Daredevil (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Upstairs/Downstairs - full transcript

A desperate Dex reaches out for help, Matt forms an uneasy alliance with Agent Nadeem, and Karen concocts a dangerous plan to provoke Fisk.

Who are you?

I'm Daredevil.

Hey, you can't be here!

Hello, Karen. It's
nice to see you again.

I'm Daredevil.

Your internal compass isn't broken, Dex.

It just works better with
a North Star to guide you.

What if I can't find one?

Then you'll rely on our structure.

A tidy physical space.
A disciplined vocation.

You will build your
life on pillars of order.

If you'd just wake the hell up

instead of playing
right into Fisk's hands.

He's using you...

- Morning.
- Morning, boss.

... and I think you know it.

So let me ask you this, Agent Nadeem...

Who do you think is the danger here?

The man who attacked the
Bulletin dressed as Daredevil...

he's in the FBI.

Hello, Karen. It's
nice to see you again.



- Dex, stay away from me.
- Please, just hear me out.

I'm doing this in public
so you'll feel safe.

I'll stay right here.
I'm not coming any closer.


I am so, so sorry about how
things ended the other night.

I'm sorry for scaring you. I
just wanted to explain myself.

When we worked together
at the suicide hotline,

I saw the way you
were with other people.

Patient, compassionate, and I...

I really need that right now.

My life is out of control.

I have no family, and I'm
about to lose my job...


I just want to talk.
Anywhere you choose. And...

if you say no, I'll understand...

and I'll never bother you again.

Agent Nadeem.

You're late.

I was early, but I needed
to be sure about you.

What's his name?

Yeah, well, I need to
be sure about you, too.

You have a history of hurting people.

I'm not handing you a federal agent

- if you're gonna kill him.
- I don't do that.

The agents you beat up the other day?

One of them is still in the hospital.

All of them just doing their jobs.

If they'd arrested me, there'd
be no one to take down Fisk.

If you're right about him,
taking Fisk down is our job.

Oh, really?

Because we both know where
he's sleeping these days.

But I understand.

If there's one thing we agree
on, Nadeem, it's the greater good.

Like house incarceration
in exchange for good intel.

Sometimes you and I have to
hurt one person to save another.

So what's his name?

I need your word that
you won't touch him.

My word can't mean anything to you.

But I need to hear you give it.

Well, I need him to testify
against Fisk, so you got it.

We're gonna slip into his place.

Look for any evidence that ties him
to the Bulletin attack or to Fisk.

If we find any, we leave it where it is.

And we set off his fire
alarm on our way out.

The fire department arrives, and
you circumvent a search warrant.

But if we don't find anything,

- the guy goes on with his life.
- Spit it out.

Who is he?

Special Agent Ben Poindexter.

A small decaf and whatever she's having.

I've got mine. Thanks.

- My regular, Richie.
- All right.

So, I don't know how to say this
without it sounding like an insult.

I was never actually into you.

Or... not the way you might
have been thinking, anyway.

I didn't know how to talk to you.


I wasn't...

I wasn't stalking you.

Although, I completely see how it
could have come across that way.

I just... I wanted to be more like you.

Do you realize how
creepy that still sounds?

You are so good.

And kind. And...

You save lives as your job.

The FBI, the army before that...

they helped keep me on the
straight and narrow path.

But now, without that, it's all...

I'm drowning in deep water,

and I don't know whether I'm swimming
for the surface or the bottom.

Dex, you need air. Breathe.

See, that's... that's
what I'm talking about.

You help people right themselves.

I've seen you do it a hundred times.

All I'm asking, just treat me like...

someone on the other end of the line.

What happened at the FBI?

The bureau needed a scapegoat.

You know, what you really
need is a good therapist.

I had one. She died.

Oh, I...

I'm so sorry.

Okay. I'll help you, Dex.

But, please, do not make me regret this.

I promise. Promise I will not.

Excuse me.

Hi. Whoa!

- Did you get any sleep at all?
- Yeah.


- You need coffee.
- Yeah.

You ever have one of those
days where you're just, like...

You break it down, step
by step? Just, uh...

"Put your feet on the floor,
Karen. Just get to the sink."


Generally speaking, I don't
call myself Karen, but...

Actually, no, I don't do any of that.

How are you not at the
bottom of a bottle right now?

Because I have a theory.

Jeez. Must be a hell of a theory.

Fisk is giving up criminals
involved in corruption.

He's planning to step into the void

and become the sole source
of government protection

for all criminals in Hell's
Kitchen, maybe the city.

And that theory makes
you want to not drink?

Yes, because I also have a plan.

No. No, no, Foggy,
you don't have a plan.

Do you know what happens
when you make a plan?

Fisk has already thought of it,
and he's made it part of his plan.

Except he has no idea that
I'm onto him. He couldn't.

I discovered this while
looking into Marci's briefs.

More ways than one.

- Foggy.
- Sorry.

The point is she was prepping

for a deposition of
a corrupt IRS official

who was providing fraud and
money laundering services

- for the Albanians...
- No, stop.

I can't.

Just one more article,
Karen. That's all it'll take.

All right. What's this?

The terms of Fisk's house incarceration.

If he violates any of these,
zappo. He's back in prison.

"Zappo"? Is that a thing?

Number three is the key.

"Committing or conspiring
to commit a felony."

No, no, wait. What
about number six here?

All this stuff about
being charged with a crime

that predates the agreement?

- Number six is not the plan.
- We have a good number six.

I mean, Fisk killed his
father. That's murder.

There's no statute of limitations.

And his mother told Ben Urich about it.

A dead woman told a dead guy something.

- That's not proof. It won't stick.
- Yeah.

You know what will?
Publicizing my theory.

So the FBI sees that Fisk
has violated his agreement,

they're forced to put
him back in prison?

And they can't ignore it if we
splash it across the front page.

And by "we," I mean you.

The Bulletin won't just let a
journalist make unsubstantiated claims.

That's not news.

But it is news if a candidate
running for district attorney

makes unsubstantiated claims.

In a public forum.
Debating the incumbent DA.

You're gonna debate Blake Tower?

At the Hell's Kitchen Club.

Well, it's supposed
to be prepared remarks.

- Huh.
- They're endorsing him.

I'm not actually on the agenda,

but Nelson's Meats is a
member of the club, so...

You're just gonna confront
him, out of the blue?

Why not? I'll catch him
when he's not expecting it.

Throw this stuff at him...

Yeah, you get him worked
up, emotional. Provoke him.

It could work.


So, you'll cover the meeting?

Yeah, I would. I just, um...

I lost my job. So...


Ellison loves you like
family. What did you do?

I refused to give him
Daredevil's identity.

Yikes. Okay, well, Ellison
wants Fisk as badly as we do.

Just tell him our plan. Watch how
fast he gives you your job back.

Then we'll hook up at the
dinner later. You're my plus one.

I got you the salmon.

Hey. Did the landlord let you in?


Thanks for coming.

You made it pretty clear I
had to. What's this about?

I have someone here who
wants to talk to you.

Follow me.

Dex, this is my old
friend Andrea Morales.

She's an attorney.

The guys took up a collection
to pay for Andy's services.

Now if you're up for it,

she's going to sue the bureau for
wrongful suspension on your behalf.

- She can do that?
- I can.

And having reviewed the
details of your case,

I fully believe that I should.

She's on a retainer. Starting now.

And I'm not cheap.

The guys must really like
you, Agent Poindexter.

You've had my back through all this?

I don't know how to thank you.

The guy that saved our lives

doesn't ever have to
thank us for anything.

Well, figure out the
next steps, and, uh...

I can't wait to have
you back on the team.

I've prepared the argument.

You find anything?

He's neat. He likes order.

So does my wife, but she
wouldn't fit in your suit.

Everything I have on Dex
is circumstantial at best.

I just left him. He was solid.

I don't see a decorated agent
falling for Fisk's bullshit.

Yeah, well, that's what Fisk does.

Finds a weakness. Hits it hard.

When you're already on your knees,

you've got no choice but
to fall for his bullshit.

I bet you guys are paying
for his room service, too.

The suit's here. I can smell it.

What, you can smell it?

GSR and latex.

Shit. I can't call a crew to crack that.

What, you can do that?

Not if you keep talking, I can't.

The suit was here. He must've moved it.

Well, it isn't now.

And you smelling eau de suit
won't exactly sway a judge.

I'm telling you, Poindexter's
the guy. It was him.

There's nothing here tying
him to Fisk or the Bulletin.

We got jack shit.

When the crows come to the birdfeeder,

I kill them with rocks.

What does it feel
like to watch them die?

It probably won't even get
as far as an arbitration.

The government tends to
balk once folks lawyer up.

This is amazing. How long
do you think this will take?

If we do everything right, you'll
be reinstated in six months.

- Six months?
- But we'll get you back pay.

I don't care about back pay.

What am I going to do for six months?

I know it seems like a stretch,

but you've got a bright future
ahead of you in the bureau.

Play the long game.

Oh. I'll be right back.

This number has been blocked.

Have you been doing our exercises?

Yes, but then the neighbor

brought home a box of stray kittens.

They were in the yard.

I killed them with rocks, Dr. Mercer.

I tried not to, but I liked it.

So the guy has issues. Serious
issues. But that doesn't mean...

He's here. You should go.

No, we had a deal. No
evidence, you don't touch him.

- I found evidence.
- The kind that holds up in court.

He's gonna use the suit again.

I got the jump on him. I can
get him to tell me where it is.

- You gave me your word.
- Yeah, well, I take it back.

- We'll never get another chance like that.
- What if you're wrong?

I'm not wrong.

The shot came from across the alley.

I think it came from downstairs.

He's... He's ricocheting the bullets.

- Go for the front door.
- He's by the window.

He's waiting for a better shot.

How do you know?

He's only got three more rounds.

I'll tell you when he
reloads, and then you go.


- He's not calling for backup.
- No. And he won't.

But the neighbor called 911.

God damn it, Dex.

Okay, now. Go, go, go!

Third floor, 2312 King Street.

Two suspects, violent.

Roger that, dispatch.
2312 King Street...

Police! Hands in the air!

I'm FBI. I have ID.

If you look in my pocket,
you'll find my wallet.

Two armed suspects broke into my home.

... tried not to, but I liked...

All right, all right,
everybody, settle down.

We're getting to the
good part of the evening.

You mean dessert?

As if you need another
freakin' cannoli, Mikey!

Our agenda tonight is simple.

Our endorsement of a candidate
for district attorney...

It's Karen. You know what to do.

Karen? Where the hell are you?

- How did you get up here?
- I checked into a room.

This floor FBI is personnel only.

Hi, I'm Karen Page.
I'm with the Bulletin.

We know who you are.

Well, I'd like to talk to him.

Not gonna happen.

Under his agreement, he's
entitled to speak to the press.

Unless you two wanna make
the call to violate that?

Fisk and his lawyers have to
sign off on all press requests.

They tell all you people to screw
off. You're wasting your time.

All right. Well, why
don't you call his lawyers

and tell them I want to give
Mr. Fisk a chance to comment

on a story that I'm writing
about a Marlene Vistain?

That's Fisk's mother.


He actually had one?

Go ahead. Call his lawyers. I'll wait.

Prosecutions aren't the whole story.

The vast majority of our
caseload never sees a jury,

because we bring such strong cases

to bear that defendants
plead guilty voluntarily.

Which means more bad guys
in jail for less money.

Something we all can agree on?

Until you let them out of prison
again. Isn't that right, Mr. Tower?

Because you sign off on both
kinds of deals, don't you, sir?

Is that Foggy Nelson?


Sure is, Mr. Gerlach.

What are you doing, Foggy?

I told your girlfriend if you ain't
on the ballot, you can't speak.

But the Nelsons are members, too,
and this is an endorsement meeting.

Members can ask questions,
isn't that right?

It ain't gonna change the vote, Foggy.

You're just holding up
dessert and pissing people off.

I apologize to everyone.
This won't take long.

Said every lawyer ever.

We can be long-winded, sure. But
I'm not billing anyone for this.

I'm running my own
write-in campaign for DA.

Most of you know that by now.

I'm not running 'cause I expect to win.

I'm running to hold him accountable.

Debate is the soul of democracy.

So why aren't you
talking about Wilson Fisk?

Are you running for office, Mr. Tower,

or are you running away from
responsibility for his situation?

We've been here before, Mr. Nelson.

Do you still claim to have no
influence over his release from prison

to live among us here in the city again?

The powers of my office
are limited to state law.

Wilson Fisk's situation is entirely
under federal jurisdiction and...

You mean crimes he's
already been sentenced for?

- Of course.
- But you can prosecute

for crimes he's committing
right now, can't you?

What crimes?

The man is locked up in
FBI custody 24 hours a day.

In a five-star hotel.

Because he made a deal with the feds.

Living in luxury as long as he
gives up major underworld figures.

Which Fisk has done, time and
again, making this city safer.

Or making his competition disappear.

That's right.

Wilson Fisk is informing on
carefully-selected targets.

Using the government as his private army

to reclaim his position

at the center of this
city's criminal underworld.

This is fantasy.

No, it's a harsh reality.

There are government officials who
are controlled by various criminals.

What Wilson Fisk has done

is take all those criminals
and turn them over to the FBI.

And keep all those corrupt
officials for himself.

He's planning to turn himself

into a one-stop shop for
bribery and protection.

It's all right here.

Mr. Nelson.

As district attorney, you
can't just pander to a crowd.

You have to prove your case.

- I can.
- No, you can't.

My turn.

At your fancy law firm, what
they teach is, "Create a fiction."

What story does a jury need
to hear? Not what facts.

I have been prosecuting for 13 years,

and I can tell you this is
not how criminal law works.

Moving speeches impress a crowd,

but they don't stand
up in criminal court.

I don't have your experience, Mr. Tower.

It's true. But then again,

I'm not jaded from doing the same
thing for too many years, either.

I'm still passionate
about what the law can do.

And that's a very
powerful tool to work with.

Because when you get
beyond the cold facts

and really get worked up about
what you're doing, you can...

Holy shit.

I can't hear you.

You can do what, Mr. Nelson?
Freeze up in front of a jury?

We'll be watching.

You gotta be kidding me.

Ms. Page.

I must admit, I'm surprised you're here.

I suppose this qualifies as hard time?

Yes, I'm sure all of
this is offensive to you,

given our personal history.

You mean the times you
tried to have me killed?

Crimes for which I'm still paying.

Yes. It's offensive.


No, thank you.

I'm not here for tea.

Sit down.

You came for words, at least.


Let's... Let's have some words.

You are not writing an
article about my mother.

I'm not?

I could.

To what end, Ms. Page?

My distress?


Doesn't actually sound that
bad, now that you say it.

I do not welcome
intrusions into my privacy.

Yet you invited me in?

You worked for Ben Urich, didn't you?

I believe he mentored you.

Yes, before he was murdered.

A final lesson. One you
seem not to have understood.

Is that a threat?

It's an observation.

Well, you're right.

I'm not here to talk about your mother.

I'd rather talk about what she told Ben.

Actually, really,
rather, what she told us.

See, I don't think you
know, but I was with him.

It probably wasn't fair.

Two trained journalists working
on a feeble old woman like that.

It's easy to push her.

Get her to say things
she doesn't want to.

Your point?

She remembered a lot
about your childhood.

They say the oldest memories
stick around the longest.

She remembered a lot of little things.
A lot of... embarrassing things.

Seems like there were a lot of
those, weren't there, Willie?

I'm sure your readers at the Bulletin

will be as entertained as you are.

No, we would never print those.

We just pass them around the office.

How is it around your office?

I heard about your misfortune.

Before it even happened, I'm sure.

No, the story that we will print

is her very detailed
description of your father.

And how you murdered him.

A hammer.

At that age?

Is there any part of you
that isn't broken, I wonder?

You asked me why I let you in.

The reason is, Ms. Page, I
have a few questions of my own.

You are a respected journalist,

but at one time you were merely
a secretary at a law firm.

To Matt Murdock, yes?

Office manager.

Intimately involved in his affairs, huh?

His business affairs.

Of course.

Tell me, so at what point

did you learn about Mr.
Murdock's secret life?


Thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Page.



You want secrets?

I can tell you a secret, Wilson.

Okay if I call you that?

I feel like we know each
other well enough by now.

- As you wish, Karen.
- Great.

James Wesley.

What was it like for
you when he disappeared?

Really, it's those first 24 hours
that are the worst, aren't they?

When you call and you call and you
call, and there's just no answer.

It becomes an obsession.

The calling. The never-ending loop
of a ghost's voice mail in your ear.

You worry.

You wonder.

You swear, "God damn it,

if he's still living, I'm
gonna kill him myself."

Is that what it was like for you?

Did you rage at him?

'Cause you thought he betrayed you?

Because I wonder what
would be worse for you.

His duplicity or his death?

He died quickly.

If you were wondering.

Didn't suffer much.

You see, Wilson, Matt
Murdock isn't the person

you should be worried about.

I killed Wesley.

I shot him seven times.

Because the clip ran
out. He deserved more.

Don't move!




Think of it as a compliment.

That they actually thought
I would try to kill him?

- I had to tell them something.
- No, Foggy, you didn't.

You ruined it. I had him.

Had him? Fisk would
snap you like a twig.

At least they'd have it on video.

Was that really your plan?

God damn it, Karen. Don't
turn into Matt on me.

Look, I didn't want him to
kill me. Just come after me.

Oh, good.

- Well, I got the idea from you.
- Me?

All that talk about Tower
and catching him off guard,

and I thought, "Yeah, just
get Fisk to stop thinking

and reacting emotionally instead."

I figured you were thinking
something like that.

Not a bad plan, actually.

Except for the part where you
have to hope the FBI comes in

before that monster beats you to death.

Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?

How did you even know I was here?

I know you.

When you didn't come...

I thought of some possibilities
and this was my nightmare scenario.

So I pretty much counted on it.

At least I took my shot.

You took a shot.

Tomorrow, there's gonna
be an army shooting back.

The report, for your insurance.

Thank you.

Come with me.

Yeah, yeah, another late one.

I know, babe, but

they're filing charges
against the Albanians tomorrow,

and I never reviewed my account.

Yeah, I'm not gonna
make it home tonight.

Kiss Sami for me.

I love you, too.



Sorry to wake you.

We need to talk.

After you.

This was here the whole time?


We, um...

I have a problem.

Nadeem knows.

I know he does.

We will take care of the problem.


rage cannot stay inside.

It needs to go somewhere...
or it becomes a poison.

It will kill you from within.

I find that when this rage
cannot stay buried in me

for one more second...

that a primal scream... is
the only satisfying release.



I like making things happen

without anybody knowing
it's me who did it.

Let's do our exercise. Close your eyes.

He didn't have any parents.

I'm digging a hole.

Spent a lot of time fighting.

Buried my anger in the ground.

- Good.
- Angry.

- Now cover it with dirt.
- Okay. But, Dr. Mercer?

- Go ahead and say it.
- I want to open the box.

I promised to keep my mouth shut.

- But you want to say it sounds familiar.
- Does it?

I didn't have anyone either,
but I'm nothing like him.

The tapes make it sound like
he was a killer at a young age.

The guy's a psychopath.

And I had a chance today.

A shot to catch him off
guard, and I blew it.

You did what you thought was right.

You kept your word to Agent Nadeem.


And how many people
will die because of it?

I don't know if I have the
strength to get through this.

He's so stubborn.

Full of fury and foolish pride.


watch over him.

Keep him from making the same
damned mistake that took you from us.

Our son is too much like you, Jack.