Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Possessor - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(speaks in foreign language)

(dramatic music)


(sings in foreign language)

- You did well to call me Abbot,

have you touched anything in the room?

- No, no it's all exactly as we found it.

- Do you know where he found this?

- Brother Matthew was our historian.

He and his assistant had been exploring

ancient passageways
underneath the citadel.

- His assistant?

- You've thrown lightening,

move the white counter to lightening.

Now, watch the dice.

And the black counter.

(intense music)

- How long must I play?

- Until you win the
game and gain its power.

Or until you lose and forfeit your soul.

(intense music)

- The Diarock, Brother Luke!

- Not now.

- What do you think you're doing?!

- Appreciating its power!

- Brother Matthew is dead!

- He was just a pawn in the game.

- Seize him!

Confine him here until further notice.

What is that horror Friar Bacon?

- This is a representation of the Diarock,

a demon from the pit of hell.

It claim's it's reward
when you lose this game

and that reward is your soul.

(dramatic theme music)

(intense music)

- Mordour?


Where are you?

- I'm here

- Bacon has taken the
game and the Diarock.

- Perfect.

(intense music)

(swords clank)

- You've improved sire.

- I don't appear to have improved
as much as I should have.

- Your reflexes still need sharpening

but your mother was right to send me.

Who knows when you may be called

upon to lead your country to battle.

- Battle?

What battle?

- I'm sure I don't know sire,

but who knows what the
French are planning.

The Scots or the Spanish.

- Yes, yes, that's enough.
I've got the point.

Ah, Mordour, you know the
Baron Du Bois don't you?

- Oh yes.

I know the Crow.

And how is the Queen Mother?

- It's no concern of yours.

- Now then Mordour,
what news of your plan?

- The game has begun sire.

(dramatic music)

- We're here to see Friar Bacon.

(dramatic music)

- Any idea what Friar Bacon's doing here?

- No, he said it was urgent.

No weapons in this place.

- Ivanhoe, Rebecca.

- We came as soon as we could.

- This is my old friend Abbot Goodwin,

he invited me here to investigate a series

of mysterious occurrences in the citadel.

- I assumed it was the
work of some evil spirit.

- But then I realized
that these occurrences

were linked to a discovery made here by

Brother Matthew and his
assistant, Brother Luke.

- An ancient game that's been

hidden away for a thousand years.

- [Friar Bacon] Brother Matthew
was the oldest historian.

- Was?

- [Abbot Goodwin] Matthew is dead.

- How?

- He started playing this game.

It's playing on without
me, against my will.

- Against your will?

- Brother Luke started playing it.

Once started the game must be
played out to the very end.

To win the white counter must
reach the center of the maze

before the black counter takes it.

- So what's controlling
this black counter?

- Some mysterious power.

- Can't you just abandon it?

- It will play on, as
it did while I was away.

But not white's advantage.

- Have you tried to destroy it?

- Now look.

I've cast the board into the
fire too, it just reappears.

As each hour passes the black

counter continues to gain on the white.

- And if you lose?

- The Diarock, a one
eyed creature from hell,

will take another life.


- What's to be gained by winning?

- I've been studying the
ancient book of game rules

to try to discover that.

The book, it's gone!

It was here!

I know it was here!

- Come on.


(dramatic music)

He's gone?

We need someone undercover.

Someone who can keep
an eye on these monks.

(knock at door)

- Good day to you, could you
give shelter to a poor monk

who has traveled far and is
tired and weary and hungry.

Ivanhoe owes me for this.

- So, which order are
you from Brother Odo?

- Oh me?

An Irish one.

- Oh, the Sustations?

- No the Nasturtions.

- [Monk] That's not one I'm familiar with.

- Oh we're quite an obscure
order, but oh what a merry,

jolly, frolicking bunch of friars we are.

You must pop in the next
time you're passing.

- Well, perhaps I will.

Ah, here we eat.

- Ah yes, and what's for lunch?

- Oh, no lunch Brother Odo.

We've just started a month's fast

in Brother Matthew's memory.

- A month's fast?

- Works wonders for the soul you'll find.

- What about the belly?


(intense music)

- How are my younger son's lessons going?

- [Du Bois] He improves Majesty.

- What did you discover?

- The necromancer Mordour has wormed

his way into the Prince's favor.

He is obviously part of the Prince's plan.

Or the Prince is part of
Mordour's plan, who knows

but they both seem to
have the same purpose,

to kill the crusader knight.

- Ivanhoe?

Who helps collect the ransom for the King?

- Yes, my Queen.

- We cannot allow that.

I sense Ivanhoe has a greater role to play

before Richard is safely back
on the throne of England.

- What should I do?

- For the moment wait and
watch, keep your spies alert

for any dealings with
the French of the Scots.

John would form an alliance
with the devil himself

if it would secure him the crown.

I know my younger son only too well.

- And what of the other devil?


- When the time is right
you may have to kill him.

- As you wish my Queen.

(dramatic music)

- Brother Luke?

Do you know anything
about the disappearance

of the ancient book of rules?

Friar Bacon needs it.

He will die if he loses that game.

(eerie music)

This is pointless.

(eerie music)

It grieves me greatly
to see him like this.

- Has he been with the order long?

- He came to us for teaching
as a brilliant five year old.

He's been like a son to me
but now he's been playing

that game he's like a
stranger, a man possessed.

(eerie music)

- We will help if we can Brother

but I confess I don't yet know how.

(eerie music)

So where did this game come from?

- The Roman Emperor Titus, he
was called the Games Master.

A thousand years ago he created the game

and built this citadel to protect it.

Unfortunately Brother Matthew found it.

And in here is the statue of the Diarock.

Now the statue's gone too!

- Who else has been here?

- No one.

- Come on!

(intense music)

Where does this lead to?

- I don't know.

- You don't know?

- The Emperor Titus had miles
of passageways and secret

tunnels built under the
citadel, their purpose unknown.

No one's been able to to chart them all.

That's what Brother
Matthew was attempting.

We found this incomplete
map with the game,

it may be of some help.

- Thanks you Abbot.

- If you do venture down
there please take care.

- We will.

- I'll organize a search
of the rest of the citadel.

- I wonder what Friar Odo's doing.

- Behaving in a monkly fashion I hope.

Come on.

(intense music)

- Good day to you, Brother Odo's my name.

I don't suppose you have a
crust of bread or a slice

of ham about your person have you?

Thanks very much.

(intense music)

- Well done Alban, well done.

- The map should still be in the back.

- Bacon didn't find it.

(mysterious music)

I've got to get back to the games room.

- [Mordour] That won't be a problem.

(mysterious music)

- Ivanhoe, there's something behind here.

- There is.

This could be the games room.

Friar Bacon can save time
with this, wait here.

(mysterious music)

- Any chance of any food Rebecca?

- Odo there's a fast on.

- You're on a fast too?

- I'm not a monk.

- Neither am I.

- What did you find out?

- There's a monk in
league with Brother Luke.

- Which one?

- How should I know, they
all look the same to me.

- Go back and stay close to Brother Luke.

- I will.
- And Odo.

- Yes?

God bless you my child.

- Friar Bacon, we think we
might have found a hidden

chamber behind a solid wall.

- To quickly penetrate a wall,

I think I might have just the thing.

- Yes, I thought you might.

- Ah.

- That's it.

- Be careful.

- Yes, I remember.

What's the state of play?

- Every time the dice
give me the score I want

the black counter gets the score it needs.

- You think it can't be won.

- Oh I don't think Emperor
Titus's pride would allow him to

cheat but he wasn't known as
the Games Master for nothing.

Be careful Ivanhoe.

By solving the riddle
of the games room you

and Rebecca may be unwittingly starting

to play some dark game for yourselves.

- Yeah.

(eerie music)

- Yes, I see, Titus was
indeed a Games Master.

We'll need this.

- Now the true game can begin.

(intense music)

- Ah!

Oh, excuse me.

Brother Luke, hello?

Brother Luke, anybody there?

Brother, oh.

What's this?

I wonder where that goes.

(eerie music)

- Calm.

Stay calm.

You found your way in,
you can find your way out.

(intense music)

- That wasn't there before.

(eerie music)

- Well, well, a little spy.

- Who's spying?

- My name is Brother Odo, an
Asterian Monk from Ireland.

- Kill him and make it quick.

- I was summoned here.

- Who by?

- A strange force, I can't
explain it but its message was

serve Brother Luke and
that's why I'm here, Master.

- Bring the fool along.

He may come in useful.

- Odo was here, he said there was

another monk working with Friar Luke.

- I thought so.

Where did you go?

- I heard a growling near here.

- [Ivanhoe] Did you
see where it came from?

- No, I've never heard anything like it.

- [Ivanhoe] The Diarock.

- Maybe, I've never
heard a Diarock before.

(intense music)

- Here.

Help him.



They're outside, quick.

- You!
- What?

- Lift this!

- You ready?
- Yeah.


- Lift it out.

- Me?

I'm not touching that disgusting thing.

- Kill him.

- Oh no please!

Don't hurt Brother Odo,
for he is always willing

to lend a helping hand for his master.

(intense music)

- Stand back.


(intense music)

(explosion booms)


They got here first.

- They must have gone this way.

Let's go!

(intense music)

- So you mean it was a trap!

- Wait.

Sounds like Odo's voice.

- [Odo] What kind of trap?

- He's with Brother Luke.

- Come on.

- One more word and I
will kill you myself.

- I was just curious
about the trap that's all.

(intense music)

- The doorway is gone, we're trapped.

- Not unless there's another way out.

(intense music)

- Where do you want this?

- [Friar Luke] Right here.

- But that's miles away.

- [Friar Luke] By distance yes.

- Why do you want to go that far?

- [Friar Luke] Whoever gets there first

with that statue wins the game.

- What's the prize?

- Control of the Diarock.

- You mean there's a real
one of these running round.

- Oh yes.

Now move.

- It's useless, these
stairs aren't even on it.

- Wait a moment.

There's something inside.

- Another map.

All the citadel tunnels

- They're identical to
the maze in the game.

- They were built for the game.

- And we're caught in it.

Look, the center of the maze,

that's where Friar Luke'll be heading.

We have to get there before him.

This is us.


That way.

This way.

(mysterious music)

- What happens if we bump
into the read Diarock.

- We won't.

- Are you sure?

- It'll be taking care of Ivanhoe.

- It will?

- It should be just
catching up with him now.


- Do you think that's the Diarock?

- Let's not wait and find out.

This way.

- Careful Ivanhoe, careful.

- [Friar Luke] Watch it will you.

- What'll happen if I drop it?

- [Friar Luke] The release of the statue's

power would kill you instantly.

- It's alright,
everything's under control.

- My escape's been noticed, divert them.

- I don't suppose there's a pantry

round here somewhere is there?


- Quiet you.

- Over here!

- Brother Alban!
- Quick, Brother Luke!

- Where?!
- This way!

- Come on.

(intense music)

- Look, its got here ahead of us.

(mysterious music)

- He was trying to escape.

- No, no, I was just a
little confused master.

- Well whatever you were
doing just hurry up or else.

This way.

- I think I still have some powder left.

- Quickly Ivanhoe, it's getting closer.


- We'll see what Titus's
creature thinks of this.

Run Rebecca!

(explosion booms)

- What was that?

- Ivanhoe, losing the game I hope.

Let us play on.

This way.

- Do you think it stopped it?

- [Ivanhoe] For the moment, come on.

(mysterious music)

- Deal with them.

- How?

- Anybody there?

- How does he do that?

- Friar Elvin has already
played Emperor Titus's game.

- How did he do?

- His first throw of the dice
landed him on a black square.

- So he got off to a good start?

- Not particularly, it cost him his soul.

- That's why I only ever gamble for money.

- The advantage of having no soul

is he can now merge with walls.

- Who needs to merge with walls?

Hang onto your soul,
that's what I always say.

(intense music)

- It's still coming,
what are we going to do?

- I don't know.

(soft music)



Down, quick, go!

- Oh thank God, they've escaped.

Oh no.

(intense music)

Too close Ivanhoe, too close.

This isn't a game, it's sorcery.

Mordour's doing.

- Why do you sound so
surprised my dear monk?

- Look out Ivanhoe, look out!

- It's still following us!

- Go!



It's a well shaft.

Don't look at it!



(intense music)

Come on, you're okay, come on, quick.


Come on!

We can't let it win Rebecca, come on!

- Watch out Ivanhoe, watch out.


- Climb!


Go on Rebecca.

(dramatic music)

Go Rebecca!

(dramatic music)

That should hold it off for a moment.

- Brother Alban.

- Was he with Luke?

- And the little friar.

- Which way did they go.


(intense music)

- The center of the
maze, the final riddle.

Two numbers in the pattern are missing.

- Oh it'll take weeks to work that out.

What a shame after coming all this way.


- Don't even think about it.

- Solved it.

Hasn't been opened in a thousand years,

since it was sealed up by Emperor Titus.

- Well I'll be on my way,
where should I put this.

- You go first.

- What's down there?

- That's for you to find out.

- But there might be dragons
or hobgoblins or vampires.

- Take your pick.

(intense music)

- They've already been here.

How did they get through?

- It's a Sumarian number puzzle.

I think I can solve this.

(intense music)

- What's this?

- Look, the tomb of Titus.

The Games Master.

- [Odo] Tomb?

- Place the statue here and then

the Diarock will be at my power.

- Can't we just take
the money prize instead?

- You are beginning to try my patience.

- The numbers are three.

And five.

- Wait!

How do you know?

- I learned mathematics
from a master as a child,

this is the answer.

- Okay, stand back.


- And five.
- And five.

- Two late Friar Bacon.

Too late.

(mysterious music)

- Careful, you wouldn't want
me to drop it would you?

- Get him.

- Stop!

- Ivanhoe!

(intense music)

- Look out Ivan!
- Look out!



- Yes!


- [Odo] What's that?

- Of course, Emperor
Titus must be controlling

the game from his final resting place.

(intense music)


- Kill him!

Kill Ivanhoe, kill him!

- Watch out!


(dramatic music)

- Nothing can defeat it.


- Kill him.
- Ivanhoe!




- No!

- No!


- Ah yes!

We've won!

We've won!

Oh yes!

Praise the Lord!


- What have I done?

- I thought the Diarock
had done for you there.

- He shouldn't have survived that.

- I'm sorry, I didn't
know what I was doing.

- It's good to have you back Brother Luke.

- Are you sure?

- This game's over.

- No, no.

No, the game is not over!




(intense music)

- Alban had already lost
his soul and now the

Games Master has claimed
what is left of him.

- This tomb must be sealed permanently.

And all copies of this evil
game removed from the citadel.



(intense music)

- Safe journey Rebecca.


- Until next time Friar.

- Hope you can forever me Abbot.

- Of course I forgive you Brother Luke.

- I wouldn't, once a wayward
monk, always a wayward monk.

- Really Friar Odo.

- I'm not a friar.

- You're an Asterion Monk from Ireland.

Behave like one.

- Ivanhoe will you please tell them

I'm not an Asterion monk from Ireland.

- Farewell Brother Odo.


- Farewell!

- [Odo] You won't survive without me!

Wait for me!

(dramatic music)


(swords clank)

- You are improving sire.

- [John] Ah, Mordour, news?

- I'm sorry to say that the stars

have conspired against us sire.

Once again Ivanhoe has
slipped from our grasps.

- [John] Again!

Damn Ivanhoe.

- Defeated by the stars?

What good is your black magic Mordour,

I put my trust in English steel.

(intense music)

- There'll be another time Ivanhoe

when you won't be so lucky!

(intense music)


Of course.

(dramatic music)