Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Golden Bird - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(rooster crowing)

- [Market Stall Trader] Come
on, roll up, get in here.

(cheerful folk music)

- Who knows.

- Here, Rose, I'll take a load.

- [Customer] We can't afford that.

- [Market Stall Trader] Come on people,

you won't get better than
this, round these parts.

- [Customer] Lovely cloth,
just look at the color.

- Watch this one.

- [Market Stall Trader] We
got oranges, we got lemons,

we got limes coming next Thursday!

- Good day sir, travel far?

You'll find I sell only the finest gems.

- Do you have any more?

- Indeed, I have something
even more special,

but the price is (chuckles) high.

- Price is no matter.

- You will not find anything
like this in England, sir.

Starlight, from a faraway land of Shad.

- I'll take it all.

- All?

Can you afford it?

- Yes, I can.

- And what will you pay with?

- With this!



(horse neighing)

- [Woman] Someone help!

(horse neighing)

- [Villager] Ivanhoe!

(dramatic music)

(crowd rabbling)

- It was, it was Ivanhoe!

- [Villager] Let's get him!

(monster shrieking)

(triumphant upbeat music)


(wood knocking)

- Get him, get him!

- Go on, Paug! Yes!

- That's good, Paug.

That's good, okay.

Come on, come on.

Come on!

(crowd cheering)

Never rush in wildly.

Now lads, you saw that?


- Sorry Ivanhoe.

- No. Good use of surprise.


- Ivanhoe! Ivanhoe, come quick!

- What is it?

- There's been an attack at Huden Fair.

They say jade merchant's been killed.

- Fadain, the jade merchant?

- [Rebecca] Yes.

(suspenseful music)

- Come on, Odo.

(horses galloping)

- I've known Ivanhoe since he was a lad.


- Murderer!

- Get out!

- [Odo] What's happening?

(crowd rabbling)

What's all the commotion?

- Rebecca, what's going on?

- I don't know.

- Stop it!


Find out what's going on.

Meet me back in the forest,
by the old druid stone.

- I will!

- [Villager] Do you know what he did?

- What?

- He murdered my brother.

- Look, now calm down, calm down.

- Cedric, at last!

- Rowena.

- Fadain, the jade
merchant has been murdered,

and they say it was Ivanhoe!

- Fadain, my old friend
murdered by Ivanhoe?

No, no.

- They swear it!

- Wait, while I get my horse saddled.

- Take care, it's dangerous
for you to venture out.

- That's a risk I'll have to take.

(dramatic music)

- Rab!



It can't be true.


Who did this?

Who did this?

Who did this?

Father, tell me, who did this?

- It was Ivanhoe, my son.

(dramatic music)

- By the blood of my dead brother,

Ivanhoe will pay for this with his life!

(eerie music)

- What force enters the
psychic plain of Mordour?

The Ivanhoe figurine.

I wonder.

I should make contact
with this dark presence.


(horse galloping)

- Whoa!


- You murdered by brother!

- I murdered no one!

- Liar! The virgins swear it was you!

- How could I?

I was with you at the time!


- Kill me too then.

- I didn't kill your brother, Paug,

and I'm not gonna kill you!


- I'm gonna come after you Ivanhoe!

Until the day I die!

- It's Cedric.

- Is it true?

- Aye, it is true Cedric.

Ivanhoe killed Fadain.

- I cannot believe it.

- Nor can I, nor can I.

Now hear this, 200 gold sovereigns

for the arrest of Ivanhoe.

- [Villager] 200 gold sovereigns.

- Ivanhoe's father, Cedric has offered

200 crowns for Ivanhoe's arrest.

- Cedric? But Tank had
assured me he was dead.

- Seems the Saxons have been hiding him.

- Then we should hunt him out.

- I would humbly suggest that
while Cedric is organizing

a hunt for our archenemy, Ivanhoe,

we stay our hand.

- Hmm. Every Norman is
to assist the Saxons

in their hunt for Ivanhoe.

(sinister music)

(speaks on foreign language)

- Centenaulds of darkness.

Guide this power of darkness to us.

(wind gushing)

What is this?!

- You have summoned me here.

- Mordour. Prince John's
personal necromancer,

master of the ancient black arts.

- Master?

I am the only master here.

- Then I greet a fellow master.

Tell me, who are you?

What's your business in this land?


- So, Ivanhoe is no friend of yours.

Mine neither.

- You're not Ivanhoe.

- No, I have come to destroy him.

- The devilishness of
this takes my breath away.

Allow me to be of assistance
to you in your quest.


- Odo!

- There could be gold all in there.

- That's stood here for
longer than anybody knows.

Now stop your sacrilege.


(horse galloping)

- Whoa!

- It doesn't look good, the
whole country's looking for you.

- You believe me, don't you Rebecca?

- Of course I do.

- You may be the only one.

(Odo clears throat loudly)

- Me too, Ivanhoe.

- Thank you, Odo.

- Look, what can we do?

- We'll camp here and we'll decide.

(eerie music)

- Do you know where Ivanhoe is hiding?

- No, but I have something
which might help.

(suspenseful music)


- Do you know where this place is?

- I recognize it.

But first if I might humbly
propose a little plan

that will raise the temperature
under our friend, Ivanhoe.

(suspenseful music)

- Not hungry?

- I just can't understand how
they can all be so certain

I murdered Fadain and Rab.

- Sorcery?

- But who's behind it?

(upbeat music)

- I saw him with this one, in the village,

with these two wenches
like you wouldn't believe.

- A black crow flies over the feast.

What is it, Mordour?

- I have found a wayside to draw the net

even tighter around Ivanhoe.

- You can make things
even worse for Ivanhoe?

- Indeed.

- How?

(claps hands)

- Come in.

(eerie music)

- Ivanhoe! Kill him!

(dramatic music)


- Ivanhoe employing sorcery?

- That isn't Ivanhoe.

- Uncanny.

What do you want?

- I want everything Ivanhoe holds dear.

His position,

his lands,

his loved ones,

even his life.

- What do you require for your plan?

- Only the use of your spies, sire.

- You have it.

Anything you require, you'll have it.

Long live Ivanhoe!



- [Dark Crusader] Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe.

- Who are you?

What sorcery is this?

Odo, Rebecca.

Wake up.

Rebecca. A sleeping spell.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)


- Good woman, have you seen
a stranger pass this way?

- How did this stranger look?

- Like me.

- You chase your shadow?

- The one you seek, went that way.

- Where does this trail lead?

- To a hostelry, no where else.

- Thank you, mistress.

- Wait. Take these.

Oh they may not seem much,

but they will bring
you luck in your quest.

- Thank you, kind
mistress, I wish you well.

(eerie music)

(suspenseful music)

- Paug. How did you--?

- I was tipped off that
you'd be hiding here.

- Tipped off? But I just arrived.

- All that matters now is that you pay

for the murder of Fadain and my brother.

- Paug, I will not fight you.

- No need to, Ivanhoe. (whistles)

- I'm one of you, one of you.

Believe me, I didn't kill
Fadain or your brother!

- Look!

- Caught red handed!

- They were pebbles, this is witchcraft!

- Take him away!

- No!

- Tie him up.


- Him. He planned this.

Look, he's the murderer!

Look over there!

Well, look!

Where's he gone?

- He's lost his mind.

- Or he's pretending to be mad.

Take this murdering swine away!

- No, over there!

(birds chirping)

- Odo, Odo!

Ivanhoe's gone.

- Has he? I slept like the dead.

- Me too.

- I feel like I drank at least

a gallon of leaf beer last night.

- That's strange.

What time do you make it?

- Way afternoon.

- Bewitchment. Come on.

We have to find Ivanhoe.

- It's not true, father.

- I knew it couldn't be.

- I'm afraid all the
evidence suggests otherwise.

Secure Ivanhoe with the stoutest
of chains in the dungeon.

(sinister music)

- The Saxons capture Ivanhoe.

We should find out where
they're holding him

and demand that he is handed over to us.

- I would advise against that, sire.

If the Saxons find
Ivanhoe guilty of murder,

the House of Rotherwood
would be disgraced forever,

which will be greatly to your advantage.

- And if they don't?

- The mood the Saxon people are in,

they will surely rise up and
tear Ivanhoe limb from limb.

- I see.

Ah yes, excellent indeed,

and where is Ivanhoe's nemesis now?

- Off to torment Ivanhoe
even further, I should think.

(eerie music)

(evil laughing)

- What do you want?

Tell me.

- Only what is due to me.

- What is due to you?

What? Who are you?

Who are you?

- Five minutes, miss.

- Ivanhoe.

- Rebecca. Did you see him?

- Who?

- My tormentor, the
one that looks like me.

- Where?

- There!

- [Rowena] There's no one there!

- He was there.

He was there, I'm not losing my mind.

I'm not losing my mind.

- What are we to do?

- Ivanhoe, together we could free you.

- No Rowena, I must prove my innocence.

Fingal the druid.

He can use his magic to find
out where this evil came from.

Rebecca, go to his
cave, take Odo with you.

- Fingal the druid.

Just the mention of his name
gives me the heebie jeebies.

- Let's go!

- What should I do?

- Rowena, stay here.

You're my father's ward,
he'll need you here with him.

- Now hear this.

We are here, to pass judgment
on Ivanhoe of Rotherwood,

for the murder of Fadain
and Rab, brother of Paug.

- Saxon High Elders,
you've heard the evidence,

now wade carefully.

Let not the facts of the accused

as my son interfere with your verdict.

Be wise, be truthful.

You first, Edwin of Stringband.

Do you find Ivanhoe innocent or guilty?

- The evidence against
Ivanhoe is overwhelming.


- Aye, guilty!

- Guilty!

- Guilty!

- Guilty.

- The verdict is guilty.

Elder Cedric must now pronounce sentence.

(dramatic music)

(eerie music)

- Come on, Odo, keep up!

- I am, I am!

(door creaks)

- Father.

- Ivanhoe.

Sentence has been passed.

- And? Tell me father.

- You are to be hanged.

- But Ivanhoe is innocent.

I know he is!

- You chose the sentence,
didn't you father?

- As Highest Elder, I was duty bound.

- You did right by your duty.

I'm proud of you, father.

Though I'm innocent, I
will die like a true Saxon.

- No!

- Yes, Rowena.

This is how it must be.

- How has it come to this? My boy.

- Rebecca, can't we just
call him and wait here?

- No, come on!

- Sentenced to death by his own father.

The gods truly are, smiling on us today.


- You sent for me, sire?

- Go to the Saxons.

Tell them you have a message
to give to Ivanhoe from me.


- Rebecca!

- Calm down, Odo, it's not really there.

- Whatcha mean it's not really there?

I can see it.

- Watch.

- Ah!

(monster roaring)

- It's just a trick to keep
people out, now come on!


- Awesome.

(monster roaring)


- Fingal!

(Odo yelps)

- Greetings, Rebecca. Odo.

I was expecting you.

- You were?

- A week ago, I detected
the arrival of powerful,

evil presence in the land.

- That makes sense.

A week ago, a stranger arrived,

bearing an unholy resemblance to Ivanhoe.

- I see.

- And we have to track him
down and clear Ivanhoe's name.

- Let me think.

White crystal dust.

It will reveal the
footprints of evil presence.

Be careful.

I sense your opponent
is formidable indeed.

- Great.

- [Rebecca] Thank you, Fingal.

- Wait!

Take this moonstone amulet.

You may have need of it, it
has the power to deflect evil.

(monster screeching)

- Who's this?

- Norman messenger for Ivanhoe.

- Has he been searched?

- Yes.

- Take him through.

(door creaks)

- Can we talk alone?

Prince John will order you be set free,

if you pledge allegiance to
him, instead of King Richard.


- I would rather die, than
pledge allegiance to your

mewling puff of a master.

Take him away!


- A week ago, he rode in.

That black horse, he wore a hood,

and I could see he was a crusader.

- Was he alone?

- Oh yes, thank god.

I wouldn't want to face another like him.

- And he left his horse?

- He ordered me to look after it.

He won't take no food or water off me.

No one can get near it.

- Let me have a go.

I'm usually good with animals.

(horse neighing)

Maybe not today.

- Some say he's pining for his master.

I say the horse is cursed.

- Which way did the crusader go?

- I can't tell ya that.

One minute he was here,
the next, (blows out air)

he was gone.

- Thanks.

Come on, Odo.

(horse neighing)


Come on.

- I can't believe you let
them sway you like that.

Your own son!

- The evidence was overwhelming.

- Do you really believe that

Ivanhoe murdered those men in cold blood?

- No.

- Then how can you stand there

and watch him be executed for
a murder he didn't commit?

- I had no choice.

He has been judged and
that's the end of it.

Once he was condemned, things
went as they had to go.

The whole fabric of our
society depends on justice.

- You call this justice?

Where are the witnesses?

- There were many witnesses,

too many for it to be any mistake.

- But why would he do it?

It makes no sense and it's not fair

that I should lose him before
I know how I feel about him.

- I know how you feel Rowena, believe me.

When I was little more than your age,

I lost my greatest love, Ivanhoe's mother.

I found that grief unbearable,

until one night she seemed to come to me,

as if in a dream and yet remarkably real,

and I felt I had one last
chance to say goodbye.

I envy you that now, you have
your chance to say goodbye.

- But I don't want to.

You have to do something to stop them.

You have to!

- Uh oh! Which path?

(mystical music)

- This way.

- Uh, what do we do
when we track him down?

- Track him down first
and then we'll decide.

- Oh I'm sure he'll wait
'til we make our minds up.

(monster screeching)

Oh, er, is it very deep?

- It's shallow enough to cross.

Come on!

- I felt something.

- What?

- Something in the water.

- You imagined it.

- Oh! I don't like this!


- Odo! Odo!

(suspenseful music)


- Rebecca! It's got me!

It got me!

- Grab it!

Hold on!

(suspenseful music)

Come on, Odo!

- Oh! What was it?!

- I have no idea!

- Oh, I'm not coming back this way,

I'm going the long way around.

- Come on, we must hurry.

(Odo huffing and puffing)

- Look.

- Where?

- There.

That's where we'll find him.

- Ooh, they found your hide out.

- Perfect.

- Oh no!

- Come on!

(eerie music)

It's black magic from the east.

- He's not here then.

We can go, can't we?

- Look. Aiden's starlight.

- Someone's coming.

- Ivanhoe, thank goodness,
how did you get here?

- I escaped from the dungeon.

- How did you find us?

- I followed you here.


- You're hurt.

- Oh, Rebecca.

You were the only one
who ever believed in me.


- You're the Dark Crusader.

- Ivanhoe!

- That's not Ivanhoe!

- Leave him alone, you big bully!


- Quick!


That dust won't keep him for long.

- Make for the woods!

(door creaks open)

- The time has come.

Execution detail, collect the prisoner.

- No!

- Rowena, don't.

Let them do their duty.

- Bring the prisoner to
the place of execution.

(speaks in foreign biblical language)

- You must make them believe you, Paug.

- Will Ivanhoe forgive me?

- Of course he will.

But first we must reach
Cedric before it's too late.

- This way, I know a shortcut.

- [Villager] Murderer!

(crowd heckling)

- It wasn't him!

It wasn't Ivanhoe!

- Put him up, come on!

(crowd jeering)

(eerie music)

- Over there.

- [Odo] How did he get here, before us?

- This way.

- For the murder of
Fadain the gem merchant

and his bodyguard, Rab.

Ivanhoe must here wist be
hanged by the neck, until dead.

(crowd rabbling)

- Burn in hell!

- I'm sorry, my boy.

- Don't be sorry,
father, it was your duty.

Mother and I will always be with you.

- Ready?

Do it.

- [Rowena] No!


No, Ivanhoe!

- No!

- [Rowena] No!

- [Villager] What's going on?

- What are you doing?

- Wait, wait, wait.

Ivanhoe didn't kill Fadain and my brother.

It was the one who looks like him.

- Who was it?

- Paug is telling the truth.

He has no reason to lie.

- What about Fadain's
gems, found on Ivanhoe?

- She planted them on me.

- Arrest her!


(monster shrieking)

- Sorcery!

- It's a shreik!

- Where is the evil one behind this?

- I am here.

- Who are you?

- Do you not know, father?

- Father?

- I am Ivanhoe's brother.

- My brother?

- My mother.

- Remember me, Cedric of Rotherwood.

- Margaret.

Now I remember.

She tricked me, many years
ago by adopting the form

of your mother, Margaret,

and in the morning she
revealed her true self.

- And now, our son has come to

regain his rightful inheritance.

- There's nothing, until
King Richard returns,

we're dispossessed.

- I can wait.

- First you have to account for the crimes

you have committed.

- I shall account for nothing.

- I have no desire to fight you, brother.

- I, on the other hand,
have a very great desire

to fight you, brother.

(dramatic music)

- Ivanhoe.

(crowd jeering)

(Ivanhoe groaning)

(dramatic music)

- Son!

(eerie music)

- [Crowd] Kill him!


(suspenseful music)


- Brother, look into my black soul.

- Into my white soul, brother.

- Ah!


- My son!


My son!

- Kill him Ivanhoe!


- Wait!

- Careful father.

- Let me here what this
misbegotten son of mine has to say.

- I have one last request.

- What is it?

- Lay me down by the nearest stream.

- Why?

- Would you deny your dying
brother his last request?

- Do it. Clearly he has
not got long on our earth.

(dramatic music)

(crowd gasps)

(monster shrieks)

- Paug, Paug!

It's gone.

- Where'd they go?

- To the sea and further.

- All that matters is--

- Is that you weren't hanged.

(Odo coughs)

- I had few close shaves,
back there myself, you know?

- Okay then.

- You all did well.

Let's go.

(sinister music)

(triumphant music)