Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Having read in the chicken bones in front of witnesses including policeman Dwayne that she will be murdered by a scarred man,voodoo priestess Angelique Morel is indeed poisoned,with cyanide apparently stolen from the school where her son-in-law Nicholas Dunham is headmaster and science teacher. Years earlier Nicholas's wife Delilah,Angelique's daughter,had mysteriously disappeared after having an affair with Charles Dean,now a Catholic priest. Camille and the rest of Poole's team are convinced that Angelique found out that Nicholas killed Angelique because she had discovered that he did away with her daughter. But Nicholas has a cast iron alibi. So who is trying to set him up? And what did happen to Delilah ? The appliance of science leads Poole to the answer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In the name of Sivis Lau

I command
the Spirit Bondeah speak to me!

There's truth in the bones.

Ki moun ki la?

He's coming!

A scarred man,

and Kisa ou vle?

No! He's a killer.
He's killed before!

He will silence me!

Aksion tch kont la lawa!


I am to be murdered!
I'm to be murdered.

I understand.

No-one is to touch anything.

I want the room locked
until we get there.

Have we got any ice cubes?
Sir? To go in front of the fans.

They're just pushing
warm air around.

We should go. Yep, good, good.

What's going on?
A body's been found.

Where? Notre Dame School.

The school's closed, but I've left
a message for the headmaster.

Where is he?
I don't know. He must have gone out.

Signs of rictus,

blood around the lips.

She's been poisoned.

I'm to be murdered.
I'm... to be murdered.

Dr Hudson,
my old school science teacher.

The years have
improved him if anything.

So what was she drinking?

Rum. So what's an old lady doing
drinking rum in a school classroom?

Who was she drinking with?
And where's the bottle?

If Mr Dunham hasn't changed,
there might be one here.

Mr Dunham? The school headmaster.

He used to take a quick shot
while we were writing.

He thought we didn't see him.
Here it is.

You went to this school?

Yes, If you want to commit
the perfect murder,

can't do better than a
school science lab.

Poisons in that cupboard
there and reference

books and equipment here
for mixing up recipes.

That's how you spent
time at school, is it?

Planning the perfect murder?

Quite right too.
So, what happened here?

She was murdered.
Well, you can have a point

for stating the blindingly
obvious, Dwayne,

but to bring someone to justice,
we may need a little more.

She was murdered by a scarred man who's
killed before and wanted to silence her.

Voodoo? She said it, chief. I swear.

Last night?
After you'd been drinking?

I wasn't the only one there.
She said she'd

be murdered and that she
saw it in the bones.

Well, that would be a first.

A victim that actually
predicted her own murder.

Well, you know,
there's more to life than life.

That doesn't even mean anything.

Did she say anything else?

Just what I told you. That
she'd be killed by a scarred man?

Would someone tell me
what's going on?

I'm Nicholas Dunham,
the headmaster here.

Good morning, Fidel.

Good morning, sir.

Angelique Morel. She was... is my
mother-in-law. I'm widowed now.

Do we know how she died? Well,
we're really just beginning...

She's been poisoned. What?

Is this your rum?
It's usually in my desk drawer.

Did you drink any of it
with Angelique this morning?

Don't be absurd. Well, it seems
she was drinking with someone.

Well, she came to see me earlier,
we talked briefly and then I left.

And when I did, that bottle was
most definitely still in my desk.

Sir? Yes?

No, sorry, sir, not you,
sir, but that sir, sir. Yes?

This glass, I can smell almonds.

Do you keep cyanide
in your poisons cupboard?

Yes, but all dangerous
chemicals and

poisons are kept under
lock and key here,

away from the children.

How many keys are there?
Just the one.


So as you'll see,
all the chemicals are here.

And yes. Here's the cyanide.

Don't touch! Dwayne,

bag this bottle of
cyanide, would you? Sir.

There's no way she could have been
poisoned with that cyanide.

Well, let's find out, shall we?

After all, this is a school
science lab. You're a scientist.

I'm sure you've heard of
the Prussian blue test.

Of course.

Then perhaps you could find me
the necessary chemicals.

Prussian blue is a colour
discovered in the 18th

century, and you only get
it when you mix three...

Who else has been in school today?
Molly Kerr, my secretary,

Tom Hilton, the, the school
handyman, and Father Charles Dean.

We first add iron sulphate...

And who discovered the body?
Father Charles.

We'll need to talk to them all.

Of course.
Because if there's any cyanide

present, once we add
the nitric acid...

the liquid will turn...

Prussian blue. There was cyanide
in this glass, headmaster.

Any idea how that
might have happened?

Angelique just wanted
to borrow some books from me.

Something to do
with herbal remedies.

Did you know she practised voodoo?

Yes, well, we, we rarely
discussed it, this

is a Roman Catholic
school, after all.

How long did you talk to her for?
Ten minutes, no longer.

Then I left her to it
and went off to run some errands.

You left her alone
in your classroom?

Well, I didn't know she was
about to be murdered, did I?

And, these errands?
What were they?

Well, I went to buy some fruit
from the market.

And did you?

Well, I'd just arrived there when
I got Molly's message to come back.

Isn't that right, Miss Kerr? Yes.

Molly Kerr. Sorry,

I've been the secretary
for 20 years.

Did you see Angelique
at all today, Miss Kerr?

Yes, I let her in.

I took her straight to the headmaster's
classroom, just as she requested.

Then I went to the office.

Which is where I was
20 minutes later.

When Father Charles came to
tell me he'd found her body.

So that's when I rang for an
ambulance and called the police.

I hope I did the right thing.
No, that's a very thorough account.

Thank you.

So Angelique arrived
just after 10.30.

The headmaster said
he'd left her by 10.45

and she was found dead by 11.

It has to be the headmaster.

He's got a scar. Don't do this.

But the prophecy...
All right, that's enough!

No-one is to mention this prophecy
again. We're detectives,

we deal in physical
evidence and forensic science,

we do not stick pins into dolls
and dance naked around a camp fire.

That I'd like to see.
Not going to happen.

But it came true. No, it didn't!

The reason she's dead will contain
means, motive and opportunity,

will have a killer
who wanted her dead

and it will contain
scientific fact and evidence

that will conform
to known precedents.

It will not, I repeat not have anything
to do with spirits or crystal balls.

Is that perfectly understood?
Nobody, and I

mean nobody, is to
mention that word again.

Which word? Voodoo.

You can't come here
and dismiss a whole religion.

Creole beliefs have been part of
the island for hundreds of years.

So were cholera and
and the French,

but you managed to get
rid of them in the end.

I'm half French. There's no
such thing as half French.

I want full statements
detailing where everybody

was between 10.30 and
11.30 this morning.

The headmaster said he went to
market, find out if anybody saw him.

What about Father Charles?

He found the body? No.

First I want to see what kind of
woman predicts her own murder.

That's not strictly
correct procedure.

Never had you down as a stickler,

Definitely the headmaster.

Hell, yes.

The headmaster has a link
to the victim,

he has access
to the poison cupboard.

It was his room, and he seems to be
the only one with the opportunity.

Exactly, it's too easy.

That's what
this is about, isn't it?

You don't like things
to be easy, do you?

You want them to be difficult so we
can all see how brilliant you are.

When even the murder victim gives me
a description of the killer

and all the evidence also points at him,
I feel like I'm being manipulated.

So you ignore the truth?
I don't know what the truth is yet.

Nicholas Dunham is a killer.

You can't possibly know that.

Well, I do. How?

Intuition. Great.

Why don't we just go the
whole hog, you know,

I'll take my clothes off,
you light the fire!

He's English.

Good grief. Yeah.

Is that a lizard?

Don't get any ideas.

Was that your stomach?

Why would Angelique go to the school
for a book on herbal remedies

when she's got her own library?

This must be Angelique's daughter,

Nicholas's dead wife.

These are pretty hardcore.

It's so sad.


If she hated Nicholas Dunham
enough to burn his photograph...

Then why stop by for a chat?

Then we need to talk to him again.

No. Now we talk to Father Charles.
He found the body, Camille.

It's correct procedure,
you'll appreciate that.

I'll come with you. No, you stay
here and process the evidence.

And make a start
lifting the fingerprints.

I'll go down to the market

and see if anyone remembers
seeing the headmaster.

Then I suppose I'd better
get after Tom Hilton.

Why do I always have to stay here
while you have fun?

Because I'm the only person round
here that looks this cool on a bike.

And there's no-one better
at processing evidence than you.

No, seriously, Fidel, you never make
a mistake, you're brilliant, but me?

I'm all fingers and thumbs, which is
not good when you're lifting prints.

Is this about your headmaster?

He taught you for all those years
and now it turns out he's a murderer.

OK, so putting aside
the fact that it looks

like it's him and the
prophecy says it's him,

it doesn't necessarily
have to be him.

It could be Father Charles for all
we know. But that's the thing.

Father Charles taught me RE
for seven years.

He's one
of the nicest people I know.

OK, then it's Molly Kerr.

OK, when I was at school,
you'd go to Molly if

you cut your knee or
if you had a headache.

She's one of the nicest people
I know.

I see a pattern here.

All I can think is it must be Tom
Hilton. Which is a bit of a problem.

How come? Because Tom Hilton
is one of the nicest people I know.


Whoever it is, Fidel,
we'll catch them,

because that's what we do.

We catch killers.

And I look cool on bikes.

Father Charles?

Yes. I presume you want
to ask me about Angelique.

Detective Inspector Richard Poole.
We understand you found the body.

Yes. Poor woman. But she was old

and I think it's no secret to say
her health was deteriorating.

You believe she died
of natural causes?

Didn't she? She was poisoned.

We're still trying to establish
the, erm...

Can you tell us
your movements today?

Well, I was in my office this
morning writing a sermon.

And I sometimes join the Headmaster
for coffee,

so just before 11 I headed
towards his classroom.

Did you see anyone else?

I passed Tom Hilton, the caretaker,
in the top corridor.

Morning, Father. But when I got
to the headmaster's classroom...


Well, that's when I saw the body,
just lying there.

I didn't know what to do.
So I went and

told Molly at once that
I'd found the body.

Did you see where the caretaker
was coming from?

No. Could he have been
coming from the science room?

I suppose so.

How well did you know Angelique,

I think you can say we
moved in different circles.

But you knew she was Mr Dunham's
mother-in-law? Yes.

He's widowed now? Yes.

His wife passed some while ago.

Do you know how she died?
Yes, I believe it was suicide.

Very sad.

Is there anything else
I can help you with?

Sure. And we're going to
need a preliminary autopsy

report as soon as you've got it, OK?
Thank you.

Well, if I'm not arrested,
then this is kidnapping.

Tom, how you doing?

Fidel? Boy, you've done some growing.

Yes, sir. You hear that? "Sir!"

That's respect, which you might
have had if you'd gone to school.

I went to school.

Sometimes. Where's the chief?
They've gone back to Notre Dame.

Fidel, he dragged me out of Juliana's,
still half a drink on the bar.

You shouldn't go running
off, should you?

I know my rights.
And what are they?

That I'm allowed a phone call.

And a beer.

You know what I'm thinking?

No. How can you say that?

Because I have never,
at any time while I've

been with you, known
what you're thinking.

OK, first, Angelique must
have known her killer. Agreed.

Secondly, to predict her
own murder, she either

managed to be in contact
with the spirit world... Or?

Or she feared her life
was in danger somehow

and this was her
way of telling us.

Thank you. Finally a sensible
explanation. Of course.

And thirdly,
we should speak to my mother.

OK, now you've lost me.
I'm pretty sure she knew Angelique.

You must have heard the story?

What story? It was a huge scandal.

Nicholas Dunham found out his wife
Delilah was having an affair.

I think you need to hear this.

Must be 15 years ago now.

Nicholas discovered the affair
and confronted her.

He begged her not to leave.

And did she?

No-one knows what really happened,
but Delilah was such a sweet girl.

People say she was torn
between Nicholas and her lover.

Both pulling her in
different directions,

until she couldn't
cope any more.

Then one night, she went
for a walk across the cliffs

and threw herself into the sea.

Was her body ever found? No.

Sorry. Was that your stomach again?

There's only so much mango
and sweet potato a man can eat.

Can I cook you something?

A crab salad? Squid?


I'm fine. Poor Angelique.

Dwayne saw her last night,
he said she predicted her own murder.

Voodoo? Please. You don't believe?

In people foretelling the future
using chicken bones?

I'm more Church of England.
Because God is English?

Almost certainly.

Do you know anything about voodoo?


It's all witch doctors
and wild hair, you know,

sort of staring eyes.

It was born from
slavery and colonisation,

but based on Christianity.

In voodoo, the prayers
are Catholic.

They even worship the
Catholic saints.

Papa Legba holding the
keys to the afterlife,

only because St Peter does.

Well, there you are.
You learn something new every day.

Thanks for your help.

Come on, Camille. Lots to do.

Bye, Maman. Bye.

Delilah Dunham's lover,
do you know who he was? Yes.

His name was Charlie Dean.

So Father Charles was having
an affair with Delilah.

I wonder why he
didn't tell us that.

Sir? If her body was never found,

wouldn't it be natural
for Angelique to

think that her daughter
was maybe murdered?

You mean by Nicholas?

Well, that would explain why she
was burning photographs of him.

And what if she could prove it,

and she went to see him today
to accuse him of murder?

That's why she made the prophecy.
Go on. It was her insurance policy.

If he killed her next
we were to look for a

scarred man who might have
failed to silence her.

It's Nicholas. He's our killer.


See if you can find the file on the
disappearance of Delilah Dunham.

Who are you?

That's Tom Hilton, chief,
the school caretaker.

Afternoon. He's sitting in my chair.

Out of the chief's chair.
Why is he drinking beer?

It's hot. Really?
Take him to an interview room.

Thanks. Any news on the autopsy?

It's scheduled for 5pm this
afternoon, they'll send a report.

Background checks on the staff?
Clean except

Tom, he's been arrested
for almost everything.

Including murder, by any chance?
No, sir.

Just, erm, theft, drunken behaviour,

receiving stolen goods, driving
without a license and goat rustling.

Take his statement. Concentrate
on who he saw at the school,

particularly around the science lab.
Yes, sir.

I asked around the market,

and no-one remembers Mr Dunham
being there this morning.

He's a well-known figure.
If he was there like he said he was,

someone should have seen him.

So he lied about his movements?

And look, my mother was right.

Delilah's body was never found.

Print it out, would you? Fidel.

What kind of headmaster
was Mr Dunham?

Very strict. When he passed you,

it was "Stand up straight,
hands behind your back."

Pompous? A stickler?
Always had to have the last word?

He loved putting people
in detention. He's a killer.

Let's bring him in.

Mr Dunham, would you accompany us
to the station?

We've got a few questions we'd
like to ask you. No, I wouldn't.

Well, we're asking politely,
but we can do this the hard way.

Don't be so melodramatic.

If you'll excuse me,
I have things to do.

In that case I'm arresting you for
the murder of Angelique Morel.

What? You do not have to say
anything but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention something
you later rely on in court.

You're making a serious mistake,
young lady.

I'm innocent.
Now take these things off.

Don't you know who I am?

What? I was hoping to make it
a bit less official.

He wasn't co-operating.
I'm glad you're not armed.

You'll regret this, young lady.

I believe I'm allowed a phone call.

OK, well, thank you.

That was the pathologist.

The preliminary report's
in and Angelique

definitely died of
cyanide poisoning.

We've got the right man.

Can you prove to me that
Nicholas killed Angelique

Morel without using the words
scarred, man or voodoo?

OK, what evidence did you
recover from the scene?

Cyanide. what are these?

Fidel found them
in the bin by the door of the lab.

Shard of glass
from the sink in the lab.

If you wanted to kill someone, would
you do it in your place of work?

The thought's crossed my mind.

Nicholas may well not
have been honest with us,

which is why I was happy
to bring him in,

but is he really stupid enough to carry
out a murder in his own classroom,

using poison from a cupboard only he
has a key to? No, he isn't.

I've just got a phone call
from Nicholas Dunham

saying that you've just
arrested him for murder.

Please tell me that isn't true.

He carries a lot of
influence on the island.

I hope any case you have against him
is completely watertight.

The investigation's ongoing, sir.

You weren't at the market. We've
asked. No-one remembers seeing you.

That's because I wasn't there.

So you admit you lied? Yes.

And I'll show the commissioner
where I was.

Thank you. If you were
here, why did you lie?

What I was doing here was illegal,

and if you want, you can
re-arrest me for theft but,

my duty is to my community

and I'll help them
in whatever way I can.

What on earth were you doing in a
nunnery that could count as theft?

It's not a nunnery.

Continue, mes enfants.

It's an orphanage.

The school board
paid for some new computers

but the old ones work perfectly
well, it's an over-indulgence.

So you brought
the new ones here instead?

Yes. Though Tom
did most of the donkey work.

What time was Angelique killed,

Just before 11, sir.

I'm sure the sisters
will confirm that, I

was here at least ten
minutes before that.

In time for morning tea.

So to be clear, your alibi
for the time of the murder

is that you were doing charity work
in an orphanage, surrounded by nuns?


That was humiliating.

I'm sorry, sir.
Arresting Nicholas was my idea.

He brought it on himself
by lying about where he was.

He's a very difficult man,
he likes to play games.

I suggest you try not to
get on the wrong side of him.

I was the investigating officer for his
wife's disappearance many years ago.

And you concluded it was suicide?

We had little choice,
the body was never found.

You knew about the affair
with Charles? Of course.

You didn't suspect foul play?

She vanished into thin air.

I even dug up
Nicholas Dunham's patio.

He was building it
just after his wife disappeared.

It's all in the file. In the end,
the only thing that made sense

was that she'd carried out
her threat

and threw herself into the sea.

So what was this headmaster
like when you was there?

Mr Dunham?
He was OK one minute,

but then he could turn, you know.

I remember I got a new pair
of football boots.

It was my birthday,
14, I think.

I shined those boots.

Don't think I've ever been so
proud of anything in my entire life.

When we had our first school match,

Mr Dunham came into
the dressing room

and he saw everyone gathered
around admiring my new boots.

Mr Dunham told me that I was being
boastful and that was a bad thing.

And so he took my boots
away from me.

No! Yeah.

It's a shame we won't be
locking him up any time soon.

Seems his alibi checked out,
and get this,

he was with a bunch of nuns.

Nuns? I know.

Don't ask.

You know they say poison
is a woman's weapon?

Molly, the school secretary?

Could be.

I thought she was
the nicest person you knew.


Why didn't you
tell us about your

relationship with
Delilah Dunham, Father?

Well, it was 15 years ago now.

Delilah was a keen cyclist.

I was a younger member of the staff.

And one day I was
at a junction in my car

and she slammed into me and she
and she broke her arm in two places.

I visited her in hospital
as often as I could

and we started having an affair.

When did her husband find out?

She couldn't bear the deception.

So one night she told him
that she was leaving him.

He was heartbroken, well, of course,
he had every right to be.

He begged her to stay.

And I am ashamed to say

that I put so much pressure on her.

I told her she had to leave him.

I gave her no way out.

Before she disappeared,
did you know what she'd decided?

No, but she did say at one point
that she felt like ending it all.

You believe she committed suicide?

The day after she vanished, I resigned
my post and joined the seminary.

Now my life is my penance.

Your, erm...

friendship with Nicholas Dunham.

Isn't that a bit odd?

Well, we made our peace
a long time ago.

He was destroyed by losing her,

we both were.

Did Angelique believe that
Nicholas killed her daughter?

Yes, yes,
she made no secret about it.

But you didn't.

No. Can I ask why?

Nicholas is no killer.

Yes, of course.
As school Priest, you

hear the Headmaster's
confession, don't you?

I couldn't possibly say.

What are you doing?

I'm doing what it looks like.

I'm taking a break!

But we're so close to finishing.

Fidel, you've got to remember.

According to every time and
efficiency study there's ever been,

five minute breaks every hour

can improve productivity within
the workforce by up to 20 per cent!

Is that true?

I have no idea.
Sounds good, though, doesn't it?

You always do that. Do what?

That quick answer thing.

I've never been very good at that.

Sometimes the Inspector asks me
a question and I just freeze.

It's like my brain refuses
to give up any words.

And I know it might only be a second,
but for me it feels like an hour.

Just standing there
with my mouth open like...

How many times have I told you?

You need to loosen up a bit, man.

That's what Juliette says. OK!

So if even your wife
is telling you to loosen up,

you're in big trouble man.

Just relax,
don't worry about things so much.

Life has a way of making things
work out. Just trust in that.


You're right. I know.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.


You know something.

I don't think I put the lid
back on the powder.

What a sad story. I know.

You know, I'm surprised they had to
dig up Nicholas's patio,

it would have fallen apart anyway.

I've got a copy of his building
supplies in the original file.

He's got the ratio all wrong, see?

Too much lime
and not enough sand and cement.

You're incredible, you know that?
Thank you. I know.

He may be a Scientist, but he knows
next to nothing about grouting.

Why involve the Commissioner?
What's that got to do with this?

He could've just taken us
to the orphanage,

or phoned a solicitor or a lawyer
like a normal person, but no...

Nicholas wanted us humiliated.

Why? To make us back off?

But he's got an alibi
for the time of the murder,

what's he frightened of?

What if he really is the murderer?

So when I think Nicholas is guilty
and arrest him, you're not interested

but, the moment he proves
he's innocent,

suddenly you're convinced
he's guilty?

Problem? Yes.

You are the most
annoying man I've ever met.

Well, it's a very small island.

Right, I need a hardware store,
with a pet section if possible.

Excuse me? Our headmaster is not
the only one who can play games.

OK, Fidel, I'll pass it on.

What about Tom Hilton's statements?


OK, thanks.

You know, of all the things I thought
we might need to solve this case,

a fish tank was not one of them.

Who was that?

Fidel has finished
dusting the available

evidence for prints.
Hang on, don't tell me.

The cyanide bottle from
Nicholas' cupboard

was covered in prints,
but only his.

The same is true of the rum bottle
and one of the shot glasses.

The other had his and Angelique's
fingerprints. Step back.

Was there any point in checking?

Of course, but there's no
surprise in it pointing

towards Nicholas Dunham
being the killer.

What about Tom Hilton? What did he
say? That he heard and saw nothing,

but he reckons he saw Angelique
alive in Nicholas's classroom

after Nicholas left for the orphanage.
How very convenient for Nicholas.

So, did he kill her or not?

I'm hoping this
fish tank will tell us.

Gin and tonic.
Thank you.

It's not for you.

What do you think?

I'm trying to work here, so you can
stop looking at me like that.

You look like,

my mother, that is exactly
how my mother looks at me.

Yes, I'm taking my vitamins.

Yes, I'm wrapping up warm.

Look, Mum, I'm fine, it's not as
if I'm on the other side of the...

God, I'm on
the other side of the world.

There's my car, yeah,
I'm late for work.

What if there's been a murder or...

Yeah, got to go.

Yeah, sure.
Yeah, yeah, till next time.


I heard voices.

You're early.

Don't you get hot at night
wearing all that? Yes.

Then you should sleep naked.

I do.

Shouldn't your lizard
be on the inside?

It's not my lizard.

Then whose is it?

And what's this?

It's a cyanoacrylate
fumigation tank.

Funny, cause it looks like
a light bulb in a fish tank to me.

Well, that's where you're
wrong ... cos it's a

light bulb in a fish
tank, with superglue.

Or cyanoacrylate
to give it it's proper name.

Still looks like
a light-bulb in a fish tank.

The light-bulb heats the foil

which heats the superglue
which evaporates.

And here's the clever bit
once it becomes a gas,

the fumes will only stick to
the fatty acids, amino acids

and proteins that you find
in fingerprints.


Allowing you to reveal fingerprints
on difficult surfaces,

such as the inside of latex gloves.


There are prints on the fingertips
of these gloves.

See if you can find a match,
will you?

Yes, sir.

OK, so our headmaster has an alibi

that includes orphans and nuns.

We have a heartbroken priest,

a caretaker with criminal tendencies

and a school secretary
whose loyalty knows no bounds.

Yes, and don't forget
the voodoo proph...

And then there's Delilah...

The daughter, wife and lover
who vanished into thin air.

But everything always
leads back to our headmaster.

Do we arrest him again?

His call to the Commissioner was to
intimidate us, get us to back off.


So, let's show him it hasn't worked.

Yes, the patio.


What are you doing here?!

We have some more questions. You
dare to come here after yesterday?

I'm intrigued you never
mentioned your wife's disappearance.

It was 15 years ago,
it's irrelevant.

Surely we should be
the judge of that.

We spoke to Father Charles
yesterday, he told us what happened.

But you already knew that,
didn't you?

It's very hot isn't it. Perhaps
Miss Kerr could bring us refreshments.

Lemonade would be fine.

Molly and I...

No need to explain, really.

You have a beautiful view here.

Yes, I have. Did you build
that patio yourself? No.

But it says in your file...

No, the patio I built when
my wife disappeared was,

as you know, dug up
by the police shortly

afterwards, and
they found nothing.

When you were
ordering your building supplies...

Don't play games with me,

I think you'll find I'm slightly
better at them than you are.

Lemonade. Thank you, Miss Kerr.
Thank you.

Why did Angelique come
and see you yesterday?

I told you, to
borrow some books.

We didn't find any reference
books out in the classroom.

Then she must have put them away.

Or any evidence to suggest
you're telling the truth.

I beg your pardon? Angelique
believed you murdered her daughter.

Yes, the ramblings of a mad old
woman, no-one took her seriously.

You believe your wife committed suicide.
Obvious to anyone with half a brain.

We've been
to Angelique Morel's house now.

We know exactly what
she thought of you.

Yes, her popping by
to borrow a book and

share a glass of rum
just doesn't ring true.

So we're going to be asking you
the same questions,

over and over again...

until you tell us the truth.

Very well.

She visited me yesterday
to accuse me of murder.

Of killing my wife.

The spirits have spoken,
murderer! Murderer! Confess!

'She said, I had to confess.'

Or I'd have a voodoo curse put on me
that I'd never be able to break.


You lost your temper with her?

I'm a headmaster, it was
in my school, I think

that should afford me
some respect, don't you?

Surely she's accused you before.
What was different about this time?

I have no idea.
Then what about evidence?

Did she have any proof
to back up her claims?

Of course she didn't!

My Nicholas couldn't hurt anyone.
He's not a killer.

What are we missing?

He doesn't look very happy.
The case isn't going very well.

I'm not invisible.
I can hear you.

Actually, maybe that's the problem.
I'm invisible.

Why can't we find a motive?
It shouldn't be hard.

An old woman is
killed, who benefits?

There's got to be, there's
something we're not getting,

there's some key which if
we could only identify

it would unlock the whole
case, I'm sure of it.

You know what my father used to say?

Please let it not be
homespun in any way.

If you can't find the right answer,

you've probably been
asking the wrong question.

It's as if all the wonders of
the universe were suddenly revealed.

Is he really not eating?

I haven't seen him eat
since he got here.

Of course I eat, it's just there's a lot
of Caribbean food in the Caribbean.

You can't solve crime
on an empty stomach.

Fine then I'll...

What the hell was that?!
Rum, lime and ice, but mostly rum.

Lime?! I hate lime!

Nobody move!

No, it can't be.

Of course.

Sir! I have...

I have the results of
the latex gloves I found in the bin.

I know who was wearing them.
I haven't told you.

I know. You don't need to.
You know who the murderer is?

Gather everyone in
Nicholas's classroom.

And the Commissioner, he's going
to want to see this. Good work, team.

Thanks, Catherine,
your father was right.

A rum cocktail was the answer.

I'd just been asking
the wrong question.

This case has been
impossible from the start.

A voodoo prediction
that couldn't be true,

evidence that pointed
at only one man

and all this time this nagging sense
that I was missing something.

Tom. My team have never
believed you were a

credible murder suspect
and they were right.

You may have stolen a few
computers, for charity,

but you didn't kill Angelique,
did you? No!

Any more than you,
Father Charles.

You discovered the body, but
you're not a murderer, either.

But you did give us one crucial
piece of information.

It's no secret to say her health
was deteriorating.

You talked about Angelique
as though she were already dying,

plenty of evidence of which
could be found at her house.

'These are pretty hard core.'
Isn't that right, father?

I can't break the seal
of the confessional.

She came to confession?

She's dead, father.
You'll be helping catch her killer.

She had severe heart disease.

The way she put it, she said
she was dying of a broken heart.

So when I found the body,
I just thought she'd had a coronary.

But when you told me,
that she was murdered?

This was no coronary.

The pathologist's report is clear.

Angelique died from
a fatal dose of cyanide.

Which leaves us only two suspects.

Let's take a moment to consider
Angelique's voodoo prophecy.

You don't believe
that claptrap, do you?

Her warning pointed the
finger of suspicion

at you, Nicholas,
the scarred man.

It's obvious when you think,
this is your classroom,

your poisons,
only you could have killed her.

But you know where I was!

The dream alibi,
orphans and nuns no less.

You could have killed
her before you left,

then begged Tom to lie
about seeing her alone.

Cos that's what you
do, Headmaster.

You demand the loyalty and
the respect of others.

Just a minute! Then it struck me.

Everything about Angelique's death was
constructed to frame you for her murder.

You've been set up, Mr Dunham,
from the start.

You didn't kill Angelique Morel.

And seeing as we know
that Tom didn't kill her

and Father Charles didn't kill her
and now you didn't kill her

that leaves only you, Miss Kerr.

The perfect secretary.

The person who's always
there to pick up the pieces.

I'm sure you could have acquired the
key to the poison cupboard at any time

and you knew where he kept his stash
of rum. Why would I kill Angelique?

And there we have it again ... why?

Don't worry, Miss Kerr,
you didn't kill Angelique

any more than the other three did.
Then who?

The voodoo prophecy
was the key after all.

There is only one way that Angelique
could have known

she'd be murdered within 24 hours
of her prophecy

and that all the evidence
would point at Mr Dunham.

It's clever, isn't it?

Who killed her?


It was Angelique. What?

She killed herself, to frame Nicholas
for her murder from beyond the grave.

It's like Father Charles said,
Angelique knew she was dying.

At least this way her death
would have some meaning.

'She knew Dwayne
was a police officer.

'And she knew that when
she made her prediction,

'she was telling
the Police who to suspect.'

Yes, but luckily
I didn't fall for it.

But seeing as she couldn't
get into the poisons cupboard,

how did she get hold of
the cyanide that killed her?

You were right,
Headmaster, about there

being no poisons missing
from the cupboard.

You see she brought her own.

Angelique studied herbal remedies,
there wasn't a plant on the island

she didn't know and
understand the properties of,

including one specific
variety found at her house.


Which if you boil and drain off
the liquid... Gives you cyanide.

Her plan was simple.
She laced her own rum with cyanide

then replaced the bottle
in the drawer knowing

that Nicholas' prints
would be on everything.

That's why we found
a shard of glass in the sink

cos that's how she
disposed of the vial.

Can you prove any of this?

Fidel found some latex gloves
in the waste bin there

with only Angelique's fingerprints
inside them. Is that right? Yes.

So, with the scene set
to look like murder,

all she had to do now
was provide a corpse.

Her own.

Then, Angelique wasn't murdered?

No. Her death was tragic,

criminal intent,
but it was suicide, that's all.

Poor woman. So that's it,
that's what you're saying?

We're free to go?
Absolutely, you're free to go.

Thank you for your co-operation.

No, thank you, Detective Inspector ...
thank you for your discretion.

Apart from you, Headmaster.
I'm arresting you for murder.

But you just said that
she committed suicide!

Not of Angelique,
of your wife, Delilah.

You can't... She believed
you'd murdered her daughter.

She was mad!
Driven mad, she knew you

killed her daughter but
couldn't prove it.

But I'm innocent!
Take these damn things off!

Leave him alone,
he went through this...

you'll never prove
anybody killed that stupid woman!

But that's just the thing,
I can.

You see anybody can commit murder,

murder's the easy part.

But how to dispose of the body?

That's where most murderers fail ...
how they get caught.

You see the breakthrough came when
I was drinking a local cocktail.

Just rum, lime and ice,
but it tasted like paint-stripper.

Maybe the recipe was wrong
but, how can it be?

The ingredients are so simple.

Just as they were for that patio
you built all those years ago.

You see sand and cement,

they were fine, but there
was something you'd

ordered much too much
of, wasn't there? Lime.

So what did you do with all those
kilograms of lime you had spare?

Because it's a powdered
alkaline metal, isn't it?

If you add water to it you
get calcium-hydroxide...

better known as slaked lime
or quicklime.

And quicklime is capable
of dissolving the flesh

off human bones in a matter of days.

I return to my original question...

how do you dispose of a human body?

Well, if you're a
Science teacher.

A headmaster who demands
loyalty, demands respect.

Someone who likes humiliating police
officers in front of their superiors?

Then maybe you
don't dispose of it...

maybe you display it.

Pride of place...

in your classroom.

You've been teaching
in this room

gloating over her, for
the last 15 years.

But I didn't kill her! Lies!

Molly, Molly, believe me.

I'm going to make a prophecy now,

like poor, sweet, deluded Angelique.

But mine will come true,
because it's not based on faith,

it's based on your subject, Science.

Look Father, I'm sorry to do
this to you, but all those

years ago, when Delilah
had her bicycle accident,

she broke her arm in two places.

Do you remember which bones?

It was the humerus and the radius.

Angelique hoped that her death would
put her daughter's killer behind bars

and here's my prediction, it will.

Because we'll be able to use
Angelique's DNA to prove that these

are the mortal remains
of her daughter, Delilah.

I told you she'd
never leave me for you.

All right, that's enough!

Fidel, perhaps you'd like
to take Mr Dunham into detention?

Yes, sir.

Well, the prophecy
was right in one respect.

The truth was
in the bones after all.

So seeing as you're now
into prophecies, how

about I make one I know
will come true? Go on.

If I ask you out for a drink with me and
the team tonight, you'll refuse to come.

Well, you're wrong.
I'd love to do that.

Unfortunately I've got
an errand to run.

You know, sorry,
a dinner to prepare.

So maybe we could all do something
together, some other time?

Hey, what's up?

Poor Angelique.

That she'd do that?

She got her man in the end, though.

Yeah, I suppose
we should be grateful

we got to the bottom
of her prophecy.

It wasn't true.

She couldn't have known the
truth was in the bones.

So where did that bit come from?

It's just a phrase.

What's that?

Go on, go ahead, open it.

Go on...

When you have your baby, he's going
to need a pair of football boots.

Thank you, Dwayne.

Or little girl,

whatever you're going to have,
the point being,

whenever they need some boots,
they've got some

and they're brand new.

Then how about, this one?

Come on, this one claims
to be "as good as it looks",

which is a startling slogan,
considering how it looks.

If eight out of ten cats have
a preference, can't one lizard?

So that's what you meant when you
said you had dinner to prepare.

You know I said I never know
what you're thinking?

Yeah? I know what you're thinking.

You haven't the first idea.

Can I help you, Detective Sergeant?

Yes, my mother's cooking
you dinner tonight

to celebrate catching
Delilah's killer

for which there's a lot of people
on this island who are grateful.

So, she says you can't
refuse as she's preparing

you an English feast
of roast beef...

Hang on, I wrote it down.

"York-shire pudding,

"roast potatoes and,
horse-radish sauce."

You had me at roast beef.

So lucky! That's amazing, look!


For everything thy goodness sends,

Father in Heaven,
we thank thee. Amen.

And to Papa Legba and Angelique.

And Delilah.

Now come on,
this food won't eat itself!

Is this, is this
what I think it is?

Look at that!

Well, this is the,
the vital ingredient...

It's good? Yes.

The seal of approval!

Right, cheers everybody.
Cheers. Cheers.

Can someone help me?

It's my husband...
If people only knew!

Megan Talbot may very well
be the killer but what

we don't have is the truth.
Keep them talking.

You keep them talking.

Good. I'm not a big fan of seafood,
if I'm honest.

Most of it has eyes. Good grief.

What's going to happen to me?
You were holding hands!

She was holding my hand.

Don't push me!
Two stakeouts in one night.