Daredevil (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Aftermath - full transcript

The press crucifies Daredevil after the attack on the Bulletin, and Agent Nadeem suspects the FBI paid too high a price for Fisk's cooperation.

FISK: The painting that's
intended for this wall

is something I am specially attached to.

LEE: Of course. Rabbit in a Snowstorm.

Yes, the agreement.

It said I was to get all my
belongings restored to me.

Precisely. And we might be able
to use this violation of terms

to lobby the feds for something else.

The painting!

That's what I'm interested in.

I can assure you we're doing
everything in our power, but...

there's a challenge to
your ownership claim.

It comes home.

Do you understand?

Lawyer's out! Cameras back on!

AGENT: [OVER RADIO] Wellers, we
have a situation. Report to the CP.


Inside. Shut the door.

FISK: Show them to me.


on the citywide, NYPD...


DOYLE: Shit. Are you hearing this?
What happened at the Bulletin?

We should be there, not
stuck here with this asshole.

He go to bed?

DOYLE: Turned in early. Nice and
cozy, while the world explodes.

And now the news, Mrs. Shelby.

... rushed to nearby hospitals
in critical condition.

But what we do know is that,
according to several eyewitnesses,

the brutal attack on the Bulletin staff

has been carried out by
none other than Daredevil.

The word from the witnesses we've
spoken with is that Daredevil,

Hell's Kitchen's renowned
vigilante, is the perpetrator.

... they don't know the whereabouts
of Daredevil or whether...

This brutal act hits Hell's Kitchen

after a period of
relative calm in the city,

with the FBI arresting
many of New York's...


You're missing the point. He didn't
just find someone to wear my suit.

Someone as fast and skilled as I've
ever seen, and I couldn't take him.

- He found someone to kill me.
- Matthew...

I was stupid enough to think
that I had Fisk cornered.

He knew I'd find the witness,

and I just brought
the sheep to slaughter.

Jasper Evans is dead.

He's dead and he leaves a
son behind, and that's on me!

I was so sure that I finally
was out in front of this bastard.

And Fisk, he knew I thought that.

- He was waiting for me.
- Matthew...

Foggy and Karen both
could've been killed.

And there would have been nothing

I could have done to stop it. Nothing.

You're losing blood. I
need to stitch you up.

I listened to you. I listened
to you, and they almost died.

God damn it. I'm such an idiot.


I'm the idiot.

I told you to involve your
friends, and I made things worse.

I'm used to putting on a brave face

when people bring their
troubles to the church.

And I find that they don't
just bring their troubles,

they bring their answers, too,
if you let them talk enough.


what you're dealing with is so
far beyond my experience that...


all I can hope to do is

help keep your wounds
stitched and your head clear,

so you can be safe.

And I'll be more careful about
giving advice to the Devil.

And, occasionally, possibly,
I'll try to keep my mouth shut.

Could I get that in writing?

Look, I know you were
just trying to help.

Now, can I please see to those wounds?


Can I ask you something?



What if you stopped this
fight, took time to heal...

and let other people
like you go after Fisk?

This isn't their fight.

Fisk is my problem.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

The problem is, he's always
five steps ahead of me.

I don't know if I can beat him.

And I don't know if I can beat
the man he sent to kill me.

You won't know for
certain till you find him.

I thought you were gonna keep
your thoughts to yourself.

- You really want me to do that?

If he was wearing a copy
of your Devil suit...

Well, he didn't get it at Sears.

How good a copy was it?

It was perfect.


DEX: Hello, Karen. It's
nice to see you again.

Was there anyone else
in the room named Karen?

Or on the whole Bulletin staff?

I'm advising my client
not to answer any questions

that treat her like an asshole.

RAY: There was not.
He was talking to you.

- Why don't we watch it again? See...
- No.

- He was talking to me. That's true.
- RAY: Okay.

- Good.
- KAREN: But I've never met him before.

Well, according to your own newspaper,

you've met Daredevil at least twice.

That psycho's not Daredevil.

I got a pretty good look at him, too.

Could have fooled me.

Do you think every fat guy

with a white beard and
red suit is Santa Claus?

If he comes down my chimney and
leaves presents under the tree.

Exactly. If he acted like Santa.
This guy doesn't act like Daredevil.

Based on your two encounters?

Dig a little deeper.

Why don't you read everything?

He doesn't kill people,
ever. It's not Daredevil.

So you keep saying.

Did you ever look into
Felix Manning? Red Lion Bank?

Any of the leads that
I dropped in your lap?

They're on my to-do list.

This is bullshit.

He dropped your name, Ms. Page.

Used your gun to murder someone.

And in this entire shitshow,

you're the one person he
didn't lay a finger on.

So I'm sorry that you
think that this is bullshit,

but something doesn't add up.

So we're gonna keep going
over this until it does.

It's not gonna add up until you
start asking the right questions.

How about this one?
Where's Matt Murdock?

Yet another fine example

of a question that's
besides the friggin' point!

You were supposed to
deliver him, Mr. Nelson.

But there are zero Matt
Murdocks in my custody.

Zero Jasper Evans left alive.

Think that's random? He kills
the one guy with dirt on Fisk.

You know that already? Is that
why you don't wanna go there?

- Karen...
- What?

That psycho in a suit did
Agent Nadeem a huge favor.

Now there's no one
left to tell the world

what a fool Fisk is making of the FBI.

Did you know Daredevil was
gonna attack the Bulletin?

Is that why you brought
your gun last night?

Okay. We're done here.



Are you okay?

No, I'm definitely not okay.



None of the people who own
those phones are okay, either.

- Come on. Let's go.
- No...

I don't get it. You... You almost
died. That doesn't leave a mark?

I don't have time to think about that.

Right now, Agent Nadeem's
got all my attention.

If he digs into Jasper Evans,

he'll know we're telling
the truth about Fisk.

Then he'll dig into
the rest of it. I hope.

I did this.

FOGGY: Wilson Fisk did this.

Evans wouldn't have come to the Bulletin

if I hadn't threatened his son.

This isn't on you.

And this isn't the time
to give up the fight.

- We need to find Matt...
- No. Um...

- I'm gonna go to the hospital.

Are you hurt?

I'm the only one who wasn't.

Marci. I should take
this. She's worried.

Hey, babe.

Yeah, I'm okay. I'm fine.

I know. I'm sorry, it's just
been crazy. The time has...

Seema, I'm fine.

Really, I...

Seems, I wasn't even there.

I got there after it was all over.

That's right.

I'll be home tonight, okay?


Oh, shit. That's tonight?

No. No, no. Don't cancel. Um...

It'll be good to see the family.

And good for Sami, you know?

And let him know everything
really is all right.

I love you, too.

Where is he?

- BETSY: Damn, it's cold out here.
- MELVIN: You got your hat?

I could get your hat.

BETSY: No, Melvin, it's
okay. I'm in the office today.


I made you cheese and pickles.

Thanks, love.

- MELVIN: You got your gun?
- BETSY: Of course. Right here.

What's going on?

You've been acting strange all morning.


worry about you.

Because I hang out with
paroled cons like you?

MELVIN: 'Cause they're not like me.

BETSY: I can take
care of myself, big man.

You be good today. I'll
make asopao for dinner.


Love you.

MATT: Betsy's your parole officer.

Please don't tell anyone.
It's against the rules.

I don't care what you
do with Betsy, Melvin.

You know why I'm here.

Fisk made me make the suit.

Did that man hurt you?

I'm sorry.

Who was he?

He didn't tell me his name.

But I can make you a new one...
to protect you against him.

- It'd be a fair fight.
- I don't want the suit anymore.

You don't like it?

I've outgrown what it stood for.

When you made my suit, there
were molds, measurements.

At the workshop, maybe
there's something.

I've been to the workshop.
It's been burned down.

Yeah, I burned it down, because
I didn't want to help Fisk, but...

he made me a new shop
and he threatened Betsy.

People died because
you helped him, Melvin.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Where is your new shop?

MARCI: Foggy Bear?

Oh, my God! Are you all right?

When did you get here?

I tried to stay awake. I've
been watching the news all night.

Are you hurt?

Babe, talk to me.

I'm okay.

I'm just tired.

Let's get you to bed.


RAY: Jasper Evans.

Locked up in '91 on a
couple of murder two counts.

Seems he walked into a convenience
store, got talked to the wrong way,

ended up shooting an honest cashier

and a sweet old granny picking
up her Sunday Powerball ticket.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Warden, this lifer was
supposed to be serving

a year in the hole for
shanking Wilson Fisk.

Is that a question?

How could he be in the hole e

and get killed in a newspaper
office at the same time?

Some pencil-pusher must've
checked the wrong box

and let him out by mistake.

Look. I'm not trying to jam you up.

I'm just trying to nail
down how he got out.

And who might have wanted him dead.

I need answers, Warden.

You got nothing? Seriously?

I want my lawyer.

I talked to the Bulletin reporter.

Jasper Evans was going to say
that Fisk staged his own shanking.

He had him released
from prison as payback.


Tell me the warden disputes that.

He's more concerned with
covering his own ass.

- He's lawyered up.
- Oh, shit.

It's all hearsay. I mean,
Evans might have been lying.

And maybe he was telling the truth.

We gotta kick this up the chain.

- Who are you calling?
- The ADIC.

And tell him what? We
don't know all the facts.

Except there's a damn good chance
that Fisk is manipulating us.

If it's true,

every asshole we put
away with Fisk's help

will be back on the street by morning.

Everything we've done,
the people we've lost,

it will all be for nothing.

You can't unring that bell.

Just give me a chance to
figure out if it's true.


I need two days.

You want a pony, too?

Just let me get the facts.

If Fisk really did play us,

we'll bury that son of a bitch together.


I don't know what got into me.

It's okay.

I mean, it was way,
way better than okay.

Like, way better.

[CHUCKLES] I mean, I get it.

After what you went through last night.

I was convinced I was gonna die.

The last thing I remember
thinking was, "Not yet."

Oh, you must've been so scared.

More than I've ever
been in my entire life.

But there was something else beneath it.

This feeling of being unsettled.

[STAMMERS] Important things left undone.

Marry me.

- Stop.
- I'm serious.

- Let's go to the courthouse right now.
- Foggy Bear, slow down.

I love you, Marci, and I'm
pretty sure that you love me, too.

I do love you.

But when you propose, I want
it to be from your heart.

Not from this.



I'm gonna be late for my deposition.

Go. Shower. I'll pick this up.

What the hell?

ELLISON: Think about what Amber
would have wanted. You know?

CARLA: They want to take
her off of life support.

I'll let you know what we decide.

ELLISON: Okay. I'm so sorry.


WOMAN: [OVER PA] All surgical
residents to pre-op.

All surgical residents to pre-op.

Chief ortho resident to ER.
Chief ortho resident to ER.

- ELLISON: Oh, hey.
- KAREN: Hey.

How are you feeling?


I'm full of Percocet.


- Rage.



Oh, she's on...

She's brain-dead. Just, uh,
machines keeping her alive.

- It wasn't worth it.
- Karen...

Look, three people died.

Why? Because I had to pick a fight?

I'm pretty sure that's
what we're supposed to do.

Sometimes, we get our asses kicked.

Could you get me the
water? It's over there.

Don't think you have some proprietary
claim over sticking it to Fisk.

You know, this fight belongs to
every person in Hell's Kitchen.

And I'm one of them, so
I intend to keep fighting.

We're gonna go to print today, tomorrow,

and the next day and the next day.

Here. I want you to write down
everything you know about Daredevil.

His connection to Fisk.

The man who attacked us last
night, it wasn't Daredevil.

Who was it, then?


I don't know.

But you know it wasn't Daredevil.

Karen, do you know who Daredevil is?

Don't ask me that. Please.

Why not?

Karen, if you know something,
you've gotta tell me right now.

[STAMMERS] I can't.

Some piece of shit attacked
my people, in my house!

And if you know anything,

anything that will get me
closer to finding out who he is,

then, God damn it, you
are going to tell me!

Or you can go clean out your desk.



MATT: Why is the suit here?

MELVIN: That's not the one
he wore. Fisk made me make two.


- Ask him yourself.
- What are you doing?

I have to go now. He said.

- Don't do this.
- I don't have a choice.

- He'll come for Betsy.
- Why'd he ask you to trap me here?

Is he coming? Tell me who wore the suit!

I will find him. I
will put an end to this.

I can't. Fisk will know.
And he'll hurt Betsy.

If you really loved
her, you'd cut her loose.

This life doesn't work with Betsys.


MELVIN: I can't let you leave!


- Someone's coming.
- I'm not supposed to be here.

It's the FBI, Melvin.
Why would Fisk send...

They're supposed to
find you with the suit.

Oh, God.

He's framing me for
being Daredevil. Oh, God.

Melvin, come on, he's tricking you.

Please. Betsy's all I have.

Once Fisk has me, he will kill you both.

- Oh, man.
- You gotta help me, or Betsy's dead.

Who did you make the suit for?

He never told me his name...

but he was an FBI agent.

How do you know that?

He was talking about it
with the man who brought him.

AGENT 1: Breach. Breach. Breach.

AGENT 2: FBI! Don't move!

Go! Go! Go!

AGENT 2: Stop fighting, or we'll shoot!

AGENT 3: Hands behind your head.

- MELVIN: Please! I gotta get to her!
- AGENT 3: On your knees.

On your knees!

MELVIN: Betsy!

He'll hurt Betsy!

- He asleep?
- Been in bed all night.

RAY: I need to talk to him.

- You want company?
- No. I got it.

MANNING: Potter's in custody.

Should we alter his
situation or his girlfriend's?


He's irrelevant now.

Where is Poindexter?

Laying low, as ordered.

Although, I'm concerned
about his mental stability.


I've demanded a lot from him.

You keep an eye on him.

But let him be for now.

We need to talk.

You're working late.

Shouldn't you be with your
family? Seema, isn't it?

Say her name again and see what happens.

What can I help you with?

[SCOFFS] Help me.

You know, you remind me of
someone I knew growing up.

Jack Kem.

Yeah, but everyone knew him as Jiggy.

You know, Jiggy lived in a
two-family house all by himself.

It was practically a mansion to me.

But Jiggy was a helper, too.

He was always helping
out folks on the block.

Annie the single mom needs
a new car. Jiggy's got it.

The Hoffmans are desperate
for rent. No problem.

Ten-year-old me thought
this guy was a hero.

But it turned out Jiggy had
hidden ten kilos of heroin

in the trunk of Annie's sedan.

Another five in the Hoffman baby's room.

Guess who the cops arrested when
they tracked down that powder?


I've seen your kind of help before.

Have a little faith in
me, Special Agent Nadeem.

I'm a better man than Jiggy.


All of this...

This was my price,

which I was plain about at
the start of our relationship.

And you have paid it.

I need to know.

Right now.

You let Jasper Evans out of prison
to pay him back for shanking you?

Your desperation diminishes
you, Special Agent.

Good night.

FISK: "The Hero of Hell's Kitchen
Feeds a Simpleton to the Feds."

Won't that make a hell of a headline
for tomorrow's Bulletin?

Melvin made his choice.

Yet you did hesitate before you left.

Were you waiting for a messenger
from the Lord to stop you,

like he stopped Abraham
from killing his son?

Were you disappointed
no messenger arrived...

or relieved that you didn't
have to risk your life

for a weak-minded criminal?

You're not strong enough to
beat the man I sent for you.

You're not smart enough to beat me.

You couldn't do it alone. You
couldn't do it with your friends.

Your father never knew when to lay down.

He was too proud.

You will die the same way.

Please, Betsy, don't do me like this.

I wasn't the one who violated
parole. You did this to yourself.

- MATT: Betsy.

Don't. I'm not here to hurt
you. I'm here about Melvin.

Melvin Potter?

MATT: He's been arrested.


He's not gonna tell anyone
about your relationship,

but that's not what
you need to worry about.

You need to worry about Wilson Fisk.

Oh, shit. Damn it, Melvin.

Fisk doesn't leave loose
ends. He will kill you.

Don't go home. Don't go
back to work. Leave town.

BETSY: What about Melvin? Is he okay?

You can't help Melvin.

He made his bed when he
went back to work for Fisk.

You're a cold piece of work, aren't you?

Melvin told me about the
Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

He thought you were a hero.

I told him assholes like you and
Fisk are cut from the same cloth

and both of you would
take advantage of Melvin

because he has a good
heart and a trusting way!

You've been warned, Betsy.

You want to live?


MARCI: Foggy?

Foggy, baby, are you okay?

Because I don't think you're okay.


I'm... I'm fine.

I think I know what Fisk is up to.



MAN: Hello?

- Hi, Dad. It's me.
- Karen? Good Lord.

I heard something on the news.
That wasn't where you work, was it?

Yeah. Yeah, it was. I'm okay, though.

I was thinking that maybe I could
come home for a little while.

I don't know. I'm afraid
the timing is not great.

Yeah. Of course. I get it.

But you can call anytime, all right?


I was just trying to do
the right thing. It just...

It went all wrong.

That's what you do, Karen.

Good night.


RAY: I'm not asking for prisoner files.

All I want is footage from
the security cameras. Copies.

I'll even pay for them.

We're supposed to be
on the same side here.

All I want to do is see exactly
what happened when Fisk got shanked.

Well, you have him call me as
soon as he gets in. Understand?



ALL: Surprise!



SEEMA: Congratulations on
your promotion, nuuri.

Thanks, everyone.

Hey, bud. Come here.

Sorry I'm late.


Ray, you make every single
person in this room so proud.

Proud of the man you are
and who you strive to be.

For the example you set for our son.

For the husband and friend we adore.

And for being the man who
hogs more blankets at night

- than is humanly possible.

But even with that, you've always
been the person to warm my heart.

Congratulations on your
well-deserved promotion.

- MAN: Cheers.
- WOMAN: Congratulations.

- I love you.
- I love you.


Way to kill the moment, buddy.

- Mom, we're out of soda.

SEEMA: There's plenty
in the fridge downstairs.

I'll get it.

I need a moment with you first.


- I told you, everything is fine.
- You lied to me.

I called you, afraid for
your life, and you lied.

I have to hear from Annie
Wellers what really happened?

That that murderer attacked
you and that you shot him?

- Seems...
- I have to hear it from her?

- I didn't want you to worry.
- Well, I am worried.

I'm worried what this job
is doing to you, to us.

What's that supposed to mean?

I will always have your
back. To them. To everyone.

But I'm not an idiot.

- I didn't say you are.
- When you lie to my face, you do.

You're right.

I'm just trying to keep
everything together.

I don't want to screw any of this up.

I worked so hard for this, for us.

How... How can I fix this?

You can start with telling me the truth.

And by getting more drinks.



- I didn't come here to fight.


Who are you?

I'm Daredevil.

The real one.

- You don't look like...
- I buried the red suit.

The man who attacked the
Bulletin, he resurrected it.

You do, however, match
the description of a guy

who's been tuning up FBI agents.

Which is the last thing I ever wanted,

but you people haven't
left me any choice.

If you'd just wake the hell up

instead of playing
right into Fisk's hands.

He's using you, and I think you know it.

Now, I heard you confront that
psycho at the Bulletin.

I heard you try to stop him,
and he almost killed you, too.

So let me ask you this, Agent Nadeem...

Who do you think is the danger here?


or him?


SAMI: Dad, Mom wants
to know where you are.

Don't come down, Sami.

I dropped a beer, there's glass.

Tell your mom I need a couple
of minutes to clean it up.

SAMI: Okay.


Let's say I believe the guy
that just broke into my house.

Let's just say that.

What do you got?

The man who attacked the
Bulletin dressed as Daredevil...

he's in the FBI.

Keep talking.