Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

Camille's friend, singer Aimee, collapses and dies on a boat owned by local entrepreneur Stephen Morrison and his wife Eloise,also a vocalist. Aimee was poisoned and her flat has been ransacked. She was due to leave for a recording contract in Miami and had rowed with Stephen about it whilst Eloise,jealous that Aimee was a better singer,tried to sabotage but not kill her. Poole defies Patterson whose priority is the arrest of a local illegal drinks ring to comfort Camille and catch the murderer. Dwayne and Fidel use spaced out waiter R.J. to help locate the booze supplier to no avail but Poole discovers a link between the drink smugglers and the murderer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

What was in that?

Trust me, you don't want to know.

To the future! And to Miami!

Ah, you know, I'm probably gonna mess
it up and be right back
here before you know it.

No, you won't, you're gonna be
a superstar!

Oh, I'm sorry. Let me.

I'll do it.
Don't worry. Accidents happen, huh?

Maybe it's for the best. Wouldn't
want your final performance
to be a drunken disaster.

Small boat, big egos.

All right, ladies and gentlemen!

Only a few minutes to go before the
best cabaret you will see.

So please, fill your glasses!
And prepare to salute our
super sexy singers!

Eloise and the delicious Aimee!

You ever had a boss
you could happily kill?

No comment.
Five minutes, please.

I'm gonna go and get ready,
I'll see you after the show.

And not too much drinking,
young lady. It's... a school night.
A school night!

Bit early for bed, Milton.

Been working mornings
down at the docks.

Are you sure that's all
you've been doing? Yes.

That and trying to get some
beauty sleep.

Let me tell you a bedtime story.

Our Commissioner
is a very unhappy man.

Because there's been a rush
of bootleg rum out on the streets

and the bars and the businesses who
make the real stuff are calling him
every day to complain.

So me and Fidel here have been given
the task of finding out who's behind
it all.

Ah! That's a lovely story.

In fact, it's a fairytale.
I gave that up years ago!

Now, if you don't mind,
I need my beauty sleep.

Hey. Nice watch. How could you
afford something like that?

If you've been working as a
go-between for the bootleggers,
tell him.

You know what Dwayne's like
when he gets annoyed.

Seriously?! Good cop, bad cop?!

Listen, Laurel and Hardy,
this is the 21st century.

That stuff doesn't work any more.
So shut me door on your way out.


♪ I'm your key... to set you free

♪ You can come to me

♪ Anytime for comfort

♪ Don't be shy

♪ Let me try

♪ It's you I really want
and not another

♪ Baby don't you fight

♪ Oh, get your little self uptight

♪ Oh, no

♪ Baby, after tonight

♪ Baby, after tonight... ♪


Aimee! Aimee! Aimee!

Aimee! Aimee!

Aimee! Aimee!!

The victim, you say she was
a friend of Camille's?

Aimee Fredericks. Old school friend.

Been working away from the island,
on and off for the past few years.

Seeking fame and fortune.
So it was a reunion of sorts.

Yeah, she was really, really
excited about seeing her again.

Right, well, we'd better be ready
to pick up the slack.

I doubt Camille's going to be
in any frame of mind to work.

Sit down! I'm not going to say
it again. This is a crime scene!

Paramedics think it might
have been poison.

Right. Camille...
And if that's the case

then we need possible sources
of the poison.

There's a shot glass
and an oyster shell.

They'd fallen on the floor but
I retrieved them myself, so they
haven't been contaminated.

They need to be bagged up. Dwayne?
I'm on it.

Glass of water? I don't think so,
as far as I can make out

the only things she ate or drank
were the shot and the oyster.

I meant for you.

I'm Stephen Morrison.
The King Papyrus is my party boat.

I just...
I've no idea what happened.

One minute she's up there singing,
the next she's...

We'll be talking to everybody.
I can't believe it!
It's my fault, it has to be.

Why would you say that? I'm
in charge of food and drink here.

She drank the shot,
ate the oyster and then collapsed.

All eyes on me, right?

Investigations are ongoing,
thank you.

This is now a crime scene, the whole
boat needs to be sealed off.

Any idea how long
she'll be out of commission?

As long as it takes.
Do you have a problem with that?

No! No.

You need to sit down.
No, I don't!

Look, as your commanding officer...

As your superior, I'm ordering you
to sit down. You're upset.

You're in shock. It's for your own
good. And what if I refuse?

What are you going to do?
Discipline me? Suspend me?

It's not meant to be a punishment.
I'm just, you know,
I'm just trying to help.

Then help me to find out
who did this!

Fidel, we need full names
and addresses of all staff and

I want written statements
and exclusion prints taken.

And lots of people were taking

I want all cameras and phones handed
in before anyone leaves the boat!


Thank you.

Sir, thank you.
Ma'am, thank you.

Thank you, sir, good night.

Camera, sir. It's back
at the Green Bay Hotel, mate.
Name and addresses.

Names and addresses, please.


These phones and cameras
are going to take ages.

And don't forget, we got the
bootlegging to follow up or the
Commissioner will be on our backs.

Yes, Dwayne.
I've been thinking about that.

Ah! Go on, then?

Well what?

I've been thinking, maybe I should
just take the lead, you know?

What? Yeah,
be in charge of the investigation.

You want to be my boss?

Well, part of the Sergeant's exam
is role play...

Ah, you want to pretend
to be my boss.

It's not about anyone being anyone's
boss, it's more of a case of...

How do I put it?
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Go on, knock yourself out.



Last night... on the boat.
What was that thing you did
with Camille?


Sort of...

Oh, that. I was just letting her
know that I'm here if she needs me.

Yeah, but you didn't say anything.
I didn't have to. Right.

So you just look at her and she
thanks you. I try to help,
she practically bites my head off.

Chief, a woman like Camille
doesn't want "help".

Support, sure, but help? Never.

And you have very soft hands, Chief.

Er... right!

The victim was Aimee Fredericks, 23.

She had worked on the King Papyrus
party boat for six months.

How long had the boat
been in Saint Marie?

It arrived back this week, Chief,
after a nine week
stint in Guadeloupe.

Antigua and Tobago before that.

So it stops off here about three
times a year or so.

According to Camille, Aimee's
performance yesterday was going to
be her final one.

She was due to go and work
for a producer in Miami
and launch a recording career.

But someone, for some reason,
didn't want that to happen.

What have we got on the other

Ah! We ran a check, they were
your usual mix of holiday-makers,
half a dozen locals.

No-one with criminal records or any
links to Aimee as far as we can see.

The staff checked out clean as well.

I took these
with my camera yesterday.

Six good shots, leading up to the...
to the incident.

What about the other cameras?
I'm starting on them now.
OK, let's get a move on.

Sir, we should go and check
Aimee's apartment.

Dwayne, I've set up an interview for
you with RJ, the waiter on the boat.

You want to know the secrets of a
workplace... ask the serving staff.

Problem, sir?

No, no. Er... good work.

I... You know,
I support what you're doing.

Camille. Camille!
Camille, before we go...


What are you doing?!

I don't know.
I saw Dwayne doing it before.

Right, erm, it's just...
It's just a little bit awkward.

You know, my grandparents had a dog
called Laddie. Irish setter.

You know, he was probably my
best friend, you know, growing up.

And... when I was 11, he was...
he was hit by a milk...

Well, it wasn't a milk float,
it was a milk van.

Anyway, the point... the point
I'm trying to make is that...

Look, it was very difficult for me,
you know.

And I... I was upset for weeks,
months even.

Sir, Aimee was my friend, not a pet.
That's different.

No, no, of course, I was...
I mean that was just sort of...

just trying to show you I understand
and can be supportive.

Yeah, well, you don't really seem
to have any friends,

so I'm not sure how you could
possibly understand.

He was a very clever dog, you know,
he could do tricks.

Please, don't support me any more!



Sorry, what was the question again?

Can you describe your job on the

I'm a waiter. You know, I... wait.

I bring food and drink out
to customers.

And to Aimee as well?

Yeah. Yeah, they do this bit,
it's like part of an act.

She drinks a shot
and then swallows an oyster.

And you pick these up
from the chef station? Yeah.

Could anyone tamper with it on the
way? Yeah, don't see why not.

Who? Well, anyone, I guess.

I'm always picking stuff up,
putting it down.

Tell me about her relationships with
the others on the boat?
How about Stephen?

He's your boss. Oh. I dunno.
It's just a job, isn't it?

I just rock up, switch off, you know,
count down until I can go home again.

It's not rocket surgery.
Science. Hmm?

Never mind. So you don't really have
anything that useful you can
tell us, do you?

No. I did see, erm...

thingy and the guy have a big
argument two days ago.

Thingy being?
The girl.

I remember thinking I needed to get
my life in gear, cos I'm 19 and I'm
wearing this stupid waiter's outfit.

RJ, Focus! Well... I remember her
being really, really annoyed.

You can't keep me here!
Aimee, you're not being fair.

And you think you're being fair? My
mind is made up. You can't stop me.

We both know that's not true.
I'm getting that money!

And do you know what this money was
they were talking about?

Nah, not really. Hey, how much do you
guys get paid?

I could really do with
getting a better job.

I'm not sure this police work
is really for you. Why?

You don't seem the most observant
person in the world. Oh! Harsh.

But fair. I like it.

Lock's broken.

Possibly someone forced it.

Maybe it just needed repairing.

She complained about that.

Not having a home. Just a rental.

Living out of a suitcase.

It doesn't look like
there's been a break-in.

Too clean. No mess.

Maybe somebody was looking
for something in particular.

Didn't steal the beer.

That's strange.
What is?

A petal.

Phalaenopsis. It's a type of orchid
often found in the Caribbean.

Why is it strange, then?
Well, where did it come from?

There's no flowers in here.


Ah! Sarge, I interviewed
RJ, the waiter.

He said Aimee and her boss were
arguing a few days ago. About what?

He wasn't sure,
but he thinks it was about money.

He also said that after
he picked up the tray with the
oyster and shot glass from the bar,

just about anyone
could have tampered with it.

And the toxicology report came
through on Aimee's postmortem.

Here. She was definitely poisoned.

Strychnine. The dosage suggests
no more than five minutes from when
it was taken

to her... to her death. I'm sorry.

How about the oyster shell,
the shot glass?

It's strange, but there was no
trace of poison on either.

That's impossible. They were the only
two things she ate or drank before
she collapsed.

She didn't imbibe anything else?

No, only the cocktail
she was drinking with me.

But we shared a pitcher.
Random glasses from the table.

Right. I think we should go and talk
to Stephen Morrison, the boat owner.

He has access to all areas
of the boat and he was seen arguing
with the victim a few days before.

As good a place to start as any.

Anything here?

I'm trying to put together
a timeline of the afternoon.

Top left corner,
when the party starts,

then later
as you go across and down.

A couple of people were taking
videos on their mobile phones,

mostly bad quality, but I managed
to transfer some stills where I can.

These customers joking with
Aimee during the performance,
do we know anything about them?

Yes. They've all given full written
statements and been interviewed.

They're just regular family guys.
Hmm. So we have a victim...

murdered in public,
in plain view of everyone,

surrounded by cameras and in
the company of a police officer.

And not only do we not know
who did it, we don't even know how.

Hang on. Here.

Hawaiian shirt.

What's he holding?
It's a video camera.

I never saw one of those in the box.
That's because there wasn't one.

Wait... I remember him.

Of course.
How could I forget that shirt?

I think he's staying at the
Green Bay, but I'm pretty certain he
said he didn't have a camera.

Ah! Colin Smith, Green Bay Hotel.

Why would he lie about not
having a camera?

That's a question
I'd very much like to ask him.

This is really rather impressive,
Fidel. Thank you, sir.

OK, thank you. No-one
with that name at the Green Bay.
So he lied about that too?

Listen, we'll track him down, OK?
I promise.

You and I should go and talk
to Stephen Morrison, see what this
argument over money was about.

Hold on, Chief. Commissioner...

Wants us to focus on the
bootleggers, but he'll have to wait.

He's probably busy anyway, tucking
into some lobster or swallowing down
an over-priced bottle of plonk.

Or standing behind you.
Or standing behind me.

And as a gentleman and a scholar,
able to take a joke in the
spirit that it was intended.

I'd happily take anything if you've
some progress on my bootleggers.

A certain influential company
on the island

who sell a certain brand name of rum
are unhappy at having their product

I'm in charge of the investigation,

We're sure the distribution is
being organised by a Milton Reynards.

Now if we gather evidence
to use as a leverage on him,

I'm fairly sure he'll give up
the names of those behind it.

Fairly sure or very?
Very, sir, of course.

How many percent?

86. Erm... 87.

I like your style, son.

Don't let me down.
No, sir.

Oh - and it was crab.

Sorry? That was the thing
I was busy tucking into.

Blue crab, not lobster.

Although you were right about
the plonk. Dreadfully over-priced.

It sounds worse than it is.
You were arguing with someone
days before they were murdered,

how much worse could it be?

We can do this at the police station
if you prefer.

Look, Aimee wanted to leave,
right? She said she had a deal
with someone in Miami.

A real shot at the big time.
And you were unhappy for her?

That's what we all want, a break!

Look, she had a contract. She had
another 18 months left to run on it.

The only way out of it was to buy
herself out of it. That's what
we were arguing about.

So you threatened her?
No, I didn't threaten her.

I just made it clear no producer
would touch her if they knew she had
a contract somewhere else.

So you would have told them?
Yeah. A contract's a contract.

Look, Aimee was a very good act,

but if she'd just waited, we could
have all had our shot together.

And, frankly, that would have been
to her advantage.

Because I built this business up
from scratch, I know what I'm doing.

How much would she have needed
to buy herself out? 20 grand.

What?! She signed it.
No-one forced her.
She never had that kind of money.

She told me she did and that she
would let me have it when she left.

Where would she get it?
I have no idea.

The other singer, Eloise?

Oh! I'm so sorry. I saw her
yesterday, she didn't like Aimee.

Why? It's a workplace,
people have their ups and downs.

Who worked here first,
Aimee or Eloise? Ellie. Eloise.

She's... she's great,

but one night in a club
and I see Aimee singing

and I'm like, "Pow!" I'm sold.
Star quality.

And Eloise was fine with that,
being relegated to singing back-up?

She knew it was a business decision.
We're in this together.

You know, in sickness and in health.

She is your wife?!
Eight years.

So you brought in someone younger
to replace your own wife at work and
you say this wasn't an issue?!

And Aimee wanting to buy herself
out of a contract early
wasn't an issue either?

Losing your star attraction
didn't hurt at all?

Hello. Sorry.

Excuse me,
nobody's allowed on the boat.

I was hoping to pick up my knives.
They are rather expensive, so...

Sorry, but everything has to remain
where it is for the time being.

If they do go missing,
I'll hold you responsible.

Wait a second, you were in charge
of all food and drink yesterday,
is that right?

Yeah. Yeah. Did Aimee eat anything
other than the oyster and the shot?

No, she wouldn't have done.
Staff can't eat until
after the guests, so no.

Except for the cocktails she was
drinking with you.
But there's nothing else?

No. Oh, maybe the gargle bottles.

They do that before every show
to soothe the vocal chords.

They keep the bottles here,
back stage.

Well... they're meant to.

That's them.

Yeah, that's them.

Have the police been to see you yet?

Well, they will.

Did you move the gargle bottles?

The gargle bottles,
did you move them?


Ellie... what have you done?

The gargle bottles have gone to
toxicology, I've marked them urgent.

They'll check them for prints
at the same time.

Thank you. I've been going through
likely suspects.

Stephen Morrison, boat owner,

he was clearly jealous of Aimee's
impending trip to Miami,
tried to stop her leaving.

He was also seen arguing with her
a few days ago.

Then we've got Eloise Morrison,
backing singer,

you witnessed her animosity
towards Aimee at first hand.

But we couldn't see how she could
have had access to the oysters
or the shot glass,

though she did have access
to the gargle bottles.

Then we've got our mysterious man
with the video camera.

He, erm...

Sorry, I missed what you were saying.
It doesn't matter.

Do you want to take a minute?

If the man in the Hawaiian shirt
is going to be anywhere,
I think we'll find him here.

He was filming the event, so it
suggests he likes to keep a distance
between himself and the others.

Excuse me.

So, you think he's off to the side
alone, filming everything?

Yeah, I think so, maybe.


Fidel, you're a married man,
you know. No! There.


Right! This time we do it my way.

Were you on the King Papyrus
party boat yesterday?

I was, yeah. Then I'm going to have
to ask you to hand over that camera.

Hey, that's private property.
Look, we can do this the easy way
or the hard way.

So which is it to be?

Fidel! Camera!

"This time we're doing it my way"?
Yeah, right! All right, all right.

We should still be able to retrieve
the data... if we're lucky.

Might take a while.
Oh, you think?!

Whoa, whoa!

Honore Police. Fidel.
Hi, sir.

I was just looking for Camille.
I think she said
she might go to the beach.


Camille? Yes, I'll be back to work
in a minute.


Right. Yeah.

What are you doing?
Sitting down. In the sand?

I'm not very much use to you, am I?

Yes, you are. You're...

You're fantastic.

You know, you've...
you've just lost your friend.

All the more reason to stop being
so useless and help you
to find her killer.

You're not a machine,
you're a person.

You know,
when you care about someone...

..sometimes it's hard to...

be eloquent, you know,
about how you feel.

To... to tell them how much... much they mean...
meant to you.

How important they are
in your life and how special.

I've never heard you talk like this

No, just trying, you know...
To be supportive? Exactly.

Well, I think it's very sweet of
you. And better than the dog story.

We... we got the results back
on the gargle bottles.

We found traces of strychnine
in Aimee's bottle.

Fingerprints? Aimee's fingerprints
were on her bottle alone.

Eloise's were on both.
So that's it.


But if she only gargled, would
the poison still have killed her?

Absolutely. Oh, and there was
something else.

Rather oddly, Aimee's bottle
contained traces of rosehip hairs.

Well, it's an irritant.
Sometimes used in itching powder.

So the question is,
who'd put an irritant

in a bottle used by a singer
to gargle just before she
went on stage?

Another singer.

One who didn't like her very much?

Let's see if this camera works.

"Oh, yeah, baby! Come on!"
Oh, yeah! Come on! That's it!"

"Oh, yeah! Come on!"

"That's it! That's it!
Don't stop that!"

Sorry, Stephen's not here
at the moment.

Actually, it was you
we wanted to talk to.

Sorry. Yes, well, come in.

Can I... get you anything?
No, thanks.

What beautiful flowers.

Oh. A romantic gesture from Stephen.

Yeah, they look very fresh.

Yeah, he bought them this morning.
Sorry, how can I help?

We just wanted to check on something.

The gargle bottles
you used before the show. Yes?

You and Aimee had separate ones,
right? For hygiene. Yes.

Just a mix of honey and lemon.

It's just that your fingerprints
were found on Aimee's bottle.

Well, I must have picked it up
by mistake.

And we also found
traces of strychnine,

which was the poison
used to kill her.

I swear, I didn't...

I didn't do that.

Then why did you try to hide the
bottles after the show? I didn't.

No? Very well,
tell us about the rosehip.


Traces were found in Aimee's bottle.

It's an irritant.

But you know that, don't you?

You scoop out the hair
inside the flower.

Oh, look,
you have some in your garden.

Mrs Morrison?

You have to understand
what it was like.

I mean, Stephen just turned up
with her one day

and said she was singing lead. There
was no explanation, no apology.

I mean, he said I was talented.

That he could fulfil MY dreams.

Well, apparently those dreams
were to sing endless back-up

for someone prettier and more
talented than me,

on some tacky party boat.

I didn't,
I didn't want to hurt her.

I just wanted to ruin
her final performance.

I know that's petty and childish.

I even asked Grant for something
from the kitchen, a chilli maybe,

but when he talked me out of it,
I used the rosehip instead.

I, I swear,
I swear to you I didn't kill her.

I just wanted to humiliate her,
the way I'd been humiliated!

I knew the bottles would be found.

And if the rosehip
was traced back to me,

I mean, everyone knew I hated her.

I thought she had an allergic
reaction, I panicked.

So you admit you hid the bottles?


Eloise Morrison, I'm arresting
you on suspicion... No!

Wait a second, wait a second,
wait a second.

We're not arresting her.

She's practically admitted it.

you're not thinking straight.

Why use rosehip AND poison?
Think about it!

Why try to humiliate someone when
you know they're going to be dead

in five minutes anyway?
It doesn't make sense.

My colleague
and I have discussed the situation

and we have decided we would
like you to surrender your passport

and phone into the station
every hour.

So, sorry, am I,
am I under arrest or not?

Not yet, no.

I know she's a strong suspect,
but that's not enough.

But the orchids at her house?

Which she said
came from her husband.

Recognise this?

What is it?

It's a petal.
From Phalaenopsis. An orchid.

No? That's odd. I understand
it's your romantic flower of choice.

I really don't understand
what you're getting at.

I think you do. This morning,
before we saw you on the boat here,

can I ask where you were?
I'm not sure.

I suggest
you gave Aimee some flowers

and after her death, believing they
might implicate you in some way,

you went to her apartment
and retrieved them.

And waste not, want not,

you then gave them to your wife,
didn't you?

It's not what you think.

I dropped those flowers off
with Aimee yesterday,

as a last-ditch attempt
to try and get her to stay.

Were you having a relationship
with Aimee Fredericks? No!

But you wanted to. No!

Look, when Aimee told me
she had the money to buy herself

out of her contract,
I really thought I was losing her.

So the flowers
were just a stupid idea.

The card with them
could have been misconstrued.

By your wife?

You've got to believe me.


Oh, it must be nice,

sampling the merchandise
in the afternoon. Relax.

It's not a crime.

No. But organising the distribution
of bootleg liquor is.

You think I'm selling rum to
the bar? You have evidence?

Right. No, don't.

Look, if I go into the bar, turn up
the heat, someone will rat him out.

No, Dwayne, listen.
I'm in charge, OK?

We have to do this by the book.

In the old days we'd have rapped him
across the head with the book.

We can use a paid informant.

Someone to go in there
on our behalf.

Really? Who?


You have any better ideas?

That don't involve throwing
things around or shouting at people?

Right, so let me get this straight,

you want me to go into the bar

Tell them you're having a party.
What sort of party?

A birthday party.
Yeah, but it's not my birthday.

It doesn't matter!

What you need to let them know is
you'd like to buy 50, 60 bottles.

See if you can find out
the name of their supplier.

I dunno. I don't really want to...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

I thought you said you wanted
to be a policeman.

Yeah, think of
this as a training exercise.

Oh. So it's like a job. Exactly.

Oh, sweet, and if I do well,
I can be a policeman?


The secret of being a good chef
is picking the right produce.

I mean, look at that -
it's so beautiful.

It seems a shame to pull them
out of the ocean, kill them,

cook them and eat them... We wanted
to talk to you about Aimee.

Now was there anything going on
between her and Stephen?

Oh, he wishes. No.
She was a good girl, wasn't she?

More than that, she was smart.

I think she saw him for what he was.

And what's that?

Well, he fancies himself as a bit
of an impresario, doesn't he?

But he's just a cheap salesman in
an even cheaper suit, if you ask me.

But there were tensions
between Eloise and Aimee?

She missed her chance at the big
time and Aimee's star was rising.

It couldn't have been easy.

Don't think that makes her
a murderer - human maybe,

but not a murderer.

Do you think Eloise meant to harm
her in any way?

I'm sure she would have liked to
have wrung her bloody neck.

Not literally.
Figuratively, of course.

See, if you had listened to me,
we'd have been in and out already.

Warm and dry! Done and dusted!

Dwayne! You're not helping.


So, got a name?

Whoa, whoa! Money first, come on.

Name first. Then money.

That's how this thing works.


Now talk.

Jealous rival Eloise
had opportunity,

but why put rosehip in a bottle
you knew contained strychnine?

Boss Stephen was clearly
smitten with her

and desperate to stop her leaving.

But do you really
give someone flowers

the day before you murder them?

Then there's our mysterious
Hawaiian shirt man.

And waiter RJ clearly had access
to the shot glass

and the oyster, but did he have
access to the gargle bottles?

Why not?
He went everywhere serving drinks.

And we have no way of knowing when
the poison was put in the bottle.

In which case Grant, the chef,
could have done it too.

But we don't have a motive
for any of them.

Which brings us back
to Eloise again!

I'd give anything for a new lead,
something to break this open.

Yeah, well, that's understandable.

Stage three
of the Kubler-Ross model,

theory on the five stages of grief.
Yeah, of course.

Because I'm following
some sort of model.

God forbid my feelings
should be personal or unique!

Sorry. You're right.
That wasn't very helpful.

I keep going over and over it
and feels like I'm falling apart.

A-ha! I knew it. Depression, that's,
that's, that's the fourth stage!

Sorry. I think that sounded
a bit more triumphant and, um...

..than it was meant to.

I'm not really sure what people do
in these situations.

You were doing well.

Maybe in the future
I'd hold back on, y'know,

shouting "I knew it"
in someone's face.


We just got confirmation
that the bootlegging

is going through Milton Reynards.
Good job, Fidel.

The Commissioner will be pleased.

Yes, but we still don't have
any hard evidence on him.

Well, it's a start.
Pick it up again in the morning.

See if you can get a confession.

Oh, and the video camera,
there was a bit of damage

but I managed to transfer it to
stills, I put it up on the board.

Anything new?
No, not that I can see, no.

So why would he lie
about having a camera?

We found him
in a local drinking den.

He's supposed to be here
on business,

only he's been squeezing in a little
bit of rest and recreation too.

He met up with a lady friend
on the night before the boat party

and... well, they made a video.

He was worried his wife
would find out.

Even I was shocked.

So he's not our killer either.


Look, it's late,
you two should get yourselves home.


Night. Night, Chief.

The answer's here somewhere,
I know it.

You didn't have to come in so early.

Didn't have a choice.

Rosie, she woke me around dawn
and then an hour after that

and then an hour after that and...
Well, you get the picture.

I don't think I slept
more than a couple of hours.

OK, I tell you what.

If I fall asleep, just...

give me a nudge,
and I'll do the same for you.

It's a deal.


Morning, sir.

How is the murder enquiry going?

Er, we're making progress.

Inspector, I know
you have a lot on your plate,

but I need you to understand.

I'm getting
the most horrendous pressure

about this damn bootlegging ring.
Yes, Fidel and Dwayne

are interviewing the main suspect
this morning.

We'll have something for you
by the end of the day.

I hope so.
Because it's a political hot potato.

And I don't want to
get my hands burnt,

if you will excuse
the extended metaphor.

Definitely not, sir.

You won't excuse the metaphor?

No, er, er, yes... You won't get
your hands burnt, er... a potato.

Morning, team. Sir.

Camille. Er, how are you feeling?

Better, thank you, sir.


Wow, everyone's early today! If
I'd known, I'd have brought coffee.

You two should
go and see Milton Reynards.

I promised the Commissioner
a result on his bootlegging today.

He won't know what's hit him.


What? Come!

Let's go catch a rat.

Come now!

It's unbelievable, isn't it?

We've got every conceivable
angle of the bar,

the dance floor and the entrance.
Not a single photograph

of the backstage area
where the gargle bottles were kept.

So we have no way of knowing
who put the poison in or when.

Except, look at the pictures here.

Just before Aimee comes on stage,

only Eloise comes out
from the backstage area. Look.

It has to be her!

I just wish you'd trust me on this.

Yes, going by the book can work.

But sometimes the old ways,
you know, getting in their face,

shaking them up a bit...

Look, I can't go
intimidating witnesses

if I want to be a sergeant.

It's not personal, I just don't want
to mess this up. OK? OK. Fine, fine.

Go on. You go ahead,
I'll catch you in a minute.

I don't want to get in your way.
Don't be like that.

I have a family to support.
A future to think about.

You know what they should teach you
in that sergeant class? What?

How to relax. I don't need to learn
how to relax! No. Of course not.

Clearly you're very
calm and collected.

Go on then, go!

You really should get
a lock for that door.

Haven't we been here before?
What happened to you?

Oh, great. Good cop is now
all concerned. What a surprise.

Look, Milton, you're going to
have to come clean, OK?

We've been given your name
as the bootleg dealer.

Where are you getting it from?

I can start going through
all of your financial records,

all of your business, everything.
I'm sleeping.

I need a result on this case!
I need my rest. I'm tired.

You're tired?! Do you know what time
I have to wake up in the morning?

Do you?! No, no, no,
I don't know either!

All I know is that it's dark
and my baby's just crying.

I've got work, I've got classes,
I've got homework

and in between, I'd love to spend
some quality time with my wife.

But I can't because there is no time
and I've had enough of you!

Tell me who's supplying the hooch,
where you're getting it from,

and who did that to your face.
The sooner I can make a break

on this case,
the sooner I can get some rest.

But if you hold out one moment
longer, tired or not,

I will not be held responsible
for my actions.

OK, OK, I'll talk!
I'll talk. Just, Dwayne!

You need to learn to relax.

Oh, thank God.

Oooh. Yeah.

Sometimes the old ways are the best.

What am I missing?

Milton talked.

He gave up the names of the people
producing the bootleg rum.

We can head over
and pick it up later.

That should get the Commissioner
off our backs. Well done.

You should have seen him, Chief.
He made me so proud.

Oh, by the way,
there's something else I think

maybe we should keep an eye on. Oh?

Milton wanted to siphon off
some of the bootleg

he'd been distributing, you know,
make a little bit on the side.

A criminal AND an entrepreneur,
how impressive.

So anyway,
old Milton's down at the harbour

and he sees this box
of empty bottles outside

the King Papyrus party boat,
just sitting there.

So he goes to grab them,
then out of the blue,

suddenly these guys jump him!

They beat him up real bad,
you see, Chief.

Empty bottles?

Yes, beer bottles.

Palm Tree beer, it's a local brew.

Well, write it up in your report.
Yes, Chief.

I've spent hours looking at them.

Do you know how many murders
I've investigated?

And in how many of them
do you think I had

photographs of the murder scene
while the murder was taking place?

Maybe we...


Oh, my God!

Quick, here, look!

I can't see anything.

No, not the photographs, the...
What's it called? The decoration!

The mirror thing. Look.

There's Aimee getting ready

then she reaches
for her gargle bottle,

but look here,
see, she drops something.

And then, she's distracted by...

Perhaps her music cue?

That's it, of course!
Then look here.

She heads straight for the stage.
Which means... She didn't gargle.

But how can that be?
The poison was...

That's why nothing made sense.
We took a wrong turn

and never got back on track.
By focusing on the gargle bottles,

we looked away from
what was really important. Fidel,

the forensic report
on the oyster shell

and the shot glass, if you would.

Yeah, of course. Fingerprints.

A shot glass and an oyster shell.

They had fallen on the floor,
but I retrieved them myself,

so they haven't been contaminated.

That's it. But why?

How long had the boat
been in Saint Marie?

It arrived back this week, Chief,

after a nine-week stint
in Guadeloupe.

Antigua and Tobago before that.

Milton sees this box of bottles

outside the King Papyrus party boat,
so he goes to grab them.

Suddenly these guys jump him.

They beat him up real bad,
you see, Chief.

Palm Tree beer, it's a local brew.

The bottle.

That's why it wasn't in the fridge.

Dwayne! Chief.

Go over to Aimee Fredericks'

there's a beer bottle
in one of the kitchen cupboards,

bring it to the King Papyrus
as fast as you can.

On my way, Chief.
Fidel, get everyone together

and get them to the boat.
OK, right, OK.

Now I know where to look.

Excuse me.

How did...?

Ah! There you are!

Yeah, and there, very clever.
Very good.

Very good.

Two days ago, Aimee Fredericks
was poisoned and killed

during what was to be
her final number.

And yet there seemed to be no way
it could have happened.

She ate an oyster
and, er, drank from a shot glass.

But when tested, neither showed
any trace of poison.

Yet there were traces of poison

in the bottle Aimee
used to gargle with,

along with an irritant.


The rosehip was put in the bottle
backstage by Eloise.

The aim was to make it impossible
for Aimee to sing that afternoon,

to humiliate her.

Yet she denies
putting poison in the bottle.

I believe her. Not that it matters
whether she did or she didn't,

because on the afternoon
in question,

Aimee didn't use that bottle.

The poison we found in it
wasn't what killed her.

This whole thing started when Aimee
was offered a job in Miami.

She worked hard,
waiting for her big break.

She was determined
not to let it slip away.

But her boss Stephen
didn't want to let her go.

He pointed out there was a clause
in her contract which meant

it would cost her 20,000
to buy herself out.

I'm getting that money.

He even tried to seduce her
in an attempt to get her to stay.

Tried and failed.

Aimee knew Stephen well enough
to know that he'd quite happily

call her producer in Miami
to ruin her big chance.

So she decided to try
and find the money.

She was excited about going to
Miami, so she must have found it.

Where from?

If Aimee wasn't killed by the poison
in the gargle bottle,

how was she killed?

It's simple, really. Sometimes
it's easy to overlook the obvious,

thinking it can't possibly be true,
but it was.

Aimee was killed when, in plain
view of everyone in the room,

she ate the oyster,

and then she drank the poison
from the shot glass.

Because the glass we found
didn't contain any traces of poison,

we missed
the other forensic details.

All attention
was on the gargle bottle.

Which was nothing more
than a distraction,

and I really wish I hadn't done
that strange hand wave.

The point being,
the shot glass

should have had two sets
of fingerprints on it.

Grant's because he prepared it,

and Aimee's because she drank it.

Yet there was only one set
of fingerprints found.

How could that be?
It wasn't the same shot glass.


And once you know that, well,

you know that only the killer
would change it,

so therefore only the killer's
fingerprints would be on it.

Hmm, isn't that right, Grant?

What are you asking me for?

Because your prints were the only
ones found on the clean shot glass.

You killed Aimee Fredericks.

You've been out in the sun too long,

you've fried your brain,
you need to see a doctor.

So should you. Nasty cut on your

Should be more careful.

You knew that this being Aimee's
last performance,

your time was running out.

After she drank the poison,
it quickly took effect.

Aimee. Aimee!

The tray was on the table
when the table toppled over,

but a shot glass is small
and thick - it didn't smash.

With the distraction,
you saw your chance.

As you swapped it
for a replacement,

you cut your hand
on the broken glass around it.

I think you were probably standing
round about here.

So you're effectively
holding the murder weapon

and suddenly you have
a police officer in front of you.

Don't move. Police!

What do you do? This, perhaps.

My guess is forensic examination

will show yours and Aimee's
fingerprints, traces of strychnine

and quite possibly a drop
of your own blood for good measure.

When you returned
to the boat yesterday,

you weren't coming back
for your knives -

you were coming to retrieve this
from its hiding place.

But what about motive?

Well, that was slightly harder to
establish, but,

well, once I knew
you were the murderer

it was simply a case
of working backwards.

That, and a seemingly random event.

A small-time criminal was caught
trying to steal

a crate of beer bottles
from just on the harbour here,

got very badly beaten up. Then
I remembered seeing a beer bottle

in the cupboard
at Aimee's apartment.

I remember wondering
why it wasn't in the fridge.

Dwayne? Behind the bar.

Then it struck me.

I knew where Aimee was hoping to get
her 20,000 from.

It was you, wasn't it?

She was blackmailing you, because
she'd discovered your little secret.

You'd been using the party boat's
movements from island to island

to deliver drug shipments.

Stupid bastard!

Eloise told us you knew of her plan

to put something
in Aimee's gargle bottle.

I mean, I even, I even asked Grant
for something from the kitchen,

a chilli maybe,
but when he talked me out of it,

I, I used rosehip instead.

But you saw her, didn't you, and
you put the poison in Aimee's bottle

assuming Eloise would get the blame.

You watched and waited for Aimee
to take the fatal dose.

But just as Aimee was going to
drink from her gargle bottle,

she heard her music cue.

Your plan went wrong

when you saw she failed to drink
from it and instead rushed onstage.

So you quickly came up with plan B.

You poured a shot of rum.

And added a lethal measure
of strychnine.

If Aimee had gargled from the bottle
as you'd planned,

I'm not sure we could have
caught you. But she didn't,

and you were forced into
making a mistake.

One that will send you to prison.

Yeah, well,
I don't think you can prove it.

I do. Fidel!

Unbeknownst to you,
your every move was captured

in the reflective surfaces
of the party boat decorations.

Take him away.

Well, well.

Evening, gentlemen.


For you. Orchids.

Stephen may be unoriginal,

but he has fairly good taste
in floral arrangements.

Why are you giving them to me?

Because I don't really know
how to say I'm sorry.

For what happened to your friend.

Oh, it doesn't matter.
They weren't expensive.

Richard. You found out why she died.

Who was responsible.

You've done enough already.

So do you want me
to take them back, or...?

Well, I, I didn't mean that.

I'm sorry, too.
About what I said before.

About how you didn't have friends,
because you know we are...

I hope you're not going
to say that you, Fidel and Dwayne

are my friends because that would be
horrifically sentimental

and, and mawkish and...

Join me?


They were quite expensive actually,

ridiculous really when you consider
they grow in the wild...

Estelle, we talked about this.
I'm at work!

I know! That's why I'm calling.

I've found a body.

I'd heard on the police grapevine

you'd been shipped off somewhere,
but here? I wasn't...shipped.

So your alibi is your best friend?

No. My alibi is I was sick as a dog.

Get lost, Ronnie, OK? I mean it.

Now don't get smart with me,
Dicky boy.