Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Deadly Assassin - full transcript

(wolf howls)

- [Alfred] Come here, you little wretch.

I'm gonna kill you!

- [Odo] You've got it all wrong.

There's a perfectly
reasonable explanation.

- Really?

You can explain the fact that I found you

down here with my wife,
undressing her, huh?

- She was looking rather peaky,

so I was just loosening some clothes

in case she fainted!

- Down here in the storeroom in the dark?

- What can I say, I
couldn't find a candle.

(Alfred growls)

- [Anges] Alfred, please!

- Bet you'd like to choose
one of these before I kill ya.

- No, Alfred.

- [Alfred] Come here, you.

(Anges giggles)

- [Odo] Excuse me, Father.

- [Priest] Ah, Alfred.

- Not now, Father.

(ducks quacking)

(wraith screeches)

(heavy breathing)

(suspenseful music)

(Odo whimpering)

- You've really gone and
done it this time, Odo.

(Odo yells)

(wraith growling)

(Odo whimpers)

Lost, that's what you are.

No, it's this way.

(Odo screams)

(triumphant music)

(birds chirping)

(gentle music)

(wind whooshing)

(man yells)
(swords clanging)

- What were you dreaming about?

Didn't sound very pleasant.

A meeting with Prince John, perhaps.

No, your face tells me
something different.

You were dreaming of your
comrades from the past,

from the Crusades.

- I was dreaming of nothing.

- Does nothing always
trouble you so much, Ivanhoe?

(suspenseful music)

(horse nickers)

- It is late.

- Speak of the devil.

- Ivanhoe, Rebecca, how did I get here?

One minute I was in the forest and then...

That's funny, I can't remember.

I wasn't drinking that much.

- Did you manage to get
the provisions we needed?

- Oh, my leg.

- That doesn't look too healthy.

Let me take a look at it.

(Odo whimpers)

It's just a splinter of wood.

I think I can get it out quite easily.

- Maybe it'll work its way out by itself.

(Odo growls)
(Rebecca yells)

- [Ivanhoe] Rebecca.

- Odo.
- Stay away.

- Words come strangely to me.

Forgive my hesitation.

It's many years since I spoke.

- Odo?

- I'm afraid Odo is not
feeling himself today.

- Who are you?

- Who I am is not important,

but as your friend has
kindly lent me his body,

why not continue to call me Odo?

- What do you want?

- To live again.

- [Ivanhoe] Why have you come here?

- Somewhere hidden in this land of yours

there is a power that will
restore me to life once more.

The seal of Sanjelane.

You will search for it and bring it to me.

- And if we refuse?

(flames crackling)

- Rebecca.

- Don't waste time, go to the druid.

He will tell you what to do.

- You expect me to leave
her alone with you?

- Please, what do you
take me for, a monster?

I won't harm her, you have my word

as long as you fetch me the seal.

- I'll be all right.

It's Odo that needs your help now.



- Admit it, Fingal,
you're living in the past.

All this holistic, philosophical twaddle.

It's just a show to fool people.

Whereas science, that's
the way forward, not magic.

Now take this substance.

Inside one of these is enough power

to blow a hole through that wall.

Whilst you'd spend ages
muttering some old rubbish

without any guarantee of success.

I simply light this, stand back,

throw it against the wall.

(small explosion booms)

- You came all the way
out here to show me that?

- This damp cave of yours
must have made the powder wet.

Now if only I could--

- Quiet.

- Ivanhoe.

(crow caws)

- Ah!

- It's not as bad as it looks.

- Not as bad as it looks?

The splinter was in my leg, what happened?

Did I faint and fall in the fire?

- Not exactly.

- Where's Ivanhoe?

- [Rebecca] Gone to see Fingal.

- What are we still doing here?

There's something going on, isn't there?

Something you don't want me to know about.

Does it involve treasure?

Would you please stop
looking at me like that?


- How are you feeling?

- A bit dizzy.

This hand isn't helping, exactly.

- Do you remember anything
that happened last night?

- I had a few drinks, is
that what this is all about?

- The fact that you're
talking to me is a good sign.

Means he can't control you all the time.

- It's finally happened.

You've been around Ivanhoe
so long, you've gone mad.

Would you please, stop doing that

and tell me what is happening?

- I think you better sit down, Odo.

(Odo gulps)

- A swamp wraith?

- An undead, evil soul.

When a person dies, there are occasions,

if the death is violent, where the soul

is trapped here because
it's unwilling to leave.

- Why choose Odo?

- Wrong place, wrong time.

Odo's a temporary possession.

He'll be freed once the
wraith has the seal.

- Then I must find the seal.

- Perhaps I could help.

- With the awesome power
of science, I suppose.

- Now look here.

- The seal of Sanjelane
is guarded by Higg,

the greatest and wisest
of the mountain spirits.

- How do I find him?

- Higg hates noise.

He spends most of his time meditating

in quiet contemplation
amongst the mountains.

Take this, it may help you to find him.

Be careful of Higg.

His earth magic is very strong.

- Good luck.

- They say he has the power to divine

the very darkest secrets of a man's soul.

- Possessed?

You are joking, right?

- I wish I was.

- So, where is this thing now?

Is it still inside me, or has he gone

for a stroll in the forest?

- He's still within you,
but your spirit's healthy

and strong so it's
keeping him under control.

- And when can we expect him back?

- I think he takes over your
body in times of stress,

when you're in some sort of danger.

That's why he reacted
so angrily to my dagger.

- So all I have to do
is stay out of danger.

Hey, I can live with that.

Come on, be serious.

You are joking, aren't you?

- I wouldn't do that to you, Odo.

- Right.

I go out for a quiet drink
or two in the village,

fool around a little, and
hey, presto, I'm possessed.

- Calm down.

- Calm down?

It's all right for you,
you haven't got this

whatever it is burbling inside of you.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

- Here, drink this.

It will help keep your strength up.

His power's very strong.

- Strong enough to help me beat up men

bigger than myself, for example?

- You have to stay out of trouble, Odo.

Otherwise you risk being
taken over completely

and we could lose you forever.

(dramatic music)

- [Ivanhoe] Go on.


- You picked me because you obviously

recognize class when you see it.

You can hear me, can't you?

Course you can.

So, as I've been so kind
as to lend you my body,

whilst Ivanhoe's off searching
for the seal of Sanjelane,

I think it's only fair that
you do me a favor in return.

So, just to give me an idea of what

you can do, show me something.

Anything at all, like
make these flowers die.

In your own time.

(suspenseful music)

That's it.

I can smell gold in this. (laughs)

We're in business.

- [Ivanhoe] Whoa.

- Where do you think you're going?

- On my way.

- Not without paying the toll.

- This is a free road.

Let me through.

- You're a Crusader, aren't ya?

You Crusaders all came
back loaded with gold.

You wanna pass, it's
gonna cost you a crown.

- I don't intend to pay
to use the king's highway.

Now I'll tell you this one
more time, let me through.

- Not today.

(horse whinnies)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

(dramatic music)

(moves into upbeat music)

(children laughing)

(dog barking)

- No need to be like that.

- Still not talking to me?

Be like that, then.

(Odo knocking)

What are you doing here?

- I thought we'd continue
where we left off,

before we so rudely interrupted.

- He'll kill you if he sees you.

- We'll see about that.

- No.

- So there's the big boggart himself.

If you think you can go around
beating up innocent people,

you're very much mistaken.

You need to be taught a lesson,

and I am just the person to do it.

You see, I have the power.

- Really? (laughs)

- Wake up in there, wake up.

(Odo whimpers)

Maybe I could come back later.

(Odo growls)

Is that the best you can do?

(Alfred yells)

(Alfred groans)

- I had no idea you were such a man.

I'm all yours.

Odo, Odo, you're hurting me.

(children laughing)

- Hello.

You smell funny.

- Run, run away.

No, no.

Go, play with all your friends.

- [Boy] Come on, Laura, you're it.

(eerie whooshing)

- [Ivanhoe] Easy, boy.

- [Fingal] Higg hates noise.

He spends most of his time meditating

in quiet contemplation
amongst the mountains.

- [Ivanhoe] Quiet
contemplation, we'll see.

(fuse hisses)

(explosion booms)

(fuse hisses)

(explosion booms)

- Could something so small
really make so much noise?

- [Ivanhoe] Even we small
people have our ways.

- So it would seem.

I sense the old magic within you.

Who are you?

- Ivanhoe.

- Ah, the chosen one.

- I've come for the seal of Sanjelane.

- (chuckles) So have
many others before you.

Anyone can take the seal, it is not mine.

I simply provide a sanctuary for it.

- Then I may take it.

- You may try.
- Try?

- Even the chosen one
must face three trials

before the seal is his to take.

- What sort of trials?

- They vary according to each man,

but each will test your strength,

your spirit, and your mind.

Should you agree to the challenge,

you will know their nature soon enough.

- I'm ready.

- Then begin.

Good luck, Ivanhoe.

You may be the chosen
one but not even Diana

would be able to protect you in here.

(Odo crying)

- Odo?

- He made me do it.

I can make things die
just by touching them.

- Have you come into contact with anyone?

- [Odo] A few.

- [Rebecca] How many?

- I don't think it matters.

It's contagious.

- I can take care of you,
but I need to talk to him.

He might give us a clue about

the disease that could help us.

But you know what that means.

- Do it.

Taking the chance, aren't you?

- You wouldn't harm Odo, not
while you still need him.

What are you doing to him?

- Nothing he didn't ask for.

- And the villagers?

You promised you wouldn't harm anyone.

- I promised I wouldn't harm you.

- Thanks for sparing me.

Why are you doing this?

You miss life, don't you?

The scent of a rose, the feel of the wind,

the touch of another human.

You want all that again.

That's why you're spreading the
disease among the villagers.

You're jealous of their
freedom because you're trapped.

- Quite a speech.

- I won't let you do this.

I have my knowledge, my plants, my herbs.

- There's not a cure on this
earth can help them now.

- They're innocent people.

- There's no such thing.

- And who are you to judge?

- Enough of this chatter.

- Then let me at least
see to Odo's wounds.

(wind whooshing)

- You read my soul well, Higg.

(man growls)

Very well.

(man grunts)

(metal clanging)

You want me to kill again, Higg?

Like I did in the Crusades?

Is that it?

I'm no murderer.

(gentle music)

(children laughing)

- Catch us, Ivanhoe.
- Ivanhoe.

(Laura whimpering)

- Is it true, there are
others who are sick?

- Yes, there are others, young and old.

- What's causing this, Father?

There's talk of plague.

- But where could it have come from?

- Gather the men together.

I want to speak to you all.

(children laughing)

- [Woman] Ivanhoe.

- Mother?

- You found my shawl, good boy.

You've grown, my brave knight.

Welcome, son, I've been waiting so long.

Why do you stare?

Don't you recognize me?

- You're dead.

- Do I look dead?

- No.

- A little older, perhaps?

They've made me wait so long, Ivanhoe.

- They?

- Oh, they never show themselves

but I can hear them talking, whispering.

They're watching now.

I told them you'd come,
that you'd help me.

- How?

- Kill me, Ivanhoe.

Then I'll be free to go, to rest in peace.

You want that for your mother, don't you?

- What sort of torture is this, Higg?

- You love me, don't you?

- Yes.

- Then do it.
- Stop it.

- Are you disobeying your own mother?

- I won't harm you.

- Must I make you, Ivanhoe?

- No.

- I told them you'd help.

- I won't do it, Higg.

I won't harm her.

Neither would she harm me.

- [Laura's Father] There he is.

- [Man] Get the little dwarf.

- [Angry Man] Yeah, get him, get him.

- [Villager] Hurry, men,
before he gets away.

- What do they want?

- You.

- See, he carries the disease,

he's the cause of all the sickness

that's appearing in the village.

- [Odo] It's not my fault.

- Our children lie dying in
their beds because of you.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- He's speaking the truth.

It's not his fault.

- But you told us he caused
the crops to wither and die.

- No man could do such a thing.

I sense evil within him.

He is possessed.

- He's right.

Odo's not to blame.

- I can cure him.

I can drive the evil from him.

(villagers cautiously cheering)

- No, we must wait.

Help is on its way.

- We can't wait, people are dying.

- Will you submit yourself to an exorcism?

- Does it hurt?

- It will release you from your torment.

- Well, seeing as you put it like that.

- Kneel.

- No.

It's too dangerous.

- [Villager] Stand back, woman.

Let the priest have his say.

- In the name of the father and the son

and the holy ghost, amen.

- [Villagers] Amen.

- Um, amen.

- First you must confess all your sins.

- I thought you said we were in a hurry.

- Confess!

- Confess!
- Confess!

- It's important you
acknowledge everything.

Look into your past and tell
me the sins you have committed.

- I have a better idea.

Why don't I confess the
sins I'm about to commit?

The children were just the beginning.

They were weak and will not struggle long.

Then will come the old and the afflicted,

and the fathers and the mothers will die.

Your crops will fail, your
animals will waste away.

- [Bearded Man] Did you hear that?

- Don't look so worried, Father.

It's in times of sickness

that the church does especially well.

Why don't you pray for help?

- You don't scare us.

I command you in the name
of God to leave this man.

- Do you believe in life after death?

- And the life everlasting.

- You won't mind this then.

(priest screaming)

- Father!
- Possessor!

- Possessor!

- We must leave

or they'll kill us, and leave you both

to find another body to hide in.

- [Villager] Possessors.

- [Higg] You have done well, Ivanhoe.

- What now, Higg?

- [Higg] The last of your
tasks, the task of the mind.

Listen carefully.

The rich men want it,
the wise men know it,

the poor all need it,
and the kind all show it.

Now, what is it?

- A riddle, Higg.

- [Villager] Any sign of them?

- [Man] Spread out, men.

- [Odo] He came back again , didn't he?

- You're not going to be
safe once word gets around.

- There's one place we could go,

and they won't ask questions.

What is this stuff?

- It's a little trick ladies use

to make themselves more attractive to men.

It'll help cover your
blotches whilst we're here.

- Sounds like a good crowd.

- We don't want anyone
taking too much notice of us,

especially in this place,
so you keep a low profile

whilst I arrange rooms
for the night, okay?

- Of course, low profile.

(crowd applauding)

Thank you, thank you very much indeed.

Thank you, thank you very much
indeed, ladies and gentlemen.

You've been a most appreciative audience.

For my final trick today, I
should like to present you

with a piece of magic shown to me

by a sorcerer from the Far East.

For this piece of magic
I shall need two things.

Your complete silence, and second,

a generous donation to my
magician's benevolent fund.

(man laughing)
(coins clattering)

Thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen.

I shall make this rose
die before your very eyes.

- [Man] I don't believe it,
no one can make a flower die.

Come on, then.

- I want me money back.

- See, the dwarf was lying.
- Give us our money back.

- [Man] Come on, then.

(crowd gasps)
- Look at that.

(crowd applauds)

- [Man] Never seen
nothing like that before.

- [Odo] Thank you, thank you.

Don't go far, I shall return.

- That were very impressive.

What are you doing to do with such

an awful lot of money, handsome?

- Why don't I start off by
buying you a large drink?

- Handsome and a gentleman,
this is my lucky day.

- And it's only just beginning.

- Odo.

Are you completely mad?

- I was just having a bit of fun.

- [Rebecca] Didn't you learn anything

back there in the village?

- I think you'll find he's
spending some time with me.

- Think again.

Come on.

- My money.

- I don't need this.

It's been a long day and all we want to do

is go to our rooms and get some sleep.

- Look, get lost, lady.

- I am feeling a bit tired,

I should go and have a little rest.

- Shut up.

- [Rebecca] Such dainty manners.

- [Woman] Wanna try and
teach me some manners?

- Ladies, there's plenty for everyone.

- I said, shut up!

- What's wrong?

- Your face.

- Oh, that's just a minor skin irritation.

Happens every summer.

It's not the Plague, if
that's what you're thinking.

- The Plague?

- [Man] He's got the Plague, get him out!

- Nice and slowly, now.

- Get them!

I touched him!

- Take my advice, you really don't

want to hurt him, he's got quite a temper.

(people grunting)

- [Woman] Go.

- Does that mean we're gonna
have to sleep rough again?

I'm going, I'm going.

- The rich men want it,
the wise men know it,

the poor all need it,
and the kind men show it.

Fingal was right about you, Higg.

You know my secrets.

First the Saracen from my dream, and then,

and then my mother.

Both of whose lives I spared.

Well, I know the answer
to your riddle, Higg.

The answer is love.

- Your tasks are over, Ivanhoe.

You may take the seal, but be warned.

The seal of Sanjelane
can only be used once.

Use it wisely.

- [Rebecca] Come on, Odo.

(Odo groans)


- I'm tired.

- Odo.

Here, let me help you.

- I think maybe I had too
much to drink back there.

- How are you feeling?

- Oh, never better.

I think maybe our friend
inside is getting to me.

Just let me (mumbles)

- Stay with me, Odo.

Come on, snap out of it.

- Had you worried there, didn't I?

- We've gotta keep going.

I know a place nearby we can rest.

- What's wrong with here?

Looks fine to me.

- You're going to have to help me, Odo.

Come on, up you get.

That's it.

One step at a time.

- Forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation
and deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory.

Forever and ever, amen.

- Plague.

It's not good, begger.

The wraith's presence is growing stronger.

I can feel it.

I fear that Ivanhoe cannot
face this challenge alone.

He will need my help.

- I don't feel too good.

Suppose I don't look too good, either.

- Keep fighting him.

Ivanhoe will be with us soon.

(triumphant music)

- [Ivanhoe] Whoa.


- There is not much time.

You have the seal of Sanjelane?

- Yes.

- The wraith has spread the
Plague throughout the village.

Odo and Rebecca are at Craggen Rock.

Go to them, I would join
you when the time is right.

The wraith will be at its most vulnerable

when it's outside of Odo's body.

It's then that we must strike.

Be quick, many lives depend on you, go.

(Laura moans)

(bell chiming)

- Ivanhoe has failed.

It's time to cast this body aside.

- [Rebecca] Wait.

- What have you done to him?

- It's not me you harm.

Where is the seal?

At last, with this, and the
woman, I'll be complete again.

- We didn't agree to that.

- I'll do it, Ivanhoe.

- She's perfect and soon
her soul shall be mine.

- [Ivanhoe] A poor choice.

- What do you mean?

- Men rule this land, not women.

Women are weak, romantic,
wouldn't last long with her.

- Who do you suggest
should take her place?


- No, Ivanhoe, there must be another way.

- Make your choice.

You feel something for
this woman, how noble.

You persuaded me, Ivanhoe.

I shall have your soul.

- Ivanhoe, why?

- Fingal is coming.

We need someone strong enough to withstand

the wraith before he casts his spell.

- Is that the only reason?

Even now, must your heart be so hard,

so cold, so alone?

- Give me the seal!

(wraith screeches)

- [Wraith] Free, free,
free at last. (cackles)

(Ivanhoe grunts)

There is great power within you.

You may be able to
resist me, but she won't.

I will live again! (laughs)

- [Ivanhoe] Rebecca.

(Rebecca grunts)


Fight it, Rebecca!

Fight it!

(Fingal chanting in foreign language)

(wraith groaning)

- So you think a woman's weak, do you?

- It is stronger than I thought!

Destroy the seal, Ivanhoe!

My spell will not hold it long.

(wraith yells)

- Ow!

(suspenseful music)

- Oh, my baby!

God be praised.

- [Laura's Dad] It's a miracle.

- What are you doing, Odo?

- Just making sure nothing's missing.

Has it really gone?

- I think we've seen
the last of our wraith.

- What if there's an earthquake?

(children laughing)

Of course, I knew all along.

The wraith thought he had me

but I was fighting him
from within, you see.

Oh-ho, couldn't you tell?

Oh yes, I remember one occasion--

- You don't shut up, Odo,

I'm gonna take you back to the swamps.

- You wouldn't, would you?

- You never did say.

Tell me, what was the
answer to Higg's riddle?

- Nothing important.

(triumphant music)

Go on.

- [Rebecca] Go on, boy, go on.

- [Odo] Come on, Chester.