Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Guilty as Sin - full transcript

Stick tries to save an injured Elektra. Matt misses one more court day but Foggy handles things the right way. Matt finally learns the truth about Elektra. When he finally goes to court, Matt screws up. Afterwards, he's attacked by a masked man. Karen breaks things off with Matt.


It just hit.

It's gotta be 40 stories, at least.


They're on all sides.
Half a dozen, at least.

- I got a problem.
- Right with you.

No, you don't get it.
I can't get a read on these guys.

There's no sound, there's no heartbeat,
there's nothing.

- They're trained to hide themselves.
- How do you know?

Don't focus on the fighters,
track their weapons.

- They have swords.
- They have swords, I can hear.

Elektra, no!



who wants to get the hell out of here?

She's losing too much blood.

Hell of a scrape.

Where are you taking her?

They're still coming.
Fast little shits.

- Who are they, Stick?
- Bad time to chat.

- Matty!
- On it!

- Watch your ass.
- Yeah.

No, no, no.
No, she's dying.

- Stick, she's dying.
- Not if I can stop it.

We need to get her to a hospital.

Doctors can't help her.
I can.

We're going to your place.
It's her only shot.

Sweetie, stay with me.
Stay with me.

Second wave.
Brace her.

End of that batch.

There'll be more.

Always more.

I'm not gonna lie to you.
This is bad.

What's happening to her?

You got baking soda?

Yeah, in the fridge, why?

To neutralize the acid
in the toilet bowl cleaner.

Plus whiskey, pliers, black tea.

Tell me what's going on, Stick.

Do you wanna talk
or save your girlfriend?

Her heart's skipping.


The toxins in her bloodstream
are shutting everything down.

Is she gonna live?

Baking soda?

I thought you got it.


I need pliers and hot tea.

The pliers are behind you.


I'm here.
I'm here.

If I die...

No, you're not gonna die.
You hear me?

Elektra, look at me.

Hey, hey, focus on me.

Breathe. Breathe.

That's good. That's good.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Bring her in here!


One, two, three.

- Clean sheets.
- Yeah.

Can you save her?

Not before I make her worse.

Oh, Jesus!
Stick, take it easy!

Those blades were poisoned.

She'll be dead in 20 minutes

if I don't pull some serious
juju out of my ass.

Make the goddamn tea!


Easy. Easy, young lady.
I'm right here.

...forgive those who trespass against us.

Matty, use that hearing of yours.

How's her heart rate?

Yeah. Yeah, it's good.
It's steady.


Not too neat...


it'll do.


Thank you.


She'll recover?

Twenty-four hours will tell.

I've known her to pull through worse.

What'd you just say?

Ellie's a real fighter.
Always has been.

You... You know her?

I didn't mention that?

What the hell's going on?
How do you know Elektra?

- I'm not done in there.
- I want some answers!

Everybody wants something.

- Do you want me to throw you out?
- Not unless you want her to die.

Sit down, Matty.

Where is he?

Um, I may have told him
just to stay home today.

You what?

He wasn't actually supposed to do it.

Whoa, whoa, Foggy,
what the hell happened yesterday?

I can't do this alone.

I didn't even wanna take this case.

- It'll be okay, I...
- The whole city is watching.

If I screw up, I'd never work again.

And, frankly, you'd probably never work
again, either, by association, which...

Stop, Foggy. Stop thinking
about screwing up, about losing.

You need to think about winning.

Colonel Ray Schoonover,
United States Marine Corps.

Do you swear to tell the truth,

the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

I do.

You got this.


Colonel, how long have you
known the defendant?

I'd say, the better part of a decade.

Most of his career in the Marine Corps.

So you're familiar with his service
in the Middle East?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran?

Yes, very familiar.

I wonder if you could tell us

how Lieutenant Frank Castle
won the Navy Cross?

Due to the nature of that mission,
you'll have to understand that

the precise circumstances are classified.


How about the part that's not?

Lieutenant Frank Castle
was part of a small team.

He was conducting
a close target reconnaissance

in the vicinity of the Hindu Kush.

The mission became compromised,
taking enemy contact on three sides.

Lieutenant Castle wanted to abort.

Said the mission was a bust,
pulling the plug would save lives.

- Officer in charge said "no."
- And why was that?

Maybe he wanted
more medals on his chest.

Doesn't matter.
Either way, Frank was right.

They were cut off, boxed into a canyon.

And what happened next?

Within the first hour,
the officer in charge of that mission

got his arm blown off.

So Lieutenant Castle assumed command.

His only goal was to get
his men out alive.

The enemy had set up an ambush

at the only LZ that would accommodate
one of our birds.

Sorry, Colonel?

LZ is a landing zone
that can accommodate a helicopter.

So the enemy,
they block this landing zone,

knowing it was the only shot
the team had to get out alive.

All they had to do was wait.

They knew that Frank's team
had to come to them.

Fish in a barrel.

So to speak.

Only fish don't know they're gonna die.

These men did.

Frank went to the LZ all by himself
to draw the bastards away.

Why didn't he order
one of his men to do it?

He certainly could have.

Not his style.

So the men hear the fire fight break out.
All hell breaks loose.

Frank against God knows how many.

And then there was silence.

The team thinks, "That's it.
Frank's dead, and we're next."

Next sound they hear is the helos,
the helicopters.

They get to the landing zone,
you know what they see?

Frank Castle, standing there, grinning.

Thirty-two muj surrounding him, all dead.

Son of a gun cleared that entire LZ
all by himself.


By being Frank Castle.

- And his men survived?
- All of 'em.

Including the idiot officer
that got 'em trapped in the first place.

If you had to sum up Frank Castle,
how would you do it?

I would say Frank Castle is a man

who would gladly give his life
to keep others safe.

And the crimes
he's accused of today?

Could the man you knew
have committed them?

Absolutely not.

Lieutenant Frank Castle
that I know is a hero.

A man who deserves our respect...

and our gratitude.

Not the same man.

Thank you, sir.
No more questions, Your Honor.


I'd like to personally thank you
for your service to this country, Colonel.

My father served in Vietnam.

- Do you know what he told me about medals?
- No, ma'am.

He said the only people
who truly know what happened

are the ones that were there.

You told a nice story, Colonel...

but how can we know that it happened
the way you described?

Well, perhaps I wasn't clear.
I was there, ma'am.

That officer that didn't listen to Frank,
got his men trapped...

you're looking at him.

And believe me when I tell you,

I thank God every day
that I only lost my arm.

That man saved my life,
the lives of his entire team.

If it was up to me,

he'd have a Medal of Honor
hanging around his neck.

No further questions at this time,
Your Honor.

How'd you miss that in his file?

All the names were redacted.

Not good.

No shit.

Hey, Matt couldn't have done it better.

It was good.

How is she?

Well... she'll live.

Yeah? You sure?

Sure as I am of anything.

Jesus, didn't we do this already?

Start talking, Stick.

It's about the war.

What is?

All of it.

Roxxon, Midland Circle,
the damn hole, Elektra...

All right, you've been using this war
as an excuse since the day I met you,

and you still haven't told me
a goddamn thing about it.

- You know what I think?
- Tell me.

I think you're full of shit.

I don't think there is any war.

I think you're just a sick old fighter
dying to hit people,

so you make up stories
to justify your behavior.

And then, you rope in the wounded...

so that you can sit back and watch them
throw away their lives,

and you can feel important.

Sit down.

Sit down, Matty.

It all began centuries ago.

Nobody knows how many,

but the shit we're dipping into...

is ancient.

Back then, warlords and their gangs
ruled the countryside.

Not that much different from today.

Bloodthirsty, greedy brutes after loot,
pussy, booze, same ol', same ol'.

But... one day,

one of these collections of assholes

comes across a thing
they can barely understand.

Real treasure.

Not gold, or rubies, or any of that.

They found the secret.

What secret?


Bringing the dead back to life.

Come on, Stick.

I thought
you were a Catholic, Matty.

Doesn't your whole belief system
hinge on one guy pulling that off?


Free from the fear of death,

these pieces of shit step up,
kill their master, take over,

and paint the shores of the Far East

with the blood of anybody
who stands in their way.

They grow in size, power, wealth...

spread across Asia...

and finally give themselves a name.


It means, "The Hand."

And did they have a goal?

It's always weapons.

Like, guns, bombs?


Thing called a Black Sky.

So, what's it do, this, uh, Black Sky?

Nobody knows exactly.

Why not?

Because they've never activated one.

They've tried.
They'll try again.


the Hand made one mistake.

They made enemies.


Some say it was just a kid.

Hand comes into his village,
kills everyone...


Kid... pulls the knife from the breast
of his dead mother...

...and goes to work.

He cuts down some of the Hand's
finest warriors.

They're lying dead... kid's standing.

They give him a name.
The Chaste.

And he's just one kid?

Kid grows up,
rounds up every warrior he can.

Men, women, young, old,
doesn't matter as long as they kick ass.

And they do.

Without mercy.

And the only protection this world
has against the Hand.


Now, in this fairy tale...

you're the Chaste, right? That's...

Is that it?

It's why I didn't tell you.

No, no, it's... It's good.
It leaves you front and center.

Finding the Hand,
keeping the Black Skies at bay.

Murdering when it suits you.

Believe it or don't.

The fact remains that the city
you're sworn to protect

is ground zero in a war
it doesn't even know is happening.

That hole is just the start.

So, you can kill, die,

or sit on your ass
and watch Hell's Kitchen burn...

but this war is bigger than you,
or me, or any of our...


And you've pulled Elektra to your side,
haven't you?

Welcome to the world, kid.

Elektra works for me.

The bullet penetrated
Mr. Castle's skull

in the lower right quadrant,

or more specifically,
the sphenofrontal suture,

which is the cranial suture between
the sphenoid bone and the frontal bones,

both here and here.

I believe what my expert witness
is trying to convey

is that my client, Frank Castle,
was shot...

point blank, execution style, in the head.

Could you please describe the damage
Mr. Castle sustained from the bullet?

It fragmented on impact,
causing damage

in both the right frontal lobe
and temporal lobe of his brain.

What are the effects of such an injury?

Mr. Castle is suffering from
what we call sympathetic storming.

It's a heightened and ongoing
state of fight or flight,

in which the sympathetic nervous system
is hyperactive.

As if he is reliving the incident
of trauma over and over again.

It can plunge a seemingly peaceful
individual into...

mental and emotional chaos.

It sure sounds a lot like PTSD.

No, that's not where we're going.

Just... listen.

Could you define it for the jury, please?

Extreme emotional disturbance.

It's twofold.

First, the defendant is so emotionally
disturbed that he loses control.

And second, the defendant
has a reasonable explanation

for said disturbance,
from his point of view.

Are you aware that Frank Castle's
wife, son, and daughter

were all murdered right in front of him

when he sustained the brain injury
in question?

An injury which, you say,

keeps him in a perpetual state
of mental and emotional chaos?

I am, yes.

With that in mind, would you say that
Frank Castle's mental state

satisfies the definition of
"extreme emotional disturbance"?

Objection, calls for a conclusion.

Your Honor,
Dr. Lee is an expert on the brain.

He is qualified to an opinion,

and said opinion is not only relevant,
but imperative to the case.


Dr. Lee?

Personally, I do believe
he is suffering from EED, yes.

And one who's suffering from
extreme emotional disturbance,

is it possible to willfully
premeditate a crime?

Any infractions would be considered
crimes of passion.

How many of your other patients

witnessed their families being
brutally murdered right in front of them?

Other than Frank Castle?

He's the only one.

And so would you say the circumstances
surrounding Frank's mental state

is different than those
of your other patients?

I would.

And what exactly would that difference be,
in simple terms?

Frank Castle's been through hell.

Thank you.

You killed my dad!

I don't give a shit
what you've been through!

- Order! Order in the court!
- You killed him!

- I saw him in his coffin...
- Please remove that young man now.

He was my dad,
and now he's gone!

I'm now instructing each and every
one of you to disregard that outburst

and to not let it influence
your opinions on this case.

I did that.


That kid, I took his father from him.
I did that.

- Yeah, you did.
- Uh-huh.

Look, Frank, I can't judge you.

That was tough in there
for you, right? It was...

It was, um, hard?



You gotta do something for me.


I need you to take the stand.

Come on, for what?
Why would I...

The jury has to know what happened to you,
what you go through every single day.

After this afternoon...

I don't think we have any other shot.


And what do you think
is gonna happen here?

We're not gonna win this thing.

No, but we can still reduce the charges.

Look, that might not be important to you,
but it is important to me.

All of them,
they all think that you're a monster.

But I know that you're not.
You're not!

You sure about that?

What if I find these men
that did that to my family?

What if...

What if nothing changes?

What if this is just me now?

Then don't you deserve to know that, too?



He'll do it.
He'll take the stand.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Look, unless you have a better idea,
I think...

How did we even get here?

This guy's a murderer.

He's killed fathers and brothers.
You heard that kid.

Why are we helping him?

Do you think that Frank is completely
and totally mentally healthy?

- I think he's batshit.
- Yeah?

Well, then that's why you help him.

Put him on the stand, Foggy.


- One caveat, though.
- Okay.

- We get Matt to do the questioning.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.

You're doing great, okay?
You're making Reyes play defense.

You... you don't need Matt for this.

- I do, Karen!
- Why do you always do this?

Why do you put Matt in the driver's seat
when you can do this yourself?

Matt and I are partners for a reason.

There's some things that I'm better at,
and there's things that he's better at.

This is something that he'll be better at.

He's barely spent two seconds with Frank.

I know, but that kid
nearly destroyed us in there.

And at this moment, Matt is the right
person to question Frank.

He just is.


I'll get him.

- I'm sorry...
- When we met...

was it fate?

Was it luck?

Or was I a mission?


Stick trained me a long time,
like he trained you.

He's not a sentimental man,
but he wanted you back.

He wanted you to forget about law,
your friends...

your city.

He thought I could distract you.

He was right.


Because I did the thing
I promised him I'd never do.

I fell in love with you, Matthew.

Listen to my heartbeat, if you must.

You know it's true.

Stick told me about some
secret Japanese organization.

The Hand.

They won't stop until
they've infiltrated your whole city.

Killed every last member of the Chaste.

- Stick...
- You.

We live on the front lines.

Like it or not.

It doesn't mean we have to fight
Stick's way.

He kills his enemies,
and we don't have to.

You make that choice
sound so easy.

No, it's not easy.
It's impossible.

But it's a choice and it's a choice
that I remake every single day.

Every second, sometimes.

And you can, too.

Matthew, there are things about me
you don't know.

- I don't need to know.
- I want you to.

I don't care,
whatever you've done in the past...

Elektra, whoever you've chosen to be,
you're free now, all right?

You could have killed those men
at the hole, but you didn't.

Because you're not Stick.

And screw him for ever making you
feel like you might be, even for a second.

- He can hear you.
- I don't care.

When you were hurt,
when I thought I might lose you, I...


I felt hollow.

Now, I have no reason to trust you.

You've lied to me more times
than I can count.

But if you leave Stick...

be with me.

Fight this war by my side.

My way.

Our way.

Why are you so good?

I'm not.


There's a light inside you.

I tried to snuff it out in college.

I'm so lucky I failed.

Someone... someone's here.

You got company.




Um, let's, uh...

- let's go somewhere.
- No. Why?

- So we can talk.
- I don't want to.

I know this looks crazy,
but it's really not.

It doesn't...
It doesn't matter.

Frank Castle's going to take
the stand tomorrow.

And your friend could use your help.

That's all.

Nice meetin' ya.

Fan club's here.

Word must have gotten out
about Frank testifying.

Matt better show.

If he doesn't, we'll survive.

Karen, I'm so sorry about...

Uh, Foggy wants to walk through
some things with you.

Yeah, you wanted me here?


Let's be clear.

You're not here because
you're a better lawyer or person.

You're here because you're almost as crazy
as Frank Castle, and that's it.

So you called me here to insult me?

I called you here to be useful,
for a change.

We need to get Frank to tell his story
in a way that keeps him

out of prison and alive.

No one's heard that story except for you,
because you're who you are.

Why don't you put all that torture
you put me and Karen through to good use?

Now would be the time.

Counsel, we about ready?

Uh, one more moment, Your Honor.

Did you read the notes
from Schoonover and Lee?


Okay, here's the play.

Walk Frank through his story.

Connect the dots between the Colonel
and the neurologist.

We don't have to prove
that Frank's version of events is true.

We just have to convince the jury
that he believes it,

and he relives it every day.

We can put this guy in the loony bin,
where he belongs.

- Counsel?
- Yeah.

Uh, Your Honor, the Defense would like
to call Frank Castle to the stand.

Bailiff, bring in the defendant, please.

Tell me what's going on.

Frank's wearing a suit.

He looks better than I ever have,
and he's not even wearing a tie.


Think about
what you want, Frank.

- Something's not right.
- No turning back now.

Do you solemnly swear
that you will tell the truth,

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,

so help you God?


Please state your name
for the record.

Frank Castle.

Mr. Castle, you've been charged
with multiple capital crimes.

Been called a killer incapable
of empathy or remorse.



So I hear.


May I call you Frank?


Frank, we've heard a lot about

and psychology, and all things unfolding,

scientifically and otherwise,
inside your brain.

But I just have one question
I want to ask.

What happened that day?

The day your family
was so tragically killed.

It's okay, Frank.

- I understand, it's difficult.
- Do you?

Do you understand?

'Cause I don't think you understand shit.

I'd like permission to treat the witness
as hostile, Your Honor?


All right, Frank.

You don't want to tell us?
I'll tell you.

I'm gonna tell you exactly
what kind of man you are.

You're the kind of man this city needs.

Because, ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
we all know this city needs help.

Needs it now.

Not tomorrow, not next week,
not when the day comes,

when the corruption that Wilson Fisk
left in his wake is flushed out for good,

and the police force
is finally back on its feet.

We need it now.

'Cause this city's been sick.

And the cops, they can't fix it alone,
they need...

We all need men and women who are
willing to take the fight themselves.

The kind of people who risk their lives

so that we can walk safe at night
in our own neighborhoods.

The ones our esteemed District Attorney
here is trying so hard to destroy.

New York needs these people.

We need... heroes.


The help they offer...

...and the hope that they provide.

Frank Castle wanted to help,
but he took it too far.

He shot people, he killed people.

It's against the law.

And he broke that law many, many times.

Now, I don't like him
any more than you do,

but here's the thing,
he's not a common criminal.

He's not malicious in intent.

Frank Castle is actually a good man.
He just...

He doesn't know the difference
between right and wrong anymore.

And he doesn't need punishment for that.

He needs help.

Our help.

That's the kind of man Frank Castle is.

And now, you have to decide
what kind of jury you want to be.

No further questions, Your Honor.

Your, uh...

Your Honor?

Can I say something?

You may.

You know those, uh...

Those people?

The ones I put down, the people I killed?

I want you to know
that I'd do it all again.

This is a circus, all right?

It's a charade, it's an act.

- It's bullshit about how crazy I am.
- Language.

I ain't crazy!

I'm not crazy.


I know what I did.

I know who I am.

And I do not need your help.

I'm smack-dab in the middle
of my right goddamn mind,

and any scumbag, any...

any lowlife, any maggot piece of shit
that I put down, I did it...

- because I liked it!
- Order!

Hell, I loved it! I'm sittin' here, I'm...
I'm just itching.

I'm itching to do it again.

And you think... What, you think
you're gonna send me to a nuthouse?

Some doctor, they're gonna get me to stop
from doing what I want to do?

Well, that ain't happening!
Not on my watch!

You people, you call me the Punisher,
ain't that right?

The big bad Punisher.

- Bailiff.
- Well, here I am!

- Remove the witness.
- You want it, you got it!

I am the Punisher!
I'm right here!

You want it, I'll give it to you.

And anybody who came here today
to hear me whine, to hear me beg?

Well, you can kiss my ass!

Do you hear me? I'm guilty.

Come on, please, Judge!
I'm guilty, you hear me?

I'm guilty! I'm guilty!

I'll kill every one of 'em!
I'll kill every single one!

How the hell did this happen?

That wasn't the Frank
I met with yesterday.


- I think somebody got to him.
- Convincing him of what?

Yelling his way to multiple
life sentences?

- You provoked him.
- What? I didn't...

- What are you talking...
- I had it lined up for you.

We could have done this.

We could have gotten the charges reduced.

All you had to do was get Frank
to tell his story.

- Instead you veer off into vigilante-land!
- Foggy, he wasn't cooperating!

I'm glad we lost.

You hear me? I'm glad.

- Foggy...
- Karen, let him go.

I don't want to hear it.

Karen, can I talk to you
for five seconds, please?

I don't want to hear
another bullshit excuse!

Maybe you are an alcoholic.
Maybe you're in a fight club.

Maybe you are sleeping
with a whole harem of women.

I don't care, I'm done.

You're right.

This city really needs heroes.

But you're not one of them.

You gotta feel like shit.

Go back to bed.

I can barely stand.

Then go back to bed.


I don't want to be with you anymore.

I want to be with him.

- Don't be stupid.
- He needs more training.

The Hand is new to him...


Matt Murdock is soft.

He made you soft.

You let your guard down.

Go back to bed, Ellie.

- I'm not a child.
- You can't be with him.


You can't change what you are.

Matthew thinks I can.

And I believe him.

Get out...

before I get nasty.

Are you threatening me?

You're damn right, I am.


What do you think he'll say...

when he finds out...

what you are?

What you've always been?

Haven't told him yet...

have ya?

Get out.

Aside from saving your ass...

you have no idea
what I've protected you from.

I can protect myself.

We'll find out.

Enough with these amateurs.
Time to get the band back together.

Head to the Wall.

Where's Stick?

I made my choice.

He didn't like it.

I want to be with you.

The only person in this world
who believes I'm good.

You lost today.

It doesn't matter.

You lost more than just the case.


I didn't lose you.

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

How does this work?

You and me?

How can we make it work?

I don't know.

But we're gonna figure it out.

Not now, though.

Right now, you need to rest.

Who do you work for? Huh?

Who sent you?

Answer me! Huh?

You tell them, whoever they are,

I'm gonna find them, and when I do,
I'm gonna...


You're... You're just a kid.

Elektra, no...

What did you do?

This is who I am.

Do you still want me?



You're okay...
You're okay...

I got this one.

On whose orders?

The warden's.
You got a problem with that?

No one tells us anything down here.

Hey, look at me, Frank!
Look at me!

I'm gonna stick you!

That's a promise!

I promise you!

Right through here.

I see you got my message.