Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Stolen Souls - full transcript

(ominous music)

- Nadred, my beauty.

I will call you up from hell,

and in return for the souls I bring,

you will carry me to Morlock's fiery pit

to release my master.

(upbeat medieval music)

- [Odo] Think all my
birthdays have come at once.

- Funny you should say that.

Actually is my birthday today.

- Is it?

Oh I knew, we both did.

It's just that we had--

- It's all right, Odo.

I didn't expect you to
know when my birthday is.

Besides, I don't care about
birthdays and such things.

- If you think I'm getting married

wearing a ring like that,

then you've got another thing coming.

- Rebecca, Odo.

I have the provisions we need for camp.

You two ready?

(Odo spluttering)

You in pain, Odo?

Come on.

- You two go on.

I have to see a gnome about a home.

I'll see you back at camp in the morning.

- You are a very strange


(upbeat medieval music)

(eerie music)

- Is there anything you like here?

- This one!

It's perfect!

- Can't afford a ring like that.

- All my rings are reasonably priced, sir.

No wait, 'tis bad luck to put a ring on

before you've bought it.

- I only have five
shillings, but I'll work.

- The exact price is four
shillings and sixpence.

- Oh Tom!

- Let me wrap it for you.

- Can't I wear it now?

- Later, before you go to sleep.

I promise you,

the ring will fit perfectly.

(gentle music)

- Tom, you've made me the
happiest girl in the world.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

(swords clang)

(creature screeches)

(John laughs)

(glass tinkles)

(horse whinnies)

(thunder booms)

- Ah Falco.

What news?

- There is a traveler at the door

requesting an audience with you, sire.

- What are you telling me for?

You know what to do, have him
flogged and sent on his way.

- He says he has important information

that will lead to Ivanhoe's capture, sire.

- Very well, send the creature in.

Well what are you waiting for?

Tarkin dear boy, leave us.

Matters of state, you know.

(claps hands)

(eerie music)

Stop there.

You have information?

- Yes my liege.

I've discovered something

which I believe is of
great interest to you.

- This better be good.


What's the meaning of this disguise?

- The disguise my lord
is only a small part.

I have discovered a way to
enslave any man in your kingdom.

- Well I can do that with
a snap of my fingers!

(both laugh)

- But I need precious gems in
order for this magic to work.

- Well if you think you're getting mine,

you're very much mistaken.

- I only ask for a loan, sire.

The jewels will be returned
to you in due course.

- I don't want you putting
your fingers all over them.

They are mine!

- Even if this magic I
offer can entrap Ivanhoe?

- [Ivanhoe] Are you unwell, Rebecca?

- No I'm fine, why do you ask?

- You seem quiet.

- Just feeling a little tired.

- There's fresh water up ahead.

We'll rest there a while.

(people whispering)

- What's going on?

What's the queue for?

- We're buying water.

- Since when did you have to pay

for water from Jackson's well?

- Not while he was alive.

But now he's dead and
those lot have taken over.

They charge three pennies a bucket.

And if you haven't got the money,

it's a 10 mile walk to the
river or you go thirsty.

- Hold this.

Wait here.

(ominous music)

- And that's all you're gonna get.

That will cost you one penny.

- I don't think so.

(people gasp)

- I said one penny!

- You have no right to charge
these people for this water.

I'll give you a chance to reconsider.

- Yeah?

Well, consider this.

(dramatic music)

- [Woman] Oh go, get him!

Oh look out!

- [Man] Come on, oh behind ya!

(dramatic music)

- [Rebecca] Right.

- [Man] Help, someone get me out of here!



- Ah that feels better.

Let's go.

(horse whinnies)

- Nadred.

By all the gods, what is that

dangerous fool Mordour up to now?

I must call to Ivanhoe at once.

He must come here now.

(pleasant music)
(hooves clopping)

Come to me, Ivanhoe!


- Come on.
- Go on!

- So this is Nadred?

Tell us about the legend
of this horse, Fingal.

- The legend I fear to say is true.

The druids' horse master
is a man named Olwyn.

At first he was a good and godly man

and the horses he bred were
the finest in the land,

but Morlock seduced Olwyn with
a promise of limitless power,

and together they summoned Nadred.

The black horse from hell.

Morlock and Olwyn
constructed a great stable.

Its walls were of solid rock,

and its entrance was impassable
unless you knew its secret.

But somehow, Nadred did manage to escape.

It galloped back to hell,

and took poor Olwyn's soul with it.

For a thousand years,
Olwyn's soulless body

has waited for Nadred to return.

- And now Mordour plans to
summon this horse from hell.

- [Fingal] Exactly.

- [Rebecca] But what does Mordour want?

Why is he doing this?

- Nadred devours souls, and if
Mordour can provide the horse

with enough souls, it will grant him

one ride into hell and back again.

- So he can free Morlock.

- [Fingal] And bring the demon
lord back to rule over us.

- We must find this invisible stable.

Mordour will surely summon Nadred there.

- The Vorguard will show you.

- Vorguard?

- You'll find them in
the vale of Shadow Glen.

They're fierce warriors, Ivanhoe.

There are those who say they
have never yet met their match,

but only they can show you
where Olwyn's stable lies.

- Fingal?

What are you planning?

- I must find the ancient
druid fortress of Stormguard.

It appears but once every hundred years,

and once entered is almost
impossible to leave.

- What do you hope to find there?

- The means to seal
Olwyn's stable forever.

- Go carefully.

- And you.

- I'll come with you, Ivanhoe.

- No, I want you to go
back to camp, get Odo.

- I'm not Odo's nursemaid.

- Rebecca, I need you and
Odo to look for Mordour.

Mordour needs living souls
to lure Nadred from hell.

I think he's searching
for those souls now.

(gentle music)


Be careful.

Mordour has many guises.

Go on.

(gentle music)

(people chattering)

(cow moos)

- Good sir!

(cow moos)

Perhaps there is an item
here that a gentleman

such as yourself might find agreeable?

- I'm looking for a gift
for my son, a special gift.

- I think I can offer something.

- Poor old Richard.

That lion of his is looking rather sore.


How delightful!

You should've told me you were coming.

I would've arranged an entertainment.

A hanging or something.

- What are you doing about Richard?

- Richard?
- Your brother, the king.

Why haven't you paid his ransom?

(snaps fingers)

- Well mother, the Austrian emperor

is asking 100,000 silver marks.

- [Eleanor] Then pay the ransom
from the taxes you receive.

- I've kept the taxes ridiculously low.

Times are hard, and I couldn't bear

to have the people suffer.

- I want Richard out of
that filthy dungeon now.

You will raise that ransom.

This ring was given to me by your father,

but if it means freeing
Richard, you may use it.

- Now yours, sire.

- What?

- Good idea, Baron.

- That one I think.

I'll take care of these.

- I shall be back in a few days

to see that you've
instigated proper measures

for collecting the ransom.

(Odo giggles)

(people chattering)

- [Man] Someone's taken my money bag.

- Rebecca, I don't think we're
looking in the right place.

- [Rebecca] Really, what do you suggest?

- Somewhere away from
here, much further away.

Ooh that's a nice dress, a birthday dress!

Don't you think so Rebecca?

- I suppose so, but we're supposed to be

looking for Mordour.

- Has Ivanhoe bought
you a birthday present?

- No.

We've got work to do, Odo.

This is no time to be
thinking of birthdays.

- Has Ivanhoe bought
you a birthday present?

Nice one, Odo.

- [Mordour] Looking for a way
to lighten your purse, sir?

- Oh, yes, yes.

How much is this one?

- 30 shillings, sir.

- 30 shillings?

I wouldn't give you 20.

- Let's say 10.

- Hang about, you're supposed to say 25.

- 10 would more than suffice

together with the
pleasure of seeing it worn

by a beautiful young lady.

- I should've started at five.

- Let me wrap it for you.

- It's a birthday present,
first one I've ever bought.

I'm usually top of my list.

Eight shillings was it?

10 it is.

Easy come, easy go, thank you.

(ominous music)

(men shouting)
(swords clanging)

(hooves clopping)

- Whoa.


You again.

(swords clanging)
(dramatic music)

(man groans)

Well fought, Baron.

- Well met, Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe?

- [Baron] Queen Eleanor.

May I present

Sir Ivanhoe?

(dramatic music)

- Rise, Sir Ivanhoe.

I've heard much about you.

I believe you and my son
John do not see eye to eye.

- That is true, your majesty.

- But I've also heard how you served

my other son, Richard the king.

- I followed the king in his crusades.

- And now you strive to raise the money

for his ransom by any means, I hear.

- I sometimes have had to resort to--

- Whatever you do to
ensure the king's freedom

meets with my approval.

Even if it is opposed by Prince John.

Now, we must see to our
dead and be on our way,

but I'm indebted to you, Ivanhoe.

- It's been an honor to have
fought alongside Baron Du Bois

to protect the mother of the
rightful king of England.

- He compliments you,
Richard, and I all in one.

This Ivanhoe is a knight
to be reckoned with, Baron.

- Won't you accompany us, Ivanhoe?

- Thank you Baron, I have
urgent business at Shadow Glen.

- There you are, Tarkin.

- My present, good I'll take it now.

- On one condition.

You do not open it until
tomorrow, on your birthday.

- Very well.

- So whose soul shall it be?

Father or son, hm?

Father or son?

(Mordour chuckles)

I can't wait to see.

- Wait 'til my birthday, indeed.

Uncle John would never do that.

(ominous music)

Soon I will have enough souls
for you to feed on, Nadred.

But to summon you, I need to know

the location of Olwyn's stable.

(ominous music)

(speaks foreign language)

- There you are, drink this.

You've been hard at it all day.

- I don't like the look of that man, Odo.

His hood falls over his
face, concealing it.

- You think he might be Mordour?

- There's only one way to find out.

- Oh...

- Let's see who you are then.

- What do you think you're
doing harassing this old man?

Life's hard enough with
his face the way it is.

He's just here having a quiet drink.

- Look I'm sorry, I just thought...

I can't do anything right these days.

I don't know why Ivanhoe bothers
to keep me around anymore.

- I've got something for you.

It's a birthday present.

- From you.

- Of course it's from me.

And Ivanhoe.

Both of us.

- Really?
- Mhmm.

- It's beautiful.

Must have cost a fortune.

I can't accept that.

- Put it on, go on.

Please, it'll suit you.

Ah, it's lovely.

Brings out the color in your eyes.



Where are you going, what's wrong?


- Yes Bega.

This is the place where Stormguard,

the ancient druid fortress

is destined to reappear for
one day every hundred years.

(Bega squeaks)

Yes yes, I know we're a few months early.

There is a way to force
it to reveal itself.

But I may use it only once.

Mistletoe, the golden bough.

(speaks foreign language)

I failed, I failed.

(eerie music)


Hey, I've done it!

Come on Bega, the spell will only hold

for an hour at the most,
and maybe not that.

- Ivanhoe's woman is here.

- Surprised?

Send her in.

- Shall I execute her now?

- No idiot, she'll be my bait

for a much greater prize, Ivanhoe.

Put it there.

Leave us, hurry up.

Jewels, Mordour, as you requested

since your magic seems to be

getting rather better than expected.

And here's a list of people
I want you to bewitch.

But you're getting none of these,

until you produce the Duke of Bressingham.

Where is the old fool?

- Ah there's been a small delay, sire.

- Really?

Then who's that?

Tarkin, what have you done to him?

You're supposed to be getting rid

of my enemies, not my friends.

I've got precious few of them as it is!

- It's just another test
to refine the system, sire.

- [John] Bring the fellow back!

- Alas I cannot, once the spell is cast.

- Well no matter.

I was tiring of him anyway.

Just get his father too so
I can take over his estate.

And then you can do
something about Ivanhoe.

- If only you knew.

These baubles are of no worth to me now.

Oh at last, I feel my time has come.

Still, best to be prepared.

(Mordour laughs)


(Odo gasps)

- Mordour!

What's he doing out of his rat hole?

He never goes out.


Come on, jump!

What's stopping you?

Ivanhoe never had this trouble.

Rebecca, oh, Rebecca!

(dramatic music)

- Whoa, shh.

- Stop.
- Greetings Vorguard.

I come from Fingal, last of the druids.

I'm on a mission to find Olwyn's stable.

- [Vorguard] No man may enter.

- I do not wish to fight you.

Lead me to the entrance,

and I'll let you live.

(dramatic music)

If that's the way it has to be,

that's the way it has to be.

(dramatic music)

(swords clanging)

(dramatic music)

- [Vorguard] You are the chosen one.

- Enough time's been wasted.

Show me to the entrance of the stable.

- [Vorguard] I will show you.

- Stormguard.

Gower's rune.

And Karac's rune.

Both long gone, my druid friends.

If only your writing wasn't
so difficult to decipher.

The world's in serious danger

and I'm the only one of
us left who can help.

- [Karac] Join us.

- Karac?

Is that you?

- [Gower] Join us, Fingal.

- And Gower too!

I need your help!

- [Karac] Forget the world.

Rest your weary bones with us.

- I I can't listen to that.

- [Gower] Rest, the problems of the world

need concern you no longer.

- [Karac] Sleep Fingal, sleep.

- I must save the mortal world.

- [Vorguard] Halt, come no further.

- I mean you no harm, sir.

I thought you could identify

this stone I found by the roadside.

- [Vorguard] I'm not interested

in what you may have found, old man.

- What, not even this?

Another soul for the pot, if
such creatures have souls.

Now show me the entrance
to Olwyn's stable.

Come along!

(eerie music)

Move faster!

It's almost time.

(Odo gasps)

- That's another soul Mordour's stolen.

Oh dear.

(ominous music)

(speaks foreign language)

Where on earth are they going?

- An impenetrable cave,
forged by the druids.

And yet, once you know how to
enter so deceptively simple.

Now hand me those jewels.

These souls will buy my
way into hell and back.


- Have you come to free me?

- Free you?
(Mordour laughs)

No, I've come to add
others to your torment.

Stand aside.

How did you and Morlock do it, Olwyn?

How did you summon Nadred from hell, hm?

Just by throwing your soul
into the golden trough?

- [Olwyn] Don't!

(speaks foreign language)

(Bega squeaks)

- Where are we?

What happened?

Stormguard is trying to trap us.

Karac, Gower my old friends.

I cannot join you, it is not my time!

- [Karac] Then why have you come?

- To learn the secret of Olwyn's stable.

- [Gower] There are two
secrets to Olwyn's stable.

One to enter, the other
to seal it forever.

- [Karac] To enter, you must
simply not believe your eyes.

- Not believe my eyes?

You talk in riddles, explain yourselves.

- [Gower] We've told you the first secret.

- And the second secret?

(Bega squeaks)

Ah Bega, we're being trapped!

(intense music)
(rock rumbling)

Bega, that was a close call.

- [Vorguard] The entrance
to Olwyn's stable is here.

It should be guarded!

- Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe!

- Odo, what are you doing here?

- You told us to follow
Mordour and stop him.

- Where is Rebecca?

- It's not my fault.

- What's not your fault?

- That Rebecca's become
enchanted because we gave her

a jewel we bought with stolen money.

- [Ivanhoe] What do you
mean we gave her a jewel?

- It is my fault.

And just because I was
trying to do someone

a good turn for once.

- So that's how he's been doing it.

He uses jewels to
encapture people's souls,

and with those souls he will buy himself

a ride to hell and back.

Rebecca is in deadly danger.

- Odo, where is she?

- She was with Mordour,
then they just disappeared.

(lava burbling)

- Burning lava?

But no man could survive this.

There has to be another way in.

- There is no other way in.

- The clue to entering
Olwyn's stable is a riddle.

It appears that Mordour
must know the answer.

- What riddle?

- To enter Olwyn's stable,

you must first not believe your own eyes.

- Odo where did you say Mordour went?

- He was standing just here, and then fft!

- Fft?
- Fft!

- That's it.

The answer is staring
us straight in the face.

This is the entrance!

We can't see it, but it's there.

(Nadred whinnies)
- Nadred is coming!

(Nadred whinnies)

(dramatic music)

- The beast comes.

(Nadred whinnies)

- [Fingal] You must keep this
crystal with you at all times.

It will become the
repository for your soul.

- Eh?

- [Fingal] As long as
you carry your soul here,

Mordour cannot harm you.

- So if Ivanhoe's soul's in there,

what's going to be in his body?

- My soul, infused with white magic.

When Mordour tries to take
your soul, you know what to do.

(speaks foreign language)

Do not let Mordour get
his hands on that crystal,

or you will lose your soul forever.

- He's dying!

- No, he's safe inside me.

- What about you?

- My soul rests in here.

- Does it?

I hope you know what you're doing.

Oh dear.

- Don't believe your eyes.

(Ivanhoe shouts)

- Ooh what a horrible way to go.

Bye, friend.

Excuse me, ah!

(Nadred whinnies)

(Odo gasps)

- Odo, shh.

- Come Nadred, come.

(Nadred whinnies)

Welcome, Nadred.

You want souls?

I have them for you,

but you must do something
for me in return.

You must carry me to hell and back

so I can free my ancestor,
the great Morlock.

If you don't believe me,
here are the soulless ones

and here are their souls,

trapped in these jewels.

Do we have a bargain?

Good, then drink them from the golden cup.

- Wait Mordour!

Take me instead.

- Ivanhoe, what took you so long?

- You can have my soul
in return for theirs.

- You, the chosen one?

You'd give up your soul?

- If you free theirs.

- I knew you'd come sooner or later.

Will you accept Ivanhoe's
soul in place of the others?

(Nadred whinnies)

Very well, we have a bargain.

Your soul for theirs.

Come here, and let me take it.

- Free them first.
- Impossible.

- Free them Mordour, and you'll have

the soul in my body, you have my word.

- Your word?

Very well.

(speaks foreign language)

- What's going on?

(Nadred whinnies)

- Ivanhoe, where am I, what happened?

- Rebecca, you all right?

- Yes, I'm fine.

But you're not.

(Nadred whinnies)

You're not to give up your soul, Ivanhoe.

- It seems he is, young lady.

Come Ivanhoe, the soul within your body.

You gave me your word, the
word of an honorable knight.

Come here and touch this jewel.

- No!

(ominous music)

- At last I have you.

Come Nadred, drink up his soul.

I never thought it would be so easy.

You pure, blind fool.

You were the only one
who might've stopped me.

What is it my beauty?

(Nadred whinnies)

What is that?

Fingal, meddlesome druid!

What have you done?

Oh, now I understand.

But I'll still have your soul, Ivanhoe.

(dramatic music)

- You want souls to devour, Nadred?

(Nadred whinnies)

Take Mordour's!

- No!
- Want my soul back Nadred!


(Nadred whinnies)

(Bega squeaks)

- [Mordour] You meddlesome old fool.

- How did you know that I wasn't myself?

- I know you, Ivanhoe.

- I'm going after Mordour.

- But how do we get out of here?

- The same way he did.

- Come on!

(dramatic music)

- Magic is occurring.

What happened?

- Mordour's killed Fingal.

- You mean he's dead, like as a doornail?

- No no, we have a
chance to bring him back.

- But how?

- You can't kill a body without a soul.


Take back your soul.

(dramatic music)

(Rebecca giggles)
(Odo giggles)

- Here, drink this.

- We did it, we did it yeah!

- Ivanhoe.

A thousand thanks to you
all, my true dear friends.

- Fingal, we have to
shut this stable forever.


- The riddle.

I believe the second part
relates to the first.

- What was it?

I know, I know!

- At exactly the same moment I do.

Great minds think alike.

- If to find the entrance
to Olwyn's stable,

we must not believe our eyes,

then Fingal to seal it we
must just believe our eyes!

- Then watch, and believe!

(dramatic music)

(Ivanhoe chuckles)

- Rebecca I--
- What is it Ivanhoe?

- I know it was your birthday yesterday,

and well with everything,

perhaps you should have this.

- I can't accept this.

- Fingal told me that since it had once

held my soul within it,

it will always hold a
memory of me inside of it.

I would,

I would very much like for you to keep it.

(tender music)

- Come on, you two!

More adventures.

(Rebecca laughs)

(Ivanhoe chuckles)

(tender music)

(ominous music)

- They closed this gateway to hell,

but I'll find another way in.

Our chance will come
again, Morlock, believe me!

Then I'll free you!

(dramatic music)