what I'm meant to have done!

Just get lost, Ronnie. I mean it!
Just go see her, whoever she is.

There is nothing you can say
that will make me want to be
in the same room as you.

Why did you lie
about going to the spa?

I'm sorry. It was stupid.

God, I am so stupid!

It just seemed silly -

a hot island
and I go and sit in a sauna?

So, where did you go?
Oh, well, I... Nowhere really.

I just wanted to be by myself.

Janice, we also know
it was you driving the car
in which your sister was paralysed.

Yes. Yes, it was me.

Blame me. Everyone else has.

I don't want to blame you,
but I need to understand.

You can't understand
what it's like to live with that,

to be responsible
for ruining your sister's life.

And she made me pay every single day.
And Dad!

He left all his money to her,

not to take care of her,
but to punish me.

And she held onto those purse strings
so tightly, too.

It could just as easily have been her
driving that night in Corfu.

But it wasn't. It was me.

I need to know where you went

Doug dropped me off,
and then I got in a taxi

and I asked him to take me to a bar.

Any bar.

Why? I wanted to meet someone.

I-I just wanted to be a person,

just for once.

I wanted to be someone
other than the sister,

the carer,

the guilty party.

Sorry. Does that sound selfish?


Did you meet anyone?

Can anyone else vouch for you
being in this bar?

I don't know.

It was called The Shack or something.

The barman was chatty but...

And what's this selfishness got me,
now June's dead?

I've got all the freedom I want,
I've got all the money I need,

but the guilt...

It'll never go away, will it?

There was just one more thing. What?
I think someone came here today.

No, in fact, I know they did.
And it was really strange.

I could hear someone in the house,
and then I saw them
just as they were driving away.

Can you give me a description?
Yes, a man from the rental agency,
the one who moved us here.


What did she want?

Just more questions.

What sort of questions?

Sorry. I didn't go to the spa
like I said. They found out.

Where did you go? For a drink.

Well, it doesn't matter now.

Go and pack.

I phoned the travel company,
brought the flights forward. What?

There's nothing to keep us here,
is there?

Go on!

I called the bar
Janice Palmer was at.

They said she had been in,
but couldn't be certain about
the time she left.

So, she could easily have had time
to get back and murder her sister?
I don't think so.

She seemed to resent her sister,
said she wasn't generous with money,

but I had the feeling
she was really sorry she was dead.

Oh, right. Right.
You had a feeling...

We just got a call from a jeweller.

Someone tried to sell
June Anderson's jewellery.


Dwayne's Estelle. Hey!

She's not my Estelle! Really?

There's a gold crocheted
wine-bottle holder on your desk
says differently.

She's not my Estelle.

How did you acquire these pieces?
I found them.

Where? I was looking for my cat.

Were you aware that you were
impeding a murder investigation?

I didn't know they belonged to her.

My tea leaves said it was
going to be my lucky week so...

Not so lucky for June Anderson.

From what I could see,
she'd had enough luck in her life.
Nice clothes, fancy holidays...

Estelle, that doesn't justify you -
Dwayne! Don't judge me.

How do you think it feels
to be working in houses
nicer than your own every day,

scrubbing and cooking?

I grew up on this island
and they swan in and use it! Use me!

Even Ronnie and Will... I know how
much they charge for those villas
and I know how much they pay me.

So yes, I took the jewels.

And you know what?
It's not all I take!

Half-finished rum bottles,
uneaten chicken...

I even go through their bins
for fish for my cat,
and it ends up killing her!

God rest her soul.

How d'you think it makes me feel,
stealing food at my age?

And if that's a crime,
then lock me up!

Actually, it is a crime.

You and Fidel search the area
where these were found,

see if you can find anything else.
Yes, Chief.

Fidel, anything? No.

Not yet.

I'm sorry I didn't say anything
about the jewels.

Never mind about that now.

It's just,

you know, I get so lonely.

And now with Opal gone,
I don't have anyone.

So, you know, if one night,
maybe wanted to...

Estelle! The couple of times
we went out, I had fun.

I know you did.
We both did, didn't we?

Yes. But that's all it was.

Are you dumping me?
Estelle, we were never an item...

Dwayne! I've got something!

It's exactly the same brand
as June Anderson used.

The killer must've come from
Eagle's Edge, tried to throw it into
the bushes with the jewellery.

Maybe the killer's a woman?
Hm. Why do you say that?

Well, women don't throw
as good as men. Pfft!

Some women. It's just a thought.

Or it could be a man. Who's to say?

But why take a bottle of sunscreen?

Hm! Fidel. Sir?

I'd like you to dust this
for prints.

I'm beginning to think
you're enjoying the sun. Hm.

I'm sorry your friend
isn't the killer.

He's hardly my friend!
No, but you know what I mean.


It must've been difficult
working with him. Yes. Yes, it was.

He called me Dick.

It can't be just that.

Well, when I joined the Met,
people questioned my methods.

They said I was pedantic...
Well, yes.

..exacting... Just like here.

But I got results. In the end,
people came to see that.

They almost, er, dare I say it,
respected for me.

So they should. Yes.

And then Doug Anderson
joined our team. Ahh!

I'm guessing he wasn't respecting
your methods?

He was the life and soul
of the party, everybody's mate.
Except mine.

He sort of singled me out.
Started calling me Dick.

Before I knew it, the whole station
was calling me Dick.

That's sort of who I became really -
Dick, the, er, freak in the corner.

Dick, the jobsworth. Dick,
who always does it by the book.

Dick, who never gets asked
to the pub at lunchtime.

That's just what bullies do,
isn't it? They, er... know, they,

well, they turn the pack against you
by setting you apart from the group.

Simple, stupid name-calling,
isn't it, really? But, er,

very effective.


Two years later,
Doug got a promotion,
moved to a different division,

and, erm,

well, you know, I was stuck there,
the, er, the fool in the corner.

You're a lot of things
but you're not a fool.

Picky, stubborn,

impatient... All right, thank you!

..infuriating, irritating,
difficult... Stop any time you like.

Hang on. Wait.

What? Both my feet have gone red.

See, it wasn't sunscreen
in the bottle Fidel found.

So, what was it?

I don't know. Moisturiser maybe?

So the killer must've exchanged
the bottles after she died.

Which explains why they went out
through the pool. Yes.

Someone wanted June Anderson to get
sunburned so she'd be home alone.

There was a print on the bottle
I found.

Will Teague's.

Will Teague and Ronnie Stuart met
while they were both working
in private security.

They were based in the Gulf,
protecting oil convoys.

But neither has a criminal record?

The only thing we found
relating to Will's wife

is that she was killed in a
hit-and-run in Manchester last year.

How terrible.

He got a big chunk of life insurance.
We think that's how he funded
his move here.

It helped him invest
in the rental business with Ronnie.

Were there any
suspicious circumstances
around his wife's death?

Don't seem to be.
They got an E-FIT of the driver,
but the van turned out to be stolen.

There were never any convictions,
and the police eliminated Will
from their enquiries early on.

What about Ronnie?
He suddenly had a very rich partner.

You mean,
he could've killed Will's wife?

He seemed to benefit from her death.

No. I cross-checked the dates.
He was here in Saint-Marie.

I don't get it.

What motive could Will Teague have
for killing June Anderson?

Why don't we ask him?

Yes, I can tell you
why my prints were on the bottle.

We stock the villas
with all the products -
shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen.

I would've put it in the villa.

They could've just as easily
been my prints.

So, you have no idea how the
moisturiser got in the bottle? No.

We need to get back into Eagle's Edge
at some stage to clean it up.

Are we allowed back in yet?

When we're finished here, yes.

So, you hadn't met June Anderson
before this week?

No. I'd never spoken to her before.
Neither of us had.

The first time I met her was when
I picked them up from the airport.
You're sure about that?


And I had food poisoning
at the time of the murder.
Estelle cooked us some swordfish.

We were throwing up all night
and out cold the next day.

So, your alibi is your best friend?


My alibi is, I was sick as a dog.

Then, maybe you can explain
why you entered Allamanda Retreat
earlier today?

You said you were fixing the air con
at Palm Bay.

Look, don't get mad.


I let Lily stay at Allamanda.

She had nowhere else to go
and the villa was empty.

Why didn't you tell me?
Hang on. Who's Lily?

Lily Shaw. She's my ex-fiancee.

We finished a couple of days ago.
She accused me of cheating.

You've been helping her?
She told me what happened,

about the secret calls, the presents
she found - Can we focus, please?

Why did you go to the villa?

Lily left her make-up bag there.
I went to get it for her.

One more thing...

Your wife was killed
in a hit-and-run accident last year?

Yes. I don't see what that
has to do with anything?

Neither do I yet.

But, er, it was after she died
that you came to Saint-Marie?

Yes. Ronnie asked if I'd invest
in the company,

so he came to Manchester to see us
just before my wife died.

But Karen, she thought...

She thought
I might drink the money away!

You're over the death of your wife
and you're moving on to Lily?
We're just friends!

So, she's the one that's cheating?
I don't believe this.

Thank you for your time, gentleman.

Hey, what's happened?

We need to speak to Lily Shaw.

Why did you think he was cheating
on you? How long have you got?

Not long.

He's being secretive.
I know the signs from last time.
He acts differently and -

You told Will Teague that he bought
this other woman something -
a present?

I found it at the back
of the wardrobe.
You're sure it wasn't for you?

No. You should've seen it.
It was for a much older woman.

Is this it? Oh, my God...



Ah, Fidel,

I want you to check the prints
on this photo

against the ones on this scarf.

Then I need you
to talk to Janice Palmer.

Find out about their arrival on the
island. Exact details, if you would.

And then I need you to call
this number... England. Hm?

Right, Camille... and I have got a body
to dig up.

We just thought we'd update you
on the murder investigation.

Have you got him? Almost.

We're just making
the last few connections.

June Anderson had never
been to Saint-Marie before,

but, er, everyone else here
had been to the UK.

Except you, Estelle.
Are you trying to pin this on me?

We're just wondering whether June
Anderson met her killer in the UK.


Ronnie! You travelled back and forth
to the UK.

In fact, you went to visit Will
in Manchester last year.

That's not a crime, is it?
No, no, no. It's not a crime.

And, Will, you lived in the UK
until quite recently.

In fact, er, until just after
the death of your wife.

Yes. That's true.

But there's no connection between
anybody here and June Anderson?

None at all.

And yet, one of you killed her.

Ronnie Stuart.


You substituted June's sunscreen,

ensuring she'd burn, be home alone,
and then you strangled her.

You strangled her with her own scarf
to make it look like
a random killing,

then arranged the murder scene
to make it look like
she disturbed a burglar.

Janice Palmer told us the scarf
that was used to kill her sister
had recently gone missing.

We've, er,
just spoken to Janice Palmer again.

She told us that you unloaded
their bags here at the villa

after picking them up
at the airport.

I suppose that must've been
when you stole the scarf.

I didn't even know she had a scarf!

How do you account for the fact
that your ex-fiancee, Lily Shaw,

found the exact same scarf
in your wardrobe?

She assumed it was a gift
for your new love -

an older woman.

It was for an older woman,
wasn't it? It was for June Anderson.

You're lying.
No, no, she's not lying. Fidel?

The oily fingerprint
found on the scarf is Lily's.
We've just matched them.

It was bicycle oil on the scarf,
proving it was the one she handled

and proving it was the one she found
in your wardrobe.

You're forgetting that I was
laid up in bed with food poisoning.

Wasn't I, Will? Yes. We both were.

Of course. The food poisoning
from the swordfish Estelle prepared
for you?

You didn't know that Estelle
had stolen some fish from your bin.

It's not stealing
if it's in the bin!

You didn't know that Estelle
"recycled" some fish from your bin,
gave it to her cat.

She told us the cat died soon after.

After performing an exhumation
earlier today, we sent the poor
lamented Opal for an autopsy.

Her body contained
a lethal level of Allamandin,

a toxin from the Allamanda plant,

which grows at the appropriately
named Allamanda Retreat.

You killed my cat?

It was a dose high enough
to kill a cat,

but in a human
it would simply induce symptoms
similar to food poisoning.

Ronnie must've added
the Allamanda to your fish, Will,
before serving it to you.

But, Ronnie, your symptoms
were faked. You can't prove that.

Really? I think a simple blood test,
once we're done here,

will show traces of allamandin
in Will's blood stream
and none in yours.

With Will sick in bed, it allowed
you to leave your apartment.

You came up here to Eagle's Edge,
crept up behind June Anderson,

took out the scarf
you'd stolen from her

Fidel, read him his rights.

Is this true?

You killed her?

Why? I'm not saying anything
without a lawyer.

You know, if you tell me the truth,
I can help you.

OK, sir,

if you'd like to check the list,

confirm all your possessions
are accounted for

and sign the bottom.

Hey, Chief, look at this.

Do you think he's a gambler?

Get me details of where this
was issued. It'll be in Manchester.

Casinos, right? Take a closer look.

Dicky boy!

I just heard!

You got him. Bloody well done!

There's still a way to go, but...
But, er, it's definitely him, yes?

The evidence is irrefutable.
Ronnie Stuart killed your wife.

So, bang to rights, then?


Is he in there?

Yes, yes. But, er, don't worry,
he's not going anywhere.

He's in a cell.

He's asked me for a few things.
I'll go and get them.
All right, Fidel.

Listen, erm...

..I know we've had our differences,
Dicky, but, erm, good work.

You got there in the end.

I just wish I could, erm,
you know...

Copper to copper,

..give me five minutes with him?
That's not how we do things here.
He murdered my June. Even so...

If you had a wife,
you would know how I feel.

I'm sorry, I-I can't.

I-I won't sanction that.

We should go.

Now, I don't have a wife,

but I have a sister...

Five minutes.

You really screwed this up.
It wasn't my fault!

Yes, well, you got sloppy,
letting them find the jewels.

No! I am not doing this on my own!

You're one of "them".
Have a word, get me off this.

It's not that easy. I don't care.
We had a deal! Not any more.

You did mine and I'd do yours.
We agreed.

You killed Karen, Doug.
You ran her over!

Yes. And you got the money.
The only difference is,

I wasn't stupid enough
to get caught! No, you...

You've got to get me out of this.

I'll tell them!
When they come back, I'll tell them.

You do, they'll find another body.

I'll tell them, I swear.

Those morons? Be my guest.
They'll have a job proving it.

Actually, I think we just have.

Get out of my way.

Everyone thought I was mad to
pursue you for your wife's murder,

but the minute I saw the crime scene
I knew it had to be you.

Once we'd proved you couldn't
have killed her in person,

the obvious solution was that
you put someone else up to the job.
But who?

And what could be the connection?

And then I found it!

An alcohol sobriety chip...

Ronnie has been sober,
with the help of a support group,
for four years.

But someone who has been less
successful in recovery is you, Doug.

In fact, when we worked together,

it was mandatory you attended
AA meetings. True.

But there's still no way
I killed my wife and you know it.

But you didn't kill your wife.

You killed Will Teague's.

What? I've never met the woman.
Why would I bump her off?

Because someone else
agreed to do the same for you.

I think you met Ronnie

at an alcohol recovery meeting
in April last year, didn't you?

At the Arnold Rehab Centre
in Manchester.

The same night that Will's wife
refused Ronnie the money
to save his business.

I was nowhere near Manchester
last April.

Ah, but you were. We checked.

You were at a conference.
The 17th April.

The same day Ronnie met with Will
to ask for the money.

One week later,
Will's wife Karen was dead,

run down by a stolen van.

And there was an E-FIT
of the driver.

Yes, it didn't really strike
any chords in the Manchester region,

but here in Saint-Marie,

we recognised a familiar face.

Ronnie had a problem and, er, you
told him you could help each other.

You'd kill Karen Teague
and he'd get the money from Will
to save his business

if, in return, he killed your wife
here on Saint-Marie.

There would be no connection.
No way to link either of you
with each other's crimes.

And the local police force
would never be a match for you.

But we were.

And my supposed motive
for having June killed?

Wrong. All the money went to Janice.

You married June for her money.

But she kept tight control of it.
Left you nothing in the will.

But she did have a sister.
Who dreamed of love, romance...

Someone who had once been in love
with you.

After a suitable period of mourning,
you could've made your move
on Janice,

got control of the money.

Or maybe just organised
another strangling...

Nice case.

But no court would convict on that

and the word of some...
former drunk.

Good work,
but you've still got nothing, Dick.

Nothing at all. Really?

"I don't care. We had a deal.

"You did mine and I do yours.
We agreed.

"You killed Karen, Doug."
Yes. And you got the money."

I'd say that's better than
a confession.

He can't help you now,

but you can help yourself
by telling us the truth.

I'm sure that your conversation
with Ronnie,

coupled with his confession,
will be ample to convict you.

In fact, I'd suggest you were...
Bang to rights.

Doug Anderson, I am arresting you
for the murder of Karen Teague

and for conspiracy
to kill your wife, June Anderson.

Come on.

It's funny, isn't it,

all those days you were at the pub
with the boys at lunchtime
and I was in the office,

do you know what "Dick" was doing?

Past files.
That's what put me onto you,

the similarity
to the Charles Tyburn murder.

Good job I wasn't in the pub,
wasn't it,

or I'd never have known about that.

Oh, and one more thing...

My name is Richard.

I think we've earned ourselves
a drink, don't you?

I know.

I thought it might cheer up Estelle
a bit, you know?

Or at least get her off my back,

What do you think?
I think the further that thing
stays away from me, the better.

Spoil sport.

So, you finally got Doug Anderson.

How does it feel?

Maybe for the first time in his life
he got what he deserves.

Go on,
allow yourself a happy dance!

A little cheer? A smile even?

Be a happy Richard. Ah-ah!

"Sir" to you.

Yes, yes, yes, we get it.
There's going to be a storm.

These conditions
may never come round again.

Once you've got the stats,
get yourselves home. Stay safe.

Whoever did this
sought to make Hurricane Irma

the perpetrator and concealer
of the crime.

Everyone should stay where they are.

We've got about ten minutes before
it gets too dangerous to drive back!