Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 4 - What If He Can Change the Day? - full transcript

Brett learns of a second package Garza had sent to his sister. At the same time, Andrea asks him for help involving their drug-addled old partner Eddie.

My name is detective
Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up?!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed
for murder...

Who the hell are you people??

My girlfriend Rita
will be in danger.

I know all this because
I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

Every morning,
I get another chance.

For every decision,
there's a consequence.

- I can save my sister Jennifer...
- You're acting really crazy.

- There isn't any time.
- What is this about??

I can track down every lead.

Hopper, you should have received
the package today.

The message on your answering machine
came from the home of a U.S. attorney,

Nathan Baxter. Anything else
you're not telling me, partner??

But today,
I need some answers...

You called and left me
a message about this package.

- Who told you to call me??
- Garza.

Before it's too late.
If I can get here earlier tomorrow,

I might be able to help her.

Hopper, I need your help.
I've done something terrible.


I love you.

I love you, too.

When will I see you again??


I'll see you tomorrow.

- Rita??
- Hopper, I need your help.

I've done something terrible.

Andrea, tell me what happened.

It's Eddie...

I think I killed him.

All right, why don't you
take me through it??

He came over.

He was high.

He was tweaking so bad.

He got violent and...

I fought back.


he went over.

God, he's dead.

- This is my fault.
- No, no, it's not.

We both knew
what Eddie was into.

- I didn't mean to kill him.
- Just stop it. He brought this here.

You were defending yourself.

We're gonna fix this.

We'll leave him
at his apartment.

There's a pay phone around the corner.
We can call 9-1-1 from there.

You okay??

I know you've got problems
of your own, Hopper.

I just didn't know
where else to turn.

He was my partner, too.

When was the last time
you talked to him??

Couple months, maybe.

- You know if he was still using??
- I don't know.

I mean, how long did we work with him
before either of us realized, right??

Eddie had his secrets.

I didn't feel a pulse,
I swear to God.

- Hang in there, man.
- We gotta get him to a hospital.

St. Francis is the closest one,
but it's the other way.

St. Francis.

You're gonna be okay, man.

- Oh, no...
- I can lose him.

No, if we run, he'll have
a bird on us in minutes.

- I don't think Eddie's got minutes.
- So we can't waste'em by going nascar

against a black and white.
Just be cool.

All right, hang in there, man.

We're gonna get you some help.
Hang in.

Narcotics. These are my partners.
We're on the job.

- What happened to him??
- He was U.C. on a buy bust.

Took a hit from a couple of bangers.
We're trying to get him to the hospital

Let's go. We've got
an injured officer here.

6-l-14, I've got an injured officer

at Alvarado and Glendale
with his partners.

Show me escorting
to St. Francis memorial hospital.

Code three.
Follow me.

You know I can't go in there.

I know.

I got this.

Need some help over here?!
Come on, this side, this side.

Where's your other partner??


- Hey.
- I didn't hear you get up.

I just... I didn't want
to wake you.

I like when you wake me.

Now you're all dressed,
and I've missed all the good parts.

That's a good part, too.

Baby girl, I'm trying
to get an early start.

But save me some of that
for later, all right??

Well, later
it might be all gone.

Sweetie, it was...
it was just a joke.

No, I know.
I just...

I got a...
I got a lot on my mind.

You wanna tell me about it??

It's Andrea. I think she may be caught up
in something with Eddie Reyes.

Eddie?? I haven't heard
his name since he got fired.

Well, he popped up yesterday.

So what exactly
are those two caught up in??

I don't know.
Trying to figure that out.

Eddie's had
a rough time of it.

I hope he's not
in any more trouble.

Please. Eddie ain't nothing
but trouble. I gotta go.

I have to see this lady
about a package.

- Lady??
- It's evidence.

Might be important.

Hey, I know this is
a little bit out of the blue.

You gotta stay away
from Eddie today.

What the hell are
you talking about??

I think he's using again.
Listen, if he calls, don't pick up.

If he comes over,
do not let him in.

- Where are you getting this??
- Just trust me.

Stay away from Eddie today.

Okay, yeah, I got it.

Who was that??


He says I should stay
away from you.

Typical Hopper.


All I'm saying is,
why today??

The same day that
you gotta go to I.A.,

he calls out of the blue to talk
about me. He's gotta know something.

Then why didn't he say
something about us??

He did. He said
to stay away from me.

You know how Hopper gets an idea
in his head, he can't let it go.

You mean, like,
how he got me canned??

Come on.
You know that's not true.

Thought you were on my side.

I am.

Come on, baby.

I'm just worried about you, you know??
You just said so yourself,

Hopper gets an idea in his head,
he doesn't let it go.

He's going to I.A. today, too,

and what if he knows
what you've been doing??

He doesn't.

Then why call this morning and
tell you to stay away from me??

Is there something
you're not telling me??

Like what??

Come on, baby, of course not.

You've seen me at my worst,

spun out.

There's nothing
I can hide from you.

Hey, how about I take you
to La Cabanita tonight??

- You know you don't have to.
- I know. I'd like to.

Even a rent-a-cop can afford that.

They played me some voice mail,
a woman talking about some package

they sent to you. They think it has
something to do with Garza.

You called and left me
a message about this package.

- Ava, I'm Brett Hopper.
- How did you find me??

Don't worry about that.
Where's Baxter??

He's in the shower.

Now I know that
you work for Garza.

I know that he had you
send me a package.

- I need to know why.
- Garza never told me.

Why are you asking me, anyway??
Why don't you just talk to him??

Garza's dead.

He was killed last night.

My God. When??
I mean, why would anybody...

Right now I'm trying to figure all that
out, but I think it may have something

to do with that package you sent me.
Now please, I need you to tell me


Garza was acting nervous.
When he brought me the packages,

they were both sealed.
I didn't see what was inside.

He just said to send them.

- There were two packages??
- You didn't know??

Yeah, I sent one to you
and one to someone...

someone named... Mathis.

Jennifer Mathis??

You know her??

She's my sister.

Put your clothes on and get the hell
out of here. You're in danger, too.

And stay away from Baxter.

Wait, so you never
received a package??

- No, I haven't gotten anything.
- You never got it.

- Your husband must have taken it.
- Randall??

Look, just tell Randall
I'm coming over to see him.

- Brett, that doesn't... he's not here.
- Where is he??

He left work and went home.
We got a call. Our alarm went off.

- What??
- No, it's okay.

- It happens by mistake...
- Stay there. I'm coming to get you.

I thought you were
supposed to be at work.

I was worried about you, after
your I.A. meeting, you know??

With Hopper calling
this morning and all.

So what did you tell'em??

Slow down, slow down.

- They know what??
- About Slim...

Everything, okay?? They've got
pictures and bank statements.

I don't know what
I'm gonna do here, Eddie.

- They say anything about me??
- This is my ass we're talking about.

Come on, don't be
that way, baby.

- Hopper's the one who did this to us.
- This wasn't Hopper.

Hopper's wanted for murder.

- What??
- They say he killed the A.D.A., Garza,

and they want me
to help bring him in.

Offered me a deal. I roll on
Hopper and they drop the case.

- What're you gonna do??
- He's my partner.

What if he did it??
Then you help bring down a murderer,

- and you walk away clean.
- And what if he didn't??

Then you help prove his innocence, right??
And everybody wins.

- Eddie, I can't...
- No, baby, no.

You take this deal,
I.A. goes away.

Slim goes away.
I can try and clear my record.

I mean, this could be
a second chance for both of us.

Look, I didn't roll on you,
and I'm not gonna do it to Hopper.

Is there any time you don't side
with that guy?? They just told you

he killed somebody, and yet you're
still backing him. What about us??

Why are you looking
at me like that??

Are you using again??

You think I'd do that to myself,
to you, after everything you've done??

- It's just a question.
- No...

No, that's a question
that Hopper put there, right??

That's what he told you
this morning.

So he doesn't just get me fired,
he gets to ruin us.

Probably just take his side
on that one, too??

Randall, it's me again.
Call me.

This isn't like him.

I'm gonna kill him.

- What??
- Nothing.

Don't "nothing" me.

You pull me out of class, you drag me
home and then you won't even tell me

- what the hell's going on.
- I would if I knew, but for now,

- you're safer with me.
- Safer??

What are you talking about??
Are we in some kind of danger??

- Is Randall??
- I don't know.

I can totally tell
when you're lying...

I just wish you'd be a little bit
more worried about yourself

and a little less
about your husband.

What is that supposed to mean??

That's Randall's car.

Jen, wait... let...

hold... Let me check out
the house first.


Hopper, we need to talk.

Yeah, I'm a little busy
right now, Andrea.

Look, you called me this morning,
okay?? I need your help.

Andrea, I gotta call you back.


The whole place is tossed.
Nobody's here.

Why would anybody
do this to us??

I think they're looking
for that package.

Do you think
they have Randall??

- Forget Randall.
- What??

For all we know,
he could be involved in this.

What is wrong with you??

My house is turned upside down,
my husband is missing

and all you can say is that
maybe it's his fault??

All I'm saying is that
it's a possibility.

You never liked him.

You always assume
the worst in people.

I'm following my instincts,
all right?? It's my job.

That's right, your instincts. That's
why I don't hear from you for a month.

That's why you missed
your niece's birthday.

What are you talking
about right now??

Look, I'm sorry if I don't have
time for the perfect family

- and the perfect life...
- It's not about being perfect.

It is about being there?!

That's why your relationship
with mom

- is so screwed up...
- What?? My relationship...

you keep turning
her against me.

That's what's wrong
with my relationship with ma?!

It's never your fault.
You are just like dad.

You wanna play it like that??

Where'd you get these bruises on your
arm, Jennifer?? Where'd you get those??

- What??
- What?? Yeah, I know about'em.

You don't understand.
You don't.



- Randall, how did they find me??
- I don't know, Brett?!

- Did you tell'em??
- No, I swear to god I didn't tell'em?!

They took me, and then they were gonna
get Jen, and they looked at that thing

on the dash and they knew.
I think it's a G.P.S. or something.

Brett, what the hell
are you doing??

Where is the package??
What did you do with it??

I swear I don't know anything...

- I don't believe you?!
- Stop it?! Let him go?!

I'm going to count to three,
you hear me?? One... two...

- Brett, please don't...
- I have it?!

I hid it, okay??

I was scared.
I got a call.

They said, "don't tell anyone,"
and I opened it and I saw that.

- Do you know who this woman is??
- No.

I thought it was some kind
of threat, so I hid it.

I didn't even tell Randall.

Jen, I'm a cop. This is what
I deal with. I can protect you.

- Why didn't you ask me for help??
- I tried.

- When??
- Last night. I called you six times.

And I called you back. You said
something was wrong with your phone.

What are you talking about??
You never called me back.

The cops are coming.

Get the hell off my property.

I'm closing my tabs.
Anything else??

No, thanks.
Tough shift, huh??

Just be glad your day's
not as bad as mine.

... in baseball, the Dodgers have
once again defied expectation,

coming back from the dead
with a 7-run rally

in the bottom of the 9th
to beat the Giants 11-10.

I knew it. I told you
this would happen.

But nobody believed me.
Didn't I say this would happen??

I shoulda put money
on that bitch.

Hey, man, how did
you know they'd win??

Because the Dodgers rule.

Right. Yeah.

- Go, blue.
- Go, blue.

Yes, this is detective Spivak.
I'm looking into an old case.

The D.R. Number
is 91-1183944641.

Okay, well could you
transfer me then, please??

So someone checked out the murder book.
I need to know who.

What did you say??
Internal Affairs pulled a murder book.

I need to know the name
of the requester.

Well then, what time do they open??
Hello?? Hello??

- Hello??
- Hey, it's me.

- Thank god. Are you okay??
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Brett, you know
what they're saying.

They brought me in, they asked me
questions, told me terrible things.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry
they put you through all that.

- You know none of it's true.
- I didn't believe it.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Now, I have to ask you a favor.

Honey, I need to speak to Chad.

Now I don't have time to explain.
I know he's there.

That's fine. I just need to speak to
him, because it's very, very important.

It's for you.
It's Brett.

- Hey, partner.
- Internal Affairs pulled a murder book

for a case from 1991.

I need you to tell me who.

Classic Hopper,

target of a citywide manhunt,
but it's still

"I need, I need, I need."

I'm trying to prove
my innocence here.

< i>Great.

Come on into the station,
we'll talk all about it.

Why don't you come get me??

I'm at the corner of...

Andrea, please tell me that
you did not see Eddie today.


You turned her against me.

- Eddie??
- You did it, Hopper.

- Remember that.
- Eddie,

what are you doing??

Put it down?!



I like when you wake me.

Now you're all dressed, and
I've already missed all the good parts.

That's a good part, too.

Do you remember Eddie Reyes??

Of course I do.

Are you still feeling bad
about how that went down??

No, no, it's Andrea.

I feel like she may be getting
caught up in something with him.

Like what??

I don't know.

It might have to do with
the I.A. Investigations, though.

Whatever it is,
it's not gonna end well.

How could you possibly know that??

Because I've seen it happen before.

Yeah, but the difference is you.

You've seen this kind of thing happen
before, so why don't you help her??

Don't let it happen.

It might not be that simple.

Well, then at least you tried.

Be safe today, okay??

You too.

That thing on the dash.
I think it's a G.P.S. Or something.

- Hopper, what are you doing here??
- I need to talk to you.

I know this is coming out
of nowhere, but...

you gotta stay away
from Eddie today.

- What??
- Yeah, he's using again,

so if you see him it'll just...
it'll end bad for the both of you.

Where is he??

- What are...
- Where is he??

Hey, Hopper.

You got a lot of cojones,

coming her saying
that crap about me.

You lied to me.

You've been all business
with me for the last six months.

All of a sudden we're best friends,
confiding secrets in each other??

I never hid anything from you.

Oh, like the fact you've been looking
into the latin disciples??

Thought I didn't know??

How is what we do together
any of your business??

- You stay out of this.
- No, no, no.

You lost the right to tell me what to do when
you called in that drug test to get me fired.

- That's not what happened, Eddie.
- You expect me to believe

- that you didn't even know about it??
- You weren't doing your job.

That's right.

You just had to protect
your reputation.

And now you're gonna screw
Andrea the way you screwed me.

You're on your own.

- This is Chad Shelton.
- Chad, it's Hopper.

Hopper, didn't expect to hear
from you so early.

- The meeting's at 3?:00.
- Yeah, I actually had a question for you.

I've got some questions for you, too.
I was gonna wait to ask them in person.

So, then, uh, we're still on??

Oh, I'm sure we're both looking forward
to spending this quality time together.

- So why are you calling me??
- I'm looking into this...

homicide from 1991.

Now the records say that
Internal Affairs pulled the murder book.

Do you have any idea who??

I can't wait to help you
out with that, buddy.

Can I get you anything else??


walk your dog for you??
Wash your car??

Maybe you wanna
sleep with my ex-wife??

Oh, wait...


Tough day??


Things'll look up.
What can I bring you??

Just, uh, some coffee, please.


Yes, this is detective Spivak
calling from Homicide.

I'm looking for records.
Yes, I will hold.

Well, I know Internal Affairs has it.

I'm trying to figure out who.
Can I please speak to your lieutenant??

I need to talk to your captain.

This is the Los Angeles
police department.

Your call is important to us.

Your estimated wait time
is 15 minutes.

Let me ask you something, woman.
This look like white wine to you??

Oh, now I know you didn't
just do that?!

Now bring me what I ordered.


Detective Hopper,

I understand you've been making
some calls.

- Who is this??
- It's not going to be that easy.

You're going to admit
to killing Alberto Garza.

Well, you're calling me,

who ever you are,
so you must want something.

I'll get right to the point.

You do have something
I'm looking for.

The packages.

Very good, detective Hopper.

Okay, you want the packages.

I want some answers.

You bring what you have
to Elysian park.

There are some picnic tables.

The one on the North end
at 2?:00 p. m...

and I will bring you all
the answers you need.

Okay, if I get there,

and it looks like a trap,
I'm gone.

Detective Hopper,

you act as though
you have a choice.

Andrea, I cannot do tthis
now, okay??

I tried to help you
early this morning.

You're on your own now.

Please, Hopper.


I need your help.

It's Eddie.

I made a terrible mistake.

What happened with Eddie??

I can't go to the police
because of I.A., and Eddie...

look, I need you right now.
And no one else can help me.

If we don't find him,

he's dead.

Please, Hopper.

I can't do this alone.

You bring what you have
to Elysian park...

and I will bring you
all the answers you need.


You don't always get to choose who
you fall in love with, though, right??

I mean, I knew Eddie
had been using,

but I thought that was behind us.

I helped him get clean.
He was better.

I didn't think it was gonna be
like that again.

What happened??

You did...

this morning.

After you left,
he got so mad.

He started throwing things.
He ran off...

and then he found me here
at the market later.

I've seen him like this before,

and I know he's gonna do
something stupid.

He had his old. 38,

and I know he's gonna score.

Where does he go to score??

Danny Yan.


Your C.I.??


What exactly is Eddie mixed up in??

There's a lot more bounce
than bouncer for club like this.

Something's wrong.

None of Slim's guys are on the floor.

Get everyone out there.
He doesn't leave this neighborhood.


I should've known.

Where's Eddie??

- We had a little disagreement.
- What did you do??

Tell me something, babe.

How does a pathetic tweaker
like Eddie

score such a sweet slice
of pie like you??

Yeah, keep talking, slim.
I will shoot your ass.

Hey... I'm a victim here.

I just got assaulted in
my place of business

by your boyfriend, which,
by the way, doubles your juice.

Shut up.

Hopper doesn't know about
our little arrangement, right??

You want to arrest
somebody, detective,

try our star-crossed lovers here.

One of them's got a nasty habit
he can't keep up with,

and the other one, well...

can you put somebody away
for being an enabler??

Ah, ah, don't, don't.

See, when Eddie was on the job,

he got used to taking home
free samples,

but ex-cops don't get glass
for free,

so Charlie's angel here
kept bailing him out.

Straight out of Shakespeare, man.

So sad.

Did you wake up this morning and decide
you wanted a bullet in your head??

Because the day I'm having,
you do not wanna get on my bad side.

- All I'm saying...
- Where's Eddie??!

Somewhere on foot between
the 110 and the cornfields.

Chinatown ain't that big, man.

You better hope you find
him before we do.

Yeah, you better hope we do, too.

You were paying off that dirtbag??

That's what I.A.'S got on you??

- It's not that simple.
- Yeah, it is.

You were giving money
to a drug dealer.

They we gonna kill Eddie, okay??

I couldn't report it.
I didn't have a choice.

Do you have any idea
what I gave up to help you??

My family, Rita,

their lives are in danger because
I'm being framed for murder,

and today I had a chance to find
the guy behind it,

maybe even stop it,
but I didn't.

I helped you instead.

- I'm sorry, Hopper.
- "Sorry"??

"Sorry" doesn't keep me out of jail,

or Rita from getting killed.

"Sorry" doesn't end is damn day.


Every morning...

I wake up and I think,

maybe today'll be different,

but it always ends the same.

He's 30 days clean,
and I'm back in Slim's parking lot,

hoping to God I find Eddie alive.

But I can't give up,

because what if today
it is different??

Maybe today he kicks it,

or he dies.

If it were someone you loved, wouldn't you
do everything that you could to save them??

I know where Eddie's gonna be.

- He's gonna show up near here.
- How do you know that??

Trust me, just keep looking.

- I'll take the inside, you take the street??
- Yeah.

- Your keys.
- Eddie.

- Give me your keys.
- Put down the gun.

Now. Now. Shut up.
Shut up.


- Keys now.
- Eddie.

- Shut up?!
- Hey, Eddie.

This isn't you.

Eddie, don't do this.

Don't do this.


You never got it, did you??

I mean, you just... you didn't even
try to understand.

- Please, Eddie, you don't have to...
- I'm talking here, baby.

All right, what didn't I understand??

I got seven years on you, and
you still made d-2 before I did.

You know, I mean,
not everybody's a super cop.

I just wanted a little relief.

Okay, okay, I get that.

I get that.
But your beef is with me,

no Andrea, so let her go, man.

- Just put down your gun.
- You know I can't do that.

Eddie, come on,
it doesn't have to go down like this.

You know that... that cholo
that I caught

up in Boyle Heights??
You know, that low-level dealer??


- I patted him down...
- Eddie, stay with me

- Why don't you just listen??
- All right.

In... booking,

I find out that he's got a little 5-shot
just jammed in his belt,

and he coulda popped us
at any time,

and I didn't catch it'cause
I was tweaking.

So I look at this guy,

and I say, "you know, why...
why didn't you shoot me??"

And he... he just looks at me

and he said,
"because you seem like a nice guy."

I should be dead,
and you should be dead.

We... all of us should be dead
because of me.

- It's over, man.
- No, it's not over.

Eddie, listen, we can all walk out
of here together.

- Whoa, hey, hey, hey?!
- Eddie, no?!

I didn't make the call, Eddie.
You hear me??

I didn't make the call.

All right??
But I didn't warn you, either.

Now I'd heard that the drug test
was coming down,

and I knew you were using,

but what's on me

is that I coulda helped you,

and I didn't,

and now I'm asking...

all right??


I'm asking you now,


let me help you now.

- No.
- Eddie??

Let me help you.

Let me help you this time.


I got you.

- Okay.
- Sorry.

All right.

all right.

I'm so sorry.

- Morning.
- Hey, good morning.

I didn't hear you get up.

- I didn't want to wake you.
- I like when you wake me.

Is everything okay??

The phone is ringing.

Yeah, that's that's what it does.

- This hasn't happened before.
- What, someone calling you??

- Are you kidding??
- No, it's not that.

Something's changed.

- Andrea.
- Hey, Hopper.


this might sound a little
out of the blue, but...

I'm taking Eddie
to rehab this morning.

There's a lot to tell you.

You still there??

You didn't have to come.
I can do this without you.

Yeah, well, I just wanted
to see for myself.

You know, you threw a lot at me
on the phone.

Sorry. It's just...

when I woke up today, I felt...

I felt different.

Like... like how??

Like I had this weird urge
to call you, and then

all this stuff came out, and...

it's strange.
I've been feeling so

hopeless, but today,
I don't know.

So it... it's good??


and even with
this I.A. Stuff, I mean,

I woke up with the strangest idea.
Why don't I just tell Chad the truth??

I'd like to think that, uh, you know,
he wouldn't crucify you, but...

Yeah, I've already called my league rep
and told him that's what I'm gonna do, so...

If I get days, I get days.


if I loose my job...

at least I'm not dead.

What?? Why... why does that
make you laugh??

No, it's... this just isn't
the day

that I expected to have.

Yeah, me neither...

but here we are.

What about Eddie??

Well, I don't think he's happy
to be pushed out of the nest.

I don't think it's gonna
be easy either way.

What are you looking at??

- My old partner.
- Don't look so smug.

I'll break my foot off
in your ass, cabron.

So you got any gas in
this piece of crap, or what??

What, is this this some kind of joke??

What are you talking about??

Like I'm supposed to see this,
and it'll remind me of

what kind of cop I used to be
or some garbage like that??

What's supposed to remind you of that??

This stupid picture that you dug up.

- You knew about that picture??
- Yeah, I should.

- I was the first officer on scene.
- What??

Jane Doe. Body dumped in a car
off Figueroa.

I was a rookie.
I didn't know much.

That's when I first met your old man.

He was okay.

My father was there??

Yeah, he was the lead detective
on it.

But he didn't close it.

Evidence went missing,
and it just all fell apart.

It's funny how they always hinge
on some little, stupid thing.

Transcript?: Merci ? Raceman
Synchro?: Seth Cohen et Dingo

Trad?: Jayson.sosweet et Csivore