Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Boneman - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(duck quacking)

- And I said to her, I said,
well if that's the case

what is your husband doing
on the back of that whore?


All right, I suppose it's
about time I got back to work.

And don't you be long, you
got vegetables to peel.

- I'll just finish my beer
and then I'll be right there.

(ominous music)


- Where?

- All I heard was her scream.

(pigeons cooing)

I done found her like that.

- Oh.

But this is impossible.


(adventure music)

(sword scraping)



- Gah!

(arrow whooshes)

(water splashes)

(creature screeches)

(dragon roaring)

- Gah!

- (laughing)

(fire roaring)


(creature laughs)

- Oof!

(sword clinks)

- (groans)


(water splashing)


- Oh, a castle cook heard a scream,

came out here to see what was wrong,

and found her like this.

There's not a single
bone left in her body.

- [Cedric] It's against all reason.

- No one saw anything?

- Nothing at all.

- I made a complete examination.

There were no bruises, no exit wounds.

- [Ivanhoe] Huh.

- No incisions whatsoever.

- But how, then, were the bones removed?

- By some kind of powerful magic.

- So they could have been removed intact?

- Yes.

- Why take just the bones?

- Who knows?

But if someone has the power
to do this, God help us all.

(suspenseful music)

(door creaks)

(bones rattling)

(bones rattling)

(water splashes)

- So this must all feel
quite strange to you.

- Strange?

- Well, don't you know we
have to catch your food first?

- Not always.

But I am looking forward
to a long, hot bathe.

- Yes, I imagine it will be
nice to look clean for a change.

This is the latest in imported silk.

I'd gladly give it to you,

only I fear you're
somewhat larger than me.

- Please don't worry.

- I know, I'll make you a dress.

That is so old and frayed.

- No, really, don't trouble yourself.

- It's no trouble.

Come, let's go and choose a cloth now.

You know, you could look quite
pretty if you wore a dress

instead of those ratty things.

- Oh!

- Baron Bostric doesn't really approve

of me coming down here.

He says there are rats and things

but I think he's just trying to scare me.

- I hope you're right.

- The cloth is just around the corner...






- The gypsies are coming for the food!



(Rowena screams)


- Thank you for your
hospitality, Baron Bostric.

Our family owes you a
great debt of gratitude.

- Your father knows that
he and Rowena are welcome

to take sanctuary here
for as long as they like.

- Fortunately for us, as far
as Prince John is concerned,

Bostric is considered one
of his most loyal subjects.

- Excuse me, sir!

The gypsies are back.

They're fighting

in the storeroom
- Gypsies.

- and Lady Rowena's down there.

- Oh!

(gypsy grunts)
(Rebecca screams)

- [Rowena] Ivanhoe!



- (speaking in Romani)

(sword clinks)

(sword clanging)


(wood clanks)

(sword scrapes)

- Ha, you're good.

But not that good.

- Ah.

(metal clanks)

(dramatic music)

(both grunt)


(metal clanks)

- Another time, perhaps.

(baskets crashing)

- The nerve of those gypsies!

- What is that strange language?

- Romani.

I grew familiar with it on a crew site.

- They come from the gypsy encampment

on the common land behind the castle.

- [Friar Bacon] They have
nowhere else to live!

- Don't waste your pity, Friar Bacon.

They're common thieves.

Why else would they steal my food?

- [Rebecca] Perhaps
because they're hungry.

(whooping excitedly)

(crowd laughing)

- What did I promise you?

Food for everyone.

And wine, too.

And fine cloth to make new clothes from.


Who's missing?

- Only the Boneman, and
who cares about him?

- Even the Boneman must get hungry.

- Let him starve!

Why should we give that freak our food?

- And where would you be now
if no one had given you food?

(crowd laughs)

(metal scraping)

- You look very serious
when you're doing that.

- I don't want to cut myself.

- Cedric used to tell us
that a knight's weapon

was his best friend.

- Hmm, sometimes a knight's
weapon can be more reliable

than even his closest friends.

- May I hold it?

- Remember how?

- Ooh.
(metal clanks)

- Lost your touch.

- It's heavier than I remember.

(sighs) It seems like only yesterday

your father presented it to you.

- It seems like an age.

- Show me?

Like you used to?

- Right, uh.

Basic thrust.



Head cut.


- You used to say that,
together, no one could beat us.

- Times have changed.

- Not that much.

Let me try it on my own.

- Don't let the sword
control you, remember.

You must be its master.

- Or mistress.

- (sighs) Careful!

- (giggles) Looks like I'm
gonna need a few more lessons.

- (laughs) It's so.

(clears throat)

- Am I interrupting?

- Ivanhoe and I were training together.

- Really?

- He's promised to give
me a few more lessons.

- How nice of him.

- Look.

- I think a firmer grip would
give you better results.

- (scoffs) Pretend you're attacking me.

- I don't think so.

- Come on.

- I wouldn't want to hurt you.

- Ivanhoe, I think she's scared of me.


- Well?

- Pretend you're attacking me.

I'll show you what I'd do.

(sword whipping)

(metal clanks)


- You've got a long way to go.

Fair to get started on those lessons?

(ominous music)

(banging on door)

[Children] (chanting)
Boneman, boneman, boneman!

- Boneman!

(door bangs)


(children laughing)

- Faster!

Here, I brought you some food.

(duck quacking)

Very well.

If you aren't hungry.

Perhaps if you came out
of your cabin more often

and joined the rest of us,

people wouldn't wonder so much about you.

Think about it.

(door slams)

(gentle, dreamy music)



- Hold on girl, hold on!

I've got a stitch.


I'm never gonna catch with
my little, short legs.

We're gonna change the game.

I'll close my eyes and count to 20,

you'll go and hide,

and I'll come and seek.

- Oh, what happens when you find me?

- Hmm, that's for me to
know and you to guess at.

Go on, girl, hide.


Doesn't matter where you hide yourself.

I'm the seventh son of a seventh son.

But I've got a sixth sense when it comes

to knowing where people are.


Hunter's instinct.

19, 20, coming, ready or not! (chortles)

(gentle, dreamy music)

(metal scrapes)

- She's very pretty.

Badly dressed, but very pretty.

- Who?

- Don't tell me you haven't noticed.


I suppose you two must
have grown quite close.

They say that happens when people

have been through a lot together.

- Not necessarily, no.

- It's good to be able to
spend some time with you, son.

I often ask myself how long it will be

before we can walk these
lands again as free men.

- Father, you know the answer to that.

- Have you word of King Richard?

- No, not since spring.

He's alive, I can feel that.

- Now, where's Rowena?

(dramatic music)

(water splashing)

(door creaking)

(door latching)

(water dripping)

- We've met before, I believe.

My name is Sandor.

I came back to collect my dagger.

- You must be very fond
of it to take such a risk.

- It has a sentimental value.

Belonged to my father.

- Then I mustn't keep
you from looking for it.

- Oh.

I'm in no hurry.

(door creaks)

- Gotcha!

- Rowena?

(bird squawking)


(dramatic music)

[Cedric] Rowena!





- Ivanhoe!

There's someone after me!

- Where?
- There!

- Rowena, what's happened?

- Father, take her to the castle.

(latch clicking)

(door creaking)

(dramatic music)

(bones rattling)


(chickens clucking)


- Well?

- You know, I almost didn't recognize you

without your clothes on.

- Am I so different?

- Oh, yes.

- You have me at your mercy, it seems.

- You could always shout for help.

(water splashes)

- Your dagger, I believe.


- Isn't your bath a rather
dangerous place to keep it?

- I'm a very careful bather.

Besides, your dagger's very small.

- But perfectly formed.


You're very quick.

- You'd be surprised.

(suspenseful music)


- Peekaboo!



I just found her.

- Did you see anything?

- No. Poor girl.

- Rebecca. Rebecca!

- May I stand up?

- Slowly.


(dagger clatters)

- Now, where were we?

- Rebecca!

(sword scraping)

- I think it's time I was going.

- Oh!

- See you again sometime.

- It's not what you're thinking.

(bowl scraping)

(liquid splashing)

(fire crackling)

- I've waited so long for this moment.

And now, at last, you're
back with me again.

(demonic howling)

No, who?

It can't be!

- Did you see anyone
in the castle grounds?

- No.

- It's all right, thank you.


- I wouldn't be surprised if those gypsies

had something to do with all this.

They're a weird bunch and
they always have been.

- I can't seriously believe
that they're involved.

- No, but then, you are a
little biased, aren't you?

- I've been trying to persuade her to rest

but she won't listen.

- I'm fine.

- You had a lucky escape.

- I just can't stop thinking
about that poor servant girl.

- No one saw or heard anything.

I'm convinced it's someone
living locally who,

who knows the area well.

- That's why he got
away from us so quickly.

- We should pay our gypsy friends a visit.

They might have seen something.

- Well, let me come with you.

If my attacker's there,
I'll recognize him.

- It's worth a try.

- That's settled, then.

- I collected the bones as
the spell book showed me!

It should have worked!

(demonic whispering)


I have it.

A redeeming spell.

It will complete your transformation.

We'll need to make another sacrifice.

(horse hooves beating)

- You'll not enter our camp.

That's as far as you'll go.




(sword scrapes)



- Stop!

(speaks in Romani)

Please accept my apologies
for such a rude reception.

- Do your men usually attack women?

- Forgive us, these are dangerous times

and they were perhaps too hasty

trying to defend their homes.


- He'll live.

- We should wrap it in burdock leaves

to avoid the risk of infection.

- We have some at the camp.

Please, follow me.

(speaks in Romani)

- Wait 'til you see the caravan.

Everything's just as you left it.

The clothes, jewelry.


- Over here.


- Tell me if you see him.

(sheep baas)

- What happens but brings you here?

- Two people have been
murdered at the castle.

- Oh, because we're gypsies,

you decided we must be responsible?

- We haven't come to accuse,
we have come to inquire.

- We were just wondering
whether you and your people

had seen anything since
your time of arrival.

- No.

I can't say I have.

But I'll ask.

(speaks in Romani)

- Seems you're out of luck.

- That girl.

You'll have to stay hidden 'til nightfall.

As for that girl, though, she
could come in rather useful.

- He's not here.

- Are you sure?

Thank you for your help.

Your people had best keep their eyes open.

This killer will strike again.

- We can take care of ourselves.

- Yes, I'm sure you can.

Incidentally, if you try to
break into that castle again,

I assure you, you'll regret it.

(clicks tongue)

I want your best men
posted at the bedrooms

throughout the night.

They are to be defended at all costs.

- You really think the killer's going to

risk breaking into the castle tonight?

- I don't know.

But I'm not taking any chances.

- Oh, honestly, all this
fuss over a little cut.

- It's just a little herbal
lotion to prevent any infection.

- So, Sandor seems to have
taken quite a fancy to you.

- I think you'll find he's
like that with all women.

- I thought you'd be
flattered by the attention.

- Oh, and why is that?

- Well, he's so obviously your type.

You've so much in
common, whereas Ivanhoe--

- -Yes?

- Whereas Ivanhoe, I feel is,

saving himself for a real lady.

Like any proper gentleman should.

He's very fond of you, I'm sure, but...

- Now, don't go filling your
head with any more silly ideas.

You just carry on
playing around the castle

and let us grownups worry
about the real world.

(door rattles)

- How are we, now?

- I keep telling you, I'm fine.

- I'll stay here by your
side until you go to sleep.

- Goodnight, Ivanhoe!

- Goodnight.


There'll be men patrolling here all night

just in case anything happens.

I'm sure you'll be all right.

- Thank you for being concerned.

- Why wouldn't I be?

- You don't normally show it.

- Well, that doesn't mean I don't care.

- Ivanhoe.

(soft, dreamy music)

- What is it?

- I...

- Yes?

- Nothing.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.

(sword scrapes)

- Oh, Ivanhoe!

I was just checking.

You can't be too careful, you know.

Security and all that.

I've warmed the bed.

- I think I'll take first watch.

- Shh!

There's someone here.

(demonic screaming)



(wood thuds)

- What was that?

- A warning.

- We must get back to the others.

(demonic screaming)

(swords scraping)

(men screaming)

- Ivanhoe, Rebecca!

They're all dead.

- Ivanhoe!

- Can't find Rowena.

- I heard her crying out for help.

- Dear God.

- I only left her alone for a few minutes.

- I want all your men.

We need to search the area.


(owl hooting)

- Rowena!

- Rowena!

- Rowena!

- Rowena!

(ominous music)

- We'll need to find somewhere
else to make the sacrifice.

It's too dangerous here.

If she makes a noise,
they're bound to find us.

We'll leave tomorrow at first light.

But first, we need a little diversion.

(demonic breathing)

(door creaks)

- I don't believe it, they just vanish.

- We'll renew the search in the morning.

It'll be easier by daylight.

- Whilst you've been out searching,

I've been thinking about
what happened earlier.

- What about it?

- The previous two victims
were killed on the spot,

their bodies completely stripped of bones.

- So?

- This time, there's no body.

And Cedric heard Rowena
crying out for help.

- So he's taken her alive.

- Which means he wants
her for something else.

- What are you saying?

- (sighs) I've been trying to put myself

in the killer's position.

If I wanted to create a new
body, I know what I'd want next.

The seat of human life.

- He doesn't want any more bones.

He wants the heart of a young, pure woman.

(ominous music)

(demonic hissing)

(door creaks)

- We know where to go.

(demonic screeching)

- You take the near side of the forest,

we'll start at the gypsy camp,

and work our way to meet you.

Go on.

(horse hooves thundering)

(crowd wailing)

What happened here?

- There was a surprise attack
on the camp before sunrise.

It was still dark and
we didn't even see them.

But they were fast and merciless.

- [Ivanhoe] The castle was
attacked last night, as well.

(speaking Romani)

- What's she saying?

- She's saying the Boneman,

the Boneman made his magic and--

- -(shouts in Romani).

- She wants us to follow her.

(crowd wailing)

(speaks in Romani)

- She's saying there was
a magical light in the sky

and then there was a terrible noise.

- This is where the Boneman lived.

- The Boneman?

- That's what the children called him.

He must have left in the night.

- They've not been long gone.

(carriage rattling)

- Yah!
(cracks whip)


(cracks whip)

- You don't have to come with us.

- My people are burying their dead

and comforting their widows.

I will avenge their murders.

(horse snorts)

(horse hooves thundering)

- This way!

(carriage rattling)

(fabric ripping)

(whip cracks)

(demonic breathing)

(demonic screaming)

- What's wrong?

- Did you notice the color
of the moon last night?

- No.

- It was blood red.

Bad sign for a gypsy.

A sign of death.

- He came this way recently.

I found this!

- That's Rowena's.

Go on!

(carriage rattling)

(dramatic music)

- Ho!

(metal clinks)

(door creaks)

- Why have we stopped?

Who are you?

- Because we've put enough distance

between us and whoever's looking for you.

It'll give me time to finish my work.

Step outside.

The spell didn't work, I don't know why.

But you'll help me make it right.

- How can I do that?

- By givin' me your heart.

(water splashing)

(dramatic music)

(demonic screeching)

- Why me?

- The spell requires a maiden's heart.

Why isn't she here yet?

- She?

- My wife.

She died.

I bought this book from
a traveler some time ago.

It had a spell in it that'd
bring her back to life.

I was so lonely.

I just wanted her back with me.

Where is she?

- Ivanhoe!

- Keep away!

- Let her go.

- Come any closer and I'll kill her.

(demonic breathing)

- Rae, my love!

Come to me!

(demonic screeching)

Come to me!

(demonic screeching)

(demonic screams)

(demonic screams)


Kill them!

It's the only way we'll be together!


(demonic screams)

- Rebecca.

(demonic wailing)

(sword clanks)

- [Sandor] Watch out!

- Oh!


(sword clanks)

(swords clank)

- I hope I live to regret this.

(demonic screeching)

- We have to get to its heart.

(sword clanks)


- Sorry.

(demonic screeching)


(demonic screeching)

(swords clanking)

(demonic screeching)

- [Rowena] Ivanhoe, look out!


(demonic screeching)


(demonic screeching)

(sword clanks)

(demonic screaming)



- I need some cloth.

- No, it's no good.

You know it isn't.

I want you to have this.

Take it.

I wish you success on your
mission, brave Knight.


(gypsy woman crying)

(gentle string music)

- (sighs) Come on.

(horse hooves thundering)

(adventure music)