Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 6 - What If They Find Him? - full transcript

Hopper tracks down a major player in the conspiracy to frame him for Garza's murder. He also discovers that he must continue to heed the warning of the consequences of his decisions when his actions turn out to affect the day in the worst possible ways imaginable.

My name is detective Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything...

Put your hands up?!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder...

Who the hell are you people??

My girlfriend Rita
will be in danger.

I know all this because
I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same
but different things happen.

- Every day, I get another chance.
- For every decision,

there's a consequence.

Garza sent evidence to my sister
Jennifer and me before he died.

I think whoever killed this girl
killed Garza.

My partner Andrea helped me
figure out the clues.

That thing you asked about matched
a guy named Miguel Dominguez.

He's serving five consecutive
life sentences.

My informant Damien may know
something that can help me,

but Rita's ex-husband, Chad

had the most important
information of all.

Where is it?? The murder book,
you have it.

- No, I don't.
- You're lying.

If you're right, the book's
on the front seat of my car.

Now that I have the murder book,
I have to find out

who the girl in the picture is.

That thing you asked about

matched a guy
named Miguel Dominguez.

He's been in Pelican Bay

so no way he could have killed

Keep that lyin'bitch
in the trunk.

I'll be there.

They got Baxter,
but they can't find Hop.

I meet a chick like that,
she'll be cooking for me in three days.


No, we agreed this be done
a certain way,

and now you're changing
the plans on me. No...

no, I'm not angry.

I just feel like I keep telling you
the same thing over and over.

Bye, mom.

What are you doing here??

- That was nice.
- That was more than nice.

It's been a while.

A while??

What was last night??

No, I'm just saying... I guess...

I guess I just can't get
enough of you.

Oh, no.

Where do you think
you're going??

I gotta go to the station, pick up
this murder book from this cop

before he leaves for the day.

You're in narcotics.
Why do you need a murder book??

This cold case that my pops
was working on back in the day

may be connected to something
I'm working on right now.

Your dad??

That's kind of weird,

You and your dad
connected through a murder.

There have been stranger things.

What time you supposed
to go meet this cop??

I'm not. I'm just gonna
break into his car and take it.

Yeah, right.

I hope they bust you.

How you holding up??

Eddie wasn't real happy
about rehab, but...

we talked about it.
He knows he needs the help.

- That's good.
- Here's the thing you called about.

Miguel Dominguez.

Gang task force
didn't have much.

This is way too thin
for a guy with five

consecutive life sentences.

Yeah, I know.

It didn't seem right to me, either,
but I checked. That's it.

Hold up.
He's a latin disciple??

It didn't come up
anywhere I checked.

It's the first tag
G.T.F. puts in the system.

Anybody ask you
why you wanted this??


but you got me curious.

Is this connected to the L.D. thing

you're working with the feds??

Yeah, I think so.

And you were gonna
tell me about that one day??

All right, you wanna roll
with me on this,

you find out why there's
only two pages on this guy.

I have I.A. In an hour.

- God forbid I keep Shelton waiting.
- Well...

he'll live.

Any leads on the disciples yet??

I'm about to go chase one down.
Thanks for this.

Where are you going??

Where is he??

- I don't know.
- Huh??

- I don't know. I swear, man.
- Where's Damien??

You gotta be kidding.

We've got a problem.

Hey, ese, you ain't
got no business here.

Turn around
and keep walking.

My business is with Damien.

- You're making a big mistake...
- Move.

It's not what you think?!



You have no right to be here, Hop.

- This is my family.
- I called.

- You didn't pick up.
- You know what this looks like, huh??

The lack of respect??
You coming up in here with a gun??

My moms is here.

What the hell
is wrong with you??

I thought you had more sense
than this. You're on the run, D.

There are skinheads out there
looking for you...

You think I'm running, huh??

I got people looking for me everyday,
Hop. I ain't hidin'from nobody.

And being here is important,
all right??

I promised my niece I'd make it
to her party, and I keep

my promises.
Something you need to work on.

You lucky I'm here with my family, Hop,
or I'd deal with you myself.

- We need to talk.
- Get up out of here, Hop

before I change my mind
about letting you leave.

Two minutes, outside.

I'm gonna be right back,
all right, loco??

Let me handle this hura.

Better make it quick, Hop.

I may be your boy, D.,

But I'm not one of your boys.

We straight on that??

- Oh, I'm gonna remember this.
- Shut up and listen.

Miguel Dominguez...

he's a latin disciple connected to
a murder I'm looking into.

You want me to help you??

Hop, you don't get
that kind of love, all right??

Everything that's happening
to you right now, D.?:

the skinheads,
the hit on the safe house...

all goes back to this guy,

to this case.

What's that??

It's a murder book.

Any info on a murder
goes right in here.

So this is how
you catch bad guys, huh??

Some of'em.

- Who's this??
- She's a Jane Doe.

Looks more like a juanita to me.

Look here.
Now this hourglass

was found next to her dead body.

L.D. prints were all over it.

- So go catch'em, Shaft.
- Already been caught.

Dominguez has been doing life,

Pelican Bay, since'89.

Problem is, she was killed in'91.

Well, he's definitely fam.

Old school as hell, but he ain't ringing
no bells. What'd he do??

Killed his parents in their sleep.

Arrest report said the cops
found him in the kitchen,

- eating on a bowl of cereal, still...
- had all the blood all over him.

So then you do know him??

Not as no damn Dominguez, bro.

Well, as who??

Es el Llor?n.

"The Crying Man".

We don't talk about him, Hop,

- ever.
- Well, you about to talk right now.

He's the bogeyman.

Someone goes missing,
must be el Llor?n.

Kid don't eat his vegetables,
you tell him, el Llor?n is coming,

and he cleans his plate.

El llor?n...

he's like freddy,

kill you in your dreams.

- This is where she was found??
- You know it?? L.D. Territory??

- Nah, man.
- Come on. Don't waste my time, D.

Look, Hop. I got nothing more
to say about el Llor?n.

But I might be able
to help you with her.


El madre Magdalena...

est? el detective Hopper.

?Y por qu? busca
esa muchacha??

She wants to know why
you're looking for her.

Tell her I need to know
who she is...

and why she died.

S?lamente quiero saber quien
era la muchacha,

y porque se muri?.

Venga conmigo.

The sister's been looking
after immigrants and illegals

since I was growing up.

Somebody goes missing,

the families come to her.

They're all missing??


I knew her.

She used to live down the street
from me when I was growing up.

Not that many. We should be
out of here in no time, right??

All right,
where do you wanna start??

- Just start at the beginning.
- I already told you,

- Brett was with me all night.
- Ms. Shelton,

if we could just go through the night
one more time.

He didn't do this.

He got to my house around 9?:00.
He stopped and got chinese,

we watched a movie
and we went to bed around 11?:30.

Did you fall asleep together??

I woke up to use the restroom
around 2?:30. He was still asleep.

He was with me all night.

Will you excuse me??

- She seems pretty credible.
- Why, because she's cute??

How about because she hasn't flinched
from anything we've asked??

- I believe her.
- If she's telling the truth, someone's lying.

- Tell him what you told me.
- You?! About to get outta here !

Man, this toy cop over here said
I had some dime bags on me.

Now I did have'em,

but y'all need to let me
back out on the streets,

'cause you know
I'm on the same team.

- Team??
- Yeah, I been puttin'in work

for Hopper, man.

I'm one of his C.I.'s.

This is what
you brought me here for??

Matter of fact,
I saw my man this morning.

You saw Hopper today??


- Let's talk some more. Come on.
- What??

Oh, come on, man.
I been up here all day.

Yo, Hop, this is way too much work.

Why don't you just tell me
about el Llor?n??

We don't have to mess
with all this.

We're in the basement of a church.
Nobody can hear you.

What, you don't think the devil
ever goes to church??

?Por qu? un hombre al que buscan
por asesino le importa tanto

encontrar un alma perdida??

She said, "why does a man
who's wanted for murder

care so much for a lost soul??"

La polic?a lo ha estado buscando.

Cops been rolling through
the hood looking for you, hop.

Tell her I was framed.

This girl can lead me to the truth.

El dice que le culparon

y esta muchacha
puede llevarlo a la verdad.

Entonces, no es el alma de ella
lo que est? buscando.

- Cause...
- Yeah, I know, I got it.

She still needs
to be found.

Ahora tienen que irse.


We need to see if this girl's mother
still lives around here.

You know what??

Here on out, you need
to do this on your own, Hop.

If this is all connected
to el Llor?n,

I ain't tryin'to be involved
on that level.

You already are, Damien.

Rita, is everything okay??

Brett, where are you??

- What's wrong??
- These two detectives

came and pulled me off my job.
They grilled me.

- Wait, Chad didn't come get you??
- Chad??

I haven't talked to Chad in weeks.

Brett, they're saying
you killed a man.

I know, I know,
and I didn't do it.

I'll explain all that later.
Listen, for now, stay in the house,

no matter what.

All right, I'm gonna call you
right back.

You've reached Chad Shelton.
Leave a message.

Yeah, man, where are you??

No, we agreed this would be done
a certain way,

and now you're changing
the plans on me. No...

no, I'm not angry.

I just feel like I keep telling you
the same thing over and over.

Bye, mom.

What are you doing here??


- This is my family.
- Two minutes.

Got it. Here it is.

Thank you, sister.
All right, let's go.

- Excuse me.
- I told you,

he'll see you when he's ready.

Okay, you know what??

Tell him he can find me
in Narcotics.

Yeah, it's me.

Reschedule, Battle.

He lost the book.

How's your next week looking??

Don't stress, Hop.

This side of town,
you blend right in.

Yeah, right, with this
Bull's-eye on my chest.

That's more like an "S."

Today you're "supercop."

I still can't figure how you found
that picture so fast.

Been looking for it for a while.

I hate this part.

I know what you mean.


Ma'am, I'm detective Hopper.

Are you related
to Isabella Contreras??

Yes, I'm her mother.

May we come in, please??

Thank you.

Yes, ma'am,
we've finally figured out

what has happened to Isabella.

I hate to say this to you, but...

your daughter Isabella
has been killed, Mrs. Contreras.

Con permiso, I...

I've forgotten where the tea is.

Mrs. Contreras...


She was just here yesterday.



Yes. She told me before
she went to work that...

she would be back tomorrow.


Oh, I'm sorry, the tea.

Damn, Hop.

She thinks her daughter
is still alive.

You need to go through her things??

I'm just saying, you need to show
some more respect for the dead.

I'm trying to find
her killer, Damien.

What do you call that??

Hotel soaps and shampoos.

Maybe she worked at a hotel,

cleaned rooms,
kept a few nice things.

You ever heard of a hotel maid
that could afford dinner at Morton's...

or these??

She had a papi chulo.

What, that means "sugar daddy"?

I'm right with you.

Mrs. Contreras, did Isabella work
at a hotel??


a very expensive club.

She tells me all the time
how nice the people are...

very wealthy.

You know the name of the club??

She said it all the time.

Just come back tomorrow
when she's home.

Then you can ask Isabella the name.

Ma'am, I can't come back tomorrow.

Isabella will be sorry
she missed you.

I wish I had Mr. Detweiler's number.

He'd remember.

- Detweiler??
- Yes.

He got Isabella the job
at the club.

You really should
come back tomorrow.

Now we've gotta find
this guy Detweiler.

I was cool helping you
with sister Magdalena,

but after that crazy-ass old lady,

you can do this little "tenspeed and
brown shoe" routine by yourself.

In case you forgot,

- I got my own drama.
- Yeah.

Sure, I'll be there.

He's good.

How the hell did they find us??


Punk-ass bitches
blew up my ride.

We gotta bounce.

I don't give a damn
about that truck.

Listen, anybody come near
my family?: mama, Rosa,

you burn them to hell.

Take me back to my truck??

I got a better idea.

Hey, I just saved your ass.

- T? eres una maldici?n.
- What??

You're bad luck.

- Whatever. Just take me to my truck.
- Your legs ain't broke.


Yo, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait?!

Forgot my damn...


Yeah... Andrea, it's me.

Hopper, I heard something
on the way over here.

I know, I gotta tell you about that.

You know about Chad??

He was gunned down at an A.T.M.
On Olympic and Hope.

- What??
- They think it was an armed robbery.


Damien was attacked,
and Chad was...

- This has never happened before.
- What are you talking about??

You gotta take me to Rita's.


I can't stop crying.

How'd you find out??

They called me at the police station.
He still had me

as a contact.

Well, he was your husband.

I know Chad and I had our problems,

but he was a decent man.

He was good in his own way.

He just... he didn't have to die
like that,

so senseless.

After they told me, all I could keep
thinking about

was you being safe.

- They said...
- I know, I know. It's--it's not true.

Then you shouldn't even be here
if they're looking for you.

No, I wanted to make sure
you were all right.

You should go.

If anything was to ever
happen to you, Brett...


I'm not going anywhere.

- Stop it.
- I don't believe you.

Seriously, I gotta go.

So you're saying no
to breakfast??

When do you eat??
I never see you eat.

I eat. It's just...

I know, cop stuff,

- cop stuff, cop stuff.
- Come on.

So what do you have to do today??

Today I gotta find a guy
named Detweiler.

All right??

- Later.
- Move.

You're going to admit
to killing Alberto Garza.

Why?? Tell me why
this is happening?!

I swear to God,

I will find you.

Can I help you??


Son of a bitch?!

Why are you doing this??

That's funny,
when I asked you why,

you shoved
a needle in my neck.


- Conrad?!
- Margaret, call 9-1-1.

Yeah, Margaret,
why don't you do that??

What do you want??

You're gonna tell me everything,

and then you're gonna give me
one reason why I shouldn't kill you.

Well, there's one.

I'm gonna count to three.



Mr. Detweiler,
I'm detective Brett Hopper.

How can I help you??

Just so we're clear,
I know who you are

and what you're capable of.

I'm sorry. I don't follow.

I also know that your wife Margaret
is in the house

with a shotgun.
Don't call for help.

- Sure you don't want some??
- I wanna know about Garza

and the Contreras girl.

I wanna know why the hell
you're doing this to me.


You didn't say
you had company.


this is detective Hopper.

Hello, detective.

Remember, Timmy's birthday party
is today at 4?:00.

Address is on your desk.

Pleasure to meet you.

Does your family know
what kind of a man you are,

that you torture and kill people
for a living??

My family

is none of your business.

You made my family
your business.

I'm just playing along.


he's a good-looking kid.

Looks just like his mother, Lila.

I bet you can't wait
to go see them,

along with your other
daughter, Catherine.

Yeah, they have a really nice
place in Westwood.

and when did you discover this??


Well, sorry if I seem unimpressed,

but you need to understand
that I've been doing this sort of thing

since you were a little boy
with a toy badge,

chasing after your father's shadow.

What the hell do you know
about my father??

You're not that kind of man.

You don't know
what kind of a man I am.

Trust me when I say that I do,

and you are nothing like
the people that I work for.

What people??

Who do you work for??

People who'd do far worse
than threaten my family.

People who would do far worse
than put a gun to my head,

because that's never been
done before.

You're gonna take me to them.

- No, I'm not.
- Then you're gonna die.


what you don't realize
is that I am prepared

to do whatever it takes

in order to protect my family.


go ahead.

Pull the trigger.

Can I help you??

Everything you want is inside?:

the murder book, the hourglass,
the photo,

all of it. Just...

- make it stop.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't have to come after me,
my sister or Rita.

All right?? It ends today,
you understand??

You and the people
you work for,

- you win.
- It's not that simple.


Make it stop.

He came to your house.

I assume there must be
a leak at the station.

Maybe you should have asked Hopper
how he found you before you let him go.

Sorry, I felt letting him leave
was the best way

to handle the situation,

especially after he left this.

He had everything?:

- the hourglass, the missing film...
- He had the murder book.

How did he get it??

I don't know.

What did he hope to accomplish??

All he said was?:
"Make it stop."

Beyond that, I have no idea
what he knows.

they're not going to be happy
you allowed Hopper

to make contact with you.

And how should I proceed??

If he took the murder book,

he knows much more
than he's letting on.

Burn it all down.

The cop who lost the book...

He was gunned down
at an A.T.M.

The gang leader...


kill them all.

And the girl??

I'll take care of the girl.


Damien, shut up and listen. The skinheads
are still out there looking for you,

all right??
They're in a black van

with a woman painted on the back.

They're trying to kill you.

Andrea, listen to me.

- I need you to do something.
- Jen, are you all right??

- Yeah, Brett, what's wrong??
- Where are you??

On my way to the mall.
Is everything all right??

Yeah, I just wanted to make sure
you're okay.

- I'm fine.
- Where's Randall and the kids??

At the house.

Jen, I need you to get home

Tell Randall if he sees anything
shady, to call the cops.

- Brett...
- Jen, please, just do it.

- Yeah.
- We got the girl.


I'm on my way.

Nah, he's around here somewhere.

They don't stray too far
from where they live.

Tell Fencik once we take care
of this garbage,

we'll call.


heard you were looking
for me.

No, we agreed this would
be done a certain way,

and now you're changing
the plans on me. No...

no, I'm not angry.

I just feel like I keep telling you
the same thing over and over.

Bye, mom.

What are you doing here??

Tell you the truth,

I'm not so sure.

I thought something happened to you.

I'm okay... those detectives,
they said...

I know what they told you.
I didn't do it.

Why... why is this happening??

A lot of people
could have been hurt today

because of something I did...

something I took.

I... I don't understand.

The most important thing
is that you're okay.

Where's the girl??

You said you had her.

This is not a night for mistakes.

I agree, sir.

So what's the problem??

You let him come to your house.

Finish it.

You just remember,

next time it could be you.

People are always
wondering what the difference is

between a warning
and an example.

The difference is rather simple.

Most people don't heed warnings,

but they learn from examples.

This is an example...

how we bury our secrets.

I understand.

Transcript?: Raceman
Synchro - Trad?: Csivore