Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 9 - What If They're Connected? - full transcript

Hopper discovers that a possible war between two rival gangs may be linked to his framing for the murder of Garza. Meanwhile, he pays a visit to Garza's murder scene and begins to piece together who may have really killed the Assistant District Attorney.

My name is Detective Brett Hopper.

And this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza

I will be framed for murder.

Who the hell are you people?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this
because I'm living the same day...

... over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

Every day, I get another chance.

For every decision,
there's a consequence.

Somehow this old murder case is the key.

Turns out my sister Jennifer had
the missing piece of evidence.

Autopsy report.

- When she died, she was pregnant.
- Isn't this Dad's handwriting?

Who's Tobias Booth?

I don't know why Garza's widow
was telling lies about me.

Brett Hopper couldn't have killed
your husband, he was with me all night.

I saw his face.

But I think I finally know
who's pulling the strings.

As Alberto Garza used to say,
hope is bigger than anyone of us.

You cannot kill hope...

with a bullet.

Now, I need to find out why.

Someone should call Mrs. Garza
at the club,

tell her she can go home if she wants.

I'm taking she wanna be
anywhere but here.

How are we coming
on the arrest warrant for Hopper?

Just signed out based on Mrs. Garza ID.

As soon as we get the paper work,
we can knock on Hopper's door.

Nothing worse than a cop going wrong.

Makes us all look bad.

Easy, Tiger, we'll get him.

Should have it open any minute.

You think Garza had any secrets?

Everyone's got secret.


Brett, your phone.

It's Jennifer. Do you want me to get it?


Is everything OK?

They threatened me.

That's how they hurt Randall,
the kids...

I know they were after Dad's briefcase.

There's a document hidden
inside the lining.

A document?
How could you possibly know that?

Because these same men are after me.

They're trying to frame me for murder.


- You have to tell someone.
- Listen.

We are gonna handle this.

We're gonna take care of it ourselves.

I'm gonna help you.
You gotta call this number.

Take the briefcase to them.

Ask for Fencik or Buchalter.

- Alright, you got those names?
- Who are these people?

They're ex-cops,
they're just muscle now,

- I've been tracing them.
- It doesn't make any sense.

Alright, listen, just pair with me.

You got that photo?

Who is she?

This is Isabella Contreras.

Somehow, everything was
back to her being murdered

and them trying to cover it up.

Do you know who killed her?

Not yet.

But I know who has my vote.

Thank you.

This hope center

was the dream of Alberto Garza.

A great believer
in the people of the city...

So here's the guy in the monkey suit.

Tobias Booth.

City councilman.

Friend of the common man,
pillar of the community.

Why doesn't it sound like compliments?

Because he's a liar,
a thug and a killer. of Los Angeles,
Alberto tirelessly paid...

Burn it all down.

The cop who lost the book,

the gang leader,

the girl,

kill them all.

...but in distant memory,
I'd like to...

Is he behind the whole Garza thing
they're trying to pin on you?

There might be a bigger fish,
but so far, yeah,

all my evidence leads to Booth.

Have you ever heard the Santayana Club?

Yeah, bunch of rich old white guys,
try to act like rich old and white.

Yeah, back in 91,

they got this girl who who worked there
pregnant, Isabella Contreras.

When Booth found out about the baby,

he had Isabella killed.

Everything that's going down today
goes back to that murder.

But why now?

I mean, why after all this time?

I have to work it to find out.

... by the sound of the gun fire.

This is definitely better
than a day in I.A.

Not now!

- Got Andrea Battle in five minutes.
- No, you don't.

- She just cancelled.
- What?

You don't cancel I.A.
Let me talk to her.

She... left a message.

Was she looking a work security
in Loserville?

I'll just get her on the phone for you.

I've got a better idea.

Go over Chinatown,
see her snitch Danny Yan.

If Danny Yan's connected,
he's not gonna talk.

I'm closing this case today,
with or without Battle.

Thank you.

And now,

as proof of our resounding yes,

let me introduce

one of the greatest success stories
of our entire gang initiative:

Lewis Torrez joined the Latin Disciples
at the age of fourteen.

Today, Lewis is a member
of my staff and a...

I wonder what he really does for Booth.

Why don't you ask him?

I haven't been able
to get close enough to him.

Besides, Booth isn't the type of guy
you wanna go toe to toe with.

You told me he's untouchable.
How are gonna get to him?

You cannot kill hope with a bullet.

I just did.

What did you do?

Scared him.

Get Mrs. Garza.

Scared people make mistakes.

Yeah, we're gonna be right there
when he makes his.

You saw your brother this morning?

You've already decided he did it.
Haven't you?

Anything he sent to you can help us
exonerate him.

My father was a cop.

Drop the act.

OK, why did your brother kill
Alberto Garza?

He didn't.

He's being framed

by the same men who are after me.

It's the truth.

About a week ago, two men approached me.

They said they wanted
some of my father's old things

and if I didn't give it to them,

they were gonna kill my husband
and my children.

Why didn't you go to the police?

Do you have kids?

I will do whatever I have to do
to keep my family safe

and these men made it very clear
what I could and couldn't do.

Any idea why you're set?

Because Brett is helping me.

Because he tracked them. He found out
their names : Fencik and Buchalter.

They're ex-cops and the same men
who are framing him.

A mess of conspiracy, how convenient.

Why don't you call them yourself?

We should look into these guys.

Don't tell me you believe her.
We got a positive ID from Mrs. Garza!

- It's just a phone call.
- She's Hopper's sister!

She tell us anything
to get him off the hook!

She wants him off the hook!


And if you see any little green men,
tell 'em I said hi.

- Now I see why Booth's here.
- That's the grieving widow?

Don't let the costume fool you,
she's in on it.

Please! Step back. Excuse me...

Catch that photo op.

Protecting her the time I need.

You can't elaborate...

Who are you calling?

Someone who might know
Booth's gang banger friend.

Where you at, Hop?

Been trying to reach you
since last night!

I know about last night,
I'll get to the skinheads in a minute.

Skinheads? How do you know
about the skinheads?

I just know, OK? I promise you
I'll take care of it. Listen to me.

I need some information
on a Latin Disciple,

an ex-gang banger named Torrez.

- This ain't about what you need!
- Come on, Damien!

- Help me!
- Sorry, Hop'.

I've got an empire to build.

- Problem with your CI?
- Yeah... I'll deal with him later.

We need to get in that house.

Here's a plan.

Marching to the crime team
with public enemy number 1 ?

Could you handle that?

I forgot how much fun
it was being your partner.

We're closed.

Detective Choi, Robbery/Homicide.

Looking for the owner.

- His name is Fenshik.
- That's Fencik.

- He ain't in.
- You know when he'll be back?



If you see him...

That's supposed to make yourself
more American?

Tell Mr. Fencik he needs
to get in touch with me today.

I have some questions
I'd like to ask him.

There're pictures of you
and Andrea Battle all over Chinatown.

Photos of her giving you pay offs.

We know that's not CI money, so?

You're selling some drugs, or what?

You got it all wrong, Officer.



I'm just a small time entrepeneur...
friend of the force.

Yeah, small time.

Clubs are major cover for drugs
and prostitution.

We know you answer
to the Kwai Long syndicate.

That sounds to me like you've been
watching too many Bruce Lee movies.

You know what I think ?

I think this is not about me at all.

I think this is a beef
between you and...

Charlie's Angel.

But it ain't my fault
she got a junkie boyfriend

with bad credit
and a soft spot for strays.

Do you know where Battle is or not?

I can't tell you,

but if you see her,

send her my love.

Now if we're finished here,
I got a business to run.

You know, they go real nice
with a little rice and wasabi.

You go to the SPA. Do let me know
how things works up with Gar, yeah?

Keep walking around,
nothing to see here.

What's in the back?

I'll meet you, buddy.

My pitbull.

Oh, yeah? I love dogs.

What's his name?

Can I pet Baxter?

No men, you know what, he's sick
but you can pet this if you like.

That's really neat.

I got one of those myself,

except mine came
with a really shiny badge.

Your safe, here.

I thought it was taken care of it.

It was.

I didn't know there was anything else.

Well, someone else clearly did.

Did you ever think to check the safe?

What are you doing in here ?

This is an active crime scene, sir.

And you two shouldn't be back here.

This is Mrs. Garza.

I'm helping her to gather some things.

Right now,
you're tampering with evidence.

Now, I'd ask you to leave.

- What's your name?
- I don't see how that's relevant.

Your name...

Thank you for your diligence,
Detective Battle,

I'll be sure to mention
it to your chief.

We're playing golf in the morning.

Give him my best.

Yeah, it's cool on tonight schedule.
Booth says we gotta move forward.

Can't wait anything the way it was.

At the summit.

Stand up slowly.

Step away from the door.

I'm a cop, I'm gonna show you my badge.


Did you notice that this door was open?

- No, sir.
- Why not?

Did you check for signs of forced entry?

I got this ID over here right away.

Why don't you do that?

You're a dead man.

You can't make me go away
as easy as Isabella Contreras.

And before this day is done

everyone's gonna know
the truth about you.


Over here! I need help!

This way! He's running this way!

There! That Hopper! He killed Garza.

Go back to garage, now.

No more screw-ups.

Who is that?

Yeah, thanks for coming back to me,
Mr. Fencik.

Sure, when do you want to meet?

Where's that?

OK, I'll see you there.

What's up?


What's up?

You're here, Hop'?

Tell me, bro.

- Damien!
- Why the hell are you whispering?

Listen, I need some info
on Lewis Torrez.

He's pretty high up
in the pecking order.

He kicks it with the city councilman.

I could tell you a lot of things.
But I got problems on my own.

I got bagged.

I need you to call them and tell them
I'm your CI. Get me out of here!

What happened?

I was over in Chinatown and some cop
just decided to make photo of me.

- What were you doing in Chinatown?
- Well, what I do.

Me and my boys
went to a gentlemen's club.

Not the One Band.

I had a lucky guess
that you'd be following me.

I know that Slim runs the street joint
for the Kwai Long.

and I know the Kwai Long has been
in war with the Latin Disciple, so

why would you hang with them?

It's a help-help situation, Hop.

You want answers to your questions?
Get me out of here!

I'll be back after the summit.
This is good for all of us, hermanos.

See you, man.

You Choi?

Mr. Fencik.

Thanks for taking the time
to meet with me.

I just had a couple of questions
for you.

- What it's about?
- A homicide investigation.

Your name came up.

Really? How?

I'm just asking.

Your name comes up
in a murder investigation,

you're not gonna ask how?

I understand.

You know a man named Brett Hopper?

I can't say that I do.

Hey, can I get some more peanuts here?

Good service is hard to come by
these days.


- You hang on here regularly?

I had some other business here tonight,
kinda fell appart at the last minute.

But what I do like about this place...

is they don't really care if we do this.

How about those peanuts?

I didn't want to wake you.

I wasn't sleeping.

- I didn't call you today, did I?
- No.

- You didn't.
- I'm sorry.

Somewhat has been happening,
I thought you'd be safe with Chad.

But then I didn't see his car.

- Why would Chad's car...
- Never mind...

I just had a lot of calls to make
and I know that you're pissed.

You have every right to be.
I just...

I know, baby, I just forgot.

And I'm sorry.

But you...

You knew that I'd do this, right?

I would run and round all day
with Andrea trying to prove it.


You had time to tell Andrea
you're wanted for murder?

Yeah, she's a cop. She can help.

But I can't?

I didn't say that.

Where have you been all day?

I got in a little trouble but...
it's not what we're talking about now.


What is we're talking about right now?

Rita, I'm...

I'm sorry.

You know, one of the great things
about having someone to love, Brett...

Is that you can tell them anything.

I can't believe you just told me that!

I thought I could tell you anything!

Yes, you can. But you can't say
"Hey, by the way

"I'll be falsely accused of murder
this morning. See you later honey".

I got nothing.

Did you know about these charges
last night?

Yes... No!

It depends on what you mean
when you say 'last night'.

Last night last night.

Chinese food... Fooling around.

But did you forget about that part too?

No! Of course not baby!

- Is this Andrea now?
- No.

She d... I'm gonna tell her right now.

Do a better job telling her
than you did me.


Uh... Yeah.

And now, as proof of our resounding yes,

Let me introduce
one of the greatest success stories

of our anti gang initiative.

Lewis Torrez.

Can't stay long.

One deliver voice mail for Shelten
pushed back the IA meeting

But Sgt. Slaughter was at his desk.

He found himself at the top
of the gang pyramide.

He was prosecuted by Alberto Garza
3 years ago and sentenced to prison.

So Torrez is a liaison
between Booth and a Disciple.

I thought he was reformed?

If he's reformed, I'm Dick Chenney.

Today, police is the key contributed
to the community...

Torrez runs guns
for the Latin Disciples.

He's going to some summit
that's going down tonight.

What's it about?

I don't know.
I gotta go down to Chinatown

to check down my CI Damien.

See if he can fill in any blanks.

Do you need me to drag Torres
down at the station

and get a location out of him?

Scary how you read my mind sometimes.

Come on.

Excuse me.

It's your vehicule sir?

Huh, yeah.

- Anything stolen?
- I'm not sure.

You should probably check out thoroughly

and report it,
it'll help with the insurance.

Thank you.
I'll do that later.

- There's no need to be hostile.
- Hostile?

Calm down, sir.

I am calm.

What's under the blanket?

Open the door and step aside.

Do you know who the hell I am?

I was just up on stage
with councilman Booth.

And this morning,
I had breakfast with Count Chocula.

Now open the door, and step aside.

Correct me if I'm wrong,

but didn't councilman Booth say
that you did time?

Sure hope this isn't your third strike.

Scuse me, I'm looking for the detectives
in charge of the Garza case.

Well, you're having me. Detective Choi.

I'm Rita Shelten,
one of your detectives called me.

I'd like to talk to you about
my boyfriend, Brett Hopper.

Come with me.

This whole thing is a huge mistake.

Brett's being framed.

What's this supposed to mean?

Well, at least you all have
your story straight.

Look, Hopper's sister was in here
earlier repeating the same thing.

OK, first off...

I resent your tone.
Brett was with me all night.

So basically you're calling me a liar.

I never said that, Ms. Shelten.

And second, I don't think
you understand the kind of man Brett is.

He lives his job 24/7.

He believes in it.

That's the kind of guy
who'd charge into a burning building

to save a stranger.

You're after the wrong man.

Excuse me.

Got something upon the guy
the sister mentioned, Fencik.

He owns a chop shop in Chasworth.

You might wanna check it out.

I thought you said
this was a waste of time.

Probably is, but at least
it will look you did the leg work.

You're late.

Guys in narcotics, looking for you.

Yeah, I know, I'll be in
as soon as I process this guy.

We do this now. Come on.

Go ahead and get started.

I'll be back to question him in a bit.

You're making a big mistake, mi reina!

Then how come you're the queen
going to jail?

I've nothing to tell you, perro

Do you hear me?

Put the guns down
or we're gonna put you down.

Put 'em down!

I'm coming at a bad time?

Nah, come on in, uh?

And close the damn door.

Alright, now on the count of three,

we're all gonna lower our guns.




It was worth a try.

What the hell are you doing here?

How do you know this cop?

Oh, me and D, we go a way back.

We got the same thing going on
as you and my partner,

Andrea Battle.

You and Battle...

Is that a fact?

Cast no stones, friend.

Now that you two are caught up,
will somebody please explain me

what you're doing hanging together?

Cause the last time I checked,
Kwai Long and LDs

didn't play the same sand box.

This little party has anything to do
with Torrez's got going on tonight?



We're not done here.

- Where did you get in this stuff, Hop'?
- Come on, D...

I know Torrez is working on some kind
of a deal with councilman Booth.

And this has nothing to do
with any anti-gang initiative.

Torrez is a trader man.

He's selling out the soul of the LDs,

making deals with baby kissers
like Booth.

But what's Torrez getting out of it?


He gets to move his product

- So he's out of retirement.
- Retired?

He didn't even
take the week-end off, Hop'.

Meanwhile Booth gets the cut of
his profits and a nice public victory.

Just in time for campaign season.

Public victory?

What do you mean, like bust?

You were planning to turn in Torrez
at the Feds, uh?

That's what Baxter wanted
to testify about.

LD's supposed to be family, man.

See Torrez, he don't care about
how many hermanos get sold out.

As long as he gets his house in burbs
and a fat corporate expense account.

That's why you're here,
meeting with Slim.

So you can put yourself together
a little rebel alliance.

Take Torrez out, maybe grab yourself
a corner office while you're at it.

Spoils of war, Hop'.

Besides, ain't gonna be no sacrificial
lamb for some White politicians.

Now, what about this summit
Torrez has going on tonight.

You wanna think about that?

No, man.

Maybe he's gearing up
to make a round at me.

No offense,

but I doubt he'd need a crate
full of guns for that.

What guns?

Hey, Ballanger!

What happened to my collar?

Told you to process the guy,
now I hear he's getting loose.

Look, I booked the guy.
Then he made a phone call.

Next thing I know, they tell me
the charges have been dropped.

- Who did he call?
- I don't know.

This garage we're going to...

What kind of heavy metal you see?

Like real heavy.

Fully automatic military grade

- You sure these were LDs?
- Yeah.

Torrez is with them.

He had a crate of this stuff,
he's supposed to leave it

to the summit that's going down tonight.

This don't sound like
no casual meeting great to me, Hop.

Sounds like they're gearing up for war.

War with who?

You waste these fools,
I get first digs on the guns though.

What happened to the weapons?


- Where's the summit?

- Yeah, right.
- Ho, don't worry, Hop.

We speak the same language.

Hablas Smith & Wesson?

Hey, Andrea, what's up?

Torrez was let out.

Charges were dropped.

- Booth for progress.
- Yeah, that's what I thought too

but before he was released,
he made a phone call,

and it wasn't to Booth,
it was to a bar.

- A bar?
- Yeah, and it gets better.

The place is called The Summit.
It's a biker hangout downtown.

- You want the address?
- Yeah.

We gotta go.

What about these two?

Torrez is gonna hit the skinheads.

That explains the fire power.

- It should be a blood bath.
- I know, we gotta move.

We? Bud, you got a mouse in your pocket?

My own people want me dead.

Skinheads do too.

That's what Sun Tzu would call
a lose-lose situation.

Then what, is that a no ?

Consider this as a start.
Seven guns per case.

Ten cases total.
That's seventy guns on the street.

Booth is guaranteeing us protection
from Jambo to Tijuana.

Cops like this one will be sport.

There is nothing
that can stand in our way.

All we have to do is get along.

Get out!

What's up, fellows?

You shoot,

you die.

Choi, you OK ?

Do I look OK to you?

You be easy Fencik
or one of these coming right at you.

I gotta say,

I thought I was showing up
for a rumble in the jungle.

But instead,
this is one big happy love fest.

These guns are for war ?

They're peace offering.

A skinhead alliance

with the Latin Disciple.

All brokered

by councilman Booth

and his little lapdog.

You're not gonna make it
outta here alive.

That's ok.

As neither are you.

Tell me something, Este.

How many of your crew
did you have to give up

for that hand-tailored suit, uh?

Twenty? Thirty percent?

And you're...

calling yourself White Sea Premise.

Listen to this Latino promise you

a bigger a piece
of your own American dream.

What makes you think
Booth is gonna deliver anyway?

What makes you think

one single city councilman

has enough power to keep everybody
looking the other way?

You have no idea
what you're messing with.

Oh, is that right, Buchalter?

Won't you get your ass over here
and help me cut him loose?

I don't think so.

Help me cut him loose!

Or what ?

You'll blow yourself up?

You don't have the stones for it.

Wanna bet?

It's ringed!

Move !

Everyone freeze !

It's about time you showed up.

Next time, dial faster.

So, I called Rita.

Chad's there.

So, she's safe.

Thanks, Andrea.

For everything.

Hopper, I don't know
what this is all about.

But I still got to do this.

- You're under arrest for the murder...
- Yeah, I know.

That's my cover.

You sure ?

You don't look so good.

I got it.

And I gotta...

...thank you.

You didn't have to save my ass
back there, but you did.

And you'd still be free if you didn't.

Why were you at that bar?

I was following a lead.

Lead from who ?

From your sister.

She mentioned those two guys.

The ex-LA sheriffs.

Fencik and Buchalter.

She said there were framing you.

And you believed her ?

No, not at first.

But then, your girldfriend came in,

in a pretty passionate statement
vouching for you.

She said some things that...


they really want the best for you.

It's nice to know.

Look, man.

I work homicide,
okay ? I don't know anything about

gangs or councilmen or...

or whatever was going on in that bar...

I didn't killed Garza.

I just can't prove it yet.

What would you need ?

Mrs. Garza didn't want
to stay in the house.

You can probably imagine.

Walk me through.

Obviously anything important
we bagged and tagged.

Windows were closed.

No signs of forced entry.

The body was here.

Three bullets.

Two to the chest, one to the head.
Execution style.

Gone through-and-throughs.

Coroner pulled three clean slugs, 9 mm.

Prints ?

Yeah. Garza's, Mrs. Garza,
the clean lady.

But not mine ?

Not here.

Don't you think it's a little funky

that I would be careful enough
not to leave a single print here.

But then hide the murder weapon

with the prints

In my own closet.

Where does Mrs. Garza say she saw me?

She said she heard commotion
from upstairs.

She came of that door away.

And you were standing
over her husband's body here,

with a gun.

So she ran.

What about the safe?

We opened it first thing.

There wasn't anything in there,
it was cleaned up before LAPD showed up.

Whatever Garza kept in here,

he got rid of it.

You called and left me a message
about this package.

- He told me to call you.
- Who?

When he brought me the packages,
they were both sealed.

I think I know what was inside.

Evidence from one
of my father's old cases.

Garza sent it to me.

That's why he was killed.

Your dad's case ?

And that's why you think
they're framing you ?

One of the reasons.

And this is connected somehow with...

With that bar

and the gangs, councilman Booth?

Yes, the councilman
is behind Garza's murder.

- So, we bust him!
- No, it won't be that easy.

This doesn't end with Booth.

Look on the bright side.

With everything we got tonight,

we're gonna get these guys.

And by tomorrow, you're a free man.

I hope so.

What ?

Somebody messed with this.

What are you talking about?

There was a fax here.

I saw it this morning
before we photoed the room

but it's not on the picture.

Someone took it.

I will check the machine,
see what time the last fax was sent.

Last night.

That's my home number.

Wait. Garza faxed you last night ?

He must have tried.
I don't have a fax at the house.

Does this sort of fax has a memory ?

Miguel Dominguez.

Why would Garza send this to you?

That thing you asked about

matched a guy named Miguel Dominguez.

That Jane Doe case.

Your dad already had a suspect,
this Dominguez guy.

Trouble was, he was locked up
in Pelican Bay at the time.

He is the Boogey Man.

He's like Freddy.

Kill you in your dreams.

He wanted me to find out.

Looks like I'm going to Pelican Bay...