Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Lisa Moore is murdered with a spear-gun minutes after her beach wedding,in a room for which she had no key. Aided by new sergeant Camille Poole suspects Lisa was having an affair,either with best man Adam or the hunky diving-instructor Stefan,whose prints are the only ones on the murder weapon. Then it is announced that Lisa was an heiress,due to inherit a large legacy on getting married. So was the motive greed or a crime of passion? At least Poole,having wrapped up the case,gets a decent cup of tea,courtesy of Camille's mother,and gets to go for a paddle.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I can't stop looking at it!

It's gorgeous.

And this place -
everything I've ever dreamed of.

Oi! You're marrying me,
Darren Moore.

You're mine now, forever!

MUSIC: 'Duettino Sull'aria'
from 'The Marriage Of Figaro'


No, thank you.
I've got a coconut...

No, sorry,
not really a chilli man myself.

Yes, it looks absolutely delicious,

Not my size, I don't think, no.

Yeah, yeah, perhaps on the way back.

Am I too late?

For afternoon tea?

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm a police officer.

I'm a police officer,
and I want a cup of tea.

Well, welcome to the family, Darren.

Cheers. Thanks, Mike.

And don't worry, we'll look
after her. You'd better.

To Darren and Lisa.
To Darren and Lisa.

Now, everybody back down here in an
hour for cocktails. Good idea, come on.

Hurry up.

Come on, let's go.




OK, so, um...

Your biggest cocktail.

You know, umbrellas,
swizzle sticks, rum, tequila...

whatever you've got,
just chuck it in,

set fire to the thing if you want
and bring it to the table,

because I - I am so
loving this place.

You've been looking at your watch
every five minutes since lunch...

so I followed you.
That is totally underhand.

Excuse me, sir,
I didn't sneak away from work.

I just wanted a decent cup of tea.

You think I'm happy with this?

I'm stuck with you, you with me.

Thanks for reminding me. The way I see
it, we may as well make the best of it.

Starting with, erm...

Oh! That!


Did you see that?


RADIO: Please report current
situation. Can you confirm ETA? Over.

Body bagged and on gurney,
estimated arrival...


Victim fell from the fifth floor,
the VIP suites.

On her wedding day.

We need statements from
the staff and witnesses

and a forensics and
scene of crime team assembled.

Then there's the family.

Well, that's the forensics
and crime scene team assembled.

Is that CCTV camera recording?
Yes, sir.

Hang on.

Good afternoon, my name is William
and I'm the butler for this floor.

May I show you to Suite 502?


You reckon they give
special rates to cops?

Dwayne, I don't think I could afford
even the special rates.

So, what do we... Ah-ah!

Ah, right.

So, if the victim was shot
and fell from the balcony...

What was that sticking out of her,
a, erm, harpoon?

It was probably a bolt fired
from a Predator 4500 spear gun...

the yellow striped model.

You can tell that, can you? Yes.

Because you snorkel?

No, because it is what it says
down the side.

Right, everyone,
start bagging evidence,

I want it logged
and back to the station pronto.

OK, so that was the victim's room,
was it?

No, sir.
The bridal suite is over there.

So whose room's this?
That was vacated this morning.

The maid had cleaned it -
it was empty.

Then how did the victim get into it?

I wouldn't know, sir.

so if she was murdered in there

and this is the bridal suite,
what else have we got?

This is the best man, Mr Adam Fairs.

And here?

This is Sally Watson, Lisa Watson's
sister and chief bridesmaid.

And the mother and father of the
bride, Mr and Mrs Watson.

How long have...?
Could anyone have used these stairs?

No, sir, those doors are alarmed.
But are they?

Yes. And yet...



So, the killer couldn't have
got in that way - or out that way.

But the question still remains...

how did the victim get into a room
she didn't have a key to?

I thought you said this room
had been cleaned? Yes, sir.

This is a "cleaning in
progress" label, why

hasn't it been removed?
I wouldn't know.

Do you think that's important?
I wouldn't ask otherwise, would I?

OK. Could you excuse us
just for a moment?


I am a detective sergeant
in the Sainte-Marie Police Force.

I graduated top of my year,

I have three commendations for
bravery, I have been shot twice,

and I could almost certainly beat
you in a fist fight.

Whereas you - you are
a rude man, you are

ignorant, full of your
own self-importance,

expecting everyone to follow you
around and hang on your every word.

From now on you'll treat me
with a little more respect,

or I'll be forced to forget
I'm a police officer, OK?

After you.

First question - where on Earth would
the killer get a spear gun from?

In the Caribbean?

Do you have a diving school?

Yes, ma'am.



How could anyone do such a thing?


It's OK, I'll go.

Diving's a popular activity
with your guests, is it?

Yes, sir.
Particularly with the female guests.

Why's that?

William, I've told you,

if you want the ladies
you've got to get a new look.

I wouldn't know, sir.

Stefan, I presume?


Detective Inspector Richard Poole.

The hotel has 15 spear guns.

Are they all there?
I'll let you know tomorrow.

Can't you just count them now?
Some might be in the hotel workshop.

I'll let you know in the morning
when they open.

Did you take Lisa Moore out diving?
Or Lisa Watson, as she was?

I don't think so, I'll check the
hotel booking form. Tomorrow?

I understand your diving school's very
popular with the hotel's female guests.

The coral is beautiful -
women appreciate beauty.

Must be very distracting
for you, teaching

women to dive, in their
bikinis, all day.

Ever had a relationship with
one of the female guests?

Womanising diving instructor?

It's a little cliched, don't you
think? Did you carve all these?

Yeah, you like them?

Very much.


That's the inventory for the
spear guns and the booking forms,

and all by first thing tomorrow,
if you would, thank you.


So, here is the bridal party
returning from the beach.

Oh, hey, hey, pause that!
Go back a few seconds.

There, look.

The bride just said something
to the best man.

What's his name? Adam Fairs.

Play it again, would you?

Run it on.

OK, so the bridal party are all on
the floor, what happens next?

No-one comes or goes
for five minutes.


WHISPERS: Your behaviour with
Jacques Cousteau back there.

Did you give him your number?
Oh, no. I gave him yours.

Look you can't just go
picking up... Just relax, OK?

Oh, who's that?

The maid, Margaret Du Bois.

She's already on the
VIP floor but this is her leaving.

And no-one uses the
lift either to go up

to the VIP suites or
to leave until 15:10.

Lisa Moore is killed about now,
so watch.

OK then, pause that.

That's everyone, isn't it?

How do you mean?
Well, no-one could have

used the stairs, no-one
came up in the lift,

so, one of those six people
killed Lisa Moore.

OK, things that don't make sense -
why a spear gun?

It's not the easiest weapon to
get in and out of a room, is it?

And why was a "cleaning in progress"
label left on the handle of the room?

Can't that just have been a mistake?
A mistake?

Yeah. Bit of a coincidence,
don't you think? Why not?

I don't believe in coincidences.

These are the names
of the wedding party,

I'd like you to get onto
DCI Roy Halliwell in London.

Tell him I'd consider
it a personal favour

if he'd run them
through the computer.

Thanks, Fidel.

So what are we doing?

Right, yes. Well, I think first 'we'
should go and talk to the family.

We're very sorry for your loss,

but we have a few questions
we need to ask.

Surely you're not saying
any of us are under suspicion?

At this stage we're simply trying to
establish the facts of the case.

Do you know anyone who'd want
to harm your daughter?

It was obviously a madman
or disgruntled hotel employee.

Nonetheless, in order to do our job
we need to establish

where everyone was at the time
of your daughter's death.

Of course.
We'll do everything we can to help.

So, Mr Watson.

Well, we all just came back up
to change after the wedding.


May I take your leis?

Can I offer you a cocktail?

Thank you.

And where were you, Mrs Watson?

I was out on the balcony.

Did you see your daughter
fall from the balcony?

She's not her daughter.

I am, though. Sally, please.
Not now.

Lisa's mother died
when she was young.

When I met Diana,
she already had Sally.

So Lisa was your step-daughter?

When I saw her... lying on
the rocks like that I...

I started to scream
and I couldn't stop.


And, William? You heard the scream?
Yes, sir.

I was making cocktails
when I heard Mrs Watson.

I believe Mr Watson came from the
bedroom as I came from the kitchen.

Darren, this is the police.

If you're not up to it, then I
am sure they will understand...

This is a complete
waste of time,

we were all in our rooms, OK?

Sweetheart, please...
Dad, they're going round one by one!

I was in my room,
Adam was in his room, Darren...

I don't know, but you
should be out there looking

for Lisa's killer, not
standing around chatting!


Well, answer it!

I'm sorry.

PHONE: Adam, are you there?
Hang on.

Sally's right, I was in my room,
we were all in our rooms.

I've got to take this.

Darren, you were in the bridal
suite? Yeah.

Lisa said she was going
for a drink with her dad

and I was going to change my shirt
and join them.

And that's when it happened.


What was that? It's Lisa!

So you were all in your rooms?

It would seem so.

Does anyone know why Mrs Moore
went into Suite 502?

Or know how she got into the room?

Have any of you taken
a hotel diving lesson?

Yes, Lisa did.

Just Lisa?

Yeah. Why?

Thank you for your time.
Our condolences for your loss.

So, it turns out the victim went
diving with Stefan after all?

Yes, well done for that.

Ah, DCI Halliwell, hello, this is
police officer Fidel Best

calling from Honore Police Station
in Sainte-Marie...

It's an island in the Caribbean.

Now, DI Richard Poole asked us
to call you...

Well, of course, sir,
it's just gone 6pm...


The hotel manager says
you are the maid who

cleaned the VIP suites
this afternoon.

Did you see anything
out of place at all

or odd while you were
on the fifth floor?


Perhaps you can tell
us why you left a

"cleaning in progress"
label on Suite 502?

I must have forgotten
to take it off.

So you've been cleaning
the rooms on this

floor since the wedding
party arrived?

Is there anything at all
you think we should know?

Well, there was one thing...

I'd just finished my work
and I went back to room 502.

'I opened the door and that's
when she came out... '

Margaret! Can I use your room key?
Oh, no...

Please? Please,
I'll be really quick.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

So, you let her in?

Pease don't tell anyone,
I've been in trouble before.

The butler on that
floor, William - he's

always on my case.
Your secret's safe with us.

He's so stiff and uptight
you have no idea

what it's like working
for someone like that.

So, why did Lisa want to
go into Suite 502, do you think?

Well, she was excited, you know?

If you ask me,
she was meeting someone.

Are you sure?

I've worked in hotels a long time,
I know the look.

So, in lieu of any kind of database
with which to coordinate the case,

we'll have to do this
the old-fashioned way.

Suspect... means...

motive... and opportunity.

Now, as far as I can see,
anyone on the fifth floor

could have killed Lisa,
then got back to their room unseen

before Diana started screaming.

They all had opportunity.

But not the parents, sir...

they'd have had to get past William
in the kitchen. But is that so?

You see, William was whizzing up
a cocktail in the blender.

He'd have had his back to the door,
it would have been noisy as hell.

I'm sure either Mike or Diana could
have slipped out and back

unnoticed, if they were daring

No, they all remain as suspects.

So, means?

I guess any one of them could have
stolen a spear gun from the hotel.


It's motive,
that's what we're missing.

Who'd want Lisa dead
on her wedding day?

And who'd want to kill her
with a spear gun?

Well... Yes?!

None of them.
That's very helpful, thank you.

But that's it, I can't
see any parent wanting

to kill their daughter
on her wedding day.

Diana's only her step-mother,
remember. But even so.

And Darren?

What kind of person would kill their
wife minutes after marrying her?

Uh, a murderer?

He's right, Chief.
Who'd kill a bride?

One of this lot! OK?!

And it's our job to find them
and bring them to justice.

Now, leads! Come on,
what have we got?

Oh, gosh, still me, is it?

OK, right, how about this?

The maid said that Lisa
was meeting someone in Suite 502.



Adam could be the obvious choice as she
was whispering to him in the lift.

But Lisa can't have known
a maid was going to leave

a suite free at that moment, so how
did she arrange a meeting?

Did she have a mobile phone on her
when she was killed? No, sir.

Use the phone in the suite?

OK, so she uses an internal phone
to make the call - and then?

Her murderer arrives.

But who?

Have we heard back
from DCI Halliwell?

He said he'd ring back.
When the office opened.

Oh, it's late, maybe we should
pick up again in the morning.

Thanks, Chief!

You know, back in London
we'd have a second team

working throughout the night,

getting exclusion prints
from all the suspects.

It's what we need but, erm,
it's not what we've got, is it?

You've got me, sir!

Yeah, I know, Fidel.

Go home -
we'll start again tomorrow.


If we're looking for a motive,
it has to be love, or hate.

It's a crime passionnel -
a woman killed on her wedding day?

That "cleaning in progress" label's
still bothering me.

Because it's a mad, passionate,
reckless murder...

As clerical errors
go it's inexcusable.

Look can we please forget
about the label? You're obsessed.

One thing's always puzzled me
about weddings.

Just one?

The whole cride throwing the
bouquet thing, I just don't get it.

What's to get?

She just throws a bouquet...

Yeah, I understand the
mechanics, it's just,

who'd come up with a
system of matrimony

based on the random
distribution of flowers?

OK, so the murder -
you know who I think did it? Who?

The butler, of course!
It's always the butler.

But how did William kill her?
And why? How does he benefit?

He only met Lisa for the first
time three days ago...

what possible motive could
he have to kill her?

You don't really
do banter, do you?


Oh, hello?


OK, you're on.


I've got a date.

Hey. Want a drink?

So, you're a cliche after all.

The womanising diving instructor.

Ah, so you're still on duty.

I'm always on duty.

So, you gave me
your number to see if I'd call?

And you did.

Yes, but you don't know
why I called.

I think I can guess.

I checked the logs - it turns out I gave
Lisa Moore a diving lesson two days ago.

And you called me
just to tell me that?

And I contacted the workshop -
there's a missing spear gun.

Yellow Predator 4500.

Thought it might be important.

Oh and, er, I've got a girlfriend.

Why would I be interested in you?

Just trying to help
the police with their enquiries.

So that's why you were flirting
with him earlier?

You were, um, testing him,

using your, um,
feminine... you know.

Do you really think
if it was a real date

that I'd bring you along
to sit in the car park?

A woman's mind
is a complete mystery to me.

I know what I'm doing.

He's lying about something.



No way, I need a drink.

Oh, you know where we should go?

Oh, God, where?

Well, I appreciate the gesture,

but there's no way this is going to
be a decent cup of tea.


Why did you bring him here?
I'm sorry, Maman, but...

Whoa, whoa, Maman? Yes.

This is your mother?

I'm so sorry, I would of course
love, er...

Madame Bordey, how do you do?

Thank you so much for the tea.

Sorry, Camille, could
you pass the sugar?

Actually, it's fine,
I'll do without...

Wow, fantastic.

Oh, look at that.




Delicious! Ah!

Doesn't your mother dance?

Not like that.

Come on. No, no, no, I'm fine.

Come on!
No, no, I'm enjoying my beverage.



Shoo, shoo!



What's he doing?
Shh! He's asleep.

And? He's supposed to be on duty.

OK, first things first - we've got
news from DCI Halliwell, Dwayne?

Ah! He came through, did he? Good.

Both Darren Moore and Adam Fairs
have minor convictions for affray...

nothing serious, Michael Watson
runs an investment company,

took a battering during something
called the credit crunch.

Yes, the total global financial
melt-down. You have heard of it?

Oh, sure, yes... that.

Anyway, he had creditors
at his house and the

police were called in
to keep the peace.

Nothing on Diana Watson
or her daughter Sally.

Been keeping you up, have we?

Well, as a matter of fact...
No, let's hear it.

How do you explain
being asleep on the job?

You said you needed a second team
working through the night?

Well, Fidel took you at your word,

going to the hotel
and fingerprinting everyone

who could have touched the spear
gun. Oh, well, that's...

And dusting the murder weapon,
getting eight clear prints from it.

And he's identified
every last one of them.

You're kidding me. How?

I mean, without a digital scanner
or a live scan,

how did you process the fingerprints
and cross-reference them?

Well, sir, I...

Don't tell me you helped him? Hey,
no way. This is all Fidel's work.

Then how did you do it?

No! Fidel! You're a genius!
Thank you!

Then whose fingerprints
were on the speargun?

That's the thing. All eight prints
on the speargun belong to one person.


Stefan, sir. The diving instructor.

Oh, God, this sunshine!

How do you cope?

You spend a lot of time complaining,
you know that?

Oh, hang on. What?

Eyes down. Why?

(Germans.) Huh?

(I bet they're Germans.)

Ein Englander!

Where exactly were you
when Lisa was killed yesterday?

In the groves collecting driftwood
to carve. Was anyone with you?

No, I was on my own.

So, you don't have an alibi
for the time of Lisa's murder?

What is this?
I came to you last night.

Why were only your
fingerprints on the weapon?

The speargun
was stolen from my diving hut.

You're missing the point.
The only fingerprints

we found on the murder
weapon were yours.

No-one else touched it.

This is crazy. I met her once. What
reason could I have to kill her?

If it was Stefan,

how did he get himself and
his speargun up to the fifth floor?

And like he said, why would
he kill a bride he'd only met once?

Ah, thank you. Look, Stefan's
involved, you mark my words.

We just have to find out how.

The autopsy report's in.
The bolt ruptured Lisa's heart.

She was dead before
she hit the rocks. Inspector...

Ah, good.
I want you two to watch Stefan,

see if he has contact with
anyone in the wedding party.

Looks like you were
right, Dwayne.

Before she was killed,
Lisa made a phone call

from the murder room.
Who did she call? Room 503.

Adam Fairs.

OK. What now?

Oh, just a few more questions,
Mr Fairs.

We've seen the CCTV footage from
the lift just after the wedding.

What was Lisa whispering to you
as you returned to your rooms?

I don't remember any,
er, whispering.

But you were planning
to meet her in secret? What?

Lisa rang your room,
shortly after the ceremony. No.

Are you denying Lisa phoned your
room just before she was killed?

Well, if she did,
I... I didn't hear it.

Were you having an affair?

What!? She'd just married my best
mate! What's wrong with you people?

Would you rather we showed the CCTV
footage to your best mate,

see what he thinks about it?

Do what you like.


Four, three, two...


OK, all right. I was...

I was arranging to meet with Lisa.

So why were you arranging
to meet her in secret?

I, er, wanted to borrow some money,
and her stepmum's a control freak

and Darren
had already warned me off,

so we had to do it
without any of them knowing.

She was telling me in the
lift that she'd meet me

when she could get away,
but it never happened.

What did you need the money for?

I've got a car business,
but I need to find

50 grand by the end
of the month or...

Or what?

I won't have a car business.

And where did you think she was
going to get that kind of money?

Lise? She's loaded. What?

Or at least, her mum was loaded.

When she died, she left
it all in trust to Lisa.

And when did Lisa get control
of the trust fund?

Her parents always controlled it.

She inherited everything
on her wedding day.

Looks like we have our motive.

But for whom?
The parents who lost everything?

The best man
about to lose his business?

Or the new husband?

Who gets her cash now she's dead?

We're sorry to intrude but, er,
we need to ask a few more questions.

We'll do anything we can to help.

Thank you. Was your wife going to
lend Adam Fairs the money he needed?

I beg your pardon?

You've been speaking to Adam. He'd
asked to borrow £50,000, hadn't he?


Don't worry,
she wasn't going to lend it to him.

We... we argued about it
the night before the wedding.

You know, I've known Adam
since I was a kid.

He's great, but you
don't lend him money,

not if you want to see it again.

Everybody gets written off if
they don't have any money.

No! Or have to work for a living.

This is neither the
time nor the place.

It's all we talk about!
Lisa and her money! And her beauty.

Oh, and HER wedding
goes without a hitch,

and now she's dead, she's all we're
ever gonna to talk about, isn't she?

And we're gonna get older and she's
gonna stay young and perfect...

and married!


I'm sorry, Darren,
but I still need to ask.

In the event of Lisa's death,
do you inherit her fortune?

Why did you tell the chief I worked
through the night on my own?

Don't you want to be in with him?

Of course, yes! But it's not true.

It was you and me, Dwayne,
we did it all together.

I don't understand. Why don't you
want your boss to know?

Once they know
you're willing to help...


Stefan is over there.

I know.

Sally's right, you know. Lisa's money,
it distorts everything in this family.

That's why we signed this.

What is it?
It's a pre-nuptial agreement.

We signed it the night
before our wedding.

If Lisa and I were to
divorce, or if she

died, even if she left
me for another man,

it makes no difference.
I get nothing.

When my wife died,
I lost everything.

And I'm not talking about money.

Why don't you talk them through it,

I don't know what he's talking about.
It was our idea.

Yes, and we did the right thing.

And don't you judge us.
Darren's reputation

is that he beds any
girl with a pulse.

We had to make sure that
he wasn't after Lisa's money,

so we merely suggested...

We didn't just suggest.

We got our lawyers to draw up
a contract, didn't we, dear?

Does Stefan
only teach women in bikinis?

I hope so.

You know, if it'd been up to Lisa,

she'd have given every penny
of her money away.

She was scared
it was going to come between us.

Hm. So with a pre-nuptial agreement
in place,

next of kin would be...

It's what Lisa wanted.

Is that so? Excuse me?

Oh, she hasn't signed it.

But we watched her!

In the signature box,
she's written, "I'm not

signing this, Darren.
When are you going to get it?

"I love you. Till death do us part."

I think you've just inherited
your wife's fortune after all.

So you've been manipulating us
from the start. No! I... Liar!

Diana! He's tricked us!
Not here. Not now.

Terrified of losing their lifestyle,

Mr and Mrs Watson murdered their
daughter to steal her inheritance?

Realising she'd failed
to sign the pre-nuptial,

so it's Darren
who inherits after all.

What are we missing?

How do you mean?
This is a major breakthrough.

The money, the contract.

Yeah, but why kill Lisa
on her wedding day?

Why not wait,
and why with a speargun?

Ah, William! Just the man.


I understand the bride and groom had an
argument the night before the wedding.

I bet nothing happens on this floor
you don't know about.

Now you come to mention it,
I think I did hear raised voices.

And did you hear
what the argument was about?

It was, er, difficult to make out,

but it may have been something to do
with Margaret, the maid, sir.

It wasn't very clear,
but I'm sure I heard her name.

Hm, what was it Diana said?

"Darren beds any girl with a pulse."

Is that what you're suggesting?

That Darren and Margaret were..?
I wouldn't know, sir.

Isn't anyone in this family
honest about anything?

Sex and money, the root of all evil.

You must think we're a right bunch.

Families are notoriously,
er, complicated.

Could I ask you something?

Sally said that Lisa's wedding
had gone off without a hitch,

with the emphasis on the word,

An odd phrase, no?
What exactly did she mean by it?

About a year ago,
Sally got engaged to, er, well...

Diana reckoned
he was after the family money.

Lisa's money?

What happened to him?

I'm ashamed to say we offered him
money to disappear.

I did it expecting him to refuse, to
prove to Diana that it wasn't true.

But he took it?

So you used Lisa's money to drive her
sister's fiancee away? Does she know?

Diana couldn't wait to tell her.

The truth is,
she's never forgiven us.

so yesterday I asked for motive.

Mike and Diana?

I don't believe it was the father,
but the wife!

She's obsessed with money that she lost
control of the moment Lisa got married.

What if Darren knew she
hadn't signed the pre-nup?

Actually, that's my personal...

Maybe it's to do with the argument he
and Lisa had about Margaret the maid?

I brought it
all the way from England.

And what about Adam?

He needs Lisa's money.
What if she refused to help him?

Which leaves us Sally, who doesn't have
the motive of money. Any of these...

But, if we're looking
for a desperate and sick murderer,

who better than
the jilted step-sister

who waits until Lisa's wedding day
and then... strikes!

Mind you,
don't forget about Stefan.

This isn't working. Stefan...

Yes, Stefan has to be involved.

It's the only thing
that explains the speargun.

Yes, and Stefan,
he, likes the ladies, but...


Honore Police Station.

He didn't go anywhere near
the wedding party.

Hm. Sorry, do you mind?

It's the hotel.
There's been another murder.

Er, could we have some light,

An English bride
is killed on her wedding day,

then the maid that cleaned
the room is herself killed. Why?

Did you carve all these?

Yeah, you like 'em?

Margaret said something,
about having been in trouble before.

Is that right? What sort of trouble
has she been in?

Well, it was never proven,
but at one time William suspected

that Margaret was using spare VIP
suites for romantic assignations.

Of course. And he thought that she
used a "cleaning in progress" label

on the door as a sign for the person
she was meeting.

You think she was using the room
to have sex with guests?

I don't know, these are just
William's suspicions.

Margaret was very popular

and I never found any evidence.


What are you doing?

How quickly
do those lift doors open?

Er, pretty quickly.

Could you open Suite 502, please?

'I'd just finished my work
and I went back to room 502.

'I opened the door
and that's when she came out.'

Margaret! Margaret!

And now the phone rings.



Who was that? It's Lisa!

'I was making cocktails
when I heard Mrs Watson.

'I was...
I was arranging to meet with Lisa.

'I met her once. What reason
could I have to kill her?

'We offered him money.

'We argued about it
the night before the wedding.'


Of course!

Of course what? I want you to gather
everyone, Stefan included. Where?

Er, the veranda to begin with,
I think.

In precisely 11 minutes.

You're coming with us.

Er, there's been another murder.

The maid, Margaret, who cleaned the
room where the murder took place.

She's been found dead. Strangled.

Surely you're not suggesting...

First, let's return to
the death of Lisa Moore.

Adam, you wanted to borrow money
from her.

Yeah, but I didn't know
if she was going to...

Ah, yes. Well, I do.

What? It's obvious, isn't it?

She was going to give you
every penny you needed.

Darren here told her
it was a bad idea

and she was wise enough

to keep the whole enterprise
a secret from her parents,

particularly her stepmother.

But I think, as Lisa came into
her money when she married,

she couldn't wait finally
to show who was boss.

She'd said that she'd meet you
when she got the chance...

That's what she was telling me
in the lift, that she'd call

when she could get away,
but it never happened.

So when she came across an empty room,
it was too good an opportunity to miss.

How do you know it was me
she wanted to meet?

Just before Lisa was
killed, a call was placed

from the suite she was in to yours.

I know,
a phone call you say you never got.

I didn't, I... That puzzled me, too.
Then I remembered.

You didn't tell us where you were.
Sally did.

I was in my room, Adam was in
his room, Darren... I don't know,

but you should be out looking for Lisa's
killer, not standing around chatting!

And having done so,
she then apologised.

Well, answer it!

I'm sorry.

I thought she was apologising
to the room in general,

but she was actually
just apologising to you.

Because she'd just lied
about your whereabouts.

Why would she lie
about his whereabouts?

Because Adam was in Sally's room.

I saw you, Adam,
comforting Sally by the pool.

You're lovers, aren't you?

And Adam wasn't allowed to tell
anyone, under any circumstances.

How do you know all this?

The last time Sally was in a
relationship, engaged to be married,

you thought her fiancee
was a gold-digger

and gave him money to leave.

What would you have thought
of Sally's relationship

with Adam?
Because he really needs money.

But if these two
were together, then... Precisely!

If Sally and Adam were together,
then they have an alibi after all.

And as Mr and Mrs Watson
and William were all in their suite,

that leaves only you
without an alibi.

You said you argued with Lisa the
night before you got married. Yes.

You said it was about lending
money to Adam Fairs.

Or was it something else?


Are your philandering days
really over, Mr Moore?


When I met Lisa,
there never was anyone else.

There never will be anyone else.



Now we're all here, perhaps
you'd like to join me in suite 502.

Please! Enough of this.
Who killed my daughter?

Your daughter was killed by
the only person here with the means,

motive and opportunity. Mrs Watson?

If you were on your balcony,
as you said you were,

looking at the view when your
step-daughter was killed...

I was! Did you have
your back to the room?

I don't know. I mean, I... Maybe.

Then you couldn't have
seen who came or went

from the room, could you?
Um, no, I suppose not.

That leaves you, Mr Watson. You
claimed you were in your bedroom.

What? Well, yes, I was!

You have to believe me. Why?

William, you tell him.
You were in the kitchen,

you would have seen me
if I'd left the suite.

But would he? You see, this is what
I finally realised.

We've been looking at this case
the wrong way round from the start.

Because when you flip everything,
then, and only then,

does it makes sense,
starting with the

ending and working
back to the beginning.

I mean, take the alibis.

William says that he can alibi you,
he didn't see you leave the suite.

Well, fair enough, maybe he didn't,

but um, whether or not he can alibi
you, in what way can you alibi him?

That's right, isn't it, William?

You murdered Lisa and then you
murdered Margaret the maid.

I'm sorry, sir?

We've always presumed
this case was about Lisa, because...

well, it's impossible
to ignore the drama

of a bride killed
on her wedding day.

But this has never
been about Lisa.

This has been about you and
your obsession with Margaret.

She even told us as much
when we interviewed her.

The butler on that floor, William,
he's always on my case.

But Margaret already
had a boyfriend.

That's why, when she
was given a lucky rose

from the bride's
bouquet, she kept it.

And the man Margaret was in love
with was you, Stefan, wasn't it?

Margaret was the girlfriend
you referred to?

I'm sorry for your loss.

So you, William, decided if you
couldn't have Margaret to yourself,

you'd kill her and frame
her boyfriend for her murder,

which finally answers the question,
why a speargun?

It's the one
thing that would incriminate Stefan.

It's the advantage of your job.

You're essentially invisible
and you always wear

white gloves so you never
leave any fingerprints.

You knew the significance of Margaret's
"cleaning in progress" label,

so why did you say that you didn't?

There's a cleaning in
progress label here, why

hasn't it been removed?
I wouldn't know, sir.

When everyone
returned from the wedding,

you saw Margaret and her calling
card and put your plan into action.

I think you made cocktails
because you knew it would

involve an unholy amount
of noise from a blender.

The only problem being,

that although Margaret planned to
use this room, Lisa got here first.

Margaret! Margaret...

Oh, no.

Please, I won't be long.

With the blender
providing you with an alibi,

you took the speargun
from the room, left the suite

and headed across the hallway,
and used your key to enter.

Now, which is why I wanted you
all up here,

in the room where Lisa was murdered
at 15.10,

the exact time she was killed.

Because, er, there's one thing
I've noticed about the Caribbean,

it's sunny, isn't it?

And when William came in here
to commit murder,

he was running from a dark corridor to a
room lit by the blinding Caribbean sun.

William didn't see
who was on the balcony.

He just saw a figure and fired.
Didn't you?

You are mistaken, sir.

It was a crime passionel.
As Camille said all along.

Of love and of hate, not of Lisa...
of Margaret.

You dropped the speargun.

Then you returned to the kitchen...

switching off the blender...


Just in time to re-emerge the concerned
hotel employee a few seconds later.

What has happened, sir?

If you'd left it with Lisa's murder,

I don't see
how we could have caught you.

But once you killed Margaret,
I finally understood.

And the fact
that you strangled her.

It could only be a murder
driven by rage!

You're not the perfect butler
you claim to be.

Your calm facade is just that,
a facade.

Because there's a passion
in your heart, isn't there, William?

And like all uptight men, when
you release that pent-up passion,

it's overwhelming, isn't it?

Why isn't the world ordered
like you'd wish it?

Why doesn't it understand you?
Why don't women want you?

Because they don't, do they?
They've never wanted you.

You OK? Thanks.

Read him his rights
and dump him in the cells.

Good work, team.

Ah, the modern family.

Scratch the surface and
they're just festering

pits of betrayal,
disappointment and deceit.

Happy upbringing, was it?

I was sent to boarding
school, so, er, yes.

So, I solved the case, then.

You solved the case?

Like I said, the butler did it.


Oh, stop being so grumpy!

I'm not grumpy.

OK. Prove it!

What are you doing? We're on duty!

But we've just caught
a double murderer. Come on in.

What about... sharks?

It's about six inches of water. I'll
step on a sea urchin or something.

We are in one of the most beautiful
spots on God's Earth! Come on!

Take those shoes off!

Yeah, but those crime reports
won't write themselves, will they?

I'd better get on with, um... yup.

See you tomorrow.
Er, good work, though, Camille.

Ow! Ow!

Argh! Ow!


I'm to be murdered.

Voodoo? Please.

She's been poisoned. She was
murdered by a scarred man.

Nicholas Dunham is a killer.
He's not a killer.

So you ignore the truth?
I don't know what the truth is yet.

I'm arresting you... What?

We're detectives.

We do not stick pins into
dolls and dance naked

around a camp fire.
Now, that I'd like to see.

You are the most annoying man
I've ever met.

Well, it's a very small island.