Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

As the island prepares for a hurricane the corpse of Leo Downs, a researcher at the university's meteorological unit is found. Though favoured by department head Professor King,other colleagues saw him as a sycophant and a nerd though Amber Collins,ex-girlfriend of Leo's room-mate Damon,was in love with him. Yet all the suspects have alibis according to the time codes on their clocks. Poole discovers that King is advising an oil company planning to drill on the island . Leo's notes are nowhere to be found and a Skype message to his mother shows he was planning something big. Was it big enough to get him killed? After the hurricane has passed Poole at last finds the evidence encoded in Leo's computer which leads him to the killer and their motive.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
'The stations are going to take
an almighty battering tonight.

'So take your observations,
then carry out a full site check.

'Secure everything.'

I'll go north.
Jennifer, you're east.

Leo, west.

Amber, south for you.

And Damon, you're central.

I want the instruments photographed
as back-up

once you've taken the readings.

These conditions may never come
round again so let's get this right.

Once you've got the stats,
get yourselves home.

We'll collate everything tomorrow.
Stay safe. OK?


Can we swap?

What for?

I've just got something to do.
I need to be here.


'Latest predictions suggest
Hurricane Irma will make land

'around seven o'clock this evening.'

Yes, yes, yes, we get it.
There's going to be a storm.

He's definitely scared.

It's his first hurricane.

Scared? I survived '87.

You survived 87 hurricanes?

No. 1987. Hmm?
The storm of the century?

I tell you, the roof of my dad's
shed was torn off.

Tomato pots and bird feeders strewn
across the lawn. Utter carnage.

Oh, my God.

Come on, come on!


I'm just saying, if it were a real
hurricane, it would have had a name.

There were floods.
Ancient trees were felled.

Did it have a name or not?

Yes! It did. It was, it was called
the Fish.

The Michael Fish Hurricane.
Give me the hammer, come on.

Boarding up will have to wait.
There's been a murder.

Leo Downs. 26. Staff researcher
here at the meteorology center.

This debris.
Very spread out, isn't it?

There's something not quite right.

OK, so Leo Downs is recording
meteorology data,

the killer arrives, there's a fight.

A big fight, the place is a mess.

Can we be sure they were fighting?

They must have been.

And yet there are no strained
seams on his clothing.

In fact no damage to the clothing
of any kind,

no abrasions to the knuckles.

Hang on, this is north, right?

Er, why?

So the debris lies to the south
of the Stevenson box.

OK, so the door was opened,
they fight,

crash into it and stuff flies out.

Yeah, but the door on a Stevenson
box always faces north.

Does it?

To stop direct sunlight hitting
the thermometer.

There's no way the instruments could
have accidentally fallen like this.

So it's been staged?

If we came to this exact scene,
tomorrow, what would you think?

I'd think...

I'd think he'd been
caught by the hurricane.

Yeah, there'd be leaves,
branches everywhere.

The blood on the pole would have
been cleansed.

I think this would look very much
like a tragic accident.

So we've found the body before
it was intended to be found?

Whoever did this sought to make
Hurricane Irma the perpetrator

and concealer of the crime.

We're looking for someone with a
sharp and devious mind, Camille.

Any witnesses?

Good luck with that.

That's the dean of the university,
Judy Hearst.

She e-mailed everybody last night
telling them to stay away today.

There's usually 30-odd
people around.

She and Mr Downs are the only
people on site.

And she found the body?

Yes, Sir.

So, if she's the only one here,

then maybe her finding the body is
a double bluff and she's our killer.

A reasonable theory,
but rather annoyingly,

she's the one person who couldn't
have done it.

How can you know that?

Because if the killer wanted
the hurricane to conceal the murder,

the last thing you'd do is call
the police before the hurricane hit.


I spoke to the team yesterday.

They said the hurricane was
powering up,

so I took
the decision to close the unit.

But if the unit was closed,
why was Mr Downs here?

He's part of a small team
that take daily observations.

The meteorology unit have five
weather stations.

One here and four at the north,
south, east and west points

of the island.
One member of the team goes to each.

So there would have been four other
people here earlier this morning?


Their names, please?

Professor Adam King.
Jennifer Cheung.

Amber Collins. And Damon Ryan.

Adam will be devastated.

Well, everyone will of course,
it's just that Professor King

had taken young Leo under his wing,
so to speak.

So, apart from these four people,
is it possible that anyone else

could have gained access to the
station where Mr Downs was killed?

I don't think so. The entrance gates
were locked when I arrived.

So you came to a closed department
knowing a hurricane was approaching.


Leo wanted to see me.
I got a message.

He left it late last night.

'Hi, it's Leo Downs.

'There's something I need to tell

'It's really serious
and I don't know who to tell,

'and well, it could blow the whole
department apart.

'Look, I'm in for observations

'If you meet me at noon,
I'll explain. OK. Bye.'

I picked it up this morning
and caught the first ferry over.

Have you any idea what
the meeting was about,

or what he was referring to?


Right, so he arranged a meeting that
"would blow the department apart".

And half an hour before that
meeting, he's killed.

The dean's adamant she has no idea
why Leo wanted to see her today?



Process this for me, would you?
I found it in the grounds.

A rubber duck?

May be unrelated, but check it
for fingerprints anyway.

Yes, sir.

So these four people were the last
ones to see Leo Downs alive.

Let's go and talk to them.

I saw an ambulance.
Is everything all right?

Professor King, I presume?

I understand you and Leo were close.

Well, his father died
just under a year ago.

He lost his way a little.
We all did what we could.

Some of the others resented that
I spent that much time with him,

but it was the least
I could do in the circumstances.

Then would you say
he had enemies here?

I wouldn't describe him as
the most popular member of the unit.

He tended to keep himself
to himself.

What about the rest of the group?
You mentioned some resentment.

Were there any rivalries, perhaps?

Well, there's... There's Jennifer.

Very ambitious.

She saw Leo as competition.

Did you speak to him this morning?

Not really, might have said hello.

He was still sulking because
I'd got second author

on the professor's new paper.

Erm, I'm sorry,
what does "second author" mean?

It's the credit you get
on academic papers.

The professor always goes first
and the researchers come after.

The higher you are,
the more you're respected.

But Leo Downs thought he should
be second author on this paper?

That's just how he was,
teacher's little pet.

He moaned about everything.

Then there's Damon. Leo's roommate.
Rather a strange one, Damon.

Not very strong on people skills.

I couldn't stand the little creep.

Excuse me?

We had nothing in common.
He was always brown-nosing King.

And he was into nerd stuff.
Comic books. Conspiracy theories.

I mean, the guy was 26.

Come on, grow up, you speccy loser.

And finally Amber.

She's sensitive, shall we say.

She and Leo were in a relationship
until quite recently, I believe.

He dumped me. Said he wanted
to concentrate on his work,

which was, like, so disrespectful.

I don't know why he had to be with
Professor King all the time,

I mean, I could've helped him.

I already bought him some books
that he said he didn't have.

That doesn't sound like a person who
would stop you doing your work,
does it?


He just made excuses
all the time, like saying

he couldn't work properly with me
sitting there watching him.

He said it was unnerving,
me staring at him,

but you know, it's not like
I was making a noise or anything.

I just liked being round him,
I loved him.

I mean, you don't have sex
with people you don't love, do you?

So when Mr Downs' body was
discovered at 11.40,

all four of you were at your
respective weather stations,

taking measurements?

Yes, we log data
and photograph everything.

And all four weather stations are an
equal distance away from the unit?

Yes. All about a 20-minute drive.

Right, so you left here at?


Returning to the lodgings by?


You're published?

Not quite. End of the month.
That's a proof copy.

What's the subject?

An analysis of hurricane
prediction methodology.

Ah! Tell me, is this Irma really
going to be the end of the world

everyone says it is?

Well, it's shaping up to be
pretty mighty.

I don't wish to be disrespectful,

but is this really
the place for a published professor?

Well, maybe not forever.
The buzz on the book has been good.

I've had enquiries
from Yale and Oxford to visit.

But this place has been good for me.

When I took the position, I didn't
really know where I was going.

A change of scenery, new challenges,
everything's really opened up.

You've made a similar move, right?
You must feel the same?

Not really.

You know, I used to be a demon
proof-reader at college.

Spelling. Punctuation. Grammar. I
hunted those blighters down for fun.

Well, take one. If you can spot
anything I'd be grateful. Drink?

Er, no, thank you.

Can I ask?

Did Mr Downs mention anything to
you about an appointment he'd made

with the dean for today?

No, he didn't.

Why on earth would
he want to see the dean?

Ah, police manual. A cracking read.

If I was to read that thing, I'd
fall asleep on the contents page.

Dwayne, you're supposed to have
read it cover to cover.

Of course, sir. I have read it.

Big day tomorrow. Sergeant's exam.

Yes, please don't remind me.

You'll breeze it. Won't he, sir?

No idea. If he's worked hard enough,
it's possible.


the killer intended the murder
to be disguised

by the impending hurricane.

Someone who knew where it would hit
and when.

A meteorologist.


But we have a problem.

All four of them,

Professor King, Jennifer Cheung,
Amber Collins and Damon Ryan,

all set off at exactly 11am.

They drove for around 20 minutes
to their respective weather stations

and took readings.

They all arrived back around noon
and as the body was found at 11.40,

it means they were all accounted for
when the murder took place.

Yeah, very convenient.

Leo Downs swapped his allocated
weather station with Damon Ryan

in order to stay at the unit.

Damon, can we swap?
I need to be here.

We assume, because of his meeting
with the dean.


And we know the others went to
their respective stations because?

We have their completed data charts

and they photographed
the instruments as a back-up.


The cameras are date and time-coded
and today's photographic readings

were all taken
between 11.25 and 11.35.

So if the time codes are correct,
they all have an alibi.

But the killer could have changed
the time code on the camera.

Yeah, but even if they did,

we have no way of knowing which
one was changed,

so it doesn't help us.

Also we didn't find a camera
at the murder scene.

No, we didn't.

Yet we know the victim had one,

because in Damon Ryan's statement,

he said he gave him his clipboard
and camera.

So where is it?

If the murderer took it, why?
Was it important enough to kill for?

Sir, the fingerprint
reports are back.

Samples taken from the weather
station equipment confirmed matches

for all five members of the unit.

The victim,
King, Cheung, Collins and Ryan.

We'd expect them to be there.

And the murder weapon was wiped

And the toy duck had several clean
prints, all matching the victim.

So it did belong to him.


Doctored camera or not,
we need to completely rule out

the possibility that one of our four
suspects could have taken

their readings and got back in time
to murder Leo Downs before 11:40.

How are we going to do that?

Thank you.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Right, stopwatches?

Good. So you drive to your allocated
station, you wait ten minutes

to cover taking the data, then you
return directly to the lodgings.


If they were trying to get back
to kill Leo,

they probably wouldn't have stuck
to the speed limit.

Right, yes.
You can drive as fast as you can.

Just try not to kill anyone.

I love this job!

Three, two...


Go, go, go, go, go!

One hour? One hour.

Well, if the photos are genuine,
all our suspects have an alibi.

So if opportunity is proving a
little slippery, what about motive?

Well, Leo Downs had an argument with
Jennifer Cheung

about study paper credits.

He also recently ended
a relationship with Amber Collins.

And Damon Ryan is very strange,
but they just didn't get on at all.

But are any of those enough
for someone to want to kill him?

Or is it more likely someone was
trying to stop him seeing the dean?

After all, he had something that
could blow the whole department

I want to see his room.

Sir, it's almost five.

We've only got a couple of hours
before the hurricane is due to hit.

So, bring an umbrella.

He has no idea how dangerous
a hurricane is.

What are we looking for exactly?

His camera?

Something to explain
the rubber duck?

A motive?

Whatever it is that could blow
the department apart.

His father.

He died last year.

Poor thing.

'Glory follows virtue as if it
were its shadow'. That's beautiful.

Really? That's Cicero.

Cicero. Roman philosopher.


His laptop.


That's odd.

There's nothing there. It's empty.
Just a couple of video files.

No work?

No. No work, no photos,
no music files.

Either he was very lazy
or someone's wiped it.

Let's see the video.

Most people are saying that Irma
is going to be category 2 or 3

direct hit, but my calculations
are saying something else.

I think that we're going to see
a cat 2 at best.

And I also think the course of the
hurricane is going to see a miss,

some 40 miles
north-west of the island.

Not what his professor said.

Hmm, what about the other one?

Hey, Mum.

Sorry I've not called in a while.

Things have been, erm...
tricky round here lately.

People have not been behaving well.
It's been lonely.

I've been thinking about home a lot.
I really miss you.

And him.

When I saw Dad last,
he talked about no regrets.

"Don't pass up on fun" he said.

"Don't run away from problems
you should have faced up to".

Today I'm going to see
both of those things through.

Later the serious stuff,
but first - the fun.

It was this mad idea we had,

and it'll sort of be a way
to get closer to him.

One more for Curtis!

Who's Curtis?

Anyway, erm... I'll e-mail you
the results.

I love you.

Oh. He seems nice.

What is it?

Why kill him? What is there to gain,
hmm? What are we missing?

The dean had one of these
in her bag.

Come to think of it,
so did the professor.


Corporate bumph for the
Saint Marie Development Agency.

Ah yes, it's been on the local news.

They're trying to get people on side
for oil rigs off the coast.

Hmm, there's a lot of people
against the project.

That's Marcus Sweet. A local
politician. He runs the agency.

So Leo circled him,

and put this brochure inside a book
about conspiracies?

Do you think this is what the
meeting with the dean was about?

Could be.

Let's go check 'em out.

I was thinking,
why don't you stay at mine tonight?

To see out the hurricane.

Oh, no, no. No, thanks.

I don't like the idea of you alone
in that little wooden shack.

There's going to be 80-mile-an-hour

You'll end up in a tree.

Yeah, well the tree's already
in the house, so no change there.

I'm serious. It's not a good idea.

Hello! Hello!

They've probably gone
home. Everyone else has.

Honestly, if everyone in England
crawled into a shelter every time

there was a little bit of wind and
rain, we'd never have had an empire.

Come on.

As part of our duties in times
of hurricane, we sometimes

go around checking people have the
right kinds of locks and shutters.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Camille!


Poorly secured doors
and windows cause more accidents

in hurricanes than anything else.


You've just violated several
codes of practice.

I will not be part of this.

OK, fine. Let's wait 24 hours
for a warrant.

By then, the killer could have fled,
could have destroyed evidence.


We are paying for this
to be secured.

'Word up. Hurricane Irma is due to
hit the island early this evening.

'So be safe, people,
batten down the hatches

'and move all loose street
furniture inside.

'After all, you don't want a sun
lounger flying through

'the window when you're listening
to your favourite tunes.

'And here is one of mine.'

This is a draft feasibility study
of the oil platform project.

Guess who their chief
atmospheric consultant is?

OK, so one of the key hurdles
the company has to navigate

is the environmental impact

And Professor King pops up to say
he's satisfied their deep-sea

drilling rigs will survive
a hurricane,

and therefore pose no risk
to the environment.

Caribbean oil could be big
business in the future.

If Leo was going to put these
deals in jeopardy,

someone might want him
out of the way.

Yeah, but we still need something to
prove a link to the university.

That'll do.


May we come in?

Er, yes. Yes, of course.

I hope we're not
interrupting anything?

Not at all,
just university business.

And that's exactly what
we wanted to talk to you about.


Particularly your relationship with
the Saint Marie Development Agency

and its Caribbean oil project.

I have nothing to hide.

The university's budgets have
been slashed of late.

Thanks to Professor King, this is
an important department doing

important work and it needed saving.

So I hustled and I schmoozed

and yes, I managed to secure
funding from the SMDA.

At what price?

It seems convenient that the SMDA
keeps the centre open

and your reports support their work.

I am a man of science, inspector,
not a corporate shill.

Leo Downs had something important
to discuss with the dean.

Perhaps it was your involvement
in the project?

You're suggesting I'm corrupt?

We're trying to find out the truth.

As a scientist, inspector, so am I.

Here are my notes and calculations
regarding the proposed oil platform.

If you take the time to read them,
you'll see that my assertion

that the platform is not only safe
but would withstand a category five

hurricane is both factually correct
and proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Do you believe him?

I'll tell you when I've read this.

What matters though is that if
the dean already knew about

his involvement in the oil project,

which she clearly did, then
he didn't have a motive to kill Leo.

So it's another dead end.


'Hi, it's me.

'I managed to chase up
the interim autopsy.'

It confirms the death was a result
of multiple blows to the head

with a blunt instrument.

But it also says that the X-rays
showed a previous injury.

A broken nose, apparently.
Fairly recent.

Did you call the hospital?


And they said that Mr Downs
came in about five weeks ago.

He said it was the result
of an altercation with another guy.


We were just messing about.

This is the man you told me
you didn't like.

Now you're telling me that you were
play fighting with him?

Ah. Or maybe this is what you
were fighting about?

Amber Collins was your girlfriend?

Yeah, we split up. Big deal.

Why? Ask her.

No, I'm asking you.

She'd started hanging out with
teacher's little pet.


Couldn't have been easy for you,

your girlfriend hanging out with
a "speccy loser"?

I haven't finished.

Look, I didn't kill him, all right?

OK, I didn't like him, but what
would I gain from killing him?


Jenny's the one who's getting
most from his death.

She's the one
who got second author, not me.

Miss Cheung says
she earned that position.

Yeah, right She's useless.

Even I'm better than her.
Leo was onto her, too.

In what way?

Her step-dad's Marcus Sweet.
The SMDA guy?

They're funding the centre.

Look, you're the detective,
work it out for yourself!

No, I'm not having this.

I knew you'd jump to this
conclusion. Everyone always does.

Poor little rich girl can't
achieve anything herself.

Daddy has to have pulled
the strings.

When did you start work here?

A year ago.

Before or after the SMDA
put up funding?


And how did you apply for the job?

Was there an advert or a...?

OK! OK! Fine! My dad got me a bloody
job here. Big deal.

That little creep found out
somehow, someone must have told him.

And what happened?

See, you're going to jump to all
kinds of conclusions.

This isn't fair.

What happened, Miss Cheung?

He wanted me thrown out.

You're a fake.
You don't deserve to be second.

Well, I've got it, so get over it.

Well, I'm going to do
something about this.

Drop dead, you whiny little toad.

He wanted to destroy
everything I've worked for.

Following your interview
with Damon Ryan,

we have a possible motive of
jealousy over Leo's relationship

with Amber Collins.

But was Miss Collins angry enough
at being cast aside

to want to kill him? Or was Leo
mixed up in some sort of

corporate conspiracy involving
his professor?

And finally, was it about ambition?

One thing that's been curiously
absent from all of this,

is Leo's work.
Hmm? Nothing on his computer,

nothing in his room.
Anyone else find that strange?

Well, maybe his work
is on the university computers.

Could be.

Where's his camera?

And why did he have a rubber duck
with him when he was murdered?

What does "one more for Curtis"

I need to go to the university.


To check the database
for Leo's work.

You know, maybe we're missing

or you know, the reference
or mention of this "Curtis".

Sir, the reports are saying that
everyone should stay where they are.

Fidel's right, Chief.
You shouldn't go out there.

Leo Downs' mother
has already lost her husband.

Now she's lost her son as well.

I'm not stopping for wind and rain.

Excuse me, I won't be long.

Richard Poole!

OK, so, you wear a woolen suit
in the sun, you ignore hurricanes...

Where did you get this
pig-headed streak from?!

Are you sure you're not just
a bit frightened of the hurricane?

Actually, yes, I am.
It's really starting to bite!

It's just a bit of wind!

And rain!

Yes! Richard!

Leave it, detective!

Right, I'll check the computer.

You see if you can find
a locker in his name.

Any hard copies of work
he's submitted.

And check the staff files too,

See if you can find a Curtis
associated with the unit.


We've got about ten minutes before
it gets too dangerous to drive back.

We'd better hurry up then,
hadn't we?

Nothing. No locker,

no-one called Curtis in any
contact details in the office.

I can't find any of Leo's work.
I mean, literally nothing.

It's as if Leo Downs never existed.

We should go.


I don't think we're going anywhere.

I found Leo's logging details
and retrieved his browsing history.

He watched a lot of internet videos.

Oh, dear.

No, not that kind of video,
the popular ones.

You know, sneezing panda, furious fat
kid, skateboarding dog?

OK, come on.

This is a cool one.
It's these college kids in the US.

They fixed a camera and a toy man
onto a weather balloon

and sent it to the edge of space.

'There we go. Amazing.'

Pause that a second.

Leo had all the equipment
to launch a weather balloon.

Helium, balloons, radiosondes.

What's a radiosonde?

One of these, look.

They contain the equipment that
hangs below weather balloons.

Leo said in his video he was going
to do something fun

that he and his father had talked
about. Something to get him closer
to his dad.

In heaven.

What if launching the duck
was the mad idea?

OK. So who's Curtis?

OK, right,
let's think about this logically.

Where is a helium-filled weather
balloon likely to go?


Yeah, for a while.

But then when it reaches
the upper atmosphere,

the helium expands, the balloon
bursts. So it'll come down.

Right, where? On the island?

More likely in the sea.

Good. Yes, yes, the sea!

Right, so do a search -
er, sea, Curtis, duck.

No way.

In 1992,
a container ship hit rough seas

and several containers
fell into the Pacific.

In one of those containers were
28,000 bath toys.

Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer saw
a unique opportunity to track

the ocean's currents using
the ducks.

So if this fellow landed in the
ocean, it would be "one more
for Curtis".

That's really sweet.
But how does it help?

Well, Leo said he was going to
e-mail the results to his mother.

So, so he must have had some
way of recording it?

A camera.

The camera! The camera was attached
to the radiosonde,

but the duck wasn't fixed properly.

Maybe he didn't have a chance
to secure it

because he saw his
attacker approaching.

But Camille, what
if the camera was recording?

It might have caught something. Yeah.

A glimpse of the killer.
Their voice. The answer
could be on that camera.

Yes, but how are we going to find it?

Right, the radiosonde emits
a signal, yeah?

When one of these receivers
is in range...

It'll pick it up.

OK! But we've just said it will most
likely be in the sea.

Yeah, that is a problem.

Er, right, look ...

But what if it didn't make it to
the sea?

OK, Leo launched
the weather balloon here.


The centre of the island.

Erm, the prevailing wind was
northerly, so in other words,

blowing from the north.

If it landed anywhere on land,
it will be somewhere here.

This, that's where we need to look.

But you can't get out there now!

Sir! Stop!

Stop! You'll get killed.

The camera!


The answer, Camille!

We'll have to wait.

I can't!

Well, stay safe.

Yes, and how's your mother?

No, no, I don't want to talk
to her, no.

Hi, hi, yes... Sorry I can't
be there, erm ...

No, I have to stay on shift
just in case we're needed.

Yes, but I know you'll take
very good care of them for me.

Hmm... Hello?


Phones are dead.

Yeah. Great. Now she's going to
think I hung up on her.

You know the best thing you can
do now is sleep.

Your brain needs
rest before the exam.

No, no, no. I can't, I've tried and
it feels like I'm sleeping on duty.

You know what,
I think I'll do some more revision.

This one is ice cold.

Put it on your face,
it'll help with the swelling.

Ow. Yeah, I told you not to go
out there.

there was a camera at the scene.

Hmm? It could have recorded
the murder or captured something.

I think that's worth finding,
don't you?

Yes, just maybe
not in the middle of a hurricane!

It'll be getting wet.
What if it's damaged?

All we can do right now is what
everybody else on this island is
doing. Sit tight.

It just feels like we're close.

It will keep,
there's nothing else we can do.


Oh, come on.

A case is like a tent. Ow!

I was saying, a case is like a tent,

There's always a corner you can
peg out a little bit further

to get the canvas that
little bit tauter.

Where did you get that one from?

My Dad. Did he like camping?

Hated it. A caravan man.

Of course the analogy doesn't really
work with a caravan.

You can't peg a caravan out,
can you?

I suppose you could extend the
legs... OK. Do you want some crisps?

Where are you going to get
crisps from? The vending machine.

The electricity's off.
I've got my own ways.

No more criminal damage, Camille.
I can't keep turning a blind eye.

So you don't want anything? Fine.

A bar of chocolate would be nice.

Leave the money in that little
coin rejecty thing.

Did you get us stuck here on

just to use this giant whiteboard?

It may have been at the back
of my mind.

Now, I know that one of these four
did it.

Despite what the photographic
evidence might say, I know.

One of them is lying about being
at the compass point, but which one?

And how do we prove it?

Why am I doing this?

Er, what if they had an accomplice?

Someone who took the photographs
while they committed the murder?

What if they took the
photos yesterday?

The data correlates today's weather.

They could have changed the reading,
used an ice cube to cool the...

You've been talking for two hours.

Have I? Yes.

Sorry. Sorry.

Have you ever stayed in a caravan?

Er, luckily my life's not hit
those depths yet.

It's what this reminds me of,
you know?

A rainy Saturday afternoon
in a caravan,

Dad watching the racing on
a black and white TV.

Mum boiling something to
death on the little stove.

Rain lashing the roof,
the whole room swaying in the wind.

Why do the British choose such
depressing holidays to go on?

Hey, I loved it. That smell,
you know, that caravan smell.

I tell you what, if you ever
come to England,

I'll take you to a caravan in
Clacton for the weekend.

I can't wait

God, I suddenly feel homesick.

I'm even missing my Dad.
Good God, what's wrong with me!

You know, I really should phone him.

Is he like you?

My Father? God, no.
What's he like, then?

Actually, my Dad was the reason
I became a policeman.

I suppose I could've been
an academic like Leo, but, erm,

he didn't think a knowledge of
history brought that much

of practical use to the world.
So you wanted to keep him happy?

Doesn't every child want to
please their father?

Don't ask me.
I haven't seen mine for years.

Oh. Sorry.

If it's any consolation, I haven't
had a decent conversation
with my dad in about 20 years.

Growing up, I was not unlike
Leo Downs.

Always on the periphery. Never
really at the centre of things.

I suppose that's why I like puzzles.

Generally, they're things
you can do on your own.

But you don't have to any more.

You have me.

Yes, yeah, right.

This is amusing you, isn't it?
My discomfort?


Well, at least you're
honest about it.

Well, you''re
so pompous sometimes,

I like it when you're just...human.

So what about now?

Do you think your Dad is
proud of you?

That's a difficult question to
answer, really. know, when I'm
not around, I suspect he is.

But, erm...

When I'm there,

I can almost feel the disappointment
radiating off him.

Maybe he just finds it hard to
express his emotions.

You must get it from somewhere.

No, I think it's genuine

Look, I'm sorry if I'm a bit...
You know. Don't be.

Can you keep a secret?


I quite like it.

And this was nice.

Well, the Land Rover's here
so they must be, too.

Blood on the dustbin lid.


Good morning. Sleep all right?
Yes. Yeah, yeah, a little.

It was a bit windy, but I'd hardly
call it a hurricane, not like '87.

You're right, it wasn't.

Really? It missed us, skimmed
past around 40 miles north-west.

We're very lucky. Hmm.

We went past your shack,

it still took a bit of a
battering, though.

You mustn't tell anyone...

Er, Camille! Er, Sergeant Bordey!


Come on! No time for sleep!
We are going balloon hunting.

Take these and I will explain
on the way. Come on!

I swear, if one more person asks me
if we can get the BBC on this...

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I've got something.


Well, up you go, Dwayne.

Hey, Dad! Big day today.

I'm going to make you proud,
you just watch.

But first... Space duck!

What do you want?
It's the killer!

Go away. It's over.
The proof's safely hidden.

What proof? Proof of what?

No voice. No glimpse. No murderer.

Oh, great,
now we're back to square one.


Lines are back up.

Honore Police Station. Juliet...
Yes, hi... How was it?

He had proof of something safely
hidden. Why haven't we found it?

We've been through his laptop,
through the university system,

his room, his locker.
We didn't find anything.

He must have hidden it somewhere
else. Somewhere significant to him.

Yes, put her on,
I'd like to talk to her.

Leo, West.

Can we swap?
I really need to be here.

Mm-hm. Did you sleep through
the storm?

One hour? One hour.

What a good girl you are. Daddy
misses you, darling. Yes, I do.

Hey, Dad!


This has all been about his Dad,
hasn't it?

That's where we need to look.

What's going on? Police business!


What is this? His work? This must be
the hidden proof, right?

Papers. Scientific reports. Charts.

Equation. Hurricane
modelling systems.

If it's just university work,
why's he hidden it?

And why would someone kill for it?
Wait. This looks familiar.

Things are underlined,

OK, we know the killer must have
changed the time code on their

Yes, but we don't know which one.

Well, maybe we do...

maybe the answer's been right in
front of us all the time.

Time! Wha...what time is it!?

Just gone 11.

Wait, don't do that ...

Are you going to tell me
where we're going?

"Glory follows virtue
as if it were its shadow."


Oh, for God... 300 days a year,
you shine.

Ten hours a day!

And the one time

I actually want you to shine,

you go in!

Thank you.

Thank you for coming.
Please, take a seat.

I want to talk today about
Leo Downs.

The last thing
he did on this earth was to

diligently collect data
from a weather station.

Then to launch a weather balloon
in remembrance of his father.

While doing this, he was murdered...

by someone in this room.

To discover the truth, we had to go
to all points of the compass.


We found a scene that was staged.

Everything pointed towards his
assailant being one of his

Professor King was involved in
a controversial scheme many people
disapproved of.

Then we had the jilted girlfriend,
the ambitious rival

and the jealous house mate. But how
could any of you have done it?

You were all miles away at the other
weather stations.

Proof came in the form
of a series of photographs,

very conveniently dated and timed.

It didn't take a genius to work
out that the killer had

almost certainly re-set the clock
on their camera to provide an alibi,

but we had no way of knowing
which one. Until now.

Then there was motive -
that was puzzling, too.

Yes, there were petty squabbles
within the unit,

accusations of favouritism,
affairs of the heart.

But none of them felt like a strong
enough motive for murder.

Except one. Leo Downs had arranged
to see the Dean,

saying he had information that would
blow the department apart.

But what was it that
he'd discovered?

As the Dean already knew about the
Professor's favourable report
on the proposed oil platform,

in fact she'd clearly encouraged it,
it was unlikely to be that,

so, what else could it be?
And who would be willing to kill Leo

in order to prevent him revealing
whatever it was?

We found the answer in his work.

I think you'll find that's mine.

Are you sure? I know my own work.

Yes, I read your book.
No mistakes. I was impressed.

See, you can then imagine
how surprised I was to find
a manuscript,

hidden on a memory stick -
identical, virtually word for word.

Yet written by Leo Downs.

You see, Leo Downs was a
brilliant meteorologist...

he even predicted that the hurricane
would miss the island by 40 miles

to the North West - which indeed
it did. You spent time with him

so you could steal his work.
And when he discovered what you
were doing,

you murdered him to protect
your burgeoning reputation.

You felt the net closing in.

Encouraged by the Dean to promote
the career of Jennifer Cheung

to protect her funding, you knew
that Mr Downs was reaching
the end of his tether,

that you would have to deal
with him permanently.

The hurricane provided
the ideal opportunity.

When you came to Saint Marie, you
weren't going anywhere - your words.

Somehow, miraculously,
you bloomed

into a meteorologist at
the top of his profession.

Books, visits to Yale and Oxford,
lucrative consultancies
for the likes of the SMDA.

What happened?
Was it the Saint Marie air?

Or was it that you discovered a meek
researcher whose brilliant ideas
you could steal?

You're not a Professor, Mr King.

You're a plagiarist.

A plagiarist and a murderer.

That is a disgusting accusation.

You have no understanding of how
things work in the academic world.

I understand what theft is.

In academia, authorship is shared.

Yours is the only name
I see on the title page.

There's no case to answer here.
Plagiarism cases never stick.

Students, researchers,
they all imagine

that they've done more work
than they have.

Is that what you told Mr Downs
when he first confronted you?

Plagiarism is abuse, Professor.
It works in exactly the same way.

You originally assigned Leo to
the West station, didn't you?

Leo, West.

Out there he'd have been
isolated... alone.

A much easier prospect.

Guaranteed not to be found till
after the hurricane.

But then he swapped.

Damon! Can we swap?

I've just got something to do,
I need to be here.

After Leo swapped with Damon,

you knew you had to take
a calculated risk and kill him here.

You said you were going to the north
weather station, but that was a lie.

You went nowhere.

You actually stopped your car
just outside the perimeter

and walked back.

You waited
until the time was right...

Hi, Dad. Big day today,
I'm going to make you proud.

Just watch. But first...

Space Duck.

What do you want? Go away, it's over.
The proof's safely hidden.

You then staged the scene to make it
look like hurricane damage.

Your cunning scheme to make Mr
Downs' death look like misadventure

would most likely have worked
had Mrs Hearst not come in...

I was at the North weather station.

Yes. And here is the photograph
you took on the day of the murder.

And here is one I took an hour ago.

At the North weather station.
Exactly the same position. Exactly
the same time

you say you took yours. But there's
a difference, isn't there?

One a lay person might not see,

but one I'm sure a meteorologist
would notice.

Longer shadow.

There's a longer shadow
in the Professor's photograph.

Can anyone estimate the time
the professor's photograph
was really taken?

Earlier than 11.30. 8, 9am.

You took your photograph before
you came to work,

leaving you free to murder Mr Downs.

"Glory follows virtue as if
it were its shadow".

Dwayne, Fidel, do the admin.

Good news, Fidel.

The test centre's been blown away?

No, no. Fully functional.
Can't wait to see you.

Your exam starts at 3.30.

But I haven't slept.
I don't know anything.

You'll be fine.
Yes, you go get them, tiger!

Sir, Fidel will be all right,
won't he? I don't know.

You know what,
maybe I'll just try again next year.

I thought you said you
weren't like your father.


A little encouragement?


Erm, Fidel. For you.

It's the one
I took all my exams with.

You've come on leaps
and bounds lately.

You've studied thoroughly -
I've seen you. You're ready.

Go get your stripes.

Good luck, Fidel!

A pencil?

So? Did you phone your father?

No, I'll call him later.

We've just had a near miss
with a major hurricane.

Don't you think he's going
to know that?

We're on the other
side of the world.

And don't you think he checks
the weather? He's English, right?

You don't know my dad.

Drinks all afternoon
says he won't have a clue.


Dad. Hello. How are you?

Yeah, fine, yeah.

No, no, it missed...

Well, I mean a bit of damage,
but nothing much...

Oh, nothing like '87...
no, no, yeah, the shed roof.

I know, I told them here,
they couldn't believe it.

Bloody good turnout.

It's all going marvellously.

I know who did this.

Who in their right mind rings up
to make an appointment to commit

Can I take you out for a drink?

Could we have a word, please?

I THINK he just said
I'm going back to London.

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