Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Games Master - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(sword zinging)
(man grunting)

- This way.

Follow me.

- One last time, where's
Ivanhoe's hiding place?

- I'll never tell.

(metal clangs)

- Come on.

- Open your eyes and take
one last look at the world.


- My son.

- They're all yours.

(sword clanks)


- Oh.

- Well done, my little friend.

The deal was 30 pieces of gold.

In my opinion, worth every penny.

- Odo, how could you?

(dramatic action music)

(swords clanging)

(creatures shrieking)


(wind whooshing)

(creature shrieks)

(glass clatters)

(wind whooshing)

(singers vocalizing)

- No (gasps), I betrayed
Ivanhoe and Rebecca for gold.

Ooh, what a nightmare.

I know what I've got to do.

I know, and I've gotta
stay out of trouble.

- Going somewhere, Odo?

- I've just remembered something

that I managed to forget earlier.

Just on my way to fetch it.

- Very well, be back
by noon, Crossways Inn.

I'm not gonna wait any longer.

- Crossways, noon, gotcha.

(whimsical music)

(Chester brays)

(boar grunting)

(boar squealing)

- Missed.

(dramatic music)

- Sire, one of our spies
in the queen's court

have sent word that a messenger
is to meet with Ivanhoe

with an urgent message.

- Do you know where this
meeting is to take place?

- [Falco] I do, sire.

- Then I suggest you arrange
a little surprise for him.

Falco, make sure you kill them all.

(singers vocalizing)

- Whoa.

- [Messenger] Ivanhoe of Rotherwood?

- Yes.

- I have an urgent message
from the queen's court.

You are to meet--
(arrow whooshing)

(horse whinnying)

(dramatic music)

(swords zinging)

- Go on.

- Gah! (grunts)

(soldier shouting)
(metal clanging)

(fighters grunting)

(Rebecca gasps)
(fighters grunting)

- Oh, oh, ah!
(fist thwacking)

(moves into somber music)

- Meet the Crow at the hangman's tree,

sunrise. (sighs)

- They say that dreams come true.

If that's the case, I'm in deep trouble.

I've got to find a spell
or something to help me.

I think Khazan's own
notebook will do the trick,

the one with all the special spells.

Yes, yes, that will do it.

No one else can help me, not even Ivanhoe.

(dramatic music)

Come on, Odo, come on.

If Mordour can do it, so can I.

(muttering nervously)

Come on, come on.

Here goes.

(gasps) Ooh, nothing's changed.

It must still be there.

(dramatic action music)

(Rebecca shouts quickly)

(somber music)

- Oh, silly idiot, no point in going in

if you don't know the way out.

(chain clacking)

Easy when you know how.

(creature snarling)

(shouts) Oh, the guardian, it'll kill me!

Ah, there was a formula,
hocus pocus dillium okus.

No, come on, Odo, think, think.

Ah, I remember!

(speaking in foreign language)

(wind whooshing)
(creature growling)

Phew, that was a close one.

(moves into somber music)

(shrill snarling)

Oh, master, forgive me,
but I need your notebook,

the one with the special
spells, to help protect me

from doing something terrible.

(bones creaking)

Come on, I need it more than you.

(whimsical music)

(grunts) Ooh, oh,
master, I'm so sorry, oh.

This is no time to get possessive.

(teeth crunch)

Ooh, my finger.
(eerie whooshing)

Some folks never change.

(eerie whooshing)

Now which is the way out?

A secret button first,

and I'm never coming back
here again, never ever.

(eerie shrieking)

(birds chirping softly)

- What's Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine doing

with a man like the Crow?

- He served King Richard
well on the crusade.

- But he's a monster.

He has no integrity.

They even say he feeds on his victims

while the blood's still warm.

- The Saracens trembled at
the very mention of his name.

- How could you fight
alongside a man like that?

- We never met, but I saw the results

of his secret missions wherever we went.

He showed no mercy to
men, women, or children.

(birds squawking)
- My reputation precedes me.

(dramatic music)

I have a rendezvous with
Sir Ivanhoe of Rotherwood.

- [Ivanhoe] I am Ivanhoe.

- Well, you, sir, will have to prove that.

(sword zings)

(chuckles softly)

(swords clanging)

I believe you speak the truth, sir.

Only Ivanhoe could match me.

I am Du Bois.

- You have a strange way
of introducing yourself.

- One cannot be too careful
in these dangerous times.

Who is she?

- A friend.
- Trust her?

- With my life.
- Hmm.

Prince John will do everything he can

to hang on to the crown.

We caught one of his spies three days ago.

Before he died, we heard
the message he was carrying:

the Sparrow returns.

(dramatic fanfare)
- The Sparrow?

- An assassin beyond compare.

He's worked for all the
crowned heads of Europe,

(laughs) even the pope, but the Sparrow

commands a pretty penny.

Prince John would only employ the Sparrow

for a very special reason.

You are that reason, Ivanhoe.

- How will I know this Sparrow?

- That I cannot tell you,
but be on your guard.

Trust no one.

Especially those close to you.

- That man gives me the creeps.

Do you trust him?

- If what they say is true,

no one can trust him but the queen.

(whimsical music)

- Transformation, flying, love spells.

Ooh-ah, there's gotta be

something useful in
here, Chester! (laughs)

(dramatic music)

- Ah, spring, my favorite time of year.

Lambs bleating, flowers blooming,

and my tax men out collecting.

I want no slip-ups, do you hear me, Falco?

- Slip-ups, sire?
- You know who I mean.

- He won't get near you, sire.

- Not me, the taxes,

enough to pay my brother
Richard's ransom 10 times over.

He mustn't get so much as a whiff of them.

- No, sire.

- So you're going to have
to do something about it.

- Sire?
- You have to find

his weak spot.

- Weak spot, sire?

- Isn't it obvious?

That little dwarf who
hangs around with him.

- The dwarf?

- If you want Ivanhoe,
get the dwarf first.

He shouldn't be hard to find.

- And kill him!

- No, not kill him, win him over.

- How do I do that?

- With your wit and charm, of course.

- I'll need money, sire.

- How much?

- 100 gold crowns.

- So much?

Well, if you think it's going to work.

(whimsical music)

- Come on, Chester,
we're going to be late.

(Chester braying)

Come on, man.

(dramatic fanfare)

- Ivanhoe's little friend.

- Don't kill me!

- Oh, that's the last thing we'd do.

- What do you want with me, then?

- I have a proposition to put to you.

It comes straight from Prince John.

- Somehow I've got a feeling
I know what's coming next.

- I doubt it.

- You want me to betray Ivanhoe for gold.

- How did you know?

- Let's just call it a sixth sense.

- Prince John has authorized
me to offer you 30 gold crowns

for information leading
to the arrest of Ivanhoe.

- Is that your best offer?

- Think about it, little man.

30 gold crowns goes an awfully long way.

Take this on account.

There's another 29 waiting.

All you have to do is
supply the information.

Just leave the rest to me.

(cheerful folk music)

- [Rebecca] What's keeping Odo?

- If he's not here soon,
we'll leave without him.

- Ah, I just made it.

- You're late.
- Sorry, I got held up.

I'll make it up to you.

Mogg, a wine for my friends, if you will.

(woman gasps)
(crowd exclaiming)

- Mm.

- Where'd you get that from?

- Tax rebate.

- Odo, since when did you pay any taxes?

- Everyone has to pay taxes.

Prince John's tax collector's

been hitting everybody hard this year.

- We know, that's why
we're gonna hit them back.

- You mean--
- We're gonna

let his men do the collecting.

- And then we collect from them.

- Ooh, I'm up for that.

(clears throat) Thanks.

- I'll pay.

(crowd chattering)
(man laughing)

- Here, that's mine.

- Consider it your first contribution

to King Richard's funds.

Wait here.

(Rebecca sighs)

- So how are things
between you and Ivanhoe?

- Sometimes I think he
doesn't even see me.

- I know what you mean.

It's King Richard this, King Richard that.

What we want comes a very poor second.

- I didn't say that.

- No, but you were thinking it.

- I just wish, oh, he'll never change,

not 'til King Richard's free.

Maybe not even then.

- I don't know, though.

Love spell.
(whimsical music)

(speaking in foreign language)

Ivanhoe, when you drink your wine,

you'll fall in love with the
next woman you see. (laughs)

- What are you doing?

- (coughs loudly) Frog, frog in me threat.

(coughs) Thank you.

- Those men say that Prince
John's chief tax collector,

Baron Guichard, is working
around Boscombe Woods.

Drink up.

(crowd chattering)
(man laughing)

(dramatic music)

- Oh, please, someone help
me, I've been attacked.

They stole my gold

and my jewelry.
- Oh, no, wrong woman.

- I can help.

- Oh, thank you, sir,
it's most kind of you.

Oh, oh.
- Come, here, sit down.

My name is Rebecca.

I travel with Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe of Rotherwood,
enemy of Prince John?

Oh, we are indeed well met.

I've heard so much about you.

- You'll have to excuse me.

I must make my way back to camp.

- Thank you, Rebecca.

- I'll leave you in
Ivanhoe's capable hands.

You can trust that he
will protect your honor.

- What have I done now?

- Do you think he fell for it?

- You should have seen the
little man's eyes light up

when I gave him the gold coin.

He's greedy.

- Greedy enough to betray Ivanhoe?

- Every rogue, every
villain, every Saxon thorn

in your side, he'd sell
them along with his soul.

- Only an idiot would be
that confident, Falco.

That's why I have a second plan.

(dramatic music)

- Where were you heading to, Miranda?

- To join the queen's court at Windsor.

I'm to be lady-in-waiting to Eleanor.

- Why did you travel without an escort?

These roads are far too
dangerous to travel alone.

- My uncle, the Earl of
Sussex, had arranged for me

to be met by a courier at Chatterton Inn.

He was going to escort me to the castle.

Then the courier sent word
that he had been delayed.

- And you continued without him.

- (sighs) Now you will think

that I am foolish and headstrong.

- Headstrong, perhaps, but not foolish.

- Ivanhoe, remember we
have urgent business?

The tax collector, the
king's ransom, remember?

- I'm so sorry, I have already taken up

too much of your time.

- No, no, I will accompany
you to the Chatterton Inn.

There you can send word for an escort.

- But--
- Odo, stay with Miranda

while I make arrangements.

- What good fortune to have met Ivanhoe.

- Good fortune for you, perhaps.

Forgive me, lady, it's not your fault.

- If you are well enough,

we must begin our journey, Miranda.

This is no place for you.

- But what about Rebecca?

- Take care of her while I'm gone, Odo.

You make sure of that.

(dramatic music)

(crowd chattering)

(dog barking)

- This is the last one, Baron Guichard.

- Mm-hmm.
(man grunts)

- John Paxton, 40 shillings.

(chicken clucking)

- Three shillings,
where is the rest of it?

- It's all I've got.

I don't make 40 shillings in a year.

- Then you'll just have to work harder.

If he hasn't paid in full in
three days, have him flogged

and sell off his land
to the highest bidder.

It'll probably be me anyway.

(children shouting)
(chickens clucking)

Time we moved on.
(sheep bleats)

- [Child] But I got one in--

(chicken squawks)
(crowd chattering)

(peaceful music)

- Leave us.

You delivered my message to Sir Ivanhoe?

- I did, my queen.

- And the Sparrow?

- My agents are scouring the country.

We have reports of a boat
docking at Southampton

late at night and
leaving on the dawn tide.

My best men are tracing the passengers.

- Crows after a sparrow.

My son John must be kept on a short leash

until we can release Richard.

- I know what must be done,

but what if Richard should
die in that Austrian dungeon?

- I shall tell you the most
dangerous secret in the realm.

Richard will name his nephew
Arthur as heir to the throne.

If John should ever find out,

this land will be plunged into civil war.

- I shall respect your
confidence, of course, my queen.

And with whatever at my disposal,

I shall protect my king and his mother.

(steam hissing)

- Where are you going?

- As far away from here as possible.

- But you don't understand,
Ivanhoe needs help.

- That's your opinion.

He seemed to be doing
pretty well on his own.

- [Odo] But he's in love.

- Then he definitely doesn't need my help.

- You don't understand, it's all my fault.

- Your fault, what are you talking about?

- Well, it's kind of difficult to explain,

but he's not really in love with her.

He just thinks he is.

- Well, that's love for you.

- I used this.

- A spell book, where'd you get it?

- Got it from my old master Khazan.

It's a long story.

- And you put a spell on Ivanhoe.

- I meant for him to
fall in love with you.

- [Rebecca] I don't need your help.

- [Odo] I thought you loved him.

- Then you can think again.

(horse whinnies)

- That's what comes of trying to spread

a little happiness, hmph.

I'm really in their bad books now.

I'll have to tackle this
tax collector myself.

What do you say, Toll Cracker?

You're a big help, you.

(dramatic music)

Oh, now how to stop them?

Swing through the trees,
drop down to the back,

knock 'em both out, steal the gold.

No, no, won't work, I might miss.

What about the help, help, I'm
being attacked in the woods?

No, I'm too small, they'll miss me.

(gasps) I've got it!

(snickers) It's the old laying down dead

in the middle of the road routine.

That never fails.

- There's something on the road, Baron.

- Help me.

- Ignore him, if we stop, he
and his friends will rob us.

It's an old trick.

(moves into suspenseful music)

- Help!

(moves into whimsical music)

Ugh, help.

(horse snorts)

- [Tom's Wife] 40 shillings tax!

What are we gonna do, Tom?

We must find food for the winter.

- I'm gonna go to that cave

where that mad magician Khazan was buried.

I'm sure I can find
something of value there.

- Oh, no, Tom, please don't.

It's too dangerous.

- I've got no choice.

It's either that or starve.

(dramatic music)

(wind whooshing)
(eerie chiming music)

(eerie growling)

(shrill whistling)


- This is a fine pickle.

Ivanhoe's in that Miranda's clutches,

Rebecca's furious, and
everybody's blaming me.

Things could not get worse.

(Chester braying)


- I wouldn't say that.

- Oh, you again?

- Prince John has authorized
me to raise the stakes.

Betray your friends and we'll
pay you 500 gold crowns.

- 500?
- Look.

(Odo moans)


- Can I think about it?

- Don't think about it too long.

The offer expires at midnight.

You know where to find me.

Did you see the look on his face? (laughs)

- Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe, I
think my horse is lame.

(horse snorts)
(bird squawks)

(dramatic music)

(sword zings)
(man shouts)

(dramatic action music)

(fighters grunting)
(swords clanging)

(moves into tense music)

- Ooh (sighs).

(swords clanging)
(fighters grunting)

- Miranda!

- (gasps) Ivanhoe, oh, you're not hurt.

Oh, I was so frightened.

It's the same man who attacked me.

What does he want from me?

- Come, Miranda, we,

we must reach the inn
before nightfall, come.

(dramatic music)

- He's insufferable.

Sometimes I wonder if he
even notices I'm a woman.

I'm just another comrade in arms.

But of course that's the way it should be,

but sometimes comrades have feelings.

And you should have seen him
with that underfed fresh miss.

You wouldn't believe that
pathetic, lovesick pup

was the same Ivanhoe.

And I'm not jealous.

I mean, why should I be?

We're just friends, after all.

But if he would just
notice me occasionally,

just say or do something,
just a word, a touch.

Do you know what I mean?

I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it?

Is it?
(man snoring)

- Rebecca, have you seen Ivanhoe?

We need his help back at the village.

- Ivanhoe's otherwise engaged.

(man sighs)

But I'll help if I can.

(peaceful music)
(singers vocalizing)

- [Tom's Wife] Oh, thank
goodness you've come.

We need Ivanhoe's help.

- Why, what's wrong?

- My man Tom, he's come back
with a terrible sickness.

- Well, Ivanhoe's busy right now.

Perhaps I can help.

(Tom gasping)
(dog barking)


- We couldn't pay Prince John's taxes

and we had no money for winter's food,

so he went to Khazan's cave
to find something of value.

He's been like that since he got back.

- Khazan, Odo.

- 500 gold crowns.

Pay a few debts, multiply by two,

divide by three,

and that leaves, mm, mm, mm, quite a lot.

Oh, it's you.

- Yes, it's me, Odo.

- I didn't think you were talking to me.

- I'm not, not on my own behalf.

But you've done something terrible.

- I haven't done anything yet.

- I'm talking about Khazan's spell book.

- I explained that to you,
I was just trying to help.

- You've helped nobody
but yourself, as usual.

- What do you mean?

- There's a man dying in the village.

He fell sick because he got
too close to Khazan's tomb.

So you're gonna have to
do something about it.

(patrons chattering)
(man laughing)

(soft music)

(horse snorts softly)

- This lady was to be met here

by a courier earlier this evening.

- I don't know nothing about that, sir.

- Well, she'll need a
safe room for the night.

- Will you be needing a room as well, sir?

- No.

- Very good, sir.

- [Ivanhoe] I'll be keeping guard here

for the rest of the night.

- Right you are then, sir.

- Please provide the lady
with some food and wine.

- Oh, no, please, some plain
bread and water is all I need.

- You rest yourselves here and
I'll make up your room, miss.

(gentle folk music)

- Well, Falco, no sign of
your little stool pigeon.

- The day is not over yet, sire.

- It seems your little man is
not as greedy as you thought.

- Just give him time.

- I won't need time, not after
my other plan takes effect.

Should be any time now.

(dramatic music)

(eerie whooshing)

- [Odo] Ooh, I don't want to
go back in there, Rebecca!

- Well, you have to, follow me.

(wind whooshing)

You've unleashed something poisonous.

It's coming from in there.

(low growling)

You're gonna have to
do something about it.

- Me, but I don't know how!

(eerie whistling)
(Rebecca groans)

- (coughs) You have to do something.

- Miranda.

- Oh, Ivanhoe.

- Your room is ready.

You need to rest.

Tomorrow I will see that an escort

accompanies you to your destination.

- I'll just keep these two.

All right, Khazan, you can
have your spell book back.

I'm sorry I ever saw it.

(singers vocalizing)

- You'll be safe here, Miranda.

- Please stay.

I will be so much safer if you are here.

- I cannot.

- Ivanhoe.


(soft folk music)

(eerie whooshing)

- There's something wrong.

- Ivanhoe, you're unwell.

I'll get you some water.

(dramatic fanfare)
(Miranda gasping)

- Tip of this glass dagger is poisoned.

It's so sharp, one touch
and Ivanhoe's dead.

Be careful, my little sparrow.

(ominous music)
(eerie shrieking)

(speaking in foreign language)

- I reject you.

(Ivanhoe gasps)

(Odo shouts)
(sparks crackling)

(cup clatters)

- (gasps) Odo!

(Tom coughs)

- [Khazan] Thank you, Odo.

- (gasps) Au revoir, master.

- Who are you?

What are you?

(Ivanhoe shouts)

- (grunts) Whoa!

(swords clanging)

- [Ivanhoe] Hyah!

(man grunts)

(man coughs)

(man shouts)

- Rebecca, oh, you're all right.

Khazan's got his book back
and the thing is gone.

- Maybe this'll teach you not to muddle

into things you don't know about.

- Sorry.

- Dead, she can't be dead!

She was my best spy.

- And now the least useful.

- I'll have none of your sneering.

What about your scheme?

A fat lot of good that turned out to be.

(birds chirping)

- Ivanhoe, thank God you're safe.

- I have had a very,
very strange experience,

and I can remember
almost nothing about it.

- Well, you've got Odo to thank for that.

- What's he done?

- Only casting spells without
thinking of the consequences.

- What sort of spells, Odo?

- What does it matter what sort of spells?

That little idiot nearly
got us both killed.

- Almost midnight and
no sign of your Judas.

I think a spell in the galleys

would sharpen your instincts, Falco.

(knocking at door)


- A man to see you, sire.

- What man, who?
(dramatic music)

- Me, Odo, Your Highness,
sir, Your Princeship.

I'm ready to make a deal.

(birds chirping)

- So the tax collector has
almost completed his rounds.

Means he'll be delivering
to Prince John today.

What do you think, Odo?

- What about?

- About ambushing it, of course.

- Never worked for me.

- Come on, Odo, all's
forgiven and forgotten.

- Is it?

- Someone didn't get much sleep.

I heard you creeping into
camp well after midnight.

Who's the lucky girl?

- [Odo] Nobody you know.

- Come on.

(dramatic music)

(cart wheels rattling)

- Keep your eyes on the road, fool!

(Ivanhoe grunts)

(wood clatters)
(men grunting)

(horse whinnies)

- Empty, both of them empty.
(Guichard laughing)

- Prince John changed the
schedule at the last moment.

I delivered the taxes a day early.

- Then we'll just have to get them back.

- Break into Prince John's castle again?

But he's tripled the
guards, it's impossible.

- [Odo] I don't know about that.

- What do you mean?

- I know a way in.

(dramatic music)

- Get a move on, men.

Don't slow down.

Prince John wants it counted,
checked, and stored tonight.

Come on, hurry up about it.

(pulley squeaking)

That's it.

(sword zings)
(men grunting)

- This way.

Follow me.

Come on.

- Haul away!

- They're all yours.

- Well done, my little friend.

The deal was 500 pieces of gold.

Pity you're not going to get it.

- Ivanhoe, come on!

(dramatic action music)

- Ugh!
- Whoa!

- Ivanhoe, what's he doing up there?

But if that's Ivanhoe, then who are they?

(speaking in foreign language)

You'll pay for this.

- Go, Rebecca.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Rebecca] Come on, Odo, come on!

- Whoops!

(wood thuds)
(soldier grunts)

- Odo, Odo!

- (grunts) Ooh, oh! (whimpers)

- We've got you, Ivanhoe.

(swords zinging)
(fighters shouting)

- Falco.

(Falco shouting)

Shoot him!

- [Ivanhoe] Hyah!

(swords clanging)
(arrows thwacking)

(fighters grunting)
(weapons thudding)

Come on, Odo.

- I'll put up me spells and magic.

You made it.

(whip cracks)
- Hyah!

(horse whinnies)

- You and your brilliant ideas.

I've lost 5,000 crowns.

Do you hear me, 5,000 crowns!

- There is one piece of good news, sire.

- Is there?

Then I'd love to hear it.


Ah, Baron Guichard, so nice
to see you out of your dress.

What's this good news?

(clerk yelps)

So you've managed to hold some back.

Only the shillings and pence, I see.

To the dungeon with them.

- It was him, he did it.

I had no part in this!

- Life's never fair, is it?

Take then away.

(dramatic music)

- [Clerk] (whimpers) No, no, oh, no!

(raven cawing)

- So the Sparrow sings no longer.

Prince John will be seeking a replacement.

You have the gold?
- We do.

- It must get to Sirus safely.

Soon we shall have enough
to ransom the king.

I bring a message of
thanks from the queen.

- Well, we can all thank Odo.

If he hadn't broken the spell I was under,

the Sparrow would still be
alive and we would all be lost.

- This cursed magic that covers the land,

(sighs) it'll be the end of us all.

(dramatic action music)

(hooves thudding)

(moves into somber music)

- What is it?

(dramatic music)

Ivanhoe! (laughs)

- 5,336 gold crowns and a button.

- You can keep the button.

- Are you serious?

- Your clothes do need mending.

- That's all I get out of this?

- After what you put us through,

you should count yourself lucky.

- King Richard will be proud of you.

- He will?

- Oh, there's something I
forgot to return to you.

- There is?

But I thought--
- You thought

I was gonna keep it?

No, Odo, if I'd let you keep
it at the Crossways Inn,

you'd only have gambled it away.

- You're right, I would.

(dramatic music)
(coin whooshing

(dramatic action music)

(dramatic chiming music)