Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 8 - What If She's Lying? - full transcript

Hopper believes that Jennifer is somehow involved in his hellacious day and hiding something from him. In order to find out what she's afraid to admit, he pays a visit to his estranged mother to go through his father's old police files to find a connection.

My name is detective Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder.

Who the hell are you, people?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this,
because I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

Every day, I get another chance.

For every decision,
there's a consequence.

I've been investigating an old murder.

Where am I supposed to look?

A little closer to home.

Your old man was
on the right track with the girl.

My father worked on a case.

It may be the key to this day.

Yeah, Jen, it's me. We need to talk.

It's about dad.

I'm wondering if you have
any of his old stuff...

I'll call you back later today.

And I think my sister knows more
than she's telling.

This is an example

- of how we burry our secrets.
- I understand.

Now, I have to find out
what she's hiding.

- Brett Hopper?
- Yeah.

What exactly are you looking for?

Temporal lobe epilepsy.

Hippocampus looks normal.

No asymmetry or atrophy.

I don't see any sign of neoplasms,

no apparent lesions,
no intracranial trauma.

Then it's all good?

On first look,

no offense, but your brain...

Nothing special.

Do you have a family history
with this sort of thing?

I don't know.

I'm gonna go and see my sister later,
so... I can ask her.


Brett, what are you doing here?

Where were you?

At the emergency room.
James had an asthma attack.

- I didn't know he had asthma.
- No, you wouldn't, would you?

- What does that mean?
- Why are you here?

- The police are looking for you.
- I know.

I just had to drop by and pick up
some of dad's old stuff. Case files.

Cops stuff...

I don't have any of that.

Talk to mom.

Jen, come on, be real.

- Why don't you take the kids inside?
- Randall, it's alright.

No, it's late. Take the kids inside.

- I'm not finished with my sister yet.
- Tonight, you are!

Do you really wanna do this now? Here?

Cops said they were running cars by here
regularly until they catch you.

Are you threatening me?

Won't you leave us alone, Brett?
You're good at it.

Why is he asking
for our dad's stuff now?

Do you think he knows
about the briefcase?

I'm not sure.

You're up early.

Hey, baby girl, yeah.
I've got a big day ahead of me.

- I've gotta go to see somebody.
- Anyone I would know?

It's my mom.

Your mom?

I thought the two of you don't talk?

She talks plenty.

I wouldn't be doing this, if...
I didn't have to.

You know, one of these days,

you're gonna have to tell
someone in your family about us.

- Unless, for some other reason...
- Believe me, I'm sparing you.



The only reason I'm going,

is to pick up
some of my dad's old stuff.

- Okay?
- Okay.

See you later.

Word is you killed
two ex-sheriff's deputies.

How you are doing?

Thanks, fellows.

- What the hell?
- Relax!

We got him!

Everything's gonna be fine.

You're gonna go to school,
you're gonna teach.

You will act like it's a normal day.

What if...

- they come back?
- Then...

I will take care of it.

Maybe we should call someone.

You wanna call Brett again?

How many times
did you call him last night?

Did he pick up? Did he try to call back?


I know... You're right.

He's never been there for us.

We will get through this.

I promise.

Come in.

So these are ex-sheriff's deputies?

I think these are the guys
that are framing me for Garza's murder.

Why would a couple of ex-cops
wanna pin a DA's death on you?

They're just soldiers,
but if I can ID them,

I think I can figure out
who they work for.

All I got to go on is a photo?

I was hoping you still had friends
over there at county.

Yeah, I can ask around.

But if it is true that some ex-cops
are involved, then...

we both gotta be careful who we talk to.

I know.

Where are you headed?

To my mom's.

I've gotta go dig up some old ghosts.


Mamma, it's me!

I know.

I received a phone call this morning.

You're wanted for murder
and you didn't tell me?

I didn't do it, mamma!

Of course not.

I didn't raise a murderer.

But that's not the point!

Don't worry, I'll be out of here
before your husband gets home.

His name is Henry.

Are you gonna to talk to me
about this Brett, or am I gonna have

to read it in the papers?

Look, mamma.
I'm here so I can clear my name.

Well, running never solved anything!

I'm sure if you turn yourself in,

they'd find
this was a big misunderstanding.

Please, just listen to me.

I know this all set up

has to do with a case
daddy worked 15 years ago.

I need his files.

You came for your father's things...

Your father and I divorced
long before he passed.

What makes you think
I kept anything of his?

Jen told me you did.

Well, I didn't.

All of his things are in storage.

Jen knows that,

she's the one that put them here.

Do you know where the storage place is,

Of course, I do.

Mamma, there was a stop sign,
back there!

They just put that in,
I'm not stopping for that!

How was you sister when you saw her?

I'm wanted for murder,
and all you can ask me about is Jen?

I'm just hoping you didn't bring in
this trouble to her door.

She got a family to think about.

She's just fine.

She's stronger than you think.

Believe me, I know.

When are you gonna find someone special?

- You could use a woman's touch.
- Yeah. Or a bullet to the head.

So, you wanna do drinks?

Yeah, sure! I've always had
a sauce pot for you boys at county.

Hey! While I have you on the line,

I was wondering,
if I email you something,

can you put some names on faces for me?


I gotta call you back.

You're late. What are you doing?


Is your work
more important than your career?

Who are they?


What's the case?

A crime...

They're a couple of guys who
might be connected to the Garza murder.

Who asked you to look into it?

- Was it Hopper?
- It's personal.


You wanna do that meeting now, or what?

Meeting's off.

I don't understand.

The police wanna talk to me about Brett.

Just go with the detective.
Answer his questions.

Don't panic.

- What if those men call?
- They won't.

We already gave them
what they were asking for.

We didn't give them everything.

- Maybe I should go to the bank.
- Everything's gonna be fine.

OK, I'll pick up the kids,

we'll be waiting for you at home
when you get back from the station, OK?

This has nothing to do with us.

What's all the whispering about?

Is somebody telling secrets?

It's a good thing you came here.

Of course, I never thought
it'd take 8 years

for you to show up
and weed through all of this.

What's all my stuff doing here?

That was you father's doing.

He always held on to your things.

I thought I lost all this.

- I never knew that he...
- They're all gone!

- What?
- Your father's notes.

They were stacked in a dozen boxes
against this wall.

Well, does anybody else have a key
besides you and Jen?

Well, Nick.

- He helped us back then.
- Uncle Nick?

I suppose it makes sense
if he took them.

They were partners for years.

I hope he did take them.

And burned them.

Uncle Nick!

Are you out of your damn mind,
coming here?

Get your ass inside.

Haven't heard from you in months,
now there's this non-sense?

- News travels fast.
- Are you kidding?

There's retired cops
all over this marina.

I need any of my dad's files
you might have taken out of storage.

Are you calling me a thief?

Well, I asked Jen if she had them,
she said no and neither does my mother.

That leaves you.

I never took anything out of
that place.

No offense, but it's something she just
don't wanna be reminded of, you know.

Look, I just need any notes,

files, connected to this one case
I'm looking into.

It was a Jane Doe, I find out
her name is Isabella Contreras.

- You remember it?
- No.

Are you sure ?

You know how many of those we saw?

And I can't remember all, kid.

She was found on the back seat of a car.

This hourglass was next to her.

Prints came up, Miguel Dominguez.
Ringing any bells?

Truth be told, if you saw my name
on a police report,

chances are I was out in that car,
asleep and worn-off.

Your dad covered my ass
more times than I can remember.

The evidence went missing.

Pages from the murder book disappeared.

- It happens.
- You know something!

- Don't go there kid.
- Don't go where?

- You're gonna hit an old man?
- What did you drag my father into?

He came to me!


Your dad and I

were told to make the case go away.

So we did.

We looked the other way.

You happy now?

You know, I got your first mess.

You didn't have to leave any more.

I've got cops asking questions
about your book.

In connection with the Garza murder.

What are you gonna do about it?

You know, apparently you're forgetting
how this works. You see, you owe me.

When you owe somebody a big favor,
you don't ask the questions.

I'm warning you.

Regardless what happened between us
in the past,

I do not respond well to threats.

Let's just hope you have more control
over yourself

than you did
that pretty little wife of yours.

You know, maybe I ought
to pay her a visit.

Just still live over there
in what was it, Fairfax?

What? Are you crazy? I'm a cop!

Cop or not, I still own your ass.

Good luck getting the murder book now!

Randall, it's me. I'm home.

I don't see your car.

Hello ?

Press play.


Where are you?


It's gonna be okay, guys.
Everything's gonna be fine.


You need to do something.

They're ex-L.A. county deputies, yeah.

All right, thanks.

Yeah, it's Battle.
I'm sending you an e-mail.

Yeah? Battle.

I'm sending you an e-mail.

Did you check the records?

All right, thanks.

Con name's Fencik?

How about the other one?

Spell it.

Buchalter. Thank you.

My office!


I wanna know why you're looking
into these guys.

And don't gimme that crap
about it being personal.

I told you.

It has to do with Garza.

Hopper put you up to this, didn't he?

Hopper's a fugitive.

If he had contacted me,
I would've informed my lieutenant.

So... tell me something.

How does the other guy look?

You're acting petty cocky
for someone with so many secrets.

Paying off drug dealers
to cover up for a dirty habit.

Well, we all have secrets.

I'm more than willing
to face up to mine.

Are you?

These guys're friends of yours?

You tread into dangerous ground,

Because if they're involved in a murder,

you should probably talk
to robbery homicide.

Last I checked, you worked narcotics.

Why don't you go back down there?

He was a good man, your dad.

Always had my back.

He had great instincts.

He taught me a lot.

He helped me get sober.

I owed him my life.

So, understand...

if he told me to do something,

- I did it.
- So he made you a dirty cop.

We weren't dirty.

You know what it's like out there,
it's a numbers game.

Sometimes you gotta let one go
so you can clear ten others.

It's survival.

I never had to turn my head
to survive.

You're in narcotics.

What about all the crap
you let your informants get away with

just so you can keep using'em?

No, huh?

I guess you're above all that.

That hourglass you got...

You say Garza sent it to you?

And he sent a picture to Jen.

Garza was a prosecutor
your dad went to with this stuff.

My father knew Garza?

That Jane Doe case...

Your dad thought he had a suspect.
This Dominguez guy?

Trouble was he was locked up
in Pelican Bay at the time.

But your dad went to Garza
with the case anyway.

So if he went to a prosecutor,
he had to have something solid.

All I remember is
he called in the morning, excited.

But then that night...

he comes to me...


Like I'd never seen him.

He says the all thing's finished.

Whatever he found must have freaked out
some higher ops.

Higher ops how do you mean?

You saw the murder book on this thing.
It's like Swiss cheese.

No autopsy reports, no evidence logs.

All our original notes from the scene

You know what it takes to pull that off?

I don't know who gave the order
to clean the house on this,

but it was somebody way over
our pay grade.

You think my father
gave over his notes?

Your dad was a dog with a bone.

If he kept that stuff,

I wouldn't be surprised.

So then somebody had to take them
from storage.

If you think it was me...

be my guest. Search the place.

But if you ask me...

cop to cop...

your mom...

your sister...

One of them is holding out on you.

Thank you.

This is Jen, please leave me a message.

Jen, it's Brett.

Where the hell are you?

I hope you understand
how serious this is.


this is everything you asked for.

Take it.

And just give me my family back.

That's all that's left.

I don't know what else to do.

We got a problem.

What happened to you?

A cop.

Which one?


He went for the murder book.

He came back with all sorts
of question about Garza.

I want to take him out.

I like what you did with Shelten.

You owned him, you knew his secrets.

Secrets are only good
if a man's afraid they'll get out.

We might have passed that point
with him.

I think we can kill two birds
with one stone here.

Just get the murder book.

I'll handle the girl in the car.

No, they should have come
to the emergency room.

A little boy with an asthma attack.

James Mathis.

I'm trying to find James.

Ok, thank you.

No, no, there's nothing up to...

Holy crap.

For every decision,

there's a consequence.


Where are you?


It's gonna be OK, guys!
Everything's gonna be fine.


you need to do something.

You know what they want.

You have to get it.

Andrea, I can't talk right now.

Listen, Hopper,
I've got some info
about those guys on the photo.

Fencik and Buchalter.

Wait, Fencik and Buchalter?

It's their names?

Yeah, I got their names and numbers
from a friend at county.

But here's the crazy part:
I think Chad knows them.

- Yeah, I showed him the photo today

and he's been acting weird ever since.

Hold on. Where are you?

Following Chad, he just stopped
at an ATM machine.

Olympic and Hope.

Olympic and Hope?

He was gunned down at an ATM
on Olympic and Hope.

Andrea, you've got to get to Chad
immediately, right now!

Hopper, hold on.

I think someone's coming.

Forget about that.
You need to get to Chad now!

He's in danger!

Andrea, listen to me!

You need to get to Chad now!

Hopper, wait. Your sister's here.

Jen is there?

I gotta go.

I call you tomorrow.

Ok, bye Mom.

What are you doing here?

Oh God, she's got a gun!


Drop it, Jen!

I can't!

What the hell is going on?

Put your gun down!

Don't do this, Jen.

They're gonna kill them!

What is she talking about?

Put your gun down!

They made me do this.

Made you do what?

What are you doing?

They made me do it!

Just calm down.

Come on, let's talk about this.

- Put the gun down, now.
- We'll help you!

I'm so sorry.


Call 911!

This is detective Battle,

I need an ambulance at the intersection
of Olympic and Hope.

For every decision

there's a consequence.

I'll break into his car
and take it.




Where is the package?
What did you do with it?

- I don't know anything...
- I don't believe you!


I have it!

... consequences...

What is wrong with you?

Look, I'm sorry if I don't have time
for the perfect family...

It's not about being perfect!
It is about being there!

She didn't.

For every decision,

there's a consequence.

Everybody dies.

I can't stop it.

You can't.

Brett, you gotta go. You gotta go.

There are cops everywhere.

You gotta go now.

They'll catch you if you stay.

Brett, what are you doing?

- You're OK.
- it?

- Is it Mom?
- No, it's not Mom, it's you.

We need to talk.

- Now?
- Yeah, right now.

- Brett, this isn't really a good time.
- Jen, you can't keep avoiding me.

I don't hear from you for weeks

and you come to my house, and you act
like I'm the one avoiding you?

- What is that?
- I know about the photo in the shed.

And the bruises on your arms.

- How do you know that?
- It doesn't matter how I know.

You have to tell me what's happening.

- You wouldn't understand.
- It's not gonna end well

if you don't tell me what's going on.

Now Jenny, please.

Just let me in.


- These men.
- OK.

They came to me...


- I took care of it.
- No.

Tell me what these men wanted.

Nothing... Junk, Dad's old stuff.

No, they didn't find
what they were looking for.

And they're gonna come back,
unless you give it to them.

- How could you possibly know that?
- Jen, just tell me what they want.

Okay? Please...

You wanna check on the kids?

What the hell are you doing here, Brett?

Are you a part of this?

- Do you know what's going on?
- Do you?

Do you have any idea
what we've been through?

Believe me, I do. Now just get this...

Do you think you can do worst to me
than they've already done, Brett?

They hurt her!

Do you think that doesn't... kill me?

Do you think I'm just okay with that?

Now you probably think I should just
march out there and shut them, right?

Yeah, that's what you would've done!

But I can't be that guy, Brett.

Because I have a family.

You don't understand the danger
that you're in.

We took care of it, okay? It's done!

It's not done!

Okay, I don't care if you hate me,

so long as you believe me
when I tell you

that they will kill you, Jennifer

and all of your children,
like it's nothing!

I have seen it!

Now whatever it is you didn't give them,

Jen and I have to get...


We have to get it now, Randall!

We have to get it now.

I'm trusting you here.

I know.

I've told you.
I have no idea where Brett is.

What about your wife?
Any idea where we can find her?

She's... taking the kids to school.

If she shows up...

Have her call me.

Let me know when she does,
she could be in danger.


What are you talking about?
I mean... You mean Brett?

He would never...

You'd be surprised what people can do
when they're desperate.

If I were you,

I did your kids go home where it's safe.

I'll send a patrol of cop by later
to check on you.

I don't understand, it's money.

Like...What's here,
seven-eight thousand dollars?

There used to be more.

How much more?


A hundred...


So you took it?

We needed it.

We're having another baby!

Randall was out of work,
we had a mortgage to pay.

You put your family in jeopardy
for a couple of days off

and some new curtains?

That was Dad's dirty money.

- What do you want? Your shares?
- It's not about the money, Jen!

You weren't there.

Dad shot himself!

Who do you think dealt with the body?

Who do you think made
funeral arrangements?

Did you think the coroner
cleaned up the blood?

What's sure is that it wasn't you.

You wanna know where I was
when I got the call about Dad?

Under cover.

Surrounded by a bunch of low life scum
who were gonna blow up my brains

if they knew I was a cop!

I don't care where you were
when you found out!

- But where you were after?
- I was doing my job.

- That's what Dad would have wanted!
- Dad was dead!

Well, we weren't
and you just disappeared!

You never called for help!

Why didn't you call me for help?

Our father kills himself.

And I have to ask?

You were his son!

You're not gonna drag me into this, Jen.

You're not gonna drag me into this.

This doesn't make sense.

Why would this people
shake down a school teacher

- for a hundred thousand dollars?
- OK, stop it!

Could you for once stop being a cop
and just be my brother?

Could you do that?

Could you?

I never stopped being your brother.

I don't understand...

...why he did it.

- Why he left this on me.
- He didn't leave this on you.

I did.

But I'm here now.

And I'm not going anywhere.

I spent the money.

- I don't...
- So we'll give them what we have.

If they don't like it...

they're gonna have to deal with me.

Hopper's sister wasn't at school
so I spoke to the husband.

The guy was nervous.
Tell you, he's hiding something.

Some people just don't like cops.

I wouldn't be surprised
his sister's in on it.

The apple doesn't fall far of that tree.

- What are you talking about?
-The old man,

I worked for him for five years,
the guy was dirty.

I never of heard that.

You were in high school.
Everyone knew he was on the take.

Well, so you saw this or you heard?

The guy is at department, at D3
with 25 years in, set for life,

then he eats a bullet?

Sounds like someone
with a clean conscience to you?

- That sounds like a shame.
- A shame?

The guy takes the easy way out
and everyone here clears

so the family'll get the pension.

So what? The guy was a cop.

- And you look out for blood?
- What is your problem?

The guy was dirty,
he doesn't deserve anything.

What have you got against Hopper's dad?

Look, the only Hopper that I care about
put three bullets in Alberto Garza.

What is this? Are these those...

Keep the case in the car.

- What is going on?
- Stay in the car.

My children!

- Where are they?
- They're inside, they're fine.

They're fine.

Jen, these men...
they want the briefcase.

Give them the briefcase, Jen.


- You have to give it to them.
- I got what you want.

I'll give it to you. Nobody gets hurt.

Jen, go get the case.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna fix this.

Take it!

Are we good?

We're good.

Oh my God!

Oh my God, you guys...

Come here, come here...

I'm sorry, Jen.

I'm so sorry.

James has just said that he wants
to go to school barefoot.

You okay?

I don't know.

Honey, everything's gonna be fine.

- We can get through this.
- No... It's not that.

I feel...


Different? What do you mean?

I don't know, I just feel it.

Things are gonna be different today.

Aren't they different every day?

I can understand you're scared.

But we can handle this.

I'm gonna call Brett.

Are we talking about the same Brett?

Jen, you're the one who's always saying
we can't count on him for anything!

That was our father's money.

I have to tell him.

He's my brother.

I'm so terrified.

What if these men wanted the money...

and I spent it?

When I woke up this morning though,
I had a thought.

These men, they don't seem
like they need money.

I was thinking the same thing.

So if they don't want the money,
then what?

- Well, the lining's different.
- So?

What is that?

It's an autopsy report.

Who is Isabella Contreras?

She's a girl that was killed.
And he wanted to find out about it.

Oh God.

What does that mean?

- When she died, she was pregnant.
- Those men wanted this?

What am I supposed to do?

- You're gonna give it to them.
- They came to me.

- How am I supposed to reach them?
- You're gonna call this number.

You're gonna ask
for Fencik or Buchalter.

You're gonna say who you are

and you're gonna tell them
that you have what they want.

How could you possibly know
those people?

Andrea managed to track them down
for me yesterday.

So this is all... they wanted from me?

Isn't this Dad's handwriting?

- Yeah, it is.
- What does it mean?

I don't know.
I only recognize these two names.

So who's Tobias Booth?

...and as your councilman,

I promise to continue
Alberto Garza's effort.

He would have wanted us to remember
that hope is bigger than anyone of us.

And like his memory, it will carry on.

As Alberto used to say,

you cannot kill hope...

with a bullet.

I'd like to...

Put it all down.

The captain wants the book...

the gang leader...