Daredevil (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - A New Napkin - full transcript

Matt prepares to cross the line, as Dex becomes more dangerous than ever and Fisk enacts his endgame.

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WOMAN: [ON TV] After the
attack at the Bulletin

and the horrible tragedy
at the Clinton Church,

what will it take before people realize

that Wilson Fisk was
set up by Daredevil?

MAN: People are beginning to realize

Fisk was the victim of a smear campaign.

Daredevil was the one behind it all.

And what about Daredevil's apologists
like Blake Tower and Karen Page?

- WOMAN: She should be in jail.
- MAN: We have breaking news

that Fisk has invited many of
New York's most powerful figures

to the Presidential Hotel for some
kind of surprise announcement.


[PANTING] Kidnapping
me will get you nothing.

- What is Fisk planning?
- Planning?

I scouted his hotel. Extra security.

Preparations for some
big event. What is it?

What Fisk will do to me
is infinitely worse...


Things are about to
get very bad for you.

What is Fisk planning?

Do you mind if I come in?



He's been planning the
ceremony for months.

He's gonna charm the
press and the public

and make Hell's Kitchen love him again.

- Do I look that nervous?
- Yes, a little, but it's charming.

I never knew that I could feel
this way until the day that we met.

I didn't think that I was capable,

that there would be someone...

that I would care for
more than my own life.

That her happiness would be more
important than anything else.

And then...

a terrifying thought occurred to me

that perhaps my feelings were a trick.

The self-deception of a vain man.

That the only reason why I love you

is because of the way I see
my reflection in your eyes.

That thought, it fills me with dread.

The fear that...

that I don't deserve you...

and that I am broken.

Don't you understand we're all broken?

The point is to find the person
whose broken pieces fit with yours.

MATT: You're gonna tell me everything.

I wanna know where everyone is gonna be.

Anyone who could stop me.

Stop you?

From killing Fisk.

He controls all of the FBI
agents who are guarding him.

The hotel is a fortress.

Is that a no?

- You'll never get to him.
- Sounds like a no.



I can give you something better!

I'm listening.

I witnessed Ms. Marianna order
the murder of Agent Nadeem.

And Fisk ordered many.

Agent Winn. Julie Barnes!

I could testify!

I know about Winn and Nadeem.

Who's Julie Barnes?

The rose.

I think.


Tell me again how you ended
up dangling off a building?

I tripped.

Get him out of here.

I thought "ambulance chaser"
was a figure of speech.

Not one of your best burns, Detective.

I'm not in the mood to be clever today.

Yeah, me neither.

We had him, Foggy.

We were this goddamn close.

I know.

Instead of locking up that bald asshole,

I had to tell Mrs. Nadeem she'd
never see her husband again.

How did that happen?

I don't know.


Something's been
brought to my attention.

As an officer of the court,
I'm compelled to report it.

I have reason to believe

that someone's gonna try
to murder Wilson Fisk today.

Someone, huh?

About what time is this going down?
I wanna have some popcorn ready.

Need I remind you of your
obligation to protect and serve?

Stick your obligation
up your ass, Nelson.

If Fisk disappears, all
his bullshit goes with him.

And the FBI agents on his payroll
just fold back into the mix.

Including the one who shot Ray.

Don't think of it as protecting Fisk.

Think of it as protecting
the case we can build

against the shitbags who helped him.

Once we get them, they'll
turn faster than old milk.

Still, with Fisk gone,
we'll get 'em eventually.

Brett, please.

This certain someone
we're talking about...

he's angry.

But I know he'll do the right
thing if I can just slow him down.

Give him time to think.

I'll beef up the
perimeter around the hotel.

- But I'm sending in my C team.
- Thank you.

I'm talking rookies and retirees.

HATTLEY: After the body of
Supervisory Special Agent Winn

was found in the Hudson,

search divers also
recovered the murder weapon.

The registered service sidearm
of fellow FBI agent Ray Nadeem.

When agents went to
take Nadeem into custody,

he drew a weapon to resist arrest

and forced his fellow agents
to kill him in self-defense.

Sadly, we may never know what
kind of mental instability

drove Ray Nadeem to
commit this senseless act.

But our thoughts and prayers go out
to the families of all the agents

who have been impacted
by these events.

Press is calling me a liar. FBI
is calling Ray mentally unstable.


Ray's grand jury testimony is sealed,

so Fisk is just throwing up smokescreens

until people forget and move on.


Well, unless Matt figures
out some way to stop him,

he's going to get away
with it. With all of it.

You mean unless Matt kills him.

Shouldn't have warned Mahoney.

If the police have Fisk surrounded,

maybe Matt won't be able
to go through with it.

- Or maybe he'll get arrested. Or worse.
- Karen...

Look, I'm not saying that I want
him to kill Fisk. I don't want that.

What if it's the only way?

It's, uh... It's not murder
if it's self-defense, right?

Technically, plotting to kill someone

is the exact legal
opposite of self-defense.

You know what I mean.

I get it.

Our best shot at taking
down Fisk died with Nadeem.

But yesterday was also a good day...

- ... because Matt came back to us.

The real Matt.

Yeah, for, like, a minute maybe.

Eventually, he'll come to his senses.

Matt's Matt because he believes that

everyone deserves a shot at redemption.

Except Fisk.

Everyone. It's a Catholic thing.

That's why he doesn't kill people.

If he crosses that line...

Matt will never be
able to forgive himself.

And being around us will just remind him

of who he was and what he's done.

- Yeah, we'd really lose him, wouldn't we?
- Forever, this time.





Can I ask why?

Uh, no need. I know where you are.

What? What is it?


The FBI wants me to come in.

It's Fisk.

- Yeah. It might be.
- Might be?

Foggy, you're not going down there.

I have a life.

I'm not prepared to
become a wanted fugitive.

Wait, wait, wait. No, just wait.

What if it's a trap and you
don't walk out again? Huh?

Can you run that downstairs?

Mr. Nelson.

Special Agent Poindexter.

You just won me 50 bucks.

Some of the guys were
betting you wouldn't show.

I'm always available to help
the FBI, Agent Poindexter.

In fact...

please smile.


Posted to my campaign web page

and the tens of thousands of police
officers that know that I'm here.

With you. Helping.

Relax, Mr. Nelson.
You're not in any danger.

You'll be very useful when
you're the next district attorney.

Why am I here?

- 'Cause Ray Nadeem was a friend of yours.
- A client.

Sad, the way it all turned out.

Even though he's dead,

I can't answer any questions
that would violate privilege.

I'm not asking you to.

Follow me.

Thank you for coming, Mr. Nelson.

Mrs. Nadeem. What are you doing here?

I came to apologize.

To apologize?

I asked them to call you,
because you were Ray's lawyer.

And I want to fully cooperate with
the investigation of my husband.

What Ray did is...

How could a man I loved
with all my heart...

the father of my son, turn
out to be such a monster?

DEX: It wasn't your fault, Seema.

Ray fooled a lot of people.

Nobody here blames you or Sami.

You're still part of the FBI family.

We'll give you the room.
Take all the time you need.

Suck it up.

I'm only doing this because I have to.

- How's Sami?
- He's okay.

With my sister.

I haven't told him yet.

- When did you get here?
- I came as soon as I saw the news.

I didn't want to believe it, but
I know I needed to hear the truth.

I'm so sorry. That...

must have been an incredible shock.

It was.

But I decided it was
the right thing for me

to come in and to cooperate.

That was smart.

Totally the right thing to do.

I was hoping you could help me
figure out how I can help the FBI.

And whether or not Ray's life
insurance policy will still pay.

Otherwise, Sami and I
have nothing to live on.

How will we survive?

I'll help you figure
it out, Mrs. Nadeem.

Whatever I can do to help
you and Sami get through this.


What do you want?

I'm coming for you, Dex. And my suit.

Where's Felix?

You'll find out soon enough.

DEX: I've got some free time
now. Why don't we meet up?

I have a question.

Did you enjoy the feeling you
got when you killed those birdies?

Is that why you're still killing?


The ones you killed with rocks.

I bet it felt good at first, right?

Then it's never the same after that.

What do you think Dr. Mercer
would say if she could see you now?

Can you hang on a second?

I need a tissue for all the tears
I'm crying over my shitty childhood.

Have you heard from
your friend Julie lately?

You wanna talk to Dr.
Mercer, asshole? Keep talking.

What do you think she'd say if she knew

about the innocent people you killed?

I bet she'd be disappointed, Dex.

If she were still alive.

If you...

If you hurt Julie...

Fisk had her killed.

He killed Julie, so he could
replace her as your North Star.

You should stick to
beating on people in alleys,

because you're not
going to get in my head.

You don't have to believe me.

Then again, you may wanna
ask how I got Manning's phone.

Don't know. Don't care.

Julie wouldn't approve of
you killing people, Dex.

Stop saying her name.

You said you got some free time?

You may wanna check out 16 Canal Place.


If you're showing this to Sami,
I need you to stop the video now.

For everyone else...

My name is Special Agent
Ray Nadeem of the FBI,

and under federal law,

I swear that the testimony I'm
about to give is the truth,

whole truth and nothing
but the truth...

and should be considered
my dying declaration.

I'm guilty of a number of criminal acts,

and I was in no way acting alone.

Wilson Fisk coerced me and
a number of fellow FBI agents

into aiding and abetting
a criminal conspiracy...

to extort protection money from
New York crime organizations.

I gotta hand it to you, Fisk.
You know how to put on a show.

Agents Arinori, Johnson, Markham,

Mockter, O'Connor and
Ramsey all took part

and continue to act as Fisk's operatives

under the orders of our boss, Special
Agent in Charge Tammy Hattley.

There may be others. I can't be sure.

But I personally witnessed

SAC Hattley murder Agent Winn
in her kitchen, using my handgun.

- No!

And then witnessed Fisk's
aide, Felix Manning,

remove the body and use this crime
and threats against my family

to blackmail me into
cooperating with Fisk.

I'm not making any excuses,

because I aided and abetted
the worst crime of them all.

I personally drove Special
Agent Ben Poindexter

to the Clinton Church...
dressed in a fake Daredevil suit.

I knew at this point

that Poindexter was the killer
who attacked the Bulletin,

and I knew he was going to do
something horrible at the church.

But I let it happen anyway.

So I'm guilty of aiding and abetting
the murder of Father Paul Lantom.

I'm ashamed of what I've done.

But that doesn't change the fact that I

and everyone I just
named are guilty as hell.


you need to get this
video to my attorneys.

And don't try and run.

Go to the FBI and pretend

like you don't know
anything about any of this.

Tell them I'm a monster.

[SOBS] It's the only way that
you and Sami can get through this.

I'm sorry, baby.

I will always love you.


- KAREN: God.

He knew he was gonna die.

Okay, so... maybe it
won't hold up in court.

But if we put this out there, it'll
make Fisk's life a living hell.

Actually, a dying declaration
is exempt from the hearsay rule.


The court says that a person who
believes that they're dying is...

has less incentive to lie.

Therefore, anything they say is...

You're telling me this
is admissible in court?

Every damn word.

It's the silver bullet
to take down Fisk.

Shit. The world has to know.

The world and Matt.







When I find you...


Fisk killed her and we both know it.

- You did this.
- Think, Dex.

Who got Julie the job in the hotel?

Who had you followed when
you were stalking her?

It was all Fisk.

You let him turn you into a murderer.

You think he's gonna
let Julie get in the way?

Why are you telling me this?

'Cause Fisk wants to
get married tonight.

And I don't think he deserves
a life of happily ever after.


WOMAN: Wonder what
the bride's gonna wear.

MAN: Ladies and gentlemen,

please have your invitations in hand

as you go through the metal detector.

Who does Fisk think he is?

Summoning us here with no notice.

Well, he's the only one who can.

Well, he's really
starting to piss me off.

Oh, relax. Here, have some champagne.

You'll live longer.

- This is what we're running?
- WOMAN: Mmm-hmm.

Well, it's official. Yesterday sucked.

Yes, it did.

But today is gonna make it all worth it.

- What's this?
- Look.

My name is Special Agent
Ray Nadeem of the FBI,

and under federal law,

I swear that the testimony
I'm about to give...



Parking's on 53rd. We're
staging the motorcade... Jesus.

Hey there, Lim.


That's Agent Lim. He's
one of the good ones.

- What in the hell...
- Do yourself a favor.

Walk away.


CARDINAL: ... to be a
loving and faithful husband,

in plenty and in want,
in joy and in sorrow,

in sickness and in health, as
long as you both shall live?




Repeat the question.



I do.

- CARDINAL: And you?
- I do.

Then you may.


ANNOUNCER: ... we are
so glad you could come

and celebrate with us tonight.

It is my honor and privilege to
present to you for the first time...

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Fisk.

- Hi.
- Beautiful ceremony, Vanessa.

Thank you for coming.

That was a bold move

to sit me next to the prosecutor
who tried to send me away.

I told him to hold my purse.

That must have been
very satisfying for you.

It was. My tax dollars at work.

You never disappoint.

ladies and gentlemen,

we'd like to invite the bride and groom

to the floor for the first dance.

I believe that's our cue.




My name is Special Agent
Ray Nadeem of the FBI,

and under federal law,

I swear that the testimony
I'm about to give...

Everyone's looking at us.

They're staring.


... of criminal acts,

and I was in no way acting alone.

Wilson Fisk coerced me...

My name is Special Agent
Ray Nadeem of the FBI...

What's happening?

... to extort protection money
from New York crime organizations.

Agents Arinori...

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
this next one's a favorite,

so grab your dance partner
and head to the floor.

You'll handle it, Wilson.

Like you handle everything. Show
them that none of it matters.

OFFICER: Agents down.
Repeat, agents down.

Daredevil is en route to the ballroom.

Sir, there's trouble. Agents are down.

We're under attack.


- I'd like to make a toast.

- WOMAN: It's Daredevil.

Julie and I wish you the absolute best.


OFFICER: Hold your fire!

- How did this happen?
- Dex knows our security protocols.

That video of Agent
Nadeem is a threat to us.

I'll discredit his testimony
and take care of everything.

- I will handle it.
- Wilson.

I should have never let
Dex get that close to you.

Be angry later. Be smart now.

Listen to me.

We need to run.

You didn't make a mistake marrying me.

I know that. But now, be smart.

For both of us.


Please don't.


Reports of Daredevil attacking
the hotel continue to circulate.

Meanwhile, more and more police
are arriving at the scene.

BRETT: ESU, you have one
job: Find and stop Daredevil.

The rest of you, we don't
know which FBI agents

- Fisk has in his pocket, so...
- Sure hope this wasn't Matt.


You came back.

Police are on their way up.
Can you shut down the elevators?

- SHELBY: Why?
- So nobody stops me.

It's over.






- What about you?
- Keep it, please.

I'll meet you downstairs. Go!



[SOFTLY] Stop.

Stop it, please!


I will never stop hunting
Karen Page or Foggy Nelson.

I will tell the world
who you really are.


Vanessa, please go. Please!


You want me to kill you.

No prison can keep me.

You know that.

- Come on, kill me!
- MATT: No!

God knows I want to, but you
don't get to destroy who I am.

You will go back to prison,

and you will live the rest of
your miserable life in a cage,

knowing you'll never have Vanessa,

that this city rejected you.

It beat you.

I beat you!

You'll keep my secret,

and you won't harm Karen
Page or Foggy Nelson

or anyone else.

Because if you do, I
will go after your wife.


And I will prove Vanessa ordered
the murder of Agent Ray Nadeem,

and like her husband,

she'll spend the rest
of her life in a cell.

I failed you. I failed you.


FISK: Everything that
I tried to build for us...


today was the happiest day of my life.

All I wanted was you.


If I agree to your demands, then...

you leave my wife alone.

You leave Vanessa free!

If you keep your word.

Then, it's a deal.



Wilson Fisk, you are under arrest.

DEX: I can't move.

He isn't the real Daredevil.

OFFICER: How do you know?

Because he is.


- He's alive.

Thank God.

Please, give me a moment
to say goodbye to my wife.

- Did you give one to Ray Nadeem?
- FISK: Please.



Matt should be here.

Well, I'm pretty sure he is.

Last time we spoke, I
confronted Father Lantom.

I was angry.

I'd change that if I could.

If God allowed that,
there'd be no future.

- Just people endlessly rewriting the past.
- Yeah.

I think he was trying to
tell me that for a long time.

His last words were, "Forgive us."

Do you think that's possible?

He told me something, years ago,

when this happened, that I never forgot.

See, I was pretty angry at God
and bitter towards his world.

How could a loving God blind me?


Anyway, he told me... God's plan
is like a beautiful tapestry.

And the tragedy of being human

is that we only get to
see it from the back.

With all the ragged threads
and the muddy colors.

And we only get a
hint at the true beauty

that would be revealed if we could see

the whole pattern on the other side...

as God does.

Anyway, I've been thinking a
lot about it recently, 'cause...

I realize I've made some bad choices

and hurt people that I
love without meaning to.

You don't always know when
you start down a false path.

No, you don't. And that's my point.

I realize that if my life had
turned out any differently,

that I would never
have become Daredevil.

And although people have died on
my watch, people who shouldn't have,

there are countless
others that have lived.

So, maybe it is all part of God's plan.

Maybe my life has been
exactly as it had to be.

You have a generous heart, Matthew.


To see the good in so much pain.

Not always.

In fact, Father Lantom
used to help me with that.

Help me see the errors of my ways.

I could use someone else
to help me with that now...

once in a while.

I'm a nun, Matthew.

Helping is what I was called to do.


Feels like half of Hell's
Kitchen is here today

to say goodbye to Father Paul Lantom.

Seems fair.

He certainly welcomed
everyone here, Catholic or not.

And he expected those of us who were

to, uh, look for ways to
do good in our community.

Not even the kids got
out of that requirement.

I'm sure I'm not the only one
who remembers his "suggestion"

that we give some of our First
Communion money to the poor box.

- MATT: And that was his way.

To think of the community, and the,
uh... and the individuals in it.

To think in terms of, "What can I give?"

He gave his life, right here in
this church, protecting others.

Standing up to a man who used fear

as a tool to set neighbors
against one another.

If Father Lantom had an
enemy, I would say it was fear.

For me, personally, he spent
many years trying to get me

to face my own fears.

To understand how they enslaved me,

how they divided me from
the people that I love.

He counseled me to transcend my fears,

to be brave enough to forgive...

and see the possibilities
of being a man without fear.

That was his legacy.

And now it's up to all of
us to, uh, live up to it.



That was nice, what you said.

MATT: Yeah, it wasn't
just him, you know.

It was you, too.

You helped me see the
truth about myself.

Ouch. That had to hurt.


Well, maybe one of these
days, I'll forgive you, too.


Before my funeral, I hope.

I'm glad you told me, Karen.

About Wesley and your brother.


Well, uh...

I couldn't live with that lie forever.

We're all just trying to
do more good than harm.

And I'd say you're ahead on that score.

I was starting to like the
idea of being married to the DA.

Pretty sure Blake Tower's not married.

Yeah, he'll have to get by without me.

You, on the other hand, are in luck.

The firm will be
thrilled to have you back.

The thing is, Marci...

I'm not sure I want that anymore.

I was afraid you were going
to say something like that.

You're not mad?

We'll talk about it later.

But do I really have to watch you
drive your campaign off a cliff?

Nah. I got that part covered.

... that Wilson Fisk
is a malignant tumor.

Well, the State of New York isn't
going to make the same mistake.

Everyone knows his game now. Fisk
won't manipulate the system again.

Excuse me, Mr. Tower.

TOWER: Mr. Nelson.

I wanted you to be the first to hear

that I'm officially dropping out
of the race for district attorney.

The way you stood up to Wilson
Fisk was an inspiration to us all.

I'm gonna be voting for you.

Thank you. [CHUCKLES]

- Hey there, Matty!
- MATT: Uncle Timmy.

- How are those briefs doing?
- Still stapled together.

[LAUGHS] Attaboy.

Of course, we're gonna have
to buy sunscreen by the bucket.

Better than that rock salt.

Enough with the snow and ice.
We're getting out of here.

I can't believe you're finally doing it.

Guess I'll have to get used to the
idea of Christmas in Tampa. Yikes!

Like I'd miss the
grandkids at Christmas.

- Speaking of which...
- Hold that thought.

I need to talk to Theo for a minute.

- You know she ain't giving up.
- You don't have to, either.

Me? I don't even have a girlfriend.

I mean on this place. Tower's
taking down Red Lion Bank.

You talked to him?

He's not going to prosecute a sweet
old couple who got screwed by Fisk.

You, though...

What about me?

If you pay back the loan...

they won't file criminal charges.


That's some fancy lawyering,
Foggy. You're really saving my ass.

Eh. Who wanted to be DA anyway?

You're too good-looking for that job.


So, what are you gonna do now?

Drink these.

Good plan.

Is that a whiskey neat?

- For medicinal purposes.
- KAREN: Mmm-hmm.

You want me to get you your own?

- Oh, this one tastes fine.

- Give Matt his drink back.
- Yes.

So, I guess you guys heard, Special
Agent in Charge Hattley flipped.

- She corroborated Ray's dying declaration.
- I did hear.


So, the FBI is getting
an enema, and Fisk is...

- still breathing.
- Yep. Still breathing.

Headed to prison. Again.

Not exactly what I had in mind.

You trust that he'll keep his word?

I mean, I trust that he loves Vanessa.

Long as she's free, he should stay away.

- And if she gets hit by a bus tomorrow?
- Yeah. Well, then we'll cross that bridge.

So, how long you gonna stick around?

Actually, I was thinking about
moving back into my apartment.


Well, seeing as the bills
are paid, I might as well.

[CHUCKLES] Okay, so hold
on. You're going to move

- back into Matt Murdock's apartment?
- MATT: Yeah, yeah.

I just figured he has a
healthier life-work balance.


And... actual friends.

Doesn't have a job, though.
He's kind of a mooch.

Semi-decent lawyer, though.

Ooh... "Semi-decent"? Ouch.

[CHUCKLES] You do break
the law. A lot. And often.

Objection. Sustained.

I have a crazy idea.
I need a new napkin.

- Okay. Well, he's writing something.
- Apparently.

MATT: What?

Oh, he just wrote all
of our names, didn't he?

How can you know that?

- 'Cause I was thinking the same thing.
- Okay. Okay, guys, I'm not a lawyer.

You're one hell of an investigator.

Yeah, and way more
stable than Jessica Jones.


All right, so what? What does that mean?

We go back to helping people
out of a crappy office,

getting paid in chickens?

I think Theo would let us
work out of here, to start.

At least we'd have a
place to sell the chickens.


- So what do you think?

Why the hell not?

To Nelson, Murdock & Page.

- Page, Murdock & Nelson.
- Hang on a minute.

That actually has a nice ring to it.

SURGEON: Doctor, if this fails,
he'll be permanently paralyzed.

T8 and T9 are falling apart.

Even using cadaver material,
reconstruction is hopeless.

DOCTOR: I disagree.

The Cogmium steel
reinforcing framework is...

SURGEON: Can't replace
pulverized vertebrae, Dr. Oyama.

OYAMA: The patient knew the risks.

We continue.