Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Damned - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(fire crackling)

- He dreams

of blood,

the moon,

the beast,

the chosen one.

(wolf howling)

(leaves rustling)


(wolves howling)

- Let's get inside, Ruth.

- What was that sound, father?

- Just do as I say.

Didn't you hear me?


(dramatic music)



- [Mother] What's the matter?

- There something out there...

I swear I've never seen anything like it.




- Oh God!

- Are you all right?

- It's nothing,

just a dream.


Just a dream.

(triumphant music)

(sword fighting)

- Got it!

Look out!

(wolves howling)

- Ivanhoe!

- Ivanhoe!


- We must get the gold to Lord Cyrus.

Give Prince John my gracious regards

and my heartfelt thanks.

Tell him he has significantly contributed

to King Richard's ransom.

- Is your shoulder all right?

That's what I like most about you two.

Your stimulating conversation.

(dramatic music)


- Ah!

Please! No! Please, let me go!

Let me go! No!

Let me go!

Let me go, please!

Please let me go!

Let me go!

- Well done, my children.

This one will suffice for now.

More will be required later.

- Ah!

(dramatic music)

- Come brother.

Time for you to feed.


- How many times are
you going to count it?

- Don't you think it's beautiful?

- It's metal.

It's purely a means to an end.

And it causes misery and hardship.


What happened back there?

- There was

a presence,

howl of pain.

- I heard nothing.

- Somebody calling my name.

(leaves rustling)

- I seek Ivanhoe.

- I'm Ivanhoe.

(dramatic music)

- I desire a word with you, Your Highness.

- Of course.

- I don't mean to intrude.

I trust this is not a bad time?

- On the contrary, this
is a most excellent time.

I'm always at my most gregarious

when planning a banquet.

- Banquet?

But I thought the situation...

- Situation?

- Well, your financial situation, sire.

- What of it?

- Well I mean I thought
it precluded grand feasts

and extravagant entertainments.

- Oh no, not anymore.

I have successfully negotiated a loan

on very favorable terms.

Even now, a party of loyal
men is heading towards us

bearing two fat, jingling sacks of gold.

- Ah, well actually that's
what I wanted to talk

to you about, Your Majesty.

I'm afraid there's a small problem.

- Problem?

- With the jingling sacks of gold, yes.

- Sire.

- Well what is it? Spit it out!

- The convoy carrying the gold...

- Ivanhoe.

- That's it, that's enough.

Not another word, you don't need to.

I've been robbed.

That's what you're trying
to tell me, isn't it?

- Just so, sire.

- [Falco] It was a surprise attack.

- Of course it was!

If it wasn't a surprise they
would've known it was coming

and they could've prevented it, you oaf.

- The men fought very bravely.

- Shut up.

And so Ivanhoe simply
rode in there casually

and took my money without
so much as a word.

- Uh, no Your Highness.

- Good, I'm pleased to hear it.

- He said to give you his gracious regards

and heartfelt thanks.

- That will be all, Falco.

- But it's not entirely bad news, sire.

- Is it not?

- Oh no, Your Highness.

- Well?

- Well it appears that
Ivanhoe has landed himself

in quite an interesting situation.

- Really?

Interesting in what way?

- He's just made a rather
intriguing new acquaintance.

- I don't understand.

He's not responding to anything.

It's as though he's in
some kind of trance.

- Ivanhoe.

- What is it?

- The full moon.

The family in their home.

The attack, danger!

- [Rebecca] What's he talking about?

- Nothing.

(crow calling)

- It's just a bird.

- I have a strange feeling about this man.

- He needs our help.

- Then I'll get him a horse.

He can ride with us for a few days.

- To Lord Cyrus?

- We leave at dawn.

(fire crackling)


- Sorry, I didn't mean to...

- You surprised me.

- You saved me.

- You feeling better then?

- I'm starving.

- We have questions for you, stranger.

Like why you were looking for me.

- I'll be glad to help
you in anyway I can.

But all I can remember
is, my name is Christian.

- So you don't remember
anything but your name?

- Or mine?

- No, nothing.

- He needs to build up his strength.

You eating?

- No.

- Oh, excellent.

I'll have his helping.

- When we found you you
were muttering things.

About a family, a home,

now think about it!

An attack.

- I can tell you nothing.

- A full moon.

- I can't remember.

- He needs time.

- There is no time.

(dramatic music)

- [Odo] Why did you ask
him all those questions?

- [Ivanhoe] Because I believe deep down

he can give me the answers.

- All he gives me are the heebie-jeebies.

- It's like I'm seeing things
for the first time again.

Colors are so vibrant.

Every sound excites.

The sensation of a touch.

Sense of thrill through my whole body.

- Your memories will return

when you stop trying to remember.

Be patient.

Then something like a
familiar sight or sound

will bring the past flowing back.

- With your beauty and
kindness at my side,

troubles are far from my mind at present.

Yet there's something about Ivanhoe.

Something I can't describe.

(dramatic music)

- [Odo] It may be a trap.

- What is it?

- [Odo] I don't know why I bother.

- Well, there's somebody been here,

and not long ago.

- Maybe they're still nearby.

- I was afraid somebody would say that.


- You've come at last.

- You should never have
been out here on your own.

- I am only a day's journey
now from my destination.

- And where is that?

- A small village,

name of Balmouth.

I am visiting for the
festival of the moons.

- The moons?

- A special occasion.

It occurs once every fifty years.

I was sure you would be going there.

In fact, I know that you
will be going there soon.

- Explain yourself.

- I am a fortune teller.

A prophesier.

Call it a blessing or a curse, but

I see the future.

You are troubled, brave knight.

Troubled by what you do not understand.

But your journey will take you to a place

where the answers will be revealed.

Perhaps tonight when the full moon rises

and the festivities begin.

- You talk nonsense.

- It is a time when a full
moon appears for two nights,

that anything is possible.

(dramatic music)

- Maybe we should escort her.

- She's as mad as a bat.

- We must continue.

- Barmouth.

- You recognize the name?

- There's something strange about it.

And that woman



What did she mean?

How can there be a full
moon for two nights?

- Nothing surprises me these days.

- Let's move on.

- Come.

(dramatic music)

- I'm telling you, there's
something wrong with all this.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- And another thing,

we always take the gold the short way

to add to the ransom.

This time, we're taking
the longest route possible.

- Stop moaning.

- It's all right for you.

I'm carrying the gold.

I could be snatched up at any moment,

attacked by thieves, cutthroats, villains!


Oh, now what?

(dramatic music)

(water splashing)

- [Ivanhoe] Just as it was in my dreams.

- What's the matter?

- You're alive.

(dramatic music)

- The people live in constant fear.

It's normal.

Survival is hard in these lands.

But what could be so dangerous

that you ride here with such urgency?

- If there was an easy answer

I would readily give it to you,

so you must trust my instincts

when I say something is
happening here, something bad.


- For you, sir?

- Thanks.

- That's a fierce looking dagger.

- Every home hereabouts has one.

- Never been used.

It's silver, the blade you know.

Handed down over the generations.

Fierce wolves have been
known in these parts.

Killed people, so they say.

It's a sort of reminder to us

we have to protect ourselves, I suppose.

Makes life less of a
worry knowing it's there.

- I've used for peeling
the potatoes before.

- Well a good thing your
father doesn't know about that.

- You must barricade your home.

Collect anything that
can be used as a weapon.

- Stop!

I've had enough of your scaremongering.

Go and see if my neighbors
will listen to your blabber.

- One thing I can assure you, old friend,

Ivanhoe does not blabber.

- I am in no doubt I
am here to protect you.

- And I tell you, I don't
need your damn protection!

(dramatic music)

- You're right Ivanhoe.

This is not a good place.

I've heard stories.

Now they call this the Forbidden Forest,

because no one ever returns from it.

Once upon a time, it had another name,

the Forest of the Wolf.

- The wolf?

- Probably just an old wives' tale, but...

- I will help you stand guard.

You recognize this
place, don't you Ivanhoe?

Well so do I,

and I sense something will happen tonight.

- The night of the full moon.

(wolf howling)


(dramatic music)

(wolves howling)


(dramatic music)


(wolves howling)

- What was that?

- Over here!


- What are they?


- Rebecca!



- Come on!

- Where's Christian?

We have to go find him!

- There are too many!

Even we cannot fight them!

- Secure the windows!

- Where's your wife and daughter?

- They're in the bedroom.


- [Mother] Oh no!

(baby crying)

- I'm coming with you.

- No, you must stay here and
guard your wife and baby.

I'll bring her back, trust me.

Rebecca, Odo.

(baby crying)

- What's going on?

- They took the girl into the forest.

- Oh no!

- We have no time to lose!

- Under no circumstances
am I going in there!

(wolf howling)

Wait for me!



- Quiet, they're all around us.

- What does he mean,
they're all around us?

- Ssh!

- What's he searching for?

Oh, here we go.

(dramatic music)

- They're coming!



- We did it!

But if it hadn't been
for that white wolf...

Where did it come from?

- Something tells me this
is just the beginning.

- The thing that took Ruth came this way.

It's trying to throw us off.

We'll have to split up.

- Oh, you must be joking.

- We can't let it get further away.

- I'll go this way.

- Go!

(dramatic music)



- Is somebody there?

- [Ivanhoe] Odo.

- Ah!

Why do you creep up on people like that?

You gave me such a shock!

- The trails we've all been following

have only led to ambushes.

- There's no one in this direction.

Where did they come from?

- That's the last of them.

That only leaves the creature.

- And Rebecca!

(dramatic music)



- Rebecca!

(creature roars)


- What was that?

- Thank you.

- [Ivanhoe] How did you get that?

- The iron smith's wife
gave me the dagger.

- You saved all our lives.

- The creature still has the girl.

- Let me tend to that.

- [Ivanhoe] No, we must save Ruth.

- It will soon be daybreak.

We must rest while we can.

- No.

- I know where the creature is headed.

It's going for my village.

(dramatic music)

(harp music)

Let me.

I remember this pool.

I used to swim here as a child.

We're close to home now.

- What else do you remember?

- I remember a small girl.

She must have been my sister.

We were inseparable.

And then...

- Yes?

- Then it became a blur.



there's something inside
me that dreads returning,

yet something I have to confront.

- Ow!

- Sorry.

- Not so hard.

- I'm sorry.

It was the animal that attacked you,

it made me angry!

(harp music)

I'd never let anything hurt you.

- Falco said you had something to show me.

- Yes, Your Highness.

- Is this the one?

Ivanhoe's interesting new acquaintance?

- Mm-hm.

The less than aptly named Christian.


I have high hopes for him.

Him and his kin.

(dramatic music)



- Help! I'm being attacked!

Do you have to be so rough?

- Come on.

Time we were on our way.

(dramatic music)

- [Odo] Have you noticed how quiet it is?

No birds or animals, it's not natural.

- So Christian, still no memories?

- Only that we're almost there.

(dramatic music)

- I've seen this village
before in my dreams.

- My friends and family
were killed here, my home.

- I recognize this too.

- Look, don't go in there,
I remember it all now.

- Brave knight, we meet again.

As I said we would.

- What do you want?

- I'm only here for the festivities.

Tonight is the climax,

and the climax is you.

- Oh my god, look.

(dramatic music)

This must have been a beautiful
place once upon a time.

- It was.

I remember it vividly.

Happy, peaceful village teeming with life.

I had a sister, my father was a farmer.

- You seem much better.

- It's all your doing.

Your beams of sunlight
in your eyes, my Rebecca.

(wolves howling)

- You may have killed the human followers,

but they are only weak locals.

Nothing compared to
the power of the beast.

- I need some answers.

- But you only have to
wait a few more hours

and all will be revealed.

You have entered a foreign land,

a land that does not obey the normal.

A land where the wolves reign.

- Speak plainly, woman.

I will not ask again.

- Have you not seen it in your dreams?

The beast that takes human form?

- I only know there's something
evil that must be destroyed.

- Every fifty years, a full
moon rises for two nights.

And then, the wolves must feed.

- Did you say wolves?

- Tonight, when the full
moon rises for the last time,

such a beast needs pure blood

so that it may live on in human form.

- Ruth.

(dramatic music)

- It's happened before.

Why did you think this
beautiful village is deserted

and in ruins?

The pure and young were
taken and sacrificed.

- Then we haven't much
time, the sun is setting.

We must find her before it's too late.

- I will help you.

- How will you know which way to go?

- Because I've already
been there in my dreams.

The creature's hiding
place is somewhere nearby

beneath the ground.

- The entrance to the cave is over there.

When I was a child,
everyone was too afraid

to go anywhere near it.

- And what about us?

- You must stay here.

Wait for us.

- I will do what I feel is right.

- This is not your battle, Rebecca.

It came to me in my dreams.

That is why I must face it.

- I will not be ordered by you, Ivanhoe.

- Then please let me ask you.

- And why should I agree to your request?

- Because I...

Because there is something evil here.

Rebecca, it could be no one gets out.

- He's right Rebecca.

Your life is too important to me.

- Make sure the gold
reaches Lord Cyrus safely.

And should anything happen
to me, never forget,

your duty is to King Richard.

Goodbye Rebecca.

(dramatic music)

- You all right, Rebecca?

- No.

There's something not right.

I'm going after them.

- Wait!

(dramatic music)

- This way.

- That's right, Ivanhoe.

Race off to rescue the girl.

Don't pause to think or question it.

Time to be a hero.

Perhaps for you, the last time.

What is it, Falco?

Does the sight of a little
sorcery make your flesh creep?

- I'm a soldier.

This isn't my business.

- No.

Go and fetch the prince.

He'll enjoy watching the
conclusion of this little comedy.

(dramatic music)

- Rebecca!



I've got to stop.

I've got to take a rest.

- You're right.

- I am?

That's the wolf that saved Ivanhoe.

- I know.

I think he's in more
danger than he realizes.

- Oh!

- Christian, you don't have to do this.

- I have no choice.

- [Ruth] Help, please!

- Come on!

- She said the wolves need feeding,

and Christian said he
remembered a beautiful village.

- So what?

- How could he remember something

that happened fifty years ago?

(wolves howling)

- Perhaps he just looks young like me.

- This way.

- You've been here before?

- Call it instinct.


- Stop fooling around, Odo.

- I was just...

- These tunnels are ancient.

Look at the walls.

They tell a story.

- I'll bet it's not a happy one.

- You sure you want to continue?

- It's what we've come to find.


This needs to be finished.

- It tells how the brethren
took the males and females

before their eighteenth birthday.

The people fought back.

And there was a terrible battle.

All the wolves were wiped out.

And the village left to rot, deserted.


- It's all right, here I am.

It's all right, ssh.

Christian, we should get her out.


- I pray I'm wrong.

- What? Hey!

- Christian!

Christian, thank God.

- The wound I gave her
in the forest killed her.

- Oh god.

- It seems that this affair has come

to a rather sad conclusion.

- Are you saying you woke me up for this?

To tell me that we've failed again?

That Ivanhoe is out of danger?

- Oh, quite the opposite, Your Highness.

For him, the danger has just begun.

- Who is she?

- My sister.

- Sister?

- It was my fault.

It always has been my fault.

My little sister died slowly and painfully

from the injury caused
by the silver dagger.

Only silver can kill such a creature.

I couldn't let anything
happen to my Rebecca.

But it was you I wanted
all along, Ivanhoe.

For you have the purest blood of all.

- Two of the wolves survived.

Christian talked about his sister.

(wolves howling)

- Rebecca, where are you going?

- Christian?


- [Odo] Rebecca, it's too late!

- No.

- Christian is the monster.

- They took him as a
child and changed him.


- Ah!


- Christian, no!

You'll have to kill me first.

I know that deep inside
there is still a man

called Christian.

A man that I care for.



I'm sorry.

- You have saved me from eternity

of violence and misery.

- Rebecca!

He's not dead!


- God bless you, Ivanhoe.

I was wrong not to listen to you.

- The forest will be safe now.

- Won't you stay,
something to eat at least?

- Thanks, but we still have much to do.

(mysterious music)

- There's something not
quite right about that woman.

- We will meet again, Sir Ivanhoe.

(regal music)

- Time to move on.

(triumphant music)