Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Seven Minutes in Heaven - full transcript

We look back at Fisk's first days in the prison. In the present, he's got plans for Frank, manipulating him into killing the prison's leader inmate. Matt says goodbye to Elektra. Foggy and Matt shut down the firm. Karen continues to look into Frank's cover-up. Although Fisk double-crosses Frank, Frank survives. Matt comes closer to the Hand. Karen starts working for Ben's newspaper.

All right, watch your head.

5-5-4-6-7. Fisk, Wilson.

Everything off. Clothing and
personal items in the bin.

Newbies wear white.

That's yours.

I deeply regret
that it's come to this, Mr. Fisk.

I assure you my firm did
everything we could...

but the case against you was,
quite simply, bulletproof.

How is the progress regarding
my appeal, Mr. Donovan?

We're making progress,
but I have to be honest.

Given the magnitude of charges,

we were lucky
we could plead you out at all.

Vanessa, huh?

I've secured a percentage
of your holdings offshore, as requested.

- She wants to come see you.
- She can't.

She must stay where she's
safe for the time being.

Of course. She'll have
everything she needs.

But with that said,
you need to understand

that a good number of your assets

were seized by the government, Mr. Fisk.

Your remaining capital is... limited.

- How long will she be safe for?
- Long enough.

Mr. Fisk, I'm doing everything
I can to get you out,

but we're talking about a process
that could take months, maybe years.

In the interim, we need
you to keep your head down

and avoid trouble while you're in here.

The state will jump on any infraction
to shoot down an early release...

to keep you inside.

It's the best move, Mr. Fisk.

In fact, it's the only move.

Those you cannot teach to fly,
teach to fall faster.

Wilson Fisk.

The boogeyman of crime.

The man who cast a shadow in the dark.

You'll stop reading those eventually.

It's best to accept that real life
is what happens on the inside.

Maybe your life, Mr. Dutton, not mine.

We never met before, have we?

No, but your reputation precedes you.

A life of running drugs

buys you that much in New York City.

You may have made a name
for yourself on the outside...

but I run the big box.

I just wanna make that clear...

in case you get any
ideas about stepping up.

- I have no intentions of doing that.
- Cut the shit, fat man.

I've known guys like you my whole life.

I killed most of 'em.

You ain't never seen a
throne you didn't wanna sit in.

So I'm here to make
myself crystal clear.

There's only room for
one of us in this prison,

and it ain't gonna be you. Not ever.

Because I'm the kingpin of this bitch.

Catch you later.

Mind if I sit?


I won't bother you.
Just wanted to meet.

You know, in here, guys like
us need to stick together.

Guys like us?

I was a mortgage analyst on the outside.

Seven figure salary,
summer house in the Hamptons.

Just made the wrong deal,
crossed the wrong guy.

It turned out that his brother was
some bigwig in the Justice Department.

Some luck, huh?
Look, what I mean is...

we're not like these
savages in here. That's all.

Smart to steer clear of that asshole.

It's not just the guys at his table
that are on his side.

He runs about 80% of the
contraband in this place.

Most of the guards are in his pocket,
from what I can tell.

The two men you were speaking to.

- Valdez brothers.
- They your friends?

Slim pickings in here, but, yeah.

Yeah, they don't talk much.

Let's just say what they did
to get in here was ghastly.

Do they have family?

A mother. She'll be alone for a while.

I wish I had better news,
Mr. Fisk, but the appeal...

- I didn't ask you here for that.
- Oh.

I need you to write down the following.

The office of Caplan and Dayhill...

they have a client,
his name is Stewart Finney.

- He needs his legal retainer bolstered.
- What?

Andrea Valdez.

She's 62. She lives in Spanish Harlem.

Needs her rent paid indefinitely.

- What is this?
- Untraceable, if you handle it correctly.

Mr. Fisk, I warned you about
getting involved in the...

Get it done!

- Fisk.
- Anything on Dutton?

He and his men haven't
emerged from block A today.

No way to get in.
That wing's impenetrable.

For now.

The paper's interesting, though.
Check out the front page.

The Punisher.

Apparently, he gunned down
the Irish in a big way.

Mmm, Nesbitt was a problematic leader.

He took out
the Dogs of Hell, too.

Blew up their clubhouse.
They charged him with 37 counts of murder.

Wow, perhaps his name suits him.

I'd say. Rumor is some of the Cartel
got meat hooks through their faces.

- The Cartel?
- The Mexicans.

If I'm correct...

Dutton didn't do
business with the Cartel.

On the 22nd, Dutton's
lieutenant mentioned...

a deal with the Aryans
to move product in the Dogs' territory.

A hostile takeover.

Does Dutton have
connections with the Irish?

Some heroin deal gone south.
That was a while back, though.

I know what I'm
asking for will be difficult.

I'm not worried about difficult.

I'm not even worried about illegal.

Your funds have almost been depleted.

Building up your little
protection crew wasn't cheap.

Nor should it be.

Your cash is almost gone.
If I do this, that's it.

After that, anything you
need for the rest of your stay,

you'll be dipping into the reserves,

into Vanessa's protection.

I won't need anything after this.

This guard you've spoken to,

do I want to know what
you'll be asking him to do?

I see you got my message.

Shh, I've got you, Matthew.

Who's... who's there?


Oh, slowly.

You okay?

Where is he?

- Stick? He left. Remember?
- No, not Stick.

The boy.

The one you killed.

- It's been taken care of.
- Not "it."


Well, he tried to kill you.

He was scared. He was just a kid.

If you'd spared him, he would've
sent his big brothers after us.

I killed him in self-defense.

Even your precious court of law
would say that's legitimate...

It doesn't work that way.

Well... it's a good thing
I'm not on trial.

- We need to tell the police.
- Tell them what?

I killed a member of
an ancient organization of ninjas

that are digging a giant
hole in midtown Manhattan?

Perhaps we should.
Maybe they need a laugh.

But you and I, we've seen it.

The Hand is very real.

And they know we're onto them.

The battle has begun, Matthew.

There's nothing we can
do about it now but fight.


I wish I could tell you that I'm
not going to pull my sword...

- but I will if I have to.
- You said you wanted to be good.

- I do.
- But you don't.

I saw it ten years ago
with Roscoe Sweeney...

and I saw it again last night.

Your adrenaline spiked, Elektra.

You enjoy killing.

And you may say you
wanna be good for me,

but that's not
who you really are, is it?

The first time I took a life...

I was 12 years old.

I did it of my own volition.

I wasn't saving another.

I wasn't even protecting myself.

I did it...

because I needed to know that I could.

Not that I could get away with it.

Not that I could get used to it.

And you enjoyed it.

You know, Stick taught us to
never let anyone get close.

- I fell in love with you.
- I loved you, too.

That wasn't a lie.

I fell in love with you, so I don't want
to keep judging you for who you are.

And this... this is who I am.

We have to stop corrupting each other.

We can't do this anymore.

Say something.

The Hand will decimate your city.

Not if I stop them.

- You'll die.
- Yeah, maybe.

But this is a war I need to fight alone.

Goodbye, Elektra.

The circumstances are unfortunate,

but each loss brings opportunity.

- I'm glad we have this chance to meet.
- Hmm.

You have something
you wanna say to me?

I've been following your case...

as much as one could in this cage.

I want you to know...

what happened to your family that day...

Don't you do that.

You don't talk about
my family. You got that?

Just don't do it.

- I consider it a tragedy.
- That right?

You can save your bullshit sympathy,
'cause I don't buy it.

I understand why you'd think that.

Look, you got
something to say to me or not?

Yes. I've crossed paths with
your attorneys... before.

Needless to say, I'm
not a... a huge fan.

Pushing you towards a sentence
in a mental health facility,

after everything you've been through,
that would have been a travesty.

- As opposed to what?
- Closure.

Since I've been incarcerated,

I've developed an empathy towards those

who suffer by the hand of the law.

I think I've heard
enough of your bullshit, okay?

You said closure. What'd you mean?

There's a man, here, in the big box.

He's a prisoner.

He's been overheard...

boasting about his involvement
with several criminal factions.

This man...
he most definitely had a hand

in the massacre in the park.

I want a name.

- He's in another cell block...
- I didn't ask you that.

Which he essentially owns,

heavily guarded by
guards and inmates alike.

- I don't give a shit. I want a name.
- Dutton.

He's not Irish. He's not Cartel.

He's not a biker.

He's something else entirely.

I believe that he
facilitated the deal...

between the three groups that
you've been targeting.

What's in it for you?

He controls much of this prison...

which has... made my life here...


So why haven't you done it yourself?

'Cause, Mr. Castle,

unlike most of the population here,

my plan is to keep my head down,

so I can get out...
in the foreseeable future.

- They with you?
- Yeah, something like that.

That right?

Well, I don't help shitbag,
has-been mob bosses.

- "Has-been"?
- You heard what I said.

I'm simply proposing an arrangement.

I don't do arrangements.

You should rethink that...

considering the amount
of enemies you have in here.

I'm not gonna be your
goddamn trigger man.

- I'm not doing it.
- I'm offering you the opportunity

to confront the man implicated
in the deaths of your family.

Yes, I benefit from your actions.

But the tide raises
all ships, Mr. Castle.

If, for some reason, my involvement

diminishes your passion for answers...

for revenge...

well, that's your choice.

But the war you waged
on New York City...

it got you nowhere.

I'm offering you something...
no one else could.

If you don't want my help, fine.

By all means...

enjoy prison.

How would it work?

My resources here are limited,

but I can assure you safe
passage to cell block A...

which is run by Dutton and his men.

Guards have a shift
change at 1500 hours.

Dutton's men will be in their cells.
We can get you to him.

We have one guard on our side,
but you'll only have

a seven-minute window to reach Dutton,
get your answers and get out.

I assume that
gives you enough time.

- When?
- Does that mean you'll do it?

- When?
- Today.

After this, you and me, we're done.

Yes, we're done.

The shiv is the best I can offer.

Something tells me you'll make do.


- You're hurt?
- What makes you say that?

- Can I come in?
- Yeah.

We need to talk.

It's not a great time, Foggy.

Never is. Not lately. And that's
the point, so I'll be brief.

I think we should shutter
the office for a few weeks.

It may be drastic, but after
everything that just happened,

we need to think about our priorities.

To decide how to proceed
with Nelson and Murdock.

Are you talking about our firm...

or you talking about our friendship?

For a while,
they went hand-in-hand.

I think you're right.

I think putting some
distance between us is smart.

What? Isn't that what you wanted?

What I wanted... was time
for us to rethink things...

Time isn't gonna change
who I am, or what I do.

- I don't want to talk about that...
- Yes, you do.

- That's why you came.
- I came to talk to my friend,

not the vigilante.

They're the same person, Foggy.

They weren't always.

Either way... I have to do this.

As we speak, there are horrible things

happening in this city.

Of course.

You wouldn't believe
me if I told you, so...

You don't get to create danger,

and then protect us from that danger.

That's not heroic.

That's insane.

We were really close

to winning the Frank Castle case

and getting that guy the help he needed.

I don't know what tanked
it, but I know we had a shot,

mostly because I worked
my ass off to cover for you.

- I deserve better than that.
- I know.

Every time I walk up those stairs...

I wonder if today is the day
you're dead in your living room.

I'm not gonna stop, Foggy.

Not anytime soon.

And to be honest, I'm done
apologizing to you for who I am.

If I'm holding you back, then you should
consider closing the office for good.

You can start over without
the stuff that gets in your way.

Without me.

- That's not what I came to say.
- But it's what I'm saying.

What am I supposed to tell Karen?

I don't know.
Same thing I'm telling you.

You're better off without me.

See you around, Matt.

Take care of yourself.

I'm so sorry I'm late.
I... I never set an alarm.

I never need to, but, uh...

let's be honest, it's been,
uh... quite the week.

What's going on?

- Packing up.
- The Castle files?

Are you hungry?
Let's get some food.

Thanks to Frank Castle,

anyone that was gonna walk through
those doors is now gonna go elsewhere.

Actually, can I show you something?

We should take a long lunch.
We need to talk.

Yeah, yeah, we should. Um...
do you remember John Doe?

The report the... the
medical examiner falsified?

Nope. Totally blocked it.

Um... well, I think I...
I found something pretty big here.

Whose house did you
break into this time?

No need.

It's just press passes
and NYPD files and, um...

So these pictures are all from
the day Frank's family was killed.

I've seen enough bloody
bodies to last me a lifetime.

- Can we please just...
- Just a sec.

Okay, um... look.

- All right, you see him?
- Sure do.

Now look.

Maybe he was bagged and tagged already?

Right, well, that's what I thought,
but... I checked

and I couldn't find
any death certificate.

Whoever he was,
it's like he was never there.

Foggy, look. He was.

He was there.
What if he is our John Doe?

Karen... let it go.

The trial is over.


No, no, nothing has changed.

There is still a conspiracy.
I mean, this...

this guy could be the key
to exposing the cover-up.

Maybe. Somebody else's problem now.

What... But just like that? I don't...

We're lawyers. I got bigger
things to worry about.

Like what? Like... like

getting Nelson and Murdock
back on top?

- This would do that.
- There is no Nelson and Murdock.

Look around.

Okay. You and Matt,
you fought at the courthouse.

You weren't your best selves, but
none of us have been for a long time...

I was my best self that day...

at the courthouse, covering
for him. And so were you.

You're eerily good at this stuff.

But Matt has...


He's got other things to take care of.

All right, when I went over
to his apartment the other day...

to get him to come
to the trial, there...

there was a woman there,
in his bed.

Okay, no. You know, whatever...

Whatever is going on with Matt, he's...

he's either not capable
or... or not willing

to make room for anything else
in his life... right now.

I should've warned you.

No. No, you shouldn't have.


if Matt doesn't wanna share his life
with me, that is between me and him.

The same way that your friendship
with Matt is between you and him.

I don't need to be warned,
Foggy, I just...

I cannot be lied to anymore.

All I want is the truth about something.

I get it.

I'll give you a call
if something changes...

but for now I suggest that...

both of us start thinking
about a life outside this office.

Oh, God.

Come on. Shit, shit, shit.
Come on, come on.

You don't want to do that, Stan.

Don't... don't move.

You're an accountant.

A greedy one, yes...

but something tells me, even if you
take that shot, you're gonna miss.

And trust me... you don't wanna miss.

I'm not like them.

- Who?
- I don't do what they do.

- Are you talking about the Hand?
- Yes.

Put the gun down.

How do I know you're
not working with them...

I didn't say anything.
Please, I didn't say anything.

That's the problem, Stan. What
do you know about the Hand?

I don't. Please, I'd rather die.

Well, that's not gonna help anyone.

They destroy everything
that gets in their way.

The Roxxon Corporation...

the secret room, the ledger,
the dirt, the hole.

I know about it all, Stan.

I need to know what they're planning.

Planning? It's already been done.

- What's been done?
- Nothing!

I'll protect you.

They have my son.

They took Daniel!

I don't know what they're doing to him.

These bodyguards weren't protecting me.

They were holding me hostage.

If I tell you anything...
they will kill my son.

- Where are they holding him?
- Some kind of drug operation.

I don't know what they're doing there.
They call it the Farm.

- Take me there.
- I've thought about it...

but it's a fortress.

- It's impossible to get inside.
- Take me there.

Karen Page.

Well, you guys had a
hell of a day in court.

Front row seats
to the trial of the decade.

Did you bring me a T-shirt?

No. Uh...

I might have something better.

These are from the NYPD files from
Castle's family's autopsy report.

Um... so, here... you can see here...

The... the body and here...

the body's gone.
Is this some sort of test?

Well, I... I think this is the John Doe
the medical examiner said he covered up.

- Said when?
- During the Frank Castle trial.

Tepper's testimony wasn't public.

Oh, my God. Sorry, they...
they cleared the courtroom.

I was one of a handful
of people who heard it.

Okay, so we... we identify John Doe,

and then we find out why he
was important enough to hide.

Uh... you know what?
Actually, I think that, um...

I think you should do this.

- Trial's over.
- So?

So, Frank is in prison,

and everyone's
retreated to their corners,

including my bosses,

one of whom has repeatedly
told me to let it go and move on.

And do you... do you wanna move on?

Case is closed.

Castle tanked his own case.
He got put away.

I just think you should
carry the torch on this.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay, so...

I just wanna rewind
this informal meeting

- we're having by about 30 seconds.
- What?

You come to me with a lead,
with a really good lead, right?

And now you just wanna take off? Right?

I mean, it's... it's sort of like
a pitcher going to the 8th inning

with a no-hit shutout,
and just walking away.

Look, this was supposed to be
about saving my law firm, and I didn't...

I get that. At first, yeah.

But I have to tell you, in the last week,
I've gotten about ten phone calls

from people wanting to know where
I'm getting my information.

- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.

What'd you tell 'em?

What do you think I told 'em?
I took all the credit.

But the point is...

that when my phone starts
ringing like that,

that means that you're
shaking the right trees.

So, yeah, uh, sure.
I mean, the case is closed.

Frank Castle's in prison.
But this thing ain't over.

Not yet. Not by a long shot.

You know it. 'Cause you know
you're on to something.

- Yeah, okay, okay.
- Okay. All right, so, um...

I pull some strings, we, um...

find out the last known address
of medical examiner Tepper,

and maybe he'll be more willing to have
a conversation outside of the courtroom,

away from the icy death gaze
of Frank Castle.

No, but wait. Talk to who?

- Whom.
- Wait, talk to me?

- I...
- No, no, no. To us.

Karen, to us.

And don't get cocky.
You're not that good yet.

Got a long time to go.

Cell 305. Room with a view.

Seven minutes, and that's it.

...makes the grab,
so a wasted single by Young

somehow sends it into...


Prick's 200 light.
Rat-faced son of a bitch.

You and me, we gotta talk.

This is it. The Farm.

- Stay here.
- I'm coming with you.

He's my son.

You wanna be alive
to see him? Stay here.

Doctor? Doctor,
my name's Karen Page, I...

Sir, I know your testimony in the case
against Frank Castle hurt your career.

I think I can help you.

But I also think there
are other people involved

who could really use your help.

I remember you.

You were with the defense.

- I'm not with them now.
- We're with the New York Bulletin.


After what happened
at the courthouse,

the mayor asked me to step down.

I know I sound paranoid, but...

there have been people following me.

You're a target because
of what you know.

'Cause whatever that is,

they... they want to keep in the dark.

Karen has found something
that will bring the truth to light.

Here, uh...

This... is this the body they
asked you to make disappear?

- I shouldn't be talking to you.
- I understand you're afraid.

You can either continue to
be trapped by what you've done

or you can tell us what you know

so that we can go out
and expose the real bad guys.

And then you can get back to
living your life, because...

this place is not where your story ends.

That's him.

- That's the John Doe.
- Okay, um...

Uh, did he have a wallet?

Uh, what about any...
any identifying marks?

- Scars? Tattoos? Any...
- I tell you this...

you have to substantiate it
before you print a word of it.

Of course.

All right, he didn't have a name,

but tucked inside his left shoe,
he did have something.

- What?
- A police call sign.

A special code.

Look, John Doe wasn't a criminal,

and he wasn't some innocent
bystander in the park, either.

He was an undercover cop.


Now, you make any noise,
anything at all,

I'm gonna open you up like a bag.

I'll watch you bleed
out all over this floor.

Now, you nod if you understand me.



Stanton massacre.

The carousel hit.
I hear you were there.

What if I was?

You're a goddamn lunatic.

What the hell were you doing there?

Drug deal.

I was brokering between
three groups of assholes

who barely spoke the same language.

- What happened?
- What do you think happened?

- Tell me who started the shooting.
- What?

You tell me who pulled the trigger.
Who made the order?

- It went south.
- What do you mean, "It went south"?

It happens.

What does that mean, "It went south"?

What do you mean?

It means we're not as
dumb as they thought we were.

- We realized what it was.
- What was it?

It wasn't a massacre, asshole.
It was a sting.

- A what?
- My source warned me.

The feds infiltrated one of
the gangs. I'm not sure which.

They found out how big the
deal was. Massive exchange.

A real game changer.
But they weren't after any of us.

They were after the man in charge,

the man who
organized the whole damn thing.

Who's that? Who is that?
I want a name.

I never met him.

He never showed his face.

All I know is he had
a line on pure heroin.

Shit shipped from the Middle East.

They called him the Blacksmith.

The whole thing should've went
by the numbers, but he got wise.

He stayed away.

And when they
realized he wasn't gonna show,

someone started shooting.
That's all I know.

I swear... to God.

I heard about you.

News travels fast around here.

But there were
almost 100 bangers that day,

and every finger found a trigger.

You know, this crusade of yours...

it's never gonna end, right?


yeah, you're right.

You're right.

Open the door.

Open the door.

What are you doing?

Open the goddamn door.

Hey. Hey.

Mr. Castle...

thank you.

I couldn't have done it without you.

- They got Dutton!
- Holy shit, man!

There he is.
There he is. You're a dead man.

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on. You're dead!

Inmate! Fall on your knees!

Open up!

Not strong enough.



We found two guards unconscious
in the Roxxon garage.

What were they protecting?

Stan Gibson, sir.

Find him. The process
is almost complete.

Tell your man to stand down.

Don't shoot.
Lower the gun.

Lower the gun!

There are more men outside.

Not conscious ones.

Tell me about the Farm.

What are you growing here?

I am not afraid to hurt you.

I know you're not.

But you are not the only devil
who will walk these streets.

- What's in the basement?
- The rising is coming.

You are but one man, akuma-san.

You cannot stop what we have started.

What is that?

That's blood.

It wasn't just a random
gang shootout. It was a sting.

Who knows who's involved?

Cops, DA's office, obviously.

- The mayor? How high does this go?
- I don't know.

But I can tell by that look in your eye

that you're not gonna get any
rest till you figure it out.

So if you wanna camp out in here...

it's all yours.

Start digging.

- Are you serious?
- I'm very serious.

Ben was the best
researcher I've ever known.

I remember.

- Did you...
- Read that? Yes. Yeah, I... I read it.

Look, Ben didn't care,
and I don't, either.

Get to work, okay?


Are you sure that's
a good idea, Mr. Fisk?

Go now!

How quickly we turn into savages.

As if the moment we walk
through these prison doors...

You tried to have me killed.

Yes, it would've been cleaner that way,
but you got what you wanted!

Given the condition that he was in,

I assume that Dutton admitted to
some involvement in your tragedy.

What do you want?
Why am I still alive?

Because plans change.

Because if you want
to survive, you adapt.

Yes! The plan was to kill you.

I needed to close that loop.

I'd already made a deal
with the rest of the guards.

I doubled the cut that
Dutton was paying them.

But that didn't work out,
did it? No, I was wrong.

That's difficult to admit, but...

you have a gift, Mr. Castle.

I assumed that the
stories that I read in the paper

about your attacks on the criminal world

were apocryphal.

How could one man be capable of such...


But then I saw it...

with my own two eyes.

And when one comes across
someone with such talent...

with such a gift... well...

you don't let that go to waste.


No, you don't.

How's that?

Release him.

- Mr. Fisk, I...
- Do it now!

What the hell is this?

I'm in control now.

- And I've set you free.
- What does that mean, "free"?

I'll show you.

Stay back.

'Cause everyone warned me

that prison would be an
inhumane environment.

It is. But I... I find it refreshing.

The perfect microcosm
of the animal world.

When an animal wants something,

when it needs something, other things...

need to be stepped on.

You want me on the outside so
I step on every piece of shit I see.

That way, nobody gets strong, and we...

The city's yours for the taking.

Something like that. Yeah.

So if you can do that,
if you can get me out,

why not just do it yourself?

Because I play the
long game, Mr. Castle.

You see, when I'm
finally let out of this cage...

it won't be to wage war.
It will be to win one.

You, sir...
you need to focus on now.

I've given you a chance to walk free.

To put that gift of yours
to work, to find...

What does Dutton call him?

The Blacksmith.

If I were in your shoes...

I would use this opportunity
to find your justice,

to kill your way to justice!

And not for me. Of course not.
Not for yourself.

For your family.

For them.



You know...

next time I see you...

only one of us walks away.

Yes, of course.

I'm counting on it.

- Is someone there?
- Someone...

These people...


What are they doing to you?

Daniel. Daniel!

Daniel. Oh, Daniel!

We're gonna get them out. Stan,
we're gonna get them all out.

Daniel, my boy.

Oh, my boy. Oh, my boy.


Just hold on, my son.

Come here. Thank God.

Thank God. God.

Get down!

They weren't finished.

The physician says
that your condition is...

is grave.

That your lungs are filling with liquid.

In a few hours, you're likely
to suffocate in your own blood.

But you won't suffer alone.
I'll be here.

Because you were right.

In prison, there's only
room for one kingpin.

You still have scars to
remember me by, I hope.


You're dead.

There is no such thing.