Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 10 - What If He's Free? - full transcript

Hopper closes in on Garza's murderer.

My name is detective Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder.

Who the hell are you people?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this,
because I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same

but different things happen.

Everyday I get an another chance.

For every decision,

there's a consequence.

I discovered an alliance

between a city councilman
and street gangs.

A skinhead alliance
with the Latin Disciples.

An alliance that led to Garza's murder.

All brokered

by councilman Booth

and his little lap dog.

Turns out that Garza tried to send me
a fax the night he died.

Miguel Dominguez?

What would Garza send this to you?

He's been in Pelican Bay since 89.

There's no way he could've killed
anyone in 91, let alone Garza.

So, somehow,
I've got to catch Dominguez

and find the answers
that would clear my name.

Flying to San Francisco.

Very romantic.

San Francisco...

you alone...

First off, it's not even San Francisco.

It's Pelican Bay.

It's all the way out
of Nowhere Ville and

believe me, the last thing it is,
is romantic.

Do you know what a Supermax is?

Sure, some big grocery store
where you buy things in bulk.

Hello! I was married to a cop.

Supermax is like a fortress of solitude
to violent offenders.

You're right, well,

I gotta go see this guy there,
Miguel Dominguez.

He's serving five consecutive
life sentences for murder.

Why do you have to go ?

Miguel Dominguez...

Why would Garza send this to you?

This guy wants me to go see him.

He's a key to this murder case
I'm working on.

That's yours?

That's okay, I got it.


You know,
can I give you a call back?

Who's that?

It's just work.

So, what time do you want me
to pick you up in the morning?

I got that covered.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah,

I mean, if today is like the passed few,
by the time you wake up,

I'll be back.

- Excuse me...
- What?

I'm hearing a sort of horrible clang.

I think we should tell the captain
and turn back.

Was this different from the clang
you heard just a couple of minutes ago ?

This one sounds

even more dangerous.

I fly five days a week
all over the world.

Airplanes are safer than cars.

This is a silver gleaming death machine.

It's nice talking to you, sir.

So do you really travel that much?

San Francisco, Seattle, Japan.

Back to France next week.

I've been to Paris twelve times.

Sounds fun.

Of course, I've only seen
the Eiffel tower

from my hotel window.

I keep saying I'm gonna go but,

you know how it is,
every time it's the same thing.

Tell me about it.

Got to celebrate
my birthday twice though.

'Cause of the international day line.
I'm on way back from Sydney.

Today what day is it in Australia?

Well, see,

seventeen hours ahead,
so that would make it...


Yeah, I guess it would.

I wish I could get there.

- Where? Tomorrow?
- Yeah.

Seems like today is going pretty well.

You gotta live for the moment, right ?


Yeah, it's what...

my girlfriend keeps telling me.

Lucky girl.

Excuse me, does he even know
that I'm here ?

You don't have an appointment,

You'll have to wait.

Yes ma'am, I've been waiting
for three hours.


Shelten, is it?

Yes, Chad Shelten.

Come on.

You understand that I can't just stop
my day because you drop in.

I appreciate you seeing me,
I won't take you up much of your time.

I need to speak
with one of your prisoners,

Miguel Dominguez.

I'm afraid I can't accommodate that,

An assistant D.A. was murdered
last night in Los Angeles.

Dominguez may have
some information on the killer.

A man who spent the last 17 years
in prison would have information

on a murder that happened last night?

I realize how that may sound...

I'm afraid you come at a bad time,

Dominguez shanked a guard
a few days ago.

That's his third incident this year
and we put him in solitary confinement.

No visitors.

No exceptions.

I really need to speak with him.

I'm sorry.

- Five minutes.
- Detective.

You've come a long way for nothing.


Bob Nedgo,
I have Mr. Detweiler returning.

For every decision,

there's a consequence.

Good luck with your case, Detective.

See you soon.

Everything is gonna be fine.

Nothing's gonna happen to this plane.

How do you know?

Because my day is repeating.

I was here yesterday
and this plane doesn't crash.

I watch TV.

Planes crash all the time.

So, if your day is repeating...

What do you know about me?

I hope we didn't keep you
waiting too long.

Detective Shelten, is it?



Detweiler sent you?

If you don't mind me asking,

what exactly is your association
with him?

We share a common interest.

And he sent you here for me?

Relax, he just wants to know
what happened with the guard

that Dominguez shanked.

That's being handled.

I sort of promised I'd talk to him.

See what went down.

You want to talk to Dominguez?

Detweiler wants to know
the whole story.

Get the hell out of my office.

He's not gonna be too pleased
with you filling me out like this.

Who? Detweiler?

Detweiler didn't send you here.

Mr. Parrison, get a guard in here

to escort this gentleman
off the facility.

Hey man, why don't you take this?
It'll help you relax.


Mister Pusherman.

But I'll just say no.

I'm a police officer.

Narcotics Unit.

This is a prescription med,
it helps relieve anxiety.

You're gonna take this,

and you're gonna stop moaning about
how unsafe you think the plane is.

You're scaring the others passengers.

Take it.

Okay, thank you.

And, the next time you're in Paris,

you should visit the Eiffel tower.

Don't wait.

So, Detweiler sent you?

Told me to get up here
as soon as I could.

You don't mind me asking what...

what exactly is your association
with him?

Fencik and Buchatler were busy.

Listen, I'm not here to bust your hump.

Detweiler is just a little concerned
about this Dominguez situation.

Well, I already spoke to him about it.

Come on, you know how he gets.

Always telling everybody how...

serious he is.

I told him we shouldn?t put Dominguez
in Gen Pop.

Now he's upset
that there is a price to pay.

Well, he's a tough guy to work for.

Don't I know it...

I've spent 12 years under that man
since the time when he was a warden.

I swear to God, if I never hear
those two words again...



So, what do you need from me?

You've got five minutes.

Where the hell are you?


Some wrong with the food?

Another guy in a tub.

I staked that place out for a week.

- Never once was that guy...
- So you did what you have to do.

Yeah, well, feels...


Unprofessional is yapping
about it all morning.

There bigger problem than
some guy flowed in his tub.

- What? The GPS thing?
- Yeah, the GPS thing.

How we're gonna find Hopper without it?

Call some favors.

OK, think your guys can help us out?

We're cruising brown town looking for
that gang banger from the safe house.


This job is a lot easier now.
All we've to do is take out the trash.

Slow down, you're gonna choke.

When is the last time you ate?

Couldn't say.
Did you bring the Dominguez file?

OK, I'll buy it.

Why are you looking at a guy
who's been in lock-up for 17 years?

I think he killed Garza.

Hopper, the only thing
this guy is killing is time.

They call him "El Llor?n".

The Crying Man.

They say he's a ghost.
He can walk the walls,

he sees everything, hears everything.

Even though he's in locked up,

people fear him
like he's the Boogie Man.

What's he in for?

Killed his whole family.
Both parents, kid sister.

They found him covered in blood,

at the breakfast table,
just sitting, eating his cereal.

OK, he's a psychopath.

But this guy's on ice in Pelican Bay.
Even ghost don't get over there.

That's what I thought, but the magic
trick isn't walking through walls.

He's left to the back door.

You're telling me
somebody let this guy out of prison?


I've a CI, Damien Ortiz,

he's about
to testify about contract killings

within the Latin Disciples.

Now I think that LDs are using
Dominguez to do all the dirty work.

But why go through all of this trouble?

The streets are full of bangers
who whack their best friends

for a c-note or an 8-ball.

It's the perfect alibi.

If he's behind bars, there's no way
he could possibly pull the trigger.

OK, suppose it's true.
How you're gonna prove it?

OK, what do you need?

I need you to look into unsolved
homicides over the passed 17 years.

MO : one shot to the head,
two to the body.

Execution style.

Same way Garza went down.

Go see Detective Choi
at Robbery/Homicide. He'll listen.

See if Dominguez left prints
at any of the crime scenes.

But if this Dominguez guy
is as good as you say he's,

you think he'd be
careless enough to leave a print?

Yeah, he did it before. He killed
this girl named Isabelle Contreras.

He left one there. Of course,
he could just be taunting the police,

telling us he can't be caught.

But you're gonna try anyway?

Yeah, I'm being framed
for a murder he committed.

I gotta to find him.

You said it, this guy's a ghost.
How you're gonna do that?

By getting my informer to inform.

You pull me out of my niece's birthday
for this ?

I'll ask them
to save you a piece of birthday cake.

No, man.

I'm not doing this. We're through, Hop!

I know that the LDs
are into murder for hire.

I also know that's why Baxter
and the feds want you to testify.

- How the hell you know that ?
- You were gonna give my name ?

Louis Torrez.
He's the one who's running all the hits.

This bastard thinks
he can pull on our faces,

he's soon no smaller than a gang banger ?

He's sailing his own disciples
down the river.

- You want him ?
- He's protected, Hop !

- He's connected...
- To a councilman named Tobias Booth.

Yeah, I know. He's going down too.

Look at you,
Detective Hopper with the 411.

Alright. I'm listening.

You can get Torrez
after I get what I need from him.

Oh yeah ! What's that ?

El Llor?n.

Use the front.

- What ?
- He's the LDs secret weapon.

Torrez is the dispatcher.

Someone orders a hit,
Torrez makes the call,

El Llor?n pulls out,
he's got a "out of the jail" free card.

You didn't know that, did you ?

Not about El Llor?n.

- I'd stay clear...
- I gotta have him.

The Crying Man.

If this whole thing goes down
the way I think,

we could pull them all away.

Torrez, Booth, even El Llor?n.

- So they do a couple of years?
- No, we pull them away for good.

Call the feds, whoever we need.

That's gonna leave a lot more room
at the top of the LD food chain.

New for an entrepreneur.

A young man with vision.

I know a guy like that.

Let me introduce one of
the greatest success stories

of our anti gang initiative.

Louis Torrez joined
the Latin Disciples at the age of 14.

Today, Louis is the key contributor
to this community, a member of...

Oh, yeah! Vato!

You think anyone believes that crap
about you leaving that life behind?

How would you believe what I say?

I don't buy it either.

Andrea Battle.
I'm looking for Detective Choi.

Hopper's partner?

Spivak, I'm in charge
of the Garza murder.

Anything you have to say to Choi,
you say to me.

I need to look through your files
on cold case murders.

Anything that went down execution style
in the last 17 years.

Execution style, that's good.


I admire what you do
to help your partner,

but you might have just deep-sixed him.

Really? How's that?

Garza was killed execution style,
but we didn't release that information.

Other than detectives of the scene,

the only other person that knew
that little detail

is the killer.

See, that's the problem.

'Cause I happen to know
Brett Hopper didn't kill anyone.


Have him come in
and tell someone about it.

You play ball.

I let you pull all the cases you want.

I have a better idea.

I pull the cases that I want,
you play ball with yourself.


What we're gonna to do is real simple.

You tell me where El Llor?n is,
you walk away.

You don't, I walk away,
and I leave you with Damien.

- I don't know what you talking about.
- Stop it!

I know he escaped from prison,
I know he killed Garza,

and I know you know
where the hell he is.

You're mistaken.

I work for councilman Booth!

At least the Latin Disciples
had more respect for who they are.

I left that life behind.

You can lie, ese, but you ain't done

Let me just talked to him!


I got this. Easy, easy.

Son of a bitch.

You're gonna have to get
that little tattoo removed?

You're gonna rip him off
or make him talk?

Shut up! I'm still a cop.

Yeah, shut up!

What is this?

Whose address is this?

That's muy importante.

That's where I hook up
with Damien's mother.

Come on!

- Come on.
- Come on! Vamo!

- You know what they call you?
- Think I give a damn?

- You wanna me say why we call you LD?
- What?

- What?
- La Dama!

The woman !

I'm cool, Hop.

- I'm cool, right?
- Right?

- I'm good.
- Yeah, run away!

You think it's...

Who the hell's gonna know, cabr?n?

Who's running?

We are.



You gotta tell me about Dominguez.

El Llor?n...

He's not the...



What the hell did you do?

Watch it, Hop! Watch it!

You did it again!

- I knew I couldn't trust you.
- What the hell are you talking about?

You say I wouldn't play bad cop for you?

I came here to get my note! Got it?

You got a problem with that?

You could lay down
right next to that bitch!

What are you doing?

What do you think?
You think I'm gonna stay here?

I'm getting the hell out of here, Hop.

You should too.


Detective Battle?
You found me a happy end?

No, but I found these.

Two cold case hits match
and the same MO as Garza:

One to the head, two to the chest.

And both crime scenes
had errant prints
belonging to one guy.

Miguel Dominguez, who's that?

Garza's killer.

Hold on, this guy was in prison
when the murder was committed.

Listen. I know what I'm suggesting
might sound a little...

- Insane?
- Implausible.

It's Dominguez.

We just need to find an errant print
from the Garza scene.

Oh, we've got an errant print...
On the gun.

It belongs to Hopper.

I don't know your partner, but...

He's our guy.

I wanna recheck the gun.

- You're reaching, Battle.
- Then let me reach!

It's how we found Hoffa right ?

Beneath the gold post at the metal ends.

I need to see the gun
from the Garza murder.

You're the IO?

- Not but I...
- I am.

Do what she wants.

Ok, just give me a second.

We don't have the gun.

What do you mean?

It's been checked out.

Checked out by who?

Detective... Spyvak.

I'm Spyvak!

- Yeah.
- I'm Detective Brett Hopper.

I'm conducting a police investigation.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.

My cousin has one of those
and he ain't a real cop.

Show me something else.

- What do you want, Brett Hopper?
- May I come in?

Miss Zapanta, you live here by yourself?

Alma. Yeah, just me.

Do you know a man named Louis Torrez?

Tobias Booth?

Doesn't sound like my flavor.

What about Miguel Dominguez?

I don't know, I don't think so.

You don't know
or you just don't remember.

Men in my life come and go,
I don't know who's got a name.

What is this really about?

I found your address in a man's wallet.

Louis Torrez.
I think you may be in danger.

Maybe he just wanted to buy a painting.

Well, I have reason believe he is
a dispatcher for a contract killer.

He had your address.

- You could be his next target.
- Why would anybody wanna kill me?

Excuse me.

- Andrea, what did you get?
- You were right.

I've found Dominguez's prints
on two other crime scenes.

But not at Garza's.

- What ? Did you recheck the gun ?
- I tried: only one problem.

- It's gone.
- What do you mean "gone"?

Chain of evidence says
Spyvak signed out.

But I was with him,
I'm telling you he had no idea.

Alright, it means I gotta go back
tomorrow and get the gun.

What are you talking about?


I gotta stop doing that.

Miss Zapanta, is there anyone
that you think would wanna harm you?


But they're dead.

What do you mean?

I can take care of myself, detective.

Why don't you find someone else to save?

Hey, it's me.

Thank God. I've been so worried.

Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry I haven't had time to...

call you today.
I just want to make sure you're okay.

- make sure you were safe.
- I'm fine why wouldn't I be?

I know you've been hearing
a lot of crazy things about me today

You need to know,
I'm trying to clear my name.

What's going on? Where are you?

I'm waiting for this guy,
Miguel Dominguez.

Sorry I can't tell you more.

Are you with Chad?

Yeah. How did you know?

It doesn't matter, just...

stay with him tonight, OK?


I see you tomorrow.

Alright baby? I promise,
I see you tomorrow.


- Yeah.
- What did he say?

That I should stay here with you.


You've got a hell of a tasted man.

Where do you keep the blankets?

Hall closet.

Everything okay?

Yeah, one of my bulbs burned out.

Where do you keep spares?

In the kitchen.


Hey! Morning.

You're in a good mood, this morning.

There's this murder case
I've been trying to close off.

Trying to put behind me and...

- They got finally got a handle on it.
- Really?

Yeah, Andrea came up
with some evidence

that kinda support this theory
I got going on, so...

That's great news.

I still have to catch the guy, but...

- We should celebrate.
- OK.


- Unless you wanna...
- Unless I wanna what?

Unless I wanna what?

No, I gotta go to the house
and see what's up to Rambis,

I gotta get this gun, maybe...
get it print in.

I got this stuff too... I'm rather busy.

Zapanta. Z-A-P-A-N-T-A.

First name : Alma.
2216 Moulton Avenue.

- Got that?
- Yeah.

- What's so important about this girl?
- She may be the target

of a contract killing.

Anything you can find will be helpful.

I'll look into it.
Did you get the gun yet?

I'm on the way to my apartment
right now.

Had to help... Rita... with some stuff.

Is that what the kids
are calling it these days?

I've got IA at 11a.m.
Don't let your stuff make me late.

Hey, buddy.
What's up?

Want some treats?

Let's go!

Hey, Mr. Hopper!
Your apartment has a leak.

I know, I was just coming up
to investigate.

No problem, I'll tell the plumbers.

- What you doing Mr. Hopper?
- Shut up!

Very bad. He was not supposed
to move in here for a week.

- Who?
- The new tenant, Mr. Jarvik.

I should charge him for this.

They were running surveillance on me.

Mr. Zeitoun, these plumbers-- were they
two of them? Tall white dudes?

- Dark jackets?
- Yes.

Why would they do this?
I just painted these walls.

Upstairs. Move!

It's Jarvik.

He must have come in here
to clean and surprised them.

Them? Who is ?them??

The men that you saw weren't plumbers.
Their names are Fencik and Buchalter.

They're parked across the street
in a blue Sedan.

They killed him.

Police! Open up!

What's.. What are you doing?

Open the door and don't let them in.

- Why?
- Don't let them in, I'm the police.

Don't let in!

Heard some yelling.
Is everything alright?

Yes, everything is fine, no problem.

Have you seen your tenant
from downstairs?

Yes, absolutely... No.

- Have you seen him or not?
- He was here,

- but no, he's not... There is leak!
- Where's Hopper?

- Where is he?
- I think he's taking care

of the dead man in the tub.

Blue Jay, what's your status?

Blue Jay! No sign of Hopper, sir.

You and me, we're gonna talk.


Tacos, uh?

- Breakfast of champions.
- I'm out for a run this morning.

- Worked up an appetite.
- I know.

Not many people actually outrun SWAT.

The gun's in there.

I don't even wanna know
how you got this.

They planted it in my apartment.

They're gonna try and tell
the prints on it are mine.

I've a feeling the real killer left it
as a calling card.

I'm running down this ID.

Say you got it from a drug bust or some,
don't say you got it for me.

- And don't let it out of your sight.
- You think someone'd tamper with it?

Think it might get up and walk away.

So I ran a background on Alma Zapanta

No prior, just got speeding tickets.

There's gotta be something.

There is one thing.
I checked with the county records

and apparently she grew up
in foster care.

Horrible story.
The parents were murdered.

Ever found the guy who did it?

It was her brother.

He almost killed her
after he got the parents.

Wait, Zapanta?

Is that her real name?

No. Birth name was Dominguez, why?

Alma Dominguez.

She's El Llor?n's sister.

Are you ready Mr. Zeitoun?

Everybody face forward.

Do you recognize any of these men?

Those men.
Those two.

Numbers three and six.

They are the plumbers.

They're the ones
who put Mr. Jarvik in tub.

They did not fix leak.

Fencik and Buchalter.

They're ex-sheriff's deputies.

Nothing worse than a dirty cop.

Is he tied to one of the other ass
through the wall?

To make you happier,
you can bog 'em 1st degree murder.

I'm Detective Brett Hopper.

- Brett Hopper?
- May I come in?

I need to speak to you
about your brother.

- I don't have a brother.
- His name is Miguel Dominguez.

That's your given name, isn't it?

Alma Dominguez?

You must have me confused
with someone else.

His name is Miguel.

He also goes by El Llor?n.
The Crying Man.

He killed your parents,
he tried to kill you.

You don't know anything about me.

I know you're lying.

You need to leave.

You've been hiding from him
ever since.

That's why you changed your name?

- Just leave!
- If he knows you're alive,

he's gonna come back after you,
finish what he started.

Your brother's been in prison 17 years

- and you're still scared!
- Just stop it!

Oh my God.

I knew this day would come.

You want everybody
to think you're dead, don't you?

I am dead.

Changing my name

was the only way to be safe.

I'm sorry, but I think somebody
out there already knows the truth.

I found your address in a man's wallet.

Louis Torrez.

I think he may have tracked you down
on behalf of your brother.

- My brother's in prison.
- No, he got out.

Killed someone last night.
Alberto Garza.

And I don't think he's done.

How could you know all this?

Excuse me.

I have to take this.

The gun you gave me,
your prints weren't on it.

Were there any prints on it?

Rednazki found an unspent round
in the clip.

There's one clean print on the casing,
but it doesn't make any sense.

Yes, because it belong to this guy,
Miguel Dominguez,

locked up in Pelican Bay.

How did you...

Is that the guy
you thought was Alma's fondest brother?

Yeah, and I'm afraid
she may be his next victim.

- Hopper, the guy's in prison.
- Andrea, listen to me.

I need you to go to Robbery/Homicide.

Find Detective Choi, he'll listen.

Alright, tell him everything,
have him run ballistics.

Tell him the gun should match
the three bullets in Garza's body.

I'm on it.

He just showed... at my door...
That's what I'm telling you.

No, his name is Brett Hopper.

He's looking for you.

He knows about you,
the prison, Torrez...

He's standing right here in front of me.
Yeah, I'll tell him.

How could you talk to him?

How could you protect that monster
after what he did to your family?

- After what he did to you?
- He didn't to this to me!

My father did this to me
and my mother stood there and watched.

They're the monsters,
my brother tried to save me.

Are you his contact?

Torrez comes here to you.

You give El Llor?n the orders.

You know why they call him
the crying man ?

You think those tears are
for the people he kills?

El Llor?n cries for me.

You were talking to him
and you said I'll tell him what?

Tell me what?

My brother said that you don't have
to find El Llor?n.

El Llor?n will find you.


Hey... I've been meaning to tell you:

I knocked down that wall
you hated in the kitchen.

You were right.

Makes the whole place feel bigger.

You should come over
check it out some time.

Hey, this is Rita...
Leave the message.

- What?
- You need to change that ringtone.

I like it.

Some people just don't quit.

Where do you keep your blankets ?

Aren't you glad
you finally picked up that phone?

I'm a ghost.

I'll be back.

And you'll be dead.


and everyone you love.

Miguel Dominguez, you're under arrest
for the murder of Alberto Garza.

You have the right to remain silent,

anything you say can and will be used
against you...

Dominguez's prints
are on the murder weapon.

We may have a few loose ends,

but everybody can see it as it is,
about now.

And the Feds are on their way.

They'll make sure Dominguez
never steps out of a cell again.

They're also looking into the names
that you provided.

Conrad Detweiler, Tobias Booth.

And we'll bring in Mrs. Garza back in

sort out her conflict in testimony.

Alright, good.

It's been a long way to assist you, Hop.

Don't know how you figured it all out
so fast.

It wasn't as fast as it looks.

Well, it's over.

Now you're a free man.

Go home, get some sleep,
you both look like you could use some.

Yeah, the sooner we can put
this day behind us, the better.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Excuse me.

Something wrong?

Everything's gonna be OK.

I think we finally figured it out.

You must be glad
this day is over.

You wanna watch the sunrise with me?

I'll be right back.


You're a free man.

Here comes the sun!
You're gonna miss it!


Something wrong?