Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

A team comes to the island looking for the fabled treasure of the pirate Leclerc. Group leader Daniel Morgan is injured in an explosion and another member Ian parks shot dead in Daniel's tent. Poole believes Daniel was the intended victim,especially when he survives another 'accident'. However,learning that Parks seemingly found the treasure and marked it with grid reference PD46 on a map Poole wonders if Daniel killed him and faking the attempts on his life. He changes that view after Daniel is murdered but finds the motive for the double slayings had nothing to do with treasure but that PD 46 was another commodity worth killing for.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The true pirates of the
Caribbean were feared by all,

and the most terrifying of
them all was Francois Le Clerc.

Le Clerc had a black heart.

It was said by those who knew him
that he needed no more reason

to kill a man than
a change in his mood.

His ship bore Le Clerc's flag.

It struck terror into the
hearts of all who saw it.

Now, in the summer of 1563,

heading home from the Azores,
Le Clerc and his crew

came across the Spanish
galleon San Cristobal.

But they soon found themselves
fighting not ordinary merchant seamen

but the personal guard of
King Phillip II of Spain.


Sorry. Carry on.


Though he finally won the day
and found a huge shipment of gold,

Le Clerc took heavy losses
and was himself badly wounded.

He was forced to take refuge here,
in Sainte-Marie.

However, neither
the treasure nor Le Clerc

was ever seen again.

Some people believe the treasure
is still buried here,

somewhere on the island.

The treasure is be cursed.

Cursed by Le Clerc himself.


It is said that whoever disturbs
the treasure that bears his blood

will then join him...

in hell.











No, no, no! Chris,
Chris, it might not be safe!

Dan! Daniel, can you hear me?



All right. Chuck us down some rope!

I bet you didn't hear
a single word of that, did you?

The Caribbean hasn't got
a monopoly in pirates, you know.

I think the English had some
pretty good pirates of their own.

Take Blackbeard, for example.

I think you'll find he could swash
his buckle with the best of them.

You said you wanted to learn
more about the island.

No, YOU wanted me to learn
more about the island.

And what would you do stuck
at home all weekend, hmm?

Fill in crossword, do jigsaw,

speak to your lizard...
Exactly. Things I'd rather be doing

than traipsing around in this heat
listening to a load of mumbo jumbo

about a pirate's curse! Look...
You can't just say something,

and it happens! Er-hem!

I-I hereby curse everyone who
has the letter W in their names

to, er, lose all their
hair by the time they're 30

and develop a limp. What... Ah...

St...! Ah! And from this
moment on, it shall be known as

the curse of Richard Poole!
And now you're being ridiculous.

Yes, I am.
Which I think you'll find...

..proves my point.

What...? Hey, wa...! Wait!

Commissioner Patterson!


Afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon.

Peter Haines -
he's the Tourism Director,

and a very influential man
on the island. You should meet him.

He's also on the police committee.
Yes, sir, I was just wondering,

about my... If there was
any word from London? Yes.


Hello, sir!

Look, Inspector,
much as I value

the work you've done
since you came here,

I suppose if you're truly
unhappy on Sainte-Marie,

I could contact
my counterpart in London?

Hello, Dwayne! Camille!

Sorry? Perhaps
I could make a few calls.

So, basically, you're saying there's
nothing you can do. I knew it.

Don't know why
I even bothered asking.

Good idea...

Well? Looks like I'm stuck
with you a while longer.

And you could sound a little
happier about it. No, I couldn't.

What's going on? There's been
an explosion up in the rainforest,

in one of the caves.
One of the guys was trapped inside.

Broken his arm, gone to hospital.
What were they doing up there?


Please tell me you're not serious.

We've just been to the museum.

Wait! You don't think that maybe...

No! You're right!
It could be the pirate's curse!

Or maybe they were blown up
by a gang of tree pixies?

OK - do you want us to come with you?


Look, no-one died.

We'll take care of it.
You enjoy the weekend.

Benjamin! Dwayne!

Long time, no see, man!

You still driving the love wagon?

Yeah, she's not getting much
action these days, though!

Ah, you really forget how
beautiful it is up here.

Yeah, it is, isn't it? Mmm.

This explosion... Mmm.

You know what happened? No, no.
I heard it but I was a way away.

So, you're working for these guys?

Yeah, they've been up
here a couple of weeks.

I've been fixing the truck's
air con unit and stuff.

Dwayne, erm, this is Daniel.

He was the one that got hurt.

I drove him to the hospital
to get fixed up. Er, look,

do you mind if we
do this in the camp?

I could use some painkillers.


Dwayne, if you need anything,
you know where I am, yeah?

So, tell me, what
happened this morning...?


It's a beautiful day,
you should go to the beach.

He doesn't like the beach.

No. I have a, er,

an aversion to sand taking refuge
in every bodily orifice.

Might as well stick a sheet
of sandpaper down your trousers

and have done with it.

Well, I'll leave you to...have fun!

Sorry - any milk?

Never any milk.

OK, so, I was packing up some
of our equipment over there.

Mm-hmm, OK. And you, sir?

I was having a shower.
I was writing up notes in the tent.

So, you really looking
for Le Clerc's gold?

It's what we do. Hmm.

We found an old map. A treasure map?

Kind of.

It authenticated around 1700, so
we felt it was worth following up.

It didn't mention
Le Clerc by name, but...

when we found out
it was Sainte-Marie...

I have to admit,
we got very excited.

Hey, listen...

This explosion...

Are we in trouble? No.

Seems pretty clear
it was an accident.

Maybe it will teach you all
to have a bit more respect

for the explosives you have on site.

So, I thought we might
go up to the volcano next.

Oh, really? What for?

It's beautiful. I think
once you've seen one volcano,

you've seen them all, really.
So, how many volcanoes have you seen?

Lord, is that the time?


Where are you going?
I just remembered something,

but thanks, though, for this
morning. Museum and everything -

the whole, erm,
island culture thing.








Hello? 'It's Camille. Are you busy?'

Yes, really very busy indeed.
Doing what?

Since you ask, I am finally

addressing some of
my audiovisual issues.

'OK. Only, there's been a murder.'
Oh. Where?

'Up in the hills? You want to come?'

I'll be there as soon as I can.


Merci. This way.




Who's this?

Dr Ian Parks.
He was the team's geologist.

His body was found here
just after 9am this morning

by his colleague Daniel Morgan -
this is Daniel's tent.

A single gunshot to the chest,
entered between third and fourth rib,

no exit wound that we can see.

No witnesses, no-one heard
a gunshot, and he was last seen

around 11.30 last night.

What's this?

It's a single-barrelled
flintlock pistol.

It was being restored by Dr Parks,
so we think he was cleaning it

when it discharged.
You're saying it was an accident?

Well, it's the only
thing that makes sense.

Someone's been, er,
burning some paper in here.

Preserve it without disturbing it
if you can. Yes, sir.

How do we know that
he was restoring the pistol?

Dwayne spoke to Mr Morgan
about it yesterday, sir. Yesterday?

The explosion Dwayne
and Fidel attended.

What, that was here? Yes, sir.


One caught in an explosion,
the other one shot dead.

I hope they haven't wasted
any money on the lottery.

So, er...

these are actual treasure-hunters,
is that right?

Well, sir, I'm afraid they are.

Do you believe they have a little
bit too much time on their hands?

So, if this wasn't Dr Parks' tent,
what was he doing in here?

We've asked everyone that
same question. No-one knows.

Can I borrow your pen,
please, Fidel? Sure.

I don't think it was an accident.

Why not? First, he was a clever man.

Only an idiot would
clean a loaded pistol.

And secondly, if he WAS that stupid,

why isn't the cloth
he was using to clean the gun

either on the floor beside him
or in his hand?

I agree. And, if he accidentally

shot himself while
cleaning the pistol,

why is there a bullet hole...

in the tent?

What was he even
doing in there anyway?

How the hell do I know?
I wasn't even here, remember?

You two have been
up to something for weeks.

I didn't realise
we were under surveillance.

Liz has got a point, Dan -
I've noticed it, too. found something.

Like what?

You tell us. Uh-huh...

I'm, er, sorry for
the death of your friend.

I wonder if you'd mind
answering just a few questions.

Do you know what happened?
Not yet, miss,

but rest assured,
we'll be leaving no stone unturned.

Er, yes, er...
Right, Mr Morgan -

I understand it was you that
found Dr Parks this morning.

That's right. I broke my wrist
yesterday in the explosion,

and didn't fancy sleeping in a camp
bed last night, so I got Benjamin

to drive me to the Bay Cove Hotel.
Who's Benjamin?

Benjamin Sammy.
He lives down the mountain.

He helps out whenever
we need a spare pair of hands.

Why not use your own breast...?


The air con packed up.
Benjamin was fixing it.

Carry on.

We left the camp about 11pm,

drove to the hotel, and
Benjamin picked me up this morning.

'That's when I found him.

'In my tent.'

And you?

'Er, we - the three of us -
stayed up for a tipple...

'Well, Chris and I did -
Ian was teetotal.'


'Actually, it turned
into a bit of a session.'

Sorry... Are you saying that's
why you didn't hear the gunshot -

because you were intoxicated?

'Well, I can't speak for Chris,

'but I was out for the count.
Can't even remember getting to bed.'

Do either of you know why Dr Parks
wasn't in his own tent?



Uh-huh. This...


This is what brought you here?


It was found on Pigeon Island,
just off St Lucia,

an old pirate stronghold.

The idea was that whoever buried it

would remember the exact spot
when they came back to collect it.

And if they never came back?

Then the treasure stayed buried.

It's pretty much where we come in.

It's a big area, but we
analyse soil and rock samples -

that's where Ian came into his own.

Gold's inert, but not all treasure
is going to be exclusively gold,

and by testing the samples
he could find traces of other metals

such as bronze and copper.

But you didn't find the treasure?


We thought it could be in the caves
under this land.

But now we'll never know.

Not after the explosion yesterday
in the entrance to the inner caves.

It's completely sealed off.

I see. Well, er, someone will come
and take your statement in full,

but, er, for now,

thank you for your time.

Oh, er, yes, I'm afraid we will have
to ask you not to leave the island.


We may need to talk to you again.

Are you saying
this wasn't an accident? No.

I'm saying we'd appreciate it
if you didn't make any plans to leave the island.

Er, Chief. Me and Fidel
have been thinking. Yeah.

Two strange incidents... Before you
enlighten me with your theory,

can I just say that if it involves
the words "pirate",

"treasure" or "curse",
you're both fired. Well?

It was nothing. No. It was nothing.

Now, do these people need
permission to be up here?

Yes, Chief. The landowner is Joel
Maurice, the house we passed on the way up.

Good, well divide and conquer.
You check the site for evidence.

Camille and I will start there.

She's lying. Who? Her.

And you're basing that
assumption on what, exactly?

I just know. Ah, well let's arrest
her right now. What do you suggest we...

Why are you protecting her?
I'm not protecting her!

Just because she's attractive,
doesn't mean she's telling the truth.

Is she attractive? I...

Oh! You were ogling her
like a schoolboy.

I wasn't ogling. Yeah, you were.

I don't ogle. You were!

That's ridiculous, I was just asking
some straightforward questions.
Come on. Shut up!


I was... I mean I wasn't, erm...
Could you, erm?

Yeah, sure.

So what did your inspector say?

Does he think it was an accident?

Oh, I'm sorry, miss, but I really...

Oh, sorry, I shouldn't really
be asking. Yeah, no, it's OK.

Ian was cleaning the pistol
though when it went off?

I'm really sorry, miss,
but I can't talk about it.

Of course you can't.


if it did turn out not to be
an accident, I'm probably a suspect?


So I'm not?



No. I don't know. I mean I'm not
sure we even have any yet,

so, you know!

It's Fidel, isn't it?

Er, me? Yes.

Is there a Mrs Fidel?


Yes, there is, of course!

We've got a baby. Oh.

Anyway, erm, you know,
it was really good talking to you,

but I must, I must go,
you know. Work to do.

I hope I didn't hold you up.
No, no, no.

You take care.


Maybe they have found the gold and
they're fighting amongst themselves.

We've no proof they've found

Agreed, but if they have found it,
it gives us

three very clear suspects -
the other members of the group.

Unless... What?

Someone else, not in the group,
also discovered they'd found

Le Clerc's gold and wants them dead,
so they can steal it for themselves.

What do you want?

Detective Inspector Richard Poole,

this is
Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey.

Of course I knew
what they were after.

So you visited the camp?

Now and again,
just to see what they were up to.

Up to?

Making sure
that if they found anything,

they wouldn't forget to tell me.

I get half. That was the deal.

I see.

Can I ask where you were last night?

I was here.



I telephoned Beyonce,

she came over and we had a wild
night of hot, passionate sex.

I see, and this Beyonce
can vouch for that, can she?

I can't believe you don't know
who Beyonce is!

Why people can't just give a simple
answer to a simple question,

I'll never know.

Looks like he could use some money.

Stealing the treasure
for himself could be quite a motive.

That only works if we know for sure
they've found something.

And we don't.

What are you doing?

Don't you want to know
what they've found?

Hang on, hang on.
What's Joel doing here?

Where did he come from?

A man shot by an antique flintlock
pistol is strange enough,

but the victim being
found in the tent of a man

almost killed in an explosion
on the same day?

So you think the killer
failed to kill Daniel Morgan

in the explosion and came back later
that night to finish the job?

Which means Dr Parks was killed simply
for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Which of this lot is our killer?

Well, not Daniel,
if he was the intended victim.

We, er, we found some debris
from the cave, sir. Excellent.

It looks like part of a detonator.

Check it for prints along with the pistol, would you.
Did you find anything else?

No there's nothing from the camp
or the surrounding areas.


Good afternoon, team. Sir. Sir.

You're investigating the mystery
of Francois Le Clerc's missing gold?

Not exactly, sir.

We have a death that may or may not
be related in some way.

An explosion and a shooting?

Yes, that's right.


Well, it's a little too early to say for certain,
sir, but early indications would suggest not.

You do know about the curse?


Although for the time being
I have decided to eliminate

all 400-year-old pirates
from our enquiries.

I'm very pleased to hear it.

So, have we made any progress?

Well we were just reviewing
the evidence when you came in.

Is there some problem, sir, or...?

The legend of Francois Le Clerc
brings a lot of tourists

to the island, inspector.

I'd appreciate you not doing
anything to jeopardise that.

I'm not sure I understand, sir.

If it's a murder, then of course you
must bring the killer to justice.

Just don't do anything silly
like proving Le Clerc and his gold don't exist.

Or that he never came to
Sainte-Marie after all.

Don't rock the pirate ship, sir.

That's exactly what I mean.

Would it help if my team wore pirate
hats for the investigation, sir?

A parrot each on the shoulder,

That won't be necessary, inspector.

I'm simply asking that you
be aware of the bigger picture.

The bigger picture, absolutely.
We'll do our very best, sir.

Thank you.

Now, erm,
don't let me hold you up.

Carry on. Sir. Sir. Sir.

Camille. Mm-hmm?

Mark the commissioner down
as a suspect, would you?

Bumping off people
to boost local tourism.

Meanwhile, we must be thorough.

We can't assume that Dr Parks'
death had anything to do

with this imagined treasure.
So, Dwayne,

you'd better run background checks
on everyone.

Yes, chief.

Focus your efforts on Daniel Morgan
first. Who is he?

Why would someone want him dead?








What happened?

Drive me down, Benjamin, will you?


Where are you going?

Pathologist report's through
and there are no surprises.

It's a single shot to the right
kidney, stomach and intestines.

Either shock or internal bleeding
caused his death.

Ballistics have matched the shot
to the pistol.

Also the wound showed fibres that
matched the victim's clothing

and what seems to be
strands of a cleaning cloth with

traces of a lubricant -
polyalkylene glycol.

Right. That must have been used
to oil the gun.

Right. And we're waiting
on fingerprints from the pistol

and the debris from explosive
material found in the cave. Background checks?

Dr Ian Parks
is attached to Cambridge university.

Not so much as a parking ticket
and nothing so far

to suggest why anyone
would wish him any harm.

Elizabeth Curtis and Chris
Winchester seem clean enough too.

Both from wealthy families,
both travel extensively,

nothing on the police computer.

Daniel Morgan?

A few minor convictions for theft,

two of those
for religious artefacts.

There's also a note
on his police file.

Just before leaving the UK
to come here,

he was being investigated
by an insurance firm.

Why? It seems he was hired to reclaim
gold bullion from a ship

that sank off the coast of France.

By the time Daniel and his crew
got down to the wreck,

they claimed they couldn't find
the gold anywhere.

The insurance company
think he got to it first?

That's what they suspect.

But then, they would.
They lost millions on the insurance.

And here we are again
talking about missing gold.

Yet that still doesn't mean
they found the treasure, does it?

OK, I admit, it looks like he was
a crook in the past -

maybe he even stole
the gold from that sunken boat.

That doesn't mean that's what
this case is about.

I know what you're doing.

Who haven't we spoken to yet?

The Bay Cove Hotel duty manager
and Benjamin Sammy.


When you were in the camp, er,

did you see any arguments?
Erm, any hostility between them?

No, not really.
Well, not until today.


Apparently this big branch
nearly fell on him.

He thought it was deliberate?
I guess so.

After it happened,
he just wanted to get out of there.

Where is he now?

Lunch time!


Aw, he's so sweet!

Has he got a name?
No, haven't got round to it yet.

Oh, what about Richard?

Thank you, Camille.
So, how did they contact you?

I think Joel gave them my number.

We get about half a dozen
wannabe treasure hunters out here every year,

not that I'm complaining.
It keeps this little lot in food.

The usual story is they thrash
about the rainforest

for a few weeks looking for pirate
treasure and then they go home.

Quite funny really.

And what do you do for them exactly?

Erm, driving, finding supplies,
food. Whatever they need.

Er, Daniel said you took him
to the Bay Cove Hotel last night.

Yeah, that's right. About eleven.

He said his arm was playing up and
he'd kill for a soft, clean bed.

Maybe not literally.

Hm! But you can't be sure
he stayed there all night?

No, but he was there
when I went back in the morning.

What about you?

After you dropped him off last
night, did you come straight home?

No. I drove to the animal
sanctuary in Honore. You know it?

Picked this little fella up.
They didn't think he'd make it through the night.

So I was here, nursing him
with milk every hour on the hour.

Are you saying you want to use
a goat as your alibi?


Feeding Richard.


Ah, sir, we've got a visitor.

Someone tried to drop a tree on me.

So we hear. It was cut at one end.

It looked like it had been held up
with a vine until I was underneath it.

Damn near killed me!

Then I got to thinking.

The explosion in the cave,
Ian getting shot in my bloody tent.

Whoever it is, they're after me,
aren't they?

Why do you think anyone would
want to kill you?

I don't know,

but you've got my passport
and I can't leave the island,

so until you catch them,
I demand police protection.


What have I missed?

Fidel, did you preserve the waste
paper basket and burnt paper?

Yes, sir.

Then I'm going to need you to get
these items for me, if you would.

Most of it you should be able to
get from a decent photography shop.

The rest...

clothes line and pegs,

red light bulb.

Well, I'll leave that to you.

My one hour.

Oh, sir? Mmm-hmm?

I passed the animal rescue centre
on the way here

and they confirmed that
Benjamin Sammy was there last night.


I also checked with
the hotel duty manager.

No-one at the hotel
saw Daniel Morgan again

between him checking in
and checking out the next morning.

Good work, Camille.




RADIO:..The last three overs,
two wickets in hand.

Have they done enough to win this...

Oh! Well done.

What is he doing?

Wait a minute. No.
What are you doing?!

let's bring this back from the dead.

If you could just pass me
those tweezers?

No, sorry, of course you can't.
You don't have opposable thumbs.

That would be mad.

Like running a forensics lab
in your kitchen.

Or talking to a lizard.



Typical of her. No sticking power.

Uh, has it worked, sir?

Le Clerc's Treasure! PD46!
Whoa, they found the treasure!

Looks like it.
But PD46? What's that?

Well, if I was a betting man,
I'd say it looked like some

sort of map reference. Find out
where PD46 is, find the treasure.

So... it was about the gold
after all.

Yes, quite possibly.

Now we have evidence, it does appear
to be about the, um...

Gold. How was our visitor
in the cells last night?

Didn't get a peep out of him. Mmm.

Oh, you know what?

I've got all the treasure hunters'
handwritten statements.

We can find out who wrote this note.
Good idea.

Has Fidel heard anything from the
lab yet? Actually, where is Fidel?

Yes, we've got the finger prints
analysis back.

All right. Um...

No finger prints on the pistol,
it was wiped clean.

But there were three prints
from the detonator we found.

All belong to Daniel Morgan.

Why would he set explosives
to blow himself up?

OK, I know who wrote the note.

Dr Ian Parks.

Are you sure? His handwriting's
pretty distinctive.

So, if Dr Parks found the treasure,

maybe he was the intended
target all along?

In which case, logic suggests
the killer might be...

..Daniel Morgan.

First, he sets the explosives

to make it look like he's been
caught in a rock fall,

giving him an excuse to check in
to the Bay Cove Hotel.

Because if Dr Parks is killed
that night...

We're going to think

Daniel's the only person who
CAN'T have done it.

Exactly. After Benjamin Sammy
drops him off,

he leaves the hotel, goes back up
to the clearing, shoots Dr Parks.

So him coming here to claim
that his life was in danger,

was just to put us off the scent?

Now all we have to do, is prove it.

Ah, Fidel. There you are.

Yes. What are all these?

Well, when the Chief found
the map reference PD46,

I figured I'd try and find out where
on the island it referred to, right?

It couldn't have been on the
treasure hunter's own map, could it?

It doesn't have any grid references.
So I went to Honore Library.

In the middle of the night?
But, I'm so sorry, sir.

I've been through all these maps,
and I mean all of them

and I can't find any kind of symbol,
landmark or reference

called PD, let alone PD46.

Wait, you checked every map
there is of Sainte-Marie? Yes.

You worked all the way through
the night?

I'm getting the coffee.
Uh-uh-uh, no.

I'll get the coffee.

And Don't worry, Fidel.

The fact you couldn't work out where
PD46 is shouldn't matter,

because we think
we know someone who does.

Really? Who, sir?

The murderer. Daniel Morgan.

Fetch him from the cells, would you?

We think Ian Parks found the treasure
and told Daniel Morgan,

who then murdered him
so that he could keep it for himself.

Hoping everyone would think it was
an accident.

The pirate's curse. It all fits.

Um, Chief?

The ambulance is on its way.

It's too late.

Looks like an allergic reaction.

blue tinge to the skin...

Look, it's an adrenaline pen.

So he should have a dog tag,
or a bracelet.


"Medic alert, severe allergy to
insect bites." Anaphylactic shock.

Something has bitten or stung him,
he had a reaction,

he used the pen,
but it must have been too late,

or too little. Then he died.



It's a kissing bug.

It hunts out warm-blooded creatures
in the night and sucks their blood.

You mean these things are just
flying around, on the loose?

Don't worry, Chief.

They're no worse than any other
things that suck blood at night.

Other things?

But if you've got the right
kind of allergy,

the venom from a kissing bug
can be fatal.

And there's something else. What?

You won't like it. Try me.

The kissing bug is said to be
the beetle

that Francois Le Clerc
used on his flag.

Right, so, someone clearly wants
us to believe

these are deaths brought about
by a dead pirate's curse.

Fortunately, we're far too sensible
to believe such a thing.

Common sense tells us
that strange as it may seem,

this is about four treasure hunters
fighting over their spoils.

And with two of them dead.

That leaves just two suspects.

Liz Curtis...

..and Chris Winchester.

She doesn't look very upset

to hear another one of her friends
is dead, does she?

Well, neither does he
for that matter.

No. There's something about her.

She's hiding something.
Well, let's talk to them, shall we?

How do you want to do it?
Good cop, bad cop?

No, I thought we could adopt
your tactics for this interview.

Good. What are they?

Just charge straight
in like a bull in a china shop.

We believe you found the treasure,

argued amongst yourselves,
that argument turned to murder.

There were four, two are dead,
that leaves you two

as our prime suspects.
Did I miss anything?

I don't think so.

I've never heard anything
so ridiculous in my entire life.

The only question remaining

is whether one of you worked alone,
or if you're in this together.

Perhaps you're lovers.

No! We're not...

I'm not a killer.

Did anyone else know about Daniel
Morgan's allergy to insect bites?

It wasn't a secret,
we all knew about it.

Did you or did you not
find the treasure?


Well, WE didn't.

What does that mean?

Me and Liz started to notice that
Ian and Daniel were up to something.

They were always
huddled together talking,

but they'd clam up
whenever we went anywhere near.

So you thought that maybe they'd
found something?

Well, yes, it had crossed our minds.

Which would give you a strong motive
to kill them both, wouldn't it?

Have you got a problem with me?

Yes. I don't think you've been
telling us the truth.

May I remind you both this isn't
a fanciful pirate story,

it's a murder enquiry.

Look, this is stupid.

It doesn't matter anymore, anyway.

I can't speak for anyone else,

but I have NO interest
in finding the treasure.

All right? The truth is,
I never had.

What? I didn't come to Sainte-Marie
to hunt for treasure.

I was investigating Daniel Morgan.

You work for an insurance company?


Daniel Morgan is responsible for
a very substantial claim last year

and I'm part of the team
investigating it.

Call my supervisor on that number.
He'll verify everything.

Thank you.

He confirmed everything.

She was sent here
to keep track of Daniel Morgan.

Which means I was right.

I'm sorry?
I told you she was hiding something.

Yes, yes, you did. Say it then.
Say what? That I was right.

You were right. Thank you.
Can I carry on? Please.

OK, so we're being led to believe

there have been a series
of accidents.

It started with an explosion,

then someone was supposedly killed
while cleaning an antique pistol,

then a falling tree.

Finally, a man known to have
a severe allergy to insect bites

was bitten by a beetle
while in a police cell.

All of these events happening
between four people

within the space of 48 hours.

The odds against this sequence of
events truly happening accidentally

in that time frame
are tens of millions to one.

Agreed. So we're left with two
possible explanations.

First, they are indeed the result of
a curse left by a one-legged pirate

400 years ago.

Or second, we have two murders,

by a single assailant, or one
or more people working together.

So, who stood to gain the most
from the deaths

of Dr Ian Parks and Daniel Morgan?

Well, whoever knew they'd
found the treasure.

But that's a dead end,
isn't it, Chief?

Seeing as young Fidel here
pretty much proved

PD46 isn't on any kind of map.

Wherever the gold is buried,
it isn't on Sainte-Marie.


Dwayne, you're right.

I am? You are?
That's exactly what Fidel proved.

There was a small plastic container

full of soil and rock samples,
it's not here.

It wasn't there when I got back to
the camp site.

Of course it wasn't.

Autopsy report, where is it?

Ha! It wasn't just
Dr Parks in the wrong tent,

everything's wrong,
it's all upside down.

Dwayne, Fidel, I want you to pick
everyone up.

Well, everyone who's
still alive anyway.

Liz Curtis,
Chris Winchester, Benjamin.

I want everyone at Joel Maurice's
house in an hour.

In the words of our pirate brethren,

"We need to parlay."

Um, is this about the treasure
or not?

Yes. And no.

Come on.

'Can you tell me what's going on?'

I mean, why does everyone
have to be here?

Because this is where it all began.

The land you own holds the secret
that unlocks this mystery.

I must say, this has been a tricky
case from the start.

Firstly, because of the treasure.

How could the murder
not be about it?

And secondly, because to begin with

we could never really be
sure who the intended victim was.

Was it Daniel?
And Dr Parks was killed by mistake?

Or was Dr Parks the target
all along?

Then it struck me.

What if it was both?


You said that Daniel and Ian were
often huddled together, conspiring.


CAMILLE: So let's imagine, what
if they discovered the treasure...

And rather than share their findings
with the rest of the group,

they decided to keep
it for themselves?

I knew it.

We found part of a detonator
at the scene of the explosion,

covered in Daniel Morgan's

But why would Daniel
want to blow himself up?

The key was to separate the facts
and look at them not together,

but individually.

First, why would
Daniel want to set the explosives?

Well, seeing as they started
a rock fall

which then partially sealed
the cave,

maybe that's all he was trying
to do.

So that's it! That's where
the gold is, in the cave!

Will you please sit down and no,
the gold isn't in the cave.

CAMILLE: But the fact that he was
caught up in the blast suggests

someone else set it off,
before Daniel could get clear.

I hope you're not going to
suggest it was me.

The moment we confirmed
your story...

Yes, you're right. It was unlikely
you could be our killer.

Which meant we were down
to only two suspects.

But without any prompting from us,

you told us about Daniel Morgan
and Dr Parks' secretive behaviour.

Why would the killer
draw our attention to that?

So we're left with someone
in financial trouble

who readily admitted he already
suspected the victims

of trying to cheat him out of
what was rightfully his.


This isn't about the treasure
at all.

As unlikely as that seems.

Because once you remove
the tantalising appeal

of missing gold from the equation,
then there could be other motives.

Indeed, there could be a motive
where in terms of cold hard cash,

the killer gains absolutely nothing.
Does he, Benjamin?


It was you, wasn't it?

First, you attempted to murder
Daniel Morgan

by setting off
the explosives but failed.

You had no such trouble with
Dr Parks who you shot in cold blood,

before finishing the job
you set out to do,

by murdering Daniel Morgan
in a police cell.

And um, and empty out his pockets,
would you?

You see, Benjamin of all the people
in the camp

was most likely to get wind of what
Daniel and Ian were up to.

Once you knew their secret,
you watched them.

And seeing Daniel set the explosives
was too good an opportunity to miss.



Although Daniel survived,

the fact you knew he was spending
the night in the Bay Cove Hotel

gave you the opportunity
to come back for Dr Parks.

We checked. You left the animal
sanctuary shortly after midnight.

'I was feeding the goat through the
night. It would've died otherwise.'

Which is the most
puzzling thing of all.

A killer who understands
the sanctity of life.

If you missed one feed
with your goat,

it was a risk worth taking,
wasn't it?

You were often in the camp,

so had ample opportunity
to steal the pistol.

This time there was no mistake.


Knowing that Dr Parks
was trying to restore the pistol,

by leaving it behind
with a cloth,

you hoped it would appear
there'd been a terrible accident

while the gun was being cleaned.

But you made one very simple
mistake. Camille?

You cleaned the gun yourself,
didn't you? Before using it?

We found traces
of the oil you used,

both on this cloth and on the shot.

It didn't register at first.
Why would it? But, er,

the oil we found
wasn't gun oil, was it?

You used something else, didn't you?
Polyalkylene glycol.

Most notably used for?

Air conditioning systems
in cars, sir.

And we already know you were fixing

the air conditioning unit
in the Land Rover.

First you attempted to murder
Daniel Morgan and failed.

You then shot Dr Parks dead,
but now, what to do with Daniel.

The little episode
with the falling branch was

opportunistic and never likely
to succeed.


It provided you with one
more opportunity

when suspecting his colleagues,

Daniel asked you to drive him
in to town.

First you had to make sure

that Daniel's emergency adrenaline
pen was empty.

He'd only been on the island
a few weeks.

Most of the time
he'd been in the rain forest,

so only the three people
he came with

and you would've known about his
allergy to insect bites.

Your plan was surprisingly simple.

You had no way of knowing where
Daniel would spend that night,

so you just made sure that
wherever he was,

as soon as he sat down
for his evening smoke,

he'd release the bug...

and with it,
bring about his own death.



Potentially brilliant.

After all, it was indeed
the kissing bug...

that killed Daniel Morgan. But er,

this cleverest of murders...

will now prove your guilt.

There it is.

Because you had to steal
Daniel's lighter, didn't you?

It was the only way you
could be sure

he would open the match box
and release the bug.

And the beetle was perfect,

wasn't it? Because all along
you've wanted people to think

this was all about
Le Clerc's treasure, haven't you?

But it's got nothing to do with it,
has it Benjamin?

Because despite
Daniel and Dr Parks' conspiring,

Francois Le Clerc's treasure
was never found.

What? But I thought... Shut up!

OK, look, I don't get it.

If Ian and Dan didn't find
the treasure, why did he kill them?

Oh, Benjamin has a motive,

it's just nothing to do
with Le Clerc's treasure, is it?

I believe we have enough physical

to convict you of the murder
of Dr Parks, but we both know

you're also responsible for
the death of Daniel Morgan. So, um,

I'll give you a choice.

Either you confess to both murders,

or in setting out my case
against you,

I'll reveal your true motive.

And if I do confess?

Then the subject's closed.

You swear it?

Yes, you have my word.

And I dare say a confession
will make the court more lenient.

All right then, I did it.
I killed them both.

I shot Ian and I killed Daniel
with the kissing bug like he said.

Thank you.

Dwayne, Fidel,

read him his rights, get him to
the station and take his confession.

Yes, sir.

What about Le Clerc's
bloody treasure?

Well, it's been hidden
for the last 400 years.

Doesn't that rather imply...

Doesn't that rather
imply that it's still out there?

Mm-hm. Somewhere... Mm-hm.

..on the island of Sainte-Marie?

You really surprise me sometimes. Oh?

Just when I think you don't
care about anything but your job,

you, you do something like that.

Well, Benjamin's confessed
to both murders.

He says they treated him
badly and he snapped.

He confessed,
but I don't believe it.

Come on, Chief.
What was his real motive?

You have to tell them.
It goes no further. Agreed?

Sure. Well, I'd forgotten something
very simple.

Dr Parks was a geologist.

We all got so carried away

with the romantic notion
of pirate treasure, haven't we,

that we presumed PD46 had to be
a local map reference?

PD is a chemical symbol,
46 is an atomic number.

Together they represent the thing

that Daniel and Ian
found in the cave.

I still don't get it. Palladium.

It's used in every mobile phone
and laptop in the world

and is vanishingly rare.

As such, it's one of the most
precious metals on Earth.

I think that's what
Daniel and Ian found in those caves.

And Benjamin heard them
discussing it? Almost certainly.

And that's why Daniel tried to seal
the cave with an explosion.

Wanted to prevent
any further exploration

till they could come back, maybe
make Joel an offer for the land.

Benjamin didn't want anyone else
to find out what they'd discovered.

The palladium would've been
extracted using an open cast mine.

It would have decimated
the rain forest.

Benjamin loves that place.

When Benjamin overheard their plan
to seal the cave,

he decided to do the same thing,
but with Daniel in it.

He murdered Ian Parks and Daniel Morgan

so that their discovery
would die with them.

His motive wasn't greed.

He killed two men to stop his rain
forest being pulled down.

But it's still murder. Of course.

But so long as he goes
to prison for it,

I don't see the need to pull down
the jungle, as well. Do you?

Now, anyone fancy a drink?


Try going left a bit.

Left a bit!

Hang on, a bit more. A bit more!

"Ever wondered what makes our
experts tick?"

Oh, be still my beating heart.
Fiona Bruce! Yes, yes! You...

Oh. Ah...

CAMILLE: Who's Fiona Bruce?
It's just Antiques Roadshow...

Here, in this room,
I had Antiques Roadshow.

You're trying to watch English TV?

Is there any other kind?

Let me try.


(Go on.)

How's Juliet and the baby?
Oh, very well, thank you, sir.

Must be an expensive business,
taking care of two women.

Yes, it is.

So if it's all right with you

and in light of your excellent work,
on both this and every other case

I've had the privilege to work
with you on,

I'd like to put you forward to take
your sergeant's exams.

Me? A sergeant?

Well, thank you, sir.

You're very welcome.

Ready! Got something.

Perfect. Ah.





What have you done to my TV?
Hey! Where's Fiona Bruce!?

You can't stay in there all day.

OK, I'm sorry. I order you...
You what?

I said I order you to come and put
my television back as it was.

YOU order ME!? Yes.

OK, I suppose you want to ogle
that Fiona Bruce too?

I told you, I do not ogle...

Yes, I've seen you ogling...

I don't ogle! Yes you do.

Yes? You don't even know who Fiona...
You what?

You don't even know...
I can't hear you! If you want...


To the future. And to Miami.

♪ To set you free... ♪


You have a victim, murdered
in public surrounded by cameras

and in the company
of a police officer.

Was there anything going on
between her and Stephen?

'Oh, he wishes.'

I think she saw him for what he was.

What have you done?

I'm just trying to help.

Then help me to find out
who did this.