Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Spellbound - full transcript

(slow dramatic music)

(fire crackling)

(repetitive thudding)


- [Guard] What do you want old woman?

- [Man] Go on.

- Go on, go away with ya, go home now.

- What's going on?

- [Guard] The old hag's
brought some water.

- What do you want?

- [Woman] Oh I brought the water.

- What?

- The water my lord, for the workers.

(keys jangling)

- Hurry up about it.


(tense music)

Move it you old hag!

- Yes sir.

(tense music)

- We're here to replace you.

- Show me your orders.

- I have them right here.


(tense music)

- There's something
strange about you woman.

- I know what you're thinking.

How do you think I feel?

(dramatic music)

Oh, I promise I'll never
do a bad thing ever again.


(pained grunting)

- Nice regalia.

- Oh yeah, look who's talking.

- Just pack the gold Odo.

- They took how much?

- We're not sure Sire,
but it was several bags.

- It's the royal mint.

How could Ivanhoe just
walk in and steal my money?

Wasn't it guarded?

- They took us by surprise.

- Yeah well there's a revelation.

I want that money back, and
Ivanhoe in chains by midnight,

or it'll be your head for the chop.

- Sire there was nothing I could do.

- Nothing you could do?

You're in charge of security.

Hire more guards, do whatever it takes,

just bring me Ivanhoe and my money.

- If I might venture a suggestion Sire.

- Ah Mordour there you are,

and what might that suggestion be?

- That in future you entrust
palace security to me.

- That might not be such a bad idea.

But why would you be interested
in something as menial

as that?

- But to ensure your safe keeping Sire.

- Yes, yes of course, but security here

is not the main issue.

The problem is Ivanhoe.

When are you going to do
something about that pest?

- I told you my lord there's
a power that protects him.

- Well find some way to defeat that power.

There must be something
in your book of spells.

You must cut him down to size.

- Cut him down to size.

There might be a way to get
to him before he received

this power.

(upbeat heroic music)

(eerie music)

When released is the power
of the sword, the weapon

of the past that can be your future

to do as you desire

for this is the power

of the ultimate sword.

Sire by means of this
magic I can attack Ivanhoe

when and where no power could protect him.

What I have discovered I believe
will change all our lives.

It will change everything.

- I don't care what it does,
so long as Ivanhoe's dead.

- It will be Sire as if he never existed.

- Take whatever you need, just
return with the task done.

- Sire, Ivanhoe and the
other two have been seen

heading north.

- North eh?

My brother Richard has
more supporters up there

than anywhere else in the country.

Follow them.

See where they go, who they
talk to, and if you get a chance

kill Ivanhoe, and bring the woman to me.

- Yes Sire, and the dwarf?

- Kill him too.

(curious music)

- Oh what joy, what bliss.

If I'm dreaming please don't pinch me.

I knew it was too good to last.

You two just don't know how to have fun.

- As soon as the horses
have eaten we have to get

all that gold to Lord Cyrus.

- What all of it?

It was me that had to
get into that rat hole.

- Well he's the one that
has to raise the gold

for King Richard's ransom.

- Alright don't look at me like that.

I thought just this once
we could take the day off,

but oh no, it's Odo ride
off into the cold north.

Odo go and (mumbles).
- We ride tonight?

- The sooner we get the ransom
paid the sooner we'll have

King Richard back on the throne.

- Sorry, force of habit.

I couldn't help me self.

And there was no need to
ruin a perfectly good purse.

- [Both] We bring you
urgent news chosen one.

The druid Fingal requires your attendance.

A matter of great importance.

- I have other business.

- [Both] We bring only the message.

You must decide what is to
be done, but Fingal fears

the new darkness that threatens the land,

which only you can defeat.

(dramatic music)

- You and Odo must take
the gold to old Cyrus.

- I know.

- If you take one single coin.

(dramatic music)

- Take care.

- Meet you back here in three days time.

- Well it's just the two of us now Odo.

You shouldn't be so greedy.

(heroic music)

- It is called the ultimate
sword, and it is said

that it's blade has the
power to cut through

the very fabric of the world.

It's owner then would
possess absolute power

over life and death.

It is this Mordour journeys to find.

You must get there first.

Beyond the mountains of the southern plain

lies the lake of despair.

On it's shore is a cave
where the sword is preserved.

It is said the old druids

set a strange and deadly creature

to guard the sword against intruders.

This is all I know.

Save one last thing.

The runes tell me you
are to be the victim,

you are the one Mordour
will use the sword against.

Be careful my son.

(dramatic music)

- Go on.

(tense music)

- Cyrus' house is just around the corner.

- Do you know I never knew
gold could weigh so much.

- Quiet Odo, do you want everyone to hear?

- Everyone, it's two
o'clock in the morning,

there's nobody about.

(metal scraping)

What was that?

- Come on.

- Not so fast.

- You.

(dramatic music)


- Is this a private affair,
or can anyone join in?

- Another one.

- Get him.

(dramatic music)

- Help them.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

(tense music)

(coins rattling)

- This is wonderful.

Ivanhoe has done King
Richard a great service.

You all have.

When I employed Gerard
to guard the ransom money

I had no idea that you knew each other.

- It was a long time ago Lord Cyrus.

- Before I followed
Richard into the crusades.

- You stayed away longer then most.

- Someone had to help
defend the King's conquests

in the Holy Land.

- Gerard fought alongside King Richard

at the battle of (mumbles)

- I was only one of many.

- There's no need to be modest.

Everyone has heard tales of your bravery.

- I wonder who spread the rumors.

- Shh.

- Now I wish only to help free Richard,

our one true King, by any means possible.

- So you're here for good?

- For as long as it takes.

- Well we have almost enough money

for King Richard's ransom.

Gerard you will have to leave
tomorrow money to take it

to a safe place.

- So soon?

- We must leave as well.

Ivanhoe will be waiting.

- With such a busy day
ahead I believe it's time

we all retired.

- But,

the food.

- Come on Odo.

- How well did you know him?

- I once believed I knew him
better than I knew myself.

(heroic music)

- A girl and a dwarf,

drove off you and five of your finest men.


Congratulations Tancred,
that must beat all records.

- There was another man Sire.

- Oh really?

Another dwarf was he?

You were obviously outnumbered.

- A swordsman Sire, the
best I ever fought against

apart from Ivanhoe.

- Who was this man?

- I don't know Sire, I
couldn't see his face.

(tense music)

- The only fighter I know
who's better than Ivanhoe

is Richard himself.

No it couldn't be, he
would've shown himself by now,

and he couldn't of escaped
the Emperor's dungeon.

Where was this?

- In York Sire, by the east gate.

- The east gate?

That's where that old fool Cyrus lives.

He was a crony of my father's
and a friend to Richard too.

Well do you know what this means?

- Sire?

- He's the channel for the money.

- I'll have this Cyrus
brought in and tortured Sire.

- No you won't.

He has too many friends and supporters.

Torture him and the whole
country will be up in arms.

Gotta think.

We have to be subtle about this.

(soft music)

- I knew you'd come out.

Remember the mornings when we'd
watch the sunrise together?

- A lot has happened since then.

- But not enough to forget, surely.

- Why did you leave so
suddenly without saying a word?

- I had no choice but to
obey my King's command.

I was going to send a message.

- Then why didn't you?

- I was unable to.

I was a crusader, and the
Holy Land is a tough place.

It's also a beautiful place.

I'd like to take you there.

- Last night you said you'd
come back home, to stay.

- I have until the time
is right for me to leave.

That could be very soon.

- I can not.

- There's no one else is there?

- No.

- Then look at me Rebecca,
and tell me you've forgotten.

Rebecca look at me.

- This is wrong.

Not now.

- Rebecca.

(fast paced music)

- Go on.

- Wait, Rebecca.

- It can't work Gerard.

- Not if you won't give us a chance.

- My place is here.

I have my own debt to pay to
my people, and to Ivanhoe.

- Why Ivanhoe?

- He saved my life.

- What do you owe us?

What's our destiny?

It was always meant to
be you and I Rebecca.

You know that don't you?

You'll always belong to me.

- Disgraceful.

- Whoa.

(eerie music)

(eerie music)

(dramatic music)




- Alright, alright I'm
going as fast as I can.

Do you have to be so rough?

Never trusted you from the
first moment I saw you.

- It's a shame you never
said something earlier.

- You are a disgrace.

- Shut up you stupid old man.

You don't know how many
people have said that to me

just before they die.

- Well, what are you waiting for?

- No.

I've decided you'll share
the same fate as your beloved

King Richard.

Left in a cell to rot,
facing a slow painful death.

- I think we may have a
bit of a problem here.


(creature screeching)

(dramatic music)

(creature screeching)

- Well well, look who we have here.

I never dreamt you'd fall
into my hands so easily.

You've saved me a lot of trouble.

You know I'm going to miss you.

You made life interesting.



I'm going to put an end
to you once and for all.

It'll be as if you never lived.


- That's it, that's it.

No more than one of them.

Careful, careful.

These eggs can be lethal.

Look anymore than one and they could be.

- Just leave it for the wagon!

(Odo screaming)

- Or they could explode.

- Odo get over here.

He's getting away.

(tense music)

(speaking foreign language)


(dramatic music)

- I can't believe Gerard's
murdered all my men.

Taking King Richard's ransom.

- And Rebecca.

- I think I know where he'll be heading.

There's an inn on the coast
a few miles from here.

He has a boat there.

- What can I do about it?

- Use your wits.

I have faith in you.

- You do?

- Yes.

(donkey braying)

(eerie music)

- Yes?

- I'm a traveler seeking
refuge for the night.

- There's a visitor my lady.

- Show him in.

- I apologize for disturbing you so late.

- You have traveled far?

- I have come a very long
way, and I would be grateful

if you could give me a room for the night.

- You are welcome to stay
for as long as you need.

- Thank you my lady.

- I'm sorry my husband
is not here to greet you.

He's away until the morning.

I hope you'll be able to meet him.

- I have to be away before daybreak.

- What brings you here?

- Oh some family business to attend to,

a matter that needs to be
closed, so that it doesn't return

to haunt me in the future.

(baby giggling)

(eerie music)

- No.

- My son is only six months
old, but I already know

he's going to be a brave knight.

- I'm certain he'll grow into someone

you can be very proud of.

Is he your only child?

- He's our first, our everything.

- And might I ask his name?

- We have called him Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe.

So this is Ivanhoe.

(baby crying)

- Are you sure it's safe here?

- Safe as it'll ever be.

- What about Richard's supporters?

When's Odo bringing them?

- Never.

- What?

- You didn't really
think I was gonna give it

to them did you?

By the time those poor fools
realize they've been duped

we'll be across the sea in France.

- No!

- Think about it.

You and I, and a fortune between us.

- But King Richard, the crusades.

- The crusades were
corrupt from the start.

It was an opportunity to better ones self

if one was clever enough.

- You lied to me.

- I lie to everyone, and
now I'm telling the truth.

You have two choices.

Stay with me and share my fortune, or.

- Or what?

- Don't you think I learnt
anything in the east?

- What do you mean by that?

- It's a land where learning
and cruelty are walked

hand in hand.

I'm a very good student.

- Get off me.

- Is that a no?

- Ivanhoe risked his life for that money.

- Oh dear, Ivanhoe again.

I see I do have a rival
for your affections.

- I have no affection for you now.

Leave me alone.

- The course of true love
never did run smooth.

(eerie music)

- My home.

This is my home, my father's castle.

But Prince John burned it to the ground.

Could Mordour have found
a way to go back in time?

But my father is in danger.

(tense music)

- I wondered if perhaps.

- What?

- Did you have some guests
staying here last night?

- [Man] What's it to you?

- Well this morning I
was sent to meet them.

This morning, yes.

- The lady and the gentleman went straight

to their bedchamber.

I haven't heard a thing from
them sense, know what I mean?

- Thank you.

Still in his bedchamber.

Excuse me lads I wonder
if I could take a hand.

Thank you.

(tense music)

Didn't you see what I just did?

- Deal the cards.

You can't win every time.

- But I.

- Deal the cards!

- I can't believe this.

- Hey!

- Yes.

- Hey you.

- Yes, yes.

- Can you give me another card?

- Are you all completely du-luddy?

I'm cheating.

- You're what?

- I'm cheating, how else do
you think I keep on winning?

- He's cheating!

- He's cheating.

- He's cheating!

- You dirty little cheat.

- [Woman] Watch it!

(dramatic music)

- Well if that doesn't bring
him down, nothing will.

(dramatic music)

- What's going on here?

- Were you a friend of
that cheating dwarf?

- Dwarf?

- Yeah.


- He kidnapped me.
- Is that what you called it?

Looked like you were enjoying
yourself the last time

I saw you.

- Do you think I enjoy being tied up?

- I don't know.

- Just get me loose.

- I am, I am.

- Hurry!

- I'm trying.

Someones coming!

- There's a boat in the cove,
that's where he's headed.


(dramatic music)

- It always works for Ivanhoe.

- It's time to go my love.

(tense music)

- Is someone there?

Who's there?

Please who is it?

- A friend.

- Do I know you?

- Are you lord Cedric's wife?

- Yes, I am Margaret of Rotherwood.

- Madame I believe you
may be in some danger.

- What do you mean, what danger?

- Who is here in your house tonight?

- Just myself, and the servants,

and a guest who arrived late.

His name is.

- Mordour.

- How did you know?

- No one else?

- Only my son, but he's just a baby.

- It's me he's after.

- What are you talking about?

- Your child, where's your child?

- The nursery.

- Quick.

(dramatic music)

Back off Mordour.

- Too late Ivanhoe.

In a moment you will cease to exist.

- I'll still have time to kill you.

- No!

(pained grunting)

(dramatic music)

- No!

(angered grunting)

- You fool you've destroyed it.

The hole in time will close.

- Don't worry Mordour,
you'll never need to worry

about such things ever again!

- No Ivanhoe!

- Ivanhoe.

Is it really you?


- I don't know, dark magic.

- Hold me.

It's too late.

- It can't be.

- I can feel it, but
I'm not afraid of death.

- I'll get you help.

- No, you must go.

He said the hole was closing.

- My place is here with you.

- No, you don't belong here.

I get to see you've become a great knight,

and I feel so proud, and so
blessed that I've been given

the chance to see you as a man.

You are a power for good Ivanhoe.

Promise me that you will always fight

for what is right and true.

- Mother.

- Promise me!

- I promise.

- Now leave my son, fulfill your promise.

(somber music)

- Look to the child.

- Be careful Ivanhoe,

and always remember how proud I am of you.

- They'll hunt you down
for the rest of your life.

- Oh don't be so romantic.

We'll be hundred of miles away
from here within a few weeks,

and nobody will even know where to look.

- You can't keep me prisoner forever.

- My sweet Rebecca you're my princess.

Where we're going they'll
be nowhere to escape to.

You'll get used to it soon enough.

In a few minutes we'll be around the cove.

Our boat awaits us.

(tense music)

What's the matter?

- Nothing.

- Leave her alone.

- Give me the gold.

I said give it to me.

Do you want to see her die?

(dramatic music)

- Gerard!

Take my hand.

- Rebecca.

- Let go of the gold.



- I'm sorry.

- Thanks.

I guess we've all got to learn.

- Some never do.

(somber music)

If we just tell him the truth
what's the worst he can do?

- I can't tell him about Gerard.

- I can't tell him what
happened to the gold.

- Let's just say nothing.

- Agreed.

- Whoa.

Well how are the two of you?

- Fine, we're just great.

Aren't we Rebecca, aren't we Rebecca?

- Yes, we're fine.

- Anything happen while I was gone?

- Oh a bit of this, bit of that.

- Pretty uneventful really.

- Nothing at all.

There were these three big.

- Doesn't matter.

It's good to see the both of you again.

- Did anything happen to you Ivanhoe?

- It's a long story.

(heroic music)