Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Blood-stained Megan Talbot comes to the police station to confess that she has shot dead her bullying husband Lucas but no corpse is found and Poole is reluctant to arrest her. When Talbot's body is finally located there is a button under the stop-watch on his wrist and the murder weapon is missing. Poole questions the Talbots' friends,successful businesswoman Astrid Knight and her husband Patrick but they close ranks against him,leading Poole to discover that they are not as blameless as they make out.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You haven't got the guts.

Little mousy Megan!

If only people knew.

That gun's not even...



Found it in the wardrobe at home.

Must've been DI Hulme's.

Why don't you do
all the red bits first?

Do you know how wrong
that statement is?

Start at the corners,
then the edges, then the middle.

Just like a case.
How's your prisoner?

What prisoner? The drunk
and disorderly from last night,
minor assault.

He's still not happy. Why?
Didn't he like your cooking?

Says he wants to go home.
And his wife's been calling
every ten minutes.

Then tell her to keep
a tighter rein on him.

Can someone help me?
What is it?

It's my husband.
He's dead.

I shot him.

It's OK, OK. You don't have to come.
Look, here...

(Get her a drink of water.)

Is it bad?


There's no-one here.

A woman confesses to murder
and there's no body, no blood.

More than that, the entire site
looks like it's been cleansed.

The tide could have cleaned
the blood from the sand.
Maybe it took the body too.

Call the coastguard. I want a sweep
of this entire coastline.

In this heat, he'll bloat
and float pretty quickly.

I know it's tough, Megan,
but I need you to tell me
exactly what happened.

Lucas just stormed off.

I tried to stop him, but when
I caught up, he went for me.

I grabbed something to protect
myself. I think it was a rock.

When he fell, I saw a gun
in the sand.

I think that's what
he must have hit me with.

You haven't got the guts!

Ha, look at you -
little mousy Megan.

If people only knew...

That gun's not even...

So what did you do with the gun?

I dropped it - on the sand,
beside him.

Was it unusual for him to be violent
towards you in that way?

Er, here, sorry...

Thank you.

Where did the gun come from?
I don't know.

You've never seen him
with a gun before? No.

What's going to happen to me?

Well, I...
I'm so frightened.

If you shot someone, why
didn't you report it right away?

I don't know, I was scared.
Er, I just walked.

She was probably in shock.

Where are you staying? With friends.
They have a house here.

We came over to celebrate
their anniversary.

It happened as I told you. I swear.

Come on, come on.

'OK, Mr Knight...'

you're being released without charge,

but now that you've been cautioned,
should you commit any similar offence
whilst on the island,

it will be taken into account, OK?

I didn't commit any bloody offence.

You know, we can always
put you back in the cell.

How do I get out of here?

This way.

She doesn't look like a killer.

Too pretty?

No, she just seems so...

..innocent. Apart from just
confessing to murdering her husband?

You know what I think?

Someone spiked her drink,
she had a bad dream.

Woke up and thinks it's real.

And her injuries?

OK, so she had too many cocktails,
fell over, cracked her head

and went a bit mental. Super.

I look forward to bringing
the Commissioner up to speed.

"Hmm, we had a woman confess to
murdering her husband

"and after an exhaustive

"we are of the considered opinion
that she 'went a bit mental."

Drugs? Thank you, Dwayne.
Go and take care of Mrs Talbot.

You're being very...considerate.

Bearing in mind
she's just committed a murder.

Ah! Well, we haven't
established THAT.

I mean, it's hard to confirm
a murder's even taken place,
without a body.

Wow, you like her, don't you?

Pile of nonsense.

Oh? English, softly spoken...
I bet she's just your type.

Not strictly true.

You were holding hands!

I?! Yeah, you!


WE weren't holding hands,
she was holding MY hand.


You'd like her to be innocent

so you can run barefoot across the
sand and make wild love in the surf.

Not only is that inaccurate,
Camille, it's also childish,

fanciful and unhygienic.

We'll need to do a full written
statement under caution.

Of course, whatever you say.

Don't worry,
we'll explain everything fully
as we go along. Camille?

Would you take Mrs Talbot through,

Yes, sir.

So - what happened?

Crazy woman.

Went all the way there, nothing.

No body? No nothing.

I need you to go back to the beach.

What for? If there WAS a gun,

the tide wouldn't be able to
carry it out, would it?

I mean a body, maybe - it would
float - but a gun's too heavy.

If the tide dragged it, it'd just
get stuck in the sand, correct?

I guess so.

Yeah, take a metal detector,
concentrate on the area where
Mrs Talbot said the body was.

Yes, sir.

What happens now?

Well, I've given it some thought
and without a body,

it's difficult to simply
take this statement at face value.

So, I think it'll be fine for you
to go back to your villa

and we'll carry on
with our investigation.

Oh, but you must surrender
your passport.

It's just a formality.

I understand.

Er, thank you.

Yes, thank you.

Er... Right, let's get you home.

Megan, where on earth have you been?

And where's Lucas?

Mrs Knight?

Detective Inspector Richard Poole.
Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey.

Honore police. May we come in?

Of course.

Patrick, darling. It's the police.


What's happened?


Oh, my God, that's awful.

Can I ask when you last saw
Mr Talbot?

It, it was last night.

We were supposed to have dinner
together at Pierre's.

Lucas arrived very late
and very drunk.

He caused a scene.
I had to take him outside.

And he and Megan were arguing and he
strode off and she went after him.

And you didn't see either
Mr or Mrs Talbot again?

No. I, I came straight home.

Is that a rain tree?

Yes, it is. You don't see many of
those over here, do you?

It's all palms and coconuts.!

Look at that.

Magnificent specimen.

Huh. That's made my day.

So...what about you, Mr Knight?

Did you see Mr or Mrs Talbot again?

Of course I didn't.
I was arrested.

Excuse me?

Do you lot actually
talk to each other?

I took Lucas out of the restaurant
to stop him trashing the place.

One of your officers
saw me punching him,

got the wrong end of the stick
and arrested me.

I spent the night in your cells.

I see.

Right. Well, there you are.

Megan doesn't want to stay here.


Gregory! Morning, Dwayne.

How's it going?

How long you been here?

Oh, half an hour.

Looks like you've been here
all night.

No way, I just parked up, I was just
going to do some fishing, that's all.

You see any tourists
on the beach last night?

You hear anything? Like I said,
I wasn't here last night.

I hear what you're saying.

But in 20 years, I've never
heard the truth pass your lips.

Come on. Out of the truck.

Open it up.

I never really fitted in here.

Astrid and Lucas
went to University together,

she only put up with me
cos of him, so now that he...

I wish I'd never been
dragged into this world.

Er, is this the dress
you were wearing last night?


I'm sorry, but we'll need to
keep it. Of course.


I'll find a place in town. I know
you don't want me here. Not really.
You don't have to go.

She's got a mind of her own,
Patrick, she can do as she pleases.

Is it true?

What the police said?

Lucas hurt me.

Not just last night.

I know you don't want to believe it,
but it's true.

Well, Lucas had his problems...

He hit me, Astrid.

You're a sensitive soul. You feel
things other people would shrug off.

Like this?

Or this?

I want to go now.

All right, one thing.
Do either of you own a gun?

Of course we don't.
No, no. No, no. No - thank you.

Allow me.

Who's that?

Greg Collins -
he was parked up by the beach.

Doing what?

Knowing Greg? Nothing good.

Room 25.

In case you want to visit.

I know what you're doing
and it won't work. And what is that?

These insinuations.

About Mrs Talbot.
What, you don't think she's pretty?

Yes. No. Which is it?

Neither. I'm a police officer,
she's a potential suspect,

it would be inappropriate
to have an opinion.

So now she's only
a "potential" suspect? Yeah.

Despite us having a full confession?

No, I believe she told us honestly
what she thinks happened, but...

There's blood on her dress.
She admitted her husband had been
violent towards her before,

that she feared for her life.
We haven't found a body.

That doesn't make her innocent.
It doesn't make her guilty, either.

So you don't believe
she murdered her husband?

Yeah. I think that's very likely.

But to be sure, to be absolutely
sure, we need a body.

RADIO: 'Come in, car one.'

Go ahead, Dwayne.

'We found the body.'

Got caught up in the props of
a fishing boat on its way back in.

So you think cause of death
was the gunshot wound?

Much obliged.

What's the verdict?
Shot in the head.

Must have been dead
before he hit the ground.

She said she shot twice.

Yeah. Unlikely they both hit.

He has other injuries.

Hmm, probably propeller contact.
The coroner can confirm.

Look - his stopwatch is running.


Turn it off.

One hour 23 minutes.


Hello. Where did that come from?
Caught behind the watch.

Oh, doesn't match his jacket.

Hang on...

Fidel! Sir!

Take this phone and put it in
a large bag and fill it with rice.

Rice, sir? Yeah, make sure it's well
covered, it'll soak up the moisture.

And do NOT turn it on! Sir.

Looks like it happened
just as she said.

She shot him in the head,
the tide took him out.

You want me to do it? No.
I'll do it.



Megan Talbot, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the murder

of Lucas Talbot.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention when
questioned something you later
rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given as evidence.
Do you understand?

I've got the best duty solicitor
on the island on her way.

I don't want one.
Just talk to her, OK?
They're here to make things easier.

This man...hurt you.

I think you have every right
to claim self-defence.

Oh, er...
Can I just ask one last thing?

Er, have you ever seen this before?

From an item of yours
or your husband's clothing, perhaps?

I don't think so.


Leave it!

You arrested Patrick Knight,
didn't you?

Yes, sir.

The other man was on the floor,
he was punching him.

That must have been Lucas Talbot.

I dragged him off - he resisted,
so I handcuffed him.

And Lucas Talbot?

By the time I'd got Mr Knight
in the car, he'd gone.

Does anyone know why
they were arguing? No, sir.

I just don't understand why
she can't explain any of this.

The button could be flotsam.

But ONE button?
Behind the watch, though?

And the stopwatch -
an hour and 23 minutes.

We've got times and places.
We've got blood on her dress.

We've got a body
AND we've got a confession.
All the pieces are there.

Yes, they are.

Do you think Megan Talbot
shot her husband?

Yes. Then it's over. Come on.

I'll buy you a cup of tea.

You know what? Life would be
a lot easier if everyone just
came in and confessed. True.

No struggling to find clues.
Interviewing witnesses.

Just an open-and-shut case
every time.

I'll drink to that. Cheers.



Where did he get the gun?
And why wasn't it on the beach?

What? Look, if the body WAS
taken out by the tide,

where's the gun? Perhaps she lied -

she could have thrown it
into the sea. But why?

I mean, if you come into
a police station confessing to

murdering your husband, why lie
about what you did with the gun?

It doesn't make sense.
Well, maybe she was confused.
Couldn't remember things properly.

You said yourself
she must have been in shock.

Hmm, it's possible.

But what about the button behind
the watch? How does that fit in?

And, hey - something else
is really irritating me. Really?

Patrick Knight.

Now as I understand it,
he was belligerent

and complaining about
his night in the cells. So?

So when we went to the house
and his wife called him

to say that we were the police,
do you know what he said?

"What's happened?"

Look, come on -
think about it logically.

If you'd been what you thought
was wrongfully arrested,

spent a night in the cells,
then been released and then
the police turned up at the house,

well - wouldn't you assume
it was all connected?

I mean, wouldn't your first reaction
on hearing the police were at the

be to... I don't know -
jump to conclusions

and, er, complain about police
harassment or something, yeah?

But he just said,
"What's happened?"

Maman, what would you say
if the police came to your house?

What's the first thing you'd ask?

What's happened?

Yeah - OK. Now say you've just been
released from the cells.

What have I done?


Am I guilty or innocent?
Sorry, does that matter?

You tell me, you're the policeman.

OK,'re guilty.

Then why have you released me?

OK... Look, forget it.

Ignore his reaction if you want to.
I'm clearly on my own here.

But no gun, the button,
the stopwatch.

They all mean something.

Did we get any statements from
the staff at the restaurant
where they ate?

I was going to do it this afternoon.

Let's do it now.
But we've just got here.

Look, even if Mrs Talbot's guilty
and her confession's true,

that's no excuse
for shoddy police work.

We'll still need to provide
all the necessary evidence
for the prosecution. Or the defence.

Hmm - that too. Dwayne...

Mrs Knight said that Lucas Talbot
was very late for dinner

and very drunk. Find out where
he was drinking and Fidel,

check with the UK, find out
what you can about Astrid and
Patrick Knight and the victim, too.

Yes, sir. Come on.
Chop, chop!

Pierre is the best seafood chef
on the island.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of seafood,
if I'm honest.

Most of it has eyes.

A bit disconcerting to eat something
while it's staring back at you.

Hey, Camille! Hey.

Good to see you. We've got
some beautiful lobster in today.

Mr... Um, Pierre.

I gather you had a party of four
in here last night?

Name of Knight? Several weeks
on the island of Saint-Marie

and this is your first time in here,
am I right, Mr...UK Policeman?

That's correct.

Though I have really, really
been meaning to sample your menu.
Well, what's stopped you?

Murders, mainly.

They wreak havoc with the appetite.

I see. You're not going to help
because I haven't eaten here?

Isn't that a bit childish?
I think what the Inspector means is,
he'd love to try the Pierre Platter.

Wouldn't you? Do I really
have to go through this charade
to get police work done? (Yes.)

I would LOVE to try
the Pierre Platter.

Mr and Mrs Knight were here
last night with a lady.

Mrs Talbot? Quite petite,
blonde hair, very pretty?

Yes, that sounds like her.

Then the other man came in drunk,
right after nine, started shouting.

He was very abusive,
so Mr Knight took him outside.

That was it? Well, there was a lot
of shouting in the car park,

so one of my staff called the police.

Why don't you see it for yourself
while I prepare your lunch.

We have it on security camera. Oh.

Oh, that's him.

Ah! I wish I knew
what they were saying.

It's there in the body language.
I don't speak 'body language'.

I only took Latin and Mandarin.

Lucas Talbot is angry.

He wants to go back inside.

So we don't really know who
he was angry with. His wife. Why?

Because he was trying
to get back in the restaurant,

Mr Knight was stopping him doing so.

Phew... Good grief.

So, how is the food?

I feel like Poseidon himself.

Tell me, do you recognise
this button?

No. Really? There's nothing in the
restaurant it could have come from?

I'm sorry, no.

Never mind, uh, thank you.
Now, please enjoy. Thank you.

Ah, Pierre.

Smells good.


Well, it seems like Lucas Talbot
drank in every bar in Honore
before he got here last night.

He must have been steaming.

I talked to people
who saw him drinking
and from what I can make out,

he just sat alone,
texting on his mobile phone.

He left the last bar
on the harbour about 9pm.

That fits with the time
he arrived here.

Ah, these were calling me
all along the street.

OK, so, I ran all three names
through the computer,

Lucas Talbot first,
he has three previous arrests
on suspicion of assault,

all reported by women
he was in a relationship with.

His company which organised
VIP social events
went into liquidation last month.

Not much on
Patrick and Astrid Knight.

No convictions,
nothing so much as a parking fine.

She's very wealthy, though. She is?

It looks like Mrs Knight already had
all the money when they got married.

I pulled these off the internet.

She runs a celebrity PR company
which protects high-profile clients
from the press.

When they get into trouble,
she's the first person they call.

And Patrick Knight?

He was a journalist when they met,
but he's just started
his own management company,

so it seems he's trying to
even things up. OK, good...
So, Astrid and Patrick Knight

help protect reputations
and cover up improprieties.

I wonder what they'd do
if someone came to them

saying they'd just
murdered their husband?

I am still not sure
why we're back here.

Because we may have a body
and a confession, and yes,

I'm prepared to accept that Megan
Talbot may very well be the killer,

but what we don't have is the truth.
I'm certain of it.

A truth that will at the very least
explain the button,

the stopwatch set at
an hour and 23 minutes,
and what happened to the gun.

And you think that they know
something they haven't told us?

Yes, I do.

OK, what's the plan?

I don't have one.

Mrs Knight, I wonder if we might
ask you a few more questions.

Megan left some things,
I've boxed them up
in case they're needed.

How very efficient of you. I try.

Though efficiency must be second
nature to you, in your line of work.

Public relations, isn't it? You've
been doing your homework, Inspector.

It's second nature to me,
I'm afraid.

I've just lost a very dear friend

and his wife has confessed
to his murder. Keeping busy
helps to keep my mind off that.

Of course. Though I have to admit,
I do find it intriguing. What is?

Well, should Mrs Talbot
have contacted you,
how you might have advised her...

in your professional capacity. Are
you suggesting that's what happened?

You tell me. I'm very good
at what I do. I'm sure you are.

So, if someone came and told me
they'd murdered their husband,

I very much doubt my advice would be
to go and confess all to the police.

Can I get you some tea?

That would be very nice, thank you.

That sounded very much like you
were accusing my wife of something.

Really? I'm terribly sorry,
that wasn't my intention.

(What are you doing?)

(You and that button.)

(You keep them talking.)

No, no, no, no, YOU keep them
talking. I'll check the buttons.

Your colleague has been
a long time in the bathroom.

I'm sure she's fine.
Perhaps I should check.

You know, this tea
is a splendid colour!

I'll be honest with you,
I've had a lot of, er,
difficulty with tea on Saint-Marie.

Real difficulty.

I don't know what it is... just doesn't spank the palette
as it should. Have you found that?

I really think we should go
and see if she's all right...
As I say, an excellent colour.

Sandy. Golden. Nice oranges
coming through there.

Do you mind?


And, er, the real clincher,
of course,

is the taste.

Oh, er, no, that's awful...sorry...
No, wait...

What on earth are you doing?
Is this not Mrs Talbot's room?

No, it's not.
And even if it was, you need
permission to conduct a search.

I know the law, inside out.
You're right. We do.

I must ask you to leave.

Had you had the decency to ask,

I'm sure we would have been happy
to show you anything you wanted.

Then, er, can I ask what you
and Mr Talbot were arguing about
outside the restaurant last night?

He was drunk, I was trying to
convince him to go home.

By punching him? It got out of hand.

Mr Talbot had serious
financial difficulties.

Were you aware of them? No.

So you were his friends, yet he
didn't share his financial concerns?

Well... Lucas was a very proud man.

If he'd have asked, I'd have
helped him. But he didn't.

Why are you asking all these
questions, Inspector? It's
as though we're under suspicion.

Why would you think that? We've
already told you everything we know,
yet here you are again.

It's my job. You take it
very seriously, don't you?

Is that what the British police do
with the nasty ones these days?

Post them overseas? Were you
a bit of a bully back in the UK?

One thing I am not, madam,
is a bully.

Then perhaps you will leave us alone
to grieve over
our dear friend in peace.

I wouldn't like to get
the wrong side of her.

The lady doth protest too much,

Call Dwayne, have him and Fidel
watch the house.

You're not going to eat that there,
are you? Juliette made it for me.

Slow-releasing carbs are
what's needed for a long stakeout.

I should've asked her to pack
some doughnuts for afters.

That's what you eat on a stakeout,
isn't it? Doughnuts?

All I've got is a yoghurt.
Not the same, really, is it?

We could go and get some doughnuts,
I suppose.


I was joking, forget the doughnuts,
what if they move while we're gone?



You know, even if Astrid and Patrick
are involved somehow,

Megan Talbot still shot her husband.
She'll still go to prison.

She seems so...fragile,
I'm not sure she'll cope.

Not our concern.

No. No, no, no.
You want her to be innocent

because you like her,
but it doesn't work that way.

She was beaten by her husband.
It just seems....unfair.

Yes, it is.

I'm sorry I teased you about her.
I don't really think you fancy her.

Or do you?


Yeah, that's lovely, huh?

What, the boat?
It's just painted firewood.

Poor old boaty.
I bet it had one tiny hole

and it lay here waiting for
its owner to come and fix it up

but it never happened.

It's just a rotten old rowing boat.
Don't anthropomorphise it.

It hasn't actually got any feelings.

It's got more than you.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't... It's OK.

Look, I've got some stuff to read.

You sure she's not in there?


Oh, you know that Dwayne saw someone
parked near the beach where
the body was supposed to be?

No... A local small-time thief
called Greg Collins.

So I thought I might drive
there on my way home,

see if anyone's parked there.

Be careful. I will. Good night, sir.

Good night, Camille.

Why did she stop there?
I don't know. She dumped something.

Get sifting. I always have to
go through the rubbish.

Isn't it your turn to get stinky?

Imagine if you find a gun
or something?

The inspector will be
really impressed.

We've been through it all
three times. No gun.

Nothing suspicious at all.

Hello? Camille?


Come and have a look at this. Are
you all right? A couple of bruises,

it's my own fault.
I should have called for back-up.
Did you see who it was?

No, but it was the same pickup truck

so Dwayne is sure
it was Greg Collins
and he was in a hurry to leave.

I found this by one of the holes.

If he was fishing, why would he run?

Huh? Bubble wrap?

Are the maggots especially fragile
over here?

What is it?

Two stakeouts in one night.

Which one are you having,
Dwayne? Greg.

OK, I'll take the money man
when he gets here.

I'll seize the merchandise.
Great, and I'll, I'll, er...

What am I going to do? Back-up.

Back-up? Great. OK.

You do Greg, I'll do back-up.
No, no. Greg's yours.

We're on!

OK, get into positions.

Wait until he takes the cash. OK.

Stop right there! Police! Come
on, Gregory, give it up. Go away.

Seriously, this is
a big misunderstanding. Hmm.

Hawksbill turtle eggs.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I didn't know if you took sugar,
so I, er... Thank you.

That's very kind of you. We should be
able to get your bail sorted today.

Three sugars. Out!

Endangerment and theft
of a protected species.

Assault on a police officer.
Oh, that was an accident.

It's still assault.
And with your history. Should be
good for what? Three years? Easy.

So what do you want? The beach where
you assaulted Sergeant Bordey,

there was a shooting there
two nights ago. Is that right?

You were parked there
when it took place.

You've got me mixed up with someone
else. So you weren't there? No.

OK, fine, see you in three years.


I'll take the fine for the eggs,
you drop the assault thing.

What do we get in return?

I think you WERE there,

I think you saw a man and a woman
pass you on the way to the beach.

The question is, did you see anyone
else? No, there was no-one else.

Take his statement, would you? But
I saw the woman, the one in the cell.

Shooting the guy.

'I was digging when I heard voices.

'I panicked and ran, not realising
I had dropped my gun.'


'He went to pick her up
but she clumped him with a rock.

'Picked up the gun...'


Shot him. Dead!

Well, what did she do with the gun?

I don't know, I legged it
back to the van. And you didn't
report this because...?

It was my gun, wasn't it?
I mean, I only used it for rats
and rabbits. But it was still mine.

I went back in the morning
to see if it was still there.

But there was nothing, no gun and no
body. That's when Dwayne moved me on.

Autopsy report's in, Chief.

Ohh... Go on.

Bullet to the head was fatal, er,
blood showed high levels of alcohol.

Oh, and the other injury
wasn't propeller damage,

it was the second bullet.

Bounced off his skull.

Two shots.

Just like she said.
We also know where the gun came from

and now we've got an eyewitness
to add to the confession.

No more room for doubt. No.

Cheers! Cheers.

OK, the button was just
flotsam from the water. OK.

The gun is in the sea somewhere.
Yeah. Maybe.

And the stopwatch was unrelated.
Yeah. And so no more mystery. No.

And, er, will you wait for her?

20 years, it's a long time.
I mean, you're a man, you've got
needs. She'll understand, I'm sure.

There is one thing. What? Who's
the best marksman out of you three?

OK, if Greg Collin's statement
is right,

Megan was around 12 feet
from Lucas Talbot when she shot him.

In your own time.

The two shots hit
less than two inches apart. Easy.

Good. Now close your eyes.
What, why?

In Megan's statement,
she had both her eyes tightly shut.

Her hands were shaking too,
but we'll ignore that
for the time being.

When you're ready!


Megan Talbot,

despite never having fired
a gun before, having both eyes shut
and hands shaking,

fired two shots which hit inches
apart from the same distance.

Dwayne, are we missing something?

Was Mrs Talbot a Navy SEAL
or an MI5 agent?

No, Chief. I thought not.

Anyone know where this leads?

It's a hiking trail into the woods.
I don't think it goes anywhere.

Follow it for a bit.
See what you find on the way.

Based on all the accounts
we've heard,

I still don't understand
why we haven't found the gun.

We went over the whole area
with a metal detector.

We couldn't find anything. Yeah.
Because it was never here.

Because it was moved. Because
someone took it. But why? Who?

And the damned button!

I need to get back to the station.

If people only knew!


What's happened?

'Can someone help me?'


'It's my husband...'

He's dead.

I shot him.


What is it?

Why is the most obvious thing
always the hardest to see?


Dwayne, come in.
I'm here, go ahead.

Tell the chief I've found where
the trail leads. He'll never guess.

'The Knight House.'
How did he do that?

'OK, he probably knows
they're getting ready to leave.'

Unlock Mrs Talbot. Why?
Put her in the car.

Tell Fidel to meet us at the house.

And I need you to
go and collect something. Fidel.

You've got it, haven't you?
Not exactly.

But you know why?

Not fully.

But at least we know how.

Oh, yeah, I know how.

Well, partly.

Come on. I'm coming!
What did you put in this?

Oh, for God's sake, stop fannying
about, just put them in the car!

Excuse me, can I help you?
Excuse me?

What are you doing?

Starting with the corners.


Richard? Richard?!

Of course, of course,
of course, of course!

Of course what?
We've been advised by our lawyers
to ask you to leave the premises.

We won't be long.

I just need a few minutes
of your time.

Why is SHE here? Excellent question.

Mr Knight, would you mind
passing that phone to Mrs Talbot?

It's mine.

I lost it a few days ago.

The day you shot your husband?
Yes. May I?

We, er, found it
on the victim's body

after we pulled him
out of the sea,

so we of course assumed it was his.

But once we could turn it on,
we saw that the screensaver was
in fact a photograph of Mr Talbot,

which, unless he was extremely
vain, meant it much more likely
the phone belonged to his wife.

But why would he have
his wife's phone?

Oh, you know, I usually
enjoy this part, but, er,

I have to confess to
feeling slightly uneasy.

I know how valuable friendship is,
and marriage too.

I don't want to, er,
wreck one without good reason.

So, Mr Knight, if you could
confess to killing Mr Talbot,
that would be great.

What? And Mrs Knight, if you could
confess to covering it up,

that would be most appreciated.

Go on. It'll be much easier.
I suggest you leave right now.

I will be making a formal complaint
to your senior officer.

You know full well Megan admitted to
killing Lucas on the beach.

But Lucas wasn't dead...
on the beach. Not dead.

The wound on the side of his head
that we thought

was caused by a propeller strike
was one of two shots Megan took.

That gun's not even...
'The bullet skimmed his head. It was
enough to drop him to the floor.'

Enough to cause substantial blood
flow to make him lose consciousness.
But it wasn't enough to kill him.

The second shot missed.
You shot your husband, Mrs Talbot.

As my colleagues pointed out
all along, that's irrefutable.
But you didn't kill him. What?

So let's ask ourselves,
what would a man like this
do in such a situation?

'Waking up with
the mother of all headaches,

'would he go to the police to
tell them he'd been shot,

'seek justice in the correct way?

'Or, would he seek revenge?

'It was a long hike.
Especially injured and disoriented.

'I imagine it took him
several hours to make his way
through the woods but eventually,

'he arrived here, on your lawn.'

'Aren't you forgetting something?'

Am I?

You seem to be accusing me
of killing Lucas,

but I spent the night
in one of your cells.

Oh, yes, I was coming to that.
You see, windows of opportunity
can be large or small.

Yours was tiny.

Your window began when you arrived
home after we released you
and you saw Lucas Talbot.

For reasons we shall come to,
this sight terrified you.

HE PANTS: Megan, Megan...
left me for dead.

Patrick, help me.

'Patrick, is that you?

'Patrick? Patrick!'


This was the fatal wound
that we found on the body.

From the same gun, but fired by
Mr Knight, not by Mrs Talbot.

I'm sure that Mr Knight concocted
some kind of story to explain
why Lucas attacked him?

What was it?

He, er, begged you for money, you
refused, he threatened to kill you?

But your next problem,
was that having just killed Lucas,

there were two police officers
at your door.

Right, get him in the shed.

'This is when Mrs Knight's
professional instinct
kicked in to action.

'The queen of the cover-up got to
work, while Patrick hid the body
and cleaned the mattress.'

Where on earth have you been?
And where's Lucas? Mrs Knight?
Detective Inspector Richard Poole.

This is Detective Sergeant
Camille Bordey. Honore police.

May we come in? Of course.

Patrick, darling, it's the police.

You have a very vivid imagination.
It's the only explanation
that fits the facts.

Good luck getting a jury to agree
with you. Obviously I have evidence.

It was the first thing you
took out of the dumpster, Fidel.

Only we didn't know it.

Not from an item of clothing.
It's a stud.

Torn from the sunbed when Mr Knight
dragged Mr Talbot's corpse off.

Once I knew where
the button came from,

it was clear that Mr Talbot
couldn't have died on the beach.

And as the watch
snagged on the button,
it started the stop watch function.

Exactly. We arrived here at 9:30am,

and I turned off the stopwatch

at hour and 23 minutes.
The time it took for you

to load the body into your car and
drive it down to somewhere secluded
enough to dump it into the sea.

No doubt throwing the gun in
after it, which explains
why it was never found.

This is a joke. I'm afraid not.

You see, I've established means
and opportunity. Everything fits.

Which brings me back to motive.

You see, reports of Mr Talbot
drinking on the night of his death,

all said that he was busy texting
on his mobile phone.

Which isn't strictly true
on two counts. Firstly,

he was READING text messages,
and secondly,
it wasn't his phone, remember?

It was his wife's.

There's an exchange of texts,
quite graphic texts, in fact,

between Mrs Talbot and her lover.

There's no name,
there's just a number.

That's why I wanted Mrs Talbot here,

so we could see her
and Mr Knight together.

Because they were your texts,
weren't they, Mr Knight?

You were having an affair with
Mrs Talbot.

That phone is dead! It was
in the sea. This is all bluff.

You're trying to stand up to
a bigger man than yourself,
Inspector, and you'll fail.

In a bar, you could intimidate me,
Mr Knight. But here, no.

You stupid bastard!

Mr Talbot discovered the affair
after looking at
his wife's mobile phone.

He was drinking that night
so he could get Dutch courage
to confront you both.

And he was threatening
to go back into the restaurant

to tell your wife -
that's why you were punching him.

And that what your argument on
the beach was about, wasn't it?

Little mousey Megan.

If people only knew!

You couldn't afford to have your
affair exposed, could you? Not yet.

Not whilst your wife
was in the process of financing
your new company.

So the woman who prides herself
on being in the know,

on being in control
and orchestrating things,

was the one person in this entire
sordid affair that
didn't know the truth.

You killed my best friend so you
could steal his wife and MY money!

Shut up!

They can't prove any of this, our
lawyers will tear them to shreds.

MY lawyers, and they'll do
nothing of the kind.

Well, you'll go down, too!
You helped me.

A loyal wife trying
to protect her philandering husband?
I think I can work with that.

You didn't kill your husband.

But the truth is,
you were far from innocent.

The texts on here are all jumbled,
I can't read them.

Really? You bluffed him!

Bullies always crumble
when you stand your ground.

I learned that one the hard way.

So it's over now? Absolutely.

Did you fancy her? No.
She's not my type.

Oh? What is your type?

To be honest, I've never quite
worked that out,

but I suspect the women
who shoot you in the head
aren't too high up the list.


Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Sir. Sir!

One knock will suffice, thank you!

What do you think?

Well, I like the way
you've painted it one colour

instead of the 15 colours
things have to be painted over here.

Are you going to give her a test?
What, out there? In the sea? No, no.

On the road.

Come on!

So what do you think of the name?



Shouldn't this be champagne?
On MY wages?

Very well, I name this boat...

Actually, it's probably not a good
idea to spread glass on the beach.

Er, Fidel?

I name this boat Roast Beef.

May God bless her
and all who sail in her.


It's OK. It's OK.

You can relax now. Don't push me!

I am just trying to get you a drink!

That's what always used to
happen at school.

You're not at school anymore.

You're here, on Saint-Marie
with some friends.

Colleagues, predominantly,
but I take your point.

Cheers. Cheers! Cheers!

You know, strictly speaking,
if we were to trace the path
of the fishing boat,

we should be able to locate
the murder weapon. Sorry.

Can we just have our drinks now?
Why not?

Live a little, that's what I say.
Well, just a little, mind you.

You don't want to go mad.

He's officially in your custody.

Nobody move!

He's been murdered
while handcuffed

to one of our murder detectives!

You didn't see who it was?
You owe me 50 grand.

Sex and money.

This time, it's personal.

That's her! Wait!

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd