Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 5 - What If They're Stuck? - full transcript

After trying to get some crucial information from Chad that could help exonerate him and end the never-ending day, Hopper finds himself in a hostage situation.

My name is detective
Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up?!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder...

Who the hell are you people??

My girlfriend Rita
will be in danger.

I know all this because
I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

Every day,
I get another chance.

For every decision,
there's a consequence.

Every day,
I get another clue.

Hopper, you should have received
a package today. It's important.

So far I've got an hourglass
with a fingerprint

and a photo
from an old crime scene.

I'm looking into a homicide
from 1991.

- That's when I first met your old man.
- My father was there??

He was the lead detective on it.
But he didn't close it.

Evidence went missing,
and it just all fell apart.

To find out more
about this evidence,

I have to get past
Rita's ex-husband Chad...

Why do I get the feeling
you know more than you're telling??

- Because I do.
- And go to the one place

that's most dangerous to me...

Police headquarter.

- Give me that.
- No.

- Stop playing.
- What's... what's a "nitzberg"??

A nitzberg, that's a name I'm using
for this undercover thing.

- Really??
- Yeah.

You're so not a nitzberg.

- Well, that's the point.
- And who's Sid??

- Sid, there's a Sid on there??
- Here. "Take hourglass to Sid."

That's S-I-D, silly,
scientific investigations division.

After I drop you off at work,
I'm going downtown.

The hourglass is evidence,
and I need to see if S.I.D.

can pull a print on it for me.

Sounds like a busy day.

Yeah, it's pretty crazy,

but, for the first time
in a while,

I think I see some daylight.

- Watch commander.
- Yeah, this is Hopper. Any messages??

- Anybody looking for me??
- Hang on, let me check.

All right.

Na Hop, nothing
but crickets on this end.

All right, cool.
I'll call back later.

Hopper. Hold up.

I'll be there in 15.

Hey, lieutenant.

I know what's going on.

You do??

What time is your I.A. meeting
with Shelton??

- At 3?:00.
- All right.

You hang tough,
and don't do anything stupid.

A little late for that.

Don't touch the bobblehead.

I need you to run a print
on this hourglass.

Here you go. You know the drill.
Call you in about a week.

- No. I need it today.
- That's gonna be a problem.

I already got 20 guys
who need it yesterday.

Hey, here's a thought. Why don't
you come back last week,

and then I can have it ready
for you this afternoon??

So are we doing this or not??

All right. Can you run
this D.R. number for me instead??

Is it connected
to this hourglass??

Yeah, that's what
I'm trying to figure out.

Come on,
it'll take two seconds.

What's the number??

- "91-11"...
- 91?? As in 1991??



- That's weird.
- What??

You're the second cop to open up
this Jane Doe in a couple days.

- Who's the first??
- Some tool in I.A.,

Chad Shelton.

I need to talk to you.

That's why we have a 3?:00.
Fix your watch. Come back then.

Jane doe.
15-year-old homicide.

Sounds fascinating.
Talk to cold case.

Yeah, well, I hear
you're looking into it.

- Doesn't ring a bell.
- It's a case my father worked on,

an unsolved homicide.

Your dad had a lot of those.

Be more specific.

D.R. Number 91-118394641.

- 4641, huh??
- Yeah.

Well, let me think.

Is that the murder book?? Huh??
Is that the case??


Hey, man, why are you
messing with me??

'Cause I don't like you.


Yeah, yeah.

I understand.

For you.

Detective Hopper, you're under arrest
for the murder of Alberto Garza.

Why'd you do it, man??

I'm not saying a damn thing
until you bring me Rita Shelton.

It's embarrassing, isn't it,
chained up??

I've got to get to my brother?!

I thought it'd be different
this time. Didn't you??

You know what
I'm talking about.

You and me are the same,
salt and pepper,

a couple of flies
in the ointment.

You don't... you don't believe me??
I can prove it.

Give me your arm.

Quick, before they take one of us away.
Just... come on, hurry up.

I told you,
we taste the same?!

We all taste
just like chicken?!

Look, it gets worse before
it gets better. Just ask my brother.


Okay, listen to me.
Everything is gonna be all right.

I'm gonna get you out of this.

I wouldn't make any promises
just yet, detective Hopper.

You and your friend
Ms. Shelton are here

because you're going to confess
to the killing of Alberto Garza.

Okay, okay, whatever you want.

Okay?? Just...
just let Rita go.

Well, it's not that simple.

Yes, it is. You got me.

All right?? I confess.
I killed Garza.

You're scared, rightfully so,

but I don't think
you understand

the importance
of what I'm asking.

What are you talking about??!

I'm cooperating, all right??
What else do you want from me??

The hourglass??

You want that... that picture
with the girl on it?? Is that it??

It seems I underestimated
your awareness of the situation.

I don't know what they mean.
You can have them. Take'em.

Just let her...
let... let... let her go.

Tell me,

do you believe in d?j? vu??

What... what did you say??

I'm reminded of another time,
another place...

and a different
detective Hopper.

What are you talking about??

You see, a long time ago,

I made an error in judgment.

Now it's come back
to haunt me.

You know what that error was,


People will promise
anything to avoid pain.

Get away from her. Hey.

Hey, get away from her?!
Get away from her?!

Get away...

Now remember...

there are other people
you care about...

- Your sister...
- Please, no?!

- her children...
- Okay, I'll do whatever you want.

I will do whatever you want.

It's an empty promise.

- No?!
- It needs to be clear.

No, no.

You need to understand
just how serious I can be.

No?! Rita, no...




- Rita?!
- No?!


It was hilarious.

So the father stops for a second
to put a new tape in his camcorder.

He was one of those scary,
overinvolved dudes

who probably videotaped
the moment of conception...

so he puts back the tape,
and rushes into the delivery room...

and I'm so boring you.

No, no you're not.
Please keep talking.

No, no, it's okay.
I know my nurse stories

aren't as exciting as, you know,
"tell me where the bomb is."

You scared me.

W hat??

I'm just really glad
you're here.

Who are you right now and what
did you do with Brett Hopper??

Okay, so you offer
to drive me to work.

Now we're sitting here
having breakfast.

Is there something
you want to tell me??

Actually, there is.

I've been working
on this new case,

and it involves
some pretty scary people,

and I'm afraid of what these people
might be willing to do.

So honey, promise me, all right??

If you ever, and I mean ever,

find yourself in a position where
you cannot get in contact with me,

I need you to call Chad.
He'll keep you safe.

What's... what's that
supposed to mean??

I know it sounds crazy...

but believe me...

Hey, man, don't ever wake me up
this early again no more, all right??

- All right, man, thanks.
- All right.

What the hell was that??

Just a present.


Tomorrow night,
behind the dugout.

Gotta get me prints
on this bad boy A.S.A.P.

Done... and done.

Excuse me, lieutenant Graves??

I have some paperwork here
for you to fill out.

Sorry, not now.
You'll have to put it on my desk.

Captain wants to see me.
Something about Brett Hopper

and this Alberto Garza murder.

I see you.

What?? There are menus...

Hey, where is it??

- Where's what??
- The murder book.

D.R. Number 91-118394641.
You have it.

No, I don't.

You're lying.

I'd be careful if I were you.

I need the files
in that book.

What, did you sniff some glue
this morning, Hopper??

Where did you put it??

All right,
it's not in your office.

My office, you went through my office??
You went through my stuff??

I.A. has classified files.
I can have you arrested for that.

I'm not leaving without it.

Do this the hard way.

I need that book...




Way to go, genius.


All right, guys,
let's hustle up.

S.W.A.T. command at R.H.D.
in five minutes. Let's go.

Hey, let's go.

Hopper's always been a bit
of a bull in a china shop.

Any bad blood
between the two of them??

You mean other than Hopper
banging Shelton's wife??


Andrea, this is lieutenant
Romero, S.W.A.T.

Detective Battle.
She's Hopper's current partner.

Your Lt was just telling me about this
Garza business. How much do you know??

Enough that I can tell
something's not right here.

This isn't Hopper.

Your honest assessment,
how tough is this gonna be??

Hopper's stubborn, you know?? Sometimes
that's a good thing. Sometimes...

let's just say
I don't envy Shelton.

Stay close. I want you
in the command post.

Okay, Hopper's here
in the I.A. bullpen.

There are exterior windows, but they
don't open. Everything's locked tight.

I've got shooters down each of these
hallways here, here, and here.

There's only one way out,
and that's through us.

Okay, Hopper's not dumb.
He knows what's coming.

Then we won't disappoint him.

All we gon'do is talk.

I like to talk.
Ask my last two wives.

99 out of 100 times,
that's all a person wants.

And what about
the one person who doesn't??

I've been doing this
a long time.

We don't explore other options
until my jaw falls off.

Says here we'll have eyes and ears
on Hopper in a couple of minutes.

I want to put my men in these halls.
Nothing personal.

Don't want anybody getting nervous,
going all cowboy on us.

So has anyone tried
to call Hopper yet??

Yes. He's not
answering his phone.

Typical Hopper.

You gonna pick it up,
or what??

Hello. You know they're just gonna keep
letting it ring until somebody answers.

I know the protocol.
Get demands,

kill the A.C.,

- eyes and ears...
- What??!

Hopper, it's Graves.

I'm gonna hand you over
to S.W.A.T. lieutenant Romero.

He's been doing this
20 years, so...

All right, put him on.

Everybody okay
in there, Hopper??

Yeah, well, Chad's ego's a bit bruised,
but I think he'll be just fine.

- How about you?? You okay??
- I've had better days.

Look, I know you're wanted for Garza's
murder, so I won't sugarcoat this.

I've got 10 S.W.A.T. guys,
about 40 cops, two snipers

and one meat wagon
out here, Hopper.

Give me a reason
to send the meat wagon home.

Okay, send'em home, then.

We can forget this whole thing
ever happened.

Love to, but I can't.

But you have a lot of people out here
who really love and care about you...

Who care about me, who wanna
see me get through this alive.

Whatever, man. Let's just
get to it. All right, now...

these are my demands.

All right.

I wanna see
my girlfriend Rita Shelton

and my sister Jennifer Mathis
with her kids, brought here.

- Anything else??
- No. That's it.

Bring them here so I can see them,
and know that they're safe.

That's it.

Found the murder weapon
in Hopper's closet.

Yeah, I heard.

Hey, look, pretend
you're a cop for a second.

Okay, but it's a stretch.

- Just pretend that you killed Garza.
- I can do that.

Now would you hide the murder
weapon in your closet??


Would you stroll into a police station
afterward and take a guy hostage??

I see what you're getting at,
but you're forgetting something.

- What's that??
- People are stupid.

This is a D-2
we're talking about here, man.

Other than us, how many people
on the whole force knew

that Hopper was
being taken down??

- Maybe a half dozen.
- Exactly. Hopper knows the drill,

knows that word wouldn't go wide
until late this afternoon.

Well, so he's smart enough
to know that, but stupid enough

to pull a gun on a cop in a police
station??'Cause that makes sense.

Who'd he take hostage,

Shelton in I.A.

Really?? Looks like christmas
came early this year.

You know you're wasting
your time.

S.W.A.T.'s wiring the place.
You're never gonna find anything.

Hey, sit down.

At least put the cuffs in front.
I'm losing circulation here.

What was all that crap
about Rita and your sister,

all you want's
the murder book, huh??

That's between me and you.

I don't trust any of the cops
in this place.

Why were you looking into
one of my father's old cases??

I told you I don't know
what you're talking about.

I.A. pulls old files
all the time.

I can't remember half the crap
I sign off on. It's standard procedure.

Get it, or should I talk slower??

You want the book,
why don't you just ask for it??

Why use Rita as leverage??

- Hey, she's not leverage.
- The worst part is, she's gonna come

- running right in here to save you...
- Do I need to gag you??

You don't deserve her.
You never did.

That ship sailed
a long time ago, Chad.

Let it go.

Picture's up.

I know it's hard to watch a friend
do something this irrational.

If Hopper pulled a gun on Chad Shelton,
he did it for a rational reason.

Gonna see how we're doing
on Rita and his sister.

Ballistics are a match.
The gun in Hopper's closet

- is the same one that killed Garza.
- What about the prints??

The lab's backed up.

Roknowski has some rush job.

Any chance we might
get audio in my lifetime??

We got sound.

... bring her in.

Hopper's sister and her kids are en
route, but there's no word on Rita yet.

If you really give a damn about Rita,
you'd keep her out of it.

I'm trying to protect her.

- You're bringing her into harm's way.
- Hey, sit down.

- You want to see her hurt. Is that it??
- Get your ass back in that chair?!

If you give up now,
they'll bring her in.

- I can't do that.
- You would

- if you really cared about her.
- If I get caught, she gets killed.

- Is that some kind of threat??
- No, there are people after me.

- They'll kill her.
- What people??

- I don't know.
- You don't know'cause you're a liar.

- I'm not lying. I've seen it.
- You've seen Jack...

- I've seen it happen?!
- I'm not listening to any more...

I've seen Rita die?!

I have seen
Rita die three times.

If I get caught,
she gets killed.

- What the hell are you talking about??
- I'm living this day over and over.

If I get caught,

Rita will die...



This is gonna end well.


This is perfect.

It's just so you.

Basically, the whole world,
the very concept of time,

revolves around Brett Hopper,

'cause you're so special.

Man, and people say I got an ego.

I know how it sounds,
but it's the truth.

So every morning at quarter past 6,

Rita, Andrea,

all these people who've died
the previous day they're all alive again??

Well, if there's some
cosmic reset button,

why waste time with civility??

Why not just march on in here,
machine guns blazing,

perforate us all,
take what you want??

Gee, I don't know...

maybe because it's wrong??

Why don't you just give up now
and start again tomorrow??

I can't do that.

- Why??
- Didn't you just hear a word I said??

I've seen Rita die three times.


seeing her executed...

hearing the gunshot

that takes her life...

hearing her screaming.

Would you want to live through that
over and over again??

I can't un-see that...

and you know what
the scariest thing is??

I don't know when tomorrow's gonna come.

What if this day stops repeating??

I get caught, and she dies,

and then tomorrow comes

and she's gone...


Would you take that chance??

Thanks for coming in, Mrs. Mathis.

We just want to ask you
a few questions about your brother.

Of course.
Anything I can do.

You know, I...

I knew your father back in the day.

He was a good man.

Thank you.

It was a real shame what happened.

Yeah, it took us all by surprise.


you're close to your brother??

Very close.

Great, and if he were going
through a difficult time,

- he'd confide in you??
- You know, it's hard to say.

I mean, you get it
the whole stoic cop thing.

He's very much like our dad that way.

Nothing ever seems to faze them,
and then...

you know, one day...

Has your brother ever
expressed any ideas

that you'd describe as paranoid
or conspiratorial??

- Conspiratorial??
- Yeah.


What are you implying??

- We're just trying to determine...
- no, you're implying that

Brett is doing all this
because of a history of mental illness

in our family.

I'd like to see my brother now.


I've got somebody who wants
to speak to you.


Remember what we talked about.

Hey, Brett. It's me.

Jen, are you okay??

- I'm fine.
- And the kids?? How are the kids??

- They're safe. We're all here.
- Okay, okay.

We all want
what's best for you, Brett.

We want you and...

and Chad to get out safely.

- Satisfied??
- Did you find Rita yet??

We're still working on it.

Look, Hopper,

we had an agreement.

I came through for you.
Your sister is safe.

- Now I showed good faith...
- I know where this is going.

I'll give you Chad
when you bring me Rita Shelton.

Let's get another camera in
there right now. Move?! Move?!

What are you thinking??

I have concerns that Hopper
has a different agenda

than he's been telling us.

You think he's saying good-bye.

- I've seen it enough times.
- That's ridiculous.

He's concerned about his girlfriend
because we can't find her.

What if we do, we bring her in,

- then what??
- What if we find her and she's dead??

Thank you, detective.

Let's take the A.C. Out in there.

I don't want Hopper to get
too comfortable.

- You were shot??
- Yes.

- When was this??
- Today.

- I mean, like...
- How many "todays" ago??

I don't know. I lost track.

Your wounds carry over even
though no one else's do??

Yep, except for the bandages.

I gotta patch this up every day.

So you get shot, you can die.

- I'm guessing, yeah.
- Good to know.

While you're over there
cracking yourself up,

you realize they still
haven't found Rita.

For all I know,
they already got her.

They'll find her.

You hear that??

Yeah, they killed the air.

I hate this part.

Gotta say, even though you're
riding on the short bus,

I applaud your attention to detail.

Swapping the cell phone battery,
the girl at the pool,

the bus and margo, is it??

It's good stuff.

What comes after the bus thing??

I'm serious.
I want to know.

I go to my mailbox
and I get a package.

And what's in it??


something that might clear me.

Hey, hi.

- Hi.
- hi.

Who in the hell is calling him??

- Yeah.
- Before you say one word to me,

they still got ears
on you in that room.

For the record, you sound like
a complete whack job.

Yeah, well, I got more important
things to worry about right now.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't be so sure.
They've got you on suicide watch.


Listen, there's a suction mike
on the window, west side of the room.

Lift up the blind.
You'll see it.

Oh, and you might also
notice the half-dozen snipers

waiting to ventilate
your bughouse of a brain.

Get in the chair.

Hurry up, get in the chair.

Where the hell is my picture??

- He's losing it.
- I need you to do something for me.

- I need three guys. Move, move?!
- Yes, sir.


let's just say that you're not
completely nuts.


posit the notion that you could be
living the same day

over and over.
How is that possible,

what with the laws of physics and all??

You're not gonna start with
that Discovery Channel stuff, are you??

You know, in these last few
wonderful hours,

my thoughts have alternated between

why you'd be trapped in the same day

and the most painful way
I could kill you when I get my hands free.

I'm thinking about this theory
I read about

in an actual book, Hopper,

time as a texture.

Sometimes it's smooth,
sometimes it's soft...

but other times, it can be sticky.

- Sticky??
- Yeah.

Maybe you're stuck.

And here I thought you'd blame it
on all the tree huggers

like you do everything else.

Or maybe it's more rooted
in quantum physics.

You ever read "Mobius transformations
and the doppler shift,"

or "spacetime mediation
of quantum interactions"?

This is so you.

- What??
- Just like back in the day,

always showing off that education,

like all these plaques
you got up in your office.

I'm not showing off.

You know, forget my theories.

Maybe your mom just dropped
you on your head too many times

when you were a kid.

At least I put some thought into it.

Why do you think it's happening??

You gotta have some theories.

It's irresponsible not to.

I don't know.

At first I thought it was because
I was injected with that...

that drug, but...

I'm not talking physical,
"how" it's happening.

I'm talking the metaphysical "why".

Well, maybe it's not about why.

Maybe things just happen to people.

Maybe you were chosen.

No, I...

I definitely have not been chosen.

Well, then how do you explain it,
Buck Rogers??

In your gut,
what does it feel like it is??

I feel like I'm being punished.


for what??

Maybe you're the victim of
some government conspiracy, huh??

I hear they've been doing
some experiments...

- on stupid cops.
- Sit down.

- That would explain a lot.
- Sit down.

Sit down.

- Initiate, now?!
- Move, move, move?!


Jackson, stand down?!

- Get the hell back?!
- Stand down?!

You, get back.

- What the hell was that??
- Is everyone okay??

Shut up, shut up?!
I'm only dealing with Andrea Battle.

I should blow your head off.

- You tried to kill me?!
- I saved your ass. A thank you would be fine.

You stop lying?!
Stop lying?!

That sniper was gonna put a bullet in
your head, but I pushed you out of the way.

Guy had a. 45. Real bullets.

Shoot to kill.
That's not protocol.

They should have entered non-lethal...

flash-bangs and...

- bean bag rounds.
- The second team did.

Why'd you do it??

To save your ass??

Well, you may be all psycho right now,

but we were friends once, partners.

I didn't want to see you
go out like that.

Yeah, we were partners,

but we weren't, uh...
I mean...

we rode together
every day for two years.

Fine. Whatever way you wanna put it.

By the way, you owe me $171
and 53 cents.


I bought coffee twice
as much as you did.

About time you paid your debts.

You kept a tab??

I'm thorough.

It's what makes me good at what I do.

Here you go.
The print was in the system.

- Hopper. Isn't that the...
- Thank you.

Hopper will only talk to you.

Come on.

I've got a solution.

If everyone you care about
is in trouble because of you,

why don't you take yourself
out of the equation??

- What are you talking about??
- Kill yourself.

Seems to me if you die,
everyone else will be fine.

- Oh, see, you're not getting off that easy.
- Pretty please??

I can't, not if I can change the day.

What about Rita??

You're saying you could do something
to change her situation??


What about the guys
that are after Rita??

- What do they want from you, anyway??
- They wanna me to confess to Garza's murder.

- So confess.
- I did,

but they said that
I didn't take them seriously.

What could be more serious
than taking a cop hostage

in a police station to save
the woman you love, huh??

Come on, man,
what kind of cop are you??

All these days, you haven't figured
out one way to contact these guys??

You remember Baxter, right??

Yo, Hop.

Been looking for you, man.

Damien, I need to speak to Baxter.


Well, if I see that fed,
I'll pass word along.

Well, that should be easy,'cause I know
he's stuffed in the back of your truck.

It's for you.

It's Hopper.

- Hopper??
- Baxter, listen good,

because I only have time
to tell you this once.

Now you gotta follow
my exact instructions,

or Damien will kill you.
Do you understand me??

- Yes.
- All right, now I know about the guys

who've been squeezing you,
in the blue Sedan.

I need you to contact them
for me and tell them

I will give them whatever they want.

Okay?? I will confess,
but only if they let Rita go.

All right, you got that??


You also gotta tell them

now this is really important--listen--

I know how serious this is.

I understand how serious this is.

Repeat that back to me.

You understand how serious this is.

All right.

Now, Baxter, if you screw me on this,

you will die.

I need to make a call.

Detective Battle's here.

Thanks for coming, detective.

Rita Shelton's car was just found
on Cahuenga Boulevard...

keys still in the ignition,
she's nowhere to be found.

What do you need me to do??

- Yeah.
- Hey, Hopper.

- Heard you missed me.
- Did you get it??

That thing you asked about...

matched a guy named Miguel Dominguez.

He's been in Pelican bay since'89,

serving five consecutive life sentences,

so there's no way

he could've killed anyone in'91,
let alone Garza.

I thought they were connected.

What about Rita??

He deserves to know the truth.

No, it's the only card we have.

They found her car.
She's missing.

That was irresponsible.

You might've just cost us
two lives in there.

Now get out.

We're ending this now.

This is all your fault?!

All you had to do was give
me the murder book.

You come storming on in here...
did you even think to look in cold case...

you know, where they keep
the unsolved murder books??

You didn't even look, did you??

No, I didn't go down there,'cause you told me

it was in that damn filing
cabinet right there.

- I never said that.
- Yes, you did.

- When??
- Today.


How the hell am I gonna get down there??

How am I gonna get the murder book??

Looks like your time is up.

Yours, too.

Don't shoot?!

- Don't shoot. We're coming out.
- If I die, he dies.

If I die, he dies.


Did I ever tell you about our honeymoon??

Rita and I were on our way to Vegas.

It was a saturday night.

I had this big special dinner planned,

and there was this dog...

thing got nailed on the 15.

It was this mangy stray.

It was all bloody,
on its last legs...

and meanwhile,
I got bottles of Dom on ice,

a 7-course feast, violins,
the whole shot.

Rita had to stop,

had to try to save the thing, huh??

Hopper, where you going??

Took a while, but I finally
convinced her we had to go.

She was just so torn up over it.

That's when I knew...

that's when I knew I'd made
the right decision,

that this was the woman for me.

Hopper, you are leaving us no choice.

A woman with that much heart...

you know, the only reason
she's with you

is she pities you, Hopper.

Is that right??

She's a rescuer.

She needs things she can save.

That why she married you??

No, that's why it didn't work out.

I don't need saving.

Never did.

I was fine just the way I was.

- Stop right there, Hopper.
- I ain't going nowhere.

- I'm just trying to get to cold case.
- You promised to release chad

if we brought your sister
and Rita Shelton.

Yeah, and you failed.

Rita, did they hurt you??

Are you okay??

- I'm all right.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- We need to know

that you are a man of your word.

We need to know
how serious you are.

I don't think you understand
the seriousness of what I'm asking.

You see that??
You see that??


Now we kept our part of the deal.

I need you to keep yours.

I confess.

I confess to killing Alberto Garza.

All right?? I did it.

You hear me??



Okay. Hey, had.

- Yeah??
- Just so you know,

it was never loaded.

Move, move, move?!

Hey, don't worry...

I'll look out for her.

Oh and if you're right...

the book's in the front seat of my car.

Brett Hopper, you're under arrest for
the murder of assistant D.A. Alberto garza.

You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up the right to remain silent,

anything you say can and will
be used against you in a court of law.

Transcript?: Raceman

Synchro?: Seth Cohen et Dingo
Trad?: Jayson. sosweet - Csivore