Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Man in the Box - full transcript

Murdock and Foggy get caught in the crossfire of the Punisher's revenge. Karen and Murdock dig for the truth in very different ways.

Christ almighty.

What the hell happened here?


They need medical attention.
Please. Please.

Thompson, help them.

Got it.

Daniel, look at me.

Jesus Christ.

Don't let any of 'em out your sight, okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, guys, come over here.
Um, I wanna make sure we cordon off...

- ETA on the ambulances.
- They're two out, sir.

I need five of 'em to...
54 St. Mark's, right away.


Let me guess.
You're the one who found 'em.

The cages, the medical tubing.
They were being drained.

- For what?
- Doesn't matter.

We need to find the people
who did this to them.

It would be a good start
if you told me who that was.

You see anyone down there?


But you could start with the Yakuza.

- "Start with"?
- Yeah.


You saying the Yakuza
is mixed up with another group?

I think so.

That's scarier than all this
cult-looking ritual shit put together.

This group... they got a name?

- I'm working on it.
- Yeah, I'll bet you are.

Listen, these victims, they need
to be taken somewhere off the grid,

somewhere they can't be found.

No. What they need
is medical attention.

I know, and they'll get it, but...

Whatever was being done to them,
it may not be over.

We need to get them somewhere safe.

Yeah, that might not be a bad idea.

All Saints is closest...

No, take them to Metro-General.

I know someone there we can trust. But...

no one can know you're bringing them in.

I'm on it.

And just know, someday...

I'ma tell you how to do your job.

Thompson, I need a favor.

Got the last one.

And he's burning up.
I need a cooling blanket and ice packs.

We're out.

Jesus. Uh...

Vending machine.

Next floor down.
Get all the cold sodas you can.

- Okay.
- Apply them on their wrists.

We need to get the fever down.

Thanks for this.

Thank administration.

They've taken six months
to remodel this wing.

Anything happens, you let me know.

I'll keep a few PD here,
and more downstairs.

- Okay.
- And do me a favor?

Keep the details
of this arrangement to yourself.


Our mutual friend.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

This ain't like any overdose
I've ever seen.

Yeah, their systems are in free fall.

- Holy shit.
- What?

She's got no prints.

Her fingertips were burnt off.

Her, too.

IDing 'em is gonna be fun.

What kind of junkies do this?

Yeah, I think this was done to them.

Let's just get them stable.
One headache at a time.


And here I was hoping
my day would get worse.

- Hi, Claire.
- Five patients, non-responsive,

high fever, no fingerprints.

You wanna tell me what kind of shit storm
you just rained down on me?

It's why I'm here.

In here.

What's the story?

It's, um...

it's complicated.

Always is with you.

Remember the last time you patched me up?

When you were cut to shreds?

Kinda hard to forget.

Well, the same guy who did that to me,

he's the one responsible
for your five new patients.


You said he burned to death.


I was wrong.

There's gotta be more
to the story than that.

For now...

I need you to know that every one
of these people is still in real danger.

Okay, I have checked their vitals.
I know, they're hanging by a thread.

No. Claire, I mean...
even if you manage to save their lives,

someone may still come to kill them.

And the people who gave them aid?

Most likely.


Wow, Matt. I...

I really have not missed you at all.

But, look, Claire,
nobody knows they're here.

And I'm gonna offer you
all the protection I can.

Plus, you can still send them away.

You know I can't do that.

Thank you.

It's why I came to you.

Are you hurt?


a little.

"A little"?



Bone bruise.

A fractured rib, most likely.

It's probably busted, knowing you.

I'll say this about you,
Matt Murdock.

You are a lot of bad things.

Boring is not one of them.


- What is it?
- Two aspirin.

Catholic morphine. Take it.

I don't know.


All units, suspect Frank Castle.

Believed to be
armed and extremely dangerous.

I should've known
this day would get worse.

I want this out across all five boroughs.

And get some additional units
to the courthouse and City Hall.

- Do it. Move!
- Son of a bitch.

What is it?

The Punisher.

He just escaped.

- Miss Page?
- Yeah.

Agent Gallagher. Follow me.

I'll get you through security
as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Excuse us.
Excuse me. Pardon me.


Wait here.


Guess I'm not the only one
that got Reyes's invitation.

Security is nuts.

Frank Castle's on the loose.
I wouldn't take any chances either.

No, not even Frank could have
orchestrated an escape that quickly.

How's that even possible?

Guessing that's what the District Attorney
wants to ask us.

This case just keeps serving up
the shit burgers.

- Mr. Nelson, this way.
- See you on the other side.


Excuse me, sir.
Do you need a hand?

No, thank you.
Thank you so much.

I, uh, see Reyes... dragged you in, too.


Are you all right?

Other than being hauled in as a suspect
in the escape of a confessed murderer?

Yeah, I'm great.

Yeah, this whole case
has been a disaster.

I'm sorry I pulled you guys into it.

Don't be sorry.

How are you otherwise?

Good. Yeah, I'm good.


Miss Page?

- Come with me.
- Yeah.

Mr. Murdock, I'll be right back.

According to my buddy,

Reyes is most likely
about to grill us like fish.

She has no cause.

On paper,
we're still Frank Castle's attorneys.

And I am so proud of that.

Frank's out, but instead of
going after him herself,

Reyes is dragging us
into the lion's den.

What could we possibly
know about his escape?

Precisely dick.

But if Reyes can find a way
to blame us for all this, she will.

Karen, you spent
the most time with him.

He say anything?

Anything at all
that could help us right now?

Nothing about an escape.

I went over Castle's transfer work.

He wasn't waltzing into some country club.

They were burying him
in their highest security control unit...

with all the other rock stars
on cell block D.

Uh, Matt... this way.

Hey, Foggy.
You said cell block D?

- It'll be just another minute.
- Thanks.

Does that mean something to you?

Yeah, I like to keep track of the people
who might want to kill us.

- The Punisher?
- No, not Frank. Wilson Fisk.

Frank blows his trial,
and ends up on Fisk's cell block?

And a day later, he's on the street.

Uh, those are two very separate dots.

- You can't just connect them.
- Oh, come on, Foggy.

I'm right.
Fisk made this happen.

She'll see you now.


They're here now.

Yes. As soon as possible.
Please, as soon as possible.

Thank you for coming.

Kinda hard to say no
when the cops pick you up.

Well, I'm sorry about that.
Could you, uh...

Please, have a seat.


The second chair.

I don't know what your play is, lady,
but let's cut the shit.

You brought us in expecting to sweat

privileged information
about our client out of us.

Yes... if that helps.

We have to get Frank Castle off the street
before anyone else gets hurt.

You're asking for favors,
after all the shit you've pulled?

If you want our cooperation,

then we need to know
what you know... all right?

All of your cards on the table, right now.

I've made mistakes.

Excuse me?

Central Park.

Castle and his family.
I screwed up.

Frank Castle's family
being gunned down

is not a mistake, it's a massacre.

Wait. I swear to God, if I had any idea
that people might get hurt,

- I would not have done that.
- You...

Your office were part of it?

Why am I not surprised?

They were more
than just part of it.

It was a sting.

How do you know that?

I've gotten really good at digging up shit
people like you wanna keep buried.

Hey, Karen. Just...

- Probably not a good idea.
- Trust me.

Ma'am... they need to know.

Last year, the DA's office learned
there was a new player in the drug trade.

Calls himself the Blacksmith.

He wasn't gonna flood the market,
he was gonna be the market.

And we were tracking kilos,
but this guy dealt in metric tons.

Volume like that should have made him
easy to find, but he was a ghost.

No sign of how he was getting
the product into the country,

where it was coming from, nothing.

Then one of the cops we planted
deep undercover got word

that the Blacksmith was arranging
a meet between three unaffiliated gangs.

Dogs of Hell, Kitchen Irish,
and the Mexican Cartel.

Blacksmith wanted to broker a deal.

They set the meet for Central Park,

Look, our guys were there.
They were ready.

But the sting, it just, it...
it went south.

You didn't clear the park, did you?

I thought about it.

But I decided an empty park
could show our hand.

So, yes...

I greenlit the operation...

civilian traffic and all.

And it, oh-so-predictably,
all went to shit.

Blacksmith didn't show.

Before we had a chance to move in...

the gangs got rattled
and opened fire on each other.

Our undercover was killed
and Castle's family...

God damn it.

So after that horrible decision,
you made it worse.

You tried to kill him and ruin us
to save your own political ass.

You know what, lady,
you're on your own.

Wait, wait.
This is not about me anymore.

I found this in my daughter's backpack
before sending her off to school.

X-ray of a skull.


You know once he gets his sights
set on a target, he never stops...

- Where's your daughter now?
- Upstate...

New York somewhere,
in a location I can never know about,

surrounded by men with guns...
assigned to protect her.

My baby girl.

Ms. Reyes, it's highly unlikely
Frank Castle would target your family.

I... This is hard to understand,
but he has his own internal code...

I'm sorry,
am I supposed to trust that?

I don't care how much time you spent
in an interrogation room with him.

He's coming after my child.

What do you want from us?

If he contacts you,
just let us know.

You want us to break privilege?

I wanna make sure that
nobody else gets hurt.

Look, I...

I know what I've done here.

But please.

I don't give a shit about my job anymore.

I just wanna keep my family safe.

Get down!

How you feel?

Like I've been shot.

He says I'll be fine, though.


Matt, don't.

- I have to find him, Foggy.
- Good idea.

Strike now, while the police
have his whereabouts

narrowed down to
the island of Manhattan.

- I know where to start.
- You always know where to start.

You just never know when to stop, Matt.

I'm not asking for your permission.
All right? I'll see ya.


Hey. Where's Matt going?

Why ask me?

I spent nights looking
at Frank Castle's crime scenes.

They look so different from the inside.

You knew about Reyes and the cover-up
the whole time.

I suspected.

But the cover-up was well underway
before I started at the DA's office.

But you don't get it.

If it came out that civilians
were killed on her watch...

a war hero, no less...
her career would have been over.

Tower, she's dead now.

I can't...


She was altering medical records,
police reports.

Getting sloppier every time.

She was covering her tracks,
but the trail just kept spreading wider.

And when I caught wind of it,
my hands were tied.

It was... it was just too late.

But I couldn't let myself
go down with her.

So you slipped Karen the X-ray.

Reyes ordered the DNR on Castle?

His family was gone.

Castle was hanging by a thread.
She just wanted the problem to go away.

Well, it didn't.

Castle didn't die.

The man just murdered...

a New York District Attorney,
and anyone who crossed him could be next.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm gonna get the hell
out of town for a while.

If I were you, I'd do the same.

How bad is it?

They're gonna take some X-rays,
just in case.

- I'll come.
- No, that's okay.

Really, I'm good alone.
I don't need you.

Do me a favor. Watch your back.

I'll need you to sign an affidavit...

agreeing to our terms,
before you can see my client.

Of course.

It's in braille.

Mr. Fisk requested that I accommodate
your... particular disability.

He's a very thoughtful man.

You will not come into
physical contact with Mr. Fisk.

You will not discuss
your conversation with Mr. Fisk

with any media outlet, government entity,
law enforcement agency,

or outside party of any kind.

Failure to do so will result in severe
financial penalties, detailed there.

You will refer to Mr. Fisk
only as "Mr. Fisk,"

and he will not answer any questions
until I personally approve of them first.

That's a lot of rules.

Rules are what separate us
from the animals, Mr. Murdock.

Thank you.


Straight ahead.

On the left, sir.

Mind the cane.

You have ten minutes, Mr. Murdock.

We met once before, you and I.

Before you went after me in court.

Do you remember?

It was at an art gallery,
several months ago.

I assume you've heard there's been
a shooting at the courthouse?

Unfortunate news.

But why does that send you to me?

Because I know you facilitated
Frank Castle's escape.

Why would I do that?

Frank Castle's path and mine
are so clearly separate.

Lack of motive.

Enough to throw any rational
law enforcement agency way off your trail.

But I'm not biting.

Not biting.

He's not biting, Donovan.

It's what you do.

The scheming, the machinations.

Frank Castle is a killing machine,
and you set him free.

Which means you're aiming
a loose cannon at someone,

and we both know it.

And you can prove that in a court of law?

Where is Frank Castle?

Not here.

Did you have anything
to do with his release?

You don't have to answer that.

No, I didn't.

Clock's ticking, Mr. Murdock.

These days are hectic in Hell's Kitchen.

Lunatic shooters, gang wars.

I understand you're frantic,
you're looking for answers.

I have none.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm... in here.

The fate of New York City
is out of my hands for once.

That's bullshit!

I don't know what you expect from me...

but we're finished here.

Mr. Donovan.


You asked me if I remember
the art gallery. I do.

I remember her very well.


She's out of the country.
She, uh... wants to come back.

Leave us.

So listen to me very closely.


I will use every legal
loophole and footnote...

to make certain that never happens.

You see, unlike your
other adversaries, Mr. Fisk...

I can break you without
breaking a single law.

You may have expensive lawyers,

but with one envelope and $6 postage...

I can make sure Vanessa never
sets foot on American soil again.

One letter to the right office...

and I get her visa pulled.

I can prove she was an accomplice
to every one of your crimes.

And now you're thinking
you can serve your sentence,

hop on a jet, go to her whenever you like.

Live somewhere like Monaco, or...

I don't know, wherever the hell
you fat cats go to sun yourselves.

But you can't.

You can visit her,
but you'll never live with her.

Because this is New York, Wilson.
You live here.

This is your jungle.
This is your blood, like it is mine.

She will never come...

and you'll never leave.

You screw with me now,
just a little bit...

and you'll never really be with your
one and only Vanessa ever again.

Speak her name again!
Go ahead!

Yes, the son of a boxer.


You are running this place.

Yeah, you did set him free.

You ask such small questions,
Mr. Murdock.

I know you're regaining power in here.

Yes, ask my lawyer. He'll deny it.

Ask the guards! They'll deny it.

Ask the inmates here.

They'll cut their tongues out
before they talk.

But I have something to say to you.

When I finally get out of this cage...

I will dismantle the lives of the two
amateurs that put me in here!

You, Mr. Murdock,
and Franklin Percy Nelson.

No, I... I put you here, not Nelson.

- No.
- I did it.

The two of you took the laurels.
You'll both take the blame.

I'll chop both the heads
off of that snake,

and I'll spend more than $6
on postage to bring you down!

You see, I've had a lot of time to reflect
on my journey here, Mr. Murdock!

My mistakes,
everything I took for granted.

And while I try and sleep
in this bleak place...

the one thing that keeps me warm...

is the thought that I will
look down upon this city,

the city that birthed me,

with the woman that I love, who...

whom I love with everything that I am.

If you're worried that Frank Castle
will wreak havoc on Hell's Kitchen...

...just wait.

Time's up, Mr. Murdock.


Let's do this again sometime.

Mmm, okay, so everyone's
got somebody down there.

Do we have anybody on the scene?

I know we got Manus at Metro-General.

Look, send Stantacki
down to the police department,

and, Sarah, why don't you get
to the fire department, all right?

We're gonna use the top one, okay?

What are you guys looking at me for?
Will you just get to work?

Holy shit!

Tell me you were there.

- I was there.
- Yeah...

Uh, well, do you need anything?
A med eval, maybe a blanket?

Next dumb question.

Hey, hey, will you just wait a minute?

- So, was this Frank Castle?
- That's what I wanna figure out.

- What does your gut tell you?
- No!

No, my gut is the last thing I can trust.
I need facts.

Okay, agreed.

All right. So if Castle did this, if...

- Uh-huh.
- ...he's not gonna stop.

Well, we gotta stay ahead of him here.
He took out the DA.

No... Allegedly.

Fine. Who would be next on his shortlist?

Whoever crossed him.

I'm thinking a medical examiner
who falsified records?

- Tepper.
- Exactly.

He's probably still holed up
at that shit-ass motel.

Right. So, I was gonna go over there now.

Not alone, you're not.

Let's go.


Mezcal, if you have it.

Sounds great.
Same for me.

Thank you.


Is that a French accent I hear?

You tell me?

The whole bottle, please.

Another for the lady?

Where are you headed?

Far away. New York is over.

Winter jacket. Gorsuch.

Ski trip...


Far too early for Courchevel,
and anyway I prefer St. Moritz.

Shopping and slopes.

For a start, both my feet hurt
after a while. I'll need a bath.

I can draw one for you.

In a tub for two?

But of course.

How nice.

I get so lonely.

I guarantee that will not be a problem.

You're a gentleman.

Not always.


New York is done.
Hello to...?


Jacques Duchamps.

Louise Badeaux.

Louise. Funny...

I thought your name was Elektra.

How do you know my name?

I know who you are.

I know what you've done,
and who you have killed.

The list is long.

The pilot in Buenos Aires,
the lawyer in Berlin...

and that very messy episode in Morocco.

I'm still trying to understand
how one woman

can fit six bodies
in the trunk of a Maserati.

Are you gonna try to kill me?

Something like that.

Well, you ought to know...

it's rude to keep a girl waiting.

Just one body.

Shit-ton of bullets,
and a whole lot of blood.

All signs point to Frank Castle.

- No, no. Uh, it's not his style.
- Wait, wait, wait.

No, really, I, I know him.
He wouldn't...

What do you mean, "Not his style"?
Come here...

Look, you wanna report the news,
or you wanna really get to the truth?

The first step is you gotta
put aside your personal feelings.

I... I mean about everything.
No matter how much it hurts.

This is not personal.
I'm just saying that this does not fit.

All right, this is just...
That's just out of control.

Yeah, it's out of control because
Frank's a killer, all right? That's chaos.

Whatever good you saw,

you know, code of honor
that you understood...

it was never there.

- You think I projected?
- Yeah.

Happens to the best of us.

Although, you know, why you'd
wanna see good in the man

who pulls the trigger is...
beyond me, but...

Do you know anybody else
who might be in danger?


Yes, uh, his nurse.
Uh, he's a janitor now.

- And there's some others.
- Okay, okay. So... So, listen.

You gotta... you gotta
get those names, all right?

We have to hand
everything we have to the NYPD.

We need to save
as many people as we can.

Yeah. I've got all the files
at my apartment. I could go right now.

Uh, wait, wait, wait.

Guys, can you come here?

Uh, what's this?

Oh, well, they're, um...
they're going with you.

- Are you serious?
- Mmm, yeah.

Yeah, I had one last string to pull,
so don't screw it up, okay?

No, Frank's not gonna hurt me.

Frank's a psycho killer.

You would never have pulled this
patriarchal shit with Ben.

I can take care of myself.

You're right.

And I'll never make that mistake again.

Not about someone I care about.

- Okay.
- Go, go, go.

Get the files.

Meet me back at the office in an hour.

Yeah. I'll be there.

Don't forget you owe me a cup of coffee!

Where am I?


You're in Metro-General,
and you're safe.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Lie very, very still.
You've been very ill.

Do you remember what happened?

Can you feel this?



Your father's here.

Thank you.

Is he okay?

Yeah. He's weak,
and he'll need another transfusion,

but he's coherent.

Hopefully the others
will respond the same way.

I don't know how to repay you.

Trust me, billing will find you.

I'll give you two a minute to catch up,

but then the police will be wanting
to question him sooner than later.

Yes, of course.

I'm... so sorry.

This is all my fault.

I promise... it's going to be better now.

Always the last place you look.

But you knew I was coming, huh?

I heard you.

Three stories down.

You do know
that sounds creepy, right?

Yeah, I've been told.

I brought you coffee.

No, thanks.

Right. Forgot, you like to suffer.

Well, the joke's on you...

'cause our vending machine
coffee really sucks.

Thought you'd be with your friend.

Aren't you gonna ask me
how he's doing?

He's fine.
He's watching the game.

Jets are up, seven-nothing.

Ah, he just changed the channel.

The hit was clean.

In and out.

They'll release him tomorrow.

You know, the bullet wound will
do wonders for his career in hip-hop.

You should pay him a visit.

I can't help him, Claire.

How do you know that?

- 'Cause he got shot.
- Not by you.

No, but I dragged him into this mess.

Maybe. Maybe...

Or maybe you need to start thinking about
climbing down off that cross of yours,

and spending some time
with us normal people for a change.

How are the other patients?

Alive... thanks to you.

You brought them in just in time.

And one's awake.

What do they remember?

Nothing yet.
He's in and out.

But I got all their toxicology screens
back from the lab, though,

and they read like a cheap
science-fiction novel.

What's the report?

Eight separate unidentified
organic substances in their bloodstreams,

or what was left of their bloodstreams.

- What do you mean?
- They didn't just lose blood...

they were drained.

All of them.

Each bled, carefully, systematically...

probably for several months.

Yeah. Nobu took blood out,
but you're saying he put toxins in?

One of our doctors thinks that

maybe they were being used to incubate
the substances in their systems.

- Like human chemical farms...
- Jesus.

...that could be tapped as needed.


I should have stopped this.

You know you kind of did, right?

Yeah, not soon enough.

I don't believe this.

Hey, uh, St. Matthew...

enough with the hair shirt, already.

You know, we've got doctors on it.

Cops, labs...

You're not the only person
in Hell's Kitchen

who gives a shit about
what's going on here.

You look like hell,
you know that?

And you're standing up here,
freezing your ass off playing guard dog

when what you really need
is probably three days' sleep.

Yeah, 'cause Nobu's gonna figure
out where we are.

And when he does,
I wanna be here.

Of course, you do.

Claire, what do you...
what do you expect from me, all right?

I'm flailing here.
A dead guy...

A guy I witnessed burned to death,
is somehow back in Hell's Kitchen.

All right? On top of that,
Frank Castle kills the DA,

and Wilson Fisk runs the prison
that I sent him to.

How do you know that?

I went there.

Busy boy.

Oh, jeez.
I thought it could work. I did.

The law...
But it feels useless.

Everything I do just gets undone.

You're talking to someone who patches up
the same three crackheads every night.

I understand what it's like to be pulled
in a hundred different directions at once.

Not like this.

I'm done, Claire.

No more law. No more friends.

At best, they're a distraction.
At worst...

I put them in jeopardy.

From now on, I need to focus.

You may feel like
you are a ship lost at sea,

but if you isolate like this,
then you really will be.

You're cutting off your own anchor.


And every minute that you spend...
standing, hiding in this suit of armor,

the more separate you become from
the very things that you wanna protect.

Your friend is in
a hospital bed downstairs.

Stop playing the loneliest little soldier,
and come downstairs.

Be a human being...
and come say "hi."

That's all you gotta do.

Come on.


Thanks for the coffee.


You live alone?

You wanna ask me out,
or you wanna wait outside?



Hands on your head, Frank.

I mean it.

It wasn't me.

Hands on your head or I will
unload this thing, I swear to Christ!

It wasn't me.

Do it.

Okay. Okay.


Jesus Christ!

You believe me now?

I believe you.
I believe you.


You gotta get out of here.

Stay low.

Go, stay low.


Yes, Mr. Fisk?

I'd like you to call Mr. Donovan.

I'd like to reexamine
Matthew Murdock's files.

Yes, sir.

Listen to me, asshole.

I don't care what the Hand wants,
with me or anyone else.

This is not my war.

The Hand didn't send me.

Stick did.

Great. Now what?

Hey. What are you...

Oh, my God.
What did you...