Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Dragon Singer - full transcript

(dramatic music)

- A thousand curses on you.

One last look, you said.

Foolish old hag that I am. (growls)

I should never have trusted you.

With your handsome charm
and your stately manner.

May your blood turn to salt!

(bird cries)


I'll skin you alive, you little wretch!

(dramatic music)

(bird cries)

I'll send you to hell if
it's the last thing I do!

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- [Villager] Not bad, not bad.

- This is perfect, so many distractions.

So many people, so many pockets to pick!

- I didn't hear that, Odo.

- But I bet you look.

Angelica, Centuri, Besolt, Saxophage.

- What did I tell you, Friar Bacon?

Never, ever take a woman shopping.

- Basil.

- Ah, St. Patrick's herb,
it's said that in the hands

of a good sorcerer this can
make a person invisible.

- With hands like these, who needs basil?

Oh, excuse me.

- [Rebecca] Odo.

- Dear Lord, I know he's no good

but please keep him out of trouble.

Speaking out of which, where's Ivanhoe?

(dramatic music)

(man sings in French)

- Wonderful, wonderful!

You see what you would have missed, Falco,

if you'd gone to that
dreadful little village fair?

- Yes, your highness.

It's been an unforgettable experience.

- I'm surprised at you Falco.

What could possibly interest
you at the village fair?

- Perhaps he's heard of the Golden Bird.

(dramatic music)

- The what, Mordour?

- A Golden Bird, your highness,

that it is said can
tell people's fortunes.

- And how are we supposed
do know what it's saying?

I'm expected to learn
bird language. (laughs)

(Mordour chuckles)

- Very good, your highness.

The young man who owns the bird

claims to be able to understand its song.

- I've never heard anything so ridiculous.

A common man will believe anything.

Inbred, witless pagans, the lot of them.

- There's talk amongst the men

that it's predicted some amazing things.

(John snorts)

- When was the day when a king listens

to the idle chatter of his own soldiers?

- Quite right.

Although it might be amusing to see it

try to predict your highness' own fortune.

- My own fortune?

Yes, Mordour.

What would it predict?

- The death of your
brother Richard, perhaps?

- Bring this bird and its
owner here immediately.

(ominous music)

(light music)

- Odo.

- What?

- Guards are close by.

Time to go.

(light music)

This way.

- [Jandar] You have a daughter?

- [Peasant Woman] We
lost her many years ago.

- [Jandar] The bird
says she's still alive.

(Peasant woman gasps)
(bird cries)

- Can it really be true?

After so many years?

- Your daughter is still alive.

She'll return to you
before the next full moon.

- We're looking for the Golden
Bird, tell me where it is.

- It's not much for such news.

- Put your money away.

- [Peasant Woman] Thank you.

- You know where it is, tell me.

- I don't.

- Come closer, there's
nothing to be afraid of.

- I've studied bird life for many years,

but I've never seen anything like this.

Where did you get it from?

(bird calls)

- I was given it by a man who
brought it from the Far East.

- So what does it do, perform tricks?

- No, it tells people's fortunes.

(light music)

She predicts the future,
I interpret her song.

- For a small fee, I suppose.

- Depends whose future I'm telling.

Do you want to know your future?

- Am I ever going to be rich
beyond my wildest dreams?

- Look into the bird's eyes.

(mystical music)

Golden Bird, tell me this man's future.

- We're looking for the Golden
Bird, tell me where it is.

(bird cries)

- That way.

(bird calls)

- Well, what did he say?

- She says there is danger nearby.

- Well, she's right.

- The Golden Bird is tired.

I must ask you all to leave.

Quick, this way.

(dramatic music)

(crowd gasps)

- Are you the owner of this bird?

- I am.

- His royal highness, Prince John,

requests you and your bird's
presence at the castle.

(dramatic music)
(bird calls)

- That was close.

Seems that we owe that young
man a debt of gratitude.

- We don't eve know his name.

(dramatic music)

- I hear you can tell fortunes

with the aid of this bird, young man.

- It is true, your highness.

(bird calls)

- I want it to tell mine.

- This is no game.

Are you prepared to hear the truth?

- Such insolence!

Get on with it.

- Very well.

Look into the eyes of the bird.

(mystical music)
(bird calls)

- What's wrong?

- Fly, Golden Bird.

- Was that part of the act?

- I must apologize, your highness.

- Well, what did it predict?

- The bird has failed.

It predicted nothing.

- Nothing?

- I've seen enough.

Fortune teller, con man, more like.

Get him out of here.

Mordour, I'll expect
better advice next time

from my royal necromancer.

- Your highness, I've seen
the effect this bird has

on the villagers, they treat
it with great reverence.

To allow such power in the
hands of one of subjects,

even if it is fraudulent
seems most unwise.

He let the bird go deliberately.

You saw the arrogance in his
eyes, he was mocking you.

- And you just let him walk out of here.

Do something.

(mystical music)

- You sensed evil in that man.

You were right to flee.

We leave this place tomorrow.

(dog barks)

(ominous music)

(bird cries)

- I wonder if our young
man predicted this.

- May I humbly congratulate your highness,

you have dealt with this matter superbly.

- Odd looking beast, aren't you?

You'd best not cause any trouble

or I might be caused to
feed you to the dogs.

- There must be two guards at all times.

(mysterious music)

What is your secret, Golden Bird, hmm?

You can't tell me, of course.

But I will find out.

(dramatic music)

(bird cries)

- Oh, no, no, thank you.

(crowd laughing)

- Ah!

What, who are you?


- I do hope you weren't hurt.

It was the only way I could
guarantee you would come here.

Now that I know who you are.

- Who I am?

- Thank you, Sam.

My name is Jandar.

- Well, Jandar.

- Golden Bird has been stolen.

I need Ivanhoe's help.

(dramatic music)

- Rebecca, Odo.

- It's all right, we come alone.

His name is Jandar.

The Golden Bird read your mind, Odo.

He learnt about your
true identity, Ivanhoe.

- So what did you bring him here for?

- Prince John has stolen Golden
Bird, I must get her back.

- You want us to break into
the castle to rescue a bird?

You must be completely cuckoo.

- You're hiding something, Jandar.

- Golden Bird is not
quite all that she seems.

She's actually my sweetheart.

- Oh, yes, all right.

- What happened?

- A rock witch took a disliking to her

the day before we were to be married.

She cast a spell over
her which transformed her

into what you saw yesterday.

- Why?

- She was jealous of her beauty.

- Is that all?

- Yes.

I can see I've not convinced you.

I shall save her myself.

(Odo whistles)

Travelers, fair people, it's what

you get when cousin marries cousin.

- He helped us out back
there in the village.

He didn't have to.

- No, it's no use.

- We'll need to get
into the castle somehow.

- I think I know a way.

(dramatic music)

(mysterious music)

- Sea air, caves.

The black caves.

As I suspected, you are a bewitchment.

But no ordinary bewitchment.

One that can tell fortunes.

Will you tell my fortune, Golden Bird?


Where would you fly to, Golden Bird?

Back to your young master?

Didn't I tell you?

He's dead.

(bird cries)

You're all mine now, and it's
my fortune you will sing.

- These should help us move
among the performers unnoticed.

- Well, first we have to find out where

Golden Bird is being held captive.

- Then we set her free,
she knows her own way home.

- As simple as that.

- This is ridiculous.

(group laughs)

- Perfect, now all you need is this.

Everyone ready?

(dramatic music)

- Straight up to the hall, and no detours

if you know what's good for you.

- Here we go.

(light music)

(ominous music)

- You search the lower floors,
I'll take the rooms upstairs.

And you.

- Yes?

- You stay here, out of
trouble, until we need you.

- That suits me just fine,
because there's no way

you're getting me out of
here looking like this.

(light music)

(scattered applause)

- Next.

- [Odo] You know I was very
good at this sort of thing.

I hate tumbling, it's horrible.

- You, you're on.

- Oh, oh, no, no, I don't
want, I don't want to.

No, no, no, whoa!

What do you think you're doing?

Don't push me, you big bollock.

- Too funny, I want one.

(light music)

- Move back there, go on.

(John laughs)

- Just because I'm small.

(all laughing)

(dramatic music)

(all laughing)

(dramatic music)

- [Mordour] What did
you feed her, you fool?

- Nuts and berries as you ordered, sir.

- Then why, you wretch, is she dying?

(dramatic music)

I see I shall have to
look after her myself.

Get out of my sight!


(ominous music)

(bird cries)

- Golden Bird.

(all laughing)

(crowd applauds)

- I'm not finished yet.

(John laughs)

I've never been so
humiliated in all my life.

- Did you find her?

- Yes, but there's a problem.

- [Guard] Next.

- She's upstairs, but
you'll need Odo's skills.

So free Golden Bird and
leave as quickly as you can.

- Well, what about you two?

- We are going to create
a little distraction.

(light music)

(ominous music)

- What's wrong with her?

My darling Golden Bird.

I'll soon have you out of here.

- Nice piece of work, a
four gauge barrel shaft

bearing weighted feather lock.

Intricate, but no problem.

- [Guard] Next.

- That should have given them enough time.

- So what's the plan?

- You're a good fighter, aren't you?

(crowd chatters)

(mysterious music)

- Well, get on with it.

(crowd gasps)

- I see, subtle.

- Ivanhoe!

(triumphant music)

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe, behind you!

(triumphant music)

- Go!

(triumphant music)

Having fun?

- Absolutely.

- Hurry up, you fools, his
highness needs your help.

(mysterious music)

- No!

(dramatic music)

- [John] Get him.

Get him, Falco!

- They've taken the Golden Bird.

(dramatic music)

(triumphant music)

- The window, I should have guessed.

(dramatic music)

- For King Richard.

(John screams)

(light music)

- This is an outrage, Ivanhoe
right under my very nose!

- I fear Ivanhoe is planning to

use the Golden Bird for
his own political end.

- Then find them all and kill them!

- Perhaps I should heat a pot of water,

peel some potatoes and
carrots, just in case.

- I'll try and talk to him.


- Leave us alone.

- I know what's wrong with her.

She's dying of melancholy,

she must have thought you'd been killed.

- I'm alive, I'm here, can't she see?

- The melancholy's deeply rooted,

she needs help or she may not survive.

Don't turn your back on us, Jandar.

We risked our lives for you.

- Can you really help?

- I think so.

But is there anything else
you haven't told us about her?

- No, nothing.

- We must get him to Fingal,

he will know what has to be done.

- Prince John's men are
scouring the land for us.

- We must help him, Ivanhoe,
otherwise she will die.

(ominous music)

- He'll talk, won't you?

Because, you see, we have
all the time in the world,

and all you need to tell us

is where they've taken the Golden Bird.


Come and get me when he talks.

(dramatic music)

(bird cries)

- [Fingal] So you gave
Prince John quite a shock?

- Not as much of a shock as
I'd liked to have given him.

- It doesn't look good.

I'm doing all that I can,
but I fear the worst.

- May I?

(mysterious music)

The solution to your problem lies in

the very beginning of this whole affair.

Lies with the rock witch.

(bird cries)

- These traveling people
are a loyal, stubborn lot.

We've interrogated that
man for two days, nonstop.

He's given nothing away.

- I must know the bird's
whereabouts, Faclo!

- The sea.

You have garrisons stationed
all along the coast?

- Yes.

- Tell your men to search the black caves.

That's where we'll find him.

(dramatic music)

- She's very crafty and dangerous.

This is the place.

Down there.

- Okay, wait here for us.

- [Jandar] Be very careful,
Ivanhoe, she's completely mad.

- Right, you must get
in and out of that cave

before I have finished with her.

- Yes.

- You know what you have to get?

- Yes, yes, Fingal made
it perfectly clear.

- Thank you.

Let's go.

- Jandar, look at me, I'm
a dwarf, I hate heights.

(ominous music)

- Shh, five.

- What?

Oh. (whimpers)

(ominous music)

(Witch hisses)

- Who are you?

- A mercenary who has killed
for money right across

this land and who recently
came into the possession

of something which I think
once belonged to you.

- To me?

- A Golden Bird?

- Impossible.

- Belonged to a man by the name of Jandar.

Well, he's dead now so I suppose
Golden Bird belongs to me.

- I think I understand you.

(Odo whimpers)

- [Odo] Don't look down.

- Before Jandar finally
died, he revealed to me

that he'd stolen Golden Bird from you,

I just thought you might want it back.

- Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

How do I know you're not lying?

(ominous music)

(Witch gasps)

Where is she?

- I'll bring her back to
you as soon as you agree

on my price, but first, I must have proof

that you really are the
person Jandar spoke of.

- What sort of proof?

- Jandar told me many
stories about Golden Bird

and now you must tell me yours.

If they match, I'll
know who you really are.

- What do you wanna know?

- I've got three things
to get of the witch:

a lock of hair, a fingernail,
and a sliver of skin.

Well, it could be easier.

- Who is Golden Bird?

- She's my sister.

(ominous music)

(bones crunch)

- Ooh.

Obviously house proud.

- Yeah, I never liked her.

She was beautiful, polite,
elegant, quite horrible.

But mother doted on her.

- What was your sister's name?

- Elerianne.

We found her one day;
mother and I were out

collecting ingredients,
and and there she was,

a golden haired baby
abandoned on the seashore.

Mother took her in.

I protested.

But I was just a little
child, no influence.

As she grew she revealed her power.

- Power?

- To look into the future.

I never trusted her.

How can you trust
someone with such powers?

And then mother died
in a terrible accident.

- What sort of accident?

- She seemed to somehow
fall off a cliff one day.

- Oh, how tragic.

- Oh, I cried for weeks of course,

but it meant that I was now in charge.

I made Elerianne work for her keep.

I thought I had her under my control.

But then she met hence, youthful tender.

He turned her against me.

One day he announced
they were to get married.

But I fixed her.

(bottle clinks)

(Witch growls)

- Fixed her?

Fixed her how?

- The night before they were
to leave I cast my spell.

Even then to spite me she
couldn't turn into something ugly.

Oh no, she had to become
the Golden Bird, with her

beautiful plumage and her
sweet little song, curse her!

Jandar stole her from me.

Stealing something from right under

your very own nose, imagine!

- Imagine.

- But now it seems I'm to
have the last laugh after all.

- I haven't got everything!

(Witch and Ivanhoe laugh)

- You've convinced me, I shall bring you

your Golden Bird for 50 golden pieces.

- 50? (growls)

(dramatic music)

Bring her tomorrow.

- Tomorrow it is.

- [Jandar] Ivanhoe, did you succeed?

- Where's Odo?

You took your time.

- Look at the length of my
legs, that's a long climb.

- Did you get everything?

- No, I didn't, and no thanks to you.

You didn't give me enough
time to get the witch's hair.

Look at me, covered in
slime, and for what?



- Her fingernail, a piece of her skin,

and a lock of her hair.

They did well.

- What now?

- Now I must get to work.

(dramatic music)

- Good news, one of the men
at the west coast garrison

says he saw three people making
their way along the cliff.

- Three people making
their way along a cliff?

They could be anyone, Falco.

- The soldier swears
one of them was a dwarf.

- If we leave immediately

we'll be there for tomorrow morning.

(dramatic music)

- Her hair, fingernail, skin.

(mystic music)

These fused together will
give the amulet its power.

(mysterious music)

You must get her to hold this.

Only then can I make the spell work.

- I'll keep her safe, Jandar.

(ominous music)

- You've brought her.

(Witch growls)

- The gold?

(ominous music)

- What's wrong?

- I can sense him.

He's here!

- Who?

- Mordour!

- [Odo] Mordour, out here?

What are we going to do, Rebecca?

(ominous music)

- They're all down there,

except for Ivanhoe and the Golden Bird.

- They'll not be far away.

Tell your men to prepare themselves.

I sense victory is at hand, your highness.

- It better be, Mordour.

- What's wrong with her?

- She's dying.

- You never told me. (growls)

- No gold.

- What else did you expect, fool?

- Nothing.

(mysterious music)

- But I have the Golden
Bird, at least I'll have

the pleasure of killing
her after I've killed you.


- What, what is this?

(dramatic music)

- That's not mine.

- She has the amulet!


- What is it?

- That fool, Falco, why
didn't he mention this?

- Mention what?

- The druid's here!

(mystic music)

- Looks like, no!

- Something's happening,
attack now, kill the druid!

- Attack, follow me!

- Quick, now what are we gonna do?

Let's get out of here.

(dramatic music)

- Wait for me!

- Quickly, Odo, come on.

(mystical music)

(bird cries)

- Welcome back.

- Into the cave, hurry!

(dramatic music)

- Just making sure.

You never know who'll you meet down here.

- Is it really you, Elerianne?

- Is she the Golden Bird?

(coughs) May I just remind everyone

that Prince John,
Mordour, and a fair amount

of soldiers are breathing down our necks?

- Prince John.

- I can get you to safety.

I played in these tunnels as
a child, they go for miles.

- Go on, go.

I have some unfinished business.

- Ivanhoe, this is not the time.

(mysterious music)

- Where is she?

Damn you, Fingal.

(bird cries)

- One day.

(laughs) One day.

(triumphant music)

- You know, you will have

another chance to fight Prince John.

- Every day he sits on Richard's throne

is one more day of suffering
for the English people.

- I knew for the spell to work

someone would have to take your place.

And I thought the rock witch
wouldn't mind volunteering.

- And next time, Jandar,
have faith in the truth.

- I thought that if I told you she was

the sister of a rock witch
you wouldn't help me.

- Adopted sister.

- Perhaps one day I'll find out

who my parents were and who I really am.

- Of course, you don't know.

You are half human and half elf.

It is your elven blood which gives you

the power to look into the future.

As to why your parents
abandoned you, I cannot say.

But you have the whole of the rest

of your life to find that out.

Be well, my child.

- I see hope you in your future, Ivanhoe.

- And I see great love in yours.

(harp music)

- We'll meet again.

- [Jandar] Thank you for
bringing her back to me.

(bird cries)

(triumphant music)