Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - High Elf - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(tool tapping)

- It, it's around here somewhere.

- Shh.

(tool thuds)


(hammer tapping)


(hammer thudding)

- (laughs) Here it is, ha ha!

(both grunting)
(stone rumbling)

Oh, here it is!
- (laughs) And we're in.

(both laughing)

Ah, you wait here.

(dramatic music)

Oh (gasps), oh!

(gasps) Oh (laughs).

Careful, oh.

- Have you found it yet?

- Cor!

(singers vocalizing)



- Right.

- What are you doing here,
you piece of rubbish?

(cup clangs)
(loud thudding)

- Oh!

Ooh, you're a lovely
piece of jewelry (laughs).

- We're rich (laughs),
we're rich! (laughs)

I'm rich.

Goodbye, friend! (laughs)

(low growling)
Ah, ah!

♪ Summer is a-coming in ♪

♪ Bloweth seed and groweth mead ♪

♪ And springs the wood anew ♪


(flames roaring)


(dramatic action music)

(swords clanging)

(creatures shrieking)


(wind whooshing)

(creature shrieks)

(glass clatters)

(fire roars)

(singers vocalizing)

(thunder booms)

(dramatic music)

- Draco, some poor fool
has disturbed your sleep.

Well, since you are awake,

I'm sure I can find some use for you.

You can help me kill Ivanhoe.

(eerie shrieking)

(ominous music)

(moves into dramatic music)
(singers vocalizing)

(creatures growling)

(fighters grunting)

(skull warbling)

(singers vocalizing)

- 50,000 crowns, outrageous!

- The emperor of Austria
has demanded 100,000 crowns

for your brother Richard's release.

You will only have to provide half.

King Philip of France will
provide the other half.

- Why?

- To show how much he loves England.

- I don't believe him.

What else does he want?

- A tiny piece of land
which you control in France.

- What land?

This tiny piece of land
is half of Bordeaux

and all its surrounding land.

Still, it's not out of the question.

Have your people draw up the document

and bring it to me to sign.

My poor brother's been
in that dreadful dungeon

far too long.

- But sire--
- No, Falco,

don't try to stop me.

Whatever the cost, Richard must be freed.

We can accommodate your king's
kind offer on one condition.

(dramatic music)

The party escorting my dear brother

will be set upon by brigands.

Once inside France's border,

Richard will meet a tragic fate.

- But we will protect your
brother with our lives!

- No, you won't!

I want him dead!

- Ah, I understand.

- I'm sure your king will
find this plan to his liking.

There has never been any love lost

between Richard and France.

- I'm sure an arrangement can be made

which will be found acceptable.

- Good, well, off you go then.

Give your king my fondest
regards, et cetera, et cetera.

You see, Falco, I know
exactly what I'm doing,

because once Richard is dead, well,

I won't have to give King Philip of France

his tiny piece of land, will I?

Not after he's failed to protect

my dear, beloved brother's life. (sobs)

- You still do need to
find 50,000 crowns, sire.

- Well, yes, there is that.

(knocking at door)

- Enter!
- Carrier pigeon

with a message from France, sire.

- Well, what does it say?

- There is a man sailing
from the French coast

on the evening tide.

- And?
- It is believed

he brings a message to your enemy.

- And which particular
enemy would that be?

- The one you hate the most.

- Ivanhoe.

- Why didn't you bring
Ivanhoe instead of me?

- Hurry up, it's well past daybreak.

- Oh, great, anyway, who are
we supposed to be meeting?

- [Rebecca] Shh, the less you
know about it, the better.

- Oh, it's like that, is it?

Another one of those mysteries.

I can do without mysteries
at this time in the morning.

I could've done with an extra hour or two

in bed.
- Shh, this is him now.

(oars sloshing)

- We're here.

Come now, Beatrice, it's time to go.

(grunts) There we are.

- The nightingale sings at dawn.

- But its song is a song of freedom.

I'm Blondel, and this is
my daughter, Beatrice.

Have you come from Ivanhoe?

- Why else would we be
up at the crack of dawn

in this desolate place?

- I'm sorry, he got out of bed

on the wrong side this morning (laughs).

- It wasn't even a bed,
just a bunch of bracken.

Don't worry about Odo.

He'll be up with the sun ready to face

any life-threatening
danger shrouded in secrecy.

- We're wasting time.

We have a long journey ahead.

Our horses are on the
other side of those cliffs.

(pilot grunting)
- Bah, bah, you dunce--

- Hyah!
- Drop your weapons!

- I have none.
- Take them.

- Falco!
- Beatrice.

(Beatrice screams)
(fist thudding)

- [Rebecca] Blondel, look out!

(Blondel groaning)

(fist thuds)

- No!
(Rebecca grunts)

- I know you bring a message
to Prince John's enemy Ivanhoe.

Tell this message to me now

and I'll spare your life
and that of your daughter.

- I have nothing to say to you.

- Have it your way.

We spend the night at Baron Henry's.

(Rebecca grunting)
(Blondel groaning)

- Ooh, eh, what am I gonna
tell Ivanhoe now? (groans)

- Well done, Ivanhoe.

Had the crystal skull of Alcazar

fallen into the wrong
hands, it could have meant

great danger to us all.

- What is its purpose, Fingal?

- It has great power used wisely,

but it can also unleash
great destructive forces.

I shall put it under lock
and key out of harm's way.

But there is another, a
more immediate danger.

I believe it concerns Richard.

- The king.

- But how I cannot tell.

Dark moves are afoot.

Only yesterday I thought I heard

the distant rumblings of Draco.

- Draco?
(faint crackling)

- Intruders!

(ominous music)

- Odo.

- Ah, you!

What devilry are you up to this time?

Tell me quickly before
I put a spell on you

that you'll never forget.
- Oh, don't put a spell on me,

Fingal, I wasn't doing anything.

It's Rebecca and your friend Blondel.

- What about them?

- They've been betrayed, kidnapped,

and they've taken
Blondel's little girl, too.

- Who did it?
- Falco

and about a dozen soldiers.

Unfortunately, they found
me in a fighting mood.

I killed three or four,
wounded, oh, four or five.

But then in the end, there
were too many for me.

- Where were they heading?

- I believe Falco mentioned Baron Henry.

- Pevensey Castle, I must go.

- King Arthur's treasure?

You can't be serious, Mordour.

- Oh, deadly serious,
sire, hidden by Merlin.

- Merlin, a figment of some
storyteller's imagination.

- No, sire, Merlin was a powerful druid,

necromancer to King Arthur.

- (scoffs) Arthur, Merlin,
a load of nonsense.

- I believe Merlin hid the treasure

at the behest of Arthur as he lay dying.

- Go on.

- Where no one would ever find it,

until now, it seems.

- You know where it is?

- Er, no, sire.

- Then why are you bothering
me with these fairy tales?

- I believe there is someone
who can lead us to it.

You'll need to offer your men
a reward to find this person.

- How great is this treasure?

- Oh, a fortune,

even after you've paid the king of France

the money he's expecting.

(dramatic music)

- How did you know about that?

- There are many things I know, sire,

including the arrangement
to have your brother Richard

murdered on his way back to England.

- Sometimes I wonder about
your motives, Mordour.

- (laughs) I assure you, sire,
we both want the same things,

you on the throne, Ivanhoe dead.

- Yes, well, all right.

How are my men supposed
to find this person

who'll lead me to King Arthur's treasure?

- They must look out for a man
whose body is badly scorched.

- Scorched?
- Yes, sire, scorched.

(suspenseful music)

- Open up in the name of Prince John.

(Rebecca sighs)

- Will you at least let
me tend to his wounds?

- Not 'til he tells me
what I want to know.

(horse snorting)

Hurry up.

- Eh, eh.
(horse whinnies)

- Hurry up!
- Eh, eh.

- You keep me waiting again,
old man, and you'll feel

the edge of my sword.
- Oh, yes, yeah, yeah.

- Where is everyone?
- Over there.

- Lock up the prisoners,
and watch that one.

I'm going to enjoy torturing you.

(dramatic music)

What's the meaning of this?

(triumphant music)

(Odo laughs)

(fighters grunting)

(swords clanging)

- [Odo] Get off!

- Oh, whoa, oh,

oh, oh! (screams)

- One step closer and I kill the girl.

- Let the girl go, Falco,
and I'll let you go.

- Think I trust you, Ivanhoe?

- My word is my bond.

- Then drop your weapon.

(sword clangs)

(Ivanhoe grunts)

(dramatic music)

- Falco!

(Blondel groans)

How is he?
- Badly wounded.

- Stay here, tend to him.

- [Rebecca] Where are you going?

- To go get the girl back.

- No, no!
- Let her stay!

- Leave me alone.
- Ah!

(girl sobbing)
(crowd shouting)

- You there, you know who I am.

An enemy of Prince John follows me.

Stop them at all costs, hyah!

(singers vocalizing)

- It's a trap, get back.
(prisoners shouting)

- Look out, man--
(horse whinnies)

- Yah!
- Ooh.

(Ivanhoe grunts)
(soldier shouts)

(prisoners shouting)
- Watch out--

- Get him!
- Get his arm!

(soldier grunts)
(prisoners shouting)

(soldier choking)

(fighter grunting)

(soldier shouting)

(prisoners shouting)
- Free us--

- Oh!
- Yay!

(girl sobbing)

- It's all right.

(prisoners chattering)
- What are you doing?

- [Man] She's all right, she's all right.

- Good, good.
(prisoners chattering)

(dramatic music)

- Hyah!

- He's all burned, isn't it awful!

- Shh, but it--
- Never seen such burns.

Have you?
(dog barking)

(women whispering)
- Oh, would you look at that.

- He's got something in his hand.

- It's cursed.
(man whimpering)

- You poor man.
(dramatic music)

- [Woman] Oh, it's beautiful.

- [John] What a beautiful ruby.

- [Mordour] I'm convinced
this is the betrothal ring

which King Arthur gave
his queen, Guinevere.

- So there really is a treasure.

Mordour, all this stuff
about Arthur and Merlin,

you mean it's true?

- Of course, sire.

- We must find out
where it is immediately.

- Well, that shouldn't
be too difficult, sire.

- Why?
- Because we're questioning

the man who had this
ring in his possession.

He will tell us where the treasure is.

- Good, yes, well, go to it then.

- There might be one other problem, sire.

- Problem, I don't think we
have a problem, do we, Falco?

- No, sire, I shall find out
the location of the treasure

and lead a detail to recover it.

And we won't need any
black magic this time.

(laughs drily)
- There you are, Mordour.

You were saying?

- Oh, I stand corrected, sire. (laughs)

(man groaning)
(rats squeaking)

(people chattering)
(person coughing)

(man shouting)

- Release the prisoner.

Come on or it'll be you lying there.

(man screaming)

(prisoner groans)
(prisoners chattering)

You look parched, old man.

Here, do you need some water?

(prisoner groaning)

(man screams)

(dramatic music)

Prince John wants to know
where the treasure is.

Tell me and I'll send
a physician and food.


(man screams)


Very good, very good.

Get him treatment and food.

(rats squeaking)

And lock him up.

(man screaming)

- How is he?

- The wound's deep.

He won't be able to move for days.

- We don't have days.

Falco will send his soldiers after us.

We have to move him now.

- It may kill him!

- That's a risk we'll have to take.

- What about his little girl?

- Prince John will have
her in custody by now.

- Ivanhoe, we must talk
before it's too late.

- Yes, my friend.

- I carry a message from Richard.

He's about to be moved from his prison.

- Where to?

- The rumor is he's being sent to France.

- But King Philip detests Richard.

- Yet he's offered to
pay his ransom. (groans)

- It's a trick, it has to be a trick.

- King Philip in league with Prince John?

- And whilst Richard
is traveling to France,

some accident will befall him.

- That should work.

- Odo.

- Well, you have to
admire these Frenchies,

the way they think.

(Rebecca groans)

Shut up, Odo.

(Blondel groans)
- He's fading fast.

There's only one person
that can help him now.


- You're right, come, come, help me.

We've wasted enough time.

(dramatic music)
(Blondel groans)

- This is it.

You first.

Come on, hurry up.

- Ooh!

(dramatic fanfare)

- [Falco] Keep going, what's the holdup?

- There's gold, tons of it! (laughs)

(choir singers vocalizing)
(chiming music)

- Start loading up.

We've a long night ahead.

(metal clangs)
(echo reverberates)

Hurry up.
(soldier laughing)

(low growling)

(soldiers screaming)
(flames roaring)

(Falco shouting)

(horse nickers)

(Falco shouting)

- Draco!

- What is it, Fingal?

- I suspected this days
ago and now I'm sure.

Someone has woken the dragon.

- The dragon, what dragon?

- Draco, guardian of Arthur's treasure.

But rest assured no man can
get past that dragon unaided.

- Did you mention treasure?

'Tisn't your funny treasure, is it?

You know, the spiritual kind

where there's no financial
reward at the end?

- Tons and tons of gold.

- (gasps) My kind of treasure! (titters)

- (sighs) But your friend is dying.

- Is there nothing you can do for him?

- There may be if we act quickly.

You have great energy, Ivanhoe.

Your friend Blondel has none.

Wait here until tonight

and let me transfer some
of your energy to him.

- You can do that?

- It will weaken you but
it will save your friend.

- Blondel risked his
life many times for me

in the Holy Land.

I must do it.

- But what about his little girl?

- Where is she?

- She's been kidnapped by Prince John.

No doubt she's locked in
his slimy, dark dungeon.

- No place for such a
sweetly singing little lark.

(dramatic music)

- The girl can sing?

- Blondel had the greatest voice

in the whole of Richard's army,
but they say his daughter,

Beatrice, they say she has the
sweetest voice in the land.

- She must be freed from
Prince John's clutches.

Once he has discovered her, her gift,

he will use it to get
at Arthur's treasure.

- But how can Beatrice help
Prince John get the treasure?

- There's only way to get past the dragon,

and I'd stake my life Mordour knows of it.

- You knew what was waiting there!

You let us walk right in there

knowing that monster was waiting for us!

- What have you got to
say to that, Mordour?

- I did warn you there
might be a problem, sire.

- All right, all right, you
said the treasure was guarded,

but you didn't say by what.

- A dragon.
- A dragon,

you can't be serious.

- That's what the legend says.

- (scoffs) An old wives' tale
used to frighten thieves away.

- Perhaps you should
ask Falco what he saw.

- Did you see a dragon, Falco?

- I saw a flash and a burst of flame.

- [John] You mean there
really is a dragon?

- And not just any dragon.

This is Draco, Merlin's familiar.

- (scoffs) Merlin again.

Well, let's talk practicalities.

How is Falco gonna get past it?

That's what I want to know.

- Me?
- Well, sire,

it seems that no one can
safely approach this creature

- Unless what?

Don't you realize that while
you stand there dithering,

somebody else might have
their hands on that treasure?

- Oh, I think not, sire.

To do so, they would need a dragon singer.

- A what?
- Someone with a voice

so beautiful it will
lull a dragon to sleep

while your men remove the treasure.

- And where are we
supposed to find somebody

with a voice like that?

- Well, I suggest you put

all your available men onto it, sire.

Scour the countryside, round up everyone

who has a good singing voice.

- Well, you heard him,
Falco, get on with it.

You really should have warned Falco

about that dragon, Mordour.

- It must have slipped my mind, sire.

(dramatic music)

(men groaning)
(rats squeaking)

(man coughs)
- Very special, though.

- Expect that.
(man shouting)

- Come, I need every man
available to search the land.

(somber music)
(singer vocalizing faintly)

(man groaning)

- Captain, Captain,
search the land for what?

- The most beautiful singer we can find.

- Won't have to search far for that.

- What do you mean by that?

- Listen.
- Oh, I don't have time

for this nonsense.
- Just, just listen.

(singing in foreign language)

- Take that girl to Prince John now.

(energy warbling)
(ethereal music)

(singers vocalizing softly)

- Sleep well, Ivanhoe,
the process is working.

(dramatic music)

- There's only one guard on duty.

You should get in without any trouble.

- Why is it me that always
gets the dangerous jobs?

- Good luck, I suppose.

- Good luck?

Why can't Ivanhoe go?

- He has to stay with
Blondel 'til he recovers.

Besides, they know his face too well.

Get into the dungeon, find
the girl, and get her out.

- You make it sound so easy.

I'd much rather you were with me, Rebecca.

Rebecca, Rebecca?

(groans) Well, in for a penny.

(dramatic music)

- Halt, where do you think you're going?

- Into the castle, I have an appointment.

- Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

- Never, I have an identical twin cousin.

That's probably what it is.

- What do you want?

- I have some information to sell.

- What information?

- That's between me and
the person paying for it.

- And who would that be?

- Prince John himself.

No need to show me the way, I know.

- Wait here, I'll go and check.

- Bah-bah-bah, please,
don't trouble yourself.

I tell you what, I'll
come back another time

when you're not quite so busy.

Yes, that's bound to happen.

(chain ratcheting)

(horse snorts)

- (laughs) Arrest that dwarf.

- He said he had an
appointment with Prince John.

- He does.
(Odo whimpers)

(dog grumbles)
- Odo.

- Put him in the dungeon and
prepare him for execution.

We'll have something to
celebrate on our return.

- You won't need this where you're going

unless you intend making your own coffin.

(Odo yelps)
(soldier laughing)

- [Soldier] Wait, you going, man?

- (sighs) Odo.

- That's what I call the
start of a perfect day.

Bring me my horse.

(Rebecca sighs)


- Oh, oh.


- Yes, Ivanhoe, the process has worked.

How do you feel?

- (sighs) Weak.

- That's to be expected.

- Beatrice, where's Beatrice?

- It's all right, Blondel.

Rebecca and Odo will
have freed her by now.

(rats squeaking)

(Odo groaning)

- Don't feed that one.

He's for the chop (laughs).

(dramatic music)

- This isn't supposed to be occurring.

I need Ivanhoe.


- What's wrong?

- Odo's been captured, he's
in Prince John's dungeon.

- Let's go.
- No, no, you are too weak.

- But Odo's to be executed

the moment Prince John
returns with the treasure.

- Then they have the girl?

- They took Beatrice with them.

- Then it is too late, unless,

there is a way to send you there.

(sighs) But it only risks
weakening you further.

And who knows what you
will have to battle against

once you get there.

- Do it, Fingal.

- As you will.

- That was the most
horrendous journey of my life.

Falco, I want a softer horse next time.

- Yes, sire.

- So this is where your famous dragon

is hiding out, Mordour.

- Indeed, sire.
- Good.

Get on with it.

(dramatic music)

- You'll need the dragon singer.

- You go first.

- Come back and tell us when it's safe.

I can't wait to see that gold.

(Beatrice gasps)

- Keep walking.

(metal clangs)


(Draco growls)

Sing, girl, sing!

(Draco growling)

(singing in foreign language)

(Draco vocalizing curiously)

- What's keeping them, Mordour?

(somber music)
(Beatrice singing)

Do you think they're dead?

- I believe we would
have heard their screams

if that were the case, sire.

- I want that treasure.

Falco, what's wrong?

- Nothing, sire.

The treasure is ready for your inspection.

- Come on, Mordour.

(dramatic music)

(wind whooshing)
(chanting in foreign language)

(ominous music)
(singers vocalizing)

(Beatrice singing in foreign language)

(Draco purring)

- Look, Mordour!
- I see it, sire.

- [John] Amazing.

(Draco hums)


- One moment, sire, it's not safe yet.

(sighs happily)

(Draco rumbling gently)

As long as we move quietly,
the dragon will not wake.

- And the girl?
- She's done her work.

She can stop singing now.

- What shall I do with her?

- We have no more use for her.

Kill her.
- Kill the child?

- You heard.

We don't want anyone else using her.

(dramatic music)

Do it quietly, you fool, away from here.

Just look at it all, Mordour.

I'll have to build a new
treasury to store it all,

more gold than I could've dreamed of.

- More than you could spend
in a whole lifetime, sire.

- I wouldn't say that.

(metal rattling)

Falco, I thought I told
you to get rid of the girl.

- Ivanhoe.
- What's he doing here?

(Draco grumbles)

(Draco growls)

The dragon.
- He's waking.

- [John] Make him go back to sleep.

- I can't, we need the dragon singer.

(Draco moans menacingly)

- Falco, make her sing, quick!

- You heard him, sing!

(sings in foreign language)
(Draco growls)

(Draco roars)

- Do something.

- Sing, Beatrice.

(Draco growling)

(singing in foreign language)

- Mordour, you're supposed
to be protecting me.

- I suggest you lower your voice, sire.

- Yes, yes.
(Draco groans happily)

- Let her go.

- Do you want to try and make me

and risk waking that monster?

- I'm telling you one last time.

- Falco, give me the girl.

I feel safer like this.

Now kill them!

(dramatic music)
(fighters grunting)

Keep singing, my pretty
one, don't stop it.

(swords clanging)
(fighters grunting)

(soldier shouting)
(Beatrice screams)

- You fool!
- Beatrice!

(Draco growls angrily)

(soldier shouting)

(Draco growls)

- No!

(flames roaring)
(soldier screaming)

(John groans)

- [Falco] Ah, quickly, sire.

(fighters grunting)
(swords clanging)

(soldier shouts)

- [Ivanhoe] Rebecca, take the girl and go!

(soldier grunts)

(John gasping)

(Draco growling)

(speaks in foreign language)

(rocks rumbling)
(soldier groaning)

- We're trapped.

- I think she's dead.

(Draco growling quietly)

- A total disaster, Mordour.

I've lost the treasure!

- But you have your
life, sire, thanks to me.

- You did precious little, Falco!

You should've killed that
dragon when it was asleep.

- Think of it this way, sire.

At least Ivanhoe will
die a horrible death.

- Yes, you're right.

(dramatic music)
(Draco growling)

- Rebecca, get behind me.

- By the power of Merlin,
I command you, stop!

(speaks in foreign language)

- [Ivanhoe] Fingal,
what did you say to it?

- What I said isn't important.

But now he recognizes the
power that protects you.

(Draco hums curiously)

- We mean you no harm, Draco.

Merlin set you to guard Arthur's treasure

against evil, greedy men like those.

We ask only that we may leave safely

and take this innocent child with us.

- I promise to seal the
entrance to the cave

so no one will ever
bother your sleep again.

(Draco hums curiously)

- You are the pure of
heart, the chosen one.

If I destroy you, then who
will combat the dark one?

Go in peace, Ivanhoe, and
take the child with you.

Oh, I will dream of her beautiful voice

'til Arthur returns.

- The dark one?
- Only time will tell.

- How did you get here?

- Let's just say it was a
variation of the way you got here,

but we can't go back the same way.

- Well then, how do we escape this place?

- Leave it to me.

(Draco rumbles)

(speaks in foreign language)

(wind whooshing)
(rocks thudding)

(dramatic music)

(metal ringing)

(moves into gentle music)

(Draco hums)

- Drink, Beatrice, darling.

(singers vocalizing)

- I dreamt I saw a dragon.

(Draco vocalizes gently)

I did see a dragon.

(Blondel laughs)
- (laughs) Now out you go.

- Come.
(Draco purring)

- There's enough gold here, Fingal,

to pay King Richard's
ransom 50 times over.

- We cannot touch it.

This is King Arthur's treasure.

He left it here to build a
new Camelot when he returns,

which he will, one day.

- Fingal, what was in that
potion you gave to Beatrice?

- (chuckles) Water.

- Water?
- It wasn't the liquid.

The healing power was
in the chalice itself.

(Draco rumbles gently)

(moves into soaring music)

- The holy grail.

- Come, Ivanhoe, time we went.

Stand aside.

(eerie whooshing)

Sealed forever.

- Or until King Arthur returns.

(dramatic drum music)

(man screaming)
(chains rattling)

(Odo yelps)

- Oh, dawn already, I don't suppose

you've come to tell me
I've had a reprieve.

No, I didn't think so.

(man screaming)
(rat squeaking)

- What's all the fuss about, Falco?

You know I hate getting up early,

especially after such
a disappointing night.

(sighs) Why does no one
ever think about me?

I've lost all that treasure.

Ivanhoe's thwarted me once again.

Will there be no end to my suffering?

- I thought you may wish to view

the dwarf's execution, sire.

- Ah, yes, well, that is a
treat worth getting up for.

- If we go to the balcony, then
you can watch it in comfort.

(dramatic music)

(Odo whimpering)

- I wouldn't bother sharpening that ax.

Any moment now, Ivanhoe and Rebecca

will appear from this crowd and rescue me.

(ax thuds)
(Odo gasps)

Executions are not as
popular as they used to be.

I don't suppose you're
Ivanhoe and Rebecca, are you?

I was being a little bit optimistic.

- Come on, let's get it over.

I wanna go back to bed.

(suspenseful drum music)

- Wait, he needs to make a confession.

- I need to make an escape.

- Come on, we're wasting time.

- The public likes it when the
execution is drawn out, sire.

Gives it a sense of drama.

- Do you regret all your sins?

- I regret getting into this mess.

- Then you be needing this.

(Odo sighs happily)
(dramatic action music)

(fist thuds)
(guard grunts)

- Ivanhoe, he's supposed to be dead.

(soldier grunts)

(Odo gasps)

(Ivanhoe whistles)
(horse snorts)

(soldier groaning)

Get down there, Falco, and do something!

- [Odo] Come on, Chester, ooh.

- [Ivanhoe] Hyah!

- [Rebecca] Come.

- Prince John's plans
to have Richard murdered

are in tatters.

He won't rest until he finds us.

- So where will you go?

- Back to Austria.

The emperor has moved
Richard to another castle

to prevent a rescue attempt.

- But how will you ever find him?

- By singing.
- Singing?

- Richard and Blondel wrote
a song during the Crusades.

- So we're going 'round
every castle in Austria

singing that song.

- And when Richard hears
it, he'll sing back.

- Because he's the only
one who knows the verses.

- As a key fits its lock, so
the chorus fits the verse.

Good code.

- The tide is turning.

We must be going.

It's turning for Richard,
too, my good friend.

(dramatic music)

Come on.

Sit down there, Beatrice, careful now.

- I hope Blondel's right.

I hope the tide is turning.

(dramatic music)
(singers vocalizing)

(dramatic chiming music)